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Nugu Roundup #59 - Roll the D1CE - 200410 + Album Giveaway!

2020.10.04 22:02 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #59 - Roll the D1CE - 200410 + Album Giveaway!

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we got to know the new girl group keeping bright quirky pop alive, Cignature! This week let's get to know fan-favorite Dreamcatcher's brother group, D1CE!
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the thirteenth Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Who are they?: D1CE is a five member boy group under D1CE Company. Their name is pronounced "D-Once" and their fandom is Don1y, which is a combination of D1CE and 'Once'. Pre-debut they were known as HNB for 'HappyFace Next Boys'.
Company: D1CE Company is a group-specific sub-label for D1CE under HappyFace Entertainment much like Dreamcatcher operates under Dreamcatcher Company. HappyFace was founded by producer-duo E-Tribe who were responsible for such mega-hits as Lee Hyori's U-Go-Girl and SNSD's Gee. Current groups include Dreamcatcher, D1CE, and Dal*Shabet (on indefinite hiatus), vocal ballad trio Classmate, and soloist Lee Si Eun. Former artists include R&B group 4Men, soloist Ben, girl group Bebe Mignon, and rappeproducer Nassun.
Full Group Interviews
Debut: August 1st, 2019 with Wake Up (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: June 17th, 2020 with Draw You (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Special Single Comeback: August 17th, 2020 with One Summer (MV)
Special Pre-Debut Unit: June 14th, 2018 with Falling in Love (MV) Live Stage (Link)
YouTube Channel: D1CE Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: In typical HappyFace fashion the group has a large number of high-quality 'special clip' cover videos, I strongly suggest checking them out. All members have previous survival show experience. Though they pronounce their name 'D-Once' they also imagery of 'rolling the dice' in their song descriptions. Their fandom name was the result of a fan vote. Member Jingyoung has appeared on King of the Masked Singer (link). I don't normally comment on official colors, but theirs are a particularly pretty shade of bronze and brass (link). The group has performed in Japan.
Soloist of the Week
Who is she?: The former main rapper of the girl group WA$$UP she made her solo debut while still a member of the group and has continued as a solo hip-hop artist since the group's disbandment.
Company: She is now represented by Woldstar Entertainment, a new company formed this year and based in Singapore. The company's CEO Kim Jinseon, also known as Sunny Kim, is a former member of the girl group CST and has a previous company known as PNB Entertainment which seems to have closed. In addition to Nada the company has also signed Dahye, formerly of BESTie, and a number of athletes and actors. They also have a set of female trainees expected to form as a new girl group.
Real Name: Yoon Yejin
Age: 29 (IA)
Solo Debut: December 22nd, 2016 with Seorae Village (MV) Live Performance (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: June 25th, 2020 with My Body (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Other Realeases
YouTube Channel: Nada Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: Nada takes her stage name from the Spanish word for 'nothing' and says that it means that "I Am Me". She has competed in Show Me the Money 3 and Unpretty Rapstar 3. She says she was the best member in WA$$UP when it came to twerking. She has been a featured artist on tracks from Pharaoh (link), The Gita, Stephanie (link), and Grey Day (link). She was involved in a dodgeball sports reality TV show with other WA$$UP members and members of 9 Muses. She has a brother who is a cartoonist. She left WA$$UP with fellow members Jinju and Dain over a dispute over lack of payment.
Who were they?: MIDNIGHT was a pre-debut girl-group under H&I Entertainment. While the membership numbers shifted continuously throughout the group's pre-debut period they maintained a hip-hop-oriented style. The group disbanded before it could debut.
First Pre-Debut Release: March 9th, 2019 with Girl Groups Flooded (MV)
Second Pre-Debut Release: April 13th, 2019 with Swish (MV)
Final Pre-Debut Release: August 20th, 2019 with Algorithm feat. Sleepy (MV) Performance Video (Link)
Active Between: 2018-2020
Reasons for Disbanding: The group struggled with membership changes throughout its existence, seeing 15 different girls cycle through the group at some point, some never appearing in any official releases. Their debut date was also postponed multiple times. Eventually the company folded and the group was disbanded.
YouTube Channel: MIDNIGHT Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: Member and leader Danvvb was a former dance trainer at JYP and also a backup dancer for groups such as Winner as well as a choreographer. She is now a soloist and as a YouTube channel (link). Member Jiwon left MIDNIGHT to join ANS, which also recently disbanded. Member Yebin now goes by Yoolin and is signed with Purple Entertainment, possibly as a soloist. Member Yudi is now Dabi in the group AREAL. Member Chaewon joined Daydream, which quickly disbanded, and is now signed with Liz Entertainment as a member of project group CHIC&IDLE as Xindy. Member Seyeon is now also with Liz Entertainment as part of CHIC&IDLE under the name Byeolha. Member Yunu, who was previously an actress, appears to be continuing to act after leaving the group and has also recently release a solo song Spit it Out (MV).
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.08.30 14:59 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Daegu 4-6 Gwangju FC [K League 1, Round 18]

FT: Daegu 4-6 Gwangju FC

Daegu Score Gwangju FC
D. Damjanović 2' [1]-0
1-[1] Felipe 24' (pen.)
1-[2] R. Ashurmatov 30'
Cesinha 50' (pen.) [2]-2
2-[3] Willyan 61'
2-[4] Felipe 63'
Edgar Silva 67' [3]-4
3-[5] Lim Min-Hyuk 80'
3-[6] Kim Ju-Kong 82'
Cesinha 90'+4' [4]-6
Date: 30/08/2020 — 13:00 CEST, 07:00 EDT, 12:00 BST, 16:30 IST
Competition: K League 1 (Round 18)
Venue: DGB Arena (Daegu)
Referee: Kim Hee-Gon


Daegu Notes Gwangju FC Notes
Manager: Lee Byung-Geun Manager: Park Jin-Seop
52 Gu Sung-Yun 1 Yun Pyeong-Gook
22 Kim Dong-Jin A 67' 27 Kim Chang-Soo
3 Kim Woo-Seok 2 R. Ashurmatov G 30'
4 Jeong Tae-Wook SUB 64' 30 Lee Min-Gi A 61'
66 Jo Jin-Woo YC 84' 15 Hong Joon-Ho YC 49'
8 Kim Seon-Min SUB 77' 6 Park Jeong-Soo
44 T. Nishi SUB 70' 14 Yeo Bong-Hun
27 D. Damjanović G 2' 17 Eom Won-Sang SUB 77'
11 Cesinha PG 50'; G 90'+4' 9 Felipe PG 24'; G 63'
14 Kim Dae-Won 94 Willyan G 61'; A 63'; SUB 79'
18 Jeong Seung-Won A 2'; YC 90'+1' 13 Doo Hyeon-Seok SUB 66'


Daegu: Edgar Silva (SUB 64'; G 67'; A 90'+4'), Ryu Jae-Moon (SUB 70'), Lee Jin-Hyun (SUB 77'), Kim Jae-Woo, Choi Young-Eun, Oh Hu-Seong, Shin Chang-Moo
Gwangju FC: Kim Hyo-Ki (SUB 66'), Lim Min-Hyuk (SUB 77'; G 80'; A 82'), Kim Ju-Kong (SUB 79'; G 82'), Lee Eu-Ddeum, Han Hee-Hoon, Kim Tae-Gon, M. Ureña


2': Goal! D. Damjanović scores [Jeong Seung-Won assist] — Daegu [1]-0 Gwangju FC .
24': Goal! Felipe scores (Penalty) — Daegu 1-[1] Gwangju FC .
30': Goal! R. Ashurmatov scores — Daegu 1-[2] Gwangju FC .
49': Yellow card shown to Hong Joon-Ho ( Gwangju FC).
50': Goal! Cesinha scores (Penalty) — Daegu [2]-2 Gwangju FC .
61': Goal! Willyan scores [Lee Min-Gi assist] — Daegu 2-[3] Gwangju FC .
63': Goal! Felipe scores [Willyan assist] — Daegu 2-[4] Gwangju FC .
64': Substitution for Daegu: Edgar Silva in, Jeong Tae-Wook out.
66': Substitution for Gwangju FC: Kim Hyo-Ki in, Doo Hyeon-Seok out.
67': Goal! Edgar Silva scores [Kim Dong-Jin assist] — Daegu [3]-4 Gwangju FC .
70': Substitution for Daegu: Ryu Jae-Moon in, T. Nishi out.
77': Substitution for Daegu: Lee Jin-Hyun in, Kim Seon-Min out.
77': Substitution for Gwangju FC: Lim Min-Hyuk in, Eom Won-Sang out.
79': Substitution for Gwangju FC: Kim Ju-Kong in, Willyan out.
80': Goal! Lim Min-Hyuk scores — Daegu 3-[5] Gwangju FC .
82': Goal! Kim Ju-Kong scores [Lim Min-Hyuk assist] — Daegu 3-[6] Gwangju FC .
84': Yellow card shown to Jo Jin-Woo ( Daegu).
90'+1': Yellow card shown to Jeong Seung-Won ( Daegu).
90'+4': Goal! Cesinha scores [Edgar Silva assist] — Daegu [4]-6 Gwangju FC .
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2020.08.04 18:02 AtulKumarSinha Parasite(2019)


Parasite (2019)
Gisaengchung (original title)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean English
Release Date: 8 November 2019 (USA)
Runtime: 132 min
Directed by: Bong Joon H
Writers: Bong Joon Ho (story), Bong Joon Ho (screenplay), Jin Won Han (screenplay)
Song Kang-ho as Kim Ki-taek (Mr. Kim), father of the Kim family
Lee Sun-kyun as Park Dong-ik (Nathan), father of the Park family
Cho Yeo-jeong as Choi Yeon-gyo (Madame), mother of the Park family
Choi Woo-shik as Kim Ki-woo (Kevin), son of the Kim family
Park So-dam as Kim Ki-jung (Jessica), daughter of the Kim family
Lee Jung-eun as Gook Moon-gwang, the housekeeper
Jang Hye-jin as Chung-sook, mother of the Kim family
Park Myung-hoon as Oh Geun-sae, Moon-gwang's husband
Jung Ji-so as Park Da-hye, daughter of the Park family
Jung Hyeon-jun as Park Da-song, son of the Park family
Park Geun-rok as Yoon, Kim Ki-taek's predecessor as Park Dong-ik's chauffeur
Park Seo-joon as Min-hyuk, Ki-woo's friend (cameo)
Genres: Comedy Drama Thriller
Ki-woo Kim (Choi Woo-Shik) is a young man living in poverty in the slums of a nameless South Korean city with his family - father Ki-taek Kim (Song Kang-ho), mother Chung-sook Kim (Jang Hye-jin), and sister Ki-jung (Park So-dam). The family lives in a garden unit where they struggle finding a Wi-Fi signal to sneak into in order to get access to the Internet to watch TV, get fumigated on, and have to watch men urinating in the alley outside their home. They make ends meet by doing menial tasks such as folding pizza boxes - and even then, get criticized by the pizza employees for messing up the boxes. Ki-woo's wealthy friend Min-hyuk pays the family a visit, giving them a gift - a rock that is supposed to bring those who have it wealth and prosperity. He then tells Ki-woo that he has been tutoring the teenage daughter of a very wealthy family. He is leaving to study abroad but is in love with the daughter, and knows that any of the other university boys would steal her away. He wants Ki-woo to be her tutor, knowing he will watch over her so that Min-hyuk can propose to her once she graduates high school. Ki-woo knows he isn't qualified since he isn't in college, but Min-hyuk promises to vouch for him, and so he agrees and has Ki-jung forge credentials for him to take to his interview.
Ki-woo interviews at the very wealthy Park family where he meets Mr. Park (Lee Sun-kyun), his scatterbrained wife Mrs. Park (Choi Yeo-jeong), and their children, teenage daughter Da-hye and young son Da-song. Ki-woo realizes he needs to flirt with Da-hye to get the job, and he does - Mrs. Park pays him an exorbitant amount of money and mentions they need an art tutor for Da-song. Da-song had a traumatic incident where he saw a "ghost" in the house and had a seizure and has been needing help with his art. Ki-woo introduces them to Ki-jung, who forges documents for herself and goes by "Jessica," and she too begins making money hand over fist. When the Park's limo driver takes her home, Ki-jung leaves her underwear in the car in order to get him fired: she then suggests her "Uncle" as the new driver - who is really Ki-taek. The last position is that of the housekeeper, Moon-kwang (Lee Jeung-eun). She has worked for the home since before the Park family lived there - she worked for the previous owner, an eccentric architect. In order to get her fired, the Kims exploit her allergy to peaches, causing her to have allergic reactions: they then convince Mrs. Park that she is seriously contagiously ill and cannot be around their son. She leaves, devastated, and Mrs. Kim is given the job, fooling the Park family into hiring the entire Kim family.
The Kim family enjoys their massive increase of income, and when the Park family decides to leave to go camping for Da-song's birthday weekend, they take the opportunity to stay in the huge Park house for the weekend. They spend the evening drinking and eating and making a mess of the place when the doorbell rings: it's Moon-kwang. She claims she was fired so quickly she left without being able to get something and just wants it back. Mrs. Kim reluctantly lets her in, and Moon-kwang runs into the basement and begins screaming, opening a secret passage behind some shelves. She goes to her husband, Geun-sae (Park Myung-hoon), who has secretly been living in the bunker ever since the previous owner moved out in order to hide from loan sharks. She gives him food while Mrs. Kim looks on in horror - she tells Moon-kwang she needs to leave, and as Moon-kwang begs her to let them stay, the rest of the Kim family (who had been eavesdropping) falls off the stairs and into view - and they call each other "dad," etc., which Moon-kwang films on her phone, realizing the con the family has pulled. She threatens to send it to the Park family and uses that so she and her husband can force the Kim family to do their bidding.
The Kim family manages to get the upper hand on them, getting them into the secret bunker, but the Park family calls: they've canceled their camping trip due to rain and will be home in eight minutes. The Kims scramble, trying to clean up as much mess as they can, keeping the other two in the basement. They manage to do a good enough job that the rest of the family is able to hide while Mrs. Kim gives the Parks their dinner - when Moon-kwang breaks out and runs upstairs, Mrs. Kim shoves her back down the stairs, where she hits her head and is severely wounded. Moon-kwang and Geun-sae are locked in the bunker. Mr. and Mrs. Park end up sleeping in the living room in order to keep an eye on Da-song who is camping out in the backyard, forcing the Kims to stay under the table, frozen all night, even as the Parks complain about Mr. Kim's smell - and then later, have sex. Eventually, in the dead of night, they are able to sneak out. They return home to find their apartment completely flooded with rain and sewage. Ki-woo takes the rock, and the family sleeps in a shelter for the night.
The next day, Mrs. Park decides to throw an impromptu party for Da-song. The Kim family, in their roles as help, are invited and have to pretend that they don't know that there are two people locked in a bunker under the house. Ki-woo takes the rock down into the bunker, where Moon-kwang has died and is ambushed by Geun-sae, who bludgeons him in the head with the rock. He then enters the party, where he stabs Ki-jung in the chest. The party explodes into horror, and Da-song has a seizure - Geun-sae was the "ghost" he had seen in the house prior. Mr. Park screams at his driver, Mr. Kim - who is trying to stop Ki-jung's bleeding - for the car keys to take his son to the hospital, and he throws them to him. They land under Geun-sae, who is fighting with Mrs. Kim. She manages to kill him by stabbing him with a meat skewer. Mr. Park gets the keys but expresses disgusts at Geun-sae's smell - this triggers Mr. Kim, who snaps and stabs Mr. Park, killing him. Mrs. Park faints as Mr. Kim flees.
Ki-woo wakes up in the hospital, where he had been in a coma for weeks. He finds out that Ki-jung has died, and he and Mrs. Kim are sentenced to probation. There has been no sign of Mr. Kim, even though the police have been searching for him for Mr. Park's murder far and wide. Ki-woo leaves the rock in a river and observes the former Park house where he sees the lights flickering - Ki-woo translates the flickering from Morse code, and learns Mr. Kim is controlling them from inside the bunker, where he is now living, sneaking upstairs for food from the new owners. Ki-woo writes his father a letter back, resolving that someday he will become wealthy enough that he can buy the house and their family can be reunited.
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2020.04.15 16:01 ZhenDeRen South Korean parliamentary elections explained

OK, so today South Korea is having a parliamentary election (voting is closed, they are now counting the ballots). And to resolve this sub’s chronic deficit of Koreaposting, I have resolved to write an effortpost on the topic. It is a presidential system so this is not such an important election, however it is important as a referendum on the president’s policies. They use the Mexican rather than the American presidential term system (meaning that the president is elected for one six-year term). The current president is Moon Jae-in of the center-left Democratic Party
It is a mixed system: of the 300 seats, 253 are elected via FPTP, 17 via proportional representation and 30 by an additional-member system. It used to be 253 by FPTP and 47 by PR, but it was modified by the Moon government last winter. The Liberty Korea Party (at that time the main right-wing party, now merged with a few other right-wing parties to form the United Future Party) fought hard against it, but since realized that it can be used for their benefit (more on that later)
The main issue right now is, obviously, the coronavirus. South Korea’s response is one of the strongest in the world while they were on the brink of becoming a second Italy. However, the right was critical of some aspects of the government’s response like mask rationing, and is opposed to some of the money printer go brrr responses to the coronavirus.
The biggest issue before the epidemic was the economy. South Korea saw some of the slowest growth it had in decades, and youth unemploment was huge. Even people with college degrees have trouble finding a job, especially one in their field (though to be fair, so many Koreans go on to college that a college degree isn’t anything special anymore). The Moon administration is trying to promote Keynesian “income-led growth” policies that seek to improve the wages of workers and increase their leisure time, which would increase consumption and, thus, employment, while the right wants more free market stuff. In addition, the left is quite critical of chaebols (big corpotations that dominate the Korean economy) while the right is supportive. Moreover, the left wants to build up more of a welfare state, while the right is opposed to it, both from concerns about overspending and from ideological concerns about MuH hAnDoUtS.
Also, there are the culture war issues. Young people are growing more and more supportive of stuff like LGBT rights and feminism, while the boomers go mad – usual stuff. One particularly prominent dimension, however, is gender relations. Korea is a pretty patriarchal society, and there is a strong MRA movement, but also a strong feminist movement (though it is closer to the second wave than to modern Western feminism), so these issues are pretty divisive. The government is pretty spineless on the issues (succon by our standards, in the middle by Korean standards), and Moon Jae-in has stated that he opposes homosexuality during a debate when he ran for office (but the next day he said that he opposes discrimination based on sexual orientation); his proposals think a person who is not bigoted too progressive simply cannot win in such a conservative country. Nevertheless, Korea does not have any anti-discrimination laws, the country’s army bans gay sex (a provision often used to target gay guys regardless of whether they get dick or not), and until a court ruling that required that the abortion laws tp be changed abortion remained illegal except in cases of rape, incest, health problems for the woman or inheritable diseases.
And what discussion of Korean politics would be complete without mentioning the shenanigans up north? Moon has departed from the hardline stance taken by his predecessors and pursued a more conciliatory approach to North Korea, which has angered the right. He has, however, not been as conciliatory as the Roh Moo-hyun administration (the last center-left government of the country) that abstained on a resolution condemning human rights abuses in North Korea (an action he, as the president’s chief of staff at the time, was likely partly responsible for). The right wants a more hawkish policy, however.
In addition, South Korean politics is very regionalist, as Honam (the southwest) generally votes center-left while Yeongnam (the southeast) votes right-wing. The regional rivalry dates back
Democratic Party of Korea (DPK; Korean: 더불어민주당/deobureominjudang, literally Together Democratic Party). The current ruling party. They have a satelite party, the Together Citizens Party (TCP, Korean: 더불어시민당/deobureoshimindang). The DPK only runs in the FPTP seats and the TCP only runs for the proportional seats; this is because the electoral system favors smaller parties, and in response to a similar move by the opposition
-tries to use Keynesian recipes to improve the Korean economy and strengthen the welfare state
-good response to the coronavirus
-wants to improve the gender equality situation
-not as actively homophobic as most of the others
-managed to find a balance on North Korea between the hardline policies of the right and the dovish policies of the past center-left governments, a lot of people here would enjoy this
-they are pretty pragmatic
-succs. They implemented a minimum wage hike that ended up hurting minimum wage workers: large numbers lost their jobs, as businesses could not pay them. The policy hurt small businesses even more, as they have less resources to pay wages than the chaebols that ended up even more dominant without the competition. Bruh moment
-Moon is a succon (stated his opposition to homosexuality, for example). Though he ain’t as bad as the opposition
Exit polls predict 143-175 seats for them
United Future Party (UFP; Korean: 미래통합당/miraetonghapdang). The main opposition party. Formed as a merger between the Liberty Korea Party (formerly called the Saenuri Party, and before that the Grand National Party, which itself is descended from the Democratic Republican Party that governed South Korea during the Park Chung-hee dictatorship) with two splinters from a center-right splinter from the Saenuri Party that left because of a huge political scandal that resulter in Moon’s predecessor Park Geun-hye being impeached (basically she was controlled by a cult, whose leader controlled her policies, extorted bribes from chaebols and even forced a top university to accept her daughter; read up on it, it’s cinematic shit). They have a satelite party, the Future Korea Party (FKP, Korean: 미래한국당/miraehangukdang) that only runs for the proportional seats like the TCP does
-they are haws on North Korea, so the neocons here would enjoy this
-they aren’t succs?..
-they are hardcore succons
-they harshly criticized the Moon government’s coronavirus response
-they are very GOP-esque on economic policy
-they don’t have much in the way of ethical standards (they love filibusters, and they exploited the electoral reform in a way that’s barely legal with the satelite party)
Exit polls predicts them getting 101-134 seats
Justice Party (JP, Korean: 정의당/jeonguidang). The succs
-Good on social policy. They promote feminism, LGBT rights, disability rights, etc
-Very succy economically
-Super dovish on foreign policy (they believe that between the US and China, SK should be neutral)
Exit polls have them at 5 to 9 seats
Open Democratic Party (ODP, Korean: 열린민주당, yeollinminjudang). Founded by a guy kicked out from the DPK
-Socially progressive
-most of the same pros as the the DPK
-the founder of the party was kicked out of the DPK because of sexual harassment allegations (though not really kicked out, they just didn’t let him run to be an MP)
-the same cons as the DPK except the succonery
Exit polls predict 5 to 8 seats
People Party (PP, Korean: 국민의당/gukminuidang; the term “gukmin” is hard to translates and, in Chinese and Korean, means “nation” or “people”). The one-man party of Ahn Cheol-soo, a tech enterpreneur. He went into politics in the early 2010s and led the People’s Party, a centrist party, to a pretty strong showing in the 2016 legislative elections, and ran in 2017 against Moon Jae-in and lost. He since retired from politics and his party merged with the Bareun Party, a Saenuri party splinter group. However now he has returned!
-moderate economic agenda
-they're kind of succons
-the party is very regionally-based (they are Honam/Southwest regionalist)
They are projected 2 to 5 seats
Party for People’s Livelihoods (PPL, Korean: 민생당/minsaengdang) is a centrist and regionalist party. It is made up of the Bareunmirae Party (the merger of the original People’s Party with the Bareun Party, a Saenuri splinter group), the Party for Democracy and Peace (a splinter from the Bareunmirae Party) and the Party for New Alternatives (a splinter from the Party for Democracy and Peace).
-moderate economic agenda
-strong succon elements
-party is very ideologically fractured
-it’s very regionalist (they are Honam/Southwest regionalist)
They are projected to win 0 to 3 seats
There’s also a bunch of other parties like the Minjung Party on the far-left or the Our Republican Party on the far-right, but they’re irrelevant
My endorsement goes to the Open Democratic Party for the party-list vote and the Democrats for the FPTP vote
Asia Elects. They do poll aggregation on East Asia, including for this election
English-language election stream by Arirang TV
/korea megathread with useful links
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2020.03.30 11:06 perochan Suho (EXO) - Self-Portrait (1st Mini Album)

Suho (EXO) - Self-Portrait (1st Mini Album)

Suho (EXO) - Self-Portrait

Release Date: March 30, 2020
Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
01. O2 DJ HotBoyzZz (Cliff Lin, Ryan Colt Levy, Bryan Cho), SH2O (Suho) DJ HotBoyzZz (Cliff Lin, Ryan Colt Levy, Bryan Cho) DJ HotBoyzZz (Cliff Lin, Ryan Colt Levy, Bryan Cho)
02. 사랑, 하자 (Let’s Love) / Lyric Video / Audio Noday, Aisle (이아일), Park Moon Chi, SH2O (Suho) Aisle (이아일), Park Moon Chi, Noday Park Moon Chi
03. Made In You minGtion, JUNNY, SH2O (Suho) Park Geun Tae, minGtion, JUNNY minGtion
04. 암막 커튼 (Starry Night) Cho Yoon Kyung, SH2O (Suho) Lee Gyu Ho (kyo) Lee Gyu Ho (kyo), Lim Heon Il
05. 자화상 (Self-Portrait) B-Rock (CLEF), J-Lin (CLEF), ALBN (CLEF), CLEF CREW, SH2O (Suho) B-Rock (CLEF), J-Lin (CLEF), ALBN (CLEF), CLEF CREW B-Rock (CLEF), J-Lin (CLEF), ALBN (CLEF)
06. 너의 차례 (For You Now) (feat. Younha) Bang Hye Hyun (Jam Factory), SH2O (Suho) Krysta Youngs, David Nathan, Alessia Iorio David Nathan
STREAM ON Spotify Apple Music / YouTube Music / Melon
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2019.12.21 09:32 alleybetwixt This Week In KPOP - December 21, 2019

Welcome to This Week In KPOP, a collection of everything you may have missed during the past week on kpop.

December 14 - December 20, 2019


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+3877) SM Entertainment commemorates SHINee JONGHYUN 2 years after his passing with a picture captioned: "I love you." 122 comments
2 (+3464) TWICE Nayeon's stalker reaches National News. TWICE currently have police protection and members equipped with smart watches 316 comments
3 (+2503) HyunA And DAWN Adopt A Rescue Dog Together; HyunA Is Moved To Tears In Video 79 comments
4 (+2270) Red Velvet's upcoming titletrack 'PSYCHO' revealed to be an up-tempo urban pop song 101 comments
5 (+1848) Mnet's Head of Content Management announces that they will stop producing future audition programs 231 comments
6 (+1834) BTS Team With Formula E to Raise Climate-Change Awareness 100 comments
7 (+1626) Red Velvet will perform their new title track "Psycho" for the first time at 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon 21 comments
8 (+1514) BLACKPINK fans have set up a video truck outside YG Entertainment's office protesting for better treatment for BLACKPINK 216 comments
9 (+1465) Red Velvet Irene, Seulgi, and Yeri show support for AKMU at their concert in Seoul 11 comments
10 (+1464) BTS will be performing at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2020 in New York 149 comments


# Votes Thread Comments
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Mess Net 4 Mess Net: Anh Joon Young admits all 4 seasons are manipulated, and prosecution confirms, multiple agencies involved and named, IZONE and X1 are on hiatus with IZONE's album delayed indefinitely REMOVED 191206
Burning Molka 32 Burning Molka 32: Police book 45 people related to Daesung's building, various police dismissals and reprimands, Jeong Jinwoon addresses rumors, arrested ink maker CEO is link between Yuri Holdings and Yoon 191008
Burning Molka Wiki Link: Summary, Timeline link, Who's Who, thread links, TL;DRs, etc.


Day Artist Album Title Type Music Video Streaming
15th As One It's ok not to be ok digital single It's ok not to be ok (feat. Lee Daehwi of AB6IX) Spotify
Kim Heechul (Super Junior) X Lee Soo Geun STATION X 4 LOVEs for Winter Part.3 STATION X project single White Winter (feat. ITZY) Spotify
VROMANCE The Cure digital single The Cure Spotify
16th Yoon Jong Shin The Wanderer Melody Monthly project single The Wanderer Spotify
17th Oh Saebom Tie debut single album Tie Spotify
Kim Bum Soo new.MAKE20 #8 digital single Shattered Spotify
Punch Yesterday digital single Yesterday Spotify
18th GOT7 LOVE LOOP ~Sing for U Special Edition~ Japanese repackage album Spotify
ONEUS 808 Japanese single album 808 Spotify
Hyuk (VIXX) Winter Butterfly mini album Winter Butterfly Spotify
Jang Jane INNER SPACE mini album Venus Spotify
19th ENOi For RAYS, Realize All Your Star special album Starlight Spotify
Parc Jae Jung December digital single December
20th Eunki Mistake single album Mistake Spotify
Laysha Freedom digital single Freedom
N.Flying It's Fine Life Insurance Foundation project single It's Alright Spotify
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2019.10.30 00:01 ArmadilloFour Parasite (SPOILERS!)

So I went and saw Parasite, the newest movie from Bong Joon-ho. I am very conflicted. I see a ton of people praising it for being a insightful criticism of the class system, and the way it skewers the rich. But honestly, I think that a lot of that is people reading a class-based message into the movie that they want to see, instead of reading the film as it is. Instead, I think Parasite is essentially a horror movie--it's a horror movie, told from the perspective of (and sympathetic of) its villains.
Because as it is, the Kims are very, very shitty. This is a movie in which a family lies, forges documents, fabricate entire histories, and manipulates a family with a small child so that they can find work. In the process, they edge out two separate workers (Yoon and Moon-Gwang), one of whom (we learn) is working to support her family and get them out from the debt owed to loan sharks. At one point, they brag about how if the Parks were hiring new workers for those positions, they'd have to compete with 500 other applicants--i.e., other applicants who are more qualified or deserving of the jobs. Instead, the Kims get their work through a "chain of recommendations," which is ultimately just a new form of nepotism. They are lucky enough to know the people they know, and benefit from it.
When they come into conflict with Moon-Gwang and Geun-sae, the hypocrisy of it all emerges. The Kims are unable to sympathize with these people who are arguably in a worse place than they were--at least they have the miserable semi-basement apartment, such as it is. Faced with another pair of people who are not only at least as destitute, Chung-wook is unwilling to extend them even the basest sympathy: she insists on calling the police, turning them over to both the law and the economic system they're hiding from. Having risen just the slightest bit out of poverty, the Kims' attitude immediately becomes "got mine, fuck you" (not that it wasn't already--see, again, getting Yoon and Moon-Gwang fired).
The Parks, meanwhile, are substantially less terrible. There are two moments that I see people pointing to as indications of the "indifference of wealth" or privilege or whatever. First, Mrs. Park insists on being present for the first sessions the "teachers" have with her kids--as though it were a particular affront for this parent to want that. Da-hye, a young high school girl, is groomed by not one but two college age guys who get access to her--the rapidity with which Ki-woo begins getting physical with her is surprising (or sadly not so), and his line at the dinner party about wanting to date her "when she goes to university" is a quote that reminds us that Min did the same thing. I'm surprised I haven't seen more people bothered by that dynamic, but I suppose the fact that she's rich obscures their vision.
Then there's Mr. Park's line about Ki-taek and the smell he exudes. I think that whole dynamic is really interesting because I think we're meant to resent Mr. Park just as much as Ki-taek does. He's aware that they literally find it odious to have him around, and that smarts--they smell the markers of his lower-class status and find it repugnant. Big bummer, of course. But the fact is that neither Mr. nor Mrs. Park act on that in any way. The only reason Ki-taek knows about their feelings is because he overhears it while he is hiding, intruding on what they thought was a safe place to discuss their lives. They share a private moment--a judgmental one, sure, but a private one--about a situation that they don't intend to rectify. They don't openly shame Ki-taek; they don't accost him, or fire him; they commiserate together about the smell, and they cope. And for this, of course, Mr. Park is stabbed.
I liked the movie. It is, technically speaking, a very wonderfully made movie. The whole set-up of the con is wonderful and fun, and the second half is also stellar. But I cannot help but notice that the movie's turning point is the "dinner party" that the Kims throw for themselves. Even before Moon-Gwang shows up, there is a palpable tension in the scene, a sort of lingering recognition that something wrong is happening or looming. I recall feeling uncomfortable even as they just sat on the couch and drank to excess, disregarding the family's dogs. The Kims take it upon themselves to enter and abuse their access, because the Parks have the audacity to... be rich? That's it? We even see Mr. Park at work--he's not an old-money aristocrat living on the wealth of others; he works in the contemporary 21st-century world of intellectual labor, and he is actively engaged with his work.
Even at the dinner part, it feels like a misstep to blame the Parks. Yes, of course it's shitty and terrible that Mr. Park would demand Ki-taek leave his daughter's bleeding body, and help him drive his own son to the hospital. And then you remember that Mr. Park doesn't know this is Ki-taek's daughter, because that was a secret; and then your mind casts back to Mrs. Park's trauma at her son's earlier seizure, and her declaration that they only have "15 minutes" to get him help before he dies; and we remember that the comments about Ki-taek's smell were made to his wife alone, heard only because of Ki-taek's transgression. And then we realize that in that moment, Mr. Park is pleading with his driver to help him save his son, and his punishment for this is to be stabbed and die.
I'm not attached to a 7/10. I think it'll change as I think about it, and if I end up watching it again. But the fact is that this is ultimately a movie about a family of villains worming their way into the lives of an unsuspecting family, a system which upends a stable order and results in the deaths of Mr. Park, arguably Da-song (who does not reappear, that I can recall), and others. I think it's less the incisive "eat the rich" class commentary that people are hanging on it, and more the bait-and-switch maneuver of playing on our anti-rich sympathies to sneak a family of con artists and murderers right past us. We, like the Parks, have completely overlooked the entire Kim family.
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2019.09.25 11:02 perochan AKMU - 항해 (SAILING) (3rd Full Album)


Release Date: September 25, 2019
Track Lyrics / Composed by Arranged by
01. 뱃노래 (Chantey) Lee Chanhyuk Jukjae
02. 물 만난 물고기 (Fish in the Water) Lee Chanhyuk Choi Ye Geun
03. 어떻게 이별까지 사랑하겠어, 널 사랑하는 거지 (How can I love the heartbreak, you're the one I love) / Audio Lee Chanhyuk Lee Hyun Young
04. 달 (Moon) Lee Chanhyuk Jukjae
05. Freedom Lee Chanhyuk Lee Hyun Young
06. 더 사랑해줄걸 (Should've Loved You More) Lee Chanhyuk Choi Ye Geun
07. 고래 (Whale) Lee Chanhyuk Jukjae
08. 밤 끝없는 밤 (Endless dream, good night) Lee Chanhyuk Denis Seo, Shin Seung Ik
09. 작별 인사 (Farewell) Lee Chanhyuk Lee Suhyun
10. 시간을 갖자 (Let's Take Time) Lee Chanhyuk Hong So Jin
STREAM ON Spotify / Apple Music / MelOn
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2019.04.04 17:00 alleybetwixt The Who's Who of Burning Molka: A comprehensive list of the names involved

BURNING MOLKA ARCHIVE WIKI will contain all future updates for this listing.
This post was last updated on 190915 at 6:55PM KST
This is a compiled list of all the significant figures involved in the Burning Molka scandals. It is our attempt to make an easier-to-read breakdown that focuses on the Who's Who of these cases and what they did.

⚠ TRIGGER WARNING: This will be the only warning in this post. The contents of many of these stories and notes may be triggering. If you are sensitive to straightforward mentions of criminal activity, especially regarding sexual assault/rape, do not continue. ⚠

There are two primary threads to follow in this story. One thread is Burning Sun and the general club culture of Gangnam. This includes illegal activities (drug use and dealing, gambling, entry of minors, sexual assault, illegal hidden cameras set up to film sexual abuse, tax evasion, embezzlement) and police colluding to cover up and/or participate in these activities. The other is the celebrity members of chatrooms sharing molka (illegally filmed videos, especially sexually exploitative in nature). They are intertwined as they involve some of the same people.
The ever-growing web of these stories are happening concurrently with a widespread spy-cam (molka) epidemic (hidden cameras in hotel rooms, public restrooms, etc) as well as a feminist movement (#MeToo) where awareness is being raised of the patriarchal culture of South Korea, which has facilitated sexual harassment and abuse of women as a 'norm'.
Throughout all cases, there are authority figures (police, politicians, celebrities, chaebols) committing crimes. Due to their wealth, power, and the entrenched corruption of those that could bring them justice--they get away with it.
(190503 Expansion) The two primary threads of Burning Sun and molka-sharing chatrooms have split into a few further threads through the investigations. As it stands now, there are essentially five threads.
CedarBough T. Saeji wrote an excellent piece introducing these threads and the ways they are connected within the larger cultural context of South Korea. Highly recommended reading!
KOREA EXPOSÉ - South Korea’s Corruption, Exposed by the Burning Sun
(see footnote in comments about all the Kims and repetitious names)

Directly involved:

  • Seungri/Lee Seung Hyun (BIGBANG and executive director of Burning Sun):
    • Admitted to charge of sharing illegal/pornographic imagery (it's unknown if this was molka he was re-sharing from somewhere else or just a random image).
    • Laughed in reaction to seeing illegal photos being shared in chatroom.
    • Admitted to tax evasion at Monkey Museum.
    • Embezzled funds from Monkey Museum and Burning Sun (tens of thousands of dollars). Charged for occupational embezzlement.
    • Alleged to have facilitated escorts for foreign investors at an event in Seoul in July 2016, at Club Arena in 2015, a Christmas party in 2015, and his Philippines birthday party in 2017.
    • During his pre-trial detention hearing, Seungri confirmed he had personally solicited prostitution.
    • Seungri left BIGBANG. Was released from his contract with YG Ent. Retired from the industry. Was largely removed from YG Ent. website and BIGBANG merchandise.
    • Will be sent a draft notice after June 25th at which point he will decide to enlist or postpone. If Seungri's case goes to prosecution, it will not have any affect on his enlistment unless he is arrested/detained at some point.
    • Forwarded to prosecution on 7 charges including: prostitution solicitation, prostitution mediation, embezzlement (from Burning Sun), embezzlement of attorney fees, instigating destruction of evidence, violation of the Food and Sanitation Act, and violation of the 'Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Sexual Crimes'. (190625)
  • Jung Joon Young (singesongwriter, band Drug Restaurant, TV personality):
    • Charged with 11 counts of filming and sharing molka of him having sex with women. Arrested. Trial begins May 10th, 2019.
    • Suspected of soliciting prostitution while filming abroad in Germany (2016).
    • Jung Joon Young had 23 chat rooms, with 16 people involved.
    • Make Us Ent. terminated his contract.
    • In 2016, he was accused of illegally filming a sexual encounter with a woman without consent, but the charges had been dropped. With the present investigation, it was discovered that police who had been investigating that case in 2016 went to the forensic company working on Jung Joon Young's phone, asking for them to announce that the phone's files could not be restored. The files were never turned over for further investigation.
    • Jung joon Young admitted to all 11 charges of filming or distributing molka at his pre-trial hearing (190510).
  • Yoo In Suk/Mr. Yoo (Yuri Holdings CEO):
    • Resigned from his position as CEO of Yuri Holdings, which is the company founded by both him and Seungri in 2016. It operated multiple businesses, including the Burning Sun club.
    • Embezzled funds from Monkey Museum and Burning Sun (tens of thousands of dollars). Charged for occupational embezzlement.
    • Facilitated prostitution
    • Helped to cover up Choi Jong Hoon's DUI
    • Implicated Superintendent Yoon during investigations.
    • His wife, Park Han Byul (actress/model), also claimed she received K-Pop concert tickets from Choi Jong Hoon
    • Provided details about soliciting prostitution with Seungri in 2015. They paid for two prostitutes at Seungri's apartment. Yoo In Suk stated their intention was to 'test their quality' ahead of Japanese investors they would be entertaining the following day. The two women confirmed they had been sent to the apartment by their madame.
  • Choi Jong Hoon (FTISLAND):
    • Bribed police for assistance in covering-up DUI (offered $9,000). Charged with 5 counts of distributing molka and one charge of filming molka himself.
    • Departed from FTISLAND. FNC Entertainment officially terminated his exclusive contract. Retired from industry.
    • Arrested.
    • Forwarded to prosecution with a recommendation of indictment for group sexual assault on two occasions in January and March of 2016 (190516).
    • Indicted on charges of sexual assault (190603). (The previous week he had filed a habeas corpus petition in objection to his detainment, requesting the courts re-review his case. Judge Lee Il Yeom rejected his petition.)
  • Yong Jun Hyung (HIGHLIGHT): Was in a 1-on-1 chatroom with Jung Joon Young. Admitted to participating in inappropriate conversations about molka. Departed from HIGHLIGHT. Enlisted for military service (190402).
  • Lee Jong Hyun (CNBLUE): Confirmed to be in chatroom where molka was shared. Admitted to participating in inappropriate sexual conversations degrading women. Currently in military service. He's 'deeply reflecting' and still supported by his agency, FNC Ent. He announced his departure from CNBLUE through FNC Entertainment, apologizing for bringing harm to the members and disappointment to fans. (This came after a strange private interaction with a YouTuber Park Min Jung on Instagram while serving in the military, which she made public. She apologized and removed the post after it hit the news.) (190828)
  • Mr. Kim (Burning Sun merchandiser): Employee at Burning Sun. Known as Jung Joon Young's "hidden camera mate". Set up hidden spy cams to film illegally in the club over 10 months. Uploaded molka of himself raping a woman to the group chatroom. Arrested. Indicted for sexual assault while overseas.
  • Eddy Kim (singesongwriter): Was in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young where molka was shared. He admitted to uploading one sexual photo from the internet.
  • Roy Kim (singesongwriter): Was in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young. Booked for sharing a photo (unconfirmed if molka). Graduated from Georgetown University, but did not participate in the ceremony.
  • Jung Joon Young participated in a temporary group chat along with cast-mates for JTBC's 'Hitmaker' (variety show). Reportedly, he took photos of a flight attendant's body (nature unknown) and shared them in the chat. Other cast members present in the chat were Kangin (Super Junior), Jeong Jin Woon (2AM), and Lee Chul Woo (model). Investigation determined these three did not share molka themselves and police stated they had no plans to investigate them further, referencing them only as witnesses present in the chat.
  • Kwon Hyuk Joon (SNSD Yuri's brother): Kicked out of group chatroom after being caught doing drugs (marijuana?). Mr. Kim (Burning Sun employee) reportedly filmed Kwon raping victim B and shared the video to the chatroom. Arrested on sexual assault charges. Forwarded to prosecution with a recommendation of indictment for group sexual assault (190516).
  • T: Member of a Jung Joon Young chat where there was discussion about sexual exploits, women were degraded in a variety of vulgadehumanizing ways, and drugging and raping a woman was described in some detail. Two women were described as being like comfort women.
  • P: same as T
  • K: same as T
  • Senior Police Officer Superintendent Yoon: Booked for violating the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act for taking bribes/gifts in the form of BIGBANG concert tickets (from Seungri), a meal and a golf game (from Yoo In Suk). Removed from his position. Fowarded to prosecution for obstructing rights when providing confidential police information to Yoo In Suk about possible suspicious activity at Monkey Museum. Yoon was cleared of charges regarding receiving bribes from Seungri and Yoo In Suk because the total amount ($2,250) was less than the threshold ($2,518) of the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act. But he will pay a fine and the Inspection Department will determine how he should be disciplined.
  • Senior Inspectors A and B: Both forwarded to prosecution. 'A' for helping to convey confidential information to Superintendent Yoon and 'B' for violating confidentiality for revealing police information.
  • Superintendent Kim (resident officer in Malaysia): Associated with Yoo In Suk and Park Han Byul. (Likely the figure who accepted bribe from Choi Jong Hoon to cover up his DUI.)
  • Mr. Kang (former Police Detective): Known as the 'Nighttime Troubleshooter' in Gangnam. Supposedly received regular bribes ($2,000/month or $5,000 for bigger issues). Allowed entry of a minor at Burning Sun. Received bribes through Choi, who was part of club Monkey Museum's crew.
  • Mr. Lim (Arena club's CEO): Arrested for tax evasion (evaded 16.2 billion won from 2014 to 2017).
  • Mr. Kang (Arena club's owner): Arrested for tax evasion (evaded 16.2 billion won from 2014 to 2017). Believed to have lobbied tax agencies during the tax investigation to Arena last year. He operated 16 clubs in Gangnam.
  • Mr. Jang (Burning Sun Director): Participated in the assault of Kim Sang Kyo along with security guards. Forwarded to prosecution on charges of assault.
  • Jang (Burning Sun security guard manager): Participated in the assault of Kim Sang Kyo along with security guards. Forwarded to prosecution on charges of assault.
  • Lee Moon Ho (Burning Sun co-CEO): Investigated as a suspect relating to drug use (more than 10 times) and distribution. Police seized his home and banned him from leaving the country. His initial arrest warrant was rejected despite testing positive for drugs. Arrested on suspicions of drug use, distribution, and destruction of evidence (190419). Transferred to prosecution. Sentenced to 3 years probation and 200 hours of community service. He would receive 1.5 years in prison if involved with any further criminal activity. (190822)
  • Lee Sung Hyun (Burning Sun co-CEO): Former board member in association with Le Méridien Seoul hotel. Testified in court that he bribed Mr. Kang (former Gangnam station police officer) to cover up the illegal entry of minors to the club (July 2018). Lee stated that he informed his co-CEO Lee Moon Ho of this, but not Seungri.
  • Anna (merchandisepromoter for Burning Sun): Interrogated by the police under suspicion of selling drugs to VIP clients at Burning Sun. Tested positive for methamphetamine, ecstasy, opium, marijuana, and ketamine. Request for arrest warrant regarding drug distribution, denied. Her case was transferred to prosecution.
  • Mr. Ji (Seungri's former manager): Was paid a salary of about $2,645 every month through Burning Sun, even though he was an employee of YG Entertainment. YG Ent. supposedly learned of this in February and fired Mr. Ji. This is still being investigated. It's not known if Mr. Ji was only getting salary from Burning Sun or he had double salary from both.
  • Yang Hyun Suk (Founder of YG Entertainment):
    • MBC's program 'Straight' aired with an in-depth report claiming that YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk mediated prostitution for foreign investors. A dinner he hosted in 2014 was specified where 8 men were being entertained. 25 women were present, allegedly most of which were prostitutes. Most of the guests and women moved on to Yang Hyun Suk's club NB, where later the investors selected from the women to be entertained privately. YG Entertainment made a statment confirming Yang Hyun Suk was at the dinner, but denied he mediated prostitution for VIPs. (Allegedly, Hwang Hana was also present at the dinner.)
    • JTBC's 'Spotlight' program included information about a staff member at YG Entertainment keeping a drug kit to test company artists for drugs so that they could take proactive steps to cover it up if anyone tested positive. Yang Hyun Suk responded to the program by stating he was directly involved in routinely monitoring the artists with drug tests himself every two months. He explained that, following G-Dragon's case, he took responsibility with testing as a preventative measure to keep artists fearful of using drugs at all. Yang Hyun Suk also claimed B.I's drug test had been negative.
    • Resigned from position in YG Entertainment as a result of his involvement in multiple scandals.
    • Booked for suspicions of prostitution mediation based on expense reports that indicated possible sexual services during the 2014 Europe trip (190717). The investigations into prostitution are ongoing.
  • Yang Min Suk (CEO of YG Entertainment/brother of Yang Hyun Suk): Resigned as CEO as a result of his brother's involvement in multiple scandals.
  • PSY: Called up for questioning on the 23rd regarding the prostitution mediation Yang Hyun Suk is suspected of providing for Jho Low and another Southeast Asian investor in July of 2014. The questioning reportedly took approximately 9 hours. Both PSY and Madam Jung's testimonies are being collected as a part of the ongoing investigation into Yang Hyun Suk's case.

Victims speaking out:

  • Informant/whistleblower: Person (woman?) who gave Kakaotalk chats to Lawyer Bang Jeong Hyun.
  • Kim Sang Kyo (non-celebrity):
    • Filed the original assault case at Burning Sun, which triggered all of the media attention and investigations of Gangnam clubs.
    • Claimed he saw a woman being sexually harassed. Sought a security guard for help and then was beaten by Mr. Jang and security guards. When police came, they also beat him. He was arrested and beaten again at the police station.
    • Wrote about the incident on Bobaedream (online community) and sent a petition to the Blue House about it. Later requested anyone harmed at Burning Sun to contact him through Instagram. Posted multiple stories of victims sharing what happened to them (sexually assaulted, drugged with GHB).
    • Three women accused him of harassment at Burning Sun (includes Anna and a 'Kim', who were later revealed to have ties to Burning Sun staff.)
    • (Kim Sang Kyo Statement and background)
    • Forwarded to prosecution on charges of assault, interference with business, and sexual harassment based on testimonies and CCTV footage.
  • A (informant): Two new chatrooms were discovered due to informant 'A, from her boyfriend, Mr. Kim. Participants of one include actors Shin and Han and a model Jung. The other includes the son of a former Samsung executive, a merchandiser for club Arena, and an entertainer. It contains more than 100 videos and pictures of shared molka and pornographic content. (Note: This is not the same 'A' as the 'A' below and we do not know if this 'Mr. Kim' is the same as any other Kim mentioned in this list.)
  • A (friends with members of the group chatrooms):
    • Testified she was sexually assaulted by five members of the group chatrooms. This includes Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon (may also include Heo and Mr. Kim (Burning Sun)).
    • 'A' contacted lawyer Bang Jeong Hyun when seeing everything in the news and suspected she may have been assaulted while she was part of the chatroom associated friend group.
    • Corroborating the date of her suspected assault with Bang Jeong Hyun and the chat logs resulted in seeing conversations, a voice recording, and six photos that indeed indicated she had been sexually assaulted while unconscious.
    • 'A' will file a lawsuit against those who assaulted her and an investigation will follow.
  • B: Last week, 'B' filed a complaint that Mr. Kim (Burning Sun employee) filmed Kwon (SNSD Yuri's brother) raping 'B' and shared the video to the chatroom. Her statement matches the content of the chat logs.
  • Lee: Came forward in relation to one of the first chatlogs that was made public. A 2016 gathering overseas included Seungri, Roy Kim, Mr. Kim, Yoo In Suk, and a group of women who had been invited. Lee was friends with one of the women. They all had dinner together, but Lee lost consciousness. She was left to rest in another room. She was found later in a different room, undressed, and her friends said it was extremely difficult to rouse her from sleep. Her testimony aligns with the content of the chat where Mr. Kim had filmed as he assaulted her and shared it with the other members. Lee's uncharacteristic loss of consciousness will also be further investigated for the possibility she was drugged at the party.
  • Multiple women came forward regarding a gathering at a resort in Hongcheon (January 2016). Five men were involved, which included Jung Joong Young, Choi Jong Hoon, and Mr. Kim (Burning Sun). Seungri did not attend but responded to chat conversations about what happened there. The women claim they lost consciousness after being served alcohol by the men. Again, the chatlogs and media shared indicate the women were sexually assaulted and recorded.
  • Seven women have come forward so far to file complaints in regards to being sexually assaulted by members of the Jung Joon Young chatrooms. The ones we know about in detail are listed above.
  • Informant Jeon (guard at Burning Sun):
    • Came forward with information about police being paid off during club inspections long before this whole scandal took off. Drugs were openly used in Burning Sun. He recalled an unconscious woman who his team was supposed to remove from the club, but looked like she had been drugged when he tried to wake her. The leader of Jeon's guard team was instructed to keep police out of the club.
    • Jeon was present when Kim Sang Kyo was assaulted. When Sang Kyo publicly stated he was seeking information about the club, Jeon contacted him, despite being threatened by his team leader.
    • Claimed he never saw sexual crimes himself, but that servers and guards would say he should go watch the CCTV for a (VIP?) room, and he assumed there were sex acts happening. He said it was almost always celebrities or chaebols who booked that room.
  • Another victim of Kim Hak Eui and Yoon Jung Cheon who was present at the Wonju Villa in 2008 came forward. Choi has medical and psychiatric treatment records that may be used to apply charges to the men. Her testimony was provided back in 2013, but she was never called in for further questioning/investigation at the time, further indicating the investigation was not handled responsibly. (The two victims more recently associated with this case are Choi and Lee/A.)

Indirect connections:

  • Seo Hyun Deok (nephew of Choi Soon Shil): VIP guest at Burning Sun. Confirmed first assailant against Kim Sang Kyo. Grabbed him by the hair. Forwarded to prosecution on charges of assault..
  • Kim Hak Eui (Former Vice Justice Minister: (Article linking KHE with multiple sex abuse cases). Arrested. There is not sufficient evidence to charge Kim Hak Eui specifically on sexual assault (he has other charges pending still). Yoon Jung Cheon had a 'mental damage' charge applied for assaulting 'Lee/A' three times and coercing her to be sexually involved with Kim Hak Eui.
  • Yoon Jung Cheon (building contractor):
    • Hosted sex parties at his villa in Wonju, where Kim Hak Eui is suspected to have drugged and raped women (between 2006-2007). With investigations re-opened and widened surrounded Kim, Yoon Jung Cheon was booked for fraud and misappropriating funds while head of a construction firm between November 2017 and May 2018.
    • Was transferred to Seoul Eastern District Prosecutor's Office. Prosecution is determining if they want to seek an arrest warrant for Yoon.
    • Arrested.
    • The Past Affairs Committee called for an investigation of the relationship between Yoon Jung Cheon and high-ranking prosecuters regarding bribery and unfair treatment (ex-Attorney General Han Sang Dae, ex-official Yoon Gap Geun, and ex-assistant prosecutor general Park). There is also the possibility that more videos exist aside from the well-known 'Kim Hak Eui video' taken by Yoon Jung Cheon, which he may have used to habitually blackmail five more victims.
  • SBS reported on Businessman Choi, who is being investigation for real estate fraud/embezzlement and involvement with Kim Hak Eui. Choi's two sons are the 2nd largest stockholders of Choi's company and are suspected of participating in the fraud. One son is the vocalist of JANNABI (a band). Choi claims his sons were never involved in management of the company
  • President Moon Jae In issued emergency orders to thoroughly investigate the scandals that have surfaced: Burning Sun, Jang Ja Yeon (actress who took her own life that was sexually abused, as facilitated by her agency), and Kim Hak Eui (former justice minister who was accused of taking sexual bribes, with at least one woman who did not consent). Their commonalities are in privileged individuals participating in criminal activity and sexual abuse while colluding with people in places of power (ie. police, politicians) to cover up and/or take part in said activities. Jang Ja Yeon's case was nearing the statute of limitations, but there was an official extension of two months to continue the investigation.
  • Shim Min Ji (Madame Shim): Founder and CEO of the luxury fashion brand L’inoui (Koreaboo article all about her connections to powerful figures and suspicious cases of suicide)
  • Madam Lin (Taiwanese investor): Signed investment contract for Burning Sun after meeting Seungri in 2017. Accused of laundering money through the club. (Koreaboo article all about her.) Forwarded to prosecution on charges of money laundering and embezzlement. (190625)
  • Madam Jung (Adult Entertainment Industry Businesswoman (?)):
    • Allegedly instructed through 'CEO Kim' of YGX and Yang Hyun Suk to bring 10 women entertainers to two events with YG Entertainment's foreign investors in July and October 2014. One was a dinner and one was a trip to Europe.
    • Instructed to send photos of 10 women to Yang Hyun Suk's friend. The friend paid her about $170,000 a week before the Europe trip, which may have been supplied by Jho Low. Yang Hyun Suk then personally gave Madam Jung directions on how to distribute the money to the women--half of the total to be divided between the women and the other half going to Madam Jung herself.
    • She decided to reveal this information on MBC's 'Straight' program after her frustration seeing Yang Hyun Suk claim he didn't know why Madam Jung brought the women for the trip when he was the one that gave the order.
    • Madam Jung has been questioned by police six times so far.
  • Hwang Hana:
    • Chaebol of Namyang Dairy Products (is also the ex-fiancée of Park Yoochun(JYJ)).
    • Arrested (190404). Trial will begin 190515.
    • Frequent visitor of Burning Sun. Drug-dealeuser, but has never been punished when caught due to preferential treatment from police (she may have bribed someone she used with, Cho/Jo, to take all the blame).
    • Friends with Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Moon Ho, Seungri, and Madam Lin.
    • May have distributed molka and used videos to threaten others/victims. A relative of Park Yoochun claimed Hana blackmailed him with nude photos of him she had taken while he slept.
    • Was known to host house-parties at high-class villas where wealthy friends would be invited to take drugs and 'play'. There are indications she provided drugs for her family and possibly for two employees in her father's company (or worked with them to attain drugs).
    • Indicted on additional charges of drug use. She was charged with using methamphetamine a total of 10 times, Her first trial will be on June 5th.
    • At her second hearing on June 19th she submitted a 14-page apology letter and admitted to all charges against her regarding use of methamphetamine except for one. She challenged a statement by Park Yoochun that they had used drugs together in March of this year (12th-13th). Hwang Hana claimed Park Yoochun took the drugs by himself. Her next hearing will be held on July 10th.
    • Was sentenced to 2 years probation and a fine of about $1,878 (2.2mil won). She was released from detention and made a public statement of apology, saying she would self-reflect. (190719)
  • Park Yoochun (JYJ, ex-TVXQ):
    • Ex-fiancé of Hwang Hana. While she was being questioned she claimed a celebrity friend coerced her into taking drugs. This friend was speculated to be Park Yoochun.
    • Police conducted a search and seizure of Park Yoochun's home, car, and phone, along with taking a hair sample for testing.
    • He tested positive for methamphetamine (Philopon) and confessed to seven(?) instances of using. Six times with Hwang Hana and once on his own since 2018.
    • His case was forwarded to prosecution on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act (190503).
    • CJeS, Yoochun's agency, terminated his exclusive contract. Yoochun cancelled all schedules and retired from the industry.
    • Park Yoochun's lawyer, Kwon Chang Beom, resigned from work on his case.
    • Officially indicted with detention after admitting to charges of drug use. His first hearing has been scheduled for June 14th.
    • References to Yoochun have mostly been removed from JYJ's social media accounts.
    • At his first hearing, he admitted to all charges of using methamphetamine (Philopon), six times between September and October 2018, and also for purchasing 1.5 grams of the drug three times with Hwang Hana between February and March 2019. Prosecutors asked for Yoochun to serve an 18-month prison sentence and pay a fine of approximately $1,180. His final trial is set for July 2nd.
    • After 68 days of detainment during his trials, Yoochun was sentenced to 2 years of probation. If he is found to be involved with any further criminal activity during that time, he will serve 10 months in prison. He was also sentenced to pay a fine of about $1,200. (190702)
  • B.I (iKON): Dispatch revealed Kakaotalk messages from 2016 where he attempted to purchase marijuana and LSD from Han Seo Hee. Departed from iKON. YG Entertainment terminated his exclusive contract with the company. Suwon District Prosecutor's second deputy director, Lee Soo Kwon, explained that prosecution would not continue investigating B.I. since there was no evidence of criminal activity beyond the Kakaotalk conversation and Han Seo Hee testified that she never gave drugs to B.I.(190618).
  • Han Seo Hee (aka. Informant A): Exchanged Kakaotalk messages with B.I relating to purchasing drugs. She was questioned once, but was too emotional for the questioning to be productive. She testified she did not deliver drugs to B.I. Han Seo Hee also claimed she was coerced into changing her testimony under threat by Yang Hyun Suk. There are suspicions about timing with her August 2016 drug case. Police had requested a drug test on her, but before the results had even been recieved, her case was forwarded to prosecution. However, a source from the prosecution team claimed there were no records of this early transfer to prosecution. Additionally, Dispatch reported Han Seo Hee was encouraged by Yang Hyun Suk to go overseas to the US in December 2016 during the lead up to Big Bang's promotional period. In her opinion this was to prevent any risk to TOP in relation to his marijuana use. She was further told by the company to stay longer in the US, which she believes was timed intentionally to wait until TOP had enlisted in the military. These allegations were all denied by Yang Hyun Suk in an official statement.
  • Kangin departed from Super Junior, apologizing for the problems he had caused in an Instagram announcement. (190710)
  • Kim Hyung Jun (SS501): Accused of sexually assaulting a bar employee in 2010 (the alleged victim came foward when seeing this whole scandal in the news). He denied the allegations.
  • SHAUN (solo artist and member of band The Koxx): Enlisted for his military service. He hasn't been accused of anything, but he was a resident DJ at Burning Sun, so received negative attention for the association.
  • Choi Jung Hoon (JANNABI vocalist and son of Businessman Choi) posted a public letter via Instagram (Soompi's article w/full translation). He stated his father's business failed in 2012 and the singer had been financially independent ever since. He allowed his father to use his name/good credit score to help rebuild the business, but had nothing to do with it otherwise. He also said he knew his father and Kim Hak Eui were friends before he was born, but has no other association. JANNABI's various scheduled appearances are being cancelled following the reports about Choi Jung Hoon's father.
  • A PD for the variety show 2 Days & 1 Night (2D1N) was implicated in a chat where gambling was discussed with Jung Joon Young. Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Joon Ho (members of the 2D1N cast) were also in the chat and are revealed to have gambled while playing golf (gambling is illegal in South Korea). They have both stepped down from all programs they are involved with. 2D1N is now on indefinite hiatus and unavailable for replay. The investigation over the gambling came to an end with no charges filed against either of them (190524).
  • BC Holdings (in Hong Kong) was founded in 2016 by Seungri, Yoo In Suk, and Ryu (head of a consulting firm). It is believed to be a shell corporation. It was apparently operating on $8.8 million of investments, but the initial investment of these men was only about $35. Hong Kong authorities are investigating for tax evasion. The BC Holdings Korean office and Ryu's consulting firm are both located at the Yuri Holdings office.
  • Robert Holley (Lawyer, TV personality): Arrested for possession and use of methamphetamine. Megathread compilation for articles related to him

Further investigations:

  • While investigating Burning Sun, Police seized 58 phones.
  • Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency held a press conference and revealed the following in relation to the club scandals: 103 people have been booked, 13 people have been arrested/imprisoned. 53 people were booked for drug-related charges (15 booked and 4 arrested for using/distributing drugs at Burning Sun), 9 booked and 1 arrested for distributing GHB.
  • Another Gangnam club (not named) owned by Mr. Kang was found to have allowed minors to enter in December 2017. Broker Bae bribed two police officers, Lieutenant C/Yeom and Sergeant D, to cover it up. All three were booked. Lieutenant C/Yeom admitted to accepting bribes and was arrested. The arrest warrant request for Sergeant D was denied.
  • A program aired on MBC called 'Straight', which dug into some staggeringly evil stuff. A number of Gangnam clubs including Arena and Burning Sun set up officetel rooms for VVIP customers. There are indications of drug use, human trafficking, underage prostitution, rape, torture, illegal filming, and the presence of a professional team to destroy all evidence of what goes on there.
  • 17 women were booked for prostitution or prostitution mediation. It is believed they are all linked to Seungri's parties.
  • In a press conference on April 29th ('19), the SMPA Commissioner stated action had been taken against 23 suspects in relation to drug use, distribution of molka, and sexual assault. 7 people total were booked related to embezzlement at Burning Sun including: Lee and Choi (Jeonwon Enterprise chairman and CEO), Burning Sun's two CEOs, Yoo In Suk (Yuri Holdings), Ahn (Madam Lin's guide), and Seungri. The SMPA stated their next focus for investigation will be police corruption and collusion at Burning Sun and related cases.
  • From earlier reporting, there was a chatroom with 200 members, mostly reporters and directors, who were sharing media from all of these investigations--molka, pornographic material, and private information related to the sexual assault victims. SMPA's cyber crime team launched an investigation into this chatroom and its members, along with three more chatrooms that have similar material being shared.
  • Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office performed a search and seizure on Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) relating to prostitution night club crack-downs. The investigation focuses on a 'Lieutenant Park' who allegedly took bribes in exchange for secret information and possibly running prostitution businesses. This is indirectly related to the Burning Sun c ases, but the raid was performed on the same day the Burning Sun investigations were wrapped up and findings announced. Many found the timing suspicious.
  • Investigations into possible collusion between Burning Sun and the local police (Yeoksam Patrol Division) were concluded. 72 cell phones of the officers, call histories of 706 club staff members, and bank records of 36 higher-ranked staff members were analyzed. It was determined there was not evidence of collusion between the club and police.
  • Regarding Jung Joon Young's old August 2016 sexual assault case, SMPA forwarded 'Lieutenant A' to prosecution for abandonment of duty and falsifying documents as well as accomplice 'Lawyer B' (Jung Joon Young's lawyer) for hiding evidence. Together, they are suspected to have hidden Jung Joon Young's cell phone at the time, claiming it disappeared, keeping the evidence of his molka videos a secret. Lieutenant A also attempted to coerce the digital forensics company to put on record that the cell phone data could not be recovered, which the company refused to do. When the company said the data recovery would take less than 24 hours, Lieutenant A told his superiors it would take 2-3 months. Lawyer B is also suspected of trying to reset Jung Joon Young's phone before handing it over to police in the more recent case, March 2019.
  • SMPA's Intellectual Crime Division stated that Seungri, Yoo In Suk, Madam Lin, and Burning Sun co-CEOs Lee Sung Hyun and Lee Moon Ho are suspected of embezzling more money from the club than previously reported ($451,000). The new total of embezzled funds is reported to be approximately $1.5 million, of which $850,000 was embezzled by Seungri, Yoo In Suk, and Madam Lin. The remaining funds were allegedly embezzled by the co-CEOs. There are no plans to request additional warrants against those involved based on the changed amount of embezzled funds. (190619)

People on the case:

  • Oh Hyuk Jin and Noh Seung Il (Choi Soon Sil case): Political journalist and assistant, reported Burning Sun.
  • Lawyer Bang Jeong Hyun: Received chats from informant. Sent to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (as opposed to the police). Shared them with Kang Kyung Yoon.
  • Kang Kyung Yoon: Reported Kakaotalk chats of Seungri and Jung Joon Young. Received chats from lawyer Bang (as requested by informant). Investigating Seungri since 2015. In communication with molka victims. (Watch her interview where she describes her process with the case)
  • Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA)
  • Metropolitan/Provincial Special Detective Division
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    5. Magi characters in Hanbok. My recent drawing. :3 (72 points, 17 comments)
    6. Found this on twitter and are you That Guy from this subreddit lol.. (Queer Parade Seoul.) (48 points, 33 comments)
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    3. Inspired by South Korea's candlelight protestors, Japanese candlelight protestors start their own version of the candlelight protests against Japanese government corruption (141 points, 49 comments)
    4. UNDP's Gender Equality Ranking Report: South Korea is 10th most equal out of 189 countries, and 1st in Asia (104 points, 156 comments)
    5. Korean washers sold in America are more expensive and better quality, despite US accusation that Korea is dumping cheap washers into American market (79 points, 19 comments)
    6. Korea urged to protect local chipmakers against China attack (78 points, 3 comments)
    7. Girl's Generation Sohyun with North Korean band singing in Pyeongchang Olympic (69 points, 25 comments)
    8. Yemen Refugees in Jeju: This just about proves that they are fake refugees (68 points, 261 comments)
    9. Yemeni Refugees Flee War, End Up Trapped on Jeju (67 points, 215 comments)
    10. Update on North Korean soldier who got shot while defecting (59 points, 29 comments)
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    1. Korean Infinity Gauntlet (1138 points, 36 comments)
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    1. Typhoon Soulik claims first victim on Jeju (598 points, 32 comments)
    2. It's unbearably hot today, so here's my favourite picture that I've taken of winter in Korea (363 points, 42 comments)
    3. Powerful typhoon on course to hit Korea this week (144 points, 146 comments)
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    1. Korea Mexico 2 : 0 Germany (1080 points, 64 comments)

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2018.02.15 07:00 tastetherainbeau Red Velvet - The Perfect Red Velvet (Two Weeks Later)

What are your thoughts on Red Velvet's latest release now that you've had time to digest it? What are the standout tracks? How has your opinion changed since release? What are your thoughts on the sales numbers and chart positions? How did the release stack up to your expectations?


Artist Red Velvet
Title The Perfect Red Velvet
Type Repackage Full-Length Album
Released January 29, 2018

Album Discussion Thread

Physical Sales

Album Sales Total
Gaon 55,128+
Hanteo 38,781

Landed #1 on Gaon Weekly Albums Chart and #3 on Billboard World Albums Chart for 1st week of release

Digital Charts

The following chart positions include only new songs because no re-released songs charted these two weeks, though Peek-A-Boo is still charting from the original album.

01. Bad Boy:

Gaon Chart 1st Week Rank 1st Week Count 2nd Week Rank 2nd Week Count
Digital #2 55,254,739 #2 45,677,172
Download #1 - #3 -
Streaming #3 - #3 -
BGM #18 - #44 -
Mobile #11 - #3 -
Noraebang N/A - #83 -
Charts Peak Rank (Daily) Charts Peak Rank (Daily)
Melon #3 Bugs #1
Mnet #3 Naver #1
Genie #1 Soribada #1
Charts Peak Rank (Realtime) Charts Peak Rank (Realtime)
Melon #1 Bugs #1
Mnet #3 Naver #1
Genie #1 Soribada #1

02. All Right:

Gaon Chart 1st Week Rank 1st Week Count 2nd Week Rank 2nd Week Count
Digital #79 7,106,557 N/A N/A
Download #19 - N/A -
Charts Peak Rank (Daily) Charts Peak Rank (Daily)
Melon #73 Bugs #9
Mnet N/A Naver N/A
Genie #88 Soribada #79
Charts Peak Rank (Realtime) Charts Peak Rank (Realtime)
Melon #24 Bugs #4
Mnet N/A Naver N/A
Genie #19 Soribada #23

07. Time to Love:

Gaon Chart 1st Week Rank 1st Week Count 2nd Week Rank 2nd Week Count
Download #57 - N/A -
Charts Peak Rank (Daily) Charts Peak Rank (Daily)
Melon N/A Bugs #23
Mnet N/A Naver N/A
Genie N/A Soribada #79
Charts Peak Rank (Realtime) Charts Peak Rank (Realtime)
Melon N/A Bugs #11
Mnet N/A Naver N/A
Genie N/A Soribada N/A

Album Credits & Streaming

Listen on Spotify

Full Album
New tracks are bolded:
Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
01. Bad Boy JQ, Moon Hee Yeon Stereotypes, Maxx Song, Whitney Phillips, Yoo Young Jin Stereotypes
02. All Right Lee Suran Kevin Charge, Phoebus Tassopoulos, Jessica Jean Pfeiffer Kevin Charge
03. Peek-A-Boo Kenzie Moonshine, Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg Tollbom Moonshine
04. 봐 (Look) SUMIN, JINBO Daniel 'Obi' Klein, Charli Taft, JINBO, SUMIN Daniel 'Obi' Klein
05. I Just Kim Boo Min Hitchhiker, Kim Boo Min, Aventurina King, John Fulford Hitchhiker
06. Kingdom Come Lee Suran (Jam Factory) The Stereotypes, DEEZ, Ylva Dimberg The Stereotypes
07. Time To Love Kang Eun Jung Ellen Berg Tollbom, 밍지션 (minGtion), Lee Dong Hoon 밍지션 (minGtion)
08. 두 번째 데이트 (My Second Date) Jeong Gandi James Wong, Sidnie Tipton, Sophie Stern Gladius
09. Attaboy Kenzie Kenzie, The Stereotypes, Ylva Dimberg The Stereotypes
10. Perfect 10 Cho Yun Kyung Daniel 'Obi' Klein, Charli Taft, DEEZ Daniel 'Obi' Klein, DEEZ
11. About Love 1월 8일 (Jam Factory) RE:ONE, Davey Nate RE:ONE
12. 달빛 소리 (Moonlight Melody) Lee Joo Hyung (MonoTree) Lee Joo Hyung (MonoTree), Kwon Deok Geun Kwon Deok Geun
submitted by tastetherainbeau to kpop [link] [comments]

2018.01.29 10:11 perochan Red Velvet - The Perfect Red Velvet (2nd Album Repackage)

Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
01. Bad Boy JQ, Moon Hee Yeon Stereotypes, Maxx Song, Whitney Phillips, Yoo Young Jin Stereotypes
02. All Right Lee Suran Kevin Charge, Phoebus Tassopoulos, Jessica Jean Pfeiffer Kevin Charge
03. Peek-A-Boo Kenzie Moonshine, Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg Tollbom Moonshine
04. 봐 (Look) SUMIN, JINBO Daniel 'Obi' Klein, Charli Taft, JINBO, SUMIN Daniel 'Obi' Klein
05. I Just Kim Boo Min Hitchhiker, Kim Boo Min, Aventurina King, John Fulford Hitchhiker
06. Kingdom Come Lee Suran (Jam Factory) The Stereotypes, DEEZ, Ylva Dimberg The Stereotypes
07. Time To Love Kang Eun Jung Ellen Berg Tollbom, 밍지션 (minGtion), Lee Dong Hoon 밍지션 (minGtion)
08. 두 번째 데이트 (My Second Date) Jeong Gandi James Wong, Sidnie Tipton, Sophie Stern Gladius
09. Attaboy Kenzie Kenzie, The Stereotypes, Ylva Dimberg The Stereotypes
10. Perfect 10 Cho Yun Kyung Daniel 'Obi' Klein, Charli Taft, DEEZ Daniel 'Obi' Klein, DEEZ
11. About Love 1월 8일 (Jam Factory) RE:ONE, Davey Nate RE:ONE
12. 달빛 소리 (Moonlight Melody) Lee Joo Hyung (MonoTree) Lee Joo Hyung (MonoTree), Kwon Deok Geun Kwon Deok Geun

iTunes Spotify

submitted by perochan to kpop [link] [comments]

2017.12.06 23:16 Rybaker OWL Power Rankings: Way Too Early Edition

Like many of you out there, I am really excited for Overwatch League to finally start. I thought I'd write up my own personal thoughts on the teams and make a "way too early" power rankings. Let me know what you guys think and let me know what your own personal power rankings are as well.

Rank 12 - Boston Uprising


Nickname - Player name - Role - Former Teams - Notable characters played
Gamsu - YoungJin Noh - Tank - CONBOX - Reinhardt, Winston NotE- Lucas Meissner - Tank - Toronto Esports -, Zarya Kalios - Namju Gwon - Tank - Afreca Freecs - Zarya, D. Va, Ana Snow - Mikias Yohannes - Support - Toronto Esports - Ana, Mercy Neko - SeHyun Park - Support - RX Foxes - Zenyatta, Ana, Sombra Avast - Connor Prince - Support - Luminosity Gaming Evil - Lucio Kellex - Kristian Keller - Support - Team Singularity, Team Denmark 2017 - lucio DreamKazper - Johnathan Sanchez - DPS - Tempo Storm - McCree, Genji STRIKER - Namju Gwon - DPS - Rox Orcas - McCree, Soldier: 76, Widowmaker Mistakes - Stanislav Danilov - DPS - 123, Russia 2017 - Tracer

Coaching Staff:

Nickname - Coaches Name - Role - Former Teams
HuK - Chris Loranger - General Manager - Toronto Esports Crusty - Park DaHee - Head Coach - RX Foxes Shake - Jackson Kaplan - Coach - CLG(player) Mini - Rollon Haemlin - Coach - LG Evil, Tempo Storm(player) Mr. Bleeple - Mohid Asjid - Coach - University of Toronto
Player to watch: Hard to predict which players from this roster will emerge as the focal point of this team, but my player to watch is former Conbox captain and standout Gamsu. A former League of Legends professional that consistently played at a high level, Gamsu’s vast esports experience should anchor this upstart team. Potential: Even if they exceed expectations the ceiling of this team will still probably be mid-table.
Thoughts: One of the few teams in OWL to enter without an pre-existing core of players. Only NotE and Snow have previously played together professionally on Toronto Esports. Before a single game is played, I think this team is one of the weakest fielded. Many of the players have had professional experience in Korea, North America, and Europe , but most come from teams that haven’t had much success in top leagues. That being said, this team is an interesting case study in the importance of player scouting and coaching. Their player roster seems to be filled with potential “diamond in the rough” players that have great mechanics and skill and were standouts on mediocre teams. Boston’s owner Robert Kraft has an amazing track record for finding great staff talent and let’s not forget his New England Patriots staff “discovered” a QB named Tom Brady as the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL draft and developed him to being one of the best players of all time. General Manager HuK has also said in interviews that the team is focusing on creating a great team culture and sought players that were willing to buy in to their system. This team may surprise the many OWL fans that have already written them off before a single game is played.

Rank 11 Shanghai Dragons


Nickname - Player name - Role - Former Teams - Notable characters played
Freefeel Peixuan Xu - Support - FTD Club - Ana Xushu Junjie Liu - Tank - 1246 - Winston, Pharah Fiveking Zhaoyu Chen - Support - TeamCC, China 2017 - Lucio Altering Yage Cheng - Support - LGD Gaming - Mercy, Lucio Undead Chao Fang - DPS - LGD Gaming - McCree, Tracer, Reaper MG Dongjian Wu - Tank - LGD Gaming - D.Va, Zarya Roshan Wenhao Jing - Tank - FTD Club - Winston, Reinhardt Diya Weida Lu - DPS - Vici Gaming - McCree, Tracer, Doomfist

Coaching Staff:

Nickname - Coaches Name - Role - Former Teams
U4 - Chen Congshan - Head Coach - LGD Gaming, Team China 2017 Kong - Son Jun Young - Coach - Might AOD, Mighty Storm Nai8 - Jia Jia - Coach - Team CC, iGFire (player)
Player to watch: Diya is such a good hitscan DPS player that his professional career has been tainted by false claims that he aimbots. Potential: I think the ceiling to this team is probably middle of the pack.
Thoughts: It makes sense that the sole Chinese OWL team would aim to fill its roster with only Chinese players. That being said there is a lot of great Chinese players that weren’t signed onto the Dragons roster. The most notable being players from the Chinese team Miraculous Youngsters who were the top team in China before the move to Overwatch League. Additionally, only one player on this roster played on Team China in the Overwatch World Cup 2017. The core of this team is former LGD gaming players which wasn’t known as a top team in Asia so it’s hard to expect a lot out of this roster.

Rank 10 LA Gladiators


Nickname - Player name - Role - Former Teams - Notable characters played
Asher Jun-Sung Choi- DPS - CONBOX - Tracer, McCree Surefour Lane Roberts - DPS - Cloud9, Canada 2017 - McCree, Pharah, Tracer iRemiix Luis Galarza Figueroa - Tank - Kungarna - Reinhardt, Winston Bischu Hyung Seok Kim - Flex - Kungarna - Zarya, D.Va Shaz Jonas Samuel Suovaara - Support - Team Gigantti - Ana, Zenyatta, Sombra Hydration Joao Pedro Veloso de Goes Telles - DPS - CLG - Genji, Pharah, Doomfist BigGoose Benjamin Ville Aapeli Isohanni - Support - Team Gigantti - Lucio

Coaching Staff:

Nickname - Coaches Name - Role - Former Teams
Dpei - David Pei - Coach - Kungarna Tim- Timothy Albanese - Coach
Player to watch: Surefour will carry the burden of being the focal point of this team so expect the Gladiators success to rise and fall with his performances. Potential: I think the ceiling of this team is mid table.
Thoughts: Kungarna coach David Pei retains tank iRemix and flex tank player Bischu from their Overwatch Contenders NA team that finished 7th in the final standings of the tournament. To boost the team, the Gladiators have signed Team Gigantti support duo Shaz and Big Goose from their Contenders EU winning team to bolster the squad significantly. Throw in competitive veteran Surefour, Brazilian DPS player Hydration, and a relatively unknown Asher and you have what could be an intriguing squad. Worth noting that this team wasn’t a complete, pre existing team before OWL, yet only opted to sign seven players to the roster. I hope this is because they are keeping their options open to sign new Contenders talent mid season and not because of Stan Kroenke’s reputation as a stingy owner. Kroenke-owned sports teams typically don’t spend big money to buy coaches or players that show a commitment to winning a title. Hopefully this team gets the resources it needs to compete.

Rank 9 Philadelphia Fusion


Nickname - Player name - Role - Former Teams - Notable characters played
Joemeister Joseph Gramano - Support - Faze Clan, Canada 2017 - Lucio Boombox Isaac Charles - Support - EUnited, United Kingdom 2017 - Zenyatta Carpe Jae-Hyeok Lee - DPS - Faze Clan - McCree, Genji, Tracer Snillo Simon Ekström - DPS - 123, Sweden 2017 - Soldier76, Tracer, McCree Fragi Joona Laine - Tank - Team Giganti - Reinhardt, Winston Eqo Josue Corona- DPS - Zengaming, Israel 2017- Genji, Tracer ShaDowBurn Georgii Gushcha - DPS - Faze Clan, Russia 2017- Genji, Pharah Neptuno Alberto González Molinillo - Support - Cloud9 , Spain 2017 - Lucio DayFly Jeong-Hwan Park - Support - Ardeont Hotba Hong-Jun Choi- Flex - LW Red Poko Gael Gouzerch - Flex - GamersOrigen - Zarya, Winston, Soldier 76 SADO (Suspended 30 games) Su-Min Kim - Tank

Coaching Staff:

Nickname - Coaches Name - Role - Former Teams
Kirby - Yann Luu - Head Coach - 123, Hammers Esports Hayes - Elliot Hayes - Coach - EUnited NamedHwi - Coach - Faze Clan
Player to watch: Carpe was Faze Clan’s superstar DPS and I believe he’ll still be able to deliver tons of flashy plays if the Fusion are going to be successful this season. Potential: This team could probably finish mid table when they all are able to build synergy with each other.
Thoughts: Philadelphia Fusion is nicknamed the United Nations because its roster includes a diverse group of players from all over the world. The core of this team is Carpe, Shadowburn, and Joemeister from the Overwatch Contenders NA team Faze Clan which finished 2nd behind Envyus. This team has added a lot of talented players from every region which only solidifies their potential. One potential issue that could hurt this Fusion squad is the fact that they are unable to participate in the preseason because they weren’t able to get all their players to Los Angeles in time for the event. Typically, when you mix a team from different regions of the world, it takes time to build solid communication. This becomes a bigger issue when your team is going to have less practice time to gel than the rest of the league who have already been scrimming in Los Angeles. Also one of their players SADO is suspended for half the season as punishment for his involvement in ELO Boosting.

Rank 8 San Francisco Shock


Nickname - Player name - Role - Former Teams - Notable characters played
Super Matthew DeLisi -Flex - Kungarna - Reinhardt, Winston, Tracer BABYBAY Andrej Francisty - Flex - Kungarna - Soldier76, Genji, McCree Sinatraa Jay Won - DPS - Cloud9 EU, Selfless Gaming, USA 2017 - Tracer, Genji, Zarya Sleepy Nikola Andrews - Support - Zenyatta Danteh Dante Cruz- DPS- Arc 6 - Tracer, Sombra, Genji dhaK Daniel Martinez Paz - Support - Selfless Gaming, Spain 2017 - Lucio Nomy David Lizarraga Ramirez Osmar - Tank - 123 - Reinhardt, Winston Iddqd André Dahlström - DPS - NRG - McCree, Tracer, Soldier Nevix Andrea Karlsson- DPS - Cloud9EU, Misfits - Genji, Tracer, Ana

Coaching Staff:

Nickname - Coaches Name - Role - Former Teams
Brad - Brad Rajani - NRG, Selfless LegitRc - Dillain Odeneal - Cloud9 EU, Selfless Harsha - Harsha Bandi - Content creator
Player to Watch: Nevix’s ability to fill the dedicated flex tank position will probably determine how successful this team can be until their 17 year old players join the roster mid-season. Potential: I think the ceiling for this team could be playoffs when they activate all their roster.
Thoughts: One thing that stands out about this Shock roster is that only Nomy is a dedicated tank player on the roster. The team is going to have to rely on former Misfits player Nevix to come in and take over the role of flex tank. Nevix is a versatile player but sometimes, in professional play, role swaps can take some time to adjust to. One positive side of this team is that it is stacked with very strong DPS players. Additionally, San Francisco Shock will be without star players Sinatraa and Super for half of the season because they didn’t turn 18 years old by the cut off date. I think this will put a lot of pressure on the available players to get the wins necessary early so that they can contend for playoffs after they get to full strength.

Rank 7 Florida Mayhem


Nickname - Player name - Role - Former Teams - Notable characters played
Zebbosai- Sebastian Olsson - Support - Misfits, Sweden 2017 - Lucio, Ana, Widowmaker Zuppeh - Aleksi Kuntsi - Support - Misfits, Finland 2017 - Ana, Zenyatta Logix - Andreas Berghmans - DPS - Misfits, Belgium 2017 - Tracer, Soldier:76 TviQ - Kevin Lindström - DPS - Misfits, Sweden 2017 - Genji, Soldier:76, Tracer Manneten - Tim Bylund - Flex - Misfits, Sweden 2017 - Zarya, D. Va, Roadhog CWoosh - Johan Klingestedt - Flex - Misfits, Sweden 2017 - Winston, Genji

Coaching Staff:

Nickname - Coaches Name - Role - Former Teams
Mineral - Vytis Lasaitas - Head Coach - Lumonisity(player)
Player to watch: TviQ is one of the best DPS players in the world and his large competitive hero pool can make up for lack of substitutes. Potential: I could see this team make the playoffs, but, unless they expand rosters and support staff, it’s hard to see them challenging for Top 4.
Thoughts: Florida Mayhem is a rebranding of the existing Misfits team. Misfits had a strong showing in Overwatch Contenders EU Season 1 with a 7-0 regular season and finished 2nd in playoffs losing to Team Gigantti in a finals series that took all 7 games. I think the strong core team of Misfits will help this team find early success in OWL, but the lack of substitutes and coaching staff does seem like an oddity for this team. It’s hard to determine the impact that having a roster of nine or more players will have on OWL teams especially how some of the other teams will find playing time for some of their bench players. But, if you had to field a team with only six players, this Mayhem squad packs a lot of versatility in its ranks.

Rank 6 LA Valiant


Nickname - Player name - Role - Former Teams - Notable characters played
Silkthread Ted Wang - DPS - CLG - Tracer Grimreality Christopher Schaefer - DPS - Immortals - McCree, Tracer Kariv Young-Seo Park - Support - Immortals - Zenyatta, Sombra, Ana Fate Pan-Seung Koo - Tank - Immortals - Winston Verbo Stefano Disalvo - Support - Immortals - Lucio Envy Kang-Jae Lee - Flex - Immortals - D. Va Space Indy Halpern - Flex - Arc6 - D.Va, Roadhog, Zarya Numlocked Sebastian Barton - Tank - Envision - Winston, Reinhardt Unkoe Benjamin Chevasson - Support - Rogue, France 2017 - Ana, Zenyatta, Sombra Agilities Brady Girardi - DPS - Immortals, Canada 2017 - Genji, Roadhog Soon Terence Tarlier - DPS - Rogue, France 2017 - Tracer, Roadhog, McCree

Coaching Staff:

Nickname - Coaches Name - Role - Former Teams
Ookz - Dong Wook Kim - Coach - Immortals Cuddles - Henry Coxall - Coach - Immortals, CLG
Player to watch: Unkoe is a strong addition to this team and I expect him to make some pretty big plays for this Valiant team. Potential: I think this team has a pretty good chance of making playoffs at top 6.
Thoughts: I think LA Valiant could be an interesting team to watch in season one of OWL. The Immortals team that makes of the core of Valiant wasn’t a particularly fearsome team in Overwatch Contenders NA Season 1, but the addition of Soon, Unkoe, and Silkthread should elevate this team’s play. I also find it interesting how this team signed players whose heroes overlap with starters on the existing Immortals squad. In an interview, Immortals CEO Noah Winston said that their goal with their bench was to achieve mastery over flexibility. He wants the bench players to work with their starting counterparts and practice their roles together so that all the players on the team get better together. I think there’s a lot of variability to how well Valiant will perform in season one of OWL, but I’m erring on the side of optimism for this team.

Rank 5 Houston Outlaws


Nickname - Player name - Role - Former Teams - Notable characters played
Muma - Austin Wilmot - Tank - FNRGFE - Reinhardt, Winston CoolMatt - Matt Iorio - Tank - FNRGFE, USA 2017 - D.Va Zarya Bani - Christopher Benell - Support - FNRGFE - Ana, Zenyatta, Sombra Boink - Daniel Pence - Support - FNRGFE - Lucio Rawkus - Shane Flaherty - Support - Faze Clan, USA 2017 - Ana, Zenyatta, Sombra Clockwork - Matthew Dias - DPS - FNRGFE - Tracer, Soldier:76, McCree Mendokusaii - Lucas Håkansson - DPS - Cloud9 - Tracer, Genji, McCree LiNkzr - Jiri Masalin - DPS - Team Gigantti - Genji, Widowmaker, McCree SPREE - Alexandre Vanhomwegen - DPS - Faze Clan, Belgium 2017 - Zarya, Tracer, Soldier:76 Jake - Jacob Lyon - DPS - Luminosity Gaming Evil, USA 2017 - Genji, Soldier:76

Coaching Staff:

Nickname - Coaches Name - Role - Former Teams
TaiRong - Tae Yeong Kim - Coach - Afreeca Freecs Blue HyeonWoo - Hyeon Woo Kim - Coach - Afreeca Freecs Blue MESR - Adam De La Torre - Coach - Team Liquid(player)
Player to watch: CoolMatt as an incredibly strong D.Va player helps solidify the frontline of this team as a strong suit. Potential: Could finish top 6 for playoffs and make make a surprisingly run.
Thoughts: Team enters the OWL with a FNRGFE core that has existing synergy from Overwatch Contenders. Their performance in contenders was disappointing but I think there’s something to be said for coming into OWL with existing teamwork. Muma and Coolmatt have great interplay with each other and coordinate well with their support duo of Bani and Boink. Coolmatt is known to play one of the best D.Va’s in the world and the addition of SPREE, one of the best Zarya’s in the world, make their frontline play a strong suit for the Outlaws. The team retains Clockwork from FNRGFE and added some very strong and flexible DPS players in Jake, Linkzr, and Mendokusaii. The addition of Rawkus as a very strong support player makes this Western roster pretty stacked top to bottom. Additionally, CoolMatt, Rawkus, and Jake had a pretty strong performance on Team USA in World Cup showing they could go toe to toe with their Korean counterparts. This roster with their new Korean coaching staff could really make waves in the first season of OWL. Pretty positive on this team’s potential and I think, as the gap between Korean teams and Western teams lessens, they could potentially finish top 5 or 6 in the league and make playoffs.

Rank 4 New York Excelsior


Nickname - Player name - Role - Former Teams - Notable characters played
Saebyeolbe - Jong-Yeol Park - DPS - LW Blue, South Korea 2017 - Tracer, Roadhog Meko - Tae-Hong Kim - Tank - LW Blue - D.Va Pine - Do-Hyeon Kim - Flex - LW Blue - McCree, Widowmaker, Sombra Janus** - Jun-Hwa Song - Tank - LW Blue Jjonak - Seong-Hyun Bang - Support - LW Blue - Ana, Zenyatta Mano - Dong-Gyu Kim - Tank - LW Blue, South Korea 2017 - Winston, Reinhardt Libero - Hae-Seong Kim - DPS - Meta Athena - D.Va, Genji, Pharah Ark - Yeon-Jun Hong - Support - LW Red - Lucio

Coaching Staff:

Nickname - Coaches Name - Role - Former Teams
WizardHyeong - Hyeong-seok Kim - Coach - LW Red Pavane - Hyeon-sang Yu - Coach - LW Red Andrew- Andrew Kim - Coach
Player to watch: I think Saeyeolbe will thrive in the DPS spotlight for this team and make himself known as one of the top players in the league. Potential: I think this team could potentially be a dark horse candidate for top of the league.
Thoughts: Considered to be the weakest of the Korean teams, New York Excelsior looks to prove that it can beat the former GC Busan and Lunatic Hai rosters that have hogged the spotlight in Korean Overwatch. This squad has taken matches off of the other two Korean teams so any time Excelsior faces off against Dynasty or Spitfire, it will be a match you don’t want to miss. I think with the new additions to the LW Blue roster and OWL trappings could allow this team to contend as one of the best in the league. And when they are able to get their young superstar DPS player Flow3r in season two, they will be even better.

Rank 3 Dallas Fuel


Nickname - Player name - Role - Former Teams - Notable characters played
xQc - Félix Lengyel- Tank - Arc6, Team Canada 2017 - Winston, Reinhardt, Orisa Cocco - Christian Jonsson - tank - EnVyUs - Reinhardt , Winston, Zarya Chipshajen - Sebastian Widlund - support - EnVyUs, Team Sweden 2017 - Ana, Zebyatta, Sombra HarryHook - Jonathan Rua - support - EnVyUs - Lucio Custa - Scott Kennedy - support - Arc6, Fnatic - Zenyatta, Ana, Sombra Taimou - timo kettunen - dps - EnVyUs - McCree, Roadhog, Widowmaker EFFECT - Hyeon Kim- DPS - EnVyUs - Tracer, Doomfist Mickie - Pongphop Rattanasangchod - Flex - EnVyUs - D. Va, Zarya Seagull - Brandon Larned - Flex - EnVyUs, NRG Esports - Pharah, Genji, Hanzo ##Coaching Staff:
Nickname - Coaches Name - Role - Former Teams
KyKy - Kyle Souder - Coach - EnVyUs
Player to watch: EFFECT is the superstar DPS player that elevates the Dallas Fuel as a top contender. Potential: I think this team will make playoffs and even have an outside shot of upsetting a top 2 Korean team.
Thoughts: Dallas Fuel brings the Team EnVyUs roster into OWL and this pre-existing coordination is a strong suit for the Fuel. EnVyUs has been a mainstay of top flight Overwatch professional play for a long time and are one of the few Western teams with a proven track record against the best Korean competition. The EnVyUs holdovers alone would easily be a top four contender in OWL and the recent additions of Seagull, xQc, and Custa only make this team that much stronger. It’s hard to really find a weak point of this team. If Dallas hits the ground running in season one, they could steamroll a lot of the newer OWL teams.

Rank 2 Seoul Dynasty


Nickname - Player name - Role - Former Teams - Notable characters played
Bunny Jun-Hyeok Chae - DPS - LunaticHai - Tracer Miro Jin-Hyuk Gong - Tank - LunaticHai - Winston, Reinhardt XepheR Jae-Mo Koo - Flex - LunaticHai - Zarya, D.VA Gido Gi-Do Moon - Flex - LunaticHai - Tracer, Genji, Roadhog Wekeed Seok-Woo Choi - DPS - LWRed - McCree, Genji, Junkrat Munchkin Sang-Beom Byun - DPS - LunaticHai - Tracer, McCree ZUNBA Joon-Hyeok Kim - Flex - LunaticHai, South Korea 2017 - Zarya, D.Va, Soldier76 KuKi Dae-Kuk Kim - Tank - MVPSpace Tobi Jin-Mo Yang - Support - LunaticHai, South Korea 2017 - Lucio Ryujehong Je-Hong Ryu - Support - LunaticHai, South Korea 2017 - Ana, Zenyatta FLETA Byung-Sun Kim - DPS - LunaticHai - Pharah, Genji, McCree

Coaching Staff:

Nickname - Coaches Name - Role - Former Teams
Baek Kwang-Jin - Kwan-jin Baek - Head Coach - Lunatic Hai Alwayssoov - Ho-jeong Chae - Coach - Lunatic Hai nuGget - Yo-han Kim - Coach - MVP Space Hocury - Ho-cheol Lee - Coach - GC Busan
Player to Watch: Miro is my player to watch on this stacked roster. His Winston is an artform and regularly can win fights with his well-timed engages. Potential: Anything other than first place will seem like a disappointment to this team that is so accustomed to success.
Thoughts: Lunatic Hai was one of the most dominant teams in the era of professional Overwatch that pre-dates Overwatch League. They won APEX seasons 2 and 3 and were riding high as the best team in the world until they were unseated earlier this year by GC Busan. This season, the former Lunatic Hai team looks to regain their former glory under the Seoul Dynasty banner. And in a case of “if you can’t beat em, sign em” they hired the former head coach of GC Busan to their staff.

Rank 1 London Spitfire


Nickname - Player name - Role - Former Teams - Notable characters played
Gesture Jae-Hui Hong - Tank - GC Busan - Winston Birdring Ji-Kyeok Kim - DPS - Cloud9 Kongdoo - Tracer, Roadhog Fissure Chan-Hyung Baek - Tank - Cloud9 KongDoo - Winston, Reinhardt Bdosin Seung-Tae Choi - Support - Cloud9 KongDoo - Zenyatta, Ana NUS Jong-Seok Kim - Support - Meta Athena - Ana, Zenyatta, Mercy Hooreg Dong-Eun Lee - DPS - GC Busan - Soldier 76, Doomfist Rascal Dong-Jun Kim - DPS - Cloud9 KongDoo - Genji, Pharah, Sombra Fury Jun-Ho Kim - Flex - Team Liquid, Rhinos Gaming Wings HaGoPeun Hyeon-Woo Jo - Support - GC Busan - Zenyatta WOOHYAL Seung-Hyun Seong - Flex - GC Busan - D. Va Profit Jun-Young Park - DPS - GC Busan - Tracer Closer Won-Sik Jung - Support - GC Busan - Lucio

Coaching Staff:

Nickname - Coaches Name - Role - Former Teams
Bishop - Beoum-jun Lee - Head Coach - C9 KongDoo Changgoon - Chang-geun Park - Coach - GC Busan Jfeel - Jeong-min Kim - Coach - C9 KongDoo
Player to watch: Birdring is widely considered one of if not the best flex dps players in the world so hopefully he can get plenty of reps in the starting line up. Potential: Anything other than an OWL championship should be considered a failure for this squad.
Thoughts:For the number 1 spot, I opted to give the benefit to the top reigning team from before Overwatch League, GC Busan. This roster gets even crazier when you realize that their six bench players are also from a top 5 team in the world. I think the biggest issue this team will face in season one of OWL is how to manage their rosters to keep everyone happy with their playing time. Every player on this roster could start for an OWL team, but Spitfire obviously can only play six at a time. It's hard to imagine a scenario where London just wouldn’t play only the GC Busan squad or only the KongDoo squad because both line ups feature great players that have developed synergy with each other. Perhaps they could develop different hybrid lineups between the two. Either way, London Spitfire truly has an embarrassment of riches at its disposal.
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2017.07.22 08:59 Kilenaitor This Week in KPOP - July 22, 2017

Welcome to This Week In KPOP, a collection of everything you may have missed during the past week on /kpop.

July 15 - July 21, 2017


  1. Jay Park has officially signed with Jay-Z's label, Roc Nation
  2. IU finally gets an official light stick after 10 years of debut
  3. Red Velvet is now the Kpop Girl Group with the most #1 Albums on Billboards World Album Chart with 3 #1s
  4. KARD were guests on a popular Brazilian tv show and the hosts was racist to them.
  5. Jessica will reportedly release a new album in August in celebration of her ten-year anniversary


  1. [Live] Debut Stage: KARD - Hola Hola @ M!Countdown [170720]
  2. [Live] Debut Stage: KARD - Don't Recall (Mnet M Countdown 170720)
  3. [Song Cover] Chanyeol pays tribute to Chester Bennington
  4. [Live] Comeback Stage: EXO - Ko Ko Bop (170720 Mnet M! Countdown)
  5. [Live] Comeback Stage: EXO - The Eve (Mnet M Countdown 170720)


  1. [Spotify] Massive updated Kpop playlist sorted by genre (tropical, EDM, R&B, hip hop, acoustic, etc)
  2. How important is having an active subbing community to a Kpop group and does it help in popularity?
  3. Is there a member of a group that you are concerned about?
  4. Interesting facts about the people 'behind the scenes' of Kpop? (Coaches, Managers, Stylists, Dancers etc...)
  5. 193 girl group members ranked from tallest to shortest!


Date Performances Discussion Thread Winner
20170715 Music Core Thread ---APINK----
20170716 Inkigayo Thread BLACKPINK
20170718 The Show No Broadcast.
20170719 Show Champion No Broadcast -Red Velvet-
20170720 M!Countdown Thread -Red Velvet-
20170721 Music Bank Thread -Red Velvet-


Day Artist Album Title Music Video Spotify
15th Surprise U I DO
HOTSHOT Jelly Jelly Link
16th Kebee (Eluphant) Vision Vision
17th Bumzu X Han Dong Geun Forever Young Forever Young Link
Jay Park Yacht Yacht (feat. Sik-K) Link
18th Taemin (SHINee) Flame of Love Flame of Love Link
We Are The Night Hello And Goodbye Hello And Goodbye Link
EXO The War Ko Ko Bop Link
Geeks Fireworks Woo Link
Moon Hyuna Remedy Take 2 Remedy Take 2 (Dream House) Link
19th MYNAME MYNAME is Baby Tonight Link
Soohyun (U-KISS) I'll Be There I'll Be There Link
Jung Yonghwa (CNBLUE) DO DISTURB That Girl (feat. Loco) Link
Younha Take Five Take Five Link
KARD Hola Hola Hola Hola
20th Jang Moonbok (JMVOK) 같이 걸을래 같이 걸을래
Siyoon Surreal, But Nice Beauty Link
AKMU Summer Episode Dinosaur / My Darling Link
Common Cold (Mad Clown & Justhis) Wash Wash Wash Wash (prod. Starro)
KNK GRAVITY, Completed Rain Link
Snuper 유성 유성
21st Mark (NCT) X Parc Jae Jung Lemonade Love Lemonade Love Link
Yoon Jong Shin Welcome Summer Welcome Summer
Homme 어디쯤 왔니 어디쯤 왔니

"This Week in KPOP" Archive

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2017.07.22 07:50 Kilenaitor This Week in KPOP - July 21, 2017

Welcome to This Week In KPOP, a collection of everything you may have missed during the past week on /kpop.

July 15 - July 21, 2017


  1. Jay Park has officially signed with Jay-Z's label, Roc Nation
  2. IU finally gets an official light stick after 10 years of debut
  3. Red Velvet is now the Kpop Girl Group with the most #1 Albums on Billboards World Album Chart with 3 #1s
  4. KARD were guests on a popular Brazilian tv show and the hosts was racist to them.
  5. Jessica will reportedly release a new album in August in celebration of her ten-year anniversary


  1. [Live] Debut Stage: KARD - Hola Hola @ M!Countdown [170720]
  2. [Live] Debut Stage: KARD - Don't Recall (Mnet M Countdown 170720)
  3. [Song Cover] Chanyeol pays tribute to Chester Bennington
  4. [Live] Comeback Stage: EXO - Ko Ko Bop (170720 Mnet M! Countdown)
  5. [Live] Comeback Stage: EXO - The Eve (Mnet M Countdown 170720)


  1. [Spotify] Massive updated Kpop playlist sorted by genre (tropical, EDM, R&B, hip hop, acoustic, etc)
  2. How important is having an active subbing community to a Kpop group and does it help in popularity?
  3. Is there a member of a group that you are concerned about?
  4. Interesting facts about the people 'behind the scenes' of Kpop? (Coaches, Managers, Stylists, Dancers etc...)
  5. 193 girl group members ranked from tallest to shortest!


Date Performances Discussion Thread Winner
20170715 Music Core Thread ---APINK----
20170716 Inkigayo Thread BLACKPINK
20170718 The Show No Broadcast.
20170719 Show Champion No Broadcast.
20170720 M!Countdown Thread -Red Velvet-
20170721 Music Bank Thread -Red Velvet-


Day Artist Album Title Music Video Spotify
15th Surprise U I DO
HOTSHOT Jelly Jelly Link
16th Kebee (Eluphant) Vision Vision
17th Bumzu X Han Dong Geun Forever Young Forever Young Link
Jay Park Yacht Yacht (feat. Sik-K) Link
18th Taemin (SHINee) Flame of Love Flame of Love Link
We Are The Night Hello And Goodbye Hello And Goodbye Link
EXO The War Ko Ko Bop Link
Geeks Fireworks Woo Link
Moon Hyuna Remedy Take 2 Remedy Take 2 (Dream House) Link
19th MYNAME MYNAME is Baby Tonight Link
Soohyun (U-KISS) I'll Be There I'll Be There Link
Jung Yonghwa (CNBLUE) DO DISTURB That Girl (feat. Loco) Link
Younha Take Five Take Five Link
KARD Hola Hola Hola Hola
20th Jang Moonbok (JMVOK) 같이 걸을래 같이 걸을래
Siyoon Surreal, But Nice Beauty Link
AKMU Summer Episode Dinosaur / My Darling Link
Common Cold (Mad Clown & Justhis) Wash Wash Wash Wash (prod. Starro)
KNK GRAVITY, Completed Rain Link
Snuper 유성 유성
21st Mark (NCT) X Parc Jae Jung Lemonade Love Lemonade Love Link
Yoon Jong Shin Welcome Summer Welcome Summer
Homme 어디쯤 왔니 어디쯤 왔니

"This Week in KPOP" Archive

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2016.11.22 14:40 CivilSocietyWorld If Moon Jae-In becomes the next President, this is what he has promised

A little bit dated 2012 article, but he has not backed away from his plans.
Sunshine Policy 2.0? (video) Wall Street Journal Moon: Let The Sun Shine In
By EVAN RAMSTAD Aug 17, 2012 6:31 pm KST
Moon Jae-in, the former aide to President Roh Moo-hyun who polls show is leading the race for the Democratic United Party presidential nomination, said Friday that if he wins the presidency he’ll take South Korea back to his former boss’ policy of few-questions-asked aid to North Korea.
In a press conference at his campaign headquarters, Mr. Moon rejected current President Lee Myung-bak’s policy of providing economic assistance only after Pyongyang takes steps to end its pursuit of nuclear arms.
He noted that Mr. Roh – who carried on the previous president Kim Dae-jung’s Sunshine Policy – produced progress on both economic development in North Korea and denuclearization via the diplomatic process with four other countries known as the six party talks.
“On the one side, through the six party talks, the resolution of nuclear issues was pushed ahead while, on the other side, we worked on the improvement of our relationship with the North,” Mr. Moon said. “The relationship between North’s nuclear issue and economic cooperation is something that can be done together and can expedite each other.”
Mr. Moon joined his main DUP opponents, Kim Doo-kwan and Sohn Hak-kyu, in vowing to stage a summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Eun as quickly as possible. Mr. Moon suggested holding it on June 15, 2013, the anniversary of the first inter-Korean summit in 2000.
When asked how his policy toward North Korea would differ from the leading candidate in the ruling New Frontier Party, Park Geun-hye, Mr. Moon said, “I don’t know deeply about Park’s North Korean policy, but, for generations, the New Frontier Party’s policy was confrontational to the North.”
He was harshly critical of Mr. Lee’s policy and indirectly blamed the president for the deaths of 50 South Koreans killed in North Korean military attacks in 2010.
“Just as a reminder, during [Mr. Roh’s term] there was not a single military conflict with the North. Not a single citizen was victimized,” Mr. Moon said. “But after Lee Myung-bak took over the office, precious lives of young people where sacrificed through the Cheonan warship sinking and Yeonpyeong island shelling. The Lee administration completely failed South-North relations, not to mention bringing the situation to only a step away from becoming a war and showing its complete incapacity in national security. With the New Frontier Party’s North Korean policy, the South and North relationship cannot make a single improvement.”
Mr. Lee’s policies towards North Korea grew more severe after the 2010 attacks. For Mr. Moon to reverse them and turn the South’s money spigots back on for North Korea, he’ll first have to confront the anger that remains with some South Koreans over those incidents.
Asked about his strategy for doing that, he said:
“I would first give words of comfort to the victims. I respect the judgment of the Ministry of National Defense about the sinking of the Cheonan (that found North Korea responsible). But many experts raise doubts and people show distrust about the result of government’s investigation. People’s rational doubts need to be explained by experts. If it’s necessary, I think an additional investigation is needed.”
“Yeonpyeong was a clear provocation. It shouldn’t happen again. We should firmly stop North Korea from provoking. But on the other hand, we also need institutional measures to perfectly block any accidental provocation that can happen in the Yellow Sea.”
One solution he said is to return to the declaration made at the end of Mr. Roh’s summit with Kim Jong Il in October 2007 that designated the Yellow Sea as a peace zone and joint economic development area. Mr. Roh’s defense secretary resisted that portion of his deal with Pyongyang, however, and Mr. Lee didn’t pursue it further after taking office in February 2008.
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2012.01.20 15:04 LSky Autumn in my Heart/가을동화 2000/KBS - Classic tragedy (8/10)

Autumn in my Heart/Autumn Fairy Tale, 2000/KBS2
As long as it took me to finish the last drama I reviewed, as quickly did I sit through Autumn in my Heart. Yes, it's also 8 full hours shorter (16 episodes), but the main reason that I got through this one so quickly (2-3 days) is that it is simply so much better. This drama is the first part of the the Endless Love series which played a big part in continuing the the Hallyu wave across Asia. The first part in this series even lead to a 2010 Filipino spinoff titled Endless Love as the series watch big success there. After watching Autumn, I am seriously considering to continue with the second drama in this series, we'll see though.
So what makes this drama worth watching? Let's start with the cast. Female lead and "Korea's sweetheart" Song Hye-Kyo who also starred in the incredibly popular Full House definitely deserves a lot of credit for making this drama a success. Not only does she enjoy the perfect innocent late-1990s beauty look, but she also plays her role as Eun-Suh particularly well. I couldn't figure out who won the 2000 KBS Drama Award for Best Actress, but she most likely deserved it. Instead, she won the Popularity Award and the Photogenic Award. Both well deserved. While I could not get into Full House myself and didn't like her character in that drama too much, this performance definitely put her with my all time favorite drama actresses. This drama is worth it just because of this performance. Male lead Song Seung-Heon also delivered nicely, portraying Yoon Joon-Suh as the troubled oppa. Especially in the later episodes of this series, he manages well in showing the audience how his character changes dramatically. It's unfortunate to see this talent go to waste in his most recent drama My Princess. As for the secondary cast, it is especially Won Bin who impresses. The first time I saw his character on the screen, I felt as if I was back into the early 90s. The hair, the shoes, the behavior... it was perfectly hilarious. Perhaps being funny as well as a good actor comes with the last name? Because what might come off as a simple and flat character from the start does not fail to develop into a serious and engaging character, well portrayed too. Unlike the predictable secondary male syndrome issues that we have in a lot of recent dramas, Won Bin's character Han Tae-Seok surprises the viewers regularly, in a good way. It's unfortunate that his acting career hasn't taken off so well since Autumn, but that apparently changed in 2009 when he played in the motion picture Mother, which is now on my list of films to see. A familiar face in the support cast! Jeong Dong-Hwan plays as the father of the family. You may have seen his in Scent of a Woman, The Princess' Man and a host of other films and dramas. When Jeong Dong-Hwan plays a father character in a drama, you know it'll be a gentle and emotional one. More familiar faces in the support cast. One of my favorite actresses Moon Geun-Young made her breakthrough performance in this drama. She won the KBS Award for Best Young Female Actress at the age of just 13 for her stellar performance as the young Eun-Suh, which she well deserved. You better start making up for Marry Me, Mary! because I can't wait for more dramas with her in the lead cast. The rest of the support cast does very well too, I have little complaints. For the sake of getting on with this review though, I'll keep it at that.
Aside from the cast, Autumn excels with a taboo breaking subject about the love between a brother and a sister. It grabs your attention from the start and does not let go. This is one of those typical dramas that once you start on it, it is hard to let go of. A little side note here, it did slide away slightly in the last 2-3 episodes. That's unfortunate, but the average drama viewer will take little notice and enjoy the story until the end.
The second half of the drama incorporates much of the main story that later formed the basis of Scent of a Woman, except that it is done better here. It ends as it is supposed to, unlike Scent of a Woman, in tragedy. Autumn also does a better job in portraying what cancer does to a person. You can see Eun-Suh visibly becoming weaker and paler and not stay picture perfect as Kim Sun-A was in Scent of a Woman. It may be dramatic and hurtful to look at, but the viewer is not left with a strange feeling at the end of the drama that something simply did not add up. Although there is no happy ending, it all adds up in Autumn.
End of Spoilers
Overall, there is little issue to be take with how this drama progresses and the story is an important factor in defining this drama.
I am not going to spend too much time on the production of this drama, it's 12 years old. Don't worry about it, you won't notice this. Perhaps the younger viewers will have to look up what a pager is and how people could make a living on being a telephone operator, but I guess a little look into days past isn't so bad every now and then. The soundtrack sounds dated because the OST industry that we enjoy today apparently was not matured back in 2000. Notable is Reasons by Jung Il Young, though I must admit that it becomes slightly annoying when you hear it a lot.
To make a rather lengthy story short, go watch this drama! The cast and acting is great and the story is engaging and addictive. This is no romantic comedy, but a true classic drama. Any true fan of Korean drama series must have this one under their belts.
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