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Tennis legend Martina Navratilova is dating Julia Lemigova for quite some time, Would you like to know more about Ms. Lemigova? 42-year-old Julia “Yulia” Lemigova, born on June 20, 1972 in Moscow, Russia has been dating the former tennis player since 2006, Julia wasn’t into girls all the time, there was a time when Julia was dating, well more like having an affair with banker Edouard ... Martina Navratilova’s relationship status is married to her longtime girlfriend Julia Lemigova on December 15, 2014, in New York. Litigious Affair Navratilova had a long-term relationship with Judy Nelson, whom she met at a tournament in Fort Worth in 1982. Fast forward to 2000, and Martina Navratilova begins dating Toni Layton who served as a business advisor. The two had an unofficial wedding ceremony in 2004. In 2009 , Martina returned home from a business trip to Australia and abruptly ended their relationship; Navritalova cited a loss in personal net worth as the reason, and Layton as the ... Who is Martina Navratilova dating? Martina Navratilova is currently married to Yulia Lemigova. The couple started dating in 2008 and have been together for around 12 years, 4 months, and 28 days. The Czech Tennis Player was born in Prague on October 18, 1956. Martina Navratilova and her longtime partner Julia Lemigova were married in New York City on Monday, ... right?” said Navratilova, who began dating Lemigova in 2006. “Growing up as a gay woman ... Former tennis pro Martina Navratilova and Russian former model Julia Lemigova have been head over heels in love for years, ... began dating in 2006 and Navratilova proposed in 2014 at the U.S. Open. Martina Navratilova is a Czech and American retired tennis player and coach. In 2005, the Tennis magazine selected her as the greatest female tennis player from the year 1965 to 2005. Navratilova was a world no.1 player for a total of 332 weeks in singles and made a record of 237 weeks in doubles.

29th June 2020 - Wimbledon Re-Lived 1978-90: Martina - The Greatest Champion

2020.06.29 22:45 ianvideo 29th June 2020 - Wimbledon Re-Lived 1978-90: Martina - The Greatest Champion

Show Notes

With nine singles titles to her name, Martina Navratilova is the most successful player in Wimbledon history. In this episode, we focus on the first of her wins – in 1978 against Chris Evert – and the last of them – in 1990 against Zina Garrison.
In between analysing those matches, there’s discussion about the leaner years at the start of Navratilova’s career, her rivalry with Evert, the way she developed athletically into the sport’s most dominant figure, her special connection with Wimbledon, and the longevity of her career.
We also get Evert’s view on the 1978 final and hear Navratilova’s own reflections on her career.
The Tennis Podcast is presented by Catherine Whitaker and David Law, and features Matt Roberts. It is produced weekly year-round, and daily during the Grand Slam tournaments. It is crowdfunded by listeners each December.
We will be doing daily shows throughout the original Wimbledon dates, looking back on some of the tournament’s best matches and most important stories. You can watch extended highlights of Navratilova’s 1978 and 1990 victories on YouTube. Tomorrow we will be discussing John McEnroe vs. Bjorn Borg from 1980. Extended highlights and the full fourth set tiebreak are available.
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Catherine Whitaker
David Law
Matt Roberts


Chris Evert
Martina Navratilova’s


In UK lockdown (?!)


Length: 1hr 06 mins 32 secs
Date: Monday 29th June

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2020.06.19 17:57 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ January 25, 1988

January 25, 1988
Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-4-1988 1-11-1988 1-18-1988
  • February 5 could be the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning of this current wrestling war. No doubt about it that McMahon’s Main Event will be a big success, especially with Andre vs. Hogan headlining and lots of publicity. There’s a good chance it cracks the top 15 weekly ratings, but that’s where things get tricky. If it succeeds, WWF will want to do it again, as will networks. Does this then mean weekly prime time wrestling? Just four years ago it was almost unthinkable that pro wrestling would be on network tv at all, and WWF has had a run of successes all through 1987. They’re firing on all cylinders and drawing big ratings with everything, and that’s the sort of thing networks find appealing. Could this lead to network tv for Crockett? Probably not - no way would Crockett give up the creative control necessary to make their show fit for network tv, and no network would have “you-know-who” (I’m guessing Dusty?) as the showcased star. Dave expects that if this show is a success, we may see WWF getting offered a weekly network deal by fall of 1989 to combat falling ratings (doesn’t that sound like Fox in 2019 making a deal with WWE?). The question is if WWF can put on interesting weekly tv shows long enough to keep interest in the long-term, and Dave’s not sure they can do that. He also isn’t sure Vince will be smart enough to avoid the trap of weekly network tv if the opportunity is there. On the other hand, whatever time they did get would be very lucrative for the duration. So would passing it up even be the smart move? Wrestling as a whole could fall to scandal at any moment, so is the long-term really worth considering too hard?
  • Focusing on the event itself, Andre and Hogan have big pressure on them. Andre’s condition means they can’t do a good match on their own, so they need a good finish and need to gimmick their way around the limitations. Hogan winning cleanly is the bad option - it would kill interest in Hogan’s match for Wrestlemania because nobody will be able to get over to Andre levels to be believable. Andre winning with Hogan challenging at Wrestlemania is the most discussed scenario, but Dave wonders if they’ll mortalize Hogan. It’s a hell of a needle to thread.
  • At the time of writing, Rumble vs. Bunkhouse is one week away. Dave fully expects Crockett’s ppv to fail, based on all indications he has. Dave’s pessimistic about their ppv numbers and the number of homes they’ll clear, and they’ve done a terrible job at hyping things up. The fact of the matter is this: every cable company will compare their performance to WWF (an unfair comparison), and that’s just going to not look good for Crockett. Failure here will make it harder to get the Crockett Cup carried, especially if WWF puts the pressure on after Wrestlemania. One of the companies Dave has contacts with has given indication that the Bunkhouse Stampede isn’t selling at all with them, which is not a good sign.
  • The Midnight Rockers are AWA Tag Team Champions. The December 27 match in Vegas ended with a double pin and the referee awarded the match to the Midnight Express. They’ve since announced that decision was overturned and the Rockers are champions. The real reason is that the Midnight Express have quit the AWA. Randy Rose wasn’t making enough money and wanted a guaranteed contract to keep him coming up from Georgia, and Condrey (who had a guaranteed contract) got his contract cut. So Condrey quit immediately, and Verne apparently didn’t want to keep using them so he didn’t even want to bring them back to do the job. Dave’s not sure where Paul E. Dangerously stands in this, but he’s heard stories indicating he’s still with them and that he’s split from them. Either way, he wasn’t at the most recent AWA taping. The Rockers are still mostly wrestling in Memphis, but expect that to change soon.
  • Good news for Crockett: their tv ratings seem to have stopped dropping and they might be rebounding. Their syndicated package has returned to the top 15 (coming in at number 14, two spots behind the All-Star Wrestling Network package which has 65 fewer stations it’s available on). So it’s good for Crockett that they’re improving, but that comparison to the ASW network means there’s still lots of room for improvement. WWF came in fourth place with their syndicated package.
  • All Japan Women has a big challenge ahead of them as both Dump Matsumoto and Yukari Omori arintend to retire in the Spring. AJW has a retirement rule in place where wrestlers are expected/made to retire at 26, and Omori just turned 26 last week. Matsumoto is 27, but they had waived the rule for her due to her drawing power and because they had no one to take her spot as a top heel. So this past year was spent building Bull Nakano and Condor Saito for that role, and the goal is to phase out Dump over the next two months. Dump, like Devil Masami, reportedly wants to continue wrestling and may tour North America. If used correctly, Dave believes she could make women’s wrestling in the U.S. and gain one of the biggest cult followings in all of wrestling. She’d need to be given the push and let completely loose for it to work, but “her gimmickry is such that she would actually get over more in the U.S. than in Japan.” Dave’s seen how Americans react to her in Japan and how they go to AJW shows just to see her (and more Americans go to AJW shows than go to either New Japan or All Japan), and he really thinks Dump has the potential to be among the biggest things going in America if she were to come over, on the same level as the Road Warriors. The Jumping Bomb Angels have been doing fantastically in WWF, so there could be a spot for Dump there. The only problem is it would mean phasing out most every American woman they have, because the only one they really have who can keep up is Leilani Kai. Anyway, Omori and Matsumoto retiring would mean five of the eight biggest draws for AJW would no longer be working there, leaving Bull Nakano, Lioness Asuka, and Chigusa Nagayo to carry things along as they try to develop new draws.
  • [Memphis] Another week, another week with neither Lawler nor Bill Dundee turning heel. Their January 11 match (ring vs. $5,000) ended in a ref bump and the visual was Dundee pinning Lawler, until Terry Taylor ran in and hit Dundee with a DDT, then beat up Lawler and the match was a no contest.
  • [Memphis] For January 18 they have Lawler putting up his ring against Curt Hennig’s AWA Title. Lawler’s talking about this as any kind of loss will result in Hennig getting the ring, and Dave wouldn’t be surprised if Hennig drops the belt, probably to drop it back to Hennig in Vegas in February at the next tv tapings.
  • [AWA] The last show in the Minneapolis Auditorium will be on February 4 and is being billed as Old Timers Night. They’re bringing in Dick the Bruiser, Kenny Jay, Leo Nomellini, Bronko Nagurski, Billy Robinson, Dr. X, Red Bastien, and Butch Levy for guest appearances, and Curt Hennig vs. Greg Gagne will be the AWA Title match. Otherwise the card is a mystery.
  • Nord the Barbarian’s car commercials have made him the most over wrestler in the Twin Cities after Hogan. AWA is, of course, afraid to push him too much lest he leave and it winds up hurting them. Nord doesn’t work dates outside Minnesota, even.
  • Due to the Winter Olympics coming to Calgary next month, Stampede’s going to have to move from their usual spot in the Pavilion. The Pavilion seats 2000 people, and their shows in February will be in a 1000 seat building.
  • Southern Championship Wrestling’s second tv taping drew 400 and had a couple highlights. Dick Slater said in a promo that when he was through with SCW he’d be more hated than Bill Watts. The other highlight was Bruiser BRody accidentally calling Grizzly Boone Grizzly Smith. The promotion’s figurehead president also confiscated Paul E. Dangerously’s mobile phone.
  • Global in Florida now has Gordon Solie doing tv for them. The Malenko brothers are the best workers, and Solie talks about how much the fans are booing those dastardly Russians even as they get nothing but cheers and are the most over guys in the promotion.
  • The UWF (Japan version) has folded and is closing up, and that’s the only real news in New Japan. The UWF was Akira Maeda and his friends negotiating as a group with New Japan and they had their own business office. With Maeda gone from New Japan, the group has dissolved and been fully absorbed into NJPW. Kazuo Yamazaki is being kept on, and Maeda will probably return in the future. UWF guys will now stop wrestling a different style and won’t sell UWF merchandise at shows anymore.
  • [New Japan] Inoki and Fujinami are teaming again. Dave finds this pretty unsatisfactory and indicative of how any success New Japan is having right now is in spite of their booking, not because of it. They teamed, feuded, never had a singles match, and are now teaming again all without the feud ever coming to anything or getting resolved. Irritating.
  • [World Class] The Freebirds (King Parsons, Terry Gordy, and Buddy Roberts) won the WCCW 6-man tag titles on January 4. The former champs were Kevin Von Erich, Steve Simpson, and Chris Adams. Matt Borne subbed for Kevin in the match as the Birds attacked Von Erich backstage and left him injured, but he came out during the match to interfere and cause a disqualification. And in WCCW titles change on disqualification, so yeah. Anyway, extra funny for Dave is how pointlessly they lied on commentary in the match where Kevin, Steve, and Chris won the titles on Christmas in the first place. They called it the finals of a tournament being held around the country over the past several months, but everyone knows Simpson was out for several months because of a torn retina and only just came back. Not to mention the other guys involved who were either in Japan, not working for World Class, or otherwise occupied. Lying’s baked into the DNA of the business, but that doesn’t mean everything you say has to be a lie.
  • World Class is pushing Ken Mantell’s wrestling school hard on the air. They’re calling it the World Class Academy of Wrestling. It was formerly known as the UWF training center.
  • Mantell’s come up with a hell of a gimmick match idea, and it’ll be the feature on the January 22 Dallas show for WCCW: the Thunderdome match. It’s a ten man elimination tornado cage match pitting Kevin & Kerry Von Erich, the Fantastics, and Chris Adams against the Freebirds, Jack Victory, and John Tatum. There are five sets of handcuffs in each corner, and when a man gets pinned he gets handcuffed to the ropes. When all five members of a team are cuffed, the winners get the keys and can uncuff their guys, after which the referee will leave the ring and they get five minutes to beat up the cuffed and defenseless losers. Dave thinks this sounds like a great match concept and expects a sellout on the strength of it (and no, as much as he’s been ragging on WCCW, there’s no sarcasm there at all - he’s genuinely positive on this).
  • Word this week on WCCW’s ownership is that Mantell owns 30%, but the company’s been restructured and he’s Managing General Partner and calls all the shots. Fritz has called at least one shot, though so…
  • Steve Corey had been helping revive WCCW’s business with spot shows, but some of his ideas lately have been not great. He recently promoted one in combination with a Martina Navratilova vs. Chris Evert-Lloyd tennis exhibition, and Dave thinks there can’t be anything dumber than trying to put in one show a women’s tennis exhibition with pro wrestling. Fortunately the tennis players balked and the show wound up canceled, but jeez.
  • **Last note from WCCW: on the January 4 show they had Brian Adias and Frankie Lancaster vs. Missing Link and Bill Irwin in a first blood match between Wild West and WCCW representatives. Link and Irwin won, and Bill Mercer went on and on about how it was a win for Wild West over World Class, which has Dave thinking at least Crockett did one thing right with their UWF vs. NWA angle. There Crockett had NWA win and come out on top and look superior, which was stupid, but smarter than scuttling Wild West, then having Wild West look better than World Class anyway. The galaxy brain move would have been to not mention promotions at all.
  • WWC from Puerto Rico now airs on channel 41 out of Patterson, New Jersey in the New York area.
  • Dave got a line-up for a January 9 card in Pasadena, Florida for “Women’s Championship Wrestling.” Wendi Richter was listed as world champion, and Luna (Vachon) and Lock (Wenona Littleheart) are there as The Daughters of Darkness.
This appears to be from a bit earlier, but Women's Championship Wrestling
  • Dave’s calling off his hunch about Lawler winning the AWA Title in the short term.
  • [NWA] Dick Murdoch has a great match with Nikita Koloff. That alone is a big surprise, but he’s also giving hilarious promos and has become the highlight of the promotion. Dave doesn’t think their February 6 barbed wire match will be as good, but he’s pleasantly surprised about Murdoch putting on his working boots.
  • [NWA] Barry Windham vs. Tully Blanchard for the Western States Title on January 15 (to air January 23) was awful. It went almost half an hour, and 17 minutes in they did a bit where Barry injured his leg and limped for the rest of the match. Near the end, he did a flying clothesline and the referee counted to two before stopping, expecting the bell to ring for a time limit draw. But the bell didn’t ring. So he looked at a replay and called for the match to resume, only for Flair and Arn to run in, with Luger running in to make the save, with the Horsemen beating Luger up and wanting Windham to join them. Several fans jumped the rails and ran into the ring to attack the Horsemen and had to be dragged out, and in the end Luger and Windham shook hands. Dave says scrap any notions of Windham being the fourth horseman (he considers that Steve Williams probably has too many Japan commitments, and that really just leaves Ron Garvin which won’t happen), because it looks like they have no candidates lined up. Au contraire, Dave. They’re just slow-burning Windham’s heel turn. Wait until April.
Watch: Barry Windham vs. Tully Blanchard for the Western States Title
  • Once again we have a letter asking for coverage of POWW and GLOW. There’s more space in the issues now that Dave’s gone to two columns, so coverage of them and of more international wrestling from England, South Africa, and Mexico would be welcome. Seems like Dave’s got a small, but vocal subset of subscribers clamoring for more coverage of women’s wrestling at home as well as abroad.
  • Roddy Piper’s The Highwayman pilot is going to be picked up. Piper is probably not going to be involved in the series going forward, though. In other news, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and Lex Luger were in a pilot for Canadian tv called “Learning the Ropes.” It’s about Lyle Alzado (who was also involved in the pilot for The Highwayman and also won’t be involved in the series going forward) as a single father schoolteacher with two kids who works as a wrestler on the weekends. They made four pilots and it’s set up as a half hour sitcom. Not sure yet if it’ll be picked up, but the letter writer who gives us these bits of info about these projects promises to let us know if she can find out.
  • Roddy Piper is also going to be the lead in John Carpenter’s next movie, which is a great sign for him having a future in Hollywood. It’s a little movie called They Live.
  • Iron Sheik appears to be returning to WWF. Dave expects him and Bubba Rogers to debut on the January 26-27 tapings.
  • Wrestlemania IV won’t be at the Superdome. Dave’s not sure where it will be, but the Superdome, Kingdome, and Silverdome are all booked for the NCAA basketball tournament. Dave’s been told they’ll be at a 20,000 seat arena, but only a few know for sure and they’re keeping their lips sealed.
  • Joel Watts (son of Bill) quit WWF’s tv crew and is apparently getting out of the wrestling business. I’m gonna blindly blame Kevin Dunn.
THURSDAY: Bunkhouse Finals and Royal Rumble, NWA bleeding talent, Starrcade buyrate revised, and more
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2020.06.11 18:58 ianvideo 11th June 2020 - Chris Evert Interview

Show Notes

Catherine speaks to 18-time Grand Slam singles champion Chris Evert about her extraordinary tennis career.
Evert reflects on how her childhood shaped the rest of her life, the early years of the WTA Tour, the challenge of being a well-adjusted human being as well as a great champion, her rivalry with Martina Navratilova and the way they were each portrayed by the media, the achievements she's most proud of, and her period of self-discovery following retirement.
The Tennis Podcast is presented by Catherine Whitaker and David Law, featuring Matt Roberts. It is produced weekly year-round, and daily during the Grand Slam tournaments. It is crowdfunded by listeners each December.
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Catherine Whitaker


Chris Evert


In UK lockdown


Length: 1hr 03 mins 28 secs
Date: Thursday 11th June

Podcast Episode Link
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2020.05.26 19:33 ianvideo 26th May 2020 - Roland Garros Re-Lived 1985: Chris Evert vs. Martina Navratilova – The Rivalry

Show Notes

Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova met 80 times in total, and their 1985 French Open final, won 7-5 in the third set by Evert, was one of their best ever matches.
In an exclusive interview, Evert explains why she will be inextricably bound in history with Navratilova, the way they were portrayed as opposites, the reasons Navratilova was the favourite ahead of their 1985 Roland Garros final, why this victory stands out as her greatest, and the way it lengthened her career.
The Tennis Podcast is presented by Catherine Whitaker and David Law, featuring Matt Roberts. It is produced weekly year-round, and daily during the Grand Slam tournaments. It is crowdfunded by listeners each December.
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We are producing daily shows throughout the original Roland Garros dates, looking back on 15 classic matches and stories from the tournament’s history. You can watch extensive highlights of Evert vs. Navratilova on YouTube. Tomorrow we will be covering Michael Chang's victory as a 17-year-old in 1989. Highlights of his final against Edberg are available on YouTube. We will also be doing editions for Wimbledon.
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We hope that the podcast helps to provide some form of escape during these challenging times. If you ever feel like writing to us, our e-mail is open – [email protected]
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David Law
Catherine Whitaker
Matt Roberts


In UK lockdown


Length: 48 mins 30 secs
Date: Tuesday 26th May

Podcast Episode Link
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2020.05.25 18:51 ianvideo 25th May 2020 - Roland Garros Re-Lived 1984 – The match that haunts McEnroe

Show Notes

John McEnroe never won the French Open. But he should have done in 1984. Instead, he lost a two-set lead in the final against Ivan Lendl. So, what happened?
Having re-watched the whole match, Catherine, David and Matt give their analysis. In what way did McEnroe allow himself to get distracted? Did he choke? How did Lendl mount his comeback? And what did this match do for both of their careers?
We also hear from Mary Carillo who recounts why it hurt McEnroe so much to lose specifically to Lendl, the way he’s still affected by the missed opportunity whenever he arrives at Roland Garros, and the poignant conversation that took place between the McEnroe brothers after the match.
The Tennis Podcast is presented by Catherine Whitaker and David Law, featuring Matt Roberts. It is produced weekly year-round, and daily during the Grand Slam tournaments. It is crowdfunded by listeners each December.
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We are producing daily shows throughout the original Roland Garros dates, looking back on 15 classic matches and stories from the tournament’s history. You can watch McEnroe vs. Lendl in full on YouTube. Tomorrow we will be covering Chris Evert vs. Martina Navratilova in the 1985 final. The full match is available on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. We will also be doing editions for Wimbledon.
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We hope that the podcast helps to provide some form of escape during these challenging times. If you ever feel like writing to us, our e-mail is open – [email protected]
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David Law
Catherine Whitaker
Matt Roberts


In UK lockdown


Length: 45 mins 58 secs
Date: Monday 25th May

Podcast Episode Link
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2020.04.24 19:53 ianvideo 24th April 2020 - Pam Shriver - US Open finalist aged 16, winning Olympic Gold, and partnering Martina Navratilova

Show Notes

Catherine speaks to former world No.3 and 22-time Grand Slam doubles champion Pam Shriver, covering the start of her partnership with Martina Navratilova and their many successes together, her memories of the historic 1986 Fed Cup Final, her gold medal winning run with Zina Garrison in Seoul, what it was like to reach the US Open final as a 16-year-old, and her thoughts on when tennis might return.
The Tennis Podcast is presented by Catherine Whitaker and David Law, featuring Matt Roberts. It is produced weekly year-round, and daily during the Grand Slam tournaments. It is crowdfunded by listeners every December.
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Our Tennis Re-Lived series will return in May when we look back on classic finals from Madrid and Rome. We will also be doing daily editions during the original Roland Garros and Wimbledon dates.
* EMAIL \*
We hope that the podcast helps to provide some form of escape during these challenging times. If you ever feel like writing to us, our e-mail is open – [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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Catherine Whitaker

Special Guest

Pam Shriver


In lockdown


Length: 51 mins 15 secs
Date: Friday 24th April

Podcast Episode Link
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2020.04.21 12:40 ianvideo 20th April 2020 - Fed Cup & Monte Carlo Re-Lived: Navratilova’s Homecoming, Muster’s Controversial Comeback

Show Notes

The second instalment of Tennis Re-Lived sees us travel back to the 1980s and 90s.
First, we tell the story of Martina Navratilova’s return to her homeland in 1986 when she represented the USA against Czechoslovakia in the Fed Cup Final. Why was this such an important moment in her life? How was she received by the people in Prague? And just how good was her tennis in the decisive match against Hana Mandlikova?
Matt unearths some stories from the week and Catherine speaks to Pam Shriver, Navratilova’s doubles partner, for a firsthand account. Pam describes the experience of being there and explains how Navratilova managed to control her emotions.
Then, we delve into David’s well of memories to cover Thomas Muster’s epic comeback victory against Boris Becker in the 1995 Monte Carlo Final. There’s chat about Muster’s dominance on clay during that period, his semi-final against Andrea Gaudenzi which left him hospitalised, and Becker’s controversial post match press conference in which he cast doubt over Muster’s methods of recovery.
Plus, there’s an update on the ATP player relief fund proposed by Novak Djokovic, and the planned exhibitions across Europe.
The Tennis Podcast is presented by Catherine Whitaker and David Law, featuring Matt Roberts. It is produced weekly year-round, and daily during the Grand Slam tournaments. It is crowdfunded by listeners every December.
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Tennis Re-Lived will be back in May when we look back on classic finals from Madrid and Rome. We will also be doing daily editions during the original Roland Garros and Wimbledon dates.
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David Law
Catherine Whitaker
Matt Roberts


In UK lockdown


Length: 1 hr 21 mins 41 secs
Date: Monday 20th April

Podcast Episode Link
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2020.03.10 16:58 covert_crooner Masked March Madness! A Guide to International Masked Singer

The entire world has caught masked fever, and by the end of March there'll be no less than 8 versions of The Masked Singer running concurrently. Here's a guide to TMS shows premiering or airing in the month of March!
If you're just interested in seeing costumes from around the world, check out my Masked Spreadsheet ( ), which includes a comparisons tab so you can compare the 12 different global Monsters or 10 different Lions. Special thanks to \u\lyla2398 and \u\Magitroopa\ for help and research.

Álarcos énekes

![img](br4v1mgu4vl41 "Country: Hungary (HU) Season: 1 Premiere: February 9 Air date: Sundays Length: 90 minutes")
Where to watch: Performances, clues, and reveals can be watched on the official site (, and they don't seem to georestrict the videos. Full episodes can be seen on RTL Most (, but it requires free registration, and you can only watch the most recent episode.
Worth watching?: Not really. The costumes are nice (I love the Samurai Crocodile), and they do sing some songs in English. However, it seems that they don't sing live and are instead just "lip" syncing.
Anyone recognizable?: Most of the contestants probably aren't known outside of Hungary. If you want to know the calibre of celebrities, one of the contestants was a Playboy model...

La Máscara

![img](os6kq2d85vl41 "Country: Peru Season: 1 Premiere: February 29 Air date: Saturdays Length: ~120 minutes")
Where to watch: Performances, clues, reveals, and full episodes are posted to the channel's YouTube page (
Worth watching?: Yes, for one of my favorite masks of all time, Prostitution Jaguar. Unfortunately, it seems the singing isn't live, so you'd just be watching people jumping around to pre-recorded vocals.
Anyone recognizable?: So far the first two reveals have been footballers. It's unlikely people in the US will recognize anyone.

маска (Maska)

![img](y4p3ozgp5vl41 "Country: Russia (RU) Season: 1 Premiere: March 1 Air Date: Saturdays Length: ~130 minutes")
Where to watch: Performances, clues, and full episodes are posted to the production company's YouTube page (
Worth watching?: Yes, at least one episode to see how they blatantly copied masks from other countries. Vocals are pre-recorded and heavily autotuned.
Anyone recognizable?: Possibly. It's heavily speculated that one of the contestants is a member of one of Russia's biggest international pop acts from the 2000s, t.A.T.u. They've also hinted at another contestant being an Olympic athlete.

The Masked Singer Germany

![img](gcxw9l7p6vl41 "Country: Germany (DE) Season: 2 Premiere: March 10 Air Date: Tuesdays Length: 120 minutes?")
Where to watch: Performances and clues for the first season were posted to the official YouTube page ( Full episodes can be seen on the official website (, but require registration and a VPN to access outside of Germany.
Worth watching?: If you love great singing, yes. It's probably my ideal version of the show. The singing is live, the performances are longer, and the judges don't speak during them. In the first season, most of the songs were sung in English, and they tend to select a wide variety of songs. The masks this season are incredible, with my favorite version of Robot ever.
Anyone recognizable?: The first season had '90s international supermodel, Marcus Schenkenberg. It's unknown who will appear on the second season, but if David Hasselhoff isn't doing the US version then he'd probably do Germany's.

The Masked Singer Austria

![img](in6j15s27vl41 "Country: Austria (AT) Season: 1 Premiere: March 14 Air Date: Saturdays Length: 120 minutes?")
Where to watch: Unknown for now. They may post clips on the official website ( or their YouTube channel (
Worth watching?: If you watch for the performances, then yes. It's produced by the same people who do the German version, and I believe they're even filming on the same stage, so expect live singing and English songs.
Anyone recognizable?: Unknown. \u\lyla2398 has suggested Conchita Wurst, who won the 2014 Eurovision song contest. But I'm not too aware of any famous Austrians that would be recognizable to most Americans.

Masked Singer Suomi

![img](cks58bfi7vl41 "Country: Finland (FI) Season: 1 Premiere: March 14 Air Date: Saturdays Length: ???")
Where to watch: Clips may be posted to the channel's YouTube page (
Worth watching?: Too early to tell if the singing is live, but from previews it sounds like they'll be singing at least some songs in English. May be worth it just to see Haystack and Elvis Bunny. Also, TIL Suomi = Finland.
Anyone recognizable?: Doubtful that there'll be anyone recognizable to Americans.

Zlatá maska

![img](p58ioxtt7vl41 "Country: Czech Republic/Slovakia (CZ/SK) Season: 1 Premiere: March 20 Air Date: Fridays Length: ???")
Where to watch: Clips may be posted to the channel's YouTube page (
Worth watching?: Probably not. If you haven't noticed, they're reusing the same stage and masks from the Hungarian version, as it's produced by the same company in Budapest. It's probably pre-recorded vocals again.
Anyone recognizable?: Unknown. I could totally see tennis legend Martina Navratilova doing the show, but it's more likely they'll get local celebs.

Coming Soon!

Belgium - The Masked Singer - 2020 Panama - ¿Quién es la máscara? - 2020 Romania - Masked Singer Romania - Spring 2020 Spain - Mask Singer: Adivina quién canta - Spring 2020 Sweden - The Masked Singer - 2020
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2020.01.28 20:31 ianvideo January 28th 2020 - Aus Open Day 9 - Federer's Melbourne Miracle and Barty's Bigtime Revenge

Show Notes

Novak Djokovic’s straightforward victory over Milos Raonic in the night session meant a rare early(ish) finish for Catherine, David and Matt. But it was a day with plenty of drama as Roger Federer saved 7 match points to beat Tennys Sandgren. How did he do it? And what state will he be in for his semi-final?
Elsewhere, there’s discussion about Ash Barty avenging last year’s quarter-final defeat to Petra Kvitova. In what way did it show how much she’s improved? Will she have her work cut out against Sofia Kenin? And what’s going on with the scheduling that’s seeing women’s matches not get the prime time night session slots?
Finally, there’s news of Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe’s protest against Margaret Court’s name appearing on the second stadium at Melbourne Park, and Tennis Australia’s response to it.
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David Law
Catherine Whitaker
Matt Roberts


The Australian Open, Melbourne Park


Length: 51 mins 53 secs
Date: Tuesday 28th January

Podcast Episode Link
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2019.09.06 03:20 Pickup_your_nuts Today In History 06/09

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2019.07.21 22:48 TurquoiseUmbrella My ex-girlfriend thought I was her good luck charm

Her name was Gwen. We’d attended middle school together, though it wasn’t until our freshman year of high school that I really started to notice her. She was beautiful, with long dark hair, fair skin, and had an athletic body. That year I had signed up to play tennis in gym for the first six weeks. I admired her competitive spirit, and it was clear she was experienced. Nevertheless she couldn’t beat me. Then again neither could Roger Federer, Martina Navratilova, or Rod Laver. It’s not because I’m any sort of tennis prodigy. It’s because I have a curse that won’t allow the world to go against me.
My name is Zack and I belong to a prestigious family that you’ve never heard about. I can attain anything I want at will and people are none the wiser. As long as I was interested in Gwen we were destined to be together. Looking back I always wonder if she would’ve cared at all about me had I not manipulated her.
Though I was impressed with her tennis skills she struggled against other competitive players. There was plenty more going on in my life at the time, so I didn’t feel ready to turn her attention to me. Still quite young I was learning a lot about who I was and just how different my family is from just about everyone else. I could be popular when I wanted to be, yet if I grew bored of the attention, people would simply walk away and forget about me. Though I say that I’m cursed, these powers have infinite advantages.
Gwen quit playing tennis over the summer before our sophomore year. I was several lockers down from her at the time and decided to listen into some small talk she was having with a couple of friends. I could tell by her tone it was a painful decision, despite her attempts to downplay it. She’d given up on her dream and planned to settle for less.
It was her life and I was reluctant to play around with it. I decided to try and forget about Gwen for most of that year. I didn’t have to study to get perfect grades, but I decided to put in some effort anyway. I hardly had to move to win at sports in gym, yet I tried to at least make myself look like I was trying. I said before that my powers have countless advantages, yet life without a challenge can be quite dull.
My thoughts returned to Gwen near the end of the school year. There’s a regional pizza chain in my area that happens to be owned by Gwen’s parents. It was above average quality and was sold at a decent price. Money was by no means an issue for me though, and the chefs in my family’s mansion could make a far better pizza anyway. Nevertheless I’d stopped in one day with a couple of friends, attempting still to live a somewhat normal life. That’s when I came across Gwen casually sweeping the floor.
She could be so much more and yet I’d chosen not to intervene. I’d spent the year giving up on dating her and precluding myself from nudging her towards her dreams. I began to wonder if staying out of her life was truly for the best?
A week later I’d informed my parents of my decision to court Gwen. They were content with my decision and so I finally made my move. I had our butler place an order for several pizzas and also put in a special request for Gwen specifically to deliver them. A little over half an hour later she arrived. I met her at the gate and pretended to know very little about her.
“Hey, you’re Gwen from school, right?”
She blushed as soon as I’d said her name. She liked me as well, but to this day I’m still unsure if it was genuine. Like me she came from a wealthy family though the gap between us would require a little more than several zeroes. I handed her a roll of cash that came out to $1,500. I take joy in handing out sizable tips. She stared at it with surprise and confusion. It seemed that I’d made the situation rather awkward.
“I just wanted to give you an idea of what it’s going to be like when you’re winning international tournaments,” I told her with a smile.
Once again she blushed. I wanted her to know her dreams could still come true, and in that moment it seemed like she was ready to try again.
“Wait, how did you know I used to play tennis?”
I downplayed my answer, not trying to come across as some sort of stalker. I could have been blunt and lascivious if I wanted to be, but it’s important to practice self restraint. Gwen was modest, certain that she simply wasn’t good enough to be a professional tennis player. From what I knew she was right, but that’s only because she lacked this curse of mine.
“I certainly hope you haven’t quit for good,” I told her. “I have a feeling if you try again you’ll be able to ascend that plateau.”
After that day Gwen quit delivering pizzas and picked up her tennis racket again. I wanted her to feel like her hard work would be responsible for her newfound success, but in reality it wasn’t necessary. She practiced during the summer, relearning skills she’d lost. She never noticed me watching her, nor did she notice my butler who stood next to me.
“She’s certainly a feisty young lady,” said my tall, blond butler. His name was Chase.
“We’re gonna make her a world champion, right?”
“She’ll be the very best,” grinned Chase.
Chase, like the rest of my family’s staff aren’t exactly human. You see, though they’re servants they’re also the reason why my family wields so much power. Gwen didn’t realize it at the time, but she was destined to be the greatest tennis player that ever lived. Though it wouldn’t be without consequences.
As soon as our junior year of high school started Gwen tried out for the girl’s tennis team. I watched her play, though as usual no one noticed. She was brilliant and my attraction to her only grew several times over. She looked so much happier now than the day I saw her sweeping that floor. As predicted she easily made the team, one step closer to achieving her dream.
Eventually I finally made my move. It was a Thursday and she didn’t have any class during sixth period. I had a global history class, but I decided to skip. I congratulated her on her recent success. Over that year she’d been moving up the ranks and was well on her way to playing at the national level. I finally asked her out on a date, and that was the start of our romantic relationship.
As nice as it was it caused me to indulge in my darker side. She was doing doubles practice one day after school with the high school girl’s team. Single-handedly she was playing a perfect match, much to the disdain of her partner. The other girl couldn’t even get in a hit without Gwen taking the spotlight, and I didn’t see a problem with it. The girl dropped her racket, folded her arms, and refused to play. She and Gwen ended up in a small argument, which made me angry. I realize now her frustration was understandable, but at the time watching someone talk that way to my girlfriend was infuriating.
“How should we punish this foolish girl?” Chase appeared right next to me, rubbing his gloved hands together.
“I don’t want her on the team anymore. Don’t kill her or anything, just you know, made her quit.”
“Might I suggest paralysis?” He seemed quite enthusiastic at the thought.
“That could work,” I said, prompting him to give a whistle.
The girl’s face suddenly expressed pain and discomfort. The way she moved her legs indicated something was wrong.
“That’s what you get,” I said quietly. I’m haunted by my ruthless words from that day, though it could have been worse. After the girl left, Chase informed me that he’d given her a rapidly progressing case of ALS. When I asked him to explain the disease in further detail I was horrified.
“I told you NOT to kill her. Even if it’s slow, I think that goes a bit far.”
Luckily Chase followed my orders, giving her Guillain-Barré syndrome instead. It was still awful, and a terribly punitive punishment for what I realize now was a legitimate grievance. The girl missed the rest of the school year because of it, though she made a full recovery by next year.
That was just the first of several instances of me harming people who played with or against Gwen. She was going to be the best and I was going to make sure it happened. At this point she was playing the best games of her life. I became complacent for a bit and one day decided not to attend one of her games. I was later informed that without my presence she was losing, and so I hurried to go see her. I’d arrived just in time, causing her opponent to double fault while serving. Gwen made a massive comeback, winning the game. Unbeknownst to her or anyone else, when I’d arrived, her opponent sustained a wrist injury that went undetected until after the game. Gwen’s opponent had been a stubborn young woman who had a habit of ignoring pain.
There were other such instances of me allowing Gwen to play without giving her advantages. Occasionally she didn’t need me, but most of the time I would give in and cause her opponents to fumble.
I was at my worst the day one of Gwen’s opponents deliberately tried to hurt her. Gwen was winning by a comfortable margin, so her opponent retaliated by serving the ball in such a way as to aim for Gwen’s face. Twice in a row, Gwen had to put the racket up just to defend herself. Why didn’t the referee do anything? I took matters into my own hands, slowing the ball. Shortly thereafter Gwen won.
I was livid about that woman’s behavior. She wanted to leave bruises on Gwen’s face, so I took action. Once the match ended, I ordered Chase to ruin the young woman’s face. He did so by making her the victim of a house fire the next day. She lived, but had numerous scars and a completely unrecognizable face.
After realizing what I had done I stopped requesting retaliation. I was reluctant to have Gwen’s opponents injured in any sort of way, instead of having them stumble and just swing their rackets the wrong way.
In the end it paid off and Gwen could finally play at the national level. I didn’t feel comfortable with what I had done though. Also my relationship with Gwen was becoming more intimate, yet it was starting to feel fake. Does she really love me? I’m in a position where I could marry any woman I wanted and live happily with them at will. As nice as it sounded I kept wondering how things would have played out had I been more of a normal person?
I put that to the test one day when I decided to walk home with Gwen. We went into a gazebo in a nearby park and made out. I loved her. She was amazing and everything I’d wanted, but I needed to know if it was real.
There’s a way to get people to stop being under my control so easily. I stopped our kissing session, and stared deep into Gwen’s beautiful blue eyes.
“What’s wrong?”
“This doesn’t feel right,” I told her.
“Am I a bad kisser?”
I shook my head and then spoke my last name. My real last name, which almost no one outside of my family and servants knew.
My fears came true as her expression changed to one of confusion.
“How do you feel now?” I asked uneasily.
She shook her head. “You’re right. Something feels off, but I don’t know why.”
From there we grew apart. We still dated, spent a lot of time together in and out of school, but the passion was gone. She tried to act like she was still interested, but it seemed now that she was just trying not to let me down. I’d been so supportive of her now national tennis career and it seemed like she felt obligated to stay with me because of it.
Our relationship had been a lie and so I broke it off. It was a quiet breakup. She acknowledged it and walked away as though it meant nothing to her. It hurt like hell, but I accepted my decision to free her from my spell.
A few years later I’d almost forgotten about Gwen. Since distancing myself from her I’d also began distancing myself from my family, as well as my butler, Chase. I hate having this ability to manipulate the world around me so easily. I’ve hurt people for my own selfish desires, and ruined a couple of lives. In my family such actions are considered normal, but I don’t want to be like them.
In spite of this I finally returned to my family’s nefarious luxury as I succeed my late great-grandfather. I found out recently that Gwen’s career is going poorly, and I’ve been offered the opportunity to come to her rescue again. If I want to she can still become an international champion. If want her she can still become my wife. I can undo my confession to her in that gazebo. I’ve started checking in on her again. Whether she’s out running errands, or relaxing at home, I’ve had the opportunity to spy on her.
The more I think about her, the more I want her back in my life. I’ve been feeling rather lonely lately, despite often being in the company of others. My new butler, Sam seems quite fond of bringing her back into my life. I want to see Gwen again. I want to help her become the tennis legend she deserves to be. I want to reunite her with her high school sweetheart, Zack.
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2019.06.04 12:41 ivabra If Roger Federer wins today against Stan Wawrinka, he will have reached a Grand Slam Semi Finals for the 17th consecutive season

He is currently sitting at 16 consecutive seasons, dating back to 2003.
To me it is one of his most amazing stats, especially knowing the injuries he had in 2013 (reached AO SF but injury came after) and 2016 (reached SF in both slams he was in).
Other all time great players for comparison, for consecutive seasons :
Enjoy the match today !
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2019.01.21 05:32 subreddit_stats Subreddit Stats: GenderCritical top posts from 2018-01-21 to 2019-01-18 21:43 PDT

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    3. Telling women not to weamake art of female anatomy because “trans women don’t have vaginas” is like telling a UNI student not to wear a sweatshirt with their school’s logo on it because “some people don’t go to that school”. (324 points, 44 comments)
    4. Why do transgender people always say “I was assigned female/male at birth”, like you weren’t “Assigned” anything. The doctor looked at your genitals and determined which SEX you are. (254 points, 70 comments)
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    5. TRAs bombard the facebook page of a woman owned and operated candy store with fake 1 star reviews accusing them of transphobia... because they put up a poster for the Vancouver Rape Relief Shelter. (244 points, 68 comments)
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    7. Kanye, in the Oval Office, unwittingly detailing how misogyny played a role in the 2016 election: “I love Hillary, but the campaign ‘I’m with her’ just didn’t make me feel — as a guy … it was something about this hat that made me feel like Superman,” (163 points, 88 comments)
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2018.04.17 15:04 ThePalmIsle BS Classic: Grading the Wimbledon Babes

Little fun on a Tuesday morning.
HALT!!!! Six immediate disclaimers:
—1. Before you get all riled up, just remember, YOU GUYS voted for this column last year. When I ran the "Vote for Sports Guy's Friday Column Topic" vote on my main page during the final week of July '99, I put "Grading the Wimbledon Babes" as a joke. Little did I know it would receive 40% of the total votes and three times more votes than any other topic. So blame my readers, not me... I'm just here to please.
—2. If you're a female reader, just do yourself a favor and stop reading right now. I'm not kidding. Just stop. You're going to hate this column as much as you hated it last year. If you DO decide to keep reading, remember that a) it's all in good fun and b) you're more than welcome to send me a Reader Rant called "Grading the Wimbledon Hunks."
—3. I asked two of my buddies to help provide off-color comments — they'll be referred to during the grading as "Caveman #1" and "Caveman #2." They represent the common man. If they offend you, I apologize. Consider yourself warned. Again, nobody is putting a gun to your head and making you read Part Two.
—4. For part two, I updated some of the material, added a few jokes and added some players/people who stepped to the forefront this summer. Since this was one of the most popular features in BSG history — I STILL get e-mails about it — it needed to be updated and some pressing matters (like Jelena Dokic's emergence and Dan Shaughnessy's niece playing in Wimbledon) needed to be addressed. And just for the record, I watched a good chunk of Wimbledon this summer looking for little tidbits to throw in.
—5. If you enjoy this column and you want to send it to friends, please forward the URL link and don't copy the text and send it out in e-mail form. As Dr. Evil would say, throw me a frickin' bone here.
—6. Finally, as I wrote last year... when I started this site, I made the decision to address sports topics that my buddies and I discuss — that I wouldn't hold back, not under any circumstances. This whole column fits right into that mantra. Whenever me and my buddies are on the phone around Wimbledon, we always end up talking about the female players. It's a guy thing.
Let's be honest: Women's tennis rocks. Men's tennis has evolved into guys firing 130-mile serves at one another, but women's tennis has evolved into the perfect blend of feminity, grace, style, emotion and athleticism. That's why we like it, that's why it draws higher ratings then men's tennis, and that's why it appeals to male viewers (for the same reason that the WNBA and college softball doesn't appeal to male viewers).
Of course, there's also the "babe" factor.
The mainstream media rarely addressed it until this year, but it's all there. Skimpy outfits. Red cheeks. Loud grunting. Exposed panties. Pouty faces. Tight bodies. You'd have to be Amish, blind or dead not to notice this stuff. It's just entertaining to watch attractive babes play tennis... therefore, I'm writing about it. The fans voted for it, people are talking about it, and it needs to be written about again, dammit. It's time.
Onto the column... proceed at your own risk:
PART TWO (7/7/00) Grading the Wimbledon Babes
Just for space reasons, we're leaving out many players from this year's tournament, including Karina Habsudova (saucy Russian with major high beams), Elena Likhovtesa (looks a little like Uma Thurman), Olga Barabanschikova (longest last name in the history of mankind), Amy Frazier (generic American), Mary Jo Fernandez (dark-skinned and kinda cute) and many others.
One other note: On behalf of the male race, I'd like to thank Pete Sampras for dating Bridgette Wilson and making her attend all the matches this week. God bless Pete — going from the "Father of the Bride" chick to Bridgette might have been the greatest upgrade of all-time, surely pushing him past Emerson, Laver and Borg and cementing his place as the greatest tennis player of all-time. Can you imagine? The guy didn't go on his first date until he was like 23... now he's dating Bridgette Wilson? I mean, does ANYONE have a better life than Pete Sampras???
Anyway, we're giving Bridgette an honorary A-plus for her achievements in the player's section box over the past two weeks. Onto the rest of the grades, in no particular order...
MARTINA HINGIS — A-minus One of the top women players on tour, in more ways than one ... has that sexy, pouting sneer (especially when she falls behind or she's angry at an umpire) ... possesses one of those bodies where you know she'll weigh the exact same weight 60 years from now ... bonus points here because she shows "Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction" potential — Hingis is a world-class wacko, as evidenced by her self-destruction at the French and her tank job at Wimbledon last year ... hey, at least she's interesting ... she's rich, she's talented, she's beautiful, she's foreign and she's a little psychotic — sounds like my dream girl! ... can I get fries with that?
**** Caveman #1's comment: "She seems like the type of girl who would start screaming in tongues during sex while the pupils of her eyes turned bright red."
**** Caveman #2's comment: "Snotty, arrogant, short-tempered, and definitely selfish in bed. What's her number?"
ANKE HUBER — B Leggy German ... has the Anne Heche thing going with the short hair ... Anke's on the "All-Headlights" team... and if you don't know what that means, well, maybe that's a good thing ... best-known on the tour for being Andrei Medvedev's girlfriend ... I think that says it all when you're "best-known on the tour for being Andrei Medvedev's girlfriend."
ALEXANDRIA STEVENSON — C-minus A disturbing, disorienting cross between Jessie from "Saved By the Bell" and Doctor J ... is this the Island of Dr. Moreau? ... her legs are at least five feet long ... it also looks like she's on the Monica Seles "Sure, I'll have another slice" diet ... penalty points here for having a domineering, conniving shrew as a mother.
****Caveman #1 — Looks too much like Dr. J and you could iron on her chest. Not a good combo.
SYLVIA PLISCHKE — C-minus Probably the most attractive tall woman on the tour, which isn't saying much... short-haired blonde, painfully skinny... she's about six-foot-three, but she doesn't have that stiff-legged, "women's hoop coach" walk like most other tall tennis players ... on the bright side, I'm convinced she wasn't wearing a bra during her matches last year.
(If I were ever the Commissioner of Tennis, that's the first thing I would outlaw — tennis bras. They're a little selfish, aren't they? What about us? What about the fans?)
ANNE-GAELLE TIDOT — B-plus Kinda looks like a cross between Bridget Fonda and a non-crazy Hingis... very attractive... seems like she would look great in a dress and high heels ... the breakout "Mmmmmmm" star of 2000 Wimbledon.
MARY PIERCE — B-minus Captain of the "Beauty is just a lightswitch away" club ... in other words, she's got a Butter Face (everything looks great but her face) ... supposedly better-looking in person ... then again, they said the same thing about Rocky Dennis ... one of the few female tennis players with a legit cleavage... as Frank Drebin said in the first "Naked Gun" movie, "She's got the kinda breasts that say 'Hey, look at these!'"
Two drawbacks here: 1) Pierce dates Robbie Alomar, which speaks for itself, and 2) she had that weird restraining order thing against her domineering father, which means she possesses an inordinate amount of emotional baggage ... there's just a lot to work with here, both positive and negative.
**** Caveman #1: "She's searching for a father figure, which means she's probably extremely attentive to her man's needs. Extremely attentive."
**** Caveman #2: "Remember when Kenny Mayne was doing tennis highlights and said, 'Mary Pierce down a set, although it doesn't appear that way'? Now THAT's comedy!"
JANA NOVOTNA — F Kinda looks like Steve Lyons in drag.
**** Caveman #1: "Mr. Novotna is a wonderful player, but I do not find him very appealing to the eye and I'm a little afraid he may cause bodily harm."
TATIANA PANOVA — B Another solid Russian import ... maybe the most unsung member of the Frank Drebin "Hey look at these!" club ... I don't know what's going on in the USSR, but I'm booking a plane ticket and bringing 100 loaves of bread, pronto ... it all comes back to one simple truth: European women are just plain hot.
ARANXTA SANCHEZ-VICARIO — D-plus Built like a fire hydrant ... not a lot to work with here ... her face finally cleared up, so she actually looks the best she's ever looked.
(Note: That last statement reminds me of something my buddy Worm said in college when we were talking about a chunky girl on our hall — one of her friends had said how this girl had lost 15 pounds and the Worm quickly responded, "Oh good, only 40 more to go." High comedy. You had to be there. By the way, I'm babbling...
**** Caveman #1: "The WTA doesn't let Aranxta raise trophies after she wins tournaments due to her McHale-like armpit-hair."
JELENA DOKIC — A-minus Arrived this summer in an "MJ during the '84 Olympics" kinda way ... she looks like Kevin's older sister from the "Wonder Years," but with Mary Pierce's body ... yes, please ... a charter member of the "Frank Drebin" team ... also the 1999 "Rookie of the Year," 2000 "Most Improved" and MVP of the "All-Headlights" team ... you have to wonder if Anna Kournikova will order a hit on her from the Russian mafia in the weeks to come ... she gets downgraded from an "A" only because of her domineering father, who might be the Czechoslovakian Jim Pierce.
(Question: When are they re-making "The Great Santini" and giving Santini a tennis daughter? This needs to happen.)
AMANDA COETZER — A-minus The adorable blonde from South Africa who never gets shown on TV for reasons unknown ... she sends the blood rushing right to my Olga Barabanschikova ... could somebody tell Playboy to open up the checkbook and make this girl an offer, please? ... the Junior Seau or Jason Kidd of female tennis players ... charter founder and captain of the "All-Headlights" team ... even Bud Collins finds her attractive.
**** Caveman #1: "My personal fav as cutest on the tour. Her headlights tend to turn on midway through a tough second set, which means I'm not turning the channel until they go back to Pam Shriver in the announcing booth."
**** Caveman #2: "She might be hotter than Kournikova, and she's legal and closer to my age, so I actually have a shot at hooking up with her. Imagine a chilly rainy day match between her and Anna K, both wearing only tight white tank tops and micro-mini tennis skirts. That match would get better ratings than live footage of Jesus Christ on roller skates."
NATALIE TAUZIAT — D-minus Yikes ... she kinda looks like the "Crunch & Munch" guy from the Fleet Center ... England should stop asking her to appear in Wimbledon before her face stops Big Ben.
**** Caveman #2: "Camera two!"
STEFFI GRAF — B-minus Sports fans are split on Graf in a "Should Cal Ripken be on ESPN's Top 50 list?" kinda way ... in other words, people feel really strongly about this one — some say she's the ugliest player in tennis, others think she's cute ... I'm probably more in the cute camp, if only because she has the best set of legs in tennis and seems like one of the genuinely nice/normal players on the tour ... supposedly she's prettier in person ... she'd probably be even prettier if she gave Nomar Garciaparra his nose back ... I always thought Germany should have mated her and Boris Becker and created an Uber-tennis child.
**** Caveman #1: "Das uber famme est mein favorite. Probably likes S&M and being the dominator."
**** Caveman #2: "Steffi is the Anti-Kournikova."
LISA RAYMOND — C Exceedingly average... sweats a lot... not much else to say.
CONCHITA MARTINEZ — C-minus Same as above, with a little more body hair.
RITA GRANDE — A-minus Mmmmm... Rita Grande ... in case you've never heard of her, you're missing out ... she's a saucy, dark-skinned Italian with curly hair who has never met a loose sports bra she didn't like ... ... the best Italian import since Appolonia Corleone ... quite possibly the future Sports Gal if she can cook.
JENNIFER CAPRIATI — C-plus She should have a tattoo of a suitcase on her right arm, because this gal's got baggage! ... not only did she have a serious drug problem, but you just KNOW she did some bizarre things when she was in her "Sidney from Melrose Place" stage a few years back (I'm still waiting for the secret Capriati porn tape to show up at Tower Records, ala Tonya Harding) ... one of my buddies in the know swears that Capriati had a breast reduction, so we're going to have to dock her grade just on rumor alone ... basically, she's starting off with a C before we even evaluate her ... and I think her features are a little rough ... on the other hand, she's probably the most fun girl on the tour to go out drinking with, so that brings her up to a C-plus.
**** Caveman #2: "Like every drug girl in college, slightly overweight but still cute enough to take advantage of for a one-nighter. Thighs show the effect of many nights with the munchies, but return to the game could work in her favor, as long as she doesn't start sniffing the lines or smoking the grass at Wimbledon."
MEGHAN SHAUGHNESSY — D-minus Gets downgraded two grades for being Dan Shaughnessy's niece ... she's fairly cute, but you can see just enough of Uncle Dan in her face that it's deeply, hauntingly disturbing ... at least she has a chin ... should consider getting married so she can change her last name.
CHRIS EVERT — B-plus She's aged extremely well, even if her features hardened a tad over the years ... everybody who grew up in the 80's will always carry a little torch for her, especially because of her little grunts and glares ... always appeared to have impeccable hygeine, even during a three-set match ... her battles against Martina were like Luke vs. Darth ... she's also extremely wealthy, which warrants mentioning... great Sugar Momma potential here.
**** Caveman's #1: "She spent way too much time in the sun — now she looks like an old leather bag."
**** Caveman #2: "The First Lady of Fruit of the Loom. What guy, now aged 28-32, did not have one of his first inexplicable chubbies while watching Chrissy grunt like a monkey in her micro-mini tennis skirts? Mmmm... Soft white cotton-clad camel toes. In the late 70's, I argue that there was no better Saturday afternoon than a Chrissy Evert US Open match, followed by a Charlie's Angels, and then a Bionic Woman. Just thinking about that lineup still makes me woozy."
JIM LAMPLEY — D-minus Seems like she's had the same hairstyle for the past 25 years... probably would be cuter if she wore makeup...
(Hey, wait a second... Jim Lampley's a man??? Seriously? Ummmm... let's just move on.)
CARLING BASSETT — A Who, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. Back in the early-80's, Bassett burst into the tennis scene as the resident "hot blonde who wasn't very good" — she even made a movie called "Spring Fever" before she disappeared from the scene altogether, presumably to appear in amateur porn films. We'll give her a Hall of Fame nod here, just out of principle.
NATALIE ZVEREVA — C-minus Russian chick with Princess Leia pigtails who wears weird sunglasses and looks like she might have a pierced belly button ... frankly, I'm a little afraid of her ... she plays doubles with Kournikova, just one more reason why they should make high-tech TV's that allow viewers to decide on camera angles.
THE WILLIAMS SISTERS — B-minus Call me crazy, but I think they're cute in an Amazon kinda way ... any man who hasn't thought about being in the middle of a Williams sister sandwich is lying, plain and simple ... then again, I also think Chamique Holdsclaw is cute ...then again, I think almost everyone is cute ... one of those cases were the sum is much greater than the parts... and let's be honest, the beads thing is pretty kinky ... Serena's body is right out of a porno movie (she's on the Frank Drebin team) ... they're also a tad surly, which can always be fun after a few drinks ... one drawback: a domineering father.
**** Caveman #1: "Venus is just scary. Anyone that confident, big and strong would reduce any man to a quivering mass of blubbering flesh. Serena's better looking, and since she has the second child thing going on, she'd probably go the extra mile to get the job done for her man
**** Caveman #2: "Both of them make a lotta noise, if you get my drift. Hey now."
LINDSAY DAVENPORT: D-minus Kinda built like Calvin Schraldi.
**** Caveman's #2: "I loved her on the Addams Family."
GABRIELLE SABATINI: B-plus Sorely missed ever since she retired a few years ago ... had that beautiful face, but she kinda walked like Gheorghe Muresan ... rumors of batting from the left side ... you always felt conflicted watching her play because of her posture ... and that walk ... I'm giving her high grades here only because I had a crush on her in high school.
ELENA TATARKOVA — B Lefthanded Russian with killer legs ... also on the Frank Drebin team and the "All-Headlights" team ... her only drawback is that she's kinda built like Sanchez-Vicario in the torso and shoulders ... there's something very "I should be playing on a softball team"-ish about her.
AMELIA MURESMA — F-minus As Austin Powers once said, "She's a man, baby!" ... in fact, Martina Hingis remarked that the French-born Muresma was "half-man" during the 1998 U.S. Open, which infuriated French fans and caused Hingis to get booed all through last year's French Open ... Amelia's just terrifying ... every time she makes the semifinals of a major, she has a "Latrell Sprewell in the NBA Finals" effect on the ratings ... a "Saturday Night Live" skit waiting to happen, ala Janet Reno.
PAM SHRIVER — C-minus Have you seen her lately? She grew her hair out and it's just plain disorienting — much more bizarre than seeing Genesis' makeover on the "Real World Reunion" show. Let's just move on.
MONICA SELES — D Always looks like she hasn't showered in about five days ... used to be much cuter a few years ago, before she was stabbed in the back ... lately she looks like she's been hanging around the buffet table with Billie Jean King ... she might want to consider looser clothing (nothing worse than a top-ranked tennis player with a front-butt) ... on the bright side, she makes an astounding amount of noise ... there isn't a man alive who hasn't mulled her over after one of her yelping forehands.
**** Caveman #1: "You get the feeling her breasts hang down like fire hoses when she doesn't have a bra on.
**** Caveman #2: "Not a good potential date because she would probably eat so much you'd go broke."
MARY CARILLO — D HBO commentator who looks like a cross between the Karate Kid's Mom and Avery Johnson... finally stopped parting her hair in the middle, which is the only thing saving this grade from an "F."
KUTI KIS — C-plus Chunky southpaw who looks like every chick from college with whom you never wanted to hook up until you had four beers ... attractive in a "the color of my hair doesn't match my eyebrows and my grill" kinda way ... can't you see a drunken Patrick Rafter hooking up with her a few times and then avoiding her at every player's function after that?
****Caveman #2 — Looks like she would give you a case of the Kuti Kis.
ANNA KOURNIKOVA — A-plus Described by Frank Deford as the adorable girl from your sixth-grade class that everyone had a crush on... only the entire world is the sixth-grade class. That pretty much says it all. It took awhile but the mainstream media finally realized four words: Guys dig the Kournikova. That's why she's the most marketable athlete in the world right now even though she hasn't won a WTA tournament, well, ever. Maybe the WTA should start fixing matches like the WWF does, just to sneak her in some semifinals. No jury would convict them.
The best thing about Anna K? She's hot and she knows it. You can almost smell the conceit and condescension seeping from her body; that's why every female on the earth hates her, including all of her peers and pretty much every female on the planet. Was there anything more entertaining than hearing sourpusses Carillo, Navratilova and King enviously tearing Anna apart during HBO's Wimbledon coverage last year?
(WRRRRRRRRRAHHHHHHH! Catfight!!! Saucer of milk, table two?)
My favorite thing about Anna K? She makes an honest effort to flirt with the crowd and play up her pseudo-slutty image on and off the court (you just get the feeling that she's the captain of the Go Team, even if she denies it). With a little work and some re-tooling, Anna could turn herself into a combination of Chris Evert, Dennis Rodman, Madonna, and Rebecca Romjin-Stamos. A black market porn film would DEFINITELY help the cause here. I'm not suggesting it, I'm demanding it.
**** Caveman #2: "Puts the "b" into bitch, but we all want to go there, even if the Russian National Hockey team has already violated her crease."
**** Caveman #1: "She's got the best body in sports, without a doubt. She's Russian, so she may know secret KGB sex-torture tricks. And she can probably drink like a fish. She's the total package."
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2018.04.12 16:47 PneumaticPtarmigan Ranking the Top 100 Women's Singles players at Grand Slams since 2000 [OC]

A few weeks ago, I wrote a thing on ranking the top 100 ATP players in Grand Slams in the 21st century. I mentioned then I was going to do a similar thing for the WTA, which I've now finished.
694 players have played in the main draw of a Women's Singles event in a Grand Slam since 2000 (compared to 739 in the mens.)
I was unsure on what ranking system to use, as like the ATP, the WTA rankings have changed significantly over the years with how they allocate points to Slams. In 2018, the WTA assigns points as 2000 (W), 1300 (F), 780 (SF), 430 (QF), 240 (R16), 130 (R32), 70 (R64), 10 (R128).
In the end, I decided to use the same point system as I used for the ATP. It's fairly similar anyway, and doing it this way allows for direct comparison between the two.
Winner - 2000
Final - 1200
Semi-Finals - 720
Quarter-Finals - 360
Round of 16 - 180
Round of 32 - 90
Round of 64 - 45
Round of 128 - 10
Top 100 Players
The top 100 WTA grand slam players of the 21st century, using this points system, are listed below. The number in brackets shows the number of tournaments entered during this time. Note that although a fair number of the players made their debut before 2000, this study only looks at the competitions after 2000.
1: Serena Williams - 61155 (59)
2: Venus Williams - 34255 (66)
3: Maria Sharapova - 27820 (51)
4: Justine Henin - 25970 (33)
5: Kim Clijsters - 20965 (33)
6: Svetlana Kuznetsova - 15365 (60)
7: Lindsay Davenport - 14370 (25)
8: Victoria Azarenka - 14155 (42)
9: Jennifer Capriati - 13040 (19)
10: Amélie Mauresmo - 12985 (36)
11: Elena Dementieva - 11685 (43)
12: Caroline Wozniacki - 11390 (43)
13: Li Na - 11310 (33)
14: Ana Ivanovic - 10510 (48)
15: Angelique Kerber - 10470 (41)
16: Agnieszka Radwańska - 10455 (47)
17: Petra Kvitová - 10110 (38)
18: Jelena Janković - 9610 (57)
19: Francesca Schiavone - 8985 (69)
20: Samantha Stosur - 8835 (57)
21: Martina Hingis - 8425 (17)
22=: Simona Halep - 7760 (31)
22=: Nadia Petrova - 7760 (52)
24: Vera Zvonareva - 7725 (40)
25: Marion Bartoli - 7530 (47)
26: Garbiñe Muguruza - 7435 (21)
27: Dinara Safina - 7355 (33)
28: Flavia Pennetta - 7175 (49)
29: Mary Pierce - 6565 (22)
30: Daniela Hantuchová - 6085 (61)
31: Dominika Cibulková - 5755 (41)
32: Ekaterina Makarova - 5510 (42)
33: Sara Errani - 5400 (40)
34: Patty Schnyder - 5340 (45)
35: Anastasia Myskina - 5230 (27)
36: Lucie Šafářová - 4945 (50)
37: Sloane Stephens - 4860 (24)
38: Carla Suárez Navarro - 4750 (37)
39: Sabine Liscki - 4720 (35)
40: Roberta Vinci - 4360 (52)
41: Madison Keys - 4200 (22)
42: Eugenie Bouchard - 3950 (20)
43: Maria Kirilenko - 3755 (43)
44: Nicole Vaidišová - 3740 (20)
45: Karolína Plíšková - 3700 (23)
46: Zheng Jie - 3585 (40)
47: Ai Sugiyama - 3500 (40)
48=: Monica Seles - 3475 (11)
48=: Conchita Martínez - 3475 (23)
50: Kaia Kanepi - 3470 (38)
51: Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova - 3305 (41)
52: Elena Likhovtseva - 3285 (32)
53=: Timea Bacsinszky - 3275 (30)
53=: Peng Shuai - 3275 (46)
55: Andrea Petkovic - 3125 (33)
56: Tsvetana Pironkova - 3070 (47)
57: Elena Vesnina - 2980 (48)
58: Shahar Pe'er - 2955 (36)
59: Nathalie Dechy - 2930 (39)
60: Coco Vandeweghe - 2905 (29)
61: Jelena Dokic - 2820 (29)
62: Anna Chakvetadze - 2790 (28)
63: Paola Suárez - 2780 (21)
64=: Jeļena Ostapenko - 2760 (11)
64=: Alizé Cornet - 2760 (48)
66: Yanina Wickmayer - 2610 (39)
67: Yaroslava Shvedova - 2555 (36)
68: Virginie Razzano - 2520 (58)
69: Tamarine Tanasugarn - 2510 (47)
70: Silvia Farina Elia - 2425 (23)
71=: Elina Svitolina - 2390 (22)
71=: Barbora Strýcová - 2390 (47)
73: Johanna Konta - 2385 (17)
74: Anabel Medina Garrigues - 2290 (47)
75: Katarina Srebotnik - 2125 (36)
76: Julia Görges - 2115 (40)
77: Lisa Raymond - 2105 (28)
78: Meghann Shaughnessy - 2100 (33)
79=: Chanda Rubin - 2085 (18)
79=: Kirsten Flipkens - 2085 (37)
81=: Magdalena Maleeva - 2030 (24)
81=: Sorana Cîrstea - 2030 (37)
83: Magdaléna Rybáriková - 1965 (38)
84: Gisela Dulko - 1900 (33)
85: Virginia Ruano Pascual - 1875 (35)
86: Tathiana Garbin - 1845 (44)
87: Mirjana Lučić-Baroni - 1840 (37)
88: Alicia Molik - 1780 (35)
89: Varvara Lepchenko - 1700 (38)
90: Kristina Mladenovic - 1680 (29)
91: Arantxa Sánchez Vicario - 1650 (10)
92: Eleni Daniilidou - 1605 (38)
93: Kateryna Bondarenko - 1590 (34)
94: Caroline Garcia - 1575 (24)
95: Fabiola Zuluaga - 1560 (15)
96: Tamira Paszek - 1540 (29)
97: Amanda Coetzer - 1515 (17)
98: Klara Koukalová - 1510 (50)
99: Amy Frazier - 1505 (28)
100=: Barbara Schett - 1490 (21)
100=: Bethanie Mattek Sands - 1490 (40)
Here's a few selected other players positions and points:
104: Anastasija Sevastova - 1440 (20)
117=: Petra Martić - 1220 (25)
119: Belinda Bencic - 1200 (13)
132=: Hsieh Su-wei = 1095 (28)
137=: Mona Barthel - 1085 (28)
148=: Ana Konjuh - 985 (14)
168=: Heather Watson - 845 (28)
171=: Elise Mertens - 840 (5)
176: Monica Puig - 820 (20)
177=: Anna Kournikova - 805 (10)
191: Daria Kasatkina - 740 (10)
197=: Naomi Osaka - 685 (8)
267=: Kimiko Date - 460 (23)
278=: Jennifer Brady - 425 (5)
485=: Martina Navratilova - 55 (2)
The points distribution in the top 10 is really skewed toward Serena Williams, who has almost double the points of Venus in 2nd. 17 players have over 10000 points, compared to 14 in the ATP. A combined top 20 between the ATP and WTA would look like:
1: Federer (66575), 2: S. Williams (61155), 3: Nadal (46855), 4: Djokovic (46025), 5: V. Williams (34255), 6: Murray (27915), 7: Sharapova (27820), 8: Henin (25970), 9: Clijsters (20965), 10: Wawrinka (16065), 11: Hewitt (15720), 12: Roddick (15690), 13: Kuznetsova (15365), 14: Davenport (14370), 15: Azarenka (14155), 16: Agassi (13955), 17: Capriati (13040), 18: Mauresmo (12985), 19: Berdych (12910), 20: Ferrer (12745)
Debut Years
The bit below looks at the highest scoring players from each year of their grand slam debut. The 3 highest scoring players are shown, plus any other player with over 2000 points:
2000: Francesca Schiavone (8985), Shinobu Asagoe (1390), Elena Bovina (1330)
2001: Marion Bartoli (7530), Daniela Hantuchová (6085), Roberta Vinci (4360), Anabel Medina Garrigues (2290)
2002: Svetlana Kuznetsova (15365), Samantha Stosur (8835), Vera Zvonareva (7725), Dinara Safina (7355)
2003: Maria Sharapova (27280), Jelena Janković (9610), Flavia Pennetta (7175), Maria Kirilenko (3755), Barbora Strýcová (2390)
2004: Nicole Vaidišová (3740), Zheng Jie (3585), Peng Shuai (3275), Anna Chakvetadze (2790)
2005: Li Na (11310), Ana Ivanovic (10510), Lucie Šafářová (4945), Shahar Pe'er (2955), Alizé Cornet (2760)
2006: Victoria Azarenka (14155), Agnieszka Radwańska (10455), Kaia Kanepi (3470), Tsvetana Pironkova (3070), Elena Vesnina (2980), Yaroslava Shvedova (2555), Kirsten Flipkens (2085)
2007: Caroline Wozniacki (11390), Angelique Kerber (10470), Dominika Cibulková (5755), Ekaterina Makarova (5510), Sara Errani (5400), Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (3305), Timea Bacsinszky (3275), Andrea Petkovic (3125), Julia Görges (2115)
2008: Petra Kvitová (10110), Carla Suárez Navarro (4750), Sabine Lisicki (4720), Coco Vandeweghe (2905), Yanina Wickmayer (2610), Sorana Cîrstea (2030)
2009: Kristina Mladenovic (1680), Anastasija Sevastova (1440), Petra Martić (1220)
2010: Simona Halep (7760), Shelby Rogers (980), Bojana Jovanovski (885)
2011: Sloane Stephens (4860), Madison Keys (4200), Caroline Garcia (1575)
2012: Garbiñe Muguruza (7435), Karolína Plíšková (3700), Elina Svitolina (2390), Johanna Konta (2385)
2013: Eugenie Bouchard (3950), Yulia Putintseva (995), Monica Puig (820)
2014: Belinda Bencic (1200), Ana Konjuh (985), Zarina Diyas (860)
2015: Jeļena Ostapenko (2760), Daria Kasatkina (740), Denisa Allertová (650)
2016: Elise Mertens (840), Naomi Osaka (685), Ana Bogdan (235)
2017: Jennifer Brady (425), Beatriz Haddad Maia (110), Markéta Vondroušová (110)
2018: Bernarda Pera (90), Marta Kostyuk (90), Jana Fett (45)
Highest Average Points
The next part looks at the 20 players with highest average points per slam appearance in the 21st century.
1: Serena Williams - 1036.5
2: Justine Henin - 787.0
3: Jennifer Capriati - 686.4
4: Kim Clijsters - 635.3
5: Lindsay Davenport - 574.8
6: Maria Sharapova - 545.5
7: Venus Williams - 519.0
8: Martina Hingis - 495.6
9: Amélie Mauresmo - 360.7
10: Garbiñe Muguruza - 354.0
11: Li Na - 342.7
12: Victoria Azarenka - 337.0
13: Monica Seles - 315.9
14: Mary Pierce - 298.4
15: Elena Dementieva - 271.7
16: Petra Kvitová - 266.1
17: Caroline Wozniacki - 264.9
18: Svetlana Kuznetsova - 256.1
19: Angelique Kerber - 255.4
20: Jeļena Ostapenko - 250.9
Most Appearances
The players with the most slam appearances in the 21st century are:
Francesca Schiavone (69), Venus Williams (66), Daniela Hantuchová (61), Svetlana Kuznetsova (60), Serena Williams (59), Virginie Razzano (58), Jelena Janković (57), Samantha Stosur (57), Nadia Petrova (52), Roberta Vinci (52), Maria Sharapova (51), Lucie Šafářová (50), Klara Koukalová (50)
Sorted By Slam
This section shows the top 10 players in each of the slams.
Australian Open: S. Williams (16910), Sharapova (8680), Clijsters (7080), Henin (6155), Azarenka (5810), Li Na (5670), V. Williams (5095), Davenport (4865), Capriati (4730), Hingis (4320)
French Open: S. Williams (9865), Henin (8955), Sharapova (8360), Kuznetsova (6405), Ivanovic (5055), Schiavone (4815), Stosur (4190), Pierce (3660), Capriati (3640), V. Williams (3480)
Wimbledon: S. Williams (18380), V. Williams (1675), Sharapova (6935), Kvitová (5640), Henin (4760), Mauresmo (4710), A. Radwańska (4395), Davenport (4245), Bartoli (4155), Muguruza (3300)
US Open: S. Williams (16000), V. Williams (9205), Clijsters (7830), Henin (6100), Wozniacki (4975), Davenport (4530), Dementieva (4440), Kuznetsova (4400), Sharapova (4385), Pennetta (4325)
As you can see, Serena Williams is the highest rated player at all 4 slams. Serena and Venus Williams, Sharapova, and Henin are the only players in the top 10 for all 4 slams.
14 players are in the top 10 for only one slam, namely:
Australian Open: Li Na, Hingis
French Open: Ivanovic, Schiavone, Stosur, Pierce
Wimbledon: Mauresmo, A. Radwańska, Kvitová, Bartoli, Muguruza
US Open: Dementieva, Wozniacki, Pennetta
The next part shows the total number of players of each nationality. Note that for players who have changed nationality, they are counted as the nationality they represented at their most recent slam appearance.
United States - 105
France - 54
Russia - 48
Australia - 44
Germany - 34
Czech Republic - 33
United Kingdom - 28
Spain - 24
China, Japan - 20
Italy - 19
Slovakia - 18
Croatia, Romania, Ukraine - 16
Canada - 14
Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland - 12
Netherlands - 11
Argentina - 10
Belarus, Poland - 9
Serbia - 8
Bulgaria, Slovenia - 7
Chinese Taipei, Israel, Kazakhstan, South Africa - 5
Sweden - 4
Colombia, Estonia, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Portugal, Thailand - 3
Brazil, Denmark, Greece, India, Latvia, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Venezuela - 2
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Georgia, Madagascar, Morocco, Mexico, Montenegro, New Zealand, Zimbabwe - 1
The top 25 countries by total ranking points are listed below. The top 3 players from each country are listed in brackets, as well as any other player with a total of over 2000 points.
1: United States - 169525 (Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Lindsay Davenport, Jennifer Capriati, Sloane Stephens, Madison Keys, Monica Seles, Coco Vandeweghe, Lisa Raymond, Meghann Shaughnessy, Chanda Rubin)
2: Russia - 116200 (Maria Sharapova, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Elena Dementieva, Nadia Petrova, Vera Zvonareva, Dinara Safina, Ekaterina Makarova, Anastasia Myskina, Maria Kirilenko, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Elena Likhovtseva, Elena Vesnina, Anna Chakvetadze)
3: Belgium - 54255 (Justine Henin, Kim Clijsters, Yanina Wickmayer)
4: France - 52030 (Amélie Mauresmo, Marion Bartoli, Mary Pierce, Nathalie Dechy, Alizé Cornet, Virginie Razzano)
5: Italy - 37030 (Francesca Schiavone, Flavia Pennetta, Sara Errani, Roberta Vinci, Silvia Farina Elia)
6: Czech Republic - 36880 (Petra Kvitová, Lucie Šafářová, Nicole Vaidišová)
7: Germany - 31115 (Angelique Kerber, Sabine Lisicki, Andrea Petkovic, Julia Görges)
8: Spain - 30980 (Garbiñe Muguruza, Carla Suárez Navarro, Conchita Martínez, Anabel Medina Garrigues
9: Australia - 22150 (Samantha Stosur, Jelena Dokic, Alicia Molik)
10: Serbia - 22060 (Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Janković, Bojana Jovanovski)
11: Switzerland - 21240 (Martina Hingis, Patty Schnyder, Timea Bacsinszky)
12: China - 21065 (Li Na, Zheng Jie, Peng Shuai)
13: Slovakia - 17940 (Daniela Hantuchová, Dominika Cibulková, Magdalena Rybáriková)
14: Belarus - 17265 (Victoria Azarenka, Olga Govortsova, Anastasiya Yakimova)
15: Romania - 15075 (Simona Halep, Sorana Cîrstea, Monica Niculescu)
16: Poland - 12075 (Agnieszka Radwańska, Urszula Radwańska, Marta Domachowska)
17: Denmark - 11440 (Caroline Wozniacki, Eva Dyrberg, No third player)
18: Japan - 10035 (Ai Sugiyama, Shinobu Asagoe, Kurumi Nara)
19: Ukraine - 8845 (Elina Svitolina, Kateryna Bondarenko, Alona Bondareko)
20: Croatia - 8265 (Mirjana Lučić-Baroni, Petra Martić, Karolina Šprem)
21: Argentina - 6980 (Paola Suárez, Gisela Dulko, Clarisa Fernández)
22: United Kingdom - 6525 (Johanna Konta, Heather Watson, Elena Baltacha)
23: Canada - 6495 (Eugenie Bouchard, Aleksandra Wozniak, Sonya Jeyaseelan)
24: Austria - 6255 (Tamira Paszek, Barbara Schett, Sybille Bammer)
25: Bulgaria - 6060 (Tsvetana Pironkova, Magdalena Maleeva, Sesil Karatantcheva)
Players who have been the sole representative of their nation:
Mervana Jugić-Salkić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Emma Laine (Finland), Sofia Shapatava (Georgia), Dally Randriantefy (Madagascar), Bahia Mouhtassine (Morocco), Angélica Gavaldón (Mexico), Danka Kovinić (Montenegro), Marina Erakovic (New Zealand), Cara Black (Zimbabwe)
The top 5 players from each continent:
Europe - Maria Sharapova (27820), Justine Henin (25970), Kim Clijsters (20965), Svetlana Kuznetsova (15365), Victoria Azarenka (14155)
North America - Serena Williams (61155), Venus Williams (34255), Lindsay Davenport (14370), Jennifer Capriati (13040), Sloane Stephens (4860)
South America - Paola Suárez (2780), Gisela Dulko (1900), Fabiola Zuluaga, Clarisa Fernández (1090), Rossana de los Ríos (780)
Asia - Li Na (11310), Zheng Jie (3585), Ai Sugiyama (3500), Peng Shuai (3275), Shahar Pe'er (2955)
Africa - Amanda Coetzer (1515), Cara Black (875), Chanelle Scheepers (690) Dally Randriantefy (360), Selima Sfar (320)
Oceania - Samantha Stosur (8835), Jelena Dokic (2820), Alicia Molik (1780), Casey Dellacqua (1350), Jarmila Wolfe (1255)
Thank you for reading my ranking of the Women's Singles events at Grand Slams in the 21st century. Again, here is the equivalent for the Men's Singles that I posted a few weeks ago.
I believe my next project is going to be doing a similar thing for the Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, and maybe eventually the Mixed Doubles. If I'm not bored of tennis by then, I may go back and do the Men's and Women's Singles back to the start of the Open Era.
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2017.06.27 23:14 aussie_woman I don't usually read these articles until the end, but wow Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian are the gold standard of relationship goals

"This is a love story.
It wasn’t seamless, starry eyes at first light. There was a discovery, unexpected and shocking. There were moments of really getting pissed and the standard irritation that comes when one half of the whole kept leaving the suitcase in the hallway. But there were also moments of unplanned intimacy that is the only true kind of intimacy in a love story, soft touches and laughter and absurdity, because you need absurdity in a love story, since love is slightly absurd anyway, a feeling that, like eternity, is indefinable.
Which leads us, on the surface at least, to the seemingly mismatched pairing of 35-year-old Serena Williams and her fiancé, 34-year-old Alexis Ohanian. She is the beyond remarkable tennis player, although all superlatives are pointless. He is in the high cotton of high tech as the co-founder of the Web site Reddit, which has 234 million unique monthly users. They became engaged last December, after first meeting roughly a year and a half earlier, then found out in January that Serena was pregnant. They will be married in the fall after the birth of the baby.
With 23 grand-slam wins on the women’s pro tennis tour spanning nearly three decades—from her first, at 17 years old, in September of 1999, to her latest, at 35, in January of 2017, and the most in the open era—Serena is in the heart of every conversation concerning the best athlete of her time. “If I were a man, then it wouldn’t be any sort of question,” she told me. She may well be right, a society still conditioned to believe that men are better than women in everything except the superfluous.
Alexis, on the other hand, had never seen a tennis match until he met Serena, in May of 2015 in Rome. He knew so little about the game that the photo he excitedly posted on Instagram of her playing her first match in the Italian Open showed her foot faulting.
Serena plays a sport that requires the mental focus of instantaneously letting go of losing points and moving on because there are a lot of excruciating ones no matter how great you are, continual regrouping and re-inventing: dwell on them, you lose confidence; lose confidence and you lose. She is also superbly conditioned, given that a female tennis player may run about three miles in a match without the luxury of coming out of the game because you feel winded or lost too much money gambling with teammates the night before on the charter and would rather mope on the bench.
Alexis’s athletic history amounted to the level of a very gangly defensive tackle for Howard High School in Ellicott City, Maryland, far more interested in science fairs and programming and building Web sites. His skill at tennis is not one of potential; when Serena offered to give him a lesson, he turned it down so he could tell his friends that he once turned down a lesson with Serena Williams.
Serena has been romantically linked in the past to such rappers as Drake and Common. Once, when she and Alexis went to a movie in San Francisco, he got up from his seat to get popcorn, earning the admiration of the kid at the counter.
“Yo, dude, that wasn’t Serena Williams, was it?”
“Come on. Me? Really?”
“You’re right.”
Before we get to how Serena and Alexis actually met, or a better sense of who he really is, or her reaction to the pregnancy and how she told him, it’s probably wise to spend a little time with Serena Williams to give our love story some context.
Let’s just get this out of the way right now: Serena Williams is the best tennis player in history, with an aggregate winning percentage of 85.76 percent and 72 tournaments won on the Women’s Tennis Association tour (including the 23 grand-slam victories in 29 singles finals, not to mention 14 doubles finals with sister Venus). She has earned $84,463,131 in career prize money and nearly twice that in endorsements and appearance fees.
Thirty is the point of no return for most female tennis players, but Serena has only gotten better since, with 10 grand-slam wins and almost running the four-tournament table—the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open—in 2015. She has been ranked No. 1 in the world longer than anyone other than Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova, and is the obvious favorite to win any tournament she chooses to play in.
But then an unforeseen discovery left both Serena and Alexis in shock. Which is perfect for our love story, since a love story without drama is just another story.
It began to unfold roughly a week before the beginning of the Australian Open, in Melbourne, last January, not that anyone would have known. After playing poorly in her first match of the year, in which she felt she had missed too many backhands, she went to the practice court and for two and a half to three hours hit 2,500 of them, by her estimation. If she missed one, she started over. She did roughly the same the next practice day.
But she felt a little different physically. She had unexpectedly thrown up at one point and her breasts had enlarged. She thought it might be hormonal. But her friend Jessica Steindorff immediately suspected something else and suggested a pregnancy test. Serena thought it was ludicrous.
Jessica worked on her for two days until Serena relented, and so Jessica went to a pharmacy and bought a pregnancy kit.
“I’ll take it just because (a) to prove you wrong and (b) because it’s fun, whatever. It’s like a joke. Why not?”
That Friday, as Serena was doing her hair and makeup for an event sponsored by the lingerie company Berlei, where she is a spokesperson for its line of sports bras, she took the test in the bathroom. “I put it down. I went back to finishing hair and makeup, was laughing, talking. I was getting the styling done. An hour and a half later, I went back to the bathroom and I totally forgot about it because it was impossible for me. . . . So I went back to get dressed and I went back in the bathroom and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, that test.’ ”
Jessica shrieked in delight at the results. Serena, as she put it, “did a double take and my heart dropped. Like literally it dropped.
“Oh my God, this can’t be—I’ve got to play a tournament,” said Serena. “How am I going to play the Australian Open? I had planned on winning Wimbledon this year.”
But never underestimate the Serena Stubbornness, as legendary in certain circles as her first serve. Beleaguered Jessica went back to the hotel pharmacy and bought five more test kits to further convince her.
Test No. 2: Positive. Test No. 3: Positive. Test No. 4: Positive. Test No. 5: Positive. Test No. 6: Positive.
Which is an opportune time in our love story to bring in the father and rewind to the moment Serena met Alexis and Alexis met Serena.
MAY 2015
Although in his early 30s, there is something still gushingly boyish about Alexis, six feet five inches and lean, with the moppish hairstyle that college tour guides favor as they extol all the wonders of the campus, including the mail room and the six-shooter cereal dispenser. In his case the corporate offices of Reddit, in the Union Square area of San Francisco, which look oddly unfinished—as if to say, Why be bothered with such trivialities in the hip high-tech culture?—twentysomething savants engrossed by their computer screen with heads slightly hunched, the way people used to look when they were engrossed by books, searching for the next Pied Piperian breakthrough and likely finding it before lunch is served on the second floor from a line of stainless-steel buffet trays winking and nodding with nutritious options.
Alexis was born in Brooklyn and raised in the nationally known planned community of Columbia, Maryland. Reddit’s origins go back to 2004 during his junior year at the University of Virginia, when he took an L.S.A.T. prep exam for law school, got about midway through the first section, and went to the Waffle House on Route 29 in Charlottesville to have waffles. He realized he did not want to be a lawyer, just as he had also realized that his real love was programming and building Web sites. He teamed with Steve Huffman, an engineering major, whom he had met the first day of freshman year.
They came up with the concept for Reddit, a Web site self-described as “the front page of the Internet,” in which users interact and respond to a myriad of topics that interest them. The number of users went up rapidly, and, in 2006, 16 months after launching it, he and Huffman, still in their early 20s, sold the company to Condé Nast (which also publishes this magazine) for a reported $10 to $15 million. The price was a fraction of what Reddit has been estimated to be worth today: $4 billion. Alexis sheepishly admitted that they may have sold the company a little early.
He left Reddit and went to Armenia, where his father’s family is originally from, to do volunteer work. He wrote a book called Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed, and traveled the United States for five months to promote it on a bus that went to 80 universities because he wanted to be on a bus that traveled around the country. He became a leading voice in stopping government intervention in the Internet. He helped invent the travel Web site Hipmunk. Several years ago, he and Huffman returned to Reddit as executive chairman and chief executive officer, respectively, the company once again independent.
Alexis and Serena met the way two people do in the best love stories: by chance. Actually, it runs a little deeper than that because, let’s face it, Alexis was initially considered by Serena and the others she was with to be an irritant they were hoping would just get the hint and go away.
The location was the Cavalieri hotel, in Rome, on May 12, 2015. That night Serena was about to play her first match in the Italian Open. She is not a morning person and usually doesn’t eat breakfast, but the buffet offering at the Cavalieri was beyond extravagant and Jessica was champing at the bit, so they went to try it along with longtime agent Jill Smoller, of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, and Zane Haupt, who handles some business-development opportunities for Serena.
The buffet had closed down five minutes before the group got there, so their only recourse was to go to the pool area and sit at a table for four and order breakfast. Other people on Serena’s team were expected at an adjoining table.
The night before, Alexis had stayed up until one or two in the morning drinking at a café with Kristen Wiig and friends—Wiig was in Rome shooting Zoolander 2, and he knew her cousin, so he introduced himself. He passed out when he got back to the hotel, where he was staying for the Festival of Media Global conference, and was slightly hungover when he came down to breakfast. He too headed out to the pool area. Which is when he decided without thinking about it to sit at the table next to Serena, his only interest to get coffee and food and put on his headphones and work on his laptop. Which struck Serena and the others as a pain in the neck, since Alexis had a choice of other empty tables.
“This big guy comes and he just plops down at the table next to us, and I’m like, ‘Huh! All these tables and he’s sitting here?,’ ” Serena remembered. Alexis recalled that the pool area was “not quite so empty.”
Then came the quintessential Australian accent of Zane Haupt. “Aye, mate! There’s a rat. There’s a rat by your table. You don’t want to sit there.”
Serena started laughing.
“We were trying to get him to move and get out of there,” said Serena. “He kind of refuses and he looks at us. And he’s like, ‘Is there really a rat here?’ ” At which point Serena remembers the first words she ever said to him.
“No, we just don’t want you sitting there. We’re going to use that table.”
“I’m from Brooklyn. I see rats all the time.”
“Oh, you’re not afraid of rats?”
Which is when Serena suggested a compromise and invited Alexis to join them.
Which is when Alexis became “98 percent sure” that the person asking about his rat tolerance was Serena Williams. He knew generally about her accomplishments on the court. But Alexis, an avid pro-football-and-basketball fan, had “never watched a match on television or in real life. It was literally the sport—even if ESPN was announcing tennis updates, I would just zone out. . . . I really had no respect for tennis.”
He did keep this to himself.
Serena asked about the tech conference and whom Alexis had come to hear speak. He later described the question as a “softball lobbed over the plate” that even he could hit out of the park.
“Actually, I’m here to speak.”
Alexis told her about Reddit. Serena knew nothing about it but acted as if she did, and said she had been on it earlier in the morning.
To which Alexis asked, “Oh, were you? What do you like about it?”
To which Serena gave a very long “Wellllll . . . ” and was saved by Jessica and Jill chiming in.
Serena Williams has long been queen of the tennis court, but her success also extends to business, fashion, and philanthropy. Watch the video below to see some of her biggest career achievements.
Serena started asking him about her Web site and if she should have an app. Alexis thought, “This is an interesting, charming, beautiful woman.” But he had just come out of a five-year relationship and was still slightly hungover and “I was not thinking beyond ‘Yeah sure, I can give you some feedback on your Web site.’ ”
Serena thought he was interested in Jessica. But she did give him her number—she later said it was only because she might have more tech-related questions. He was eminently likable, and Jill, after finding out he was a client of WME for his speaking gigs, invited him to the match that night.
Serena had an injury and did not play well but still won. Afterward she and her team got on a van to head back to the hotel. Alexis was on board as well and Serena freaked out a little bit.
“I see this super-tall guy get in our [van], and I was like, ‘Oh my God, Jill. Tell me what’s wrong. Do I have another stalker? Why is Rome sending personal security with me. . . . And she’s like, ‘No, that’s Alexis.’ I remembered his name because it was a unique name. I was like, ‘Oh, I remember.’ ”
After recognizing him, she invited Alexis to join her team for dinner that night. It didn’t work out. But something was in the air, and as our love story continues, there’s only one place to find out just what.
After Serena won the Australian Open, the next big tournament was the second leg of the grand-slam circuit, the French Open, at Roland-Garros, later that month. She texted Alexis that she was bummed that he had not seen her play well in Rome and proposed that maybe he should come to Paris. To Alexis, it was one of those classically inverse L.A.-style invites that are extended because you are sure it will never happen.
But Alexis did come to Paris for the weekend. Not that he had any particular expectations. “Even if she blows me off and we don’t even hang out, I’m still going to have an amazing time in Paris, and I’ll have an even better story for all my childhood friends when I was like, ‘Yeah, I went to Paris for a weekend. I was supposed to meet up with Serena Williams, she blew me off, but I’ve got other friends there, and we had a great time.’ ”
The tournament, which Serena would ultimately win, had not started yet. So Alexis and Serena got into an Uber near Serena’s apartment and drove toward the Eiffel Tower. They stopped at a zoo Serena knew about called La Ménagerie in the Jardin des Plantes, then at a stall selling candies. Serena became excited, like a small child, and Alexis bought her some.
They just walked and roamed, Serena placing her faith in Alexis because he was a tried-and-true traveler, where all you needed was a backpack and the only rules were none. Alexis also sensed that this was not something Serena ever got to do as a worldwide celebrity, so much of her life being about regimen and glamorous scenes where acolytes circled like fireflies. For six hours they walked all over, the magic of the day multiplied by the city’s heartbreak of beauty, which only made it more beautiful.
APRIL 2016
The day of his birthday, April 24, Alexis went to the Carousel Restaurant in Little Armenia in Los Angeles with his grandparents. Serena and he FaceTimed. She was calling to say happy birthday, which might not sound like a big deal but was because she is a Jehovah’s Witness and part of the religion is not to celebrate birthdays. She was doing something she normally would not do, reaching beyond, telling him on the phone how wonderful their lives together had been.
Alexis knew then he wanted to marry her, not simply out of happiness or compatibility. She was helping him become the best version of himself because of her own work ethic and focus, with millions watching and the expectation of the public that she should win every time, what Serena herself described as carrying “three pyramids” on her shoulder. He thought he worked hard—it is part of the romance of high tech that everyone works 18 hours a day and then curls up under the desk for a few hours’ sleep with their laptop as teddy bear and pacifier—but he realized it was nothing compared with Serena.
“I felt like a door had been opened to a person who made me want to be my best self. . . . I find myself just wanting to be better by simply being around her because of the standard she holds.”
Alexis decided he would surprise Serena by proposing to her on December 10 in virtually the same spot he had first met her: the Cavalieri. It was an intricate and tactical plan, several months in the making. Serena was scheduled to play in an exhibition in India, so Jill Smoller talked her into making a stopover on the way back and spending the night at the Cavalieri. Then the exhibition was canceled. There was no reason for Serena to go to Italy. Plus, she was beginning training for the Australian Open, and when Serena gets close to a grand-slam event, practice becomes a personal Hacksaw Ridge—fury, broken rackets, sometimes tears. Now going to Rome?
Alexis scrambled to enlist the help of others. Serena’s executive assistant, Dakota Baynham, secretly packed her bags. Tommy Hilfiger did a major solid by scheduling a meeting at her house in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, to discuss some fashion-related items so she would be there to get picked up for the airport. Jill came to the house and told her that she had to go to Italy because Alexis wanted her there under the guise of a spontaneous trip, much like the one they had taken to Disney World a few weeks earlier.
Serena wasn’t happy. Actually, she was livid. But after she got on the plane, she realized that he was flying her out for only one reason. “I knew it was coming. I was like, ‘Serena, you’re 35, you’re ready. This is what you want.’ ”
Alexis picked the same room they had shared a year earlier, the hotel at his instruction filling it with flowers. He took her downstairs to the same table by the pool area where they had first met. No one else was there, since the hotel, also at his instruction, had cleared everyone else out. He retold the story of how he had met her for the first time at this exact spot two years earlier. On the table was a little plastic rat.
Alexis got on one knee and proposed.
Once Serena knew she was pregnant, she called Alexis and told him he needed to come to Melbourne earlier than planned. She did not give him the reason, but Alexis thought it was likely health-related and immediately got a United flight out of San Francisco. When she saw him, not a word was said.
She handed him a paper bag with the six positive pregnancy tests.
He was as shocked as Serena. But there wasn’t time to dwell. The Australian Open was about to begin, and an immediate medical determination had to be made on what risk there might be in playing. The doctor who examined her thought she was about three or four weeks pregnant—it was almost impossibly hard to tell because the fetus was so small—and said there was no risk whatsoever. When Serena returned to the States and had a subsequent exam, it was discovered that she had actually been more advanced, about seven to eight weeks, but she said she still would have played. There were only five people who knew during the tournament: Alexis, Jessica, Jill, Venus, and the doctor. Not even Serena’s coach knew. Nor did tournament officials.
In her earlier years Serena was all about sheer aggressiveness, playing to the strength of opponents and still beating them. She has gotten more strategic, but her game still pivots on power, a first serve that often clocks in at somewhere around 120 miles an hour and is one of the best ever in tennis. The speed is lethal, but it is complemented by a perfect technique in which she tosses the ball in the air with the same trajectory every serve so her opponent has no idea where she is aiming. Assuming her opponent can even get to the first serve, it often makes for a weak return that enables Serena to finish off a point with short, three- or four-stroke rallies that conserve strength. This obviously helps her endurance and allows her, a great three-set player, to win a match.
The Australian Open presented a new challenge that Serena had never faced before in her career. Because of the pregnancy she did not have the same endurance. She could uncharacteristically feel herself getting tired between points, particularly long ones. If a match went to three sets she knew she would lose, so she was determined to make every match two sets. She also had to deal with the Melbourne heat, which can be vicious on the court in the late afternoon: despite hating playing in the morning, Serena, because she had the option of choosing the match time in the early rounds, played as many as possible at 11 A.M.
You had to win seven matches to win the tournament.
Serena won them all in straight sets.
MAY 2017
It is a typical day in Palm Beach Gardens, the temperature in the mid-80s and enough humidity to get your attention. Serena is on the back patio, curled up on a white outdoor couch trimmed with wicker. There is none of the pouty celebrity I-would-rather-be-doing-anything-other-than-this monosyllabic slouch, nor is every answer punctuated with Sorry-I-have-to-take-this-call. There are a few moments when she pauses and talks to Chip, her beloved teacup Yorkie, who is slightly bigger than her hand, and whom she calls “her son” and clearly means it.
She is now a little more than six months pregnant and showing, which is helping her face the reality that she is having a baby, because “it just doesn’t seem real. I don’t know why. Am I having a baby?
“If you would have told me last year in October or November that I would have a baby, not be pregnant but have a baby, I would have thought you were the biggest liar in the world. This is kind of how I am right now. This is happening sooner than later, and it’s going by so fast.”
If there is no giddiness, there is no panic. Says her friend Diondria Thornton, Serena “loves being pregnant.” But it’s not that simple. “I can also see competition creeping in on her. Is this over yet? I think she’s getting this itch . . . to see her intensity and her workout—‘I have to stay fit. I have to get back on the court.’ Very determined to get back on the court.”
Serena says she will return to the tennis circuit as soon as January because “I don’t think my story is over yet.” She is slowly converting one of the guest rooms of her house into the baby’s room but as of May hadn’t made any further preparations. “I don’t know what to do with a baby. I have nothing. . . . I’ve done absolutely nothing for the baby room.” She is more than busy: the working out, about to launch her own online fashion site, recently named to the board of SurveyMonkey, an online survey platform. She won’t get to the bulk of baby paraphernalia until later in the summer, when moving around will be much harder and she will be, as she puts it, “bored to tears.”
Alexis, of course, is earnestly preparing and already has a tip jar he puts money into whenever he uses profanity so he won’t utter it around the baby. He also wants to make sure that Chip, his future stepson, is psychologically cool with a baby in the house.
Alexis and Serena still try to see each other every weekend in what will be a bi-coastal relationship until marriage. Alexis is looking forward to the marriage. Serena, with tongue floating somewhere in cheek, says, “I’m trying to enjoy the little freedom I have left.” They are largely homebodies when together, cooking with each other—although Serena is very proprietary about her tacos—playing the game Heads Up!, in which player No. 1 calls up a name on their cell-phone screen, places it on forehead, and player No. 2 gives clues to see if player No. 1 gets the right answer before time runs out. There is another version, in which the clues are in the form of impressions, and Serena tries earnestly, even though, according to Alexis, she is frankly terrible, whereas Alexis takes pride in doing some pretty good ones. Alexis is aware that when you are in tech the word “nerd” becomes a suffix next to your name. But he says that Serena is really the nerd, knowing, for example, all the words to the animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender by heart.
Marriages are impossible to predict. Fairy tales become broken tales, love stories turn into stories of love lost, initial euphoria into a wish for marital euthanasia. The trouble with love is that it comes with the guarantee of nothing.
The nature of it is risk, happiness and hurt in the same muscle of the heart. Maybe Serena and Alexis are too different. Maybe she won’t be able to give enough when she is giving to a baby even before the marriage begins. Maybe he will feel he is making too many sacrifices in his spectacular and exciting career to accommodate Serena, since her career is even more spectacular and exciting.
Perhaps the prospect of a continued love story is as realistic as Serena’s insistence that she will return to the pro tennis circuit as soon as January because “I don’t think my story is over yet.” But if she says she will be back in January, she will be back in January. Anyone who has met Serena for more than five seconds knows that.
The marriage? How can it not thrive when the first date was six hours in Paris—with no particular destination—where no matter how crowded the streets and alleyways winding through the city, there was no one else except the two of you.
Now that’s a love story."
.Serena Williams Cover Story
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2017.05.09 22:10 MarlinsBot Game Thread: 5/9 Cardinals (17-14) @ Marlins (13-18) 7:10 PM ET

Cardinals (17-14) @ Marlins (13-18)

First Pitch: 7:10 PM ET at Marlins Park
Pitcher TV Radio
Cardinals Adam Wainwright (2-3, 6.30 ERA) FS-M KMOX 1120
Marlins Dan Straily (1-3, 4.65 ERA) FS-F WZTU 94.9 HD-2, WAQI 710, 940 AM WINZ
MLB Fangraphs Brooks Baseball Reddit Stream IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments Freenode: #reddit-baseball

Line Score - Final

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
STL 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 4 1 6 9 0
MIA 0 0 0 0 1 4 0 0 0 5 6 1

Box Score

C Realmuto 4 1 1 0 0 1 .315 2B Wong 4 1 0 0 1 1 .267
CF Yelich 1 0 0 0 0 1 .276 RF Grichuk 2 0 0 1 0 1 .237
CF Suzuki, I 3 1 1 0 0 1 .186 1B Carpenter 3 0 1 0 1 0 .268
LF Ozuna 3 0 1 0 1 0 .325 3B Gyorko 4 0 1 2 0 0 .333
RF Stanton 2 1 0 0 2 0 .254 C Molina 4 1 1 0 0 0 .255
3B Dietrich 3 2 1 2 0 0 .234 SS Diaz 4 0 0 0 0 0 .250
1B Bour 3 0 1 1 1 0 .222 LF Pham 4 1 2 1 0 1 .450
SS Hechavarria 1 0 0 0 0 0 .277 CF Sierra 3 2 2 0 1 1 .357
SS Riddle 2 0 0 1 0 0 .125 P Wainwright 2 0 0 0 0 1 .308
P Straily 2 0 0 1 0 1 .000 P Cecil 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
P Barraclough 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 P Bowman 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
P Ziegler 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 PH Adams, M 1 1 1 1 0 0 .318
P Ramos, A 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 P Rosenthal 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
PH Telis 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000 PH Fowler 1 0 1 1 0 0 .229
2B Gordon, D 4 0 1 0 0 0 .262 P Oh, S 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Straily 7.0 3 1 1 1 5 92-61 4.03 Wainwright 5.1 4 4 4 3 3 97-54 6.37
Barraclough 0.1 3 4 4 2 0 23-12 3.60 Cecil 0.2 2 1 1 0 1 12-10 4.85
Ziegler 0.2 1 0 0 0 0 7-6 4.50 Bowman 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 9-6 3.45
Ramos, A 1.0 2 1 0 0 0 15-12 3.00 Rosenthal 1.0 0 0 0 1 0 14-8 2.38

Scoring Plays

Inning Event Score
5 Tommy Pham doubles (2) on a sharp line drive to center fielder Ichiro Suzuki. Yadier Molina scores. 0-1
5 Dan Straily out on a sacrifice bunt, first baseman Matt Carpenter to second baseman Kolten Wong. Derek Dietrich scores. Justin Bour to 3rd. 1-1
6 Derek Dietrich doubles (3) on a sharp line drive to right fielder Randal Grichuk. J. T. Realmuto scores. Ichiro Suzuki scores. Giancarlo Stanton to 3rd. 3-1
6 Justin Bour singles on a sharp line drive to right fielder Randal Grichuk. Giancarlo Stanton scores. Derek Dietrich to 3rd. 4-1
6 J. T. Riddle out on a sacrifice fly to center fielder Magneuris Sierra. Derek Dietrich scores. 5-1
8 Matt Adams singles on a fly ball to left fielder Marcell Ozuna. Tommy Pham scores. Magneuris Sierra to 3rd. Matt Adams to 2nd on the throw. 5-2
8 Randal Grichuk out on a sacrifice fly to left fielder Marcell Ozuna. Magneuris Sierra scores. 5-3
8 Jedd Gyorko singles on a ground ball to left fielder Marcell Ozuna. Matt Adams scores. Kolten Wong scores. Matt Carpenter to 2nd. 5-5
9 Dexter Fowler singles on a line drive to right fielder Giancarlo Stanton. Magneuris Sierra scores. 5-6



Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher
Trevor Rosenthal (1-1, 2.38) A.J. Ramos (1-2, 3.0)
Game ended at 10:10 PM EDT.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2014.02.14 16:11 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I was a sound editor on The Big Lebowski, The Wire, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Boys Don't Cry, Generation Kill, Treme, and dozens more. AMA!

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Date: 2014-02-14
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Questions Answers
How much fun was it working on The Big Lebowski? The coens had a tradition of taking the post crew out for a steak dinner on the last night of the mix of the movie. back on hudsucker proxy (i think), one of the brothers was talking to one of the sound editors and somehow, the subject of porridge came up. the sound editor said that he had never eaten porridge before. the coens thought this was a terrible oversight and henceforth, if you wanted your steak dinner, you needed to attend a porridge breakfast on the morning of the first day of the mix. the contract was to ensure that we all understood those terms and would not try to get out of eating porridge. i've worked on three coen brothers films (lebowski, o brother, and the man who wasn't there). as a result, i've had porridge with frances mcdormand and steak with holly hunter.
The coen brothers also give great swag. for lebowski, everyone got a deck of playing cards with the characters on them. the dude was the joker, of course. we also got caps with an embroidered logo for "log jammin'" on the front and "ich bring mein tools" on the back.
Did you meet Peter Kurland while working on this film? I'm curious if he has much/any interaction with the post team. Nope. i wasn't working on the dialog for the coen films so maybe he had some interaction with them but i've never had a location mixer involved in post.
Do you ever hide "Easter eggs" in the films you edit? Yep. sometimes it's the only way to amuse myself. i slipped the wilhelm scream] ([Link to into a scene in treme once. stuff like that.
I don't know who's joke it is. I always pictured the director telling the sound editor "can we get a Wilhelm Scream in there?" But if it's just bored editors pulling a fast one, well, that's even funnier! No, directors don't really express any interest in sneaking the wilhelm scream in. that's a sound editor thing. it's a ben burtt thing, really. it's his fault, i think. he is an avid film sound historian and he noticed the sound being used a lot going back to... oh never mind, let me find the last time i answered this question...
That sound always takes me out of the movie. Instead of thinking about Hobbits or whatever I'm suddenly thinking about sound editors. Do you ever feel like it's unprofessional to put it in? That depends. have you ever heard it in treme?
Sorry to be that guy, but thanks for the answer and link. It's interesting that it was already all over the place before it became a "thing". There are commercial sound effects libraries that are used constantly, if you listen carefully. certain door creaks make me change the channel.
Not that I recall, but I think I've only seen one episode of that and it's been a while. You wouldn't. it's well hidden. my easter eggs aren't for the audience. they're for the sound crew. no one else probably even knows they're there.
That gate opening sound. it's like used everywhere. I searched the net but I couldn't find what I'm talking about. It's like a squeak from a iron gate hinges opening. It's sound ideas. i can't remember the series number now but they have a disc devoted entirely to creaks and squeaks.
Lady on police scanner: seventy three five code six, one oh four north avenue. The doppler horn by: beep beep beep-beep, beep-beep-beep-beep- beeeAAAp...
Is there a good way of finding the library a sound comes from if you're not in the industry? There are certain sound effects that are EVERYWHERE, but I'm not sure what their source is. Only if you are willing to buy them - the ones you hear everywhere are in commercial libraries. google: sound ideas library effects and browse.
Otherwise, is a good source of sounds. i don't use it for paid gigs (that would be wrong and tacky) but i have friends who contribute to it so i've poked around the site and it's useful for weekend editors.
Picture editor here. The Sound Ideas 6000 series has been a tool I have relied heavily upon for years. It has, however, ruined a lot of TV and film for me. I know some of those sounds so well that it breaks the spell for me every time I hear effects I have used time and again in my temps. Sound post prefers to get involved on projects early because whatever the director gets used to hearing during the picture edit usually ends up staying. no matter how bad it is. there is a window (pane glass) break in bringing out the dead when marc anthony is smashing the car windows that still makes me cringe to think of. but who's gonna tell martin scorcese he can't have the sound ideas glass smash he's grown accustomed to?
How awesome is that Josh Ray Person guy from Generation Kill? I heard he is even cooler than "the edge." Ha. he's a total douche. (hi josh)
How come when a character hangs up a cell phone (especially smart phones) there is a beep?? It drives me nuts mobile phones do not beep when you hang them up! You're asking the wrong lady, mister. that never happens on my watch. i also refuse to: use the wrong caliber gun shot because it sounds cooler, the wrong-sized engine for a car to make it beefier, etc. which is probably why my career as a sound effects editor has stalled. i blame my background in documentary. and david simon. his verisimilitude ethics are too deeply engrained in me, now.
You use the same caliber, but how much do you change the original recording? You could compress/EQ it so much that it sounds almost totally different anyway! I'm very confused by your terminology. are you a location mixer? if so, you don't provide editorial with libraries. are you a sound effects recorder? if so, i would absolutely not prefer you to do my work for me.
What are some surprising sounds that have multiple uses? For example, one time in an editing class my teacher brought to our attention that frying bacon and rain are similar and you can one sound for both. Hmmm... the thing is that a lot of sounds in movies are cheated. we don't fry bacon for a rain scene or anything (maybe i will now, just because) but a lot of things just don't sound the way you think they should in reality. plus, movies are trying to make things hyper-real.
The lesson about what you see and what you hear not always being the same hit hardest for me on sense and sensibility. it took two weeks of searching for the perfect quill pen on parchment sound and in the end, it turned out to just be a fingernail on paper. and the youngest dashwood girl has a quick moment in a montage where she is playing in mud with a stick. my finger slapping the top of a quart of cottage cheese.
What has been your favorite movie/show that you've worked on? By the time i'm done with a project, i've seen it anywhere from 20-100 times. not a lot of things hold up. i still watch lebowski and hedwig every once in a while. i've watched the wire 3x post original broadcast. more than wanting to watch a thing again after i'm done with it, i consider a job one of my favorites if i enjoyed working on it, you know? i had a blast being at disney in the big room (built to house the orchestra for fantasia) for mr. 3000, but the movie itself was not at the top of my list. and i loved working on the wire and treme more than i could possibly ever rewatch them. but that's probably because the jobs are over and i'm only remembering the good parts.
This actually responded to my question. So what is your favorite season from wire? Also do you get to meet the actors? I defer from the favorite season discussion. they all have their moments. for story line, probably season three though. i thought the build up of the collision between stringer and avon was masterful writing and acting.
Yes, most of the actors at some point. spent a lot of time with dominic west, working on his accent. he fell in to his brit when mcnulty was drunk or angry (so: often).
What do you think is the greatest misconception about your line of work? That it's glamorous, maybe. either that or the other end of it - that it's technical and not creative. my job is to use sound to help tell the story. i need to know some technical things to accomplish that, but it's still an art form. one that involves many hours in windowless rooms staring at a screen so, not glamorous.
I don't know much about your field, but I can appreciate the fine quality of output that you have produced. I have noticed in my 50+ viewings of The Big Lebowski that in a couple of scenes there is a noticeable difference in volume between The Dude and the one he's talking to. I think what you are referring to though is not really muffling so much of "perspectivizing." it also happens when the dude is reading the ransom letter to himself. his own voice is foreground and the big lebowski is prattling on in the background. i believe the reasoning for this instance and the maude scene is that the sound mix is reflecting the dude's attention focus, which is limited. the other person talking is a background distraction to him, compared to trying to read the letter or make his caucasian.
Awesome. You are now the luckiest person I've ever met. That noise when the cup hits his head always elicits such sympathy pain. You know that movie was pretty much picture locked when we started working but the one thing that kept changing was the amount of time the dude just stares at the chief before he says "i'm sorry, i wasn't listening."
CLINK! It was funny the first time. then they made it like, 10 frames (less than half a second) longer and it was even funnier. then they a shaved a couple frames... still funnier. i forget what they arrived at vs. how long the pause was when they started but i learned a valuable lesson about comedic timing!
Still that's incredibly cool. It's been my favorite movie forever now, I've probably seen it 80+ times, it's my go-to when I'm feeling shitty, or want to laugh a lot. I've got limited run posters for it, toys of it... it's the best. I took a trip to israel after that job and it was playing in a theater in tel aviv. i explained to the theater manager that i worked on it and they gave me two copies of the hebrew poster. it's the dude's face, the rug reflected in his sunglasses, and "the big lebowski" spelled phoenetically in hebrew (rather than translated). then, beneath his face, in hebrew "the dude is a way of life."
I gave one to the brothers in exchange for signing the other one for me. most treasured film poster.
What did you major in at college? Was it sound engineering? Film, radio and television production at nyu. i focused on documentary directing because i was afraid of actors. so now, ironically, i work with actors when they can be at their potentially worst: after the filming is over and they've already been paid and gone on to something else, in a room with a microphone and no camera, being asked to repeat lines they've already said. karma is a bitch.
Having worked in all these movies did you meet any really cool actors or directors? Not just famous actors or directors, but also actors and directors that aren't idiots, or have bad personalities. I've worked with more cool than not cool people, i'm relieved to report. there are assholes, to be sure. and folks i would never work for again if asked to. but for the last ten years or so i've been working with david simon, and that doesn't suck. eric overmyer and george pelecanos, too.
My favorite feature film experience was at the mix for sidney lumet's remake of gloria. not a great film but richard portman mixing, sidney lumet sitting quietly, playing solitaire until portman was ready to show him something. he would just say "i'm ready for you to listen now, sir." and lumet would put his cards down and watch. and before any criticism, he would always give three compliments. it was so civilized.
Any hearing damage from all the sound work? Huh? ahahaha. no really, my ears are fine. i'm careful with them. they pay the bills.
Did you find working on the Wire different from other things you did? What I mean is that the style of that show made it so that 95% of the sounds you heard were coming from dialogue from the people on the screen, as opposed to other shows or movies which have a lot of non-diagetic sound. I'm glad you think that's the case, but it's not. we used a lot of the production sound in the final mix, but there were many other things going on in there too. an average of 30 lines of ADR per episode, plus 30-50 lines of loop group. tons of background works, foley, sound effects. we just didn't have music to hide behind, which means in fact that we had to pay more attention to detail in a lot of ways. we added things in the backgrounds to take the place of music - dogs barking to represent danger (or mcnulty, because he was a dog), sirens and helicopters, shouts from across the street, all of it was justifiable but most of it was added in post and chosen and placed for maximum effect.
What advice would you give to someone who has done studio and live sound, but wants to get a job editing sound in the film industry? Figure out who your connections to that world are and work them. i've worked with a couple of people who left live sound so i know it happens. remember that you might have 10 years experience as a front-of-house mixer but you'll probably have to start as an assistant in post. even if you know pro tools, there's a specific way of doing things and many things you learned with live sound won't apply. it shouldn't take long for a motivated person to move their way up though. good luck!
What is one underrated Pro Tools plugin that you always use that get you the most surprising results when designing sounds? I don't design a lot of sounds. my go to plug-ins are things like vocalign and the izotope rx pack. i need to clean a lot of clicks and bumps out of production track.
I recently was introduced to fab filter and GRM-freeze, which are also handy.
I love playing with altiverb but that's something that gets pulled out at the mix, not the edit.
FabFilter, iZotope, and Altiverb are amazing. I need to check out GRM-Freeze. It's useful in situations where you can't find any room tone at all.
If you were to make your own movie, what would it be about and what crazy underused sound affects would be in there? I have written a few feature-length scripts but i haven't given any thought to the sound work on them. i am about to direct a web series, though. it's about a straight couple that moves to san francisco from pittsburgh and they break off their engagement when she realizes she's gay. it's sort of like "friends" only with more queer people.
I wrote it because i've grown a bit frustrated with popular culture's idea of "diversity" and wanted to see something that had all kinds of characters in it that wasn't just about their differences.
And i'll be so tired by the time i get to the sound edit, i'll be lucky if there are any sound effects in it!
Hi Jen! Thanks for doing this AMA. I'm a newbie sound editor working in NYC. I'd love to hear more about your work on Treme. As a New Orleanian who has been to a number of second lines, I'd imagine you encountered some challenges with production audio for those scenes in particular. Anything you can share about the process of giving the series (and especially second line scenes) a natural feel (like balancing the music with the dia and sfx as the characters move in and out of the second line)? Also, a career related question. How did you begin the transition from editing to working as an SSE? Hey! the production sound was recorded pretty nicely on treme but a lot of things aren't recorded in production no matter how good the recordist is. there are rules about who you see on screen and whether you hear them talk, for example. all the foreground voices were added later in loop group because you pay someone more who is seen and heard than (someone who is just seen) + (someone who is just heard). we recorded layers of crowd in LCR (left center right) to give it more life and individual lines and shouts were recorded in separate passes and then panned throughout the sound field. it feels more immersive for the viewer that way, i think.
Our music editor, blake leyh, presented the music to the mix that was recorded on set and also a few tracks of sweeteners so that when the bass drum passes by on camera, for example, we could pan it past, too.
I supervise for david simon's projects but i still also edit on other jobs. i'm cutting dialog on a movie right now for a different supervisor. supervising is the top of that particular ladder and you just have to put in the time and work your way up to it. i'm at the top of the ladder in david simon's world but in the feature film world, i still have a few more rungs to climb. i have supervised a couple of low low budget movies.
Hi, I'm a huge fan of The Wire. I love the dialogue in the show especially between the characters. From the profanity laced police humor to street slang. One of many things that added to the realism of the show. Question: I believe you were dialogue editor, what did that entail and what was your /(overall show's) approach when it came to the dialogue? Did the sound aspect play a part to this? Thanks! the dialog on the wire came to me that way, mostly. it was more in how it was written, performed, and recorded on set than anything i could have done in the edit. we did do some work after production to change lines, make some things clearer, or fix accents. if you read that other AMA i did on the wire, i cover that pretty thoroughly already.
As for the realism of the show, our philosophy in sound was to approach it as a documentary. not in the sense that we were trying to maintain the original recordings and not alter things cinematically, but we were trying to be subtle with it (reference intended).
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is an amazing film. With the weapons used, what weapon was the most difficult edit? My primary work on crouching tiger in the fight scenes was the fight between michelle yeoh and zhang ziyi. michelle yeoh changed weapons every ten seconds or so, which made the sheer volume of weapons the biggest challenge. i was proudest though of that heavy stick she uses at the end - the one that breaks the stone floor and she can't really control. i created a nice ring out for the green destiny striking it and then pitched the subsequent impacts (i think it was) 1/3rd of an octave up each time. when things ramp up like that, it creates tension. the last strike, which breaks the stick, goes sour.
Oh my good Christ! I've only just been told this AmA by my brother and I do have a ton of questions but I'll try not to be overbearing! What's it like transitioning from film/TV to video games? Good question! video games for me are boring. i'm not a programming, i've only been contracted to provide sound files. mostly i'm covering the interstitial "movies" between levels. it's like animated movies in the way that the visual folks can easily change everything that matters to the sound and not think twice about it. so they would give me a wireframe pass of the characters and tell me that they are wearing leather boots and metal armor, and walking in snow. i would create all of these sounds and put them in sync and then the next pass would come and they'd be wearing cloth and barefoot, in the desert instead. but the sync of the action was exactly the same so to them, there were no changes! it's something i am technically capable of doing but it's not my idea of a good time so i don't go looking for that work. and thanks for the thoughtful questions! i am technically done with this AMA but i had to respond to you because you managed to ask things no one else had. cheers.
As someone who wanted to break into this field (actually, more sound design for games, but just ended up doing it as a hobby) I'm always drawn to the use of incidental music in the Wire - makes it so much more visceral and documentary-style. Was this your idea, or something that David Simon wanted? Hope this hasn't been answered already. Tremendous amount of respect for your field - Hugo. Edit - sorry, I realise this has been answered in your other thread. I'll ask something else then - one of my favourite recent films, Upstream Color, has some very interesting use of Foley work. Have you seen it, and if so do you think it was a bit of overkill? Hey hugo! no this was david's idea. he is very opposed to score. if you compare the wire, generation kill, and treme, even though they are very different projects and sound tracks, the one constant is that there is no score and very little use of music outside of the diegesis.
Just saw this update. no - no idea what upstream color is. sorry.
What movie are you proudest of you work n. they all seem great to me but whats great to you? I worked really hard on crouching tiger and i'm pretty proud of the results. i don't do a lot of big action and most of my editing work has been in the dialog and ADR departments lately so that would be the pinnacle of live action sound effects for me.
Foley artists have always fascinated me. I don't think most people realize how nearly all of the "natural" sound in any given film is completely reproduced after the fact by talented, skilled, zany and creative Foley artists. Were you involved with that process at all in any of the productions you worked on? If not, did you do most of your work before or after the Foley was introduced? The foley supervisor lays it all out in a dummy session for the recordist to work in so the sounds get placed in a mix-friendly fashion. foley supervisors have to make the call to re-record some sounds if, after the foley edit was done, the desired sound wasn't achieved yet.
Did you edit older films using speakers or headphones? Both are an option today as well. i'm not sure i understand the question.
When you have a room to yourself, you can use speakers. when you are sharing a room, you use headphones. people who edit loud sounds (sound effects) usually use speakers. it can get painful working on loud things all day with headphones.
What headphones did you usually use for work? Did and do still use sony mdr v900s. comfortable to wear all day, flat response. a bit dull in the bass but for what i'm doing, they're good.
Have you ever gotten close to a deadline without feeling like you've found a satisfying effect for something? You mention that you found a perfect effect by slapping your finger on cottage cheese. Has a discovery like that ever come in the 11th hour? Everything seems to happen at the 11th hour when it's a low budget job, because there isn't enough time to properly address anything. also, some directors aren't great at expressing what they want so when you get notes like "the car didn't sound blue enough" you just sort of throw up your hands and say "time to start throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what will stick for this one!" that's a bad feeling. when a director wants something specific but doesn't know how to explain it or put in the time to work with you to achieve it and they just get frustrated at the mix because you failed to read minds.
How much of your work is stock sound, and how much is specially comissioned foley? I edit dialog, ADR, sound effects, and foley. depending on the job, i might be doing any combination of those things. foleys are recorded to match specific actions so a foley editor is always editing things recorded to picture.
Sound effects editors work from libraries and will also go out and record additional sounds if they are specialized enough and the budget and schedule allows. for the shows i've supervised, i'm the only member of the sound editing department that usually has a reason to be anywhere near set (and then, only occasionally) so i will take a small digital recorder with me and record ambiances at locations to send back to the sound effects editor to use.
A show like treme couldn't really rely on stock sound libraries for much because new orleans doesn't sound generic. the streets are very damaged, so even using smooth-sounding car bys for the backgrounds of scenes wouldn't work in most cases. the calliopes, the street cars, etc. none of it sounds like new york or los angeles (where most of the city sounds in libraries are recorded). even the trains - when the picture department would cut in a temporary sound effect of a train, they had this nice-sounding train that was obviously traveling at a clip because the horn had a nice doppler to it. but trains in new orleans aren't allowed to go that fast and so they would just never sound the same, either. i had to record most of the backgrounds and sound effects for that show.
How was it writing for Treme? Did you enjoy the writing room experience more than sound work? I'd imagine they are very different worlds... Yeah, very different! sound is the end of the chain practically and writing still happens even then but it's limited to filling specific holes in a scene or clearing something up for the audience that might have not come through as intended when they filmed.
Writing the teleplay still has very specific limitations to it but it's also freer creatively. the story arc for the season was mapped out but also open to mutations and some specific details weren't worked out. in the writers room, we went over what had been written in the previous eps and what needed to happen by the end of the season. i have been writing scripts since film school but i'd never written on-assignment before. and characters i didn't create. it seemed daunting, but david, eric, and george are all great and encouraging and i knew them and the show very well so it wasn't really hard at all to do. and it pays better than sound, too! now i just have to figure out how to make it happen again.
How closely does the sound editing team work with the film editing team? Usually, sound editing doesn't start until picture editing is almost finished. ideally for me, we would be involved for a spurt at the very beginning, while stuff is still being shot, to address major scenes and complicated design moments. and then we wouldn't come back again until picture was locked. i really dislike working on unlocked picture. i want to move forward with editorial, not constantly stop and move everything i've done to match a new picture. it feels wasteful.
In reality, on big movies, someone from the sound crew gets involved at the beginning and stays marginally involved throughout - providing temp sound effects that aren't as temp as the ones that would go in if it was the picture assistant choosing from a commercial library, say... and then as the picture edit proper is happening, more and more of the sound crew will go into full work mode. sometimes big budget films start mixing before the picture is locked. the overlap doesn't mean we're "working together" though. they do their thing, send us the changes, and then we find out what's happening, usually.
Do you still have the playing cars and/or hat from The Big Lebowski? Can you please post pictures of them or other swag? I have the swag, in a box in a basement in the family home. about 3000 miles from where i live now.
Are you interested in attending Lebowski Fest in L.A. at the end of April? First night is at the Wiltern. We (the royal we and all of us Acheivers) would love to listen to you interviewed or just buy you a White Russian. I'm up in SF so it's possible i could visit april in LA. i've always been curious about going to one but the schedules have never lined up. thanks! i'll think about it.
Do you have or have access to the Lebowski sound files? The people making the recently announced Lebowski pinball machine would love to have them I'm sure. Nope. those people should contact the coen brothers. if they bless it, then maybe skip lievsay can resurrect some sound from the vaults.
Did you ever get to work with T-Bone Burnett directly? The man is my hero. How closely do you work with composers and musicians? Sorry, no. the music and the rest of the sound don't really interact until the mix. at least not in my experience. i've heard tell of some instances where the forethought and planning was in place to allow a more organic collaboration between the two departments but... haven't had the pleasure.
Who was your role model growing up? Martina navratilova.
Do you always get to meet the cast of the films on which you work? If so, which cast was your favorite? Also, the Coens rock. The Big Lebowski might be my favorite movie of all time. Keep up the good work. I only have a reason to meet the cast when i am doing ADR (automated dialog replacement). that's when the actors come to a studio after shooting is over to re-record any lines that need to be fixed for whatever reason. i met most everyone in the wire and treme because there were so many scenes with everyone that eventually, almost all of them had to come in to record at least once.
The people i didn't meet on the wire were brother mouzone, cheese (method man was scheduled for ADR once but we were released from waiting anymore after two hours no show), and clay davis. i think those were the only ones who never came in.
You did great work on The Big Lebowski. The sounds were fantastic. Subtle things will make me laugh more than outright jokes. In the scene when Walter is smashing the corvette, Goodman sort of shuffles his feet when he moves to the front of the car, and it's very obvious that you made that more audible. That sound is one of the funniest things. Also, when Bridges bangs on the ceiling of the car when "Lookin Out My Back Door" comes on, is that the actual sound? Or did you pick a different metallic noise? I think i actually did work on both of those scenes! they were both enhanced by foley.
With the academy awards coming up whats the difference in sound editing and sound mixing in movies? There're articles online that can go into greater detail but basically sound editing happens completely after the filming takes place and involves the choosing, creation, and placement of sounds - the majority of which were not recorded on set.
Sound mixing is an award that goes to the location sound mix team and the re-recording mix team combined.
of all I want to thank you for Generation kill! I think I've watched it 6 or 7 times. What was the process of choosing the song for the ending scene? It hits me so hard every time... Thanks! that was a very tough show but very rewarding to do. i got to work with the real marines the story was about and a lot of their voices are the backbone of the backgrounds - the radio calls are all authentic targets, the conversations off screen during down time, it's all the real guys!
As for the song, i believe it was scripted. when the filmmakers know what they want to hear that early, legal steps up to make sure they can actually get it or something else has to be decided on. remember david simon was still working on the wire when he and ed burns wrote the scripts for gen kill and david had used a couple of johnny cash songs in short prez montages as a teacher. i'm guessing he scripted the end of gen kill around the same time, too.
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2014.01.28 06:58 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am the world record swimmer Diana Nyad, ask me anything!

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What is your funniest fart story? Years ago I was awarded my own talk show on CNBC. I signed the contract and WOW was I filled with self-importance that day. I walked around NYC and begged any stranger to listen to my story that I had my very own new talk show. I didn't eat much that day, with all the excitement and contract signing. I got out to JFK airport early evening and ran by a health food kiosk and picked up a bag of dried apricots. At the gate, on the plane, I was like the mayor of this flight. I shook everybody's hand, got everyone's name, and told them all that I was going to have my own talk show and they'd have to watch. I offered people dried apricots, they refused, I was hungry, I ate the whole bag. I was in coach in a last minute seat purchase in the middle of the rows with 5 seats. I don't usually tell stories like this, but since you asked...half hour after the flight takes off, large billowing emanations of gas start filling my jeans. The people next to me are wafting their magazines. Everyone in the rows close by me, wants to get up and get away from me. The flight is full, the flight attendants won't allow people to stand int he back. They urge people to get back to their seats. I tried to pretend it was other people. I looked at the man in front of me and raised my hands as if he was doing it. For six hours of that interminable flight from NY to LA, I filled that cabin with dried apricot farts. You have never seen a group of people move so fast to get off an airplane as when that landed. The lesson of this story is, if you get your own talk show don't feel so darn important about it.
As someone much younger than you who can't swim more than the length of a pool for the life of me, I think what you did is really impressive. As for the critics, shortly after the swim last labor day there were some legitimate people from the legitimate marathon swimming community who had every right to vet my accomplishment. Any world class record should be researched and questioned. My team and I answered in a three-hour, 33 minute phone call with those people, every question small and large they had. Our navigator, John Bartlett, took them through mile by mile all the winds, all the currents, every inch of that swim from the Cuba shore to the Florida Shore. My head handler, Bonnie Stoll, explained to them how we fed, how we protected ourselves against the deadly box Jellyfish, how our shark team kept me safe. In the end, we proved without a shadow of a doubt that I swam without any assistance whatsoever from shore to shore.
Anyway, what would you say to the people who claim that you faked or cheated on your swim from Cuba to Florida? Now, the internet is a big wide world and there are still people, I supposed, out there with their opinions questioning validity of the swim. But trust me, in the circles where it matters, and of course the 44 people on my team who witnessed and were part of this history, know the truth. We had reverence for this record and we did it fair and square.
Before the swims, did you spend very much time in cuba? I have seen most of the world at this point and Cuba stands out as one of my favorite places on earth. I'm not the only one who has remarked that this tiny, impoverished island has produced an astounding number of artists, musicians, doctors, athletes and interesting figures. The Cubans are very poor, poorer than ever these days, yet you will never see a homeless person in Havana. They take care of each other. They dance, they smile, and even though I would venture to say most Cubans will speak outright today that they would like change. They would like cooking oil, Tylenol, asthma medicine for their children, and they have faith that those changes are coming. They adore their country and their culture.
Any interesting stories? I went there first in 1978 on my first attempt to swim across, but I've been back many many times having nothing to do with swimming. I've made many friends and I so look forward to the day when our borders open and we can go there freely and they can come visit us in the States freely too. I was there once for National Public Radio and I needed someone to speak some English for my story. I saw a dapper man on the corner, I asked him if he could speak English and he said "yes, a little bit." Well do me a favor, as a Cuban you probably know the iconic American cars of the 1950's and he said "well, yes of course. I am Cuban. I know the cars!" Okay, do me a favor, take the microphone and as you see them coming down the avenue, give me a description. In his beautiful accent he began: "As you can see, here is coming now, the Ford Fairlane from 1954, you will see the ornamentation in the hood is from the early months of 54, not the late. Now, coming is the Cadillac Seville. This car is the dream of every Cubano. This one, you will see the piping on the interior of the leather bucket seats. This car is a treasure among all the American cars." And this guy with his wonderful accent and captivating personality, described about 12 cars, the detail, the color, everything about them. Being in Havana is to be in a moving car museum. Have a nice day.
It's a story that exemplifies just how delightful Cubans are.
What motivated you to complete your epic swim, even after several tries and (if I recall correctly) claiming you wouldn't try again at least once? If Susie Maroney hadn't already completed the swim with a shark cage, would you have used one? Listen, I have high regard for Susie Marony. Terrific Australian swimmer, terrific person. But the point about a shark cage, which non marathon swimmers don't understand, is that any heavy structure like that moving forward at even a slow pace of under 2 miles per hour. Causes swirling eddies to form along the side of the cage and as the cage moves forward, those eddies sweep around the back of the cage and start pushing the cage forward. So anyone swimming in a hard shell cage or jelly fish nettings, are going to get a push from the back at least twice than their swimming speed, sometimes three times faster. The reason why my swim is called, "The First Person to Swim from Cuba to Florida without a Shark Cage" isn't really to make the point that our team was willing to take the risk of being attacked by a shark out there, though that risk was certainly in play. The reason we qualified this swim as without a shark cage is because we had no assistance in moving forward faster than my own ability. I just didn't want an asterisk next to my name on this record and a shark cage would have required that asterisk.
You are an inspiration to athletes everywhere. As a marathon runner, I've always had to find myself overcoming a "wall". For you, what was the point that you felt you reached your limit? Did the swim every feel hopeless and unreachable? Like you, all endurance athletes of course hit walls. By definition, mountain climbers, marathon runners, we all know that these events are filled with peaks and valleys. The disparate valleys would always seem to come around the 40 hour mark and those valleys seems to be more mental than physical. I couldn't concentrate anymore. I couldn't remember who I was, what I was doing, why I was suffering. When you feel reality slipping out of your grasp, it's not fun. You're set in stone determination starts to wane because you're not able to keep the perspective of how far you've gone, why you're feeling this way, what you have to keep yourself together to keep going. I wouldn't say that I ever wanted to quit. I don't think I ever said those words to Bonnie, my head handler. But I certainly was in trouble this last successful cuba swim on the second night. So again, I had been going 38-40 hours and I was just hanging on by a thread. It's not that my muscles weren't strong anymore. They were. But, my brain wasn't calculating what was going on anymore. I was in the midst of some hypothermia and I think I was just plain sleep deprived. So, just like a boxer in the corner who's been flattened out on his back and somehow made it through the round and is now foggy brained, his corner man has to judge by his eyes, by his responses, if he's capable to get back up again for the next round and Bonnie is the person that I trust on my boat when I'm losing the thread like that to decide if I'm in danger of losing some brain function permanently, or if I've got something left, and she'll be able to coax me for a few more strokes, and a few more miles. And all of a sudden you're not in that valley anymore, you're climbing up toward that peak and feeling good again.
Diana, thank you so much for swinging by here today. You are an inspiration! James Pipkin speaks towards your ability to disassociate during your marathon swims. Can you describe the mental process you undergo in your own words? Also, what do you think about when you are swimming these incredible distances? The brain phases in and out of two processes during these ultra marathon swims, anything over forty hours. On one hand, there's a concrete focus directed by your will to somehow keep your mind occupied, counting, singing, tripping out on the meaning of the universe. All that is somewhat pleasant and you're under control. But, you can't help in this severe state of sensory deprivation, eyes fogged over, ears covered with several layers of swim caps, of dissociating from reality. You see things that just aren't there, you think things are happening that just can't be happening. I thought in Argentina, back in my 20s in a long swim along the coast there, that a flock of seagulls were dive bombing my head, piercing my forehead with their beaks. I reached up and felt the blood, the gashes, but the truth is, there were no birds, there were no gashes. I found out that I had been hallucinating. So sometimes your mind is in a uniquely happy place to be out there in that vast blue ocean with nothing but your own thoughts. Sometimes, to lose control of your will-power is frightening and that's where your team on the boat, your handlers, help you snap back to reality.
Do you like Superman or Aquaman? AQUAWOMAN.
What do you consider your proudest accomplishment outside of swimming? When I die (not that I would be buried in an old style cemetery) the reading on the headstone I would want is, "You've never known a friend as loyal and as steadfast as Diana Nyad." The friends in my life stand up and make toasts on birthdays and holidays and say to the crowd, "You don't know what a friend is until you've known what a friend Diana is." And honestly, I don't know that I'm prouder of anything I've ever done than the way I've conducted myself with the closest people in my life.
Your story is remarkable. What is it inside of you that had pushed you to the point where you were able to continue to pursue the Cuba to Florida swim? What is it that you felt inside that force, that strive? How do you mentally prepare for something so historic? What exactly did you feel the moment you came out of the water in Florida after your historic swim? Flat out I didn't want to be a person who gave up. I didn't want to be timid, afraid. I wanted to be bold. Honestly, of course the destination was the dream. To get there. To get to that other shore. But during training, all of 2013, all that really moved me was being bold and not giving up on the pursuit itself: The journey.
What's funny is, during so many of the grueling long hours of training, I had imagined just what I would say when I finally, after 35 years of envisioning it, got to that Florida shore. But then, it didn't happen that way. I never expected thousands of people and their emotions and their energy. People were crying. People were screaming out. This meant a lot to them. This wasn't an endurance record, a sports moment, this was a life moment and they felt it and I felt it. I was pretty much dazed when I walked up on that beach to that particular reception. So, it turns out I did say a could of things starting with, "Never, ever give up" and then, "You're never to old to chase your dreams" and third, "It looks like solitary sport, but believe me it's a team." But the truth is, I didn't have those things in my mind at all when I got to the beach. I think what was happening at that moment was that my heart was filled with pride, that I never let go of the dream no matter how difficult it was, how crushing the failures were, and my team stayed with me through all those years to finally have our moment in the sun.
You are an inspiration to many. Who have been role models for you, now and when you were younger, and why? I think every interview I have seen with a well known person includes the question, who do you admire? And of course, especially as a sports journalist there are people whose discipline and talents I admire tremendously. Martina Navratilova is one, Peyton Manning is another. But really the people I admire in life aren't famous or wealthy. The people I admire are the ones who engage in their communities who have a sense of right and wrong. Many stories have been written about a Mexican woman who was sick and tired of the drug cartel making her village a frightening place to live. The mayor had been killed in the drug war and this young mother took over! She put a barricade around the town, not allowing anyone who didn't live there to come in after dark. In the end she was killed too. But for some period of time, this brave young woman stood up and made her community safer.
I don't think enough attention has been given to the fact that you trained for 4 years for Cuba to Florida and I never knew of youb taking off any time for injuries or illness. Are you really that healthy? It is amazing. When I got back to training for this modern era version of the Cuba swim, I literally had not swum a stroke in 30 years. From age 30 to 60. I had been in what you call superlative shape, but I was no longer a swimmer. And swimming doesn't really translate to other exercises and sports so wow, those first few months were hell on the shoulders. I saw one orthopedist who told me my biceps tendon in the left shoulder was shredded. I didn't like his diagnosis, so I went to somebody else. Second guy says the same thing and says there is no way you are going to even training much less the big swim itself. So I went to a third person to try and get an answer I liked better than these guys. The third person said that with a lot of ice and a lot of physical therapy, I just might scoot around having to have surgery. My car, my bedroom, my kitchen, my TV room, my office, became cryogenics labs. I had ice packs of every shape, every description everywhere. If I wasn't swimming I had ice bags packed on my shoulders. Ice, the miracle drug. So, yes, the first three years of these four years, 2010 through this past year of training and attempting Cuba, were very tough on the shoulders. I think just by not making it those three long swims and all the training, by the time i got to 2013, the shoulders were like Superwoman. I felt like I could walk through a brick wall, but I was worried to the point of paranoid a few times. 2010, 2011, 2012 because of the incredible strain on the shoulders. I also ruptured the biceps down near the elbow in 2011. My whole biceps bruised up in a giant swelling mass. That of course freaked me out, but the top physical therapist in Los Angeles, Karen Joubert, convinced me that some ice and some rest and a little bit of manipulation would get me through that, and it did.
Would you consider yourself a humble person? When I was younger, and maybe this is true of most young people, I was very black and white. These days, I live in more shades of grey. On the one hand, there's power in being confident. I've noticed that women often say to me that they found it so refreshing that I expressed my confidence and my courage even on a talk show or in an interview. They need to think highly of themselves and there's nothing wrong with knowing how capable you are. But lets face it, the universe is bigger than any one of us, the ocean is certainly more powerful than I am. There are people who are more intelligent, more accomplished than I am. So it would be ridiculous of me, along with being confident, not also to be humble and know that I certainly have a lot to learn.
Tyr or Speedo? TYR.
How do you cope with or accept death? I'm not so concerned with death as I am with living a good life before death comes around. Even as a child I remember feeling the anxiety of the days passing too quickly. Death is inevitable. We're lucky if we don't suffer. We're lucky if we don't die too young. But what's the point, unless of course you're facing a fatal cancer or you've undergone some terrible accident and death truly is imminent. But as an abstract, the point of life is not to contemplate death. The point is to make these fleeting days teem with quality. My goal is to get to the end of this life with no regrets.
Are you proud of the sacrifices you made in your lifetime? I've been very lucky and traveled all the world. Spent time in tribal villages in Borneo, lived in Paris, swam with whales in Antarctica, and I find in the end that most people share the same simple values. We want to feel we're part of our community.We want to give love and take love. We want to eat and dance and be happy. And then, I do believe it's part of the human condition to tap our potential. People need to feel that they have talents and that people appreciate their talents. So, I have made sacrifices. I'm not going to compare them to other people in war for example. People who are truly destitute for example. I've been very privileged and very comfortable through most of my life. But the discipline, for instance giving up pretty much a normal childhood of elementary, junior high and high school because I wanted to be a champion swimmer, has been much more rewarding (for me anyway) than just sitting around and hanging out. I see children who are bored, who really have nothing more than their electronic gadgets to play with, who aren't out in nature, who aren't building communities of friendship and don't have goals, and I see them depressed. What a horrible thing to see a nine-year-old down and depressed because all he does is hang out. So i think sacrifices, however you want to categorize them, giving up a little bit of comfort, having a vision and deciding you're going to pursue that vision and sacrifice the comforts of life is the stuff of inspiration. Sacrifice is a good thing to a degree.
My teacher talked about you before, you're an inspiration! Would you ever plan to do something bigger than what you have accomplished? Every day, someone who doesn't know me asks excitedly "What's next? What's your next swim? It was so exciting following that tracker as you swam across from Cuba." Well, I realized that and there's a part of me who wants to feel that adrenaline surge again too. But, that swim wasn't just a couple of days for me, it was years. It would be so disingenuous of me to conjure up some other ocean dream. It was always Cuba, nothing but Cuba, and now, my task is to live that kind of adrenaline, to continue to tap my potential in the same sort of intense, bold way that I went about Cuba. So I'm writing a book. I want it to be a moving memoir, hopefully inspiring to people. I will continue to do the swims in New York City to raise money for various charities. And I have a big idea, an idea of an epic event for 2016...but that's a secret for the moment.
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2013.08.16 05:37 OverlyApologeticGuy [Activity] TV Guide's Ultimate Friends Quiz!

I was on TV Guide, and noticed they had a FRIENDS quiz. Being a huge Friends fan and now owning the entire series, I wanted to try it! :D
I got 7 right... Not bad I guess.
How about you?
QUESTION 1: What football game was on during Nana's funeral?
  • New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • New York Jets vs. New England Patriots
  • New York Giants vs. New York Jets
  • New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles
QUESTION 2: Rachel and Monica play Rock Paper Scissors for the last prophylactic. How did Rachel win?
  • Scissors over paper
  • Paper over rock
  • Rock over scissors
  • Fire over everything
QUESTION 3: What are the names of Joey's sisters?
  • Gina, Dina, Maria, Angelica, Mary Angela, Mary Therese, Angelina
  • Gina, Dina, Tina, Mary Angela, Mary Therese, Cookie, Valentina
  • Gina, Dina, Tina, Mary Angela, Mary Therese, Cookie, Veronica
  • Gina, Dina, Mary Angela, Mary Therese, Adrianna, Gloria, Cookie
QUESTION 4: How much money did Joey make when he waitered at Monica's restaurant?
  • $327
  • $398
  • $530
  • $565
QUESTION 5: Which tennis player did Chandler call Monica when they played against Chandler's boss Doug and his wife Kara?
  • Steffi Graf
  • Monica Seles
  • Billie Jean King
  • Martina Navratilova
QUESTION 6: What is the order of Rachel's trifle in Season 6's Thanksgiving episode?
  • ladyfingers, custard, raspberries, more ladyfingers, jam, beef sauteed with peas and onions, bananas, more custard, whipped cream
  • ladyfingers, jam, custard, raspberries, more ladyfingers, beef sauteed with peas and onions, more custard, bananas, whipped cream
  • ladyfingers, raspberries, custard, bananas, more ladyfingers, beef sauteed with peas and onions, more custard, jam, whipped cream
  • ladyfingers, bananas, custard, jam, more ladyfingers, beef sauteed with peas and onions, raspberries, more custard, whipped cream
QUESTION 7: Who was Mark Lynn?
  • One of the guys Rachel slept with on the first date
  • One of the guys Rachel names when Ross asks for her list of sexual partners
  • The guy who wouldn't go out with Rachel after Ross and Will said she was a hermaphrodite
  • The guy Rachel kissed during Spin the Bottle in ninth grade even though the bottle was pointing at Monica
QUESTION 8: What does Phoebe mouth to God when she meets Will in Season 8's Thanksgiving episode?
  • Thank you.
  • Well done.
  • Good job.
  • Perfect.
QUESTION 9: How many karats was David's engagement ring to Phoebe?
  • 1/50th
  • 1/60th
  • 1/70th
  • 1/80th
QUESTION 10: Where was Ross and Chandler's band Way No Way scheduled to play when Ross was putting up flyers at school in 1987?
  • The common room
  • The Jewish Student Association
  • The Asian Student Union
  • The Career Services Fair
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2013.06.27 16:34 dropshot At 42 years of age, Kimiko Date-Krumm becomes the oldest woman to reach the third round of a Slam in the Open era

These days, for Kimiko Date-Krumm to get to later rounds, she needs a bit of luck. In the first round, she played Carina Witthoft ranked somewhere in the 700s who went through qualies and wasn't ready to handle Date-Krumm's aggressive returns.
Her opponent in the second round was Alexandra Cadantu of Romania, age 23, ranked 87 in the world and just 3 spots behind Date-Krumm in the rankings. Cadantu had upset Paszek in the first round who was the 28th seed.
Unlike Witthoft, who struggled to keep the ball in play, Cadantu did a much better job returning and staying in rallies with Date-Krumm. Where a typical rally in her first round went 4-5 shots, many rallies went 10 shots. Cadantu hits an accurate ball and moves side to side, but somehow, Date-Krumm stayed close despite her penchant for unforced errors.
It didn't hurt that Cadantu doesn't have a huge serve or the biggest groundstrokes. Date-Krumm tried to come to net when it made sense, typically on down the line drives to the Cadantu backhand. She got a late break in the first set to take it 6-4.
Date-Krumm had more chances to break in the second having her down 15-40 before she made several errors and did not break. Date-Krumm then broke for a 5-4 lead, but was broken back to 5-all. Date-Krumm played another solid return game to break to 6-5, and finally had a nice serve game to win 7-5.
The downside is she has to play Serena, and so basically, that's probably it for Date-Krumm. Date-Krumm has yet to face as big a serve as Serena or her return. Date-Krumm hits serves around 85 mph which is significantly slower than Serena.
Date-Krumm has played a Williams sister at Wimbledon before. Back in 2011, Date-Krumm pushed Venus to a late third set, losing 6-7, 6-3, 8-6. Of course, Venus (esp. in the last few years) is not her sister, so to expect such a close score would require a bit of help from Serena or for Date-Krumm to return exceptionally well.
The oldest woman to win one round is Martina Navratilova, at age 47. Date-Krumm has been playing tennis in her second career since 2008 which means she is in her fifth year of play. Her original career was between 1989-1996 which is 7 years of play (she retired early), so she's nearly matched the number of years of play in her first go around. Pam Shriver noted in that she lost to Date-Krumm 3 times (though by 1990, Shriver was past her prime). She did say that her loss did open up opportunities to do television broadcasts (as sometimes early losers are invited to do commentary).
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Martina Navratilova - Fitness and Conditioning Martina Navratilova , Julia Lemigova marriage moments ... Navratilova proposes to girlfriend during US Open - YouTube Tennis star Martina Navratilova marries partner Julia ... Chris Evert Armwrestles Martina Navratilova - YouTube Martina Navratilova, Jamie Murray, John McEnroe and Kim ... Navratilova meets Evert: Friendly foes reunite - YouTube Martina Navratilova - girlfriend Julia Lemigova engagement ... Navratilova - Lemigova

Martina Navratilova's girlfriend (ex) Toni Layton ...

  1. Martina Navratilova - Fitness and Conditioning
  2. Martina Navratilova , Julia Lemigova marriage moments ...
  3. Navratilova proposes to girlfriend during US Open - YouTube
  4. Tennis star Martina Navratilova marries partner Julia ...
  5. Chris Evert Armwrestles Martina Navratilova - YouTube
  6. Martina Navratilova, Jamie Murray, John McEnroe and Kim ...
  7. Navratilova meets Evert: Friendly foes reunite - YouTube
  8. Martina Navratilova - girlfriend Julia Lemigova engagement ...
  9. Navratilova - Lemigova

Martina Navratilova - girlfriend Julia Lemigova engagement - Duration: 2:11. vyganews com 90,727 views. 2:11. Top 5 Lesbians In Sport - Duration: 2:01. TRACE Sport Stars Recommended for you. Martina's still got it... Martina Navratilova to marry long-term partner Julia Lemigova after ... 7, 2014 Martina Navratilova to marry long-term partner Julia Lemi... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Tennis greats Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova share their views on the players hoping to take top billing in the women's game. Tennis star Martina Navratilova proposed to her girlfriend on the big screen of Arthur Ashe Stadium between the U.S. Open men's semifinals on Saturday. Navra... Martina Navratilova married partner Julia Lemigova in New York City yesterday, the tennis icon sharing her updated relationship status with BBC News just mom... Martina Navratilova, International Tennis Hall of Fame Induction, ... Navratilova proposes to girlfriend during US Open - Duration: 1:46. Zoomin Local Heroes 70,188 views. 1:46. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations...