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Chevy Express 1500 AWD / 2500 for daily driving family car?

2020.10.05 01:03 EquinoxAdventure Chevy Express 1500 AWD / 2500 for daily driving family car?

I’ll start by saying that I in no way will be using this vehicle for work in which I get paid. It will be used for flipping homes as we move and towing trailers (snowmobile, cars, camping, yard stuff) and used as a daily driver with a 60km round trip though with COVID I haven’t gone into the office since March and not sure what the future holds.
I live in Canada with an annual snowfall of 10-15’ on average. I grew up driving work vans as my father had a renovation company for 20 years, my first car was an 85’ Econoline so definitely not my first rodeo.
We have a family of four but have extended family with us quite a bit. We’re an outdoors family and before children the wife and I would canoe or hike 50-60 days a year and will eventually return to that lifestyle. Add in mountain bikes, kayaks, fishing gear, or hunting gear and I’m anticipating loading up the vehicle with something most weekends. There will be dogs as well.
Normally I’d be like most in my area and pick up a crew cab pickup but the sticker price for new and the insanely high used prices (2015 with current used finance rates are ~5-6000 less than new and 120,000 km) I don’t want to jump into fleeing financially strapped with a young family. My father recommended I look at a Chevy Express/Savana AWD from 2014 and honestly it seems to have all the capabilities of a truck (towing) with the added space and ability to keep gear dry without the need for annoying tonneau or bed caps.
I can find AWD variants for ~20,000 and RWD for 16,000. That’s a price I’m comfortable with as I can sell my GTI and practically break even without any extra debt. The gas mileage sucks either way and between a crew cab truck and the AWD Express the difference is negligible. My wife thinks I’m nuts but once you get past the appearance you realize you get some serious utility that can tow our gear without issue.
Any alternatives? I’d love a Sienna or Sedona but they just can’t tow enough for us.
Thanks for any insight.
PS I won’t be turning this into a van life project. It’ll stay stock and be driven for 200,000km if I have my way with it.
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2020.08.28 01:58 Go_fasterrr [Western NY] 2000 GMC Savana 3500 96k miles

2000 GMC Savana 3500 Gas Engine 96,000 miles, leaking coolant, needs two tires and battery. No leaks inside Owned by Dept of corrections and then later used as a daily Driver before sitting for 5 years $1,500
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2020.05.24 02:14 ethan324jones ITAP of the Savana river, GA

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2020.04.23 23:31 felixthecatmeow Having intermittent stalling/power issues

So I've got a 2003 GMC Savana 2500. A couple months ago, it started idling rough when cold. Once it warmed up it would smooth out and be fine. This got progressively worse until it would stall when cold unless I was revving it up a bit. Eventually it got worse and was running rough even when hot but not as bad. A couple times it had issues starting, until one time it just wouldn't start. (Dry ticking sound instead of cranking) I fully charged the battery and it started fine but was running terribly and almost stalling every time I slowed down and I noticed the battery gauge dipping way down every time I slowed down to stop. And then it did stall and the battery light came on. So I thought bad alternator, but wasn't sure because the issues never seemed to be power related previously. Always thought it was fuel since it mostly happened at low temps.
So I brought it to a shop, asking to check the alternator, he said the alternator tested fine, said doing a whole tune up might help, and he found a vacuum leak, so he fixed that and did a tuneup (new spark plugs and whole deal). It ran great for a couple weeks, very noticeable difference, a few odd noises when running cold but running strong, no idle issues, noticeably more power.
Then one morning it wouldn't start, not even dry ticking this time just nothing, no lights, nada. It had been pretty cold and I hadn't drove it in a couple days, so I thought bad battery. I needed the van asap and theres a parts shop next door so I just impulse bought a new battery. Drove 30 minutes with it, stopped for food, and it doesn't start again. Same thing, just no power whatsoever. I literally just sat there pissed off for 5 minutes, tried it again and it started right up, drove fine, idled fine, no problems whatsoever. Started right up later in the day.
It ran fine for a few weeks after that, no issues starting, idling, nothing, but the battery light always came on when I turned the key to on, but once it started it would go away. A couple days ago I started it and it was idling like shit stalling if I wasn't hitting the gas. I drove to pickup my wife and every time I wanted to stop I had to put it in neutral and hit the gas while braking with my left foot or else it would stall. Same thing as before the battery gauge would dip way down every time I slowed down. Every time it did stall the battery light would come on. But it started right back up. Then I parked and waited 15 mins for my wife, and afterwards it started right up and ran totally fine all the way home.
Drove it a handful of times after that with no problems, except the battery light coming on before starting. Then yesterday it wouldn't start, dry ticking on first crank, then just absolutely nothing. Then I opened the hood and the alarm went off (?). So I closed the hood and tried it again and it started. Running horrible though. Barely managed to drive it home, stalled 4 times, 1 time struggled to start back up. It was quite low on fuel but I didn't want to detour to fill it up. Light had just come on.
Now I'm wondering what the hell to do because if I bring it to a shop it might just run fine and they'll do some random work they think might help and cost me loads. It's so intermittent it's tough to figure out.
(Possibly) interesting bit of information:
The van has an alarm system, and when I unlock it, it usually beeps twice, but if the alarm has gone off since last locked, it beeps 4 times. I find that it beeps 4 times VERY often (like 1/2 times). And the alarm is weirdly sensitive like will go off sometimes when closing a door, even if the doors are unlocked. Anytime I even touch the battery cables it goes off.
Sorry for the massive post, I just wanted to put as much information as possible since it doesn't seem like a simple issue.
Any help is much much appreciated!
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2020.02.10 03:11 XavierSarkisian movie based on the story of The Night that the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Now heads up, I'm an Armenian-born Canadian and only briefly stopped in a town in Northern Georgia once to refuel when I was in the Eastern U.S. with a few friends of mine, so I know almost nothing about Georgia save what a couple friends from GA have told me. Hence is why I am posting this here to GA's subredit.
One of the first songs I remember hearing was the Vicki Lawrence 1973 song the Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, a song that my Dominican girlfriend is absolutely in love with.
We may visit Georgia in the future and would love to learn more about it.
Anyway, what if they made a movie based on the story of that song?
I know they made a movie in 1981 named for the song, but that movie has almost nothing what so eve rto do with the Vicki Lawrence classic.
I'd like to know from some Georgians their thoughts on some of these elements of the hypothetical movie if they ever did make one:

  1. what would be a good name for the brother and the little sister mentioned in the song?
  2. The brothe ris the guy that went from Candletop to th ehome town only to find out that his woman was cheeting with a guy named Seth Amos and Andy Wolloe, and was th eone hung for Andy's murder despite not having had the chance to commit it.
  3. The little sister is the narrator and the one who killed not only Andy but the wife/girlfriend of the brother.
Some names I have thought of for the sister include:
Georgina Callander (named after a friend of mine form Savana, Georgia who was both a vietnam war nurse and a plane mechanic, she always wanted her name to be in a movie.)
Other names we thought of for this character are Chloe Michaels and Harriet Webster

For the brother's name, I thought of either Henry Callander, Henry Michaels or Michael Webster.

  1. what should the brother's wife be named? I thought of maybe Karen, Mary or Fran.

  1. where should the home town be where the story takes place?
  2. what is Candletop and where should it be? I'm thinking that maybe it could be a jailhouse as the brother spends two weeks there, although it could be another town.

Finally 5, who are some actors you think should play what rolls in the movie?
I'd hope that they include Vicki Lawrence as a cameo in the movie, since it's telling the exact same story as her song, only as a movie instead of a 3 minute song.

Bonus: should it be animated or live action?

I wanted to ask Georgia as I thought people from Georgia would be able to tell me what they think would be cool about a movie set in their state, granted it'd be early 20th century Georgia but still.
PS, I'm blind and use a screen-reader so I don't always pick up on my spelling errors, sorry about that.
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2019.12.25 05:10 Southern-Log Is urban van dwelling something I can handle?

Posted in weekly questions, forgive me. I am new, hoping for some help and pointers. Some details about my situation: I am considering van dwelling in an urban setting. I think I can park at the parking deck at work. It's shaded during the day. Additionally, there is a nearby Walmart. And a few hotels that might be options for stealth dwelling. I am very inexperienced, so I am working on creating a list of 10 places to rotate among.
I need to build out a van. I have No pets. I have a job. I will only use the van at night.
I have access to power tools over weekends but not much past weekends. I can buy some tools, but I would like to avoid buying just to do the build-out. I expect to need the van to live in for 14 maybe 18 months starting in mid to late-February .
I do not currently own a van, but have found some preferred options 2005 or newer Chevrolet Express or GMC Savana. the parking deck I want to use has a 6'8 clearance. I live in the near the Atlanta area so I will be dealing with a variety of temperatures. Feb it gets into the single digits at night and in July the mid day temp can get to 100. I will have access to a gym, shower, and bathroom if needed 24-7. I intend to use the gym for shower and bathroom. My work has microwave and bathroom and I have 24 hour access. I don't think coming and going to and from work after 10 or so at night would be a good idea. I want to keep things at work cool.
I need stealth so I was looking at using a standard partition or vinyl partition in the van. Making use of only the space in the back behind what is the standard work van partition. Blacking out the small holes so the van can be parked. I have access to a shower, and do not plan to handle much more than minimal food needs and prep in my van. I am very tall, 80 inches, So i will need to get a Twin XL to sleep on. or accommodate my height some other way. This means the bed has to go the length of the van. I have a job and as such I will need to keep hanging clothes, shoes, and a few jackets for work. additionally since i am going to utilize a gym for some of my needs I will need a place to store changes of gym clothes and used gym clothes. I would also like a rather robust electrical system. I would like lighting, charging for phone and laptop. I would also like a TV 24-32 inches. 32 might be too large, but i may look at it on a swivel or arm, and a connection to a digital antenna. i would like fans something to help with feeling cool and air circulation internally and a vent fan or multiple if it is recommend. i would also need an inverter more than likely. I expect that I will need plenty of power. Bluetooth speaker. On ac power I have an alarm clock and white noise machine I like to use. I have the idea to heat and cool off of battery for 6-7 hours a night if possible. but i do not know if it is possible. I expect for this to require gas of some kind or to use sleeping bags. I can leave the van parked in the sun all day near the lot where i work. I may use some ikea furniture for storage and other needs. I would also like to install a backup camera, and security camera at 3 other sides if that is feasible and plug them to the tv. Questions I have. How to best do ventilation for under the bed? Do i need insulation? or something for noise reduction? Where to store the battery or batteries, how to wire? Solar capacity? Do I need a sink? Layout options / opinions? I have many questions, and some uncertainty as to take this step. years ago i lived out of my car for a few months, but this is going to be a much longer time frame. What have i left out? how do I do this? The amount of information on YouTube is unreal. The FAQ does have a good start on things. Maybe to suggest a layout, power and wiring, and other suggestions. I feel so overwhelmed.
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2019.09.23 18:15 WeaponlordDotUs Cubic mini woodstove or propane furnace?

Ok van family, I'm at a crossroads here. I live in Seattle and it's been stupid shitty and cold the last few winters.
Long story short I want a legit heating solution this year. Want a cubic mini (on sale right now) or a propane furnace. Currently leaning towards the woodstove other option would be diesel heater but I'm not super keen on that.
I'm an urban dweller often staying on a friends private property. I have the tallest fiberine top on my 99 GMC Savana so there's tons of space but mounting smoke stack hardware seems it might be difficult with the way my roof is.
I guess I'm just looking for opinions and I'm thinking when I'm off work today at three I'm going to order everything for the heating situation. I have an unlimited supply of scrap wood, so not paying for propane sounds VERY appealing. Also worried about gas leaks and it's super inconvenient to get LP in Seattle. Anyway cheers lmk if you have an opinion.
So I'm going Chinese diesel heater y'all. I have a door with a big dent in it so gonna kill two birds with one stone and put the vents there. Diesel is easier to get than propane in Seattle, and I don't want to rearrange my solar array to fit a smokestack. My van is already almost 10 feet tall anyway.
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2019.08.14 16:41 SirTee_Fried Getting Insurance Help (Ontario, Canada Focus - But Applicable to All)

(DIY)-Class B Camper Insurance is very tricky to access in Ontario - much more so than in other Canadian provinces - but take heart, it isn't impossible. If you're an Ontarian vandweller then you already know this to be true - and if you would like to become one (or just want some ideas from a to-be-vandweller who just got insurance), then hopefully I can impart some of the wisdom I have found/been-given with this post. Many of these tips might help other Canadian/foreign insurance-seekers as well - either way: u/SirTee_Fried wishes you open roads and life-long adventures.
*Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an insurance expert, merely a young to-be-vandweller who was able to get insurance in a very-difficult region (with the help of great fellow vandwellers, online research, and on-call info). This is me trying to "pay if forward" and be a (van)neighborly Canadian. I cannot guarantee that these tips will work but this is what I found has worked for me thus far.
Context: Ontario is Canada's southern-most, central province and hosts the nation's capital (Ottawa) and most-populated city (Toronto). With the far-largest population and economy among all 13 provinces/territories, Ontario serves as the industrial/economic heart of the country (no disrespect to other provinces - they are all exceptional in their own right - just placing ON into-context for foreigners) - however with this considered, ON insurance companies benefit from a far-broader demand base (making them unnaturally "stingy"/risk-adverse, particularly re: van conversions).
Tip 1: Don't lie to insurance providers about discoverable modifications/parts or usage routines. You may feel that you are finessing an agent into a deal, but in fact you're finessing yourself - as you may end up paying thousands in premiums before being denied hard when you actually need to make a claim.
Raj is planning to build-out a cargo van, and believes he is making a play by insuring the vehicle as a personal-use van while actually using it as a motorhome. Two years go by, no incident, and the insurance company makes its premiums; Raj has a blessed time with the extra money. One day, Raj hits a hefty moose bull on Hwy.400 while travelling toward Algonquin - his vehicle and home are totaled. Insurance finds out (from the wreckage/police reports) that Raj was living inside (found a bed/furniture/appliances/etc.) - and denies him all coverage + throws him off plan. Insurance = premiums pocketed + zero liability, Raj = homeless, probably now in-debt. Now imagine if he hit someone instead of the moose.
Tip 2: Dealing with insurance companies is more about language and less about content. This is a delicate balance when also considering Tip 1. When communicating with an advisor, understand that they are listening-closely for trigger words that suggest to them "risky investment" - so you will need to actively work against giving them this suggestion. Also understand: a DIY-Class B Camper Conversion initially-represents a very uncommon, highly-risky project in the mind of the average insurance advisor. You need to be able to control their understanding of your project as best as possible - and guide the conversation toward themes that inspire greater confidence. For example:
Raj: "I'm planning on building a Class-B camper from a GMC Savana, what can you do for me?" (Advisor: "Ugh... sounds risky. I'm going to tell him "no" and move onto the next call." vs. Raj: "I'm planning on building a Class-B camper from a GMC Savana - and building it to meet the MTO (Ministry of Transportation ON) standards for a motorhome. I haven't started the build yet, and am looking to work with you throughout the process such that I can meet all of your standards, have professionals run certification assessments, and insure a safe, MTO-registered motorhome." (Advisor: "Okay... sounds a bit risky but perhaps we can work something out. Let's talk further.")
Tip 3: Engage with insurance companies prior to your build. While I have limited experience (disclaimer above), I understand that insurance companies are looking to have as much control in the process as possible - to ensure that they are onboarding the lowest-risk possible. Give advisors this feeling of greater control in your build and permit them the ability to push back on riskier parts (thereby mapping out what they will/won't accept) - and you may have greater luck.
Advisor: "Oh, so you haven't even built this vehicle yet?", Raj: "Precisely. I wanted to speak with you - an insurance provider - to ensure that you feel comfortable with every modification-made and that I end up with a safe, MTO-registered, and insurable vehicle.", Advisor: "Well, those custom solar panel racks you were mentioning sound very risky... you would be welding them to the exterior of the vehicle?", Raj: "Don't need to; I could elect rather for flexible solar panels attached to the top instead of welding a frame?", Advisor: "Well, that would make us more comfortable - let's talk further."
Tip 4: Getting DIY-Class B Insurance is not a Company v. Company game - it will more-likely be an Advisor v. Advisor game (often within the same company). "No" from one advisor often isn't definitive, and I have found that advisors have a huge degree of interpretational latitude and play a large role in convincing their underwriters whethenot to offer a quote. I recommend creating a number-roster of insurance provider advisors within your region (multiple from one company, different companies, brokerages, etc.) and calling each of them until you get further or are given a quote. Also, reach out to established fellow vandwellers from your province/territory/state/etc. for the names of their insurance advisors (those that signed them onto the plan) - these advisors often are more-experienced/more willing-to-help/have a history of helping. Be kind and be polite; we are Canadians but do understand that you will be considered an internet stranger - we may help, but you aren't entitled to help. (PS: I'm going to hold onto the name of my agent for the time-being - because I'm not even "off the ground" and want to make sure there aren't any complications with him/her feeling like he/she made a poor call after getting swarmed with Class B quote-requests - but once I'm established (I'll edit this post saying so) + have been on the plan for a while, ask and I'll tell you.)
Ontario has a wide array of insurance companies, many of which have trained their advisors to quickly deflect your conversation to "no", "we'll get back to you in a few days", or "I'll pass you along to facility insurance*" if they hear of riskier investments (re: DIY-Conversions). This is not nearly as much the case in other provinces (particularly British Columbia, Quebec - which have semi/public insurance programs). Intact Insurance and The Personal Group I've heard sometimesoffer solutions, but the best company (by far) I have heard of in Ontario is The Co-Operators (they even say "converted buses and vans" on their site - bring this up if you get push-back). For The Co-Operators: go to this advisor-finder portal, compile a list of potential agents in your city/area (Northern Ontarian/rural branches may have more-experience with camper conversions than Southern Ontarian branches, but that's just conjecture), and get on the phone (using Tip 2). Every call (or even every failure) increases your knowledge of how to present your case, and also may bring you closer to that special agent who is having a "good day" (Timmies unburnt, Hwy.401 was smooth, upcoming weekend up north, etc.). Brokers increase the price somewhat, but also are highly-familiar with the industry and may find solutions which would be otherwise inaccessible. Facility insurance*, provided through The Facility Association, is the Ontarian solution to solving the "legally-entitled to insurance, but too high-risk for any of the companies" dilemma that vandwellers often are (unfairly) placed into. This will cost you, make no mistake about it, let's hope that you find another provider.
Tip 5: Finally, here's the link to the Ministry of Transportation Motor Vehicle Safety Act with definitions for the "motor home" registration you will be building toward - this was useful in assuring insurance companies that you in-fact are going to be registered as a motorhome with the government. Search for "motor home" within the link and you will find the MTO standard for motorhomes.
Hope this helps you, whether you're from Ontario/Canada/abroad. Someday soon, my own build will be complete (with insurance arranged, it's only a matter of time) - and when that day comes, I'll hope to see you out on the open road.
Peace, u/SirTee_Fried
TLDR: Don't lie to insurance companies, use language that guides advisor-understanding toward trust (don't let them just interpret you - be clear and volunteer risk-minimizing details), engage companies before you build, engage with multiple advisors + companies (recommend The Co-Operators/The Personal Group, but other companies help too).
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    1. Arkansas Graffiti (159 points, 10 comments)
    2. Fayetteville Arkansas Streetart (Cross post streetart they seemed to like this one - FYI really neat site for AR as we have so much GREAT art here!!) (109 points, 5 comments)
    3. BBB Hoghaus, Fayetteville (Crosspost streetart) (108 points, 8 comments)
    4. Inside the sanctuary of Thorncrown Chapel located in the Ozark Mountains. It measures 48 feet high, 60 feet long and a mere 24 feet wide and has a central skylight. [1877 × 2880] (Cross post RoomPorn) (85 points, 14 comments)
    5. Saturday Fayetteville Farmers Market!! (82 points, 3 comments)
    6. TIL Arkansas is the only state where rentals don't have a warranty of habitability. So, landlords can knowingly rent dangerous or otherwise uninhabitable properties with no recourse for the renter. (Cross post all) (67 points, 12 comments)
    7. TIL Crystal Bridges has one of the most expensive paintings (+$44M) ever done by a woman. On display through 9/2018. (65 points, 13 comments)
    8. TIL Ostriches used to be the #1 tourist attraction in Hot Springs, Arkansas (55 points, 6 comments)
    9. This one is hard, but I eat lunch here often and he always reminds me. (47 points, 7 comments)
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    1. Both senators Boozeman and Cotton voted to monitor your internet activity for financial gain. (144 points, 30 comments)
    2. Maureen Skinner is starting her campaign to challenge Jason Rappert tonight. (115 points, 1 comment)
    3. Boozeman supports evidence of Russia meddling. (99 points, 98 comments)
    4. 2019 ARKANSAS RIVER FLOOD INFO MEGATHREAD (82 points, 30 comments)
    5. Welcome to Cabot. (68 points, 9 comments)
    6. Comedian Ralphie May (Clarksville, AR native) dies at age 45, according to TMZ report WPMT FOX43 (55 points, 3 comments)
    7. Boozeman listed as opposing GOP senate health care bill (54 points, 3 comments)
    8. Personal favorite moment in the Tom Cotton Townhall where the kid asks about PBS and the wall. (53 points, 22 comments)
    9. Welcome home. (53 points, 51 comments)
    10. Tangentially Arkansas Related: Former executive at Preferred Family Healthcare pleads guilty to concealment of $30M embezzlement scheme (of which Arkansas tax payer funds made up a portion) (48 points, 2 comments)
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    2. Medical Marijuana ballot title approved by Attorney General (75 points, 44 comments)
    3. 84% of Arkansans support doctor prescribed Medical Marijuana TalkBusiness (60 points, 7 comments)
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    5. I'm pretty sure this is the only time I've wanted to vacation in the Batesville area... (55 points, 7 comments)
    6. Jonesboro Dentist edits himself into Star Wars for a commercial; makes it on Jimmy Kimmel (54 points, 3 comments)
    7. Daylight Savings Time PSA: (52 points, 9 comments)
    8. Shoeless John Daly drives a ball off a beer can and chugs it, all while smoking (51 points, 4 comments)
    9. Arkansas Trump Inaugural Gala in D.C. cancelled, organizers cite low demand (47 points, 17 comments)
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    2. Governor's son charged with DWI ... again (120 points, 29 comments)
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    6. Beebe vetoes 20-week abortion ban (65 points, 29 comments)
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    10. Infrared imagery of April 28-30 storms (43 points, 8 comments)
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    1. The Glory Hole Falls, north Central Arkansas in the winter (94 points, 7 comments)
    2. I see a lot of people do not like Jason Rapert. Someone is running against him. (85 points, 18 comments)
    3. [{paywall??] UofA student is falsely arrested over fake threats , FB texts that were edited and photoshopped. Mean girls, in real life.]( (80 points, 11 comments)
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    9. Most People Don't Know There's a Kayak Park Hiding In Arkansas (50 points, 11 comments)
    10. Incredibly offensive radio ad in Ft. Smith, (46 points, 13 comments)
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    1. Meteor as viewed from Central Arkansas - Nov 2nd, 2018 (119 points, 15 comments)
    2. The Arkansas State Capitol was shrouded in fog the other night (98 points, 3 comments)
    3. TIL that Arkansas is believed to be the birthplace of cheese dip (75 points, 14 comments)
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    5. At 116, Arkansas woman Gertrude Weaver named oldest American (57 points, 0 comments)
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    7. I hiked the Goat Trail yesterday. Here are some pictures in no particular order. (51 points, 11 comments)
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    10. All Arkansas National Guards on U.S. soil for 1st time in 10 years (44 points, 5 comments)
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    1. In Little Rock right now- Special thanks to Senator Jason Rapert (209 points, 79 comments)
    2. At the Arkansas State Capital right now. (135 points, 67 comments)
    3. Representative Jim Sorvillo needs some assistance on figuring out how handicap parking works. (104 points, 12 comments)
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    6. Lawyer offers free help to gay couples seeking Arkansas marriage license (46 points, 4 comments)
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    1. Documents Show Centerton Police Altered Accident Report Involving Bentonville Officer’s Daughter Fort Smith/Fayetteville News (92 points, 20 comments)
    2. Holocaust Remembrance Day Event In Russellville Interrupted By White Supremacists Rally Fort Smith/Fayetteville News (80 points, 18 comments)
    3. Construction of I-630 in Little Rock, with downtown skyline in the background (79 points, 23 comments)
    4. Alex Collins Named SEC Freshman Of The Year (55 points, 4 comments)
    5. West Fork Changed To “West Finger” In New True Detective Series Fort Smith/Fayetteville News (55 points, 9 comments)
    6. Fort Smith Man Sentenced For Sex Trafficking Says He’ll ‘Die Pimping’ (54 points, 6 comments)
    7. Arkansas State Police Trooper Called An Extreme Liability By Lieutenant (49 points, 4 comments)
    8. Bid To Strip Confederate Link From Arkansas Flag Rejected Fort Smith/Fayetteville News (48 points, 14 comments)
    9. Bobby Portis Named SEC Player Of The Year (48 points, 8 comments)
    10. Former Razorback Baseball Player Graduates After 40 Years Fort Smith/Fayetteville News (44 points, 2 comments)
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    1. This is French Hill. He sold me, my fellow Arkansans, and this nation to the telecom lobby for the price of $0. He just thinks its a good idea. (284 points, 22 comments)
    2. Van Jones: Tom Cotton is on the wrong side of the facts -- and history (133 points, 28 comments)
    3. Boaters dies after sinkhole opens up on the Spring River in Arkansas (73 points, 18 comments)
    4. No Moms allowed. Fathers Day weekend with kids on the Buffalo River. (57 points, 16 comments)

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  8. 107 points: hockeypup's comment in Arkansas Senate approves Down syndrome abortion ban
  9. 102 points: helveticaman's comment in Here's one thing I can't wrap my head around, with this whole Medicaid work requirement debacle - why on earth are they shutting down the website at 9 PM every night?
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2019.05.07 14:36 AllOfEveryone The Hide of A Skinwalker

“$7.66, today.” I say in the usual customer-service voice. You know, the monotone one that sounds polite and annoyed at the same time? Yeah... that one.
My name’s Dean. I work overnights at a gas station in the middle of “ass crack, nowhere”. That’s code for Tusayan, AZ. To be fair, it pays pretty well and all I have to do is smoke quickly and rip ass without any customers catching me, but let’s be real, they always do. Except for one night. Some dude came in, freaked out.
“Oh, my God! You have to help me! Please, I’m begging you!” He says as I think ‘oh, God, another one...’
“With what, Sir?” I say.
“My girlfriend, she’s been kidnapped!” He says.
“Ok, gimme a minute.” I say as I grab the phone from behind me. “Mind giving some details? Where y’all were at, who took her? What happened?” I dial 911.
“You’re not going to believe me!” He cries.
“Well, son of a fuck! I have to tell the cops something.” I say, getting pissed.
“Tusayan Police.” Says the cop.
“Hi, my name’s Dean and I have some guy telling my his girlfriend’s been kidnapped.”
“Ok, can I get the victims’ names?” The cop pries.
“What’s your name, man?” I ask.
“Ronnie.” He mutters.
“It’s Ronnie-“ I say, before I saw it. I can hear the officer saying something but I tune it out. It must’ve been 6’ 9” or something! I can’t tell what it looks like, but it had antlers? Horns? I drop the phone and slowly go for my gun, making sure I don’t drop eye contact. It’s staring at Ronnie.
“No! It’s him!” Ronnie cries and runs to the back room.
I’m getting real tired of how bitchy he is, but I guess I get it. Some tall shit staring at me would freak me the fuck out, too.
Gun unholstered, I turn off the safety, point, aim... I blink and it’s gone. I saw it run for a split second but it must’ve been going like 60mph. I stood there, shocked. I reset the hammer on my gun and rush to the door. I lock that shit and try to find Ronnie.
“Ronnie!” I shout.
I return the gun to its holster.
“Is- is it gone?” He whispers.
“Where the fuck are you!?” I demand.
Ronnie takes his fat ass out of the space under the sink! The fucking sink! He pissed his pants to top it off. Now I feel bad because there’s no way that was comfortable and now he smells. I sigh and help him out.
“What the hell was that thing? Ronnie?” I ask.
“A skin walker.” He says.
“A what?” I state.
“A skin walker...” he whimpers.
“Oh hell, no. Get your stupid, superstitious shit out of here.” I gripe.
“Hey, you saw it too!” He argues.
“No, it’s some jackass in a mask.” I try to reason, lying.
I have to admit, it was some tall, freaky shit. Nobody moves that fast
“-and you’re saying that this guy kidnapped your girl?” I ask.
“She’s dead. They die, they always die. If a skin walker gets ahold of you, you don’t come back.” He says, monotone.
“No, we’re not gonna start that shit. A) You don’t know she’s dead. B) I’ve already called- ... the phone! We can-“
The lights cut out, fuck, another outage? Or is this thing smart enough to cut power like that? The 2 emergency lights fill the room.
“Shit.” I say, pissed.
I pull out my phone; no signal, of course. I get my gun and pull the hammer back.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, there. You’re not going to go after that thing, are you!?” Ronnie exclaimed.
“Hell no; but if, and I say IF, that guy’s what you say he is, I need something to protect myself with.” I reply.
“A gun’s not going to kill it!” He asserts.
“Really? Hollow points do a shit ton of damage.” I say.
“I don’t know, bro. But I heard that guns won’t kill them!” He says.
“What? How would you know?” I ask.
“I called it.” He sputtered out.
“That’s some bold shit to say to a guy with a fucking gun in his hand! Why the fuck would you do some shit like that? How do you know this isn’t some guy just fucking with you? How do you know this is a skin walker or whatever?” I demand.
“I went to the medicine man.” He mumbles.
“A medicine man? You mean like some of that witchcraft bullshit? You’re fucking with me, right?” I say.
“Then you explain what you saw!” He cries.
“A really tall fuck with a really good mask.” I deny.
“I called it. I wanted him dead! I wanted her all to myself! Now they’re all dead!” Ronnie cries.
“What the fuck are you talking about!?” I ponder.
Ronnie pauses, “I am native to these lands, I know that Native Americans get a bad rap around here-“
“You don’t say.” I cut him off.
He glares at me, then continues, “but I know this shit’s real. I knew that if I couldn’t marry Savana, I would rather be dead. Now? The skin walker is out. They’re always out, but I called this one. There’s no saving me.” He gets up and begins to walk to the door.
“You’re not making any sense. What the hell are you talking about?” I yell.
Ronnie stops, “I called the medicine man, he gave me instructions on how to summon the skin walker, I marked Savana’s father, and it killed him. Now it killed Savana, and clearly he wants me. He ignored you. Just stay safe, Dean.” He continues to walk.
“What the hell are you doing?” I demand.
“Giving myself to the skin walker. He’ll stop once I’m dead, but he’ll want more, eventually. He’ll get you if you call. If you stare, if you’re scared.” Ronnie says.
“No. I’m not going to let you do that. What makes you think it’ll stop if you die? If you’re not lying out of your ass, it just sounds like you’re just giving up.” I say.
He presses on the door, then shoves the door.
“Like I said, not going to happen. It’s locked and you can already see the wire in the windows.” You’re not going to die, not if I can help it.” I assert.
Ronnie screams and begins to slam his hands and body against the doors. I take a step back and ready my pistol. Eventually he breaks down and just cries. That’s when I see it.
A police cruiser, rolling in. It pulls up to the front parking spot, and out comes Officer Jenni. Fuck, not OJ. I have to do something.
“Move.” I command.
Ronnie scurries out of the way as I shuffle through the mass of keys that I have. Then I see the thing, charging at her in the distance.
“No!” I yell.
I find the key, unlock, and rip the door open.
“Dean, buddy! What’s the issue-“ asks OJ.
I draw my gun.
“Hey!” She yells and draws hers.
“Behind you!” I yell.
She realizes I’m pointing my gun behind her and sees it.
“Whoa! What the fuck!?” She yells.
I fire my gun. Missed. She fired hers. Missed. She fires a few more rounds. Missed. I grab her by her small frame and pull her in. She lands hard on her back and she’s out cold. I go back and turn the key and the thing’s locked out.
“Oh my God! I’ve never heard a gun get shot before!” Says Ronnie, astonished.
He gasps. I turn to find the skin walker standing at the front doors. It’s strange. It seems to be slightly shorter than before, more agile, and his horns are more like goat horns now. Much smaller in comparison to the antler-like horns I saw earlier.
Half man-thing, half beast? This shit looks like a naked man on the bottom and a goat or bull on the top. It looks different. Is there two of them!?
I thought so, until I saw.
This fucker started growing taller, it made disgusting snapping noises as it grew, its horns extended out, bloody and shit. Next thing you know, it runs away.
“Fuck! We’re screwed!” I say.
“What happened to staying alive!?” Ronnie says.
“Look here, Fucker; it’s you, me, and a passed out cop right now. Her cruiser is there, maybe we got a shot at gettin out of here. My car is...” I stumble.
“It’s what!?” Ronnie cuts in.
“The back! The back door! Shit! It’s not locked!” I run while Ronnie follows.
It’s too late. We make it to the back room to find the skin walker standing in the door. It points its face to Ronnie. He freezes, thinking quickly, I slam the back office door shut.
“Ronnie, help me!” I shout.
We pick up Officer Jenni.
“To the cooler. It’ll lock itself.” I say.
We pull OJ into the cooler with us, closing it all the way and locking that shit behind us.
The Hide of a Skinwalker [Part 2]
submitted by AllOfEveryone to nosleep [link] [comments]

2019.02.18 20:58 Fr0me Driving a loaded 4.8l V8 van.

One more post on here, i swear its my last one. Now that Ive decided to buy a v8 fullsized van instead of a v6, i want to know if you can drive a v8 van efficiently to save gas money. Im talking about a full sized Chevy Express / GMC Savana, preferably within 10 years old, loaded with all my stuff in it. If I take it easy on the gas and dont torque myself up hills unnessisarily can I get half decent gas milage? I understand that this thing will be a beast with a 8 cylinder block chugging gas and it wont be cheap to fill up. But what im trying to say is: im in no hurry to get anywhere, so if i take it easy and dont get the rpms too high and when im traveling on the highway if i go an efficient speed am i going to notice a difference in my milage? That compared to having a lead foot. If its still going the break the bank for gas am I better off spending 5-6 grand more and getting a more modern vehicle with better fuel economy and engine technology. Vans like Mercedes, Dodge or Ford Sprinter? Im kind of on the fence here. Let me know your opinion.
submitted by Fr0me to vandwellers [link] [comments]

2019.02.18 00:45 Fr0me Whats your experience with Chevy Express 1500's?

m looking to buy a van to live in to save money while I go to school. Sprinter vans are out of my budget and i dont want a beater VW unless i find one that has very low kms. Anyways the Chevrolet Express, or GMC Savana has caught my eye. They seem like they could be a great fit for what I need. Ive seen some with v6 engines and that is something that I want. My question is: v6 or v8, what is your experience using these vans? How reliable are they? Whats the gas mileage like? How cheap are the parts? I dont really care how the van looks or how it handles. Bottom line is how good is the gas mileage and how much are they to fix. Let me know how these vans have made out for you. Thanks!
submitted by Fr0me to VanLife [link] [comments]

2019.02.18 00:26 Fr0me Whats your take on a Chevy Express 1500

Im looking to buy a van thats reliable to live in to save money while I go to school. Sprinter vans are out of my budget and i dont want a beater VW unless i find one that has very low kms. Anyways the Chevrolet Express, or GMC Savana has caught my eye. They seem like they could be a great fit for what I need. Ive seen some with v6 engines and that is something that I want. My question is: v6 or v8, what is your experience using these vans? How reliable are they? Whats the gas mileage like? How cheap are the parts? Also whats the pros and cons of the v6 and v8 engines? Let me know how these vans have made out for you. Thanks!
submitted by Fr0me to Autos [link] [comments]

2019.02.18 00:05 Fr0me Anyone with experience living in Chevy Express'?

Im looking to buy a van to live in to save money while I go to school. Sprinter vans are out of my budget and i dont want a beater VW unless i find one that has very low kms. Anyways the Chevrolet Express, or GMC Savana has caught my eye. They seem like they could be a great fit for what I need. Ive seen some with v6 engines and that is something that I want. My question is: v6 or v8, what is your experience using these vans? How reliable are they? Whats the gas mileage like? How cheap are the parts? I dont really care how the van looks or how it handles. Bottom line is how good is the gas mileage and how much are they to fix. Let me know how these vans have made out for you. Thanks!
submitted by Fr0me to vandwellers [link] [comments]

2019.01.20 16:30 Bebealex Hi, I need to siphon gas from a 2014 GMC Savana/Express

Hi, I need to siphon gas from a 2014 GMC Savana / Chevrolet Express 3500 LWB.
I heard there was some sort of ball in the filler neck that could prevent a hose from entering the tank.
Is there a purge on the gas tank underneath ?
submitted by Bebealex to MechanicAdvice [link] [comments]

2018.12.18 23:29 coffee2milk New driver looking into Frightliner M2, questions on speed governor and handling

Disclaimer: I'm not a CDL driver or experienced full-time trucker, just doing long-distance driving and deliveries for a company. We're a smalltime operation and have a 16' box, looking for a 20-22' box that can haul more. Basically the jump from gas to diesel engines. It might be a little outside the usual subreddit's range but I figured I'd find experienced drivers here who can lend some advice.

After renting and driving a 26' box truck, Freightliner M2 from Penske (they offer it as the 22 or 26 foot rental) we're considering buying one, class 6, probably 20 feet. It was capped at 70mph (both cruise and overall) but definitely struggled with hills, averaging 63-64mph over a 5000 mile drive.

First, a question about when I was driving this thing coast to coast. There's lots of hills on I-40 and the truck slows down to 45-55 on some depending on the grade. At some point, even once the road flattened (or even had a downward slope) it seemed like the truck just didn't recover the power it had before hitting the hill, and maintained ~55mph, on a flat road, for quite a while. I think it got back to normal after going downhill for a bit. Stopping and turning off the engine for a good 10 minutes didn't help it.

I'm not sure what this was exactly and when I asked about it to Penske when returning it they weren't familiar enough to help. Was this some sort of regenerative process / cooling or some other issue? Full pedal, downshifting didn't make a difference, pumping pedals made no difference. It seemed like at some point it just "clicked" into place and started going again. Maybe the governor tracked the average rpm and locked it for a while?

Since we're looking into buying one of these it's something I'd be curious about when test driving / taking the first few trips, but also be a little worried about some of our route times changing too much (going from 75 to 55 over a few thousand miles adds up).

Also, I imagine most of these are made, put in fleets, and governed at 65-70mph. This question is two-fold.

With a relatively moderate load (6000 pounds perhaps, the box and truck can do 10,000) is there a max speed that seems unsafe on clear, flat stretches of highway? Running it at 70 didn't seem to push it most of the time, but if that was 75 it'd probably help the average speed + passing ability quite a bit. We have two weekend events on opposite coasts that are really tough to hit with allowed driving hours, so experiencing any breakdown or troubles along that route might be salvageable with an extra 5-8mph over 3-4 days.

I'd be looking to change/remove the governor since it's for our own use (one driver, one company). I'm guessing this shouldn't be too hard to do in an M2, but with our current truck (GMC Savana 3500) we haven't found anyone who can change it; dealership could reset it to factory but it was apparently factory with that setting.

Finally, any thing I should look out for these or similar diesel trucks when checking it out to buy? Or any kind of in-depth inspections I should have done. The mileage would likely be in the 125,000-200,000 range. It's going to be pretty much impossible to test drive it under a real load (actual driving conditions) and in addition to companies like penske/ryder used listings I'm checking out private sellers.

Any advice or feedback would be appreciated. I've checked out some of the usual forums but a lot of the posts are a little different than what I need, old, or didn't actually conclude their issues.
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2018.12.03 05:27 BlankSky Best car for $2500?

Looking for a commuter to save on gas money. My daily now is a Savana AWD van. As the title says, I have $2500 and am looking for a high MPG, high reliability car. After perusing Craigslist for a while I’m leaning toward early 00s Honda Civics. I’m seeing a lot of Ford Focus that seem like a good deal. I still see a lot on the road, but am hesitant to buy American. What about Hyundai or Kia?
Feedback would be helpful, thanks!
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2018.10.09 07:30 Graph__ Wrecked, need insurance/mechanical advice.

Hey peeps. I need advice on my 1997 GMC Savana, I ran out of gas, and stopped on the side of the road. I was going up a major hill so had no option to pull off. Flashers were on. I have PL/PD (personal liability personal damage, very basic)
I got hit by some Honda rice cake going 60 miles per hour.
He took out my back doors. Luckily I had a heavy duty frame mounted hitch with a heavy generator sitting in the hitch carrier.
She still starts and drives. No shakes/grinds et cetera. Rear swaybar, cab bushings, differential, brake lines are all fine.
I notice that the impact may have bent the Van's body, where the door meets frame via hinge. I found pull n pay door prices @$59 each, complete.
I also have a relatively serious oil leak now pouring from directly under the front crossmember. The crossmember goes directly across the end of the oil pan/timing cover. The crossmember has a diamond shaped cutout in the middle. Assumably the leak is coming down from somewhere, but I haven't the foggiest of what's likely.
I cant Identify where its coming from without tearing into it. Which will he done tomorrow. Anything common to look foseen with rear end collisions?
May not be the best place, but I've never filed an insurance claim. Tips? Previous experiences? He said my flashers weren't on. Didn't know I speak fluent spanish.
When does on pay for a deductible?
Is my van even covered by anyone's insurance?
I have the other parties insurance info, but the police didn't give me a report, or tell me who was at fault.
Sorry for any broken speach, I was unfastened in the back seat during the collision, so I'm quite a bit shook. Thank you for any advice.
Edit: I've pulled the doghouse, I've looked at the oil pan, filter, around the heads/valve covers. Around the exhaust manifolds. I can't find this leak. It's still dripping right under the crossmember support. So I suppose it could be the timing cover perhaps? I'm not sure what all it could be from the front side of the engine barring timing cover or the oil pan gasket,
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2018.10.05 03:54 Graph__ She blows cold mates.

1997 GMC Savana, 260k miles, 5.7L Vrtec 250 V8.
So up until yesterday my van blew deliciously warm air in the crisp mornings. Last winter however, after heavy use, the heater began emitting a rather horrendous squeal, but the blower levels were all correct and the heater was heated, so I hadn't considered it broken.. yet.
Fast forward to this morning, no heat, ow well, pulled on some thicker clothes and went back to bed.
Went driving to get some coffee, during idle and driving the temps were a cool 180°F-190° which is what I'm accustomed to seeing.
Except at one point I glanced down and my gauge was at 210°F, right at the halfway mark for my temp gauge, so I immediately went to pull over. My golden rule has always been that once it starts climbing, you're already over heating, just the PCM/ECU is finally catching up.
Anywho I never ended up pulling over, because the moment I hit the gas the temp dropped back to normal and stayed put, as well as my heat returning!! ( I'm normally disgruntled that I get some pretty hot blowback at my feet at highway speeds with cabin air completely off)
I'm thinking heater core for why my blower is blowing cold, the blower blows correspondingly to its switch position. No squeal anymore, but ice cold air. I'm just trying to imagine how,
Also, it's a rear ac model as well, which means the coolant lines run to the rear of the van where a second core is located. The lines blew at one point and i replaced em, when i activate it, it blows, and is considerably warmer than what ambient air would be, but isn't "heater on high" hot. I dont use this much, and has to route the fat rubber hoses through the outside wheel well because I couldn't get em fished thought the interior wall as stock was.
Am I right to think the heater core is blocked? Or somehow not receiving hot coolant?
I'm going to pull and replace the thermostat this Monday, hopefully without touching the dash.
Any thoughts or ideas are welcome. Any tips for the heater core R&R even more so. Thanks!
EDIT So it turns out, as I dug deeper, that it was pissing out of the weep hole. I swapped the water pump, lines and thermostat just for good measure. The gaskets that came with the pump, were horrendous. Worst part of the job.
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2018.08.25 18:09 Graph__ Oil pressure questions.

Hey wonderful peeps, I've been mulling over this question for the past few days. Essentially I have a 1997 GMC Savana 1500 5.7L V8,
When purchased it had a semi serious oil leak. The leak appeared to present itself heavily on the oil pan/oil pan retainer brackets. Well I always kept the fluids up, and finally got under there and swapped the gasket on the oil pan. The job took an hour or so and went well. I installed the fel pro gasket mostly dry (a dab of black RTV on the block corners where the gasket joins the rounded Flair's at the front and rear of the pan.
Things were clean... Until I idled for an hour or two.
So I cleaned everything up and decided to investigate. Now I have NO oil on the pan seal/oil pan retainer brackets. I have maybe three drops of oil on the bottom of the pan and filter. It looks like blowback, it's definitely not dripping down the pan from the block, oil seal behind the timing cover, or the one in rear near the dust cover. The oil is creating a slick directly under my skid plate (square 4"x4" piece of metal, saturated in oil, in the middle of my frames crossmember, where the lower control arms connect, right behind the tie rods/bars that control steering left and right).
I'm also getting a second oil spot directly under the drivers side (lower control arm?) Thing that the lower ball joint sits in and ultimately serves as a means to connect the frame rail to the wheel/calipestrut assembly. I'm thinking the oil is coming from somewhere near the top of the motor, pooling somewhere, and then running down the two areas I'm describing. The drivers side strut/control arm/ everything is visibly soaked in oil)
Problem is, now that I've sealed the oil pan my oil leak rate is faster.
What I do know: the car sounds okay, I have 250k miles on the dash, allegedly a new motor was swapped in, (lies, thing is dirt brown, but maybe a pull n pay motor).
I have good oil pressure (38-43psi cold start, and 18-22psi warm idle, 38-42psi warm cruising 40-50 MPH.)
My valve covers are not dumping oil (I've pulled the doghouse and looked)
My valve covers seem to be ticking slightly, (almost like dirty lifters or something, creates a slightly diesel sounding idle, I'll post a video as soon as I can.)
My oil pan/pump/screen is red on the inside. I mean blood red, washed the pan out with gasoline and then had to scratch pad this stuff off like rust, it was crazy, I've never seen oil with a red tint to it. It's been this way since I bought it and through every oil change (I use 5W-30 Conventional Pennzoil, this stuff is clean, or "clear tan" when it pours out of the bottle).
My oil/coolant are not mixing, in the coolant resavoir, radiator, oil pan, no where that I've found yet.
I have a lot of water from my exhaust. Temperature aside, hot or cold outside I'll always have a sizable puddle of straight water out of the exhaust tip with a nifty pool right inside the exhaust tip. No white/blue or even black smoke. (Come to think of it, it's clear, as in, I only see it during winter as condensation from the heat and cold)
I occasionally loose a bit of coolant, not sure if I'm never seeing it, or it's mixing with the oil, but I've got a slightly wet upper radiator hose that I'm pretty sure is the culprit. It's been so little, and not constant (once or twice I've looked to find the resavoir empty. Im always on top of fluids. So I I filled it 7 months ago, watch it like a hawk, and penned it with a sharpie, not a cm lost yet, weird right?)
I startup fine every time, never hesitates uphill and it's fully loaded down. The motor idles constantly, as it's always charging a 315Ah auxillary bank, I use regular gas, (El cheapo here, no high octane, tried it once, spent an extra $50 on gas and it did squat for my MPG )
Highest temps I've recorded with a digital thermometer are 190F at the oil pan. (In one spot, mostly 170F-180F at the oil pan) 200F on my alt output stud (yeah I know...) And around 180F-205F everywhere else MAX.
My fear is that it's leaking from around the lower heads where they meet the block, but I have to pull the motor to see clearly or fix that, and in my current situation, I think I have the tools and ability, just not the time or place to do it. Any advice, thoughts, opinions would definitely be Uber helpful. I'll post a few pics/video in about 20 minutes. Thanks!!
EDIT: here's a video from the doghouse perspective. The oil seen below the oil pressure regulator is from a cheap pressure gauge. Feel free to disregard
I'll take some pics of the skid plate and lower control arms as I progress. I assume I'll have more inquiry's as I pull this 5.7L monster out and inspect it....
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2018.08.24 00:39 Graph__ Gauge cluster (Gas) goes to zero when warm.

Hey guys. I've got an odd one, it's a 1997 GMC Savana 1500 with the 5.7L 350ci Vortec V8. When I start the van, the gas gauge is fine, it reads what should logically be in the tank. 10 minutes later when I'm all warmed up it slowly drops to Empty. Any advice? I really don't want to remove the tank straps and drop it.... (Shadetree background, I've not had another person wrenching on my vehicles. And keeping a poorly maintained 1997 Van running has been fun :) (poorly maintained before my ownership... )
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2018.04.26 13:53 beckdevito Camping in GA with a van

Hey all
My girlfriend and I are planning on camping in ga in our van. Only one issue, the forest website says any vehicle over 16 ft must park with the rvs. And ours is around 18 ft. But it also says the limit is a 12 passenger and ours is only an 8 passenger. I guess I’m asking if they’re going to make me buy an rv pass (which is probably sold out) because of 24 inches. I’ve seen vans in GA in the passed years so I’m not sure how they do it. It’s a 97 gmc savana conversion van
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