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[SPOILERS EXTENDED] Thoughts on the desertification of Essos

2020.05.17 23:01 Pearl_the_5th [SPOILERS EXTENDED] Thoughts on the desertification of Essos

While researching for other theories I started looking at these maps a lot and eventually noticed there's quite a few dry/drying patches in Essos, and just wanted to share my tinfoily thoughts on them.
The Silver Sea
The legendary Fisher Queens, who once ruled over the sea and adjoining lands (possibly including the Kingdom of the Ifequevron), lived on floating structures that constantly moved across the water, which brings to mind the Reeds of Greywater Watch, and begs the question if the former are ancestors of the latter. Reading between the lines of the legend that the last Fisher Queen birthed Sarnori ancestor Huzhor Amai, I'm guessing they were conquered by invaders, with some of the survivors staying and assimilating while the rest migrated west. The Green Queen of the rainwood, so close to what was once the inland Sea of Dorne, and her fellow woods witch the Ghost of High Heart, so close to the Gods Eye, could be further proof of the link between the Fisher Queens and the CotF, and the importance of large inland bodies of water to their society.
I wondered if the Fisher Queens played some sort of role in the reduction of the sea into three lakes along with the "diminishing rainfall over the centuries" (TWOIAF Beyond the Free Cities: The Grasslands), but I doubt it, especially since this is likely not the only place the Sarnori helped desiccate.
The Red Waste and the Poison Sea
It's hard to believe "Sarnor survived the Valyrian expansion thanks to the great plain that separated one from the other" (TWOIAF Ancient History: Valyria’s Children). The Targs flew around Westeros all the time and Jaenara Belaerys explored Sothoryos for over a year on dragonback, but no Valyrian dragon cavalry (Dracavalry? Dragoon?) could fly over a couple hundred leagues of grass? What makes this excuse even more questionable is the existence of Essaria, a Freehold colony close to Sarnath. The Valyrians could've easily flown north to there, then made east for the Sarnori capital. The only reason I can think of why they didn't do that is because they were already there.
Originally called Sarnath of the Tall Towers, its current name in Dothraki means City of Worms. Now this is a stretch, but due to its close proximity to a Valyrian colony (now conveniently destroyed) and the known alliance between the Valyrian Freehold and the Kingdom of Sarnor during at least three of the five Ghiscari Wars, I think Valyria had a significant influence and presence in Sarnor, with Sarnath being a hybrid city born from both cultures. Its tall towers could be kin to the Valyrian topless towers, and those worms the Dothraki named its ruins after firewyrms, possibly being studied and experimented on by Sarnori scholars and sorcerers. Perhaps another theory for the Silver Sea's shrinkage could be wyrms made to withstand water and the cold bored through its basin, making it drain out into caverns of their own making. With this strong Valyrian-Sarnori connection in mind, the mysteries around the Qaathi and the Red Waste clear a little.
The Sarnori supposedly forced the Qaathi south, which "proved more inhospitable than those the Qaathi had vacated, turning to desert even as they established their foothold there." This is strange, since the neighbouring region of Lhazar has managed to maintain three cities and is still so fit for pasture its entire culture is built around shepherding. Stranger still is the Sand Road: while the Steel and Stone Roads roughly run laterally, whoever built the Sand Road felt the need to turn it south instead of heading for Vaes Tolorro. If the Qaathi migrated north to south, surely Vaes Tolorro was founded before Qarth, so what stopped the Sand Road builders going straight ahead?
The rivers they crossed were dry as dead men's bones. Their mounts subsisted on the tough brown devilgrass that grew in clumps at the base of rocks and dead trees...He had passed the bones of a dragon, he swore, so immense that he had ridden his horse through its great black jaws. ACOK Daenerys I
I think the Poison Sea was once connected to the Jade Sea by a river, the Sand Road being built along its south-eastern bank. Along its west bank was a forest that reached as far west as Port Yhos and as far north as Kosrak. The Qaathi chopped away at the forest as they moved south and the Valyrians burnt what was left, though the Qaathi managed to bring down at least one dragon (perhaps the City of Scorpions was named after the weapon, not the animal). With the trees went the water, which is also what happened to Meereen:
The cedars that had once grown tall along the coast grew no more, felled by the axes of the Old Empire or consumed by dragonfire when Ghis made war against Valyria. Once the trees had gone, the soil baked beneath the hot sun and blew away in thick red clouds. ADWD Daenerys III
Yet Meereen still has the Skahazadhan, slow and polluted as it is, and Dorne has a fair few rivers, so why is the Red Waste more hot and barren than them? My guess is that the Red Waste lacks the humidity Meereen gets from Slaver's Bay and Dorne gets from the surrounding seas, the Jade Gates being nowhere near enough to make up for the deforestation and dragonfire.
The Great Sand Sea and the Shrinking Sea
The Great Sand Sea, like the Gobi Desert, is a rain shadow. This means the prevailing wind of southern Essos is westerly, which would explain the Dornish desert, since it's on similar latitudes and would be on the leeward side of the Red Mountains.
The desiccation of the Great Sand Sea occurred during The Dry Times. Since the Dry Times brought an end to the Patrimony of Hyrkoon, it might have happened around the same time as the forming of the Red Waste, since the Patrimony of Hyrkoon must've been founded after the Long Night due to being named after an alias of Azor Ahai, and it would've needed time to form, flourish and fade, just like the Qaathi would've needed time to migrate south, chop down the forest and build their cities. Perhaps the forming of the Red Waste caused the southern Bone Mountains to become the Dry Bones, which in turn created the Great Sand Sea.
But what about the Shrinking Sea? It's a bit too far away to be affected by the Red Waste, right in the middle of what must be the disputed border of the Jogos Nhai Plains and Yi Ti.
Deep snows crown the northern Bones, whilst sandstorms oft scour the peaks and valleys of their southern sisters, carving them into strange shapes. In the long leagues between, thundering rivers roar through deep canyons, and small caves open onto vast caverns and sunless seas. Yet however inimical the Bones might seem to those who do not know them, they have been home to men and stranger things over the centuries. TWOIAF The Bones and Beyond
The mounts of the Jogos Nhai are smaller than the fiery steeds of the Dothraki, for the plains east of the Bones are drier and less fertile than the Dothraki sea, their grasses sparser, offering meager sustenance to horses....Before the Dry Times and the coming of the Great Sand Sea, the Jogos Nhai fought many a bloody border war against the Patrimony of Hyrkoon as well, poisoning rivers and wells, burning towns and cities, and carrying off thousands into slavery on the plains, whilst **the Hyrkoon for their part were sacrificing tens of thousands of the zorse-riders to their dark and hungry gods...**Assembling a mighty host, said to be three hundred thousand strong, this bold young emperor crossed the frontiers with slaughter as his only purpose. Tribute could not sway him, nor hostages, nor oaths of fealty and offerings of peace; his vast army swept across the plains like a scythe, destroying all, leaving a burning wasteland behind it.
TWOIAF The Bones and Beyond: The Plains of the Jogos Nhai
I think the Patrimony of Hyrkoon, much like the First Men, came to adopt the gods of the CotF (or a related people) after colonising a territory of theirs, which in the PoH's case is the cavernous realm under the Bones. The gods of these Essosi Children are likely the black-barked trees which inhabit the jungles of YiTi as they do what's left of the forest on the other side of the Bones. Going by the lightly forested peninsula north of the Howling Hills, it's possible the southern jungles and northern Mossovy forest once met, mingling along the shores of the Shrinking Sea, which I believe to be another Gods Eye. Much like the Red Waste, the forest and jungle were hacked and burnt away. The Jogos Nhai are likely the biggest contributors to the deforestation, seeing as the Patrimony sacrificed tens of thousands of them to what they must see as demon trees. As with the Red Waste and Meereen, the water left with the trees, and the Eye was blinded.
The Grey Waste, the Cannibal Sands and the Dry Deep
It's hard to come up with theories for the easternmost dry areas because we don't know what's on the other side. I could use the deforestation theory yet again to explain the Grey Waste and Cannibal Sands, especially since there's a forest right above them, but what about the Dry Deep? Canyons are formed by rivers wearing away at the rock, yet the Dry Deep is a rather small but deep L with mountains on one side and desert on the other, and is said to be entirely devoid of water and life. So how was it formed?
...yet every reign was shorter and more troubled than the one preceding it, for wild men and baleful beasts pressed at the borders of the Great Empire...He practiced dark arts, torture, and necromancy, enslaved his people, took a tiger-woman for his bride, feasted on human flesh...The Five Forts are very old, older than the Golden Empire itself; some claim they were raised by the Pearl Emperor during the morning of the Great Empire to keep the Lion of Night and his demons from the realms of men...We hear of cities where the men soar like eagles on leathern wings, of towns made of bones, of a race of bloodless men who dwell between the deep valley called the Dry Deep and the mountains. Whispers reach us of the Grey Waste and its cannibal sands, and of the Shrykes who live there, half-human creatures with greenscaled skin and venomous bites.
TWOIAF The Bones and Beyond: Yi Ti
When the babe at last came forth, she proved indeed a monster: a stillborn girl, twisted and malformed, with a hole in her chest where her heart should have been and a stubby, scaled tail. The Princess and the Queen
"Monstrous...Twisted. I drew him forth myself. He was scaled like a lizard, blind, with the stub of a tail and small leather wings like the wings of a bat." AGOT Daenerys IX
"Using some vile sorcery, your brother fell upon Ser Stafford Lannister with an army of wargs, not three days ride from Lannisport. Thousands of good men were butchered as they slept, without the chance to lift sword. After the slaughter, the northmen feasted on the flesh of the slain." ACOK Sansa III
"When Stark changed into a wolf, his northmen did the same. The mark of the beast was on them all. Wargs birth other wargs with a bite, it is well-known." ADWD Davos III
If dragons, wargs and so on were created in the Great Empire of the Dawn, it was definitely not a process that was perfected the first time, and all those mistakes had to go somewhere. I think all these unfortunate "monsters" were forced out into the Grey Waste, and when they tried to come home despite the Five Forts, one emperor or another somehow had the Dry Deep formed to have a place to dispose of them, perhaps as sacrifices to whatever gods the Great Empire kept. This would explain the strange old bones found within that are plentiful enough to be a local source of trade and building material.
Maybe the Bloodstone Emperor was not the evil tyrant he is made out to be. Maybe his "tiger bride" was simply a shadowcat skinchanger, and like Jon, he was villainised for trying to reconcile with long despised outsiders so they would not fall to a common enemy, the Lion of Night and his demons.
"Demons made of snow and ice and cold," said Stannis Baratheon. "The ancient enemy. The only enemy that matters." ASOS Samwell V
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2019.08.30 05:29 richardwhereat Jump Creation: A Game of Thrones

Because I love finishing things, and I had this idea, I figured I'd put this out here for the time being, to maybe come back and work on, or let others work on, or let someone adopt.

A Game Of Thrones Jumpchain

built by RichardWhereat and DrakonianRogue
The Jump's start date is, by default, 294 A.C. 4 years before the events of the first episode of season 1. The Jump's end date is, by default, 306 A.C. 1 year after the events of the last episode of season 8.


Age and Gender: Can be any age between 15 and 60. By default you start with the social standing of a Knight. 50CP to change your gender from your last jump.
Location [d10, or 100CP to choose]
  1. Westerosi
    1. You come from one of the 'civilised' kingdoms of Westeros, from anywhere south of the Wall, all the way down to Dorne.
  2. Western Essosi
    1. From Braavos in the north to Valyria in the south, the Narrow Sea in the west, and Qohor in the east. You are an Eastern Essosi, most likely from the Valyrian Freehold, but Andals, and the Rhoynar also hail from this area.
  3. Central Essosi
    1. From Omber down to the Painted Mountains, across to the Bone Mountains, and everywhere in between. This area covers Ib, the Dothraki Sea, Slavers Bay, Lhazar, and Qarth
  4. Eastern Essosi
    1. From the Bone Mountains to the Grey Wastes,the Shadowlands, and everywhere east of the Jade Gates. This area covers Yi Ti, Leng, Asshai, Great Moraq, the Thousand Islands, and the great plains of the Jogos Nhai.
  5. Sothorosi
    1. The Unknown and Uncharted Sothoros. Basilisk Isles included
  6. Summer Sea Islander
    1. The Summer Isles aren't the only islands in the Summer Sea. There's also Naath, the Stepstones, and
  7. Wildling
    1. We do not kneel. The words of your people. They'd be written on your soul if you knew how to write. Congratulations for starting in hard mode.
  8. Free Choice

Perk Ideas

First 100 CP perk for your origin is free, the rest are discounted.
General Perks

Item Ideas:

General Items

Drawback Ideas

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2019.03.18 00:53 JP_Francisconi A History of the Brazilian RPG Scene

I first published this article back in 2014 in the Brazilian blog RPGista. Since I finally made an account on Reddit, I decided to rewrite the original post with some better English language skills after 5 years of learning, and a summary of the last five years in the Brazilian RPG scene as I know it. Enjoy.
UPDATE: Some games I forgot that need to be put here. In 2018, there two other games, starting with A Bandeira do Elefante e da Arara, which is a peculiar case in that it is a Brazilian RPG book based off a series of novels written by an American author about a Dutch explorer of a Colonial Brazil where Brazilian Folklore is real, and the game is now coming to the USA. That's some serious internationalism! Heh. The second is Aventuras Ancestrais, where the players take on the role of hunters from the Stone Age.
The 1990’s
RPG’s have been in Brazil since the 1980’s, but only as imports in foreign languages, with the first books in Portuguese coming out in 1991. In that year both the Fighting Fantasy series and GURPS were translated into Portuguese, and Tagmar was published, being the first original RPG game from Brazil. Tagmar was a fantasy game inspired by The Lord of the Rings series and enjoyed a good run with a line of steady accessories until GSA Publishing went bankrupt in 1997.
In 1992 came O Desafio dos Bandeirantes (The Challenge of the Bandeirantes¹), also from GSA Publishing, which was a historic/fantasy mixed setting that took place in a fantasy version of colonial Brazil, circa 1650, with pajés², Jesuits, babalorixás³ and bandeirantes. Just as Tagmar it also gets a good run of accessories until the end of GSA in 1997.
In 1994 Vampire: The Masquerade was published in Brazil and became a HUGE success, bringing tens of thousands of new players and starting a “boom” of RPG publishing in the country. At the same year Paranoia) was also been published and welcomed here and in 1995 five new Brazilians games came into life: DEMOS Corporation, Monstros, Millenia, Defensores de Tóquio and Arkanun.
DEMOS Corporation was an espionage game famous for being extremely complicated. Legend says that its authors were engineers and enjoyed math too much, so parts of the game system were explained in mathematical formulas (!) and its intent was to have been played with a scientific calculator preloaded with them!
Monstros (“Monsters”) was a satirical game, where the players took the role of monsters that fought adventurers and captured princesses, set in a generic fantasy world. Millenia was a sci-fi game, set a millenium into the future, with humanity just getting back on its feet after a Dark Age when we are slaves to an alien race. All these three were ill fated and only got their core books, but that was different with Defensores de Tóquio and Arkanun.
Defensores de Tóquio (“Defenders of Tokyo”) was another satirical game, this time making fun of anime, which started to make success in Brazil during the 90’s. The game was a huge success with tens of thousands of copies sold and ended up becoming a generic system for anime-inspired settings. It is still in publication, now in its 8th edition, called Defensores de Tóqui Alpha.
Arkanun was a historical terrofantasy game set in the middle ages, with players taking the role of humans fighting against “demons” that are trying to invade our reality to escape their own doomed dimension. It was a success and got dozens of accessories and other games based on it, like Trevas (“Darkness”), which is set in the modern times of the setting showed at Arkanun. It lost steam in the end of the 00’s, but recently a new company has bought its license and has promised a new edition of the game (actually, the same day this article came out in 2014, the company announced the cancellation of the project).
Following the amazing success of Vampire, the biggest publishing companies in Brazil decided that RPG would be a cultural phenomenon and started a huge investment in it to dominate the market. Abril Group, the biggest publishing corporation in Brazil, took the rights for AD&D. They started the line with First Quest, an introductory AD&D game, in 1995. Ediouro, another big name, started their charge with Shadowrun also in 1995. Devir, the publisher responsible for bringing GURPS and Vampire to Brazil, invested in Cyberpunk 2020 in that same year. Abril then released AD&D three core books in 1996.
Legend says they printed over one hundred thousand of each core book of AD&D. The game is said to have sold tens of thousands of copies, but not even close to the hundreds of thousands in the timetable that Abril was expecting. To cut their losses they sold the rights and the huge stockpile of core books to Devir, which followed up in publishing the line until the 3rd edition came out. Even today, almost 25 years after the release, those copies of AD&D core books can still be found in every convention stores, still new in the plastic, at dozens or even hundreds.
Ediouro also pulled back from the RPG market and sold their rights and stockpile of Shadowrun books to Devir. They continued to sell the remaining Shadowrun books, but decided to cut investment back in face of financial trouble (they just bought two huge stockpiles of books to sell and their Cyberpunk 2020 had also not done well, after all).
Still in 1996 comes Invasão (“Invasion”) a sci-fi game where the players took the role of government agents and conspiracy theorists fighting a secret invasion of two species of aliens, the metalians and the traktonians, the setting was the same of the Brazilian novel Espada da Galáxia (“Sword of the Galaxy”) and a bunch of comic books series written by Marcelo Cassaro, and were kept running way into the 2000’s, with its last edition being released in 2004.
1997 made way for two new Brazilian games: Era do Caos e SIGNUS RPG. The first was a cyberpunk-horror setting that showed a Brazil of the future as a failed state with enormous socioeconomic problems which had put society into anarchy and chaos. On top of that, supernatural beings from horror stories from Brazilian folklore were real and out to hunt you down. It had gotten three accessories before its publishing house closed doors in the early 2000’s. SIGNUS RPG was a generic RPG system like GURPS and did not make much success, being rapidly forgotten.
In 1998, Devir released Castle Falkenstein (which was taken over by Retropunk Publishing in 2018 and relaunched) and a series of other little minor indie games, like Baron Munchausen, TOON and Mulheres Machonas Armadas Até os Dentes (“Macho Woman Armed to the Teeth”, I guess…). In addition, in 1999 the RPG magazine Dragão Brasil, which was operating since 1994, released Tormenta, a fantasy campaign setting with rules for GURPS, AD&D and Defensores de Tóquio 3rd edition, as a promotional gift along with the 50th edition of the magazine. That, along with the following releases of titles for previous games we have already talked about, wrapped up the 1990’s. The decade finished with D&D 3rd edition coming up in 2000, which would define most of the 2000’s in Brazil as well as in the rest of the world.
The 2000’s
With D&D 3rd edition and its OGL and d20 System License, many companies in Brazil decided to take a chance and publish d20 related material. That provided a steady line of d20-related titles coming out until 2008 when D&D 4th edition came out and the d20 System License was cancelled. Tormenta, the national fantasy campaign setting released the year before by Dragão Brasil, which had rapidly become a huge success in sales, soon got a d20 edition and became the most popular d20 campaign setting in Brazil, outselling the official D&D campaign settings translated by Devir.
Despite the boom of d20-related titles, there was still a market for new games, the fist being A Lenda de Kalahad, from 2000. A medieval fantasy setting, the game did not make much success, but manage to survive with the help of the internet until today. Next is Calíope, from 2001, another medieval fantasy game that was unable to get far.
Utopia, from 2003, was able to get a good run as the main system for Mitsukai Publishing campaign settings, until the company disappeared after a series of polemic fights in court and outside of it (explaining all that would need an article of its own!).
In 2004 there were two new titles: Angus RPG and OPERA RPG. Angus RPG was the adaptation of the popular historical fiction series of novels Angus, and was famous for being extremely unbalanced and utterly bad. A common joke about the system was about the fact that a simple cow was able to deal more damage than a legendary warrior was, thus a farmer with some cows was more dangerous than a general with an army was, what may explain why the game actually figured a farmer character class! OPERA RPG was a generic system and was used in a lot of campaign settings published throughout the 2000’s. It reached a moderate success and still has fans up to this day.
The next year then brought three new games: Nexus D6, RPG Quest and Primeira Aventura. Nexus D6 was an independent game, with little impact on the market, which was sold at an event and then released in the internet for free. RPG Quest was a different deal, rapidly becoming a huge success; it was a mixture of an RPG and a board game meant to bring new blood to the hobby. It only ended because the distribution system used by it was bought by a corporation whose owners decided to change the rules of distribution, crushing most of the newspaper stands-based RPG distribution system of the time. Primeira Aventura (“First Adventure”) was an OGL fantasy game made to be an introductory game into the hobby, but also with the ambition to replace D&D 3rd Edition at some point. Primeira Aventura had a couple of adventures books published for it but was abandoned in favor of Tormenta RPG three years later. By 2007 the game Might Blade was released as a generic fantasy system, very similar to D&D, and continued to receive support to this day.
The 4th edition of D&D that came out in 2008 faced mostly disregard in Brazil as news came in about the restricted GSL and very different rules from the 3rd edition. The companies that invested in the d20 brand either abandoned it or invested in new systems using the OGL, much like Paizo did with its Pathfinder RPG in the USA.
So, in 2010, as the decade got to an end, two new titles came out using the OGL Paizo-style: Tormenta RPG and Old Dragon. Tormenta RPG was, obviously, the game of the popular campaign setting launched in 1999 by Dragão Brasil magazine (oh, wait, an OGL game made by former editors and authors of an RPG magazine, where have I seen this before?). It was a huge success and was more popular in Brazil than D&D 4th edition, translated by Devir, with a steady line of accessories. Old Dragon was a little different. Though it uses the OGL, it was more of a retro-clone of AD&D than of the 3rd edition, and going for this feeling of nostalgia they also had a huge success in sells.
New games also came in, as if sensing blood in the water from dissatisfied D&D fans, with Dragon Age RPG being released in 2010 and Mutants & Masterminds in 2008, both by by Jambô Publishing.
The 2010’s
While Tormenta RPG and Old Dragon were selling by the thousands, two small revolutions happened that would define this first half of the decade: small print runs and Kickstarter. While in the 1990’s and 2000’s a small company had to have a minimum of two thousand copies print to reach a good unit cost ratio, by 2011 it was possible to obtain a good one with print runs of even less than one hundred copies. With all the Kickstarter-like websites that opened in the country, it was also possible to know in advance if a game would have good acceptance with the public. That lowered the risk of investment, and companies and independent authors were now able to test new experimental games and unseen genres. Something just as important was the game design competitions that began taking roots in this decade, revealing new authors and games that wouldn’t be known or made otherwise.
The first sons of that change are Busca Final (“Final Quest”) and Violentina, the last one being successfully financed in Kickstarter in 2011. Both are narrative games, the first being about a quest to bring back magic to a fantasy world that lost it, and the second about stories of ultra-violence inspired by Tarantino movies. Both had innovative systems and settings, and provided a taste of what was to come. At the same year Terra Devastada (“Wasteland”), a game about surviving the zombie apocalypse, was released and it sold well and is now on a path to become a card game (note from 2019: it didn't worked out).
Not only national games benefited from these changes, but the translated ones as well. Brazilian editions of Trail of Cthulhu, 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars, Fiasco and Shotgun Diaries all came out in 2011. Shotgun Diaries was a curious case. The original version published by John Wick was only a PDF of 18 pages, with a simple design and close to none illustrations. The Brazilian version was sold inside a metal box that came with a 20 page book, next to a hundred tokens used in the game, six dices and a CD with a soundtrack that include zombies sounds, emergency alert system recordings, etc. In 2011 also came out the only third party product for D&D 4th Edition in Brazil, the Ohmtar campaign setting, which was cancelled in 2013 after the 4th edition, well, had been announced dead to the world.
By 2012 the explosion of titles continued: Dust Devils was translated, and Abismo Infinito, Space Dragon and O Reino de Bhundamidão were national games released that year. Abismo Infinito (“Infinity Abyss”) was a horror game about astronauts that remain in cryogenic sleep for so long that, once they wake up, they can no longer separate reality from dream and start going crazy. Space Dragon was a sci-fi game based on the game system of Old Dragon, the setting is based on the sci-fi books, shows and movies from the 50’s. Finally, O Reino de Bhundamidão (“The Realm of Asstheygiveme”?) was a satiric fantasy game with bad puns.
2013 saw Game of Thrones RPG, Blood and Honor, The One Ring, Savage Worlds, Monsterhearts (the publishing house sold the game in pre-order, but never delivered it as far as I know) and Dungeon World on the translated front and Pulse and UED United Earth Defense on the national titles front. Pulse was a game about creation and confirmation of hypothesis, with settings including time travel, futuristic crime investigation and more (the author himself said this was wrong, but didn't explain what was wrong with it), and UED United Earth Defense is a game set in a post-apocalypse Earth where aliens have invaded and wiped out most of humanity three hundred years ago, and since then the planet had entered an Ice Age. It’s a game about survival and the search for hope in a desperate situation.
The last five years summary
So, we reached the end of the original article back in 2014. What happened since then? Well, let's see. In 2015 we had Iron Kingdoms RPG by Jambô Publishing, which didn't make as much success as its d20 version did in Brazil and since then it had few accessories published for it, The Legend of the Five Rings, The Strange and 13th Age by New Order Publishing, both of which have gained a few titles since then, Fate by Solar Games, who made a successful kickstarter for it and delivered as promised, Star Wars: Edge if the Empire by Galapagos, The Call of Cthulhu by Terra Incognita Publishing (later the project got taken over by New Order Publishing) and finally Pathfinder RPG by Devir.
The national games also saw a few titles in 2015. I published my own Cosa Nostra RPG in 2015 as well, a narrative game about the Mafia, but it didn't do too well despite a successful kickstarter campaign (the story of how I lost money in that project is worth telling someday, if only so people can avoid my mistakes). There was Crônicas RPG, a generic fantasy RPG, by New Order Publishing, Medievo, a independent game set in a supernatural version of the Low Middle Ages and A Fita, a horror game published by Retropunk Publishing.
In 2016 we saw the arrival of 7th Sea, Kuro, Numenera and the return of Shadowrun to Brazil by New Order Publishing, Icons by Redbox Publishing, Shadow of the Demonlord and Mutant: Year Zero by Pensamento Coletivo Publishing and Psy*Run by Secular Games.
The national scene saw the arrival of Cidade Neon, SIJOR, Foices e Feitiços, Deloyal, BIRL Planeta Monstro, Atisi RPG and Desafiantes. Cidade Neon is a game about pulp detective stories, while SIJOR and Foices e Fetiços ("Scythes and Spells") are generic fantasy systems. BIRL Planeta Monstro ("BIRL Monster Planet") is a... thing? Its actually a game based around a popular Brazilian internet meme about bodybuilders or something? Its very weird, but some people like weird. Atisi RPG is an Ancient Egypt setting for the game Barbarians of Lemuria, which was never launched in Brazil (but had a publishing house buying its rights but never going off the ground), it had the rule system within it, so it didn't matter. Desafiantes was a game about underground boxing and the hard life of the fighters in that world. Finally, Deloyal was a game set in the city of Deloyal, which seems to be a version of Paris under Nazi occupation, where the players take on the role of resistance fighters against the occupation forces.
After the fourteen new games of 2016, the next year was a lot calmer with only three (there was a lot of accessories for games already on the market). Redbox published Classroom Deathmatch in the translation front, and the nationals were Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG by New Order Publishing and Espadas Afiadas & Feitiços Sinistros ("Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells") by Pensamento Coletivo Publishing, both being generic retro-clones of D&D.
In 2018, Brazil got four new games. A Penny for My Thoughts by Redbox in the translated front, and Goddess Save the Queen by Redbox, Belregard by New Order Publishing and Império de Jade by Jambô Publishing. Goddess Save the Queen is a adventure game set in the 1920s where the players took the role of the woman of a division of the British Empire secret service. Belregard is a horror game about fanaticism, and Império de Jade is a off-shot of Tormenta RPG focused in oriental adventures, it has a new take on the rules that is rumored to form the basis for a unconfirmed new edition of Tormenta RPG in the works.
¹ Bandeirante is the member of a Bandeira, an expedition meant to explore the interior of colonial Brazil searching for gold, slaves and/or anything of value, besides planting the flag ("Bandeira") on new territories to claim it for Portugal. Despite being little more than groups of raiding slavers, those expeditions are responsible for most of Portuguese inland expansion in Brazil and were romanticized as daring explorers in the late 19th and early 20th century when Brazilian national identity was formed in literature.
² A pajé is a spiritual leader and healer of some Brazilian indigenous tribes.
³ A badalorixá is a priest of the Candomblé and other related Afro-Brazilian religions practiced by the slaves captured in Africa and used in the sugar farms of the 16th and 17th century Brazil.
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2019.03.09 05:13 DrMarble1 The Life of Danelle Lothston, a Snapshot of the History of Westeros Part 2

Second half and ending of my “Life of Danelle Lothston” story. Might continue this, though that fully depends on if anything interesting happens with the next character.
King Balerion’s Generals, as well as most of Westeros, demanded that the deposed King Valarr be executed, but Balerion refused. Valarr was the man who resorted to execution and cruelty as an impulse, he was not. He granted Valarr rulership over Summerhall, and permitted him to serve as it’s lord until the end of his days. “The end of his days” proved to be rather short, as Valarr was killed in a drunken barfight only five months after his overthrow. Some maesters theorize that his death was not random and was foul play, after all, Valarr had no shortage of enemies in the Seven Kingdoms, but no one knows for sure.
At first, King Balerion was popular amongst the nobility, though many attribute this to relief that the widely hated King Valarr was gone, and it would have taken someone uniquely incompetent to have a been worse king than him. However, the nobility soon became disgruntled. No one could deny that Balerion had the skills and character to rule, he was honorable, wise, patient, humble yet strong. But that did not change the fact that Balerion had lived his entire life outside of Westeros, and therefore was largely unfamiliar with its customs and traditions. When Aegon the Conqueror founded the Seven Kingdoms, he adopted the Faith of the Seven as his religion in order to integrate himself with his new subjects. Balerion did no such thing, electing to remain devoted to his Moonsinger religion, the majority faith of the people of Bravos.
People began to grumble, with some whispers wishes for the return of the Dragons. Danelle Lothston saw her opportunity. While she knew that her son, Guy Lothston, was actually the son of a random courtier that by now she had already forgotten the name of, legally he was Aenys Blackfyre’s son, meaning that as far as the rest of the world was concerned, he had the blood of the Dragons flowing through his veins. Guy balked when Danelle brought this up to him, he had no desire to be King. But Danelle would hear none of it, she sent ravens all over the Seven Kingdoms, declaring Guy Lothston’s claim for the Iron Throne. Medgar Tully, Danelle’s husband, backed the claim, Kellyn Lannister, the young Lord Paramount of the Westerlands, also committed her troops to the Lothston banners. Danelle’s Rebellion had begun.
The rebellion lasted for three years, but it was ultimately an unmitigated disaster for the rebels. The Lannister armies rallied at Lannisport, making preparations to march to the Crownlands. However, they would run into massive logistic problems, and in the end not a single Lannister soldier fought a single battle in the revolt. The Tully army marched on the Crownlands. The advisors for the Tully commander told him that they greatly outnumbered Balerion’s current force, and that they must strike now and deal a decisive blow while they could. However, the Commander ignore this advice, and insisted that it was not battles that won a war, but the land. He ignored Balerion’s army, and instead ordered his troops to sack Byrch Hall, Antlers, and Sow’s Horn. Holding these areas proved to be time consuming, and the time the Tully Commander wasted on this area gave the Arryns, who had answered Balerion’s call to arms, time to arrive in the Crownlands. The combined might of the Arryns and Balerion crushed the Tully army in a decisive victory at the Battle of Byfield. As soon as word of the defeat reached Riverun and Casterly Rock, Lord Tully and Lady Lannister ordered their armies to disband, and sent messages to King Balerion that the time for peace had come, and they were willing to bend the knee and serve him once more.
When word of the Tullys and Lannisters surrender reached Harrenhal, Lady Lothston flew into a fit of rage. She slashed the throat of the Raven Handler, and two nearby servants. She sat on her throne for several hours, completely silent, and when a servant approached her to see if she was alright, she ordered his bowls be torn out. Finally, she demanded Guy be brought before her. When Guy appeared before her, she rose from her seat, slapped him, then ordered him to follow her. For an hour Guy followed his mother, both in complete silence, until they arrived at the top of the long abandoned Wailing Tower. Danelle grabbed Guy by the arm, and dangled him over the edge, demanding that he give her a reason not to let him fall. Guy, who was cowardly by nature, begged and pleaded for his mother to pull him back up. This behavior only angered Danelle more, and she then revealed the truth to him, he was no son of a dragon, he was bastard, as was his younger sister Perriane. She finally pulled him back up and violently shoved him to the ground. She left the Wailing Tower without another word, as Guy wept softly.
After the failure of Danelle’s Rebellion, Danelle and Medgar Tully began to fall out with each other. She was furious at him for failing during the revolt, and unlike her previous husbands, she had a much harder time hiding her cruel, violent, and insane nature from Medgar. Arguments between the two became common, until eventually, Medgar discovered one of Danelle’s many affairs. The two screamed obscenities at each other that night. In the end, Lady Lothston resigned from her position as Master of Whisperers, and left Riverrun to return to Harrenhal that very night. Lady Lothston would never return to Riverrun, nor, other than one other occasion, would she ever meet Medgar again. The marriage between the two ultimately produced no issue.
The next two years were marked with relative peace, and despite cultural differences, King Balerion remained relatively popular amongst the Nobility and Smallfolk. However, the stress of Kingship had taken its toll on Balerion, and he soon turned to the bottle. In 229, after a long night of drinking, Balerion passed out on his bed, and the next morning when servants moved to wake him, he remained still. King Balerion Otherys had passed away at the age of 67.
Balerion’s only issue, Belys Otherys, had passed away from illness a few years prior. His only living relative was his 26 year old nephew, Nakorno Otherys, but he was still living in Braavos. Court officials moved to arrange for Nakorno’s passage across the Narrow Sea, so he could be crowned King. But those with Targaryen sympathies saw this as their chance. Soldiers seized control of the Red Keep, and the ship with a message for the new king was sent not to Braavos, but Dragonstone. After Valarr’s ouster, Balerion had mercy on his family members, and allowed his eldest son, Aegon, to remain Prince of Dragonstone. The messengers informed Aegon that Balerion was dead, and the time had come for him to reclaim his birthright. Aegon hesitated, he was a humble man, and had been content with the fact that the crown would not pass to him, as he considered himself “Unfit for Greatness”. Regardless, he eventually relented, and he returned to King’s Landing and stood before the Iron Throne and the High Septon, who crowned him Aegon of the House Targaryen, Fifth of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhyonar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm.
Back in Harrenhal, Danelle Lothston could not care less about who was sitting on the Iron Throne. Her Steward had recently informed her that after years of saving, they had finally acquired enough funds to begin the restoration of Harrenhal. He informed her that it was unlikely that they would live to see it, but they would be remembered as the ones who began the rebirth of the greatest castle in the world. Danelle called him foolish, saying that he would die eventually, but she would live for eternity, her immortal soul continuing to rule Harrenhal until the end of time. The Steward ignored this. Ever since the failed rebellion Mad Danelle’s mental state had further deteriorated. She had become more prone to insane and nonsensical statements, and a rumor persists she had a Jogos Nhai who was traveling in the region executed, then she devoured his remains. This is unproven, but all anyone knows it that a Jogos Nhai did visit Harrenhal, and no one has seen him since.
The Harrenhal restoration began in earnest. The early work went into merely moving debris so construction could begin normally. The project proved deadly, as several stewards and workers have already been killed in accidents.
In 239, four years after the coronation of Aegon V, Alan Tyrell, the young Lord Paramount of the Reach, was killed while fighting in a Trial by Combat. His eight year old son, Martyn Tyrell, succeeded as Lord Paramount of the Reach and Warden of the South. Martyn had been born with a birth defect, giving him a clubbed foot, and an accident a few years back had left a nasty scar on his face. Despite his physical deformities, was extremely intelligent and proud for his age, the Maester who cared for him drew comparisons to Daeron I. Martyn was extremely found of history, and would pour over the books detailing the deeds the ancient Gardener Dynasty, who ruled the Reach for nearly eight thousand years, and from whom he was descended.
Martyn eventually decided that being a Lord Paramount was unfitting of someone of his standing. He would be a King. During a meeting of his regents, Lord Tyrell stormed into the room and jumped onto the table. He spoke about how the Targaryen Dynasty had grown weak, and the time had come to break away and become an independent Kingdom once again.
At first the Regents were quick to dismiss the command of their young Lord, but as they talked further, they began to see the reasoning. Aegon V had been correct when he said he was unfit for greatness. The Iron Throne had been overrun but a corrupt, inefficient bureaucracy, the royal armies had fallen into disarray, and Aegon V was too weak willed to do anything to fix the various problems that plagued the kingdom.
As the Lords of the Reach made preparations, word of the rebellion reached King’s Landing, but Aegon V either was never informed, or simply choose to wait and see, because he did not make a move.
Then, Martyn Tyrell made his decree know publicly. No longer would the people of the Reach be slaves to a far away King, now the Reachmen would rule in their own right, they were now an independent Kingdom. On the 24th of the Second Moon of 240, Martyn Tyrell proclaimed himself Martyn of the House Tyrell, First of his Name, King in the Reach and Lord of Highgarden, Defender of the Marches, Warden of the Citadel and Protector of the Realm.
The ensuing rebellion lasted for four years. While the entirety of Westeros rallied when Aegon V made his call for banners, The Reach’s population was massive, and there was enough gold in their reserves to hire mercenaries and sell swords to fight in the war. The Reach armies had the advantage in the ensuing war of attrition. Eventually, in 244, Aegon V declared he had enough of the war, he sent a raven to Highgarden, parleying for peace. The “Treaty of Tumbleton” was signed, The Reach would be allowed to break away from the Seven Kingdoms, Aegon V would formally acknowledge Martyn Tyrell as the sole and rightful King of The Reach, and King Martyn would be granted vassalage of the Lord of Bramsfort.
The Treaty of Tumbleton enraged the remaining lords. The Lord of the Seven Kingdoms admitting defeat and allowing one of his vassals to go free, and acknowledging him as a King none the less? It was insult to Aegon I’s decree that there would be only one King. Many began to see Aegon V as unworthy of his crown.
A year after the Treaty of Tumbleton, Lucas Lothston, Lady Lothston’s eldest son and heir, was killed in a horsing accident. A mere month afterwards, his pregnant wife gave birth to a son, whom she named Lucas in honor of her deceased spouse. Since Lucas the Younger (as the servants began to refer to him as) was the son of Danelle’s original heir, many saw that he would be the next heir. Others argued that since he was born after Lucas’ death, Danelle’s next surviving eldest son, Guy Lothston, should be heir. This was debated amongst the members of the court, until Danelle decreed that she would rather her heir be a Grumkin than Guy, and Lucas would be her heir from this day forward.
In 245, a revolt broke out in Dorne against the rule of Princess Arianne Martel. Desmond Jordayne, the Lord of Ghost Hills, was making a power grab and wished to usurp the title of Prince of Dorne. Arianne sent a raven to King’s Landing asking for aid, but Aegon V insisted that his armies were still too weak after The Reach Revolution, and she would have to fight Desmond on her own. Arianne failed, and she was overthrown as Princess of Dorne, with Desmond Jordayne taking her title. Not wanting further conflict, Aegon V acknowledged Lord Jordayne as the legitimate ruler of Dorne.
This was the last straw for the lords of the Seven Kingdoms. Not only could Aegon V not prevent ambitious lords from revolting and leaving the Kingdom, not only was he incapable of protecting his bannermen, but he had the nerve to actually grant legitimacy to an upstart rebel. If Aegon V was willing to leave the Martells out to dry, what about the Arryns? The Starks? The Tullys? The Lannisters? The Lord Paramounts of the Seven Kingdoms sent an ultimatum to Aegon V, step down, and allow a Great Council to select a new King. In his response, Aegon V admitted that he was not a good King, and it was never a position he considered himself worthy of. “Perhaps the people of Westeros will be able to select a better ruler than I. If I can make one good decision as Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, let this be it”.
On the 10th of the Third Moon, 245, ten years after being crowned, Aegon V Targaryen voluntarily abdicated the throne. Greyson, the Commander of the Gold Cloaks, was selected to be Protector of the Realm, regent for the Iron Throne until a new King could be selected.
Danelle Lothston was one of the lords invited to King’s Landing to participate in the Great Council. Legally Guy Lothston still had the blood of the Dragons, but she elected not to bring him along and present his claim.
Upon arrival in King’s Landing, Lady Lothston encountered Medgar Tully, her estranged husband, for the first time in years. The two exchanged birth words, but not much was said.
As lords began to file into the city, four claimants became known, and already began to campaign. Rhogar Targaryen, the son of Bryden Bloodraven. Nineteen and physically attractive, he was an appealing candidate, as his young age meant he would likely reign for a long time. Baelor Targaryen, the Son of Maekar Targaryen. A stocky man in his thirties, and an accomplished Knight, many believed him to have the strength that Aegon V lacked. Nakorno Otherys, the nephew of King Balerion, whom some tried to crown King upon the death of his uncle. For those who still considered House Otherys the rightful rulers of the Seven Kingdoms, Nakorno was the best option. And lastly, a fairly surprising candidate. Daenerys Blackfyre, who had lead a Blackfyre Rebellion many years ago. Now pushing sixty, many were warry of her, but she insisted that she had a legitimate claim to the throne, so attending the Great Council and presenting it was her right.
The Great Council commenced, and arguments began. Rhogar began to speak, but as he continued, many of the Lords began to sense something was off about him. It soon became clear, Rhogar was a classic case of Targaryen Madness, any desire to see Rhogar crowned disappeared. Some tried to argue in favor of Nakorno, but these people were largely ignored. While Balerion had been a well liked King, few had the desire to place the rather alien Otheryses back in power. Soon, it became clear that the debate was between Baelor and Daenerys. Some argued that if they selected Daenerys, the Golden Company would stop harassing the kingdom with propped up Blackfyre Pretenders, though some saw that as giving into outside pressure. Through oral arguments, many began to draw the conclusion that of the two, Daenerys was a much more capable leader, while Baelor was a soldier at heart. However, points against Daenerys continued to come up. She is a woman, she is too old, she is a Blackfyre. Eventually the time came to vote. Danelle Lothston cast her vote for Daenerys Blackfyre. Ultimately Baelor won in an extremely close vote. Daenerys nodded, and said while she was disappointed, she promised to honor this decision, and she would not raise any further Blackfyre Rebellions for the rest of her days. Baelor stood before the High Septon and the Lords, as was proclaimed Baelor of the House Targaryen, Second of His Name, King of the Andals, The Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm. The lords cried out “LONG MAY HE REIGN!” as the Great Council came to an end.
Danelle Lothston returned to Harrenhal right after. She resumed over seeing the construction of Harrenhal, and soon, a large amount of debris had managed to be removed.
One day, Lady Lothston was late in exiting her sleeping chambers. The servants were reluctant to check on her, as Danelle had a history of beating and murdering servants who entered her chambers. Eventually they drew straws, and the shortest one was sent in. He entered the chambers, and saw Lady Lothston laying in bed with her eyes closed. He asked her if she was feeling well or not. No response. Finally, after mustering up the courage, he shook her. She remained still. Getting worried, he shook harder, and there was still no response. Finally, he checked her pulse, and there was nothing there.
On 4th of the twelfth Moon, 249, Mad Danelle Lothston left the mortal plane after dying in her sleep. She was sixty-five years old.
Danelle Lothston left a legacy of blood, murder, insanity, and unimaginable cruelty over her 49 years as the Lady of Harrenhal. Her subjects breathed a sigh of relief, as the brutal mistreatment from her soldiers will now come to an end. Her servants breathed a sigh of relief, as the no longer had to fear her flying into another psychotic rage at the drop of a pin and murdering one of them. For decades, people would continue to tell stories of Mad Danelle, and the storytellers did not have to embellish her much. She became a part of folklore, and stories spread about how she was not actually human, but an evil monster disguised as a woman.
For now, her seven year old grandson, Lucas IV Lothston, is now Lord of Harrenhal. Will he be a kind ruler, or will he continue to legacy of pain and suffering of his grandmother? Only time will tell.
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2018.08.20 00:14 AncalagonTheBlack42 Managed to last over 400 years as the Aztecs

So yeah, I started a game as the Aztecs via console command at the start of the Century of Blood submod, in 114BC, starting with Dorne. I had no dragons in this version, so I had to just rely on my big armies and competant commanders to make my way. Through a mixture of determination, luck, diplomacy and of course some lucky events happening throughout, I managed to allow the game to continue all the way up to the present date of 311AC (about 10 years after the end of ADWD). I even have a full list of all the Aztec rulers that I had over the years.
Ruler names:
Necuametl Acatl the Invader: the initial invader, starting with Dorne, trying to convert to the local religion, and conquering much of the south, ruling in title from 114-103BC* and dying aged 37.
Ahuiliztli 'The Dragon' Ahuiliztli: moved the capital to the Godseye and administered the growing nation from there. Paranoid and fearless, he ended up assassinated, thus unable to establish a dynasty. Also led the recolonisation of Oldstones in order to centralise control over the Riverlands and set up a new trading point and useful fortress. 103-98BC* aged 41.
(All following rulers are of the Itzli dynasty)
Itzli I 'The Terrible': A sadistic, ruthless warrior, this Aztec, pure in faith and culture, finished the conquest of Westeros, even including the lands north of the Wall for a time. It is he who united Westeros under the rule of the Aztecs, though he moved his capital around quite a bit. 98-79BC*, aged 66.
Ueman 'the Cannibal': While he converted to the Faith, Ueman was another brutish monster of a ruler, who made even his father seem mild in comparison. A mad cannibal who ate his prisoners, it is perhaps only fear and the still great native Aztec armies that he remained on the throne in Casterly Rock. 79-46BC* aged 51.
Itzli II 'the Conqueror: conquered Pentos and the Rhoynar valley in a great war of expansion, maintaining this for generations, and a small bit of the southern lands remain under Westerosi rule to the present day. It is he who created a centralised empire, merging the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros under the rule of a powerful dynasty. His titles were 'EmperoTlatoani of the Aztecs, the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Chosen of Quetzalcoatl, Sovereign of the Seven Kingdom and Protector of the Realm. 46BC-8AC* aged 59.
Wyl I 'The Suspicious': A legitimised bastard of his predecessor, this man at least tried to nativise with the people, adopting a native culture that appealed to his new Riverlander subjects, as he moved the capital into the God's Eye once more. He released control North of the Wall due to the impossible logistics of controlling that great region. 8-37AC* aged 58.
Aethan I 'The Fat': This bloated alcoholic, raised in the North is generally regarded as a laughable king who held little respect from his vassals. 37-51AC*aged 45.
Hallis 'The Unlikely': The third son of his father, it hardly seemed as if Hallis would take the throne, and yet this bookish king did. Charitable though he was, the nasty injuries he suffered in battle against rebellious Reachlords were what did him in. 51-73AC* aged 33
Itzli III 'The Young': Half-Dothraki, this man only inherited his throne as a 1 year old infant, under his mother's regency. Despite being strong and ordained as a knight, he preferred running the nation and engaging in the life of court, and like his father, wounds from rebels in a civil war to reduce royal authority forced him to cave in. He did strengthen his position by marrying the last heir to House Frey, and loosened their grip on Essos by giving independence to all of their Essosi holdings except for Nontelos. 73-101AC* aged just 29
Hallis II 'The Ill Ruler': Despite being a highly promiscuous ruler, Hallis remained infertile throughout his life, making him a desperate man who was mocked and ridiculed behind his back. The stress became too much for him and he died much maligned aged only 24. 101-116AC*
Tomas I 'The Emperor for a Year': Inheriting from his childless brother, this lord of the Twins had little interest for the throne, and ended up abdicating for a fourth cousin to inherit. He reigned from 116-117AC, but living to 148AC*, aged 47 (being 25-26 during his reign).
Cletus I 'The Krakenslayer': Despite being a commited follower of the Aztec faith, with a mixed descent of Dornish with some Nahua, Cletus became a greatly popular ruler, having travelled to Old Valyria and returning alive, having killed a kraken and found a suit of Valyrian Steel scale armour, making him highly prestigious among his people. He had many children, who now make up many of the branches of the great Itzli dynasty. A fearless and devout man, his legacy of greatness did not save him from the dread Red Death he had contracted while attempting to form a colony in Sothoryos, dying at the age of 73. It was also under his reign that the Stormlands transitioned into a republic, the former castellan of Storms End taking power, forming a democratic land within the Empire, a stepping stone between one side of the Narrow Sea and the other. 117-151AC*
Arthur I 'The Fleeting': First of the so called 'Wind Emperors' for their short reigns, Arthur tried but never could live up to his father's name, owing to his infertility and arrogance. Ruling for just over four months in the year 151AC*, aged 25.
Willard I 'The Builder': Though his reign was also brief, it was under his reign that the construction of a proper capital city began in Itzliton, which he pumped a great amount of money in, and his descendants rightfully continued with, even though he had no offspring of his own. 151-153AC* aged 23.
Deziel I 'The weasel-tongued'. A distant kin of the previous emperor, was a rude and meanspirited emperor, overshadowed by his more popular and battle hardened nephew. When he refused to abdicate, a (very) brief civil war emerged as the North, Westerlands and Vale surrounded him on all sides, installing his nephew as Emperor. He ruled from 153-155, dying in 160AC* aged 69.
Daeron I 'The Fowler'. A fierce warrior and fowler, Daeron was of pure Nahua culture, the first Aztec Emperor to be so in many years, even if it alienated many of his subjects. His love for battle didn't pay off too well when he recieved crippling injuries when warring against the Reach, which had grown too great in power as it's lord had inherited the Westerlands and Dorne. His death has been noted as mysterious, as bandits cornered him and shot at him instead of offering ransom, making many suspect his death was fowl play. 155-171AC*, aged 48.
Yolyamanitzin I 'The Sword of Tezcatlipoca': The second ruler to travel to old Valyria, he surpassed even Cletus in glory when he returned to Westeros with a live dragon named Jelmazma and a Valyrian Steel sword he named 'Glory', embedded with emeralds and the Thunderbird of the god of his ancestors. This time, he faced the treachery of another one of his kin bidding for the throne, backed with the power of the Vale, the Stormlands and Dragonstone, whose dragons were smaller than his. While he wished to battle his future successor, he was tragically slain by his treacherous kingsguard 'Ned the Black', the former commander. He was only 25 at the time of his death, with no children of his own. 171-186AC*.
Ormund I 'The Shipright': inheriting the throne by default of his rival's death, Ormund tried to fill in the shoes of his predecessor by hatching his own dragon egg, one of those that Jelmazma had laid. He tried travelling across the seas during his short reign to find out more about the process, but he died of scurvy while on the way to the distant shadowlands of Asshai. 188-189AC*, aged 32.
Topitzin I 'the Scarred': Another unrelated emperor, he was by far the most fertile of the lot, despite his marriage to another member of his family, a third cousin. With a great scar across his face from fighting for Yolyamanitzin, this was the first of the 'pure marriages' of the Itzli family, which given their lack of Valyrian heritage, would not be so well with them. Two stillbirths and a youngster dying did not bode well for his health, but he continued on for his short reign.
189-190AC, aged 70. Kevan I 'the Conqueror': Named for his great conquests of the Stepstones and Braavos, installing Ormund's nephew Cipac as 'Warden of the Narrow Sea' and his own nephew as lord of Braavos, Kevan was an esteemed fighter, wearing Valyrian Steel armor into battle, and honoring the gods of his ancestors all throughout. While he had a daughter, perhaps on her way to being the first Queen of all of Westeros, and Empress of the Aztecs in her own right, she died a mere 5 years of age. Kevan nevertheless led to a flood of immigration into Itzliton, allowing it to grow into an Aztec stronghold, every bit as large as Oldtown or Lannisport in size, never mind power and influence. It was he who finally liberated Dorne from Reachman rule, as he wished to cut the Reachlords down to size. 190-221AC, aged 58.
Loreon I 'the Scarred': Having fought alongside his brother in his youth, Loreon, a man used to the golden life of the Westerlands preferred to sit in his throne room having feasts and sitting contently. Forced to skip over his son's brief reign in Braavos, he was ashamed to see the Itzli rule their collapse as the Republic returned. He died of cancer aged 52, while a Great sickness struck the realm elsewhere. 221-235AC*
Itzli IV 'The Dornish': Already married to the Lady Paramount of Dorne, Itzli IV is often resented by those outside Dorne as being a generous, but gullable puppet of his wife. Was ousted in favour of the Warden of the Narrow Sea, through his loose claim on the throne. Ruled from 235-240AC, dying in 242AC aged just 19 from disease.
Cipac I 'The Fat'; This shameful child of a concubine was only able to reign briefly as Emperor due to his poor health, and rumours that his food was being spiked were commonplace, though given how much he ate, it hardly seems necessary. With the Reachlords putting him in power, he was merely a figurehead of an emperor, as his real power was not so great outside of the Riverlands. 240-243AC* aged 52. Cuauhtemoc I 'The Just'; A life of trying to remedy his father's mistakes wasn't for everyone, but Cuauhtemoc managed to do just this. A very competant emperor, his involvement in Dorne allowed the unification of the Dornish and Stepstones into a single kingdom through the former conquering the latter and unifying the two rival branches. He decreed many men to tame the renegade dragon Azuron, who rode around Westeros devouring livestock and smallfolk, even eating its own offspring Qridron. When the Wall fell to Wildlings, it was he who rode up at the head of a thirty-six thousand strong army and drove them back up north. Always generous and wanting to help his family and friends, he was a man of many friends and allies, with little to no rebellion occuring in his reign. 243-265AC* aged 69, while having lost his mind to senility. Xochipepe I 'the Righteous': was the first Emperor to tame a dragon , 'Snow', since Yolyamanitzin, and was beloved by the people for being a tame and honourable man, with his first marriage to his cousin and his second marriage being to the daughter of a Jhat. The authoritative nature and his dragon allowed him to restore the Emperor from a mere figurehead to a position of central power, as he reduced the powers of the nobility in favour of a meritocratic council. His biggest achievement was uncovering the corruption of the High Septon, a promiscuous man who had fathered several bastards despite his esteemed position. Although a firm follower of the Aztec way, he earned respect from people of all religions for this uncovering. This was however to be his undoing, as late into his long reign, the exiled septon organised a snake to bite him to death in his bed. 265-299AC, aged 61. Cauahtemoc II 'the Candid'; Taming his father's dragon, this emperor was an excellent, even world renowned military commander, easily crushing rebellions on top of his dragon and defeating attempted Kings Beyond the Wall. Willing to fight to his last breath though he was, the inbreeding of his ancestors was doing damage to him, as he lost his only daughter to hideous defects, her nose sealed shut and her mind that of a child a third of her age. He himself was sickly, and he died only aged 25, leaving a son just five years old to the throne. 299-309AC.
Itzli V: Having ruled for a little over two years, Itzli is only a young boy, aged nine, but fueled by his Jogos Nhai grandmother, who betrothed him to a princess of Yi-Ti, hoping for an alliance, his greed and ambition is already starting to grow. He looks to the west, where the Reachlords still rule the Westerlands and much of the Stormlands, and remain an existential threat to the Aztec control over the Seven Kingdoms, with a future ally in marriage and a dragon to tame. Already, his grandmother Kung-ur is filling his head with ambitions, leading him to a path of war. To make the Aztec grip on Westeros tougher than ever...
Other interesting bits of the play through and timeline.
The Others invaded during Itzli III’s reign, though the combined forces of the Night’s Watch, the North and the Aztec core army, which welded weapons of dragon glass instead of metal, managed to hit them back. They haven’t come back down since.
The Dothraki invasions were a spectacular failure and Sarnor, Essaria and Ibben have reversed the expansions they made.
Yi Ti ended up invading and installing their own families in New Ghis, making the former Slavers Bay city an extension of themselves in all but name.
The Free Cities got a bit chaotic, with Braavos conquering Norvos, Myr conquering Qohor and the Flatlands gaining independence from Pentos for a time.
As Sarnor collapsed in the late second century AC*, it was a resurgent Essaria who expanded eastward instead of the Dothraki to take over the power vacuum, though dominating them instead of exterminating them.
Around 257AC*, wildlings conquered the Wall under King Halys 'Widow Maker', and tried an invasion of the North, which took the oppurtunity to declare independence when warring against them. Cuauhtemoc I managed to crush both groups and drive the Wildlings North, though didn't manage to restore the Night's Watch.
I hope people find this somewhat interesting for an alternate timeline. It's a shame I can't provide enough info to create a full alternate timeline for this.
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2017.10.26 10:46 NintendoSwitchMods Super Mario Odyssey - Reviews & Discussion Megathread

General Information

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 27-Oct-2017
No. of Players: 1 - 2 Players
Genre(s): Action, Platformer
Publisher / Developer: Nintendo
Required Space: 5.2GB
Price (MSRP): $59.99 USD / $79.99 CAD / $79.95 AUD / £49.99 / 6,458円 / €59.99 / CHF 77.90 / R669.0 / 4199₽
Official Website:
Digital Purchase Pages: USA, UK, DEU, FRA, ITA, ESP, PT, RU, ZAF, CHE, BE, NL.


Use amazing new abilities—like the power to capture and control objects, animals, and enemies—to collect Power Moons so you can power up the Odyssey airship and save Princess Peach from Bowser's wedding plans!
Thanks to heroic, hat-shaped Cappy, Mario's got new moves that'll make you rethink his traditional run-and-jump gameplay—like cap jump, cap throw, and capture. Use captured cohorts such as enemies, objects, and animals to progress through the game and uncover loads of hidden collectibles. And if you feel like playing with a friend, just pass them a Joy-Con™ controller! Player 1 controls Mario while Player 2 controls Cappy. This sandbox-style 3D Mario adventure—the first since 1996's beloved Super Mario 64™ and 2002's Nintendo GameCube™ classic Super Mario Sunshine™—is packed with secrets and surprises, plus exciting new kingdoms to explore.
  • Explore astonishing new locales like skyscraper-packed New Donk City to your heart's content, and run into familiar friends and foes as you try to save Princess Peach from Bowser's dastardly wedding plans.
  • Find something interesting? Toss your cap at it and see what happens! There are lots of fun and surprising ways to interact with your surroundings.
  • Be sure to bring any coins you find to a Crazy Cap store, where you can exchange them for decorative souvenirs for the Odyssey and new outfits for Mario! Some destinations have very exclusive dress codes, after all…
  • Hand a Joy-Con™ controller to a friend to enjoy simultaneous multiplayer: Player 1 controls Mario while Player 2 controls Mario's new ally Cappy.
  • Use Snapshot Mode to freeze time while playing the game and take screenshots that you can customize using various options and filters. Screenshots can be shared via social media or uploaded to PCs and smart devices* using all of the Nintendo Switch™ system's built-in screenshot tools.
  • A special edition Nintendo Switch™ hardware bundle will launch alongside the game. This special edition includes a download code for the full game, red left and right Joy-Con™ controllers, and a Super Mario Odyssey™ themed Nintendo Switch carrying case. Note: Contents varies by region.






(Stepping away from editing this thread with any further reviews that trickle in, we've got a pretty decent group up here already and we need to focus our attention back to helping keep you guys spoiler free in the queues!)
Please use this as an Odyssey discussion and hype thread, we will also be allowing seperate posts on /NintendoSwitch if they are especially newsworthy.
Join the hype in our Discord chat where we have #mario and #spoilers channels.

A note on spoilers: with major coverage comes the potential for major spoilers. If you make a post, please tag it for spoilers if applicable. If you comment on spoilers, use spoiler tags (how-to in the right sidebar). And, of course, report anything in violation to the mod team.

Thanks everyone.
-The /NintendoSwitch team
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2016.10.03 10:22 Arextra A Trusted Advisor

The day had been a long one, the hottest Peizhi had experienced since she had arrived in Qarth. She had been a guest at the Tourmaline brotherhood for almost a month but was yet to grow accustomed to the heat.
Peizhi sat draped across a velvet lounge in her solar, one of Marro's slaves was at her side, brushing out her thick black hair. She had taken a liking to the small Naartheen girl, while she was as timid as a mouse she was also a skilled handmaiden.
The last week had been exhausting for Peizhi, she had spent almost every day with Marro but the nights had been filled with lessons from Shenfu. It was increasingly more difficult to dodge questions about Yi-Ti. The two older Tourmaline brothers had been especially persistent in their questioning, they would steer almost every conversation to the topic of business. Normally, Peizhi could sidestep the questions with relative ease but Shenfu had insisted on secret night lessons to teach Peizhi the inner workings of Yi-Ti trade and politics. She had even gone so far as to send ravens carrying letters to the golden empire. To who exactly they were sent Peizhi did not know but it did seem to add another layer of legitimacy to their farce.
The Naarthen girl had begun to braid her hair as Peizhi closed her eyes on the lounge. She was to join Marro for dinner again tonight so she needed to look her best. While she had been under more pressure from his brothers the relationship between Marro and herself had grown more and more personal. Often at these dinners he would steal kisses from her, instead of sitting at opposite ends of the table the pair would now sit side by side, joking about the day's exploits. So far his advances had been innocent and anything more was politely declined. Shenfu would often remind her that she was a lady to be courted and not to let a man cheapen her. But still, the lust was often plain to see, especially after a few drinks. As she laid there with her eyes close she found her mind drifting to Marro as it often did of late. She could feel something stir in her that had previously been dormant.
There was a knock on her door, it seemed too loud in the quiet of her room.
"Come in." She called from her chair, a part of her hoped it was Marro, summoned from her thoughts.
Instead, Shenfu pushed her way into the room, she was carrying a handful of scrolls which she proceeded to place on the bed. She looked up at the Naarthen girl suspiciously obviously uncomfortable with her presence.
"Leave us child, me and the princess have business to talk about." Shenfu barked at the girl. The girl dropped the braid and rushed to leave but Peizhi grabbed her by the wrist.
"Shenfu! She is helping me get ready for dinner. Surely this can wait?" Peizhi whined indignantly. Shenfu reeled around her voice was quiet but full of ice.
"No this will not wait, the princess can braid her own hair as she did at sea. Or has she already forgotten?" The slave girl cringed away from her and Peizhi let her wrist go with a sigh seemingly unperturbed by the old woman's tone.
"Fine, boil me some water for a bath. I will call for you before dinner." The slave girl rushed out of the room leaving the pair alone. Shenfu closed the door behind her.
"That was very rude Shenfu, she was just trying to help me get ready." Peizhi sat up, her long hair fell like silk down her back.
"I don't trust her, these walls have ears." The old woman began unraveling one of the scrolls, it took up almost the entire length of the bed. Peizhi read the title 'Trade with the Jogos Nhai' and sighed.
"Shenfu I don't have time for a lesson right now, I have to get ready for dinner with Marro."
"You didn't have time for it yesterday either, I came to your room last night and you were nowhere to be found!" Shenfu stood with her arms crossed, it was like Peizhi was a little girl again.
"I was with Marro, he was showing me the constellations in the observatory. This was your plan. Isn't this what you wanted?!" Peizhi also stood up, she had had enough of Shenfu's lecturing of late.
"It is only part of the plan, the other part was for you to be convincing as an envoy. How will you do that when you refuse to study?" She pointed at the scroll.
"You have monopolized all your time on Marro. I have heard whispers, Qar & Xarlo question your motives. The talk is that the princess is more interested in romance than her mission. This is not a game sweet child, we are playing with fire. We cannot let one side of the illusion fail." Shenfu's voice was serious and calm.
"Marro wouldn't let anything happen to us. His brothers are nothing more than advisers, why would I bother myself with the opinion of sheep." Peizhi waved her hand in dismissal but could feel her face flushing. She thought back to all the times the older brothers had brought up the topic of business. Maybe she had been a bit too cavalier with them.
"Oh you sweet, naïve child. And what happens when those sheep start advising Marro that his princess can't even answer their simple questions? Then what?"
"He cares for me, he told me such last night…" Peizhi thought back to the time she had spent with her host.
"You stupid girl! He doesn't care for you! When he looks at you all he sees is himself sitting high on a throne built from your father's riches. It is a lie, he has his reasons just as you have yours. Do you think it is love? I do not want to see either of our heads roll because you forget what the reality is." Shenfu's face was red.
Peizhi had never seen her lose her calm like this before, not in the seventeen years she had known her. She could feel the pinpricks of tears forming in her eyes. Shenfu's expression softened and she came to stand beside the young girl.
"I'm sorry my love. I wish it was simple but I just worry about you." She went to place her hand on the girl's shoulder but Peizhi shrugged it off.
"Get out." Peizhi stood with her arms crossed, she was struggling to keep the tears at bay. The old woman took her hand back, she seemed hurt by her words but didn't push it further. She paused by the door.
"I have arranged for a ship full of goods to be delivered here, they are for our hosts and you will tell them that it is a gift from your father. It should be in the port tomorrow, make sure you mention it tonight." With that Shenfu left the room, leaving her scrolls on the bed.
In a fit of frustration Peizhi threw them off the bed, the ancient paper flew in every direction. Surely Shenfu was wrong, Peizhi could feel it. She looked at herself in the mirror, her hair was tangled and her eyes had begun to redden. She looked a mess, she knew she shouldn't listen to Shenfu but her words still stung.
Behind her in the mirror she saw something move, Peizhi turned around thinking it was Shenfu coming back to apologize.
To her surprise it was the small slave girl, she stood halfway in the room and halfway out. She looked over Peizhi and the strewn scrolls in the room.
"Are you ok Princess? I heard yelling." The small girl said in her quiet voice. Peizhi wiped her eyes, less than pleased to let people see her like this.
"Yes, I'm fine, just an argument. Is the bath ready?" Peizhi straightened herself up, quickly changing the subject.
"Yes your highness, this way." The small girl led her towards the baths, Peizhi was hoping the warm water would wash away her anger. She tried to forget the fight with Shenfu, instead focusing on the dinner she would be getting ready for.
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2015.11.11 20:45 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Mindy Kaling, Ask Me Anything!!

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Date: 2015-11-11
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
How do you feel about The Mindy Project being moved to Hulu? I'm a huge fan! The show on Hulu has let the writers and cast create the best version of it. The creative freedom has allowed us to let moments breathe that we couldn't before, and tell stories that are closer to what I want to be telling. Craig, Mike, and our creative execs Brendan and Jessica have been terrific partners. I know saying "terrific partners" sounds like I'm a robot programmed to say lame banalities, but it's true!
What is the worst date you've ever been on? The worst date I've ever been on was with a guy who I was super excited about, really attracted to, and then on the date it became apparent that it WASNT a date. He was just a straight dude who was psyched to have dinner with me in a platonic way. He talked about an actress he really wanted to date and we split the check. Thus is dating in Los Angeles.
Why did you join Joseph Gordon Levitt on HitRECord TV? Jogo (a nickname he detests and wishes I wouldn't use), asked if I would write and perform something for his show. And I was psyched to do something a little stranger than I have been doing. Then I realized that both Chris and Jogo are great dancers, and the idea came sprang from those resources. I love HitRecord, and I love our short that we did.
What has been the hardest scene to get through without breaking on this season of The Mindy Project? We did a scene recently where Danny and Mindy invite everyone to their engagement party, and Chris and I could NOT stop laughing at Collette (Fortune Feimster). We were trying to delicately remind people it was a classy party and that people were expected to dress well, a little pointedly at her. And Collette was just not understanding it. Fortune's amazingly funny.
I read that you watched The X-Files as a child in your first book, I think, so: are you excited for the revival? Super excited. I was ADDICTED to X-Files. Their episode "Home" is the scariest hour of television I've ever watched. Then I saw Gillian Anderson (G-Money, as I call her) on The Fall, and man, I loved that too. So I'm really excited. I hope Mulder and Scully do it.
What is your favorite episode of Master of None? The second one, with Aziz's real parents is probably my favorite. I love those two people so much. Also, Aziz interacting with them makes me fall in love with him a little. Like when he programmed his dad's iPad for him. Swoon.
Do you still have that vibrating cushion with Oscar Isaac's face on it? Please tell me you do. This was one of my favorite visual jokes we did. My staff all think Oscar Isaac is super sexy, and we want this to be more of a pervasive opinion with the American public. I bet he thinks it's creepy as hell. But such is fame.
Hi! Will Cristina be mentioned at all this season or is that something that you've thought about? We have some great ideas for bringing back Christina. In the second half of the season we're hoping to get Chloe Sevigny back to hear some of her perspective on Danny-Christina's break-up. Chloe is one of my favorite actors.
Did you cry when you watched Inside Out? Yeah. Bing Bong kills me. I've seen in four times and cried each time when Bing Bong whispers to Joy: "I have a good feeling about this one." K, I'm going to start to cry now just quoting it.
What is your favorite episode of The Mindy Project? Why? I love an episode from season two called "Danny Castellano is my Personal Trainer". It was just so funny and body-positive. Also there is an owl in it.
Who / what was your biggest inspiration for The Mindy Project? By the way, I love that damn show so much. Thank you. Probably Pride & Prejudice and South Park? Bridge Jones a little. And of course I was inspired by the jokes-per-minute pace of The Office, since that's where I worked for eight years.
If you were given unlimited funds to do any project (book, film, television series) with no risk, what would you do? I would love to play Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, but I'm not sure any mainstream organization would sponsor that. So that would be the thing I would do with unlimited money.
Hey Mindy! What scene from The Office was hardest to get through without laughing? The Christmas episode where Michael asked Kevin to sit on his lap, and Steve had to pretend to be crushed under his weight. I think I'm laughing on camera.
"What about if I tell you the things I don't want?" "Ok get off, get off." HAHAHA.
Hi Mindy, I love you, my question is will you be expanding your book tour to the midwest (Chicago)? I know you are super busy with The Mindy Project, but you have lots of fans in the middle of the country that would love to meet you. I swear Chicago is cool. I've traveled to see you before at Paleyfest, but my travel budget is smaller than yours so could you head this way? I LOVE CHICAGO. I secretly think I will meet my husband at O'Hare airport. My dream is to do an event there for the book and bring Ike Barinholtz with me and then eat at various Chicago hotspots until we die. Our bloated bodies will wash ashore of Lake Michigan.
What's your average day like? And also, what would you put in your ideal burrito? Ideal burrito: scrambled egg whites, melted cheese, black beans, sour cream, guacamole. NO RICE. NO RICE IN BURRITOS EVER!
Follow-up: What does Ike Barinholtz smell like? Ike smells like Chicago-style hot dogs. And cocaine. And, if we're being totally honest, a little semen-y. (his own semen)
Hi Mindy! What's the probability of a Broad City/Mindy Project crossover? I love Ilana and Abbi. Nothing would make me happier than if Mindy was their gynecologist. Like, they found her on a Groupon.
The chemistry between you and Chris Messina is something powerful. Does this mean y'all are close friends in real life? Thank you! I love Chris. He's the definition of a generous actor. Our scenes are always the easiest to shoot because it feels effortless with him.
Will Adam Pally ever return to The Mindy Project again? If not can you guys at least place a life-size cardboard cutout of him in the background of every scene in his memory? If you like Adam Pally on The Mindy Project, you are going to love Tuesday's episode. It's all me and Peter all the time.
Hello!!! In an episode of The Mindy Project you once said you always run out of shampoo before conditioner. I have literally never run out of shampoo before conditioner...So do you really run out of shampoo before conditioner??? I do! I guess I really suds the hell out of my hair? I have the same conditioner from like 2004. Is my hair too dry? Help!
Hi Mindy! Can your describe what working with Salvador Perez is like and what a day of fittings entails? All the fashion in TMP is such eye candy! Sal is a wonderful genius who also calls me "Spoiled Princess from Hell". We are super collaborative.
Who makes you laugh harder than anyone else? Chris Farley as Matt Foley, inspirational speaker.
Do you often find it difficult being autentic to yourself while being a public figure? I mean this in the sense of the way you express yourself and also in the way you present yourself- do you find yourself having to think about how your opinion will affect the public the public that listens to you? I don't have too much trouble being myself in public. The only side of me that I try to suppress is my impatient side. I'm terribly, terribly impatient.
Which Disney Princess do you think you are most like? I am no princess. I am Ursula the Sea Witch.
If any four people - fictional, real, alive, dead - could be in your entourage, who would you pick? Whoa. Robert Downey Jr, Lupita Nyongo, Gilda Radner, Ronda Rousey.
Hi Mindy! Who would you say is your biggest influence in your acting career? Emma Thompson. Writer performers, in general.
How dare you? Hahaha well played, friend.
Was Kelly's "fashion show at lunch" song improvised or scripted? Hands down one of my favorite little moments of yours in The Office. Such a hilarious character. This line, probably my most quoted lines ever, is 100% Paul Lieberstein.
In your book, you mention that your ideal dinner guest would bring you hot sauce. What is your go-to hot sauce, one which you would want to carry in your purse for emergencies? Thanks for answering our questions, Mindy! Great question. Used to be Sambal Oelek, lately, Cholula. My writer David Stassen got me hooked.
Stassen is a good twitter follow. He's okay.
You have had a lot of amazing guests star on your show (James Franco, Chloe Sevigny, Ellie Kemper are probably my favourites, but the list goes on and on..) That being said, who are the top 3 people on your Mindy Project guest star bucket list? Danny McBride, Idris Elba, Reese.
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2014.11.09 00:08 hopefulhusband I wanted to share my newest run-through!

I started life as Cregan Umber. I spent the first few years of my life content with my lot. I was the lord of a couple small lands, we were poorer than most houses, but I was well liked. I met with King Torrhen and he showed me Ice and I knew that I had to have a Valyrian Blade of my own so I began to search for any information I could find on the beautiful blades.
The years passed and I found myself raising a family, 4 sons and 2 daughters, with 2 sets of twins. I worried less and less about finding a weapon of renown and more of raising my sons to be honorable men and to find my my children all wonderful spouses. One day my son, Robett, was murdered by poachers. I was beset with despair and found myself contemplating suicide. It was in this dark time that an old man found his way to my court.
The old man told me he had heard whispers of ancient blades hidden in a cave deep in a jungle. I listened to all he had to say and knew I had to go find one. So, I used all of my meager resources, knowing that the investment would be good for my house in the long run, and set out in a small trading cog with a sailor I found in Oldtown.
Along the way we were attacked by pirates! I called for a parley and while aboard the pirate ship I attacked, killing the captain and causing disarray aboard the ship and escaped.
Unfortunately in our haste we ran into a storm and our ship capsized. When I came to I was on a beach staring into a deep, dark jungle. As I explored I found the sailor I had left Westeros with. He was mortally wounded after being attacked by a monstrous serpent.
I carried him into a nondescript cave to lay him to rest, but noticed that it was no cave but a man-made tunnel! I began exploring the tunnel and came upon a strange riddle involving wolves and dogs and birds. I solved it, but not before I was hurt by a trap, and a door opened.
Inside of the door was a chest and in that chest my reward, a beautiful Valyrian sword! All of the pain, the trials and cost in gold was worth it!
I slowly found my way back to Last Hearth and returned to being a ruler. A few years later I decided the sword needed a name and so I reforged it. Caught between two names, Titans Bite and Fathers Fury, I tossed a coin. Titans Bite won. It seemed fitting that the Gods would decide to name the blade of the Umber family, Titans Bite, though Fathers Fury would've been just as fit considering that it was the death of my son the set me on my quest.
I spent the last years of my life warring with the hill clans who felt that my lands should be theirs. I died of old age and my Lordship and blade passed on to my son, Jon.
So, apparently, I was wrong. I'm not my son Jon, I'm my grandson Joseth. My vassals, who are all my uncles, despise me. This could be the end of my reign as an Umber
Joseth took over at 15.
And thus began the reign of Joseth Umber, son of Jon who was killed in single combat against the king beyond the wall, grandson of Cregan Umber, who had ventured into the unknown to claim a Valyrian Steel sword for the Umber family.
Joseth lived his life peaceably, not wishing to cause conflict with his uncles, and for the first 10 years of his reign this was possible. However in the 11th year his uncle Donnel, Lord of Seal Shore, declared war claiming he was the rightful Lord of Last Hearth. Joseth raised his banners, but to his despair he found he was outnumbered. Luckily his Master Of Arms, a foreigner named Sang the Terrible of the Jogos Nhai and a brilliant commander, decimated the forces of Donnel Umber, capturing him in battle. Joseth bestowed Seal Shore upon Sang, rewarding him for his loyalty, making the house Sangid of Seal Shore and considering the once nomad a loyal friend.
He then called his uncle for trial. Donnel, knowing he would absolutely lose a regular trial, demanded trial by combat. Joseth, chose to battle his uncle instead of having a champion. They circled each other until Donnel finally struck, but Joseth was wielding Titans Bite and the hand and a half sword flashed up, catching Donnels blade and turning the blow away with a screech and flash of sparks. Unfortunately for Donnel, in his fury of attack he had overstepped and fell. Joseth stood over his uncle, hoping he would yield so that he could take the black, but Donnel would not yield. And so it was that Joseth struck his uncle down, removing his head in one clean strike, earning him the title Kinslayer.
Joseth hated the name the realm put on him, he had never wished to kill his uncle. One day, as he was studying dragons, Sang came to him with information pertaining to the subject. And thus it was that Joseth set out to find a dragon egg. He traveled to Dragonstone first and saw the beauty of the deadly beasts tamed by the Targaryens. From there he decided that if he was to be like his grandfather he would need to travel into Valyria. And so Joseth went and for years he was not seen nor heard from in Last Hearth. His children grew up without a father under the tutelage of Sang.
It was several years before finally Joseth found his way home, scarred from his adventures. But unsuccessful in his quest he decided to spend his remaining days with his children. His heir, Eddric, had grown into a fine, strong, honorable young man who was skilled at commanding men, especially cavalry. His second son, Jon, was more like his mother, patient, kind and many said a genius. Joseth did not have long to marvel at the blessings of his sons as the Boltons of the Dreadfort decided to revolt against the kind King Brandon II. He quickly called his banners and rushed to his Kings aid, taking the Dreadfort while the Bolton host was smashed upon the shores of Widows Watch by a Karstark army.
He found himself invited to King Brandons court to be his Man At Arms and accepted, knowing it would bring much honor to his family. In his next months of service he found himself befriending the king on a personal level and suggested his eldest son, Eddric, marry the kings daughter. After some deliberation King Brandon agreed, much to the delight of Joseth.
After setting such a marriage up Joseth knew that even though he had failed in his quest to bring a dragon into the family that the Umbers would never again be looked down upon in the North. He lived the rest of his life fairly uneventfully, fathering two more children and helping the North quell several rebellions and repelling an attack on the wall by a great wildling host. He served King Brandon II until the king passed he helped usher his son King Torrhen the IV in then returned to his home in Last Hearth where he held a feast, catching up with his vassals and best friend Sang.
Joseth the Kinslayer passed peacefully in his sleep 4 months after returning to Last Hearth. His son, Eddric, took the lordship of Last Hearth and immediately asked his fathers best friend, Sang, to be his castellan.
I will update when the reign of Eddric has ended. Thanks for reading!
Lord Eddric took control of the House Umber and immediately things began to change in the North. He pressed claims against Eastmelt and against Hardhome beyond the Wall. Winning both wars he took control of two new territories in less than a year. Proud of his battle prowess he held a feast and soon became a bit of a gluttonous drunkard.
He was married to the Princess of the North and began to nudge about, seeing if he could press a claim against ruthless King Wayn. However upon receiving a message from the king to cease and desist he decided it best to just sit back and wait.
He grew bored with his life, and with his wife, and soon found his way into the arms of a young woman named Melissa after a drunken night. Upon waking up he realized his situation was dire, for Melissa was his son, Martyn's, wife. He prayed that the Old Gods would forgive him, but soon Melissa came to him as she was with child. He begged her to keep it a secret and pass the child off as Martyn's, but it was not in her nature to be deceitful.
Martyn, Eddrics son and heir, soon came to his father asking to leave for a different court and to be stripped of his inheritance as he could not face his fathers dishonorable actions. Eddric denied his request and instead granted Martyn the Lordship of Eastmelt. Martyn never returned to Last Hearth while his father drew breath.
When the child was born Eddric claimed him and named him Joseth II of his name and brought him to Last Hearth to be tutored and groomed to someday the military forces of the Umbers.
Soon after the King Beyond The Wall raised his banners and attacked the Wall, taking Eastwatch By The Sea before the North could rally. Eddric Umber led a force of 2,000 men against King Ondrew the Just's force of nearly 6,000. Despite the superior force the Wildlings couldn't defeat the Umber force and King Ondrew was captured and promptly surrendered. He was executed in Castle Black by Eddric Umber for his crimes against the realm.
Eddric became known as The Just and returned to Last Hearth. There he lived out his days, drinking, eating and having tumbles with multiple women, until one day his Maester found that the Lord of Last Hearth had drank himself to death. And thus began the rule of Lord Martyn.
Lord Martyn's rule began with war. Lord Jeor of Pinesend pressed a claim on the Lordship of Last Hearth. Lord Martyn destroyed the forces of Pinesend and began to plot his revenge. For years members of the Hill Clans had periodically waged war against the Umbers or would join the Umbers enemies in battle. Lord Martyn would see that ended.
And so he sent his Master of Laws to each province, beginning with Arrendell, to fabricate claims. One by one his claims came to fruition and one by one he pressed his claim. His armies swept Westward, wiping the hill clan forces from Westeros. Finally, only Pinesend remained, Lord Martyn formed the High Lordship of the Hill Clans and became liege lord of Lord Jeor the Umpteenth of Pinesend.
Thinking his work complete Lord Martyn returned home and allowed his armies to rest. The peace was not long lived however as Lord Jeor raised his banners in rebellion. Martyn decided that was it and with flame he scourged the name "Liddle" from the earth and appointed his brother Danny Umber as Lord of Pinesend.
Lord Martyn is dead. He died of gonorrhea and left no heir. His brother, Brandon, claimed the Lordship and started a civil war in the deep north. By the end of the war only a few Umbers, and none of them sons of Eddrick, remained. Brandon is dead, Danny is dead, Rodrik is dead.
The High Lordship of Last Hearth is in the hands of a 16 year old boy named Cregan III. He is a genius, a skilled fighter, a dutiful commander and ruthless. His ascension left him with few loyal vassals and so he set about trying to befriend those he could and preparing for war with those that he couldn't.
He married the lady of Karhold though she was 10 years his senior and ugly to boot. He knew he would need the allies soon.
The hill clans were first to raise their banners. Demanding that Cregan give high lordship of the hills to the Lord of the Wolfswood. Cregan called his loyal bannermen, his allies and a force of mercenaries.
He held Last Hearth with a force of 1,000 and sent the rest of his forces to the hills. Unfortunately they were crushed when a host from the Neck arrived. Cregan petitioned to Queen Lyane of the North to quell this rebellion but he never received a reply.
The hill clans, armies from the Neck and the Lord of Wolfswood besieged Last Hearth and though he and his armies battled to the last man there was no hope.
Cregan and the rest of his family were put to the sword or removed from their roles.
And now the sun has set on the house of Umber...
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2014.10.06 07:34 King_Will_Wedge (Spoilers All) The mystery of Rhaegar, solved?

I’ve seen many people debating here these pasts few months since I joined “what book Rhaegar read?”. It also intrigued me and I came up with a crazy theory about it, but since I had no textual evidence to support it I decided to not make a post, until this post. As you can see I made a comment there and my mind was going full Cersei crazy over it, so here I’m going to try to answer “what book Rhaegar read?” and it’s importance by piecing together Maester Marwyn, Rhaegar, Maester Aemon, Sam, the Sphinx and R+L=J. Let’s look at the facts shall we? This will be a long post I warn you, ok? We begin in AGOT with Mirri Maz Duur having met Maester Marwyn in Asshai:
"My mother was godswife before me, and taught me all the songs and spells most pleasing to the Great Shepherd, and how to make the sacred smokes and ointments from leaf and root and berry. When I was younger and more fair, I went in caravan to Asshai by the Shadow, to learn from their mages. Ships from many lands come to Asshai, so I lingered long to study the healing ways of distant peoples. A moonsinger of the Jogos Nhai gifted me with her birthing songs, a woman of your own riding people taught me the magics of grass and corn and horse, and a maester from the Sunset Lands opened a body for me and showed me all the secrets that hide beneath the skin."
Ser Jorah Mormont spoke up. "A maester?"
"Marwyn, he named himself," the woman replied in the Common Tongue. "From the sea. Beyond the sea. The Seven Lands, he said. Sunset Lands. Where men are iron and dragons rule. He taught me this speech."
"A maester in Asshai," Ser Jorah mused. "Tell me, Godswife, what did this Marwyn wear about his neck?"
"A chain so tight it was like to choke him, Iron Lord, with links of many metals."
Add to that, this quote from the AFFC Prologue:
When Marwyn had returned to Oldtown after spending eight years to the east mapping distant lands, searching for lost books, and studying with warlocks and shadowbinders, Vinegar Vaellyn had dubbed him "Marwyn the Mage.
That’s more than enough proof that Maester Marwyn was indeed in Asshai once. So let’s talk about his book. Rodrik Harlaw has a copy of it at the Ten Towers in AFFC:
"Nuncle." She closed the door behind her. "What reading was so urgent that you leave your guests without a host?"
"Archmaester Marwyn's Book of Lost Books." He lifted his gaze from the page to study her. "Hotho brought me a copy from Oldtown. He has a daughter he would have me wed." Lord Rodrik tapped the book with a long nail. "See here? Marwyn claims to have found three pages of Signs and Portents, visions written down by the maiden daughter of Aenar Targaryen before the Doom came to Valyria.
For those of you who don’t know Daenys Targaryen was Aenar Targaryen’s daughter (and great-great-great-grandmother to Aegon the Conqueror) who dreamed about the Doom of Valyria and convinced a number of Valyrian houses (Targaryens, Velaryons) to leave for Dragonstone to escape it. We see here she apparently wrote her visions in this book “Signs and Portents”, and that Marwyn found three pages of it and included it in his book. We also see that the “Book of Lost Books” can be bought at Oldtown, how rare or expensive it is we don’t know, but we also don’t know what it contains. Complete transcription of those three pages? Retelling of these three pages? Or just parts of the text? I believe that Maester Marwyn came by these pages in Asshai, and that he published either all of it, or part of it in his book. I also believe that the “Book of Lost Books” or the original three pages is what Rhaegar was reading here:
“As a young boy, the Prince of Dragonstone was bookish to a fault. He was reading so early that men said Queen Rhaella must have swallowed some books and a candle whilst he was in her womb. Rhaegar took no interest in the play of other children. The maesters were awed by his wits, but his father's knights would jest sourly that Baelor the Blessed had been born again. Until one day Prince Rhaegar found something in his scrolls that changed him. No one knows what it might have been, only that the boy suddenly appeared early one morning in the yard as the knights were donning their steel. He walked up to Ser Willem Darry, the master-at-arms, and said, ‘I will require sword and armor. It seems I must be a warrior.’”
This is according to our man Barristan in ASOS. This makes me believe that Daenys foresaw not only the Doom, but The Prince That Was Promised and wrote in her book about it, in a poem called “A Song of Ice and Fire”. After Rhaegar read it he changed, to one day become a warrior he started training as a knight. I believe he may have read the “Book of Lost Books” or maybe the three pages itself (since it was Targaryen business maybe Rhaegar managed to convince Marwyn to show it to him). Soon he found a wife and had two children, and he thought the youngest, Aegon, was the Song of Ice and Fire as we can in Dany’s vision at the HotU in ACOK:
Viserys, was her first thought the next time she paused, but a second glance told her otherwise. The man had her brother's hair, but he was taller, and his eyes were a dark indigo rather than lilac. "Aegon," he said to a woman nursing a newborn babe in a great wooden bed. "What better name for a king?"
"Will you make a song for him?" the woman asked.
"He has a song," the man replied. "He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire." He looked up when he said it and his eyes met Dany's, and it seemed as if he saw her standing there beyond the door. "There must be one more," he said, though whether he was speaking to her or the woman in the bed she could not say. "The dragon has three heads." He went to the window seat, picked up a harp, and ran his fingers lightly over its silvery strings. Sweet sadness filled the room as man and wife and babe faded like the morning mist, only the music lingering behind to speed her on her way.
Now what lead Rhaegar to believe “there must be one more” I don’t know, maybe it had nothing to do with the book, or maybe it did, I really don’t know, but let’s move on to Jorah:
Dany could not let it go. "His is the song of ice and fire, my brother said. I'm certain it was my brother. Not Viserys, Rhaegar. He had a harp with silver strings."
Ser Jorah's frown deepened until his eyebrows came together. "Prince Rhaegar played such a harp," he conceded. "You saw him?"
She nodded. "There was a woman in a bed with a babe at her breast. My brother said the babe was the prince that was promised and told her to name him Aegon."
"Prince Aegon was Rhaegar's heir by Elia of Dorne," Ser Jorah said. "But if he was this prince that was promised, the promise was broken along with his skull when the Lannisters dashed his head against a wall."
"I remember," Dany said sadly. "They murdered Rhaegar's daughter as well, the little princess. Rhaenys, she was named, like Aegon's sister. There was no Visenya, but he said the dragon has three heads. What is the song of ice and fire?"
"It's no song I've ever heard."
In ACOK again, Jorah haven’t heard it, and since no one else mentions it during the books it’s easy to assume it’s not something easily known, maybe because it’s only in those three pages that may have/have not been fully transcripted in the “Book of Lost Books”, that Rhaegar read. Moving on to Elia, according to Jon Conington in ADWD:
Jon Connington remembered Prince Rhaegar's wedding all too well. Elia was never worthy of him. She was frail and sickly from the first, and childbirth only left her weaker. After the birth of Princess Rhaenys, her mother had been bedridden for half a year, and Prince Aegon's birth had almost been the death of her. She would bear no more children, the maesters told Prince Rhaegar afterward.
For some reason, maybe the book/pages or something else, Rhaegar felt like he needed another son, maybe he soon realized Aegon was not TPTWP and looked for another child, but Elia couldn’t conceive anymore, which led him to Lyanna. I’m not going to dive fully into the circumstances of their relationship, that’s not what this post is about but let’s point out the details in a fast manner. We know Rhaegar crowned Lyanna his Queen of Love and Beauty at the Tourney of Harrenhal, we believe they met when Rhaegar was sent to find the King of the Laughing Tree (which I believe was her), we know they may have fallen in love and one year later he “kidnapped” her. We don’t know what these two did at the Tower of Joy, we assume they just boinked like crazy trying to make a baby, but what if…..
Here it’s where it gets a little tinfoil-ish. During the war Rhaegar was absent, possibly for baby-making reasons, but maybe he took a little trip in between fucks and went to Oldtown to take a look at the prophecy again, to make sure this war he created was in just cause. I suspect Rhaegar of going to Oldtown and seeing Maester Marwyn, talking to him about the prophecy and asking for the pages. I believe Marwyn complied and swore secrecy on the matter (why? who knows), promising to not reveal the truth to anyone but a Targaryen. I also believe Rhaegar hid the pages and notes from him detailing what happened with Lyanna, maybe some sort of “last will”. Where did he hide it? Well the Sphinxes. Check the Citadel entrance according to Samin AFFC:
The gates of the Citadel were flanked by a pair of towering green sphinxes with the bodies of lions, the wings of eagles, and the tails of serpents. One had a man's face, one a woman's.
But why do I think there’s a connection here? Well there’s this from another Sam chapter in AFFC about Maester Aemon:
That had been one of his last good days. After that the old man spent more time sleeping than awake, curled up beneath a pile of furs in the captain's cabin. Sometimes he would mutter in his sleep. When he woke he'd call for Sam, insisting that he had to tell him something, but oft as not he would have forgotten what he meant to say by the time that Sam arrived. Even when he did recall, his talk was all a jumble. He spoke of dreams and never named the dreamer, of a glass candle that could not be lit and eggs that would not hatch. He said the sphinx was the riddle, not the riddler, whatever that meant. He asked Sam to read for him from a book by Septon Barth, whose writings had been burned during the reign of Baelor the Blessed. Once he woke up weeping. "The dragon must have three heads," he wailed, "but I am too old and frail to be one of them. I should be with her, showing her the way, but my body has betrayed me."
We gather three things from this quote. 1) “the sphinx was the riddle, not the riddler”. 2) “The dragon must have three heads”. 3) “I should be with her, showing her the way”. Let’s analyze it. Beginning with 3, it’s clear from a previous passage that Aemon, in his last days, believed that Dany is TPTWP; I’m not going to go further into that as I believe it is Jon and Aemon just had it wrong. 2) Again the three heads, why is it important? Maybe the prophecy stated there should be three and one of them would be TPTWP? Who knows! The important is, if it’s related to the prophecy, how did Aemon know? I’ll talk about that in a moment. 1) “the sphinx was the riddle, not the riddler”, you’ve probably seen many posts debating this, and I myself spent a good deal of time theorizing. I now believe Aemon knew about the hidden book’s location and was trying to tell Sam for him to find it, knowing it could be of importance to (and back to point one) Daenerys, now knowing it was of importance to Jon! Let’s look at another quote by Maester Aemon in AFFC:
It was a prince that was promised, not a princess. Rhaegar, I thought . . . the smoke was from the fire that devoured Summerhall on the day of his birth, the salt from the tears shed for those who died. He shared my belief when he was young, but later he became persuaded that it was his own son who fulfilled the prophecy, for a comet had been seen above King's Landing on the night Aegon was conceived, and Rhaegar was certain the bleeding star had to be a comet. What fools we were, who thought ourselves so wise!
Fools indeed, for it was Jon all along! But the main point of this quote is to prove that Aemon and Rhaegar remained in contact through the years, so it’s out of the realm of possibility that Rhaegar talked to Aemon about the book, about the fact that “The dragon must have three heads” (solved point 2). What remains is how Aemon knew of the sphinx, for which I have two explanations, pick your favorite: 1) After Rhaegar departed the Citadel a letter was sent to Aemon by Marwyn at his request. The letter explained that he had hidden information about TPTWP on a Sphinx at Oldtown and that it would be important to them. Since all Targaryens soon died and Maester Aemon couldn’t leave The Wall he put that behind him. 2) Maester Aemon was simply having Dragon Dreams. and had foreseen the location of the book.
Now Sam is at the Citadel, and GRRM wouldn’t put him there if something important wasn’t about to go down, and I don’t think it’s just Pate/Jaqen or to know more about the Archmaester and how they may have killed dragons/tried to kill magic, I think it’s because Sam will lead us to proof about R+L=J and once he returns North (hopefully, we do know how George is right?) he can tell Jon or bring more proof in case by the Howland Reed had spilled the beans already. Now I understand this is may be a lot to believe, it has many ifs and maybes, but even if you don’t believe the part about the Sphinx, I think it’s almost certain that Marwyn’s book is the one that changed Rhaegar.
I turn to you guys now, how crazy am I? Does this make sense? How do you feel about this theory, or certain parts of it? Please some criticism and feedback about it would be greatly appreciated because this took hours to make. Thank you for reading and have a great week!
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