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2020.10.22 08:11 Innocent_Waifu Another Red Queen quiz

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2020.10.22 05:21 nico1325 posting for a friend. ASSISTANCE NEEDED (major tw for r/pe)

My name's Kiersten. I'm a 14 year old trans male, and I am so fucked up in the head that I'm surprised I can even think logically to begin with. I don't have long to type this, because I know the conditioning will kick in and I'll give in, give up and go back to just letting them fucking use me. Earlier today, I was sure I heard my dad's clear intent to rape me, but seeing as I'm jumpy as hell around him, he could've meant anything. I need help, and I'm so, so, so, so fucked.

When I was very young I vaguely recall laying down on a bed, in a room with yellow(?) pale walls with a movie playing. Finding Nemo, the little mermaid. I remember what was playing. I think the first time I was sexually molested, by a family friend's grandchild no less, happened there. But after that, i can give you more details, and dates since it really all got bad when I was five. Throughout my entire life, I've been neglected emotionally. My parents used to beat me bad, and they didn't care about how they did it. I remember being threatened with a boot, a high heel one time. After, they'd make me hug them, and tell them I loved them and had learned my lesson. The worst of it is when they'll isolate me. Make me be all alone. Take everything away. You'll come to find that I have spent the entirety of my life being conditioned, and as a toy for the use of others. So, my childhood had no love. I was never shown love, nor respect, nor care. And when a predator comes to see that, they'll take advantage of you.

And who knew that own fucking predator would be my older brother? He has an excuse, I came to find no too long ago after I confronted him. I had gotten my hair done at a salon, and they had cut it too short. I live in a misogynistic family, where women are made to be good wives and clean. It was too short, and my father was to be livid. I was terrified, i was so fucking terrified. I tried to tell them it was a mistake, that I could still be pretty, their little girl, that they'd didn't have to beat me, isolate me. I've always known that my brother had raped me for so long, but my memory has gotten shitty, and I can't even remember muliplication tables anymore. Stupid, seeing as I did my best to memorize them in intermeditate school. Hell, I can't even remember my own name sometimes, my birthday, who I am. I disassociate too often, but it's the only way I stay sane, calm, in a little bit of control. I don't want to lose myself again, because I know I'll never come back.

I was delirious, shaking and trembling, as you'll find me often when they do something that sets me off into a terrified panic. He was comforting me, hugging me and letting me blabber into his arms. But then I broke it, the unspoken treaty we had between us. I asked him if he had been the one to rape me for all those years. He said yes, and that he had thought I had always known it was him. I, at that point, was not myself. I have DID, self diagnosed because how the hell am i supposed to get help here for my inner mind workings or whatever? But for the sake of being less fucking confusing, I'll be just referring to all of us as one, since we technically are when it comes to our body. I was blank, emotionless and in a state that nothing could affect me. I had no emotion, no ties to him, and when he found out he had atarted sobbing. Forgive me, don't forgive me he was a mess. And he was my own rapist. But I took him in my arms, and cooed to him. I told him it was okay, and it was not okay. But I pitied him, after what he told me next. He had been raped too, by our cousin. When she did it him he did it to me. He claimed he didn't know it was wrong, but fuck him. He would research the things he would do to me, the positions and whatnot. He knew it was incest, and he just wanted to get his filthy rocks off to five year old helpless little me.

I had a crush on a boy named Wyatt. I think that's how you spell his name. He used to tell me, "This will prepare you for him. This will make him happy. He'll love you." He had made me do sexual things, taking him up the ass and giving him a blowjob just to play toys with him, to watch a video on his ipod. He was evil, and if him crying before me 6 years later, 6 years of never telling me sorry, of never helping me, was an act: good for him. I don't care anymore, because the little girl he had raped was not me. She was gone, and I was made to bear everything. I held my own fucking rapist of 3 or five years (penetration vs simple molestation) and told him it was okay that he had raped his little sister. Had broken her mind all because she wanted him to love her. He was so mean as a child, a ruthless fucking bully to her. They'd fight, and then their parents would beat the shit out of them and make them hug it out. Disgusting.

Sorry this is so long, but there's so much, and so little time. I'm going to skim through and only talk about the really bad parts. My eldest brother tried to rape me in my own room two? Or 1 years ago. He had came inro my bed after we had played video games together and was spooning me, trying to get me to grind on his dick. By then I was already old enough to know whatthe fuck was going on, was already broken. I told him i was tired, and I wanted him to leave. He didn't force me, and left. That ends all of the made and attempts of sexual assault I have endured by this family. I let my older brother do it for his favor, and because he threatened to use my younger sister if I didn't comply. I am only put together today for her. I only exist to protect her. The reason he stopped is because she was born, and I was so fucking scared. I thought she was next. My father is a sociopath. He is unstable, and has hir my mom and us.

When I was younger, I remember frying, and I remember him laughing in my face and telling me to shut the fuck up. He's mentally ill, and my mother is too. I don't hate them, they have gone trough fucked up shit too. But they knew all of this was happening. They let me be raped. Or, at least, my mom did. Because I tried to tell her. There are two times in my life that I have tried to tell my mother, have reached out to her for help. And because of it, I woke up one night wih my sheets wrapped rightly around my face and throat, door unlocked when I know I lock it at night, and lights on. Tell me, if your child was suffocating, would you turn the lights on before helping them? How did she know i was? How did she get in my fucking room? No other fucking conclusion works than the fact that she was trying to fucking murder me in my sleep, when I had come to her sobbing, crazed and fearful earlier and had begged her to help me, had told her what was happeneing and you know what she said? To keep fucking quiet. She knows that I endanger the family, so she tried to get rid of me. Guess she couldn't do it once I woke up though, not that much of a monster, I suppose. Couldn't see me struggle. Wouldn't look me in the eyes, unwrapped my neck, kissed my forehead, and walked out. Everytime I wake up to an unlcoked door, I know she has visited me in my sleep. The thought terrifies me.

My dad wants to rape me, because I look like my mom. And he blames my mom for his mom's death. He's always calling me beautiful, lookinga t me weird and trying to get me alone. It's no secret he favors me, and I think. I think a lot, but all of that is just speculation. My dad is unsyable and dangerous, but I can only feel the fact that he wants to rape me. I have no proof of that claim.

I think I've said enough. If you wish to know more, I'll tell you. If you want evidence, I'll provide it. Please help me. I want to be free, to be allowed to talk to people and have emotion. To be safe, and have my sister be safe as well. I want to be okay. I want to feel soemthing. I don't want to be a victim anymore. I can't take it. Everyday I get clsoer to dying in thsi place and it terrifies me. I don't want to die, I think. I just want to be free. I just want to be okay. I can't call the police. I live in a very right wing political place where children's opinions don't mean shit, where one word from them is a death sentence, and where even being found out as gay or trans would probably result in more pain. The police know my dad, and are in cahoots with him often. He could pay them, and I wouldn't stand a chance. The legal system in my state is fucked, and the old people don't care about the children. They'd rather let them die than be shown with anything but respect.

I don't stand a chance alone, and I need help. Advice, maybe. Indefinitely I need advice. I was thinking, that maybe if I did get outside help, and it did go wrong, that if people knew, if people believed in me and still wanted to help me, saw me as worth it, that I'd still stand a chance. That the public, as a society could win my case. Fuck the system, the people would help me, y'know? My own generation. That you guys would fight to help me and my little sister get free. That I could ensure that this wouldn't just get swept under the rug, that I'd stand a chance. Please help me, and spread this if you can. I want to take the chance, the risk. And I have to do it soon, because I don't know if I can take any more of this without something really bad happening to me. Please don't let me lose myself. Please don't let me give in. I'm trusting you, so please help me. And if you can't, just spread the word, okay? Don't let it get too far though, I don't want my family finding me and winning before I even start. Thank you for listening to me, please consider all of this. Sorry for the misspellings, and the fact that this is so long. Thank you.

(poster's note: again, posting this for someone else. https://www.quotev.com/KILMAA/journal/7331658/A-reach-out-to-those-that-can-help-TW-rpe-abse-etc-Please-spread?c=10215269 original link. i really can't do much because of my lack of resources, pls help)
submitted by nico1325 to abusiveparents [link] [comments]

2020.10.22 03:41 ZebraGamer2389 Seven

This is an AU I thought of a while back where Sans and Papyrus weren't the only skeletons in the Underground. Basically, the Faster family had Seven siblings, each one having a different Soul Trait of the Major Seven. It was also a Harry Potter crossover AU, where Harry ends up being thrown underground by Petunia in the hopes that he would find a better family (because she isn't really a terrible person). Harry ends up becoming the Skeleton for Determination, getting red eye lights, and what not. If ya'll want, I can tell you more and even start posting a kind of story on it, here and on Quotev. It was just a random Idea that I thought I should write down, somewhere.
submitted by ZebraGamer2389 to Undertale [link] [comments]

2020.10.21 22:17 Shirou11 My story

This post is mostly me talking about my life and how I got to this point and also because I don't have a close person I can talk seriously with. (I also apologize if my english is bad)
A few years ago I had what I would call "Trauma" and I think it is the main reason I have voices in my head and even changed my entire personality.
I was in the last year of middle school and I was so relieved I could leave since my classmates were bullying me, but I was also scared because I didn't want to go to a different school from my best friend.
I had to decide my future, I had to decide what I wanted to be in the future, in my country after middle school you can choose between a lot of schools that specializes in specific jobs. At first I wasn't worried and I normally continued the school year.
Then everything came at the same time.
My relatives started stressing me really bad telling me I had to decide as fast as possible the school, and adding to that stress came the stress of the final exam that I was never worried about until then. Then the worst thing that could've happened.... My best friend told me he has been faking being my friend for all those years, and I wasn't angry, but I was sad, the only thing I thought was to understand what I did wrong to led to that. The worst thing about all this is that I didn't have someone to talk about this, I was always kind of isolated from my parents since they never insisted in finding out if my "I'm fine." actually meant that.
All the stress and delusion led to the only way to solve all that... suicide.
I couldn't stand all that stress and the only thing that was supporting me disappear so suddenly.
Sometimes I could get so many sudden suicidal thoughts that just seeing a knife I could see all the ways I could've killed myself, but when those thoughts disappeared, fear came. The fear of death caused my mind to do actual crazy stuff, from watching to youtube videos all night until I collapsed to not be left alone with my suicidal thoughts... To inventing an imaginary friend thay could support me in my best friend's place. This choice was probably influced by the fact that nobody understood me or even wanted to understand me, and so I thought: "The only person that knows me completely is myself, and so he must be the perfect person to comfort me."
He was named after the main protagonist of the story I was hoping to write in the future, Shirou.
He was supposed to be a really smart person that knew a lot of things and that also cared about his friends even if he wanted to be alone.
And like that I passed that hellish situation, I passed the exam, I actually choose the school I wanted, but I couldn't really move on that friendship.
So I decided to move on... drastically.
I didn't decide it, but I unconsciously started erasing all my past from my memories, for a whole year the past was nothing to me, or even worse, it didn't exist.
And the worst thing is that I actually started unconsciously talking to my imaginary friend, even if he couldn't reply anymore since there was no need, and I actually thought of him as of part of my daily life. (I kept a diary as if i was writing to him)
And just a few weeks ago I started having daily identity crisis. The reason is because I started being aware of strange thoughts in my head, thoughts that told me what to do, and heavily influenced my own thoughts, I knew they weren't my thoughts, they didn't "sound" like mine, like when in a dream you know a person is that person only because your subconscious tells you.
I was (still am) really scared, as I started being aware of it I realized how much it affected me. I really like taking Quotev quizzes, mostly personality quizzes, and there I noticed how IT affected my thoughts, like choosing my favourite colour.
"Obviously my favourite colour is purple." (Me)
"No it's red."
Those thoughts/voices have 2 ways to talk to me: 1) With a fast thought. 2) With an mental image of what they're meaning to tell.
I started investigating this voice, keeping note of everything he tells me to do or to think, and the conclusion scared me more than every horror movie I had seen.
I am a really overthinking person, I consider myself smart, as I search everything that takes my curiosity, and I also know a lot of stuff from different topics.
This voice is really kind of arrogant and they're kind of reckless, like taking fun from doing stupid stuff that would get me into trouble.
I also sometimes unintentionally do stupid stuff but most pf the times aren't as much dangerous as the things the voices tell me to do.
The scary thing is that the voice is the same way I used to be before al that hell, I was exactly like that (and now I kinda understand why my best friend faked) and, the imaginary friend is a lot like the me of now.
After reading a lot, and I mean a lot, about what could this be, I found out D.I.D.
And the thought of being just a fake person, a person created by my past self really scares me, scares me so much that I can't think of anything else almost all day.
Another fact, I started noticing the voice as soon as I started remembering the past or at least try...
If you've reached here, reading the useless story about me I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.
submitted by Shirou11 to mentalhealth [link] [comments]

2020.10.21 18:41 MiiKun64 RP Request

Hey, I’m new here! But I’m really in need of a role play.
I mostly do friendly role plays. No depression, no tragedy, non of that. Adventure, cute romance, friendship, love, happiness, nice things. That’s what I like to RP about. I do have original characters, but I am perfectly fine with fandom RPs, as long as it’s a franchise I know. But I guess that’s obvious.
If you wanna do NSFW (18+ stuff) please read this. https://www.quotev.com/story/13027337/My-Fetish-Vorarephilia-18
Thank you. I shall patiently wait for a reply. If I am breaking any of the rules, please let me know and I shall change my ways.
If I don’t reply often, it’s probably because I am busy.

Thank you.
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2020.10.20 00:07 Caine2Khan Hunter X Hunter Succession War Trivia/Knowledge Quiz p. (1/3)

I made this quiz: https://www.quotev.com/quiz/13169152
If you haven't read the manga, do not take quiz, you will fail and be spoiled.
I'm planning to break the arc up into 3 parts, so this is 1/3 quizzes on the succession war.
If you have read the Succession War, Feel free to take the quiz. Lemme know if you see any errors, any comments or thoughts, or share your score!
Don't cheat!
Oh, and if you haven't already feel free to check out my quiz on the Dark Continent Expedition Arc. https://www.quotev.com/quiz/13154817
Or This Quiz on Hisoka vs Chrollo: https://www.quotev.com/quiz/13157493
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2020.10.19 11:40 xXSunLightMoonXx Kaya, The Life Goddess: The Woman Who Has Lived Multiple Lives [Character Description And Story + Fate]

This post contains MAJOR spoilers for the plot of my book, Ever Changing Fate. Pretty much all of it has not been written into the story as a chapter yet, so if you are someone reading my book and waiting for the next chapter or something, DON'T READ!

Read the story here: https://www.quotev.com/story/12418431/Ever-Changing-Fate-Original-Fiction-By-LittleGhostlyRose

Warning; this is pretty depressing. Nothing NSFW I don't think, but definitely depressing and sad.

Kaya is the goddess of life, the person who has created everything in the entire universe and contains immense power. She lives in the capital of the country of Aleon, which is the only country in the continent of Aleon, which shares its name. She is the oldest thing that exists, being billions of years old. (Exact number around ~500+ billion).
Though her appearance is not of much significance, I will mention it anyway: Kaya is a woman of taller stature, the tallest of the twelve goddesses at 5'7 feet in height (173 centimeters/1.73 meters/68 inches for anyone who does not use feet to measure height). She has long blonde hair that reaches to her ankles, her eyes being heterochromatic: the left one (her left) being green, and the right one (her right) being yellow. Her skin is fair.

Several billions of years before the creation of the world of Ever Changing Fate, or ECF for short, Kaya had inexplicably appeared in a white void of nothingness. She was the only thing that existed. Back then, she looked practically like a child, being the equivalent of 5-6 years old. For an unknown period of time, she wandered around the void, not knowing how to speak or do much of anything besides stand, walk, sit, look around, and think. One day, she suddenly hears a voice in her head which tells her to reach out her hand forward and think about turning the white into something else, which causes her to turn the white nothingness into outer space. After that, she begins to experiment with her powers and ended up creating the stars, planets, etc. This was the very first world she created. After all of that, she eventually settled on a planet she had grown fond of (which just so happened to be one of the first planets she created) and lived there alone with the wilderness of the planet for many years. However, one day, she decides to try and make more things like her. And thus is created humans.
For billions of years after that she lived in harmony with the humans, however, over time she slowly found she began to feel more empty. Numb. Nothing seemed to bring her happiness anymore. Not even her human lover, or the family she created for herself. Nothing and nobody filled the emptiness she felt.
This was a symptom of her inevitable fall into madness.
You see, you can only live for so long until you begin to find yourself going mad. You watch everything around you live and die and watch as time moves past them whilst you stay the exact same.
And the power which is within Kaya, the power of creating and destroying, is not completely without its drawbacks.
It's drawback?
Insanity and losing control of yourself.
This is what happened to Kaya.
She lost her mind, losing control of herself and finding herself killing everything around her, everyone. She destroyed the planet, and then the universe itself, and killed herself in the end.
However, she returned to the same white void.
But she was not alone.
Something- no, someone- was there with her.
A being that resembled her.
An evil twin, perhaps?
This being had no name, but it was just like Kaya, minus wanting to destroy everything instead of create.
Kaya named her "Aya", as in the language of the world she had destroyed, Aya meant "demon" or "evil" or something akin to that, whilst "Kaya" meant "angel" or "good".
It's self-explanatory as to why she named "Aya" that.
It wasn't long before Kaya attempted to recreate the world she had destroyed, but it was difficult- after all, there is no way to perfectly copy something. And she could not bring back the people she had lost.
Aya had disappeared. Except, really she had not- she had become one with Kaya, becoming a voice in her head like the other voice which had pushed her to create was.
Aya became the voice of extreme, urging Kaya to destroy everything around her. Constantly trying to make Kaya kill any creature she had created. Sometimes Aya managed to take control of Kaya and kill something or destroy something, usually an animal. There were a few incidents where Aya had killed someone, and usually, Kaya had to find a way to hide it.
There was no way to bring back the dead. And there never has been. A soul is gone when a person dies.
This happened to become something that always brought Kaya despair.
As, once again, everything and everyone lived and died as time moved passed them, and the same thing which occurred in the previous world had occurred:
Kaya had killed everyone and destroyed everything as a result of insanity.
This became a cycle that had repeated itself 10 times over.
The world of ECF is created as the 12th world that had been created by Kaya.
The difference this time is that Kaya had thought of an idea:
Create beings just like you, not beings without your power.
And so, the 11 goddesses were created, each one given a set of powers and a part of Aya, who had been the main cause of many misfortunes.
She hoped this would slow her own and their descent into insanity, or stop it completely.
In short, Kaya forced beings with human minds like her own into lives they had not wanted.
At first, this was not a problem.
The goddesses began as child-like beings which Kaya raised as their "older sister", raising them to control their power.
But as they grew, some began to harbor resentment towards Kaya.
And Kaya slowly lost her emotions over time once again.
~10+ billion years after the creation of the world of ECF, Nymeria, the goddess of time, harbored the most resentment towards Kaya. Nymeria had turned out to be the most resistant towards the life she had been forced into by Kaya.
And this resulted in Kaya being emotionally and physically abused by Nymeria, who took out all the resentment and rage she had gained due to stress and the responsibilities of being a leader to humans (who Nymeria was envious and jealous of because they had far easier and stressless lives).
~22+ billion years after the creation of the world of ECF, Kaya is once again feeling empty and numb, realizing that many of the goddesses had put themselves into self-inflicted comas either to protect humans from them or to stop their own suffering. Several of the goddesses had developed what humans called "personality disorders" and "mental illnesses", and many were overall depressed. Nymeria had been orchestrating wars in the continent of Theda, and soon she was overthrown by a resistance group and forced into imprisonment, which Kaya herself had chosen where she would be imprisoned.
And 500 years later, Aya's consciousness and soul manages to escape Xomura, one of the goddesses, and almost destroys the world of ECF. Nymeria is killed in the process, and Xomura was killed by humans which had allowed Aya to escape in the first place.
Realizing that it would be inevitable that she and the other goddesses would destroy this world as she had destroyed the previous ones, Kaya makes the decision to put herself and the other goddesses into a self inflicted coma to prevent them and herself from destroying the world.
They rest in a palace in the sky, where they would remain for the rest of eternity.
Only a few hundred years pass, and their names slowly fade into myth. Who they were slowly becomes forgotten, and humanity lives on having forgotten of Aya and several other events caused by the goddesses in some way, since Kaya had ordered all traces of the events to be erased.
Kaya's fate, along with the goddesses who still lived, is to remain asleep for eternity, potentially living in their own dreamworld, never to see the light of day again.
submitted by xXSunLightMoonXx to worldbuilding [link] [comments]

2020.10.19 07:48 Toonsy123Plag The smart and the stupid worlds

“Once upon a time, there are two alternate universes. One is where everyone is smart. There’s no education books because the people are so smart and the books, video games, movies, and other media ended it’s stories so fast because the characters in the movies are smart. There’s no bad or negative things happening. War doesn’t exist in that universe. And that because everyone is smart and sane, so the world is perfect. But it kinda gets boring. Everyone has no entertainment, they are too smart to do anything entertaining, so everything is just boring. The other universe is where everyone is stupid and insane. All of the entertaining media is stupid. The news are stupid. But nobody cared because they’re dumb as heck. All of the people fight each other because of one little thing. And everyone and everything is almost going in a brink of extinction. So that’s why we have stupid and smart things. The end.”
Where my story originated (and I am the author of both of the stories I posted) https://www.quotev.com/AZ55019991/activity/691800527
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2020.10.18 23:31 DelicateBlackGirl Request for Feedback

Can give me feedback on my story 'Alternate Vision'? My username on Quotev is dixiegriggs.
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2020.10.17 03:00 addiant grrr

quotev is being the ultimate bitch
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2020.10.16 23:05 HypnoDemon5566 Sam-19M

your average nineteen-year-old emo, listening to anything I can get my hands on that's edgy. We're a system of 7 people due to probably undiagnosed D.I.D or OSDD. Pm us if you'd like :) we also offer a 14-year-old anxious bean, a 16-year-old dancer and a 22-year-old dad figure

ps. I aspire to be a goth femboy lmao

we have discord, quotev and Skype
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2020.10.16 03:06 Caine2Khan Hunter X Hunter Hisoka vs Chrollo Trivia/Knowledge Quiz

I made this quiz: https://www.quotev.com/quiz/13157493
If you haven't read the manga fight, do not take quiz, you will fail and be spoiled.
If you have read the Hisoka vs Chrollo fight, Feel free to take the quiz. Lemme know if you see any errors, any comments or thoughts, or share your score!
Don't cheat!
Oh, and if you haven't already feel free to check out my quiz on the Dark Continent Expedition Arc. https://www.quotev.com/quiz/13154817
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2020.10.15 00:48 Fanficfangal My friend's Entitled Mom is tracking him on the internet and is making him remove several of his social media accounts.

So I found this out just today and it makes my blood boil seeing how stupid and hateful these Entitled Karens can be. It's bad enough that it happened to me, but I will not allow it to happen to my friends.
My friend is an Asexual transgender. We met online via my go-to not-official-social-media social media, Quotev.com, and although it has been a while since we last talked, they finally messaged me yesterday. We started catching up a bit until today, when they suddenly messaged me, saying that their mom is going to make him remove all of his social media accounts. He also said that she thinks Asexuality doesn't exist. Well I was going to calm him down, and it was working, until his mom actually came in and wanted to talk to me. Well here I was, talking to her. I let it happen. Keep in mind, this was all in a chat, so these words are exact. Also, yes I have his permission to type this all out.
EM: Hi, this is her mom
Me: Hello, ma'am
EM: Hi
Me: So it's come to my attention that you are making him quit several social medias? You know the ONE THING that makes him happy?
EM: First off, it's a girl, Second yes. May I know your name?
Me: And your reasoning for doing this to him is...? And I don't care if you call him a her. He prefers to be called a boy. And My name is OP.
EM: Okay. It is my daughter, I own her
Me: And he is my friend. And you say "I own her" as if he is just an object. He is NOT an object. You listen to me, lady. I gone through some tough shit in my life. And seeing the same thing happening to my friends makes my blood boil. Especially to entitled Karens like you
EM: I gave birth to her, did you?
Me: No I didn't. I am just sticking up for a friend who happens to have an Karen for a mom. And just because you gave birth to him doesn't mean you have complete control over him you idiot. Listen to me and listen good-
EM: *Cuts me off as I was typing something else* I Will call the police
Me: Go ahead. You don't know where I live, Karen. Now you listen here. You will let him keep ALL of his social medias, call him what he prefers to be called, and accept the fact that he is Asexual. If I hear from him about you again, I will be the one making a police report. Do you understand me?
EM: Asexuality doesn't exist
Me: Yes it does, you moron
EM: She just want's attention
Me: He does NOT want attention, Karen. He is telling the truth
EM: Now don't contact my daughter again
Me: BITCH, I can contact him anytime I want. You have no hold over me. You aren't MY mom. Are you? Didn't think so. Now let's try this again. Let him keep his social medias, the ONE THING that keeps him happy and sane in your toxic household... Call him what he prefers to be called... And accept the fact that he is Asexual... Do. You. Understand. Me?
EM: Your so disrespectfull (Yes she misspelled it)
Me: Like Hell I care. You don't deserve respect.
That was when she left and let my friend come back.
I let everything explain itself to him and now he had to leave. I hope things work out well for him. Does anyone have any advice to help him stand up to his own mother? I'll happily accept anything as long as it isn't violent. We aren't solving with violence. Thanks.

UPDATE: My friend messaged me today. He said that not only did his mom let him keep his accounts because of me, but also he is gonna hang at another friend's place until she acts like a grown woman. I am proud of him. Also I sent him the link so he can see your comments and see which piece of advice suits him! Thank you all for sending ideas!
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2020.10.14 11:34 KayKueen 1 fanfic, 2 comments, 3 chapters, 4 sites

I've recently got back into writing and publishing fanfiction. It's been a while but I wanted to do it. So I started a fanfic and posted it on one low end site like for testing the waters. Quotev. For those unfamiliar with the fanfiction selection on Quotev, it's basically like Wattpad. Full of OCs and semi-decent fanfics. Perfect for if I want people with low standards to possibly be my audience while I'm getting over my insecurities.
However, even though I have talked game about trying not to worry about getting views and comments and to just focus on writing, after three chapters with only one positive comment, my insecurities came back. I know three chapters with only one comment isn't something to worry about, but again, I'm insecure about my writing, even though I try not to be.
So I posted it to my Wattpad account, too. And my Ao3 account. And then, finally my FFN account. Got one more comment that I'm not sure was a compliment or a passive aggressive jab if I squint and/or overreact. But, I take what I can get.
I shouldn't worry. I really shouldn't. My following on all those sites are decent-ish at best and my story in both a crossover and an OC/Canon fic, with the chances of mild bashing within. Expecting immediate traction is RIDICULOUS.
But this is just me venting. I still don't expect much and I know more people may like it or see it more as more chapters pop up, but I can't help it. I see the views and the likes but just seeing any sort of comment, positive or negative, might make me calm down.
Again, I just wanted to vent. Get that off my chest.
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2020.10.14 06:42 Caine2Khan Hunter X Hunter Dark Continent Expedition Trivia/Knowledge Quiz

I made this Quiz https://www.quotev.com/quiz/13154817
If you haven't read the manga, do not take quiz, you will fail and be spoiled.
If you have read the Dark Continent Expedition Arc, Feel free to take the quiz. Lemme know if you see any errors, any comments or thoughts, or share your score!
Don't cheat!
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2020.10.13 03:34 ElvishBlood5123 Thought she was just being unfair, but,

Context: I took a quiz on Quotev called something along the lines of “Who Should you vote for in 2020”. I know it’s probably a bad idea to take political quizzes during these times, but I was fucking bored. Turns out the quiz had four results.
Vote Biden Vote Biden Vote Biden You should not vote.
Now listen, to all you voting Biden, I’m not hating here. You can see I was concerned with what the author was doing because the quiz was named “Who Should You Vote For?” not “Should You Vote?” I raised the question by commenting “Guys it’s all Biden.” OP went all
Uh, no it’s not.
Me: Otherwise it’s ‘you can’t vote’.
Her: It’s you shouldn’t vote not can’t 💁‍♀️(I would have stopped but this emoji set me off. It was like she was saying ‘fucking duh’. No! Not fucking duh!)
Me: just seems like you’re being unfair here.
Her: It’s my quiz and my opinion on who everyone should vote for.
Me: It’s our opinion actually. I only took the quiz out of boredom.
The banter went on for a little while. I tried to be polite as possible and did not spew Trump nonsense (because honestly I don’t care for politics). At some point I brought up that she seemed rather underage and why she would make this quiz if she can’t vote. And then She went
“Well I’m Australian and I can’t vote anyway lol.”
Point proven.
This isn’t word for word, but you get my point. I have screenshots somewhere but don’t know how to show them because this is legitimately my first time actually posting on Reddit.
Listen, I don’t care who y’all vote for. I just want everyone to not hate each other and be fair.
I doubt my post will even be seen. ;-;
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2020.10.13 02:14 StarChild413 What's your type and what kind of Pokemon would you specialize in as a gym leader?

Found this quiz and thought whoever here's a Pokemon fan would appreciate it, also since there's 18 Pokemon types and 18 Enneagram types (if you include wings) I thought it might be interesting to see if there's a correlation
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2020.10.12 08:58 anythingbuttstuff Need help deciding on pokemon for cakes

I am making three cakes for the starters (8 on each cake) but I also want to plan out cakes for some of the legendary trios. If you want to vote you can but no one has to. I plan on posting the cake results when I get them done btw. Open for suggestions too The link for it below https://www.quotev.com/quiz/13149702/Pokemon-Legendary-Cakes
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2020.10.11 22:33 Acescheckerdance Abuse?

I didn't know if this is supposed to be here or somewhere else and I'm asking for some advice. On my quotev I actually have a vent book all about these kinds of stories but either way I wanted to tell about how my dad probably traumatized my younger sister twice. Also why I'm afraid of coming out to him and my mom. My mom not as much but still. Here is the names key.
Dad: my dad Mom: My mom Angel: My younger sister (Obviously not her real name but still works) Cheesy Crackers (C.C.): Me
So this happened only a month after me and my sister were kicked out of our past school because our dad had cursed out a teacher. Already a crimson red flag right there the teach didn't do anything wrong only said something like "Drive Safe". Me, mom, and Angel were joking in the hallway about something we found silly. I can't remember but let's just say it was about how awful we found a movie. We were laughing and being silly when we watch our dad walk up into the hallway.
Dad: I want to put her up for adoption. Mom: Which one? (I didn't know I was trans at the time and I still haven't come out to my parents yet.) Dad: That one. *points at Angel* Angel: *runs away upstairs.* Me: WHAT THE- *runs after angel*
My parents proceeded to argue while my sister was terrified of actually being put up for adoption. I assured her I wouldn't abandon her and my mom called us downstairs and took us out to get groceries. A few weeks later my dad was wondering why Angel didn't seem to like him anymore. Angel was crying because she was having a bad day. What our dad proceeded to do was pick her up by the neck.
Dad: *Still with her up by her neck* Why are you crying stop crying! Angel: *Crying harder and trying to claw him off her* C.C. (Me): DAD STOP!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! YOU'RE HURTING ANGEL! GET OFF OF HER!
Eventually he dropped her and we scurried away into our room the only safe space we had at the time our bedroom. Later he tried to talk to her but she was scared of him. He tried to use his past as an excuse and used the "I'm trying to be better." Bullcarp he always pulled. It's okay if you use that phrase in a sincere way I'm not saying no one can change but when I hear that phrase once a month I'm pretty skeptical. Our dad also yells and threatens a lot of things and tries to guilt trip us some of his favorite phrases are: "At least you have a house, how do you think homeless people feel.", "If you don't stop waking me up I will cut off your tongues.", "You know I used to have a lot of bad people around me you're lucky.", "Y'know I've been through war and (insert thing we're upset about.) isn't THAT bad." and many more. I wanted to know if I was overreacting about all of this, if he was trying to make us pity and love him, or if we have the right to be upset and feel awful around and about him.
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2020.10.11 17:21 quotevtimes Quotev Times: Issue 10

Welcome to the Tenth Issue of the Quotev Times~! https://www.quotev.com/billibae
Personality: 10/10 It just gives me carrot vibes 😂
Feed: 8/10 It needs to work on its branding (needs to be less random.)
Profile Picture: 10/10 That skeleton do be screaming doe 😳
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2020.10.11 15:06 B0TG1RL okay so quotev.

i just wanna say that quotev isn't entirely about pedo's and harassers roaming the site as it may seem because of how overplayed callouts are. quotev is just the same as any site; there are good people, and yes, there are bad people. its ineveitable- you cannot just have a site and expect everyone to be good and holy and the like. if you wanna shut down a site, shut down omegle :D thank u, this has been a public service announcement
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2020.10.11 00:59 teacups-of-teardrops imma cry guysss

legit, quotev is not loading up for me- like, I’ve never had an issue like that and it’s honestly so upsetting :( any tips on what to do?
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