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How PIS destroyed Poland.

2020.10.23 10:33 Logiman43 How PIS destroyed Poland.

EDIT: This post is in an article format with pictures and graphs here
I can't be silent anymore. In 2018, out of 1076 abortions in Poland, 1 was because of rape, 25 because it was dangerous for the woman's life and 1050 because of an unhealthy fetus. It means that PIS just totally banned abortion in Poland
Too few Europeans are aware of the depth of this crisis. The current Polish government is destroying the country from inside-out with its nepotism, religious zeal, communistic tactics, social programs and funding verge organizations (or trolls). It breaks every single law, making unconstitutional laws since 2015 and destroying the court of law. How Poland is pushing EU into crisis - rise of populism. The video is 2 years old and now it's worst
PIS staffed every single judicial court with its own people (ending the impartiality of judges). The very aggressive social 500+ program increased the job inactivity of Poles to 48% (48% of 15+ Polish citizens are NEET. Unemployment is at 5-6%). The Job vacancies in Poland are at the lowest level in EU. The corruption and nepotism is rampant, more than 1000 family members and friends are in public companies or in different Ministries. Polish PIS high ranking politicians are also making money together with pimps and mafia (see scandals down there). They are also giving millions of euros from public money to the Catholic Church. They are paying trolls to spew hate on Facebook, via Whatsapp and on the web. Some of them are hiding and not prosecuting pedophiles in the Catholic Church. Poland has almost the lowest innovation in EU. In 15 indexes tracking freedom and democracy in Europe Poland went from an average position of 12 out of 28 in 2010 to 23 out of 28 in 2019. I mean, not to diminish Trump’s “awesomeness” but imagine if the WHOLE republican party in the US was Trump-like. Shady deals, family in the govt, creating discord, staffing courts with their own judges. I’m just mortified.
For further reading I recommend: Sadurski, Wojciech. "Poland's Constitutional Breakdown", Oxford University Press, 2019.
Acronyms and main characters:

PiS changes electoral rules in an unconstitutional move. Presidential "elections" 2020 are the Biggest legal blunder of the year

Poland Is Showing the World How Not to Run a Pandemic Election. The upcoming Polish election is shaping up to be a farce. Washington should learn from Warsaw’s mistakes before November.
Why Poland’s “ghost election” sends a warning about its democracy
Wikipedia about this blunder

Destruction of the rule of law.

Some of the passages below are taken from this pdf
No member state in the history of the EU has ever gone as far in subjugating its courts to executive control as the current Polish government. The Polish case has become a test whether it is possible to create a Soviet-style justice system in an EU member state; a system where the control of courts, prosecutors and judges lies with the executive and a single party.
Across Europe, national courts recognise the judgements of courts in other member states, whether these involve commercial law, the European arrest warrant or child custody. Judges must assume that courts across the EU operate according to common values and principles set out in the European Union Treaty and in its Charter of Fundamental Rights. Once judges across the EU have reason to doubt whether courts in any member state provide effective judicial protection, the legal order on which the EU rests collapses.
Freedom house - How PIS captured Poland’s Courts

Constitutional Tribunal changes

It all began with the constitutional crisis four years ago. Constitutional crisis and the destruction of the rule of law In 2015, parliament changed the law on the Constitutional Tribunal, which rules on the constitutionality of legislation. The changes allowed them to annul the nominations of three judges made by the previous parliament and appoint their own. It shortened the terms of the tribunal's president and vice-president from nine to three years. The tribunal ruled the move unconstitutional in an open rebellion, but the dispute remains unresolved. Julia Przylebska - was illegally named the president of the Tribunal court by the president. And now Kaczynski, the PM have meetings at her house. Nice separation of power
There's too much to describe. For further info please visit the link. It is an amazing summary of the whole ordeal. timeline

Supreme Court changes

The European Commission, the EU's executive arm, said one of the most controversial reforms was to do with the Supreme court, which, among other duties, is responsible for confirming election results. The idea was to lower the age of retirement for Supreme Court justices from 70 to 65, but allow the Polish president to grant a five-year extension to whomever they deemed worthy. In 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) — the EU's highest court —ruled this was illegal, after an interim decision ordered 20 already-sacked judges be reinstated. Of course, PIS chose 2 new Constitutional judges, A politician Pawlowicz with communistic past and Piotrowicz, also a politician and a prosecutor that was an active communist during the 80 that prosecuted Solidarnosc. Both of them are above 65 years old.

Ordinary court judges

There were also moves to try a similar tactic in the general court system for judges and public prosecutors, lowering the age of retirement for women to 60 and for men to 65, down from the current 67. Under the reforms the justice minister, who is appointed by the ruling party, would have the power to extend a judge's term. The laws were somewhat adjusted after pressure from the European Commission, but in November 2019 the ECJ shot down these laws, too, citing gender discrimination and political influence over the judiciary.

Disciplinary measures for judges

Another PiS addition allowed judges to be investigated and sanctioned for their court rulings. The disciplinary hearings and procedures were to be carried out by judges selected via parliament. These reforms were criticized by the European Commission because "judges are not insulated from political control and thus judicial independence is violated." The commission brought legal action against Poland on this matter in October 2019.

National Council of the judiciary takeover

In 2017 PiS remodeled the National Council of the Judiciary, which selects candidates for appointment as judges by the President of the Republic. This allowed it, in the short term, to control appointments to the Supreme Court – including to a newly created Disciplinary Chamber, which hears disciplinary cases against judges, and to a new Extraordinary Appeals Chamber, which adjudicates on electoral issues. Over time PiS’ take-over of the National Judicial Council allows it to reshape the entirety of the judiciary. Fifteen of the 25 members of the National Council of the Judiciary were previously elected by judges themselves, as is common practice across Europe for such bodies. These fifteen judges are now elected by the majority in the Sejm, the lower chamber of the Polish parliament. The other ten members of the National Council of the Judiciary are: four members from the Sejm itself (all four members of PiS), two members from the Senate, one representative of the President of the Republic, the Minister of Justice, the president of the Supreme Court and the president of the Supreme Administrative Court. In total 23 of the 25 positions are directly appointed by political authorities.
After the election of the new KRS, a publication of the list with the names of judges declaring their support for specific candidates was refused. The Supreme Administrative Court ruled that those names must be disclosed. However, the Chancellery of the Sejm has yet to carry out the NSA’s ruling. The Constitutional Tribunal (TK) and the President of the Personal Data Protection Office have been roped into guarding the secret. KRS destruction

Muzzle bill

The muzzle bill passed Dec 2019, victimize judges questioning the legitimacy of the government’s legal appointments, saying it is unlawful to “show hostility to other authorities of the Republic of Poland and its constitutional organs or to critisize the basic principles of the Republic of Poland.”The bill also delegalise the preliminary questions to the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU). The bill also allows to fire judges ( which is unconstitutional according to the Constitution). In average Ziobro dismissed a judge every day and a half from its position of president of court source

One of the worse Covid19 laws in EU.

Trampling Fundamental freedoms using a single ordnance and Critiquing the President will land you a year in jail. report.
In the latest special Covid19 law (already 4th lol) PIS smuggled an article straight from a communistic playbook about prosecuting people that critique the president. The sentence can be up to a year. They also smuggled a harsher law for abortions. Can someone tell me HOW it is related to Covid19? source
More Ruleoflaw

Political scandals

Illegal presidential pardon

Illegal presidential pardon for CBA chief Kaminski In 2013, Law and Justice (PiS) MP Mariusz Kamiński – who served as head of the anti-corruption agency from 2006 and 2009 – was found guilty of overstepping his powers. He was sentenced to three years in prison and was banned from holding public office for ten years. Polish President Andrzej Duda pardoned Kamiński even though he was still appealing his sentence at the time. The case against Kamiński was then discontinued. A supreme court judge said that the president interfered in the legal process because Kamiński was proven neither innocent nor guilty when he was pardoned, making a future ruling redundant. The judge said that the president can pardon someone after any final appeal has been heard “because then he is not interfering with the judiciary”.

Merging the General Prosecutor with the political Minister of Justice

The general prosecutor role was merged with the minister of justice Ziobro. source. This handed Ziobro and his subordinates greatly expanded power to politically interfere with rank-and-file prosecutors, their decisions, and their freedoms of speech and association. Poland Is Purging Its Prosecutors
200+ public prosecutors that are loyal to the Minister of Justice Ziobro (from PIS) All of them got promotions (or someone from their family) or pay raises. another list

Destroying the military

The creation of a territorial defense unit- a civilian army led by the ministry of defense to control “the situation inside Poland”. In addition, there was a purge of generals. and killing multibillion deals with France. About 37 generals and 47 colonels left. Why? Because they had to answer to a 27-year old assistant to the Defense Minister, former pharmacy assistant without a university degree. The Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper reported that Misiewicz was given a top communications job with PGZ ( largest defense consortiums in Central Europe) that pays $12,500 a month, huge sum in a country where the average pre-tax wage is about $1,150 a month. source
PIS decides to overhaul 40-years old t-72 instead of investing in German tanks. Not enough ammunition, uniforms NVG and other gadget went to the above unit,
In 2015, the Defence minister Macierewicz raided the Nato center in Warsaw at 1am to take control of documents and place their man at the helm

The ministry of Justice is funding trolls to destroy judges

Ziobro-Piebiak paid Troll scandal The Onet news portal published a report alleging that Deputy Justice Minister Łukasz Piebiak “arranged and controlled” an online campaign against Judge Krystian Markiewicz, the head of Iustitia, a judicial organization critical of the government’s efforts to restructure the judicial system, as well as against other inconvenient judges. According to the Onet report, Piebiak operated and financed an online campaign by a woman called Emilia who allegedly sent over 2,000 letters and emails about Markiewicz to other judges as well as to pro-government right-wing media. The messages contained fabricated, semi-confirmed and gossipy details of the judge’s personal life. According to Onet, Emilia obtained Markiewicz’s personal address from Piebiak so she could send him one of the letters.

Taking over the state media

State media was taken over by PIS and is using mass propaganda and here Not only they are a propaganda tube but they also offend polish citizens ie – translation: defenders of paedophiles and alimonies-takers are the ones against judiciary reforms. They call every peaceful protest as a coup
The same can be said about the GUS – general statistical bureau. It is controlled by PIS and it is known to “change” metrics so every Inflation or unemployment metrics can’t be trusted.

LBGT-free zones and Xenophobia.

Fear against refugees and calls for xenophobia. A leaked draft of a new Polish migration policy discriminates against Muslims, ranks foreigners according to ethnicity and breaches human rights
PIS is supporting LGBT free zones where a thrid of Poland is declared as LGBT-free. During the presidential elections in 2020 Gay “ideology” is worse than communism, says Duda - PIS president . another source

Destroying education and HealthCare.

PIS cancels the in vitro program Polish government program that covered most of the in vitro costs was immediately cut by the Law and Justice Party when it came to power in late 2015, even though Poland has one of the lowest birth rates in the EU. Catholic Church opposition to IVF is widely seen as one factor in the Polish government's decision.
PIS also increased the minimum wage at the beginning of 2020. It created a weird paradox where a teacher and a starting MD is earning less than the minimal wage because they get paid from public money and the minimal wage change is for the private sector. And PIS wants to ban sex ed by labeling teachers as gay activists and pedophiles. Critics say Poland’s governing Law and Justice Party is wrecking the education system for political gain — and students are suffering.

No one cares for the environment.

Destruction of the oldest European forest in Poland by Minister of Environment Szyszko The Bialowieza Forest is a UNESCO World Heritage site that sprawls across the border between Poland and Belarus, occupying almost 580 square miles of woodland and providing home to rare European wood bison among others. At least 10,000 trees are thought to have been felled in Białowieża, since the Polish environment minister, Jan Szyzko tripled logging limits there in 2016. The EU’s highest court has ruled that Poland’s logging in the Unesco-protected Białowieża forest is illegal, potentially opening the door to multi-million euro fines.
“Our (water) resources are comparable to those of Egypt,” it said in the report bearing the ominous title: “Poland, European Desert”

Nepotism and colleagues in state-owned companies

PIS won the elections by wanting to fight nepotism. The most famous was “24yo Misiewicz, a former pharmacy assistant without a university degree was in the defense industry under Macierewicz. The apparent favoritism has raised ethics concerns in a party that won office promising to fight corruption.” source There is even a webpage listing more than 1000 cases of nepotism under PIS Pisiewicze
Latest data show 162M PLN to 84 PIS oligarchs and Colleagues

Illegal budget for 2017

The 2017 budget "was adopted" not in the Sejm assembly hall, but in a smaller room where the so-called parliamentary session was held immediately as a follow-up to the meeting of the parliamentary causus of PIS, where no reliable counting of vates was possible, and with many allegations taht the opposition MPs were not allowed in. [Constitutional Democracy in Crisis?, Oxfoord, 2018, p.268]

Ex-communists in PIS ranks. And PIS is very anti-left and anti-PRL.

They are accusing the opposition – PO - to consist mostly of ex-communists or communistic party members or collaborators. The issue is that most members of PO fought against the communism and spent months/years in prison in the ’80. On the other hand, the PIS party members scarcely fought for polish liberty and some of its party members are former communistic party members or communistic prosecutors like Piotrowicz! Some Polish TC judge are also ex-PRL members. Here is a list in polish of all current PIS party members who served as PRL members during the communistic era. So, PIS is fighting against itself. Another list with 20 names of ex-party members now in PIS

Funding the Catholic church with public money

PIS is very Pro-Catholic, most of their voters are devout Catholics. So it is no surprise that PIS is funding religious orgs from public money. Since Law and Justice came to power in 2015, Father Rydzyk’s businesses have received at least $55 million in subsidies from at least 10 ministries and state companies. His Radio Maryja station, which reaches millions and is often the sole source of information for many older voters in rural Poland, offers a daily diet of horror stories about a world without faith, where gay people control the political agenda, universities are corrupted by “neo-Marxists,” and the Roman Catholic Church is under mortal threat. Rydzyk Embroiled in Corruption Allegations
Hiding Pedophilia. Map of 259 victims of catholic pedophilia. When a documentary was released before recent local elections revealing devastating examples of how priests sexually abused children and how church officials covered it up, many in PIS saw it not as evidence of an institution that lost its way, but one that needed to be defended. Piotrowicz, the above communist prosecutor, dismissed in 2001 a case against a priest accused of raping six girls.
Polish PIS president Duda pardons a paedophile that raped his own daughter. He makes the pardon a week before elections

Smolensk commission

The so-called assassination of Kaczynski's twin president brother in Smolensk created 90M PLN of costs. PIS created a "cult" around his death and even created a special commission that would prove it was an assassination. Kaczynski was using it on every occasion Don't wipe your treacherous mugs with .... Ofc they didn’t prove anything and they buried the topic. Every 10th of every month for 3 years, PIS party leader Kaczynski was making a "show" commemorating his dead twin brother. He was using the police to secure his demonstration even if he has no lawful power (he is neither a president, neither the prime minister). New law expanding police surveillance and the police is getting raises after raises to keep them happy. The commemorations, the commission and the damages (paid only to the politicians’ families, not to the crew) amounted to 91M PLN.

The welfare revolution

PIS is also very pro-family. The party is giving away 500zl per month for every kid. In short, it has “bought” the elections. The polish economy is unable to sustain such an endeavor roots of populism. And it costs the economy 80B PLN between 2016 and 2019. The best part? Rate of births is negative for the last couple of years and inflation is still growing. According to the PIS Stats bureau it is 3.5% and growing. However, many journalists made their own baskets of normal good and services and the inflation is closer to 10%. Additionally there is a growing debt that PIS tries to hide by shifting some debt into other Funds. One of them is the “Solidarity fund” that is not counted in the overall polish GDP, that is to support people with disabilities will pay for the 13th and 14th pension of people 65+.

Funding propaganda and trolls

Computational Propaganda in Poland: Russian troll factories
PIS bought the Pegasus spyware to spy on its citizens In September 2018, private broadcaster TVN24 reported that Poland’s state audit body, NIK, was questioning an outlay of over 33 million zloty (€7.6 million euro) by the Justice Fund, a government fund to help victims of crime. According to TVN, the money went toward the purchase of a “new system to spy on telephones and computers, the most expensive system in the history of Polish secret services.” Reports that the covertly purchased system could be Pegasus — a top-performing spyware that is impossible to track — surfaced last week.
Polish troll farms promoting Duda and Kaczynski

Funding public TV stations

Polish public TV stations should be impartial and public. Not favoring any party nor government and give the same screen time to every party equally. Unfortunately, there was a purge of journalists the moment PIS won the election and the propaganda is stalin-like. Look at this graph how it changed. Polish TVP is the mouthpiece of the govt. In 2020 PIS voted to give an additional 2B pln per year for 5 years to public tv.
Public Main TV making fun of US ambassador by reading the tweet with a derogatory accent


PIS has hundreds of scandals that each would destroy a modern government. They defrauded billions of PLN over the years, put 1000’s of family members in different state-owned companies. Below are listed the main sexual and financial scandals.
  1. Sex hotel of the head of the Audit office Marian Banaś , a Law and Justice (PiS) politician and recently appointed chief of Poland’s Supreme Audit Office has been heavily embroiled in a corruption scandal, another to hit the ruling party just weeks before the country votes in a parliamentary election. Mr Banaś served as finance minister from June to August this year, and is a key figure in the party. Mr Banaś concealed his possession of a tenement house in Krakow from his financial disclosures. This property was then revealed to have deep running connections with a local, criminally-run escort agency. He claimed that the house was given to him by an old friend whom he met in the Home Army, which he then renovated. In his disclosures he claimed he would sell the house, which never happened. Banaś claims that this was due to the buyer’s inability to get a loan. Investigations have further revealed that Mr Banaś agreed to rent the property for 5000 zloty a month, 10,000 zloty lower than its estimated market value, according to Gazeta Wyborcza. Just as the scandal could not apparently get any worse for Mr Banaś, further investigation by journalist Bertold Kittel revealed criminal links. When Mr Kittel entered the property he found at the reception an infamous Krakow criminal known as one of the brothers K – Wiesław or Janusz, who control escort agencies in the region. While still under investigation, there have been suggestions of contact between the two.
  2. "Alleged" Pedophila and Sex trafficking scandal of House speaker Wirtualna Polska learned the contents of the message of CBA officer Wojciech J. to the prosecutor's office about the failure of the head of the CBA, Ernest Bejda. In the background is a lost record with a recording of one of the leading PiS politicians who should have sex with a minor Ukrainian girl lost. His name falls on the document. In the message, Wojciech J. refers to several reports that he was the head of the office in connection with the "unauthorized access to his armored cabinet during his absence" submitted. From this vault, a record should be lost in escort agencies from the Podkarpacie region. One of the leading PiS politicians should have sex with a young Ukrainian in the recording. The statement signed by lawyer Beata Bosak-Kruczek mentions the name of Sejm spokesman Marek Kuchciński.
  3. Health minister Szumowski alleged to have bought £1m of PPE from ski instructor friend during pandemic. And givng away £65m grants to companies run by brother public anger has exploded after Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reported that Szumowski bought masks with fake certificates from a skiing instructor who is friends with his businessman brother, Marcin. Poland’s Health Ministry reportedly spent five million zloty (£1m) on 120,000 FFP-2 type face masks and 20,000 surgical masks that were later found not to meet safety standards, Politico says. The company that sold the masks was registered on the 30 of March and won the govt. contract on the same day. Critics have also questioned Szumowski’s previous dealings in government. Polish news network tvn24 reports that while serving as deputy science minister in 2016-17, he gave 300 million zloty (£60m) in grants from Poland’s National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) to OncoArendi Therapeutics, a research company run by his brother. Another company in which Szumowski was a shareholder, Life Science Innovation (LSI), was reportedly given a 24 million zloty (£5m) NCBR grant just days after he took up the ministerial post.
  4. Same Health minister Szumowski bought 1.2 thousand ventilators for PLN 200 million from a company owned by an arms dealer, not a single device was delivered
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2020.10.21 06:41 theInjusticeamongus Era uma vez...uma internet sem velhada!

Eu ainda sou do tempo em que a internet era uma espécie de submundo. Um escape. Apenas os mais jovens a usavam, pouca gente a tinha instalada em casa, e ficar online, nem que fosse só por 1 horinha, dava uma pica do caralho. Era o ponto alto do dia de qualquer criança e adolescente, desfrutar da sua horinha diária de conexão. Sim, porque era caro. 1 horinha por dia ficava-te aí nuns 20 euros por mês. Não tenho bem certeza, pois não era eu que a pagava. A velhada mal sabia o que era a internet, portanto tava-se bem. Não tinhamos de ter cuidado com o que publicávamos, nem tinhamos de ler o que o gang do AVC pensava. Era uma época em que os reumatoides guardavam o lado mais sombrio dos seus pensamentos para eles mesmos. Não te podiam convidar para jogos do facebook, e tava-se bem.

Este post vai ser um pouco longo. Espero que não se aborreçam. Talvez sirva para dar a conhecer algo de novo aos mais jovens, e ajudar os mais old school a recordaros bons velhos tempos. Se possível, partilhem também experiências que tenham tido quando a internet ainda era um dinossauro.

Internet nas escolas

As escolas têm computadores com ligação à internet desde inícios e meados dos anos 90. Nos intervalos podias utilizá-los. Essa utilização consistia em fazeres uma pesquisa random num motor de busca. "Tartarugas ninja", por exemplo. Depois vias as fotos. Sem supervisão parental, pesquisavas porno. Mas basicamente era isso. Não havia mesmo muito para fazer.


Havia horas em que a internet não se mexia. Dependia muito da quantidade de pessoas online. Tinhas de ser estratégico. Se fosses às 9 da noite, por exemplo, podias ter de esperar 15, 20 minutos para carregar uma simples página web. Um download de 5 megas levava facilmente meia hora, e era se a net estivesse boa. 5 megas era mais ou menos uma música.

Antes do Google

Google não existiu até 98, e mesmo a sua popularidade só veio mais tarde. Portanto, aí até 2000 o que se usava era o Altavista. Yahoo também era muito popular, e em Portugal os preferidos eram o Sapo, Aeiou e Clix, para tudo, mesmo pesquisas.

Antes do Youtube

Sinceramente, eu só soube o que era streaming aí por volta de 2004. Ir a um site e ver videos online não era prática comum. Nem havia nada que fosse muito popular. Pelo menos que me lembre. O Metacafe era o mais conhecido. Era tipo Youtube, mas muito menos popular. Portanto, não havia nenhum site deste género que toda a gente usasse . Dailymotion também tornou-se popular durante um curto período de tempo. Mas ainda hoje o utilizo para encontrar videos que o Youtube remove constantemente. Aconselho a toda a gente.


Nos anos 90 era mesmo só ir a sites tipo o da Playboy e ver gajas nuas. Resumia-se a isso. Fotos de gajas. Não se usava cá sites com vídeos. Víamos umas mamas e estava a andar. Naquela época ver mamas era de loucos. Acho que hoje em dia para sentires a emoção de ver mamas na internet nos anos 90 terias de encontrar um OVNI com ET's lá dentro. A banalização matou muitas emoções.
Depois em inicios de 2000's o que havia era sites tipo pornhub, mas com clips super curtos. 30, 40 segundos. Se algo te captasse a atenção depois tentavas sacar os filmes inteiros.


Era o que se usava para sacar merdas. Basicamente, colocavas um filme a sacar hoje, com alguma sorte para a semana estava completo. Mas isto já é mais recente. Em Portugal usou-se muito entre 2004 e 2006. Nos anos 90 e inicios de 2000 não se costumava sacar cenas. Ocasionalmente alguém partilhava um video num chat ou fórum para um evento ou algo assim, mas pouco mais. Acredito que houvesse forma de se sacar, mas não era comum. Em vez de filmes no disco rigido, tinhas um porta cd's cheio de filmes e pornografia.

Chats Clix e Terravista

Entre finais de anos 90 e inicios de 2000's era o que estava a dar. Não tinhas de te registar, e havia sempre umas centenas de pessoas prontas a conversar. Podias ser uma pessoa diferente todos os dias. O conceito de "catfish" não existia, pois catfishing era a norma. Era bom para o engate e conversas porcas. Proporcionava-nos uma sensação de liberdade. Na altura era tudo muito menos controlado. Não tinhas problemas legais com o que dizias e fazias na net, e nem sequer eras banido. Dificilmente te baniriam do Terravista. Era agradável, mas todos os dias havia alguém que entrava só para dizer algo tipo: "SEUS FILHOS DA PUTA!!!!!!!!!!!!! VÃO PO CARALHO QUE VOS FODA". E como não era banido, ficavas a ver uma conversa amena sobre cursos universitários e lá pelo meio um troll que não parava de insultar toda a gente. Tipo:
User A: Então, e que curso queres tirar?
User B: Estou a pensar em psicologia
User A: Também gosto muito. A minha irmã tirou o mesmo curso. Para que universidade vais?
User B: Em princípio universidade do porto. E tu?
User A: Eu vou para a universidade de Évora

E isto podia arrastar-se durante horas. Era o pão nosso de cada dia.

A primeira vez que falei com alguém online foi no chat de clix. Quando disse "Olá" e do outro lado recebi um "Olá", nem queria acreditar. Fiquei super entusiasmado e respondi "CHUPA-ME O CARALHO, SUA PUTA!". Não fiquem chocados. Eram outros tempos.

Internet Relay Chat

O IRC foi o peso pesado da internet tuga entre 97 e 2005. Era onde existia a maior concentração de Portugueses ao mesmo tempo. Cerca de 30 mil online durante a noite. Era uma rede de chats, com canais sobre praticamente todos os temas. De certa forma era muito semelhante ao reddit, uma vez que qualquer pessoa podia criar o seu próprio canal e tentar torná-lo popular. Depois escolhia os moderadores para o seu canal.
Uma cena interessante do IRC era que poder falar com pessoas online ainda era o primeiro atrativo. A cultura da devassa da vida privada ainda não existia, e o pessoal não andava desesperado por popularidade. A excitação estava em poderes comunicar com desconhecidos. Era uma cena nova, revolucionária. E como não tínhamos o dia todo para estar na internet tentava-se tirar o máximo partido.
Um termo que já foi muito popular, mas agora raramente se usa, é o "blind date". Basicamente, entravas, metias conversa com uma gaja, perguntavas de onde ela tecla e marcavas um encontro para amanhã. Quase sempre sem troca de fotografias. Isto hoje em não acontece.
Foi no IRC que conheci as minhas primeiras namoradas. Nessa altura ainda havia romance online, pois era novidade. Hoje em dia está demasiado banalizado. Já toda a gente experimentou tudo toneladas de vezes e as pessoas tendem a ficar-se mais pelos seus círculos sociais reais, em vez de se aventurarem com desconhecidos.
O IRC era vida. Era tipo guerra dos tronos. Lembro-me de ter feito chantagem com o dono de um canal para ele me passar a administração. Ele fundou o canal, mas eu é que o tornei popular. Ele esteve ausente uns meses, e quando voltou começou a querer impor as ideias dele, e eu fiquei a odiá-lo. Um dia recebi notificação que ele estava online, mas não no nosso canal. Fui ver em que canal ele estava e era o #gayengates. Fiz print e depois fiz chantagem. Tornei-me no lider absoluto do canal. Bons tempos.
No inicio da era da banda larga, como não havia muito para fazer, o comum era o pessoal usar a internet só mesmo para IRC. Basicamente, era só o que fazias. Sempre ligado. Mesmo quando desligavas, podias deixar uma shell do teu nick sempre on, registando todas as conversas. Se soubesses mirc scripting podias até criar bots. Utilizadores fantasmas que estavam sempre on e executavam comandos. Por exemplo, podias escrever, no geral, !tempo, e ele dizia-te o tempo. Ou então !ban zetoy, e ele bania o zé. Era fascinante estar num canal com centenas de pessoas a madrugada toda a trocar mensagens. Mais uma vez, tal e qual como o Reddit. A diferença é que era formato de chat, não de fórum.
Nesta época os chats clix e terravista também eram muito populares, mas o pessoal do IRC era uma beca snob para com o do clix e terravista, pois os do clix e terravista eram os incautos, que nem sabiam o que o IRC era. Eram os chats dos pobrezinhos. IRC era para quem já sabia um bocadinho mais de tecnologia, uma vez que exigia que conhecesses alguns comandos.
O servidor mais popular em Portugal é a PTnet. Já quase ninguém usa isto, sem ser gays. No estrangeiro, no entanto, ainda há servidores com milhões de utilizadores, mas é uma cena mais para programadores. Basicamente, cada servidor era o seu próprio universo de IRC. Tu podias ir a qualquer servidor, mas se quisesses estar no com mais Portugueses era o PTnet.


MSN era um mensageiro, tipo Skype. O que tinha sempre on era o IRC e o MSN. Geralmente falavas com o pessoal no IRC, e depois trocavam contactos. MSN era mais pessoal. Isto em inícios de 2000. A dada altura toda a gente que tinha internet tinha MSN. Era mais popular do que IRC. Era quase o equivalente a ter whatsapp.


Era basicamente para bater pivias por webcam e ver mamas. Tipo Skype, mas servia apenas para video. Quando falavas com uma gaja no IRC e querias fazer "sexo virtual", pedias-lhe o netmeeting. Isto foi ainda antes do MSN. É uma merda dos anos 90 e inicios de 2000. Acho que já ninguém usa, a menos que sejam dementes.


Tuga Ninja foi um dos eventos mais entusiasmantes da internet nacional. Era um jogo de porrada no site da CLIX. Tinhas uma sala de chat com muita gente on e desafiavas quem quisesses para um combate. Consoante ganhavas, ias subindo no ranking. Era isso que dava pica, tentar chegar ao topo. Era muito simplório: o adversário decidia como te ia atacar, e tu tinhas de adivinhar a decisão dele e escolher a defesa. O que tornava o jogo especial era a banda sonora dos ENA PA 2000(?) e o design dos personagens, que eram todos caricaturas de diversos espectros da sociedade tuga, como é o caso de taxistas e peixeiras.


Acho que toda a gente deve conhecer o hi5, e foi quando a internet começou a apodrecer e o IRC começou a morrer, aí por volta de 2005/2006. Tornou-se na rede "mainstream" em Portugal. Mas mainstream na altura não era o mesmo que mainstream agora. Mainstream agora significa que a tua avó usa. Mainstream na altura significava que toda a gente com internet tinha. A título de curiosidade: só aí a partir de 2006 é que internet começou a ser uma coisa que toda a gente tem em casa. Lembro-me de em 2003 só eu e mais duas pessoas na minha turma termos internet em casa. E nos anos 90 então era raríssimo. Geralmente os meus colegas filhos de pais finos é que tinham net. Eu tive aí em 95 pela primeira vez.
O hi5 era muita chunga, mas dava para arranjar umas quecas. Na altura era tudo mais fácil, talvez pela escassez e pela novidade. Conheci muita gaja por aqui, mas tirando isso não há nada de bom a dizer. Era lixo. Curiosamente, o HI5 começou a morrer quando a velhada começou a usar net e a inscrever-se. Depois os jovens migraram para o FB, por volta de 2009, enquanto o HI5 ficou para o reumático. Hoje o FB começa a ser cena de velho e o IG é o alvo de migração dos mais jovens. Daqui a mais 1 anito ou dois os velhos começam a popular o IG e os jovens fogem para outra rede.


O Myspace marca a era de ouro das redes sociais. E foi uma era muito curta. Digo de ouro porque ainda não eram bem o cancro que são hoje em dia, e nenhuma rede social dominava TUDO, como acontece com o FB. Na verdade, as pessoas estavam espalhadas por diversas redes sociais, e cada rede tinha uma demografia específica. Também exibiam-se muito menos. Não era fotos nova todos os dias. Frequentemente era apenas uma foto de perfil.
Uma das particularidades do Myspace é que era muito voltado para música. Era a rede que os artistas utilizavam, e podias segui-los. Era uma rede mais "cool", digamos assim.
O Myspace ganhou popularidade em Portugal aí em 2006, e começou a morrer aí em 2009. Não era tão popular quanto o Hi5, mas a demografia era mais interessante. Basicamente, hi5 = tudo quanto é merda e Myspace = pessoal mais interessante, mais dado às artes e intelectualidade. Foi no Myspace que conheci as miúdas mais interessantes da minha vida. Não havia tantas, mas geralmente tinham mais conteúdo. Eram as gajas com quem podias falar de música e cinema.
Nesta época as redes sociais tinham um grau de popularidade perfeito: havia gente suficiente para teres com quem interagir, mas não ao ponto de até a tua avó e o periquito dela estarem presentes. Podias participar sem ter necessariamente de ter todas as pessoas da tua vida adicionadas. Era uma cena mais anónima.


O Netjovens é um bocado mais obscuro, mas durante um curto período gozou de um bom nível de popularidade em Portugal. Penso que o auge foi em 2007, depois foi vendido por 1 milhão de euros. Era uma rede tuga, criada por um só gajo num curto espaço de tempo, e até há uma reportagem sobre a venda:
Como disse, antes de 2010 as pessoas estavam muito dispersas por diversas redes sociais. Não havia uma força dominante, e tu ias a diversos sites, para diversos tipos de demografia e conversa. O Netjovens era estilo HI5, mas um bocado mais interessante e menos popular. Não tão bom quanto Myspace, mas era mais uma plataforma de caça. Sim, as redes sociais até 2010 serviam para o engate. Era basicamente isso. Agora servem para a auto-promoção.
Confesso que não sei bem o propósito da venda do Netjovens. Que saiba o site morreu. Portanto quem pagou 1 milhão pelo mesmo não sei bem o que dele retirou.


Da mesma era do do Netjovens, mas mais chunga. Mais uma vez, era para o engate. Tinha bue jogos, por isso até dava para um gajo se divertir. A qualidade demográfica era semelhante à do hi5, mas menos popular. Destacava-se por ter bue funcionalidades de entretenimento que o hi5 não tinha.

E pronto, depois disto é basicamente o que se vê hoje em dia: FB, Twitter, IG, TikTok. Aquilo que vocês já todos conhecem. A nível profissional tens mais oportunidades, mas no que toca a socialização as novas redes são piores a todos os níveis. Servem para engrandecimento do ego e pouco mais. Perdeu-se a componente da descoberta e interacção social.

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2020.10.13 23:36 cutefuss [TOMT][GAME][2000s] Online game, possibly set in hell, with a club where demons eat people

when i was in grade school in the 00s, my friend used to play this game on her computer while i'd watch. it was a 2d top-down pixel rpg-style game and it was on a website. it may have been newgrounds, but i'm unsure if it was. the most i can remember about the plot is that either the main character was in hell and he wasn't supposed to be there OR he was in a place where demon-like creatures lived and he wasn't supposed to be there. it was something like that. i feel pretty sure the game overall had a grey color palette and that it didn't look like the traditional idea of hell. it basically looked like a grimy city setting. the areas in the game could have easily been stock sets from something like rpg maker.
the area i remember most clearly is a nightclub where you could buy items or upgrades from an npc, and where there was a kitchen that showed that the inhabitants of this place (who i think were demons) were cooking and eating human flesh the same way we cook and eat cows or chickens. being pretty young, this really stuck in my mind lol. i'm pretty sure the game took place during the day too, so the club was mostly empty when you were visiting it.
i also do not remember there being any kind of combat, it was more of a puzzle-type rpg where you interacted with the world and characters. these next two points are fuzzy so take them with a grain of salt as they may be from other games: a. i vaguely remember a puzzle where you had to remember a sequence of numbers/letters and report it back to an npc and b. there may have been a couple of points where you had to run away from demons that would cause a game over if they caught you - i want to say this happened in the kitchen i mentioned previously.
for reference, the earliest i would have seen this game is around 2002, and the latest is 2008-2009. i know we played it at her house, so that's i'm pretty sure of those dates. it could have been made before we played it, but for an online pixel game it looked pretty decent even at the time so i don't think it was that old.
my best guess for what website it was on is newgrounds, but i've searched the games section of the site for things like 'hell' and 'demons' and nothing looks right. i've checked for posts here that might lead to this game and tried to google everything i can think of. so at this point i'm just hoping someone better at searching than me can help, or that someone else remembers this game!
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2020.10.13 22:46 cincbus Introducing: The Spanish Royal Family

Royal Family Twitter: u/CasaReal
King Alfonso III (1886-1941)
Gonna go back one more generation than usual to start this wild ride.
Alfonso the III's father, Alfonso XII, died while his mother was pregnant with him, thus he was King upon his birth in 1886. She served as regent until his 16th birthday when he assumed full authority as King. After a series of poor choices, he aligned his fortunes to the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, who fell from power in 1930. Municipal elections in 1931 resulted in a landslide victory for the Republican and Socialist parties, and they demanded the King abdicate the throne. The King went into exile but refused to abdicate.
While exiled, his eldest son, Alfonso, renounced his right to the throne to marry a commoner.
His second son, Jaime, renounced his rights to the throne because he was deaf.
This left his third son, Juan, as heir apparent. In 1947, General Francisco Franco declared Spain a monarchy yet again, calling it a “restoration”. However, he did not trust Juan as heir. As a result, in 1969, his son, Juan Carlos, was selected as King.
King Juan Carlos I (b. 1938) (abdicated)
Juan Carlos is the grandson of Alfonso XIII, the last king of Spain before the monarchy was abolished in 1931. He was born in exile in Rome, however was allowed back to Spain in 1948 to be further educated there. He joined the army, completing his officer training from 1955-1957. Afterwards, he spent time in both the naval school and the air force school, and later studied law, international political economy and public finance at the University of Madrid.
He was selected to be King of Spain over his father, Juan, by General Franco.
So, why did Franco bring back the monarchy? I found this answer online:
“We’re accustomed to believing a tyrant like Franco could do anything he wanted. Yet, in reality, his options were very limited, amounting to:
a) Do nothing OR appoint another military strongman to take his place.
b) Restore the republic.
c) Restore the monarchy.
There really are no further choices. Regarding (a), Franco was well aware that dictatorships are little more than the cult surrounding the person of the dictator, who is unable to transfer the cult to any 3rd party. So, a dead dictator equates to a dead dictatorhip, perhaps not immediately but before very long the ‘Franco Regime Without Franco’ was bound to implode. Franco accepted this to be an awkward truth, but he swallowed the bitter pill nonetheless.
Option (b) was never in the cards — Franco detested the Republic he fought to unseat and never even considered bring one back to govern Spain post-mortem.
That only leaves option (c). For Franco, the issue was not Monarchy Vs. Republic but rather (i) what sort of monarchy, and (ii.) incarnated by whom? The choices might seem straight-forward, but reality was rather complex since the legitimate heir to the throne (Juan de Bourbon, Count of Barcelona) was a man with whom Franco agreed on practically nothing. The Count of Barcelona made his political philosophies publicly know in the so-called Laussane Manifesto (Mar, 1945), the contents of which were diametrically opposed to the Franco Regime on practically all matters of importance.
Hence, in ’47 Franco did the only thing he regarded as workable — restoring the monarchy in theory but leaving the throne vacant, pending an eventual nomination to fill the seat. The temporary vacancy last 22 years when the Count’s son (Juan Carlos I) was officially designated as heir to the dual roles of head-of-state & commander-in-chief of the armed forces.”
Furthermore, Franco disliked Juan (father of Juan Carlos), whom he suspected of being an Anglophile (Franco despised the British and referred to Great Britain as “perfidious Albion”); he was also determined to be the sole arbiter of Spain’s destiny. And so he was. For the next thirty-six years, Franco remained the country’s unchallenged caudillo, or strongman, and although he declared Spain a monarchy once again, in 1947, he kept the throne empty, leaving Don Juan to languish and fret in neighboring Portugal, even as Franco himself assumed the role of dispenser of noble titles.
In a cruelly Shakespearean twist, Franco asked Don Juan to send him his son, Juan Carlos, who was then ten, to be educated and groomed under Franco’s supervision. In 1969, when Juan Carlos was thirty-one, Franco summoned him and informed the young man of his decision to make him his successor, with the title of King of Spain . (Excerpt from this article)
Juan Carlos met and consulted with Franco many times, standing next to him at ceremonies, publicly supporting his regime, and praising his government. Franco gave full control to Juan Carlos 3 weeks before his death in 1975. Juan Carlo’s position was further legitimized on 1977 when his father formally renounced his claim to the throne.
On paper, Juan Carlos retained fairly extensive reserve powers. He was the guardian of the Constitution and was responsible for ensuring that it was obeyed. In practice, since the passage of the Constitution (and especially since 1982), he took a mostly non-partisan and representative role, acting almost entirely on the advice of the government.
Juan Carlos enjoyed extreme popularity in Spain for many years until multiple scandals (detailed below) were made public about him and his family. As a result, he abdicated the throne on behalf of his son.
Coup D'Etat
Ever since the dictator Francisco Franco had died in 1975, Spain had been changing at the speed of light. Democratic reform was the watchword of the decade, and each reform came one after the other. King Juan Carlos had handed power to parliament and instituted a new constitution. It was all way too fast for Spain's conservatives. According to history.com, it came to a head on February 23, 1981. Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero led 200 members of the civil guard in invading the Cortes, Spain's legislature building. They fired shots in the air and took the parliament hostage.
Spaniards were glued to their television sets for 18 hours as the band of civil guards held the Cortes. King Juan Carlos appealed to the Spanish army to condemn these renegades and affirm their loyalty to the new constitution. The army did and the bandits had to retreat in shame, thus preserving Spain's democracy.
Shooting of Little Brother
In 1956, at age 18, he shot his younger brother Alfonso in the head while the two were playing with a revolver. He has maintained throughout his life that it was an accident, however Alfonso passed away as a result of his injuries.
The financial scandal
Juan Carlos’s daughter, Princess Cristina, is married to Inaki Urdangarin. Urdangarin and his ex-business associate, Diego Torres, were the leading figures in the Nóos Institute, a non-profit that secured no-bid contracts from the regional governments of Valencia and the Balearic Islands using Urdangarin’s influence.Urdangarin and Torres also used their non-profit to divert around €6.2 million from public contracts secured for organizing sports events into private accounts. Urdangarin’s wife, Cristina de Borbón, sat on the board of a company, Aizoon, that was allegedly used to channel part of these funds. She was made to testify in the case, and was ultimately fined for having benefited from her husband’s scheme, but was acquitted of tax fraud complicity.
In June 2018 he was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison; he is currently imprisoned in Ávila.
The hunting trip
In 2012 the King injured himself on an elephant hunting trip in Botswana. At a time when Spainairds were suffering from a lagging economy, this trip was viewed as obscene in terms of expenses and extravagance. Spain’s unemployment was at 23%, and nearly 50% for young workers. To make matters worse, he was the honorary president of the Spanish branch of the World Wildlife Fund.
The public was only made aware of the trip because the King was injured and had to be helicoptered from the scene. Even worse - his mistress was there with him.
In 2014 Juan Carlos announced his plans to abdicate the throne in favor of his son, Felipe.
Post-Abdication Scandals
More recently, it emerged that Juan Carlos had accepted a previously undeclared “gift” of a hundred million dollars from Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah—allegedly a bribe in return for his help in arranging a lucrative fast-rail-construction contract.
Further roiling the public, one of Juan Carlos’s former lovers, a Danish-born events organizer named Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein—who had accompanied him on his Botswana safari—has acknowledged that Juan Carlos had given her, some years ago, sixty-five million euros (worth about eighty-four million dollars at the time). This “gift” is believed to have come out of the funds given to Juan Carlos by King Abdullah.
The latest bombshell shaking the royal house involves secret audio recordings of princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, a German aristocrat living in Monte Carlo who for years has been romantically linked to the 80-year-old former king and now accuses him of using her name to buy property in Morocco, of accumulating a secret fortune hidden in several Swiss bank accounts under the name of one of his cousins, Alvaro d'Orleans Bourbon, of using fake cut-outs to commit tax fraud and of taking millions in commissions on state contracts.
As a result, the current King Felipe announced he would renounce his personal inheritance from his father and that his father would no longer receive a royal allowance. Afterwards, Juan Carlos vanished.
In August of this year (2020), Juan Carlos sent a public letter to King Felipe VI, saying that he would be leaving the country due to “the public repercussions that certain past events in [his] private life are generating.” Later reports speculated that he had either gone to Portugal, where his father, Don Juan de Borbón, lived in exile for part of his life, or to the Dominican Republic, which he has visited multiple times. It’s a sign that the figurehead of Spanish democracy understands that he has endangered his legacy—and the monarchy itself.
It has not been published where Juan Carlos is currently living, however photos have been obtained that appear to show Juan Carlos disembarking a plane in Abu Dhabi.
Read more:
Juan Carlos married Princess Sofia of Greece and Denmark, daughter of the King of Greece in 1962. In an effort for young, suitable European royals to meet and mingle (and also to boost tourism in Greece), Sophia’s mother arranged a Mediterranean cruise on the Greek yacht Agamemnon in 1954. Several teenaged and twenty-something royals were invited on the trip touring a handful of Greek islands. Juan Carlos and Sofia were among the young royals on the cruise.
They met up at additional weddings and events over the next several years, and were officially reunited in Rome at the 1960 Olympic Games. The Greek royal family held a dinner for the Spanish guests onboard their ship, Polemistis. Following the Olympics, Juan Carlos and his family were invited to spend Christmas 1960 in Greece.
In 1961, Sofia traveled to the UK to attend the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Kent. Juan Carlos was picked to serve as her escort. Following the wedding, Juan Carlos spent the summer of 1961 in Greece and the two announced their engagement in 1961.
Due to Juan Carlos’ uneasy position in Spain, an Athens wedding was planned for May, the beginning of the tourist season in Greece. The celebrations involved 4 ½ months of nearly round-the-clock preparation headed by Colonel Dimitri Levidis, Grand Marshal of the Greek royal court.
Their marriage has never been a happy one and Juan Carlos is known to have had multiple affairs. Though the King is in exile, they remain married, however it is known that they have lived largely separate lives for many years.
Their wedding and more
You can see him giving a speech in English here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4FJczB_aco
Queen Sofia (b. 1938)
Sofia is the eldest child of King Paul of Greece, and is the daughter, sister, wife, and mother of a King. She was educated at a boarding school in Germany, then studied childcare, music, and archeology in Athens. She was a reserve member of Greece’s gold medal winning sailing team at the 1960 Olympic games.
Sofia is now immensely popular in Spain. She is known to quietly endure the monarchy’s trials, putting her own professional obligations ahead of anything else. This was not, however, always the case. Throughout her reign she has been regarded with skepticism because of her foreign background and mediocre Spanish skills.
In 2008, Queen Sofía shared some of her political ideology during an interview with journalist Pilar Urbano. One of them was her belief that same-sex marriage should not be called marriage. "If those persons want to live together, dress up as bride and groom and get married, they can do so, but that should not be called marriage because it is not," the queen is quoted as saying in Urbano's book.
Her controversial comments about same-sex marriage particularly elicited outrage among liberal groups, and the Royal Palace quickly shared an apology but qualified it by implying she had been misquoted.
Though her husband is in exile, Sofia has remained in Spain and continues to undertake official duties on behalf of her son, the King. She is a vital weapon in Felipe VI’s battle to shore up the popularity of a monarchy hit by scandal and now, suggestions from some politicians that it might have seen better days. Consistently one of the most admired members of the Spanish Royal Family, the enduring affection and respect that Queen Sofía inspires will be needed by her son as he faces a turbulent future for the monarchy.
She speaks Greek, English, German and Spanish.
See her giving a speech in English
King Felipe VI (b. 1968)
Ascended the throne in 2014 upon the abdication of his father. He is head of state and commander-in-chief of the Spanish Armed Forces. He attended high school in Canada and studied at the Autonomous University of Madrid. He completed his academic studies by obtaining a Master of Science in Foreign Service degree from Georgetown, where he was the roommate of his cousin Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece.
From 1985-1993 he spent time completing his military training.
Felipe speaks Spanish, Catalan, French, English, and Greek.
He was a member of the Spanish Olympic sailing team at the Barcelona games in 1992 and was the Spanish team’s flag bearer.
The exact details around how Felipe and Letizia met are unknown, however it is reported that they met at a dinner party in 2003. They dated in secret for more than a year before surprising the public with their engagement in 2003.The two were married in 2004 in Madrid.
Her Gown
More on the wedding, more here
Watch their wedding (it POURED rain)
See Felipe meet Barack Obama (in English)
Author's Note: Google photos of Felipe. You won't be sorry.
Queen Letizia (b. 1972)
Letizia was born in Spain, the daughter of a journalist and registered nurse. She completed a bachelor’s degree in journalism as well as a master’s degree in audiovisual journalism. She worked as the evening anchor of the TVE evening news, the most viewed newscast in Spain. She reported from Washington DC in 2000 on the presidential elections, 2001 from Ground Zero, and 2003 from Iraq.
She was actually married once before Felipe to a writer and high school teacher after dating for almost 10 years. Their marriage lasted one year.
Letizia is far from Spain’s most popular member of the royal family. There was a public spat with her mother-in-law, and it made news when she scolded her fiance for interrupting her during their engagement interview.
She is known for her fashion and beauty. In 2008 she underwent surgery on her nose to “correct a respiratory problem”, however afterwards her nose was notably different.
Author's Note: I feel like I gave a negative impression of Letizia here, but to be honest it's a bit hard to find information about heher personality. I would love someone who is more familiar to fill us all in.
Watch her speak in English here
Felipe and Letizia have two daughters:
Crown Princess Leonor, Princess of Asturias (b. 2005)
Leonor is heir presumptive to the throne of Spain. She does not go by Crown Princess, but rather by Princess of Asturias, the title given to the heirs in Spain (like Prince of Wales in the UK). The Spanish monarchy operates under a system of male-preference cognatic primogeniture, meaning if Felipe were to have a male heir he would replace Leonor in the line of succession. Felipe and Letizia appear to be done having children, however.
In 2018, she was invested by her father with the Order of the Golden Fleece, the most senior order in Spain and the highest award the King can bestow. She is one of only 4 females to be inducted into it.
The other 3 women are Queen Elizabeth, Princess Beatrix, and Queen Margrethe of Denmark (no big deal!!!)
See the proud fathedaughter moment here.
In 2019, at age 14, she gave a speech in both English and Spanish at the Princess of Asturias Awards Ceremony. (such poise!!)
Another speech (her proud parents *I'm crying*!!)
Infanta Sofia (b. 2007)
Sofia is the second daughter of the King and Queen. She is a student in Madrid.
See photos of the family from Spain’s National Day on 10/12. https://twitter.com/CasaReal/status/1315601785382416384?s=20
Infanta Elena, Duchess of Lugo (b. 1963)
Elena is the eldest child of King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia, however because Spain operates under male-preference cognatic primogeniture, her younger brother Felipe is King of Spain.
She married Jamie de Marichalar y Saenz de Tejada in Seville and has two children:
Elena and Jamie divorced in 2009. She undertakes engagements on behalf of her brother, the King.
Infanta Cristina, (stripped of title Duchess of Palma de Mallorca) (b. 1965)
Cristina was born in Madrid, the younger daughter of the King and Queen. She is a sailor and competed in the 1988 summer Olympics. She completed a degree in political science from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, then an MA in international relations from New York University in 1990. She then worked at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.
She speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, French, and Greek.
Cristina married handball player Inaki Urdangarin in Barcelona in 1997. They have four children:
I talked about this above, but she and her husband were investigated and tried for fraud for their ties to a corruption scandal involving a company they owned. Cristina was acquitted, however her husband is currently serving a prison sentence.
Because of the scandal, her brother officially stripped her of her title in 2015. Her right of succession and the royal title of Infanta were unaffected.
Read more about the scandal here
Random note but the Spanish royals vacation in Palma de Mallorca for the summer each year and always produce some of my favorite family photos.
See some here, here, here, or just google them.
A Monarchy in Trouble
Though Felipe and his mother, Queen Sofia, are well-liked, support for the monarchy in Spain has always been thin at best. Coupled with all of the scandals discussed above, Felipe is tasked with saving a monarchy that at times is extremely unpopular with the public. He has had to publicly distance himself from his father, his sister, and other family friends involved in these scandals. This has eroded the appearance of family unity in the monarchy.
From an article:
Despite his attractive family and relative youth, Felipe has struggled to maintain the level of popularity he had heading into his current position. As head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces as well as king, he looks all-powerful on paper, but like many other royals his role is more figurehead than policy-maker. Spain's monarch is looked to for guidance and leadership, though, and he can certainly still be blamed when things go wrong.
Felipe, who in 2015 cut his own salary by almost 20 percent as the country continued to pull itself out of its recession, received a four-minute ovation after delivering his annual address marking the opening of Spain's new legislative session in February, in which he said that the opposing parties that have formed the current coalition government must come together, that "the time has come for words, for arguments and for reasoning, from a position of mutual respect."
To add to his troubles, Catalonia has been trying to split from Spain and gain independence for quite sometime, and Catalonian’s do not want a monarchy. In fact, they recently passed a non-binding motion condemning the monarchy in the wake of Juan Carlos’s departure from Spain. The proposal “Catalonia is a republic and does not want a king” was passed by 69 votes in favor and 65 against. In a recent article out of Catalonia, less than 15% of Catalans prefer having a king to a republic.
As a result, Felipe and Letizia have been pulling out all of the stops to present a united family front and a strong monarchy to the public - they have been undertaking public engagements more often, invited the press into their home, and we’re seeing more and more of their two daughters in an attempt to improve their favorability in Spain.
From 2018 - https://www.forbes.com/sites/ceciliarodriguez/2018/08/12/royal-family-in-trouble-spanish-monarchy-mired-in-new-ugly-scandal/#5b40b53d480a
From 2019 - https://www.forbes.com/sites/ceciliarodriguez/2020/06/09/spanish-monarchy-under-fire/#7910b8d41b26
From 2020 - https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/08/13/is-spanish-spain-juan-carlos-corruption-royal-family-finished/
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2020.10.11 16:52 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: October 5th - October 11th

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201005 BTS have taken their 16th win for Dynamite on Music Bank (episode did not air last week because of Chuseok)
201005 Run BTS! Ep. 112 Grading in progress
201005 Delayed Single-View Streaming For Map Of The Soul ON:E Online Concert Will Be Available
201005 ARMY BOMB Ver.3 and ‘Map of the Soul Special Edition’ can now connect to “Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)” (Army With Luv version) on Weverse
201006 "Dynamite" is on #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 for its 6th week
201006 BTS has been nominated for Best Song ("Dynamite"), Best Pop, Best Group, Biggest Fans and Best Virtual Live ("Map of the Soul ON:E") at the 2020 MTV EMAs
201009 BTS have taken their 17th win for "Dynamite" on today's KBS Music Bank
201009 Everland Themepark has put up a commemorative plaque at BTS' AGT performance site
201010 BTS have taken their 18th win for "Dynamite" on today's Music Core

Merchandise news

Date Thread
201005 Map of the Soul ON:E Merchandise Promotional Video
201005 “Map of the Soul ON:E” concert merchandise is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop
201007 BTS (방탄소년단) BTS POP-UP : MAP OF THE SOUL Official Trailer
201008 BTS POP-UP : MAP OF THE SOUL Online Store & Showcase Schedule
201008 "Map of the Soul ON:E" special merchandise for livestream purchasers-only will be available to preorder on Weverse Shop Global from October 12, 11AM KST
201009 BigHit Official Merch: Doors will open again 2020.10.23 11AM (KST)
201010 US Army: Target is going to have a "buy 2, get 1" sale on music and books starting this Sunday (11 Oct), so you can consider getting BE and/or SLA: SA from here!

Official Media

Type Date Link Thread
Bomb 201005 [BANGTAN BOMB] On the Phone with Bang PD Thread
Bomb 201008 [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS Donut Time Thread
Bomb 201009 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' Stage CAM (BTS focus) @ Radio.com LIVE Thread
In the SOOP 201006 [Behind] In the SOOP BTS ver. EP.7 BTS Cooking Challenge: Behind-the-scenes Thread
In the SOOP 201008 In the SOOP BTS ver. EP.8 Back to Our Everyday Life Thread
Live 201005 2009** RM & Jung Kook Thread
Photos 201009 [BTS Official Naver] Gather for Dy-dy-dy-dyna-mite's promotion behind! Thread
Teaser 201006 BTS (방탄소년단) MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E Teaser 1 Thread
Teaser 201007 BTS (방탄소년단) MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E Teaser 2 Thread
Other 201009 Big Hit Edu: BTS ARMY Hangeul Mikrokosmos Challenge Thread


Date Link Thread
201005 Pitchfork: BTS Break Down Albums from Dark and Wild to Map of the Soul 7 (20 minute video) Thread
201006 RADIO.COM LIVE with BTS Thread

New Releases

Date Link Thread
201004 MAX - Blueberry Eyes (Feat. SUGA OF BTS) [Official Video Alternate Ending] Thread
201010 MAX - Blueberry Eyes (Feat. SUGA of BTS) [Jazz Version] Thread

Official SNS

Date SNS Link Thread
201005 Weverse Jungkook Thread
201005 Twitter Jungkook Thread
201007 Twitter Jimin Thread
201006 Twitter Today’s Bangtan @ RADIO.COM Live Thread
201007 Twitter Taehyung Thread
201007 Twitter Taehyung 2 Thread
201007 Twitter j-hope Thread
201007 TikTok Bangtan Thread
201007 Twitter BTS Official: Music will unite us all in just ONE WEEK at the @BBMAs ! Join us Wednesday, October 14th at 8/7c on NBC. #BBMAs Thread
201008 Twitter RM and J-Hope Thread
201008 Facebook [D-2] MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E Check the Online Concert CHECK LIST Thread
201008 Twitter Jungkook Thread
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201010 Weverse Compilation
201010 Twitter Taehyung Thread
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201010 Twitter Today's Bangtan @ Map of the Soul ON:E Day 1 Thread
201010 Twitter Seokjin Thread
201011 Twitter Today’s Bangtan @ Map of the Soul ON:E, Day 2 Thread
201011 Twitter SUGA Thread
201011 Weverse SUGA Thread
201011 Twitter Seokjin Thread
201011 Twitter Jimin Thread
201011 Twitter j-hope Thread

CF & Partnerships

Date Thread
201005 Bodyfriend BTS TVCF #9 Healthcare in Daily Life
201005 Bodyfriend BTS TVCF #10 Introduce PHANTOM Medical
201005 Samsung Mobile: All the ingredients for perfection. 🖋 #GalaxyNote20 #GalaxyxBTS #V @BTS_twt 🍰
201006 [FILA] PROJECT 7 - Behind The Scene 1
201006 Samsung Galaxy x BTS: A Piece of Cake 🍰
201006 Samsung Mobile: 👔, 🍰 Now that you’ve seen the rest, here’s the last one in the mix. Coming soon. 🧪
201006 BODYFRIEND X BTS 2nd Behind The Scenes – Teaser (Jin, j-hope, and JungKook)
201006 BODYFRIEND X BTS 1st Behind The Scenes – Full Version
201007 [ENG] 💌 What is the RM's way to Duty-Free For the relaxed and travel time?
201007 Samsung Mobile: Timeless design, endless flair. #GalaxyNote20. #GalaxyxBTS #RM @BTS_twt 🧪
201008 Samsung: Global Samsung TV Retail Stores Play Newest BTS Music Video ‘Dynamite’
201008 [FILA] PROJECT 7 - Behind The Scene 2
201008 [ENG] 💌 What is the SUGAR's way to Duty-Free For the relaxed time?
201008 Samsung Mobile: Double the screens, double the possibilities.💡#GalaxyNote20. #GalaxyxBTS #Jimin @BTS_twt 🧪
201009 Samsung Galaxy x BTS: La Parfumerie 🧪


Date Publisher Article Thread
201005 Yonhap News BTS Agency Begins 2-Day IPO Subcriptions From Individuals Thread
201005 DR Nyheder Danish media interview with Dynamite choreographer Nicky Andersen Thread
201005 Vox With "Dynamite," BTS beat the US music industry at its own cheap game Thread
201006 Forbes ‘Savage Love’ Musician Jawsh 685 Talks Viral Fame And Working With BTS: ‘They’ve Got Their Own Poppy Style’ Thread
201008 K-media The MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E online concerts this weekend have a production cost 8 times of Bang Bang Con Thread
201008 Billboard BTS' 'Tonight Show' Takeover Leads to the 'Most Social Week' in Late-Night TV History: Exclusive Thread
201008 Forbes BTS’s ‘BE’ Debut Is Going To Be Huge—But Just How Huge? Thread

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NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Link Thread
201005 💜 RADIO.COM: #BTSArmy 💜 Are you ready for our #RadiocomLIVE with @BTS_twt this week? Thread
201005 Seoul Government Thread
201003 💜 ARFilm Dir Ojun Kwon (production co.): Behind the scenes photo of "Home" performance filming Thread
201006 The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon gained 1 M Youtube Subscribers during BTS Week Thread
201006 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon had more social media interactions during BTS Week than any other, with total interactions up 1384% and 119M views Thread
201006 💜 James Jean: Thank you RM 🙏 Thread
201010 💜 VIXX Ken with Jin Thread
201010 John Cena Thread

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NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Type 💜 Date Link Thread
Cover 201005 Ricardo Walker's dance crew covered Dynamite! Thread
Cover 201009 BTS 'Dynamite' Cover (Rain w/ Shownu, KCM) Thread
Cover 201009 Dynamite (Guitar Cover) - Yewon Thread
Cover 201010 BTS (방탄소년단) Dynamite (Cover) by Rise Up Children’s Choir Thread
Cover 201010 B FREE remixes 'DYNAMITE' Thread
Photos 💜 201007 Naver x Dispatch Photos - BTS Week at Gyeongbokgung Thread
Reaction 201005 Choreographer Reacts: BTS (방탄소년단) 'ON' Kinetic Manifesto Film Shooting Sketch, Sienna Lalau Thread
Video 200930 Actor Sung Dong Il mentions on Radio Star his friendship with V and the affection V has for his daughter Binnie Thread
Video 💜 201009 The Korea Society: BTS Deliver Message of Hope Thread
Other 201006 Jungkook was added on the 16 personalities site under the ISFP personality type Thread


Type Date Thread
Charts/Sales 201005 BTS' "Dynamite" is No. 1 on this week's Global 200 Excl. U.S. chart for a third week
Charts/Sales 201005 "Dynamite" is #2 on this week's Billboard Global 200
Charts/Sales 201005 BTS’ 'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7' has now sold over 1 million total units in the US
Charts/Sales 201007 "Map of the Soul: 7 ~THE JOURNEY~" has now been certified RIAJ Triple Platinum! (750k+ units) (1st Foreign male group in history to achieve this in Japan)
Charts/Sales 201006 BTS' "Filter" rises to #1 for the first time on this week's World Digital Song Sales chart. It’s the group’s record-extending 23rd #1 hit.
Charts/Sales 201007 "Dynamite" by BTS reaches #1 on Billboard Japan's Radioplay Chart for the first time since release, becoming the first song by a Korean act to achieve this!
Charts/Sales 201007 RM's "mono." has now reached 120 #1's on iTunes worldwide, tying with Ed Sheeran's "Divide" as the album with most #1's in history
Charts/Sales 201008 'IDOL' received a Platinum certification on Gaon for surpassing 2.5 million downloads.
Likes 201006 BTS becomes the first act in YouTube history to have 11 music videos with over 8M likes
Likes 201007 “Dynamite” has now surpassed 19 MILLION likes on YouTube in just over 1 month and a half, becoming the first MV by a group and the fastest in history
Streams 201005 Spotify Launchs Its First Weekly Charts With BTS 'Dynamite' Is At #5 For Weekly Global Top Songs On Spotify (Sept. 25- Oct. 1)
Views 201005 “Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G)” has now surpassed 200 million views on YouTube
Views 201005 “DNA” has now surpassed 1.1 billion views on YouTube


Date Link Thread
201007 TinyTAN: Guess which is who? 📻 📚 👼 📜🖋️ 🎮 🎨 🧸 #TinyTAN #October_14 Thread
201008 TinyTAN KAKAO Emoticon is here Thread


Date Link Thread
201007 A long time ago, life was harsh on Planet BT... But one magical tune made everyone get through it together. And what if TATA was to sing this song..?! Thread
201009 [TEASER] TATA - Song From Planet BT 2020. 10. 12, 6PM(KST) Thread

BT21 merchandise news

Date Thread
201004 BT21 Green Toy out now! Only today at Line Friends Collection.
201005 BT21 RJ Jumbo Standing Doll Preorder Link [7th Oct 6PM-8th Oct 2AM (PDT)]


Date Thread
201007 Mini Korean AND Spanish lesson with Chicken Noodle Soup lyrics
201007 Online event - "RM for President": K-Pop Protest Repertories and Populist Soft Power
201007 A mystery solved: The "Respect" Sample
201008 [Fan account] ARMY ON AIR EXPERIENCE
201009 OIAA: Jimin's Bday Flash Fundraiser
201010 [Throwback] Four years ago today, BTS released "Wings" and music video for title song "Blood Sweat & Tears"
201010 Black Swan on The Tonight Show now has Eng subs
201011 Translations for MOTS ON:E ending ments


Rolling /bangtan Awards 2020 nomination form

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Bpd_Intp Finally finished my bt21 amigurumi dolls! Im so so proud of them! <3
FawnVaughn Made these a little while ago. I think Mang came out best 💜
tinawyl First time posting on reddit😶 My pencil sketching of V in dynamite😍
Sialisa My aunt made BT21 cookies!
ilumoone Jin ➖ watercolour painting 🌸
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2020.10.05 19:38 belikeaviral01 GreenGeeks Black Friday

GreenGeeks Black Friday
GreenGeeks Black Friday
GreenGeeks was founded in 2007 by Trey Gardner. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company now powers over 300,000 websites.
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GreenGeeks is a reliable and award-winning web hosting service provider which was founded by Trey Gardener back in 2008 and is located in California, USA.
GreenGeeks Hosting Plans Features They have one shared hosting plan called EcoSite Starter. It includes:

  • unlimited storage and bandwidth
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Pricing GreenGeeks Black Friday

If you are planning to start your blogging career at an affordable price, this Greengeeks Black Friday Sale will be the golden opportunity to grab.
Mark Black Friday Sale Date on your Calendar so you don't miss this opportunity, and by chance, you missed this Sale, you had to pay extra money for the same services.
Thank You for Reading, and If you have any queries, then let me know in the comment section. They’ve put together to help get your website online quickly and you’ll also get experience for quality web hosting with their outstanding 24x7x365 chat support with an affordable price.
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2020.10.05 04:12 saltnrox Victim’s parents meet with Eric Harris’ parents

The following was an excerpt I found from a while back.
Tom and Linda Mauser’s son Daniel was shot to death by Eric in the Columbine library. Last summer, the couple finally met Eric’s parents. The meeting took years to arrange. It began in 2007, with an angry letter from Tom Mauser. He and Linda had chosen not to take part in lawsuits many of their peers leveled against the Harrises and Klebolds. But they were just as hungry for answers. Eventually, Tom’s frustration boiled over. All those years and he still didn’t know how the boys got away with it. And resentment had set in: Why hadn’t the parents reached out more? So he set down some pointed questions. That approach failed. The Harrises declined to meet, though their attorney provided some answers.
Linda had been struggling with grief since Daniel’s murder, but recently made a breakthrough in therapy: She began telling people what she really thought. She channeled that new expressiveness toward a solution: writing a followup to the Harrises in early 2009. She wrote warmly: no demands, just how she felt. Honestly, she felt conflicted. She wasn’t sure what Wayne and Kathy had done. But she was decided on Eric. She forgave him.
Word came back slowly from the attorney: Would they like to meet? Yes.
Approximately 10 years and four months after Eric Harris murdered their child, Linda and Tom drove into Denver to greet his parents. The Harrises declined to comment on the meeting. These are Linda’s impressions.
They met at the Quaker Meeting House, where their attorney was a member. It was a sunny room with wooden floors and benches. The Harrises greeted them with a basket of flowers. Wayne spoke first. “Nice to meet you.” He smiled and reached for Linda’s hand. “Thanks for coming,” she said. They sat down in a quiet alcove.
Wayne did most of the talking. He is a retired Air Force major and sounded like one, careful and precise in his language. He was tall, but slight and avuncular, like a friendly neighbor.
Wayne was mystified by his son. Wayne and Kathy accepted that Eric was a psychopath. Where that came from, they didn’t know. But he fooled them, utterly.
He’d also fooled a slew of professionals. Wayne and Kathy clearly felt misled by the psychologist they sent him to. The doctor had brushed off Eric’s trademark duster as “only a coat.” He saw Eric’s problems as rather routine. At least that’s the impression he gave Wayne and Kathy.
They shared that perception with the Mausers. Other than the van break-in, Eric had never been in serious trouble, they said. He and Dylan were arrested in January 1998 and charged with three felonies. They eventually entered a juvenile diversion program, which involved close monitoring and various forms of restitution.
Eric rarely seemed angry, his parents said. There was one odd incident where he slammed his fist into a brick wall and scraped his knuckles. That was startling, but kids do weird things. It seemed like an aberration, not a pattern to be worried about.
Wayne and Kathy knew Eric had a Web site, but that didn’t seem odd. They never went online to look at it. “I found them kind of incurious,” Linda said.
From time to time, she wondered whether the Harrises were lying, or exaggerating. Her instincts said no. They did not strike her as calculating or devious; maybe a bit hapless. And Wayne was somewhat inscrutable. Honest, but not revealing. Linda believed them, but wondered whether the couple second-guessed themselves enough. “Honestly, if it were me this happened to, I think I’d still be questioning myself,” Linda said. “They did not seem to doubt themselves.”
Kathy was shy, but forthcoming once she got going. She wore her brown hair in a bob, coordinating a black-and-white outfit with black sandals. Linda noticed the red toenail polish. Kathy shared lots of loving stories about Eric. She described supervising him closely, particularly with the community-service work he was assigned in the juvenile diversion program. Eric got behind and nearly missed a deadline, until he charmed a supervisor into signing him in for hours he hadn’t actually worked. His parents found out and made him go back, put the time in.
Wayne defended Kathy as “a good mother.” Kathy worked, but said she was always “available” for Eric. She insisted on meals together, as a family. Shortly before the murders, Kathy had picked out Eric’s graduation cake: yellow, with chocolate frosting.
Senior year, Kathy was distressed about Eric’s lack of college or career plans. To Linda’s ear, Kathy seemed oddly unsure about whether Eric had taken entrance exams like the SATs. Kathy thought he might end up at a community college, so maybe that explained things.
Linda found Eric’s mother sincere and convincing. And haunted. Wayne and Kathy seemed involved in Eric’s life, at least as much as an average parent. Linda asked about guns. Was Eric unusually fascinated with weaponry? Not really, they said. He was into Doom, obviously, and subscribed to a gun magazine, but those two fit together. Eric spent hours and hours on the videogame, taking enormous pride in the new levels he created. There were weapons in Doom; he said the magazine helped. Wayne and Kathy said they never discovered a hint of Eric’s arsenal.
Eric didn’t seem interested in joining a lot of clubs, or pursuing a wide circle of friends. But he dated and all that seemed normal enough. They had him in professional counseling, and taking antidepressants. The situation seemed under control.
The Mausers tried to keep things conversational and steer clear of interrogation mode. But the topic of child abuse came up. No, they had never beaten Eric, the Harrises said, or been cruel to him.
Wayne spoke proudly about their older boy, Kevin. He was doing well now—“successful.” He had graduated college and gotten married. Kathy asked about Linda’s favorite memory of Daniel, and the progress of their daughter Christie, who was deeply traumatized by her brother’s murder and had been borderline suicidal. Kathy cried several times and repeated how sorry she was this all happened. She turned to Linda at one point and confessed how scared she had been to come. Wayne watched silently when she wept. Linda thought he seemed very detached.
The Mausers’ decision not to participate in the lawsuits proved fortuitous. The Harrises mentioned that they were interested in talking to parents who had not sued them.
Wayne answered all their questions, but it began to feel futile. He had no revelations. Tom got frustrated. So there was nothing to learn from this? he asked. No mistakes? Not really.
The conversation wound down after an hour. Linda told them she forgave Eric. That was important, she said later—“making some sort of tangible gesture to his parents.” She wanted to unleash some of the weight bearing down on them. “I didn’t want them to go on torturing themselves.” It felt good to cut it loose. She cut it free of herself at the same time.
Wayne and Kathy seemed pleased, but less effusive than Linda expected. She was hoping for a little more gratitude.
The couple told the Mausers they never planned to talk to the media; they didn’t think they could endure it.
Linda doesn’t care who they talk to, as long as they fully divulge to someone qualified to listen. She wants rigorous questioning, either from reporters or experts who have studied the case. “What I’m looking for, from both families, is transparency,” she says.
Linda has decided to forgive Wayne and Kathy. But she chose not to say so at the Quaker hall. They didn’t ask for it, they didn’t commit the murder, and Linda felt conflicted about them.
She still does. But it helped tremendously to meet them. They were not monstrous. It was hard to conceive of them as individuals before, as ordinary human beings. Now she has no choice.
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2020.10.04 01:26 flyinmacaronimonster California Has Now Transitioned to a Vote-by-Mail System: Here is all the Information that You Need to Know, Compiled in One Place

COUNTY ELECTION OFFICES: https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/voting-resources/county-elections-offices
Hey Californians, mail ballots are starting to go to ALL registered voters.
If you haven't registered to vote, you can do so online using the link below:
The deadline for online voter registration and voter registration-by-mail is Monday, October 19. Even if you miss that deadline, you can still register to vote at an Early Voting location, or at your polling precinct/voting center on Election Day.
Once you have received your ballot, TRY NOT TO NOT MAIL IT BACK UNLESS NECESSARY. Instead, it is highly recommended that you drop off your ballot. There are four options to drop off your ballot:
1) Drop your ballot off at a 24/7 ballot drop-box in your county. California has greatly expanded drop-box capacity, and there are several drop-boxes in each county. THIS IS THE MOST PREFERRED OPTION FOR BALLOT DROP-OFF.
2) You can also drop off your ballot at a Early Voting location during the Early Voting period (dates vary by county)
3) You can drop off your ballot at a Voting Center or polling place on Election Day.
4) You may also hand-deliver your ballot in-person to your County Election Office.
If you want to vote in-person, early in-person voting starts as early as Monday, October 5, and as late as Saturday, October 31, depending on your county.
If you are voting on Election Day, it is important to note that some counties will have voting centers (you can vote anywhere within the county, regardless of where you live), and some will have traditional polling precincts on Election Day (you will be assigned a precinct based on address and vote within that precinct).

Drop-Boxes (and Voting Centers) can be found in the links below for all counties:







Contra Costa

Del Norte

El Dorado










Los Angeles
















San Benito

San Bernardino [BALLOT DROP-BOX TBD]

San Diego


San Joaquin

San Luis Obispo

San Mateo

Santa Barbara

Santa Clara

Santa Cruz

















https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/voting-resources/county-elections-offices (COUNTY ELECTION OFFICES)
submitted by flyinmacaronimonster to u/flyinmacaronimonster [link] [comments]

2020.09.30 17:04 jed_boop In the 2010s, Hitler memes and “ironic” racism filled the internet. What if we had taken them seriously?

Remember when the internet used to be fun? Whitney Phillips does. The digital anthropologist was recently looking through a huge set of images from the late 2000s that had been posted to Reddit. The first comment described the era as “a more simple time,” and sure enough, the pictures were weird, silly, and creative. Talking cows. Cats playing video games. A bear on a golf course. A guy Photoshopped to have mouths for eyes.
Then she noticed something else. Something disturbing. The thread began, she wrote recently, “with a lighthearted meme about Hitler.” After that was “dehumanizing mockery of a child with disabilities. And more sneering mockery of an old man hooked up to an oxygen tank. And date rape. And violence against animals. And fat shaming. And homophobia. And racism. And pedophilia. And how hilarious 9/11 was.”
If you’ve spent any time online, you will have imbibed both the aesthetic and, perhaps, the ethics of “meme culture” or “internet culture.” This is the mashed-up jumble of images, jargon, and folk art that gushed out of sites such as 4chan, Reddit, and Tumblr from the late 2000s. The look was lo-fi and absurdist, and the tone was eye-rolling, cynical, self-aware. Blocky white letter captions on pictures of exaggerated facial expressions. “HALP,” “OHRLY,” “KTHXBYE.” Adorable cat GIFs.
In the 2000s and early 2010s, Phillips was one of a group of academics, activists, and intellectuals who studied memes, and promoted the idea of the web as a space of unfettered, anarchic creation. The revolution would be user-generated. (The founders of social networks—primarily young, carefree, middle-class white Americans—agreed.) Okay, the argument went, this outpouring of creativity had its darker elements, but that was part of its countercultural charm. The casual sadism of trolling was just “lulz,” which shouldn’t be taken seriously. Sexism, racism, and other hatreds were being invoked for nothing more than shock value. It was ironic, duh.
In 2009, she attended a live show called Meme Factory, which aimed to explain this new language of the internet. Three young men sat in front of microphones, talking deliberately fast, occasionally projecting pictures onto the screen behind them. There were “fails”; there were “owns”; the viewers didn’t have to think much about the people who were the butt of the joke. The first Meme Factory show began with a disclaimer about its offensive content, delivered in front of a picture of a white cat captioned with what was a popular phrase at the time: Internet. Serious Business. Phillips remembers laughing until she cried at a repeat performance the next year. There was an assumption that everyone in the room “got it,” that they understood who was being satirized—the racists and the homophobes—and that everything was just for lulz.
But the blizzard of memes didn’t allow any time to distinguish between the cute and the offensive, the innocuous and the hateful. One section, Phillips recalled, showed “several internet-infamous young white women who had inspired widespread mockery online.” Such women, the three men explained, were referred to as “camwhores.” When the photograph of one flashed on-screen, the crowd booed. A man in the audience shouted: “Kill her!”
Phillips, an assistant communications professor at Syracuse University, now thinks she got it wrong. All that ironic racism doesn’t feel so ironic anymore. “I don’t even know exactly when it totally shifted,” she told me, from her yellow-painted living room in Syracuse, New York, her hands anxiously fluttering around her face as we spoke over Zoom. “What seemed to be fun and funny ended up functioning as a Trojan horse for white-supremacist, violent ideologies to shuffle through the gates and not be recognized.”
submitted by jed_boop to atlanticdiscussions [link] [comments]

2020.09.23 08:54 MothOfTyrants Mix practice is essential! Im an idiot!

I've been going IN this year learning to track, mix, etc....ive been a touring musician more than half my life and have been to multiple studios and watched some masterminds in the box, both local and professional! Joey Sturgis back in 2008, JST Tones prestigious head honcho... Jamie King in late 2009 from NC, highly praised as one of the best in metal for years with good reason! Give or take an album or so, he has done Between the Buried and Mes entire discography. 90 percent of what I knew going into music production, I learned over the shoulder of those two honkies. They introduced me to my greatest passion to date, I love tracking, mixing, sound design, etc ....its euphoric to me and its borderline unhealthy how much I've been immersed in this scene. Big props to everyone on this reddit, ive learned so much here and love you all for answering questions, no matter how trivial they may seem in your shoes. The community is incredible <3
But enough Peter Puffin....I didn't come here to ramble forever. Just to comment that I recently found numerous multitrack websites through this reddit, and I've been so involved in creating my own music and just having fun with friends over the past year that I overlooked the opportunities and definitely didn't realize the benefits I'd been passing up.
To anyone stuck in a rut with original material or just hitting roadblocks in general in your pursuit of greatness...find some multitracks online and get lost in foreign material ASAP! It opened my eyes, Ive not had a chance to truly apply much of the knowledge ive gained over the past few months, opening my own template and recording two guitar tracks and programming bass and drums over and over again. It seems common sense, but im sure alot like myself, overlook the opportunity. Its easy to get overwhelmed, but once you drop into a session im sure everyone of us will have fun and learn from our own actions.
Cambridge Multitracks is the site I went to, all free, many genres and bands to choose from. There is something for us all. Friendly reminder to give it a try, and take my enthusiasm to try and convince you all to try it as reason enough to dive in if skeptical. Im rejuvenated its like I hit the reset button and can look from many different angles. Thanks to everyone and whoever it was that pointed out this website...you all kick ass. HMU if you're looking for someone to bounce ideas off of and write some originals. DM me anytime, I need new homies to jam with
submitted by MothOfTyrants to mixingmastering [link] [comments]

2020.09.23 03:53 DetlaS119MissesUGuys AWTAs for seeing Phishing links going around on XBOX Live, creating our own website to see how many people really fall for that BS. Then my friend getting greedy, and us making him think he'd be arrested for credit card fraud... of 4.99 U.S Dollars?

Obligatory moblie, and grammar apologies.
I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, and since it's been well past the statue of limitations on what this petty theft was. I feel it's appropriate to share here since I listen often and have fingers crossed this once upon a time buddy does too.
Cast, there is me (Delta), Juggalo, Willy, Flaming, Dilly Dilly's Mom
It's been years so this may not be totally the way it happened. Anyway, the year was 2009, my friend willy and I were probably ripping it up in halo 3 we had recently been merging or adding friends to the online group circle. Juggalo was was more recently added, also younger. Flaming was being introduced by people not in the story. Well one day, before Flaming joined, we had been talking about those BS phishing links getting sent around. Joking who could fall for that and all that jazz.
Well, I decided to make a website. It was one of those .weebly.com things, and it was how to get free microsoft points. Now being a freshman in highschool at the time I was impressed with how well I felt I did on the site. It was detailed. Many a fake testimonials with dates, ratings, with a modest 3.8 stars 32 reviews. I had a whole story, how we could do it, how we gave back, how we were given to. I had put real gamecodes, used, but real. So when people tried, already claimed.
Posted it up, sent to a few friends, and was like damnnnnn sonnnn check itttt!!!!
Flaming was one of these guys, well I thought it was funny and changed his info. He was suppose to send an email with his gamer tag/email/password for the account. I changed it, told the guys, made him get on a second account and made jokes about not giving it back for an hour or more. Willy was laughing his butt off and telling me not too. Juggalo was like nah he's dumb don't give it to man. Well he got it back in the end, he was a nice guy and I wasn't trying to be a dick. But like bro. You gave me the log in.
Now Juggalo, Willy, and Flaming are pumped to see how many people we can find that are this dumb. We sent it around a bit. I think one of them made a youtube video or something. Now I sent the email info to jugglo so he could check and see if anyone was sending the log in. Well Dilly, he sent one in. Juggalo hopped up in on this changed the info, and started using the account for shoots and giggles. He was using it one day and got a party intive, so he joined. Well guess who was on the mic. Dilly, we was 8 years old and crying, Juggalo said he left and was like peace.
He kept coming back and begging for his account and Juggalo said no. Well one day all of us friends are together and dilly invites him.
Juggalo: Dilly just invited me guys. What do I do?
Me: you should invite him
Willy: yeah dude, invite him
Juggalo: dude last time he cried and told me his mom would find me.
Me: no way that's ridiculous man
Willy: how could she find you?
Juggalo: you're right. Hold on
Dilly: hello?
Juggalo: this is my account now kid.
Dilly: give it back!
Juggalo: no. Hahaha haha
Willy: dude that's kind of mean..
Me: yeah maybe a little.
Dilly: I'm going to get my mom.
Juggalo: go ahead
Dillys mom: who the fuck do you think you are you little punk bitch?! I swear if you don't give my kid his account back right now I'm going to find you and kick your fucking ass you little snot nos...
Willy: did you just kick her?
Juggalo: (nervous laugh) yeah..
Me: dude you need to get off that account.
Juggalo: but how can I play this game I just bought?
Willy: on your account?
Juggalo: I bought it on Dillys account with the card on here.
Me: you did what?
Willy: dude you just committed identity theft. The fbi is coming for you bro. You just talked to her. She could find you. She could trace you.
Juggalo: what..
Reconnects on his real account
Juggalo: she can't find me now right?
Ensue the relentless torment of telling him he will go to jail.
Juggalo. Miss you. Let's play xbox and wow again bb.
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2020.09.21 00:52 500scnds [Table] I made a free alternative to Photoshop, that is used by 7 million people. Ask me Anything!

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I understand that people are always hesitant to answer this very specifically, but I'm always curious - given 7 million visitors, what your ballpark profit? And what's the ratio of the profit-to-expenses, which I assume is mostly server hosting costs as a one man operation? Most of my profit comes from ads. I make around 5 cents for every hour someone spends in Photopea (on average). In 2019, people spent 5 million hours working in Photopea, so I made around $250,000. I hope it could be 2x to 4x more this year :)
Photopea runs completely in your computer (after Photopea.com loads, you can disconnect from the internet and use it offline). I use only a file hosting, for which I pay around 50 USD a year.
the below is a reply to the above
How is that possible to only pay 50 USD/year when you get ~7 million people in a month and your site is 1.8mb. That's around 12tb/month. I don't know of any host willing to do 12tb of data for $50/12 I don't understand it either :/ I will ask my hosting provider.
the below is a reply to the above
Don’t! :) I already did :)
the below is another reply to the original answer
I'm glad you have a subscription option. As a policy I don't turn my adblocker off, but I'll totally subscribe as your rates are quite reasonable! If you're around and don't mind answering, how many subscriptions do you have? There are hundreds of people paying for Premium :) so about 0.01% of all users :)
the below is another reply to the original answer
How much do you think you're losing out because of adblockers? It is hard to tell, maybe between 10 to 40 percent :/
the below is a reply to the above
You should implement a donation feature as well, to offer more ways for users to support you. People can already order a Premium. I think it is better to get something in return (removing ads), so anybody who wants to support us can do it :)
First of all, thank you for making a great alternative. My question is, how would you compare Photopea to The Gimp in terms of features and interface? The interface of Photopea is closer to Photoshop than GIMP (so it is more comfortable to Photoshop users). I think all you can do in GIMP you can do in Photopea, but with a different workflow. You can open GIMP files (XCF) in Photopea.
There are many advanced features in Photopea, that are not in GIMP. The most important is probably the full support of a PSD format.
the below is a reply to the above
Have to confess I'd never heard about this software until reading your post, but your mention of the PSD feature makes me want to check it out immediately. I admire your determination, dedication, and skills. Thank you :)
the below is a reply to the above
Does it support vectors better than Photoshop? I don't like how limited it is in Photoshop. Even illustrator is annoying Photopea can open SVG and PDF images better than Photoshop. Just try it!
the below is a reply to the grandparent
Thank you for your program. I use it to make memes and do photoshopped things! You are welcome! I am happy that Photopea is useful to you :)
How did you learn how to make software? I was interested in computers since I was 14. I was studying computer science at the university between 18 and 25 years of age.
I studied theoretical computer science at the Charles university in Prague. Finishing the university was probably the hardest thing in my life (I do not enjoy learning as much as I enjoy creating stuff). But I also think it was the most valuable and productive part of my life and I am very proud of it :)
Here to say I've been using it, maybe the only white listed site on my ad-block. What was the hardest part to implement? The advanced foreground selection was quite hard. It is used e.g. in MagicCut. I wanted to reach the quality of remove.bg (where you pay $2 per image), but it still does not work that well.
Anyway, I think MagicCut works better than all other free tools and many commercial tools, so it can save you a lot of money :)
the below is a reply to the above
You should look at U-2 Net https://github.com/NathanUA/U-2-Net a recently released paper with code that has amazing results I know quite a lot about this research :) The problem is, that people use Photopea for free, so it would have to run on their computers. They would have to download a 200 MB network, and unless they don't have a $2000 GPU, they would have to wait for hours to do such foreground / background detection.
the below is a reply to the above
From the paper: "To facilitate the usage of our design in computation and memory constrained environments, we provide a small version of our U2-Net, called U2-Net† (4.7 MB). The U2-Net† achieves competitive results against most of the SOTA models (see Fig. 1) at 40 FPS." Unless there's something similar but better or they're outright lying, 4.7 MB sounds like an extremely reasonable memory footprint and it's pretrained so nobody's going to max out their GPU. You might want to give it another look. Wow, that sounds great, I will put it into my issues: https://github.com/photopea/photopea/issues/2368
the below is a reply to the grandparent
Not 100% sure, but a GPU is needed to train the network (which can take hours) and the trained networks usually do things in seconds or even faster. Users would still need to download the network, but it wouldn't be very computationally expensive. Such trained network can process the input in seconds on the GPU. If you process the input of the network on a CPU (even with multiple cores), it can take minutes or even hours. And training on a CPU can take weeks :)
I use Photopea regularly when developing web sites. I don't have to fire up my VM or limit myself to GIMP or Krita. The third most popular tech magazine in the Czech Republic, Letem světem Applem, was developed with the help of your tool. Díky! My question: will you ever open-source Photopea, at least partially? Hi, thanks a lot!
A huge part of Photopea is open-sourced and available at https://github.com/photopea?tab=repositories
the below is a reply to the above
I'm scared to even open that repo 😂. What hosting provider are you using that can handle 5 million users in a year? I have a local hosting provider from the Czech Republic. It is just distributing HTML, CSS and JS files (no server-side computations like PHP or SQL databases), so it is not that hard.
Hi! Two questions 1. Does photopea have support for RAW photo files of varying cameras? (.ARW for example) 2. Why do you think Adobe charges so much for their platform when your model is clearly fairly simple to produce (if one person can do it alone) and functions profitably? Hi! Yes, Photopea can open .DNG, .CR2, .NEF and .ARW files :)
There are programs that are much more expensive than Adobe products :) It is hard to tell, but I think it is because there are no reasonable alternatives, or the alternatives are not known very well.
the below is a reply to the above
As a Fuji user, .RAF support coming at some point? Hi, the .RAF format was invented by Fuji and has never been publicly described anywhere. I tried to ask Fuji to provide a description of their format, so that I can implement it into Photopea, but nobody replied :(
I think Fuji does not want you to open their files in any other software than their software.
the below is a reply to the above
I don't think fuji has their own editing software, most people use either Capture One or Lightroom, or Irident X-Transformer to convert into a DNG Photopea can open DNG without any problems :) but it is a real pity they don't store it in DNG directly.
I just discovered this software and it is bloody amazing. As a hobby animator, I'm wondering - Do you have any plans, or have you at least thought about, making an animation software in the same way you have achieved this? Something like Adobe Flash/Animate or Toon Boom Harmony. (I'm already sold on your idea for a video editor, since Davinci Resolve's free version has NEVER been able to render videos for me without crashing) There is a distinct lack of reasonably priced animation software that achieves nearly as much as these two ridiculously expensive subscription programs, without sacrificing something really important to animation. The closest thing to achieving what Animate or Harmony has is Blender's new 2d animate mode, and even then, you have to sacrifice convenient features like easy tweening. An alternative free (or one-purchase) animation software would make me - and so many other people happy. Now that I know this software exists, I'll be sure to donate to its production. Thanks! You are not the first one asking for this :) I wish I could make so many tools, but I am afraid my life is too short for all that work :D
If I manage to make a good team of programmers in the future, I would love to make such animation software.
Is there a comprehensive guide I can find for all the tools in photopea? I’m new to photo editing and still confused by the interface. Photopea is an advanced editor and it is hard to learn simply by using it. I wrote a manual here: www.Photopea.com/learn .
the below is a reply to the above
You made documentation? What kind of unholy programmer from the abyss are you? Don’t let our bosses find out or we’re screwed. I made it after several years of explaining people how to do things in emails, etc :) Now, I can simply send them links to my documentation. It took me less than a week :D
I love using photopea! I open it almost daily. Is there a way to review the source and contribute pull requests? Have you thought about providing an offline or self-hosted release? Thanks! The open-source parts of Photopea are published on our GitHub: https://github.com/photopea?tab=repositories . We provide a self-hosted versions for money, as it needs to be updated regularly.
How would you compare it to photoshop? Photopea has about 90% of features of Adobe Photoshop, but there are some features of Photopea that Photoshop doesn't have (e.g converting PDF, SVG, Sketch, XD, Figma to layered PSD documents).
Also, only Photoshop and Photopea fully support the PSD format, so I think Photopea is the best alternative to Photoshop at the moment.
the below is a reply to the above
What do you think about GIMP? GIMP is great, but it can not work with PSD files properly. Also, the interface is quite different from Adobe Photoshop, and it is hard to use for former Photoshop users.
Do you pronounce it photo-pea, or photo-pee-ah? I pronounce it Photo-pea, but most of people pronounce it photo-pee-ah.
It is probably the most asked question in our subreddit :) /photopea.
EDIT: I did a quick search and here is what I found :)
the below is a reply to the above
Good to know I got its pronunciation right :D I like photos and I like peas. What made you call it photopea? I wanted it to be PhotoSomething, and I wanted a domain PhotoSomething.com . Most of domains were occupied, until I found Pea :)
Not a question, but I just want to put this out there for all the non-developers, but the fact that Photopea was created by a single programmer is absolutely astounding. As a developer myself, I cannot fathom the productivity of this developer nor have I ever met someone that could be this productive. Teams of 10-20 developers could not match the functionality and feature list of photopea. And actually, here is a question after all, have you ever recorded or livestreamed yourself coding? I'm having a hard time imagining the pace required to be this productive. Do you have an estimate of the number of hours you have put into this? Hi, thanks a lot! I think I put between 15 000 and 20 000 hours into Photopea :) I never recorded myself programming, but most of it is just staring into the wall thinking, opening Youtube or Reddit from time to time (to "relax" a bit), and I writing code once in a while :)
Any chance your program can export files to work with a cnc machine? Sure, just tell me what format does that machine accepts? Is than an open format? Can you use e.g. an SVG?
Manufacturers often create their proprietary formats to make you dependent on their software.
the below is a reply to the above
G-Code is pretty common, although I'm unsure as to what Z-axis information you would capture in an image format unless it was texturized somehow and interpreted that as topography? Maybe like the color coded images to show 3 dimensions in a planar view. I know lasewaterjet cutting and similar that do 2D operations typically ask me for a DXF file or equivalent. I've never used Photopea for this (or even tried) but typically I take a vector format and import into CAD software to generate a DXF for this purpose. I know my media guy can never get me a format I need to import a logo and such for mechanical design. A DXF or similar vector would be amazing if it doesn't exist already. Hi, would you be able to write this into our GitHub? https://github.com/photopea/photopea/issues . And most importantly, would you be able to discuss it there with me, if I have any questions? I never worked with any CNC machine.
Hi !! Can I know about your backend ? There is a webhosting which stores one HTML, one CSS and several JS files. Photopea is written in Javascript and runs completely in a computer of the visitor.
the below is a reply to the above
Have you used any frontend frameworks? No, I wrote my own Javascript, HTML and CSS. I usually prefer to use what I know, instead of learning how to use new tools :)
the below is another reply to the original answer
How do you handle users that pay for premium? There must be some sort of database right? Yes, there is a database. I just wanted to say, that out of these 7 million people, the database is needed maybe for a hundred of them.
the below is another reply to the original question
Not without dinner first Take my upvote, too :)
Are there any new browser features or HTML features that will make your code a lot simpler? I would love if browsers let Photopea know, when Ctrl+T was pressed on the keyboard. People have been using the Ctrl+T shortcut in Adobe Photoshop for decades and almost every week, someone asks why it does not work in Photopea.
At the moment, when you press Ctrl+T in any browser, it opens a new tab (panel), and a we can not do anything about it :( I have been personally arguing about it with browser developers for over five years.
"Fighting" with browser developers is quite a big part of my work, which is quite sad :(
the below is a reply to the above
When in fullscreen Ctrl+T works in both Chrome and Edge, it triggers the transform tool. Maybe prompt the user to switch Photopea to fullscreen ? The website feels like a standalone app so it makes sense to get rid of the browser UI anyway. I think the Ctrl+T should be usable even when not in the fullscreen mode.
the below is another reply to the original answer
I'm sure you must've researched this thoroughly over the years but maybe stackoverflow seems to have a couple good answers on disabling new tab shortcut keys. Maybe have a look? Esp these 2: 1 - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38442886/chrome-disable-ctrlt-shortcut - you could make your own extension and then make that extension do the "Free Transform"? 2 - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18625091/how-to-disable-firefox-new-tab-action-when-pressin-ctrl-and-clicking-a-link-wi I'm no good at js but maybe have a look... I guess I could also just make my own web browser and ask users to install it :D
How about a Desktop version? That'd be great! You can go to Photopea.com and press More - Install Photopea. It will add an icon to your homescreen, which will start Photopea without the browser UI. But it works only in the latest Chrome, Edge and Opera. https://www.facebook.com/photopea/photos/a.1703140446613703/2120885974839146
the below is a reply to the above
What Api does that? Seems chromium only but i wouldn't care. Never heard of that. It is called PWA - progressive web apps, and the app can trigger the installing process https://medium.com/@dhormale/install-pwa-on-windows-desktop-via-google-chrome-browser-6907c01eebe4
What are your plans for the video editor, and how can I keep up to date on its progress? (video editor here that loves what you did with photopea) I do not have any specific plans about the video editor yet. You can follow Photopea on Facebook or Twitter to know about the progress (links in my original post) :)
You mentioned your income is through ads. Have you thought of other avenues for revenue sources or ways to increase your current revenue even more to be able to hire more employees? Yes, I have thought about it, but I don't know about any ways, which could work better than ads.
Most of the current Photopea user can not afford to pay for the software, so I don't want to make half of features available only after the payment.
the below is a reply to the above
Would a premium version that's identical in features but without ads be an option? Unless this is already a thing? It is already a thing :) You can hide ads for $10 for three months. Also, there is no subscription, you pay manually any time you want. Ads come back once it runs out :)
What things does Photoshop do better than your alternative? Photoshop can open almost all RAW image formats (in their Camera Raw program). I think Adobe pays the camera manufacturers, so that they allow Adobe to open raw files from their cameras.
At the moment, Photopea can open only four RAW formats, which cover around 80% of the market.
Do you think that photopea has been a success? I use it for work everyday and I certainly think it is! I think it is the most useful thing I made in my life so far, so it is a success :)
Good stuff. Love a free image editor. Why is this already on the front page, with just 6 comments and 22 points? I don't know much about the Reddit algorithm, but I think it is also about how old the post is. E.g. if you get 20 points in 5 minutes, you will be on top of a post, which received 50 points in an hour.
What's your favourite video game? Also thank you the amount if complete trash I have cropped using photopea is immeasurable I received my first computer when I was 13 and PC games seemed too complicated to me (and most of them were in English, which I did not know well). I never had a playstation or a gameboy. So I never played video games much.
The first game I "understood" and truly enjoyed playing was Serious Sam :) I also spent A LOT of time playing Clash of Clans.
Will it stay free or is there a possibility that you're gonna put a price on that? Photopea has been free to use since the first release seven years ago, and I would like to keep it free to use in the future, too.
Love photopea, I use it all the time! Does anyone trouble you with any legal issues since it's basically an online photoshop? Thanks! I think the similarity of the interface of Photoshop and Photopea (and other photo editors) is a good thing. Imagine if each brand of computers had a different layout of a keyboard, because they wanted to be "different". I am very happy, that I can simply take any keyboard and start typing on it right away.
Maybe one time someone will come and say, that we have to make the background red, because the dark grey color is already used in their program. And we have to rename the Brush tool to "hair on a stick tool", because the Brush tool is already used in their program. But I hope such time will never come :D
the below is a reply to the above
Please make an April 1st version with copyright-friendly tools, that would be awesome. Brush – Hair on a stick Bucket – Metal container Move – Relocate and so on. Edit: April Tools’ Day That is a graet idea! :D
How do you approach creating something that is intuitive? How do you know that your logic is universally understood? Are there any examples of tools, tasks, icons that you have had to change based on feedback? Thank you and great work! The user interface of Photopea has been evolving for seven years and there were probably hundreds of suggestions from users, which I listened to and modified, to get what we have now :)
Hi Ivan, I've used Photopea for a couple of years for basic editing. Congratulations - it's an amazing tool. The only feature that prevents me from upgrading to a paid version is the font selection interface. There are far too many fonts available, they load slowly, are all obscure and not represented well in preview. Would you consider curating/refining the available fonts? Hi, thanks! It is completely fine to use Photopea for free, you don't have to pay for Premium :)
You can mark some fonts with a star, and then, you can display only the "starred" fonts. You can use filters to see e.g. only "sans" fonts and hide "comic" or "handwritten" fonts. You can enable Latin-1 and other language categories, to see only fonts with many letters (only professional fonts support more than 200 letters).
Have you experienced any pushback/pressure from the bigger players? No :) I have been in touch with people from Google, Adobe, Corel, Canva and other companies, evrybody was very friendly and helpful :)
Thanks for making Photopea- I'm certainly loving it. Will there ever be an offline version? Hi, thanks!
A big challenge is, that Photopea can not use fonts from your computer, and it downloads fonts from our server, when you choose to use that font. So changing fonts would not work in an offline version (except of a couple of fonts we could pre-store).
I think the amount of time people spend using their computer offline is decreasing, and will be almost zero at some point :)
the below is a reply to the above
If I use a font I have purchased, is it easy to implement, if you don't have that font on your server? Hi, just press File - Open in Photopea to load a font (TTF or OTF file) :)
Do you plan to keep photopea solely browser based? Many people think that browser programs are slower or "less capable" than desktop programs, but it is not true in the last five years. So a "download and install" version of Photopea would not have many advantages.
I could provide an offline version of Photopea, but at the moment, most of money come from ads, which would not work offline :/
the below is a reply to the above
You can try and make an Electron app, I know its essentially a browser but it would give that "native" feel to users. Hi, you can already press More - Install Photopea in Photopea and use it as a PWA :)
Great. Now can we please start working on a viable PDF editor that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars per year? Photopea can already do it to some degree :) have you tried it?
The PDF format was not meant to be edited further. But we are improving.
Thanks for developing Photopea. After your last AMA, I started using it. Is there a way for size of a new document to default to image dimensions on the clipboard? That's one of the handiest things in Photoshop so you don't have to either enter manually or overguess then crop down later. The size of a new document should be set by default to the dimension of the content of the clipboard.
But it works only in Chrome, Edge and Opera. Firefox did not implement the necessary standard yet. Don't know about Safari :/
You mentioned you plan on making a video editor. Have you considered an Illustrator alternative as well? Photopea already has many vector-related capabilities. It can open, edit and save SVG and PDF files. Somehow, I feel like a video editor would be more fun to make than an advanced vector editor.
the below is a reply to the above
Didn't know it supported editing SVGs. How does it compare to something like Inkscape? The interface is a lot different than Inkscape. Just try it and see how it works :)
I know this is a long shot, but any chance I can join on board with little to no knowledge so I can learn (for free of course)? 😁 It could be doing menial tasks for all I care. If not, any advice for someone like me wanting to change career path and code? I'm just tired of what I've been doing so I just recently starting some online coding courses but would like to learn more hands on if possible. Hoping to change career path for the future. Well, if I spend time teaching you, I will have to invest less time into developing Photopea :D
I have been often tired of what I did, I get tired of Photopea-related work from time to time. There is not just a bad job and a good job, there are many things in between. But whenever you have to choose between a simple goal and a hard goal, don't be afraid to go for a hard goal :)
How did you begin to scale up the workforce? What positions did you prioritise and how did the recruitment process go? I'm in an early process of starting up a web application and can see it being difficult going from working alone on a project to trusting people to share the same determination to grow it. Thanks I do not have any team, I still work on Photopea alone.
Hi. Great stuffs. I will definitely give it a try soon. May I give a suggestion ? I use GIMP for Image editing since I usually have to make some illustrations for my work. And GIMP provides me with the function of adding Text from another format, like LaTeX (to write math formula). Do you think this would be possible to implement in your app ? Hi, is the LaTeX text rasterized to pixels after you insert it? Or you can modify it in GIMP?
the below is a reply to the above
the LINUX version of GIMP has a module in the Render section which allows me to type in the LaTeX code and product an image of the formula. I am not really used to the terminology of image like vector or raster image. But once the formula is produced, it is not modifiable. So if I messed up, I have to redo the process from the beginning. We don't have such thing in Photopea at the moment.
I used to write my masters thesis in https://www.sharelatex.com/ . You can also convert LaTeX to a PNG image here: http://latex2png.com/ (right-click the image - Copy Image, and paste it in Photopea).
Can it do animations? The only thing I use photoshop for at this point is it's animation ability, especially it's keyframe animations, where you can make a single frame last however many seconds you like. If it can do that, i can finally delete photoshop. Hi, we do not have such animation capabilities as Photoshop. But there is a special mechanism for making animations from layers: https://www.photopea.com/learn/animations
the below is a reply to the above
This kind of animation capability is exactly what I was looking for. Does it allow you to view the animation as a preview before you choose EXPORT? Of course :) Just drag-and-drop a GIF into Photopea and try to export it as a GIF, it will take you around seven seconds :)
what was your eureka moment for photopea that whoa this is possible? Sometimes, when I learn about a new algorithm or a method, I wonder how elegant and ingenious it is :) Like - the person who came up with it should have been really smart, I wish I was also that smart :D
Have you considered using Patreon? Have you considered letting people subscribe for a fixed period if no ads? Hi, we already offer a Premium account, where you pay and it hides ads for a period of time. I know about Patreon, but I feel a bit uncomfortable about accepting money for nothing in return.
Is there a downloadable version available/in the works? You can go to www.Photopea.com and press More - Install Photopea, to get an icon to your homescreen.
i tried using it on my display tablet, there doesn't seem to be any pressure sensitivity? Hi, try to update your tablet (drivers, browser, os, etc). But it works on the latest iPad and on my old Android phone (it tracks the pressure of my finger). If it does not help, try to report it to the tablet manufacturer (as it will not work in any website, not just Photopea).
Is there support for sprite editing tools or just tools in general for game devs? Do you mean generating sprites, etc? It can do most of things Photoshop can do, but if you need something more, you can always suggest it here :) https://github.com/photopea/photopea/issues
What made you decide to create a free photo editor? It was just an experiment of analyzing PSD files in a browser. I gradually improved it. I did not want to make a photo editor during the first two years of work. But at some point, I realised - hey, it should not be that hard to make it into a photo editor.
How is this compared to GIMP? Hi, you can read this article: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/photoshop-alternative-no-its-not-gimp/
But it is about Photopea from two years ago. Photopea improved significantly since then.
So is it WASM or just regular old JS + WebGL? I found this looking for a browser based paint.net alternative a while back and thought it was awesome, but the controls were a bit too advanced/inaccessible for my requirements. If you're serious about growing the dev team I'm a self employed engineer if you want to hit me up. I wrote only JS and GLSL (for GPU processing). I use three WASM libraries, which I did not make. Thanks for your offer, but I would like to hire someone I could work with in person.
I’ve been using photopea ever since your previous AMA a year ago. My question is: how often are do you AMA and how did it impact traffic to photopea? I did only three AMAs with about a year between them. The traffic grows by about 10 - 20%, which lasts for a day or two :)
How much time have you invested in creating this tool? Or what's your weekly time investment? I never measured it, but I think it is about the "regular" 40 hours a week.
Did you know most of what you needed before starting on Photopea or did you learn as you went along with adding new features? What unexpected difficulties presented themselves while working on Photopea? It is like I knew how to use a chisel, but I never carved a statue that big.
I learned many practical things (state-of-art algorithms etc), I used many things I learned at the university, which I thought I will never use :)
How do I start contributing to Photopea? What would you like to contribute with? You can help us find bugs or help beginners at our subreddit: www.reddit.com/photopea
I hope this hasn't been asked, but why haven't you made a downloadable/fully offline version of your program yet? I know that as soon as you load the site you can use it offline, but there are times when people need to edit pictures without any internet connection at all. The online version makes it much easier to release new versions and do updates. I update Photopea about 30 times a week (with minor fixes).
Also, it feels a little uncofmortable to imagine, that someone is using a two year old version of Photopea and is cursing me because of some bug, which I already fixed, and I can not do anything about it at that moment :/
What technologies did you use to build this? I used Javascript and WebGL :)
It's really great that you're offering an alternative to Photoshop! I was wondering, what language or software did you use to write Photopea? I wrote my code in Javascript, but in my opinion, the language is not important at all.
The best language is the one you know how to use. Also, for me, it is important, that there is a way to execute my code fast, which is possible with Javascript in modern browsers.
[removed] Hi, you should not use Auto-translate, as we have a professional Swedish translation. Just press More - Language - Svenska. You can switch languages without restarting Photopea.
Photopea.com should be in Swedish the first time you open it, if Swedish is set as your main language.
What's your End User Licensing Agreement looking like? How is this licensed? I like to know before end users start requesting such as im sure someone now wants to install this in a corporate environment... Photope works in your computer and it never sends any data outside your computer. It is just like buying the cheapest calculator and using it. You don't get a licence to use such calculator, the numbers that you enter into a calculator don't leave the calculator.
Our terms of service are here: https://www.photopea.com/privacy.html
What's your opinion of the current state and direction of front-end development? I think I don't know much about it. I write my JS code in notepad and that code is precisely the code which runs in the browser of a user (without any modification). I did not change the way I develop webapps in the last six years.
the below is a reply to the above
Straight up Windows Notepad? Not notepad++ or Visual Studio Code or Atom or anything else??? I use Notepad++ :)
Are you planning in translating it? If so, I'd be glad to work on the italian version. Hi, it is already translated into 40 langauges, just press More - Language - Italiano :)
Hey Ivan, i'm very impressed by your work, but i'm an avid GIMP user. As you can imagine switching editors is always a hassle once you've got used to one. So can you give me some bullet points why it would be worth to switch from GIMP to Photopea? Thanks for the AMA! Hi, I think you should stay with GIMP, since you already know how to use it :) And if there is nothing specific you miss in GIMP, you probably don't need such features :)
Hey ivanhoe90 I noticed today that the pen tool behaves backward when clicking the second point and dragging. It's like the curve goes the opposite direction than anyone would expect. I almost filed a github issue on it but I just didn't have time. Is that a bug? Oh, I am very sorry, it is fixed now.
Hi, I wanted to know what's your story. That is your biography. And what did you study too get here? How did you get the idea for photopea? Hi, I gave a talk about it in France a year ago :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZmaeC_Ma5A
DUDE! Your program saved me in the final semester of my Masters. I needed to upload images and I don't have a scanner so I used my phone and fixed the colour and tones in Photopea. Bless you for your hard work. I guess my question is what kind of cheese do you like? Thanks a lot! If you only knew how happy I am about such comments :)
I like all cheeses, as I think they are all amazing, each one in a different way.
I love this software and I use it daily, Every time I think to myself "I wonder if can also do" the answer has been yes. I love showing my co-workers this software while working in Citrix, it always blows people away that this works. Question: Any change of seeing a feature that doesn't automatically export local files to the download folder? I would love to select where I want to automatically save them or just save as > location (The google drive system already amazing though) It's that one minor thing that makes me end up with File(17).png Hi, thanks! The saving mechanism depends on the settings of the web browser. The browser usually handles the file saving the same way for all websites. So just change the browser settings - make the browser ask you about where you want the files to be saved (we can not do anything about it as a website).
Do you think Photopea can have more active users than Photoshop? And why? It is hard to tell. There are many features in Photoshop and other editors, which Photopea can not do. Even if Photopea has more active users, it does not mean it makes more money.
Well I'm 9 hours late and maybe it was already asked and answered, but if you feel like responding... do you have to recreate stuff like puppet warp or quick select from scratch? Like you have to go back and read some old white paper on the algorithm, and then sort of reinvent the wheel? Hi, that is correct, there are usually no free implementations of such algorithms, and if there are, they are not in Javascript or are not good enough :/
Actually, the Puppet Warp is based on a 2009 paper from Takeo Igarashi. I found a mistake in it and I wrote him an email, and it took me several emails to persuade him that he really made a mistake in his paper :) But many other authors refuse to look deep into papers they wrote a long time ago.
Who would you prefer Photopea being aquired by, and why? I don't know. I am not looking for an acquisition at the moment.
I'm getting into video editing. I'm a noob to photoshop and video editing. Are there any tools in this that can complement my video editing? I was thinking of being able to create custom graphics for the videos but what else are the capabilities? I dont know much about video editing, but you can use Photopea for photo editing. I think the more time you spend learning a tool, before actually using it, the less time you will spend in total (e.g. doing something by "trial and error" in 3 hours vs. learning it in 1 hour and doing it in 30 minutes, because you learned how to do it).
How were you able to acquire such a vast amount of knowledge about editors and programming? I studied programming at the university for many years. Learning how to use Photoshop or any other editor is easier, but still can take weeks or months.
the below is a reply to the above
I'm currently studying programming at uni too. Am I correct in assuming that the vast majority of the code for photopea is JavaScript since it's a web application? Yes, I wrote my programs in Javascript :) But I did not have any Javascript class ever in my life. I think the programming skills are not related to the knowledge of a specific programming language.
Could you comment on https://github.com/photopea/JS-guide a bit? I don't quite understand why you're against using syntactic sugar. Especially let, const, and strict equality. I'm not claiming to be an expert at all, but most of these guidelines are in opposition to modern day JS practices. So I was just curious if you could elaborate on your decision making! I think it is up to you what you write. But I am used to writing as "simple" code as possible, and it just looks cleaner to me if you use "var" instead of let/const (and it has no impact on the speed).
[deleted] I think the knowledge is the most important. Also, it should be someone friendly, calm, rational, etc :D
Hey, I don't know if this has been asked before but since you have mentioned that Photopea can run offline after it's been loaded (meaning that there is no server backend), have you ever considered packing the app into a desktop app (e.g. with Electron or nw.js)? Hi, I think opening a website is faster and more comfortable than downloading and installing something. Also, the electron version would be hard to update (unless it is just an iframe with Photopea inside it).
Have you ever considered making Photopea into a mobile app? Hi, half of our users use Photopea on phones. It works quite well. If you look for "photopea" on Youtube, most of videos are recorded on phones.
My Reddit client doesn’t have a comment search feature, but have you considered bundling an electron version for people to download? Seems like a quick win, and even gets around ad blockers. Or if it’s a premium only offering, is just icing on the cake Hi, I was a bit lazy to maintain a separate version of Photopea. I don't see any advantages it would have over the basic version.
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2020.09.18 16:47 BuckRowdy [Update] The rise and fall and the depths of depravity of pedophile Jared Fogle from Subway.

This is an updated and edited version of a post I originally submitted at /redditcrimecommunity. It's been updated with the latest info.
I used to be kind of obsessed with the idea of Jared from Subway. He always seemed like nothing more than wallpaper in a commercial, a guy whose job amounted to holding up a comically giant pair of pants for seconds at a time in commercials. How much do you think they paid that guy to do that?
I used to search to see if I could find out Jared's salary or his net worth because to me it seemed like he had the easiest job in the world. Just stand there and smile, hold up the giant pants, shake a few kids hands at store openings and other corporate promotional events; essentially play the character of Jared from the Subway commercials.
The Midwestern everyman who once weighed over 425 pounds and lost it all by eating at Subway every day. Of course the fine print at the bottom of the screen gave the wider context to his weight loss routine, but there was a much wider, much darker context to Jared's story that would only be revealed years later.
Jared started working for Subway in 2000. By 2005 they had stopped featuring him in commercials and their sales declined by 10%. They quickly reinstated him and he was a fixture ever since.
It is true that Jared did lose the weight, and he did do it in part by eating at Subway.
At this point it would be reasonable to ask how did he get the money as a college student to eat all his meals at Subway?
Because he was running a porn video rental business out of his apartment at the time and had an extensive collection. You've got to remember that this was in an era where media of all types was more difficult to obtain. You didn't have everything at your fingertips back then.
Subway opened up on the ground floor and Jared was lazy so he started eating all his meals there.
The rest of Jared's story is marketing mythology. A friend wrote an article in the student newspaper that got published in Men's Health which caught the eye of Subway's marketing department. Jared started working for Subway in 2000 and up until about 2007 it appeared to be a marketing master stroke. That's when the reports started trickling out. In 2007, TMZ published the story about the porn rental business.
We'd learn later that as early as 2008, Subway had received serious reports about Jared from a franchisee in Florida that Jared had befriended at a few store openings. Cindy Mills, the franchisee said:
"He would just tell me he really liked them young," she says. Fogle and Mills had a sexual relationship, which lead Fogle to disclose disturbing details of his criminal activity in lewd text messages.
Mills says she tried to blow the whistle by phoning ad executive Jeff Moody — then CEO of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT) — after Fogle had told her that he had sex both in Thailand and the US with child prostitutes between the ages of 9 and 16 years old. According to Mills, Moody stopped her mid-conversation and said, "Don't worry, he has met someone. She is a teacher and he seems to love her very much, and we think she will help keep him grounded." Mills also claims she spoke with two more SFAFT execs after Moody, but ran into more dead ends.
Jared was up to no good for years, but his world really started to crumble in 2015 with the arrest of Russell Taylor. Taylor was Jared's partner in his non-profit charity and he was just as bad as Jared if not worse.
Russell Taylor, the former director of Fogle's anti-childhood obesity foundation, was arrested in April [of 2015] on three counts of possession of child pornography, three counts of child exploitation, and three counts of voyeurism.
Taylor had gotten in trouble for texting a woman a picture of bestiality and suggesting such between the two of them. It's a sick thing to think about, but that's just what Jared and Russell were up to.
In one of those text messages, according to the affidavit, “Russell Taylor asked her if he and another adult female she identified could come to Jane Doe’s residence and engage in” an act of bestiality. The woman did not agree to that request, but told investigators “you could tell (Taylor) was serious.” She also told investigators that “she received an image file via text from Russell Taylor that depicted (another act of bestiality).”
Jared's house was raided and the rest quickly became history. Subway dropped him. Sharknado 3 dropped him. Jared accused Taylor of fraud and sued him. One quarter of the funds of the charity were unaccounted for, and the only money they ever paid out went to Taylor's $73k salary.
I'm no professional but it's hard not to draw the conclusion that Jared was paying Taylor to produce child porn with a non profit charity.
The world found out about Jared in 2015, but in 2007 and 2008 two women were finding out a lot about Jared.
Jared had met a franchisee in Florida and started a sexual relationship with her. She called the FBI when Jared started texting stuff like this:
In one series of texts sent from April 2008, Fogle tries to convince the franchisee, a woman, to advertise herself for sex on Craigslist. She could make $500 per act he explains and he could watch her have sex with other men. Fogle then goes on to apparently admit to paying for sex with a 16-year-old girl off Craigslist.
The woman franchisee writes: "Is this the same website you found that 16 year old you that you f---ed?" the woman replied, according to an affadavit.
  • "I still can't believe you only paid $100 for her."
  • Fogle reponds: "It was amazing!!!!"
  • "What part of her ad made you think she was selling sex?" the woman asked.
  • Fogle says "U will have to read them to see."
The woman got a lawyer and submitted the texts to Subway who sat on them.
Around the same time, Jared met Rochelle Herman Walrond, a journalist who initially remained anonymous, who came forward and said that she got suspicious about Jared when he called middle school girls hot
According to the woman, Jared would often visit schools in Sarasota County, and allegedly told her numerous times that, 'Middle school girls are hot.'"
She contacted the FBI who asked her to wear a wire. She went on to record Jared over a nearly 5 year period, pleading with the FBI to go ahead and arrest him with them always saying that they didn't have enough evidence and needed more.
So she tried to get Jared to incriminate himself. Over that 4.5 year period they talked about a lot of stuff, like that Jared wanted to fly to Thailand to have sex with children.
"I would fly all three of us clear across the world if we need to,"[Jared] says on the tape. "It would just make things a lot easier — if we're going to try and get some young kids with us. It would be a lot easier probably."
He gave her grooming tips:
"Well, if we get them segregated out ... you know, start talking or whatever ... and we get a little closer, and a little closer and a little closer and before you know it ... it just starts to happen," the man's voice says. "But I think that girl from the broken home could be a possibility, you know."
He daydreamed on the phone:
"Do you want to watch me f— a young girl, too?" the voice of Fogle asks. "Will you f— a young boy?" When Herman-Walrond asks if that would turn Fogle on, he responds with a whispered "yeah."
“I had a little boy. It was amazing,” Fogle reportedly said, in response to a question about being with children. “It just felt so good. I mean, it felt—it felt so good.”
He also, allegedly, asked her repeatedly to let him install hidden cameras in her kids’ rooms.
“I had two young children at the time, and he talked to me about installing hidden cameras in their rooms and asked me if I would choose which child I would like him to watch,” she told Inside Edition.
The audio recordings can be heard at this link. She reported him to Subway in 2009 and nothing happened.
At the same time this was happening, Jared was flying to New York to pay for sex with minors. He asked the minors who he paid for sex if they knew anyone else they could recommend, always stressing younger if possible.
Also, according to the charging documents:
Fogle received "images and videos of nude of partially clothed minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct," which were allegedly recorded by Russell Taylor, the former director of the Jared Foundation.
Taylor secretly filmed some of the minors in his home using hidden cameras that captured them changing clothes and bathing.
Taylor was in possession of 400 videos of child pornography upon his arrest.
In 2011, someone else reported Jared to Subway via their website and yet nothing happened.
All this came raining down on Jared in 2015 when his house was raided and he was arrested and later charged with 14 acts of sex involving minors. He was ultimately sentenced to 15 years in jail and had to pay restitution to his 14 of his many victims totaling $1.4 million. His wife divorced him as quick as she could, Subway cut ties with him and the dominoes started to tumble.
All of a sudden the past reports about Jared came to light and Subway didn't have an explanation. Lawsuits started flying. Jared's now ex wife accused Subway of covering up Jared's pedophilia even from her because their marriage made Jared more grounded and more marketable.
It's now a sick joke, but at the same time of jared's arrest, Subway was trying to rebrand him as a family man.
So why didn't Subway act on the various reports it had gotten about Jared over the years? As this site puts it, it was a story bookended by laziness. Jared's laziness brought him to Subway, and their laziness in vetting stories led to the end of the Jared era with a lot of human misery left in his wake.
Subway has waffled in its response. Rather than taking the path of clear messaging and communication, and aiming to transparent and authentic throughout this terrible situation for the victims and Fogle’s family (as well as the brand), the company hasn’t been clear about where it stands in the midst of this crisis. What message was Subway sending to its employees and franchisees by keeping Fogle around for as long as it did?
As soon as he went to jail he instantly gained 30 pounds
In 2016, he filed an appeal which was denied. The DA's office argued:
[that] Fogle's text messages to a woman, in which Fogle stated he would "pay big" if she could procure 14-year-old children, and that he "craved" underage Asian girls. In these text messages, he also expressed sexual interest in young boys, although there is to date no evidence that he paid for sex with male children.
Later that same year, a brawl broke out and Jared was nearly killed in an attack meant to send a message to all pedophiles.
Other than that, rumor has it that Jared has it pretty easy in jail which is disappointing to hear given all that he's responsible for.
In 2017, Fogle tried to pull the Sovereign Citizen defense and claim that the feds didn't have jurisdiction over him which I imagine gave the feds a good laugh. The motion was dismissed.
In 2018, Jared sued to void his conviction going so far as to name the president (among others) as a defendant. It was unclear how the president was involved and Jared was forced to remove him as a defendant.
He claimed:
he was wrongfully allowed to plead guilty to conspiracy to receive child pornography, claiming that conspiracy doesn’t apply to such an offense.
His suit was dismissed.
That same year a woman pen pal of Jared's sold their racy letters to Radar Online. Seen here and here. She also sold a recorded phone call where she and Jared discuss porn and his sexual preferences.
If he wanted to appeal to a parole board, surely sending hand-drawn pictures of his genitalia that later end up on radar online is not a good strategy.
In March 2020, three of associate Russell Taylor's child pornography convictions were overturned for ineffective counsel. He still faces trial on 9 other charges.
In the five years since Fogle was arrested, Subway has been reeling. In 2015, their co-founder passed away and a new CEO was brought in. Internal reports indicate that customer traffic is down 30%. They've laid off over 400 people from the corporate HQ and this summer they had to revoke a promotion due to a franchisee revolt over the pricing.
Subway was associated so long with Jared it may take time for customers to form a new association. They tried to drop him once, struggled, and re-hired him. Clearly Subway lived in denial while Jared was their spokesman and looked the other way as business boomed. The new marketing strategy involves athletes. Time will only tell if they can recover from one of the worst scandals to ever hit a sandwich chain.
As of September 2020, Russell Taylor was being held at a federal prison in Yazoo City, Mississippi; Fogle was being held at a federal prison in Littleton, Colorado.
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2020.09.15 22:59 MotionLawImmigration Vermont Decides to Offer Stimulus Checks to Undocumented Immigrants Motion Law Immigration

Vermont Decides to Offer Stimulus Checks to Undocumented Immigrants Motion Law Immigration

Stimulus checks amid the health crisis
The stimulus checks are monetary assistance offered by the US government during times of economic crisis. It is well known that the arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic generated not only a health crisis, but also an economic, social, and in many countries, a political crisis.
Therefore, the Trump administration decided to issue stimulus checks to provide relief to local families who lost their jobs due to the health crisis and who have no other source of income to support their families during the current juncture.
In recent history of the US, the last time the government offered stimulus checks was during the Great Recession, which took place between 2007 and 2009, but the amount does not compare to the stimulus checks offered during the massive outbreak of Coronavirus.
However, due to the stance of the Trump administration when it comes to immigration, thousands of foreigners have been unable to receive stimulus checks during the health crisis and many of them do not have stable jobs to support and protect their families.

The Trump administration proposes not to offer stimulus checks to immigrants

The current administration of the US has a strict and almost immovable opinion regarding illegal immigration. That is why when President Trump decided to offer stimulus checks to the American population, he proposed not to offer them to:
  • Undocumented immigrants currently residing in the country.
  • Mixed families made up of an American citizen and an undocumented immigrant, or both undocumented immigrants.
  • Children of mixed families with undocumented parents (either one or both of them).
Despite the government’s recommendations, each state has the power and the right to decide how it will distribute stimulus checks in its region.
Therefore, there are several states that decided to help undocumented immigrants during the current juncture.
Don’t miss the opportunity to legally reside in the US, Contact our Team of Experts and request your legal documentation as soon as possible.

Vermont offers stimulus checks to undocumented immigrants

On Tuesday, September 8, 2020, the Vermont House of Representatives decided to offer stimulus checks to undocumented immigrants during the current health crisis.
The local government allocated a total of $5 million for this round of stimulus checks, which will also include foreigners who do not have a legal immigration status.
By this, we mean that immigrants may apply for monetary aid if they:
  • Are Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) or Green Card holders.
  • Pay annual taxes, but do not have a social security number yet.
  • Are spouses of American citizens and jointly pay annual taxes.
  • Are parents of American citizens.
  • Earn 99,000 or less.
Vermont residents may request the stimulus check for up to $1,200 and minors have the right to request a total of $500.
One of the representatives stated: “That is to treat all Vermonters equitably, which is to say, fairly and justly, regardless of their circumstances.”
Visit our Blog section to keep up to date with the latest immigration news.

What can we learn from this experience?

It is imperative to understand that the Trump administration does not agree to offer legal residency options to immigrants who cross the borders of the US without prior authorization.
Besides that, if we carefully analyze the history of the country, illegal immigration never brings positive consequences for foreigners or for the local economic system.
Therefore, the best alternative is to know the options you have to migrate legally. To achieve this goal, we recommend for you to follow the advice of experts in immigration matters, who will be able to guide you towards the success of your application.
If you have any questions about an immigration issue or relating to a case you may have currently in progress, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE Phone Consultation with one of our expert immigration attorneys.
Simply call Motion Law today at: (202) 918-1899.
DISCLAIMER: Motion Law Immigration Social Media & YouTube Channel is made available by the law firm publisher for educational purposes only as well as to provide you with commentary on general information reported from numerous online sources. Whilst we may offer a general understanding or interpretation of the law, we not to provide specific legal advice. By using Motion Law Immigration YouTube channel you understand that there is no attorney client relationship between you and the YouTube channel site publisher. Motion Law Immigration YouTube channel should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney in your state.
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2020.09.13 21:18 BloodyPassion Apple devices are being hacked

I'm telling right away - TL;DR - I,m facing unprecedented hacking attack on Apple family of devices and need help. I'm in San Francisco and need someone who can do forensics of my mac mini and help to protect myself from people attacking me.
I'm the owner of 2 Macbooks pro, mac mini, Ipad, Iphone and iwatch, 1 apple id and 3 gmail accounts.
Everything was fine till August 3. Well I was dumb enough to use 3 variants of the same password with all my accounts. Implementing 1password or another password manager I was delaying for quite some time out of laziness I guess. We use lastpass at work and I silently hate it so didn't want to deal with something like that at home. It was an introduction. I'lll try to be as brief and as detailed as I can now.
Some details became a blur because I'm literally on a verge of a nervous breakdown at the moment.
On August 3 all my email accounts including apple id were hacked. Taken over by someone for at least several hours. Among those only 1 account is main, others are secondary, for job search, another for facebook and ebay, and the last one - apple id - for dating sites.
I was able to restore access to my accounts using my phone number within several hours. I work in big tech and our company was attacked by some people who used texting phishing tactics. First I thought it was connected to work and even filed a ticket telling them that my phone is hacked (there was some weird behavior on the phone) but work stuff seemed unaffected and ticket was closed. Hackers also got to my NAS where I has some old movies and frankly lots of porn collected since 2007. NAS wasn't connected, I mean I didn't have access to it because my wifi point went offline and I didn't bother to go to landlords and set it up (we have internet from landlords, one ISP but 2 different networks) but they somehow were able to take the porn library out, not the files but links to them. The stuff was from torrents so I decided ti get rid of the NAS and its contents, moreover I watch porn legally online now, torrents were in the past.
For several weeks it was quiet. Meanwhile I got a membership from Lookout and Lifelock because I had pics of my documents in icloud library: ssn, driver's license, medical insurance cards, Russian passport etc. It was literally an identity theft. Meanwhile Lookout informed me that my credentials were on dark web monthly since January 2020 and my SSN is public information.
As I said, 3 week were quiet. And then it started. All my emails were taken over again. First I found hidden backups of my machines with some video files on my macbook. Tried to delete them using sudo - didn't work, not enough rights. WTF. Then I pulled all the needed info to the cloud and decided to wipe the macbook and install the OS from scratch. Laptop started acting weird fast and I wasn't able to shut it down. Force quit didn't work, fan sounded as if it's a plain and it's going to take off. I had an impression someone controls my machine and erased if from icloud. Well, that's what I thought. Next time when I turned it on, there was a password on a disk. Password that I didn't add. Attempt to log in recovery mode led to grey screen with a passcode which I didn't implement either. After next reboot I discovered firmware password which was removed by Mobile Kangaroo but as for disk they told me to change it, thank god ssd are cheap now. Machine became a brick without a new disk. Apple mac genius bar was able to remove the lost passcode and install the OS only today. Then I had an awful Saturday on September 6th - they almost induced hysteria by taking over my accounts many times during the day. I changed the passwords numerous times before it. I have 2FA, mixed, with sms and authenticator app. But still they were able bypass these steps and changed the passwords to my accounts. I was barely able to take the accounts back but then started thinking that they know what I type as new password and somehow know the 2FA code. It didn't feel right, Apple is so secure. So I switched to iphone - allegedly the most secure device and changed the passwords from it. It seemed to help.Meanwhile it turned out they downloaded the whole archive from my gmail account since 2009 - there is such functionality. And also all my icloud. I have no idea what emails they send and where and what they deleted when they controlled my account. I know nothing about hacking but I had an impression they used safari to go to some websites - such as datadog, howtogeek, appletoolbox and lookout/legal and trendmicro/legal. Btw I have 4 antivirus apps, none of them found anything. Then I installed Little snitch, saw some incoming connections, not sure what it was, and then noticed tht my chrome started having hundreds and then thousands of outgoing connections to different Ipv4 addresses. Packets were rather small though.
Nightmare just started. IT turned out they knew my gmail passwords that I set up from the phone - they just sat quietly and waited for something. My mac mini started showing strange file with extension .prefPane in recents and different system folders in history where I haven't been. Then I finally intalled Google Wifi app and discovered unknown machine with the same name as my mac mini and almost the same mac address. It was sitting on our wifi for a week and downloaded 46gb of data. I have a screenshot, not on this machine unfortunately. I shut down my mac mini and didn't turn it on since then. I started checking my devices and discovered that my work laptop laptop also had some .prefPane files in history and bunch of system folders which I didn't touch. I know almost nothing about macOS structure and can just look at hidden files, that's it. I was more than concerned, told InfoSec at work that something is happenning, had 3 hours conversation with 2 serious men who told me that according to the logs my work machine is safe but personal stuff is probably breached. Judging by the recent files showing up in dropbox, icloud and google drive. Files which I didn't touch t all and many of them have sensitive and confidential information, health-related for example. Right there I decided to implement 1password but with all the craziness and password changing everywhere I saw that it didn't help - they still were able to change the password and take account back to them. Or after I changed the password I saw 4 different devices having access to my gmail account. I changed my laster password several time and after 1password had 21 most important logins and vault with pretty valuable documents - I finally forgot my masterpassword. I remember the words but specil characters in the end are a blur - I was tired and couldn't focus and forgot to write it down. So farewell my stuff in 1 password - unless I find the right combination 1 day. I made a conclusion that they were able to see my screen. Btw they bought apowersoft from my account, I found 1 email they apparently forgot to delete but I didn't find the software on my machines.... Apple support said everything what I say happening is highly unlikely especially on ios devices since they have government level of protection. But I see that with my own eyes... Also there is an army of bluetooth beacons around me, in very residential neighborhood. Many of them are literally near according to BLE Scanner. There is also BlueZ 5.44 device which connected to my Iphone bluetooth without any permission from me. I have no idea for how long. I think that's how hacking started... Then I discovered that my calls and messages were forwarded to bunch of devices which has the same names as mine but there are several mac minis there etc. My google voice had 2 or 3 extra devices to forward to.... Btw who am I - mid level QA engineer who is just studying programming and trying to do some automation at work. My technical level is pretty low. I saved some money since I moved to America. Not a lot, San Francisco is expensive city. I was born and raised in Russia but never had access to any secret info or high ranking persons, no one can be influenced by pressure on me, I'm a regular gay guy who fled from difficult life and persecution of gays in Russia and been living here in SFBA for the last 7 years.... So I'm nobody but I had a feeling there is team with 24/7 surveillance on me - I even thought it's government but government can silently spy on you and the come with subpoena or arrest order. These guys literally torture. Later - more. I definitely notice my ios devices went rogue. Face id stopped working and I had to reset it every time. Today passcode stopped working and I couldn't unlock the phone - had to wipe it using recovery mode. Created 2 wifi networks at home, one already had 2 unknown apple devices, one of the mac addresses is again very similar to mine. The biggest torture of this weekend - untransferable authenticator app where I keep 2FA codes for work and personal stuff. I spent bunch of time on ipad, freshly wiped via roommates mac, adding the codes to new transferrable app and when was about to transfer, they used the encryption function of the app with the password which can't be reset. Authy, I hate you as much as 1password. So all my codes turned out to be locked and useless. I wiped my ipad clean and started from scratch with 2 different apps - one for work, another or personal stuff. You not gonna believe it - they suppressed internet on ipad. It's connected to wifi or mobile spot but there is no internet icon on the upper right and it's not connecting. How is it possible on ios? Then my passcode on apple watch changed by itself before that showing keyboard on my phone 3 times. Then face id stopped working and passcode on my iphone changed. I'm not kidding. It's after I finished collecting 2FA accounts again. So I can't open my phone! The work of a half day went to shit. Then I tried to turn off the passcode on ipad and it didn't work. Some items disappeared from ios menu, for example Siri and Search... I talked to Lifelock - they said they gonna monitor my ssn, name, etc, like they always do. Wrote to Lookout, they answered with phone number where I need to call. Also need to call FTC, number was given by Lifelock. No money disappeared from my accounts, my saving account is restricted, credit bureaus are frozen. I'm afraid with all that info they have about me they want to take over my apple id or just commit cyber crimes on my behalf. I'm scared and don't know what to do, how to protect myself and my devices from everything happening. I can't live normal life for the last 2 weeks. Thank god people were sympathetic at work but my friends din't really believe me saying Apple has high class protection from such shit. But I saw all that with my own eyes. It takes them about couple of days to hack a freshly wiped phone or ipad, and less than several hours - freshly wiped mac. My roomie's apple devices seem to be unaffected despite the fact he downloads tons of torrents. Btw one more thing - on August 13 Lookout informed me that sim card is taken out of my phon despite the phone was in my pocket. On August 22 Lookout sent notification that sim went online. There were couple of calls to ATT on my behalf that I didn't do. All in all I live in hell last 2 weeks and need to get out of this crazy situation. I looked for some cybersecurity firms but they all work with prevention and with corporations, not individuals. Also my facebook was taken over but I announced it hacked and it's blocked now and neither of us can regain access because I have the email and hackers added their phone where they get 2FA which I ned to log in. No one contacted me asking for ransom or anything. I don't understand what's going on. Please help.
submitted by BloodyPassion to u/BloodyPassion [link] [comments]

2020.09.13 17:36 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: September 7th - September 13th

Weekly Round-Up: September 7th - September 13th
/bangtan Weekly Round-Up
Previous thread: August 31st - September 6th
This round-up is for everything that happened in the /bangtan realm within the past week, compiled for your convenience! If you have feedback, please leave a comment or send me a PM.
The latest weekly round-up is linked on the sidebar of the subreddit. The link to the archive of past round-up posts can always be found in the wiki index.


Date Thread
200910 Hey bangtan! This is idol interviewer, Liam McEwan... AMA!


Date Thread
200912 Happy RM day! [Birthday Compilation thread] - 2020

News & Information

Date Thread
200908 BTS's "Dynamite" is officially No. 1 on this week's #Hot100 chart for a second consecutive week
200909 Prudential Center: Got a question for @bts_bighit? Now's your chance to ask! In the coming days, we will be filming an episode of Mini Masterclass with #BTS.
200910 Weverse now allows users to customize profiles and choose profile pictures as well as follow other users
200910 ARMY Bomb Ver.3 and 'Map of the Soul Special Edition' can now connect to "Chicken Noodle Soup" music video on Weverse
200910 USA Today: Grammy Museum launching online streaming service with exclusive Billie Eilish, BTS interviews
200911 BTS will reportedly guest on MBC FM4U's "Bae Cheolsoo's Music Camp", to air on September 14
200912 BTS to guest alongside TXT on I-LAND on the 18th of September at 8PM
200911 BTS to appear as special guests at the Korean American Community Foundation Gala on September 23

Awards & music show wins

Date Thread
200907 BTS has won Best Music Video at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards
200907 BTS has won Best Fan Army for the 3rd consecutive year at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards
200909 BTS have taken their 7th win for "Dynamite" on today's Show Champion
200910 BTS have won the Artist Award for the third consecutive year at the Korean Broadcasting Awards
200911 BTS have taken their 8th win for "Dynamite" on today's KBS Music Bank
200912 BTS have taken their 9th win for "Dynamite" on today's MBC Music Core
200913 BTS 10th win for "Dynamite" on today's Inkigayo, 100th win overall!

Merchandise news

Date Thread
200907 “Dynamite” Celebration Merchandise is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop
200908 Weverse: BTS Skool Luv Affair Special Addition re-release notice
200908 “Skool Luv Affair Special Addition” re-release presale is now open on Weverse Shop
200908 Bighit Official Merch: In the Soop Merch
200908 In the SOOP BTS ver. Merchandise 01, 02 and 03 will be available on Weverse Shop from September 9, 11AM KST
200908 Skool Luv Affair Special Addition is now available on Amazon!
200909 In the SOOP BTS ver. merchandise is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop
200910 “Break The Silence: The Movie” commemorative merchandise will be available on Weverse Shop from September 10, 11AM KST
200910 “Break The Silence: The Movie” commemorative merchandise is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop
200910 Shipping for BTS Memories of 2019 Blu-ray delayed to September 17 due to manufacturing issues

Expired news

Date Thread
200909 BTS to reportedly appear on KBS' 'News 9' on September 10 at 9PM KST
200910 [Exclusive: BTS x KBS] First Live Start At 5pm kst While KBS News Start At 9pm kst

Official Media

Type Date Link Thread
Bomb 200913 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' MV (B-Side) Reaction Thread
In the SOOP 200908 [Behind] In the SOOP BTS ver. EP.3 Memories of a Rainy Day: Behind-the-scenes Thread
In the SOOP 200910 In the SOOP BTS ver. EP.4 Farewell For Now Thread
In the SOOP 200910 [In the SOOP BTS ver.] Official Clip - Ep.5 Thread
Live 200912 RM Vlive: 안녕하세용😁😁 Thread
Teaser 200910 BTS (방탄소년단) 'BREAK THE SILENCE: THE MOVIE' Moving Poster Thread
Other 200907 Learn! KOREAN with BTS [EP.27] BTS' Music Making Thread

BTS Interviews & Appearances

  • Comprehensive list of Dynamite interviews HERE
Date Link Thread
200909 SiriusXM: BTS Plays 'This or That' Thread
200909 GQ: BTS Breaks Down Their Style Heroes Thread
200910 SiriusXM Reverse The Verse: BTS Guess Their Songs Played Backwards Thread
200910 KBS X BTS Exclusive Livestream Thread
200910 KBS News9 Interview with BTS Thread
200910 [Compilation] BTS @ NBC Today Show
200911 CNN: BTS on making music, watching Netflix and working out during quarantine Thread
200911 Reuters: BTS Revels In A Milestone But Misses Celebrating With Fans Thread
200912 BTS perform "Dynamite" on NTV's 'The Music Day'
200914 BTS on MBC Radio (Music Camp), 1800hrs kst. Eng subs will be available. Thread

Official SNS

Date SNS Link Thread
200908 Weverse Compilation
200908 Twitter Bangtan Thread
200908 Twitter BigHit Entertainment Thread
200908 Twitter Bangtan Thread
200908 Twitter Bangtan: teamwork makes the dream work ! Thread
200908 Twitter BTS Twitter Compilation (No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 for 2nd Consecutive Week)
200910 Twitter Today’s Bangtan @ KBS Thread
200910 Twitter Namjoon Thread
200910 Twitter Today's Bangtan @ TODAY Citi Music Series Thread
200911 TikTok Jin on TikTok Thread
200912 Twitter Namjoon Thread
200912 Twitter Namjoon Thread
200912 Twitter BTS Japan Official Thread

CF & Partnerships

Date Thread
200907 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' Video Ads
200907 Visit Seoul - j-hope
200907 Samsung Mobile: Ding-dong. Just your favorite @BTS_twt chillin’ out with the #GalaxyNote20. #GalaxyxBTS
200907 Spotted 🐨: BTS’s #RM chillin` with the #GalaxyNote20 @BTS_twt #GalaxyxBTS
200907 Samsung Mobile x BTS Tweet Compilation
200908 Hyundai Lifestyle - BTS Voice Messages
200908 Visit Seoul - Jin
200908 Samsung Mobile: Suit up – something big is on its way. 👔
200909 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' - Jin ver.
200909 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' - jhope ver.
200909 Visit Seoul - Jungkook
200909 Samsung Mobile: Your grand ideas will never go off track. 💡
200910 [SEOUL X BTS] SEE YOU IN SEOUL D-1 (Jimin)
200910 Samsung Mobile: Living proof that an epic gaming sesh can happen anytime, anywhere. 🎮
200911 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' - JungKook ver.
200911 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' - SUGA ver.
200911 Bodyfriend Chuseok Event
200911 #BTS X #SEOUL..I hope the first destination will be “SEOUL” when the trip starts!!
200912 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' - RM ver.
200912 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' Video Ads
200913 GalaxyxBTS: The Strange Tailor Shop 👔
200913 Samsung Mobile: A feast for your senses. Arriving soon. 🎂


Date Publisher Article Thread
200906 Forbes Meet The New Anonymous—100 Million BTS ARMY And K-Pop Stans, A Cyber Threat To Be Reckoned With Thread
200907 K-media MCST and KCTI find estimated economic impact of “Dynamite” to be 1.7T KRW (1.43B USD), even after accounting for the effects of the pandemic on tourism Thread
200907 Pulse Korea To Build On BTS Success By Launching Online Kpop Concert Platform Thread
200907 Yonhap Feature Big Hit Edu aims to help global ARMY connect with BTS via Korean learning Thread
200907 Business Times 'Jungkook Effect' Boosts Milk Sales In The U.S. Thread
200909 Pulse Major Kpop Labels Sharing Windfall From BTS Feat And Bighit IPO Thread
200910 NBC K-Pop band BTS to become multimillion-dollar shareholders in their music label, in latest industry shift Thread
200911 Variety Deconstructing BTS’ ‘Dynamite’: Vocal Producer Jenna Andrews Reveals Method to the Magic Thread

SNS Mentions

Date Link Thread
200906 Rivers Cuomo Thread
200909 TalkOfTheCharts updates their Billboard Hot100 predictions, putting ‘Dynamite’ at #1 for the second week in a row. Thread
200908 Son Sung Deuk Instagram “again!!!” Thread
200908 MAX Thread
200909 Instagram: Jin’s brother post pic at bus stop from “You Never Walk Alone” album cover. Thread
200911 Brandi Hitt (ABC7 LA News Anchor): Dynamite on ABC7's Friday Dance Party. Thread
200912 Red Bull Gaming Thread
200913 Instagram Post: Son Sung-deuk celebrating his VMA win for Best Choreography for "On." Thread

Other media

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Type 💜 Date Link Thread
Cover 200905 Eric Nam covering eight by IU (Prod.&Feat. SUGA) Thread
Video 💜 200907 (Go to) Lotte Duty Free Website now to preregister for the Lottle Duty Free Online Family Concert Thread
Video 200907 E! News: Justin Bieber Explains Why BTS' "Dynamite" Is Such a Big Deal Thread
Video 200907 BBY GANG CONVERSATIONS: BTS ARMY Journalism with Brian Patrick Byrne(@bybrianbyrne) Thread
Video 200908 Park Bogum sings Tomorrow by BTS in a scene in new TVN drama Record of Youth Thread
Video 200910 BTS Dynamite Sing with me by DKDKTV and Korean YouTubers (Lip Sync Challenge) Thread
Video 200912 Kelly Clarkson singing the lyrics to the song "I'm too sexy" over BTS’ Dynamite instrumental on Fallon Thread
Video 💜 200912 BTS video message for 9th K-Pop contest in India Thread


Type Date Thread
Charts/Sales 200907 "Dynamite" remains at #1 on the Digital Song Sales chart. (182K sold)
Charts/Sales 200907 Chart Data: BTS’ "Dynamite" is now the #1 best selling download released in 2020 in the US.
Charts/Sales 200909 Dynamite has now achieved 222 PAKs, the most for any idol group song
Charts/Sales 200909 BTS Becomes The First Idol Group In History To Surpass 300 Perfect All-Kills (PAKs) Overall On Korean Digital Charts
Charts/Sales 200912 Dynamite becomes the first and only song by an idol group (and second song overall) in Korean chart history to achieve 300 Perfect All-Kills (PAK)
Likes 200908 "DNA" by @BTS_twt Official MV has now hit over 16M likes on YouTube, their 3rd MV to do so after Boy With Luv & Dynamite!
Streams 200908 BTS Has Reached 25+ MILLION (+471k) of Monthly Listeners on Spotify with 25+ MILLION (This is the highest peak for a Korean Act)
Streams 200909 BTS Spotify account has now gained more streams in 2020 (252 days) than they did in 2019. The 2019 total was 3.64 B.
Streams 200913 "Dynamite" by BTS becomes the 1st song by a foreign act to surpass 200k streams in a day on Spotify Jpn, a new highest daily peak since its release!
Streams 200913 BTS's "Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey~" Album has Surpassed 200 MILLION Streams on Spotify (2nd Japanese Language Album to achieve this)
Views 200909 BTS has surpassed 4 Billion YouTube views across official videos in 2020 remaining the most viewed act this year on this platform

BTS Universe Story

Date Link Thread
200907 BTSUniverseStory : That day, our spring day Anything seemed possible when we were together How will our spring day play out? Thread
200908 BTS Universe Story: The lights in the subway car suddenly go out. JiMin, TaeHyung, and JungKook plunge into darkness. The intercom is silent - what's next? Thread
200909 BTS Universe Story - Test: Who's the protagonist of your story? Thread
200910 BTS Universe Story to launch on September 24 Thread
200911 BTS Universe Story: The sun hasn't set in 4 days. JiMin's disappeared, so TaeHyung waits. One day, two men speak to him... Thread
200912 BTS Universe Story: The mood in the research lab is tense as NamJoon nervously awaits the results. He suddenly shouts in jubilation... Thread
200913 BTS Universe Story: Cheers fill the stadium. JungKook catches his breath as he looks up at the crowd chanting his name. Thread


Date Link Thread
200909 TinyTan: Do you sense an aroma of cuteness in this latte ☕, too? Thread
200912 TinyTAN: Don't want to be away from you for even a second! The new #TinyTAN that sticks close to you! Thread
200912 TinyTan Minifigures coming soon! Thread


Date Link Thread
200910 Piling on sweetness on sweetness on sweetness on....🍭 Thread

BT21 merchandise news

Date Thread
200910 #BT21_UNIVERSE #DOLL_SERIES Limited sale starts NOW!


Date Thread
200908 Namjoon's Birthday Flash Fundraiser!
200909 I made a tutorial for how to play Dynamite on piano! Cup of milk, let’s rock and roll.
200911 [Throwback] Seven years ago today, BTS released "O!RUL8,2?" and music video for title track "N.O"
200911 "Break the silence: the movie" spoiler thread


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teteotolis I've painted V 😅 (I think I'll paint RM soon xD ! )
Dizzyxxoo Jungkook Fanart [OC]
AUOGil82 This year’s birthday drawing for Namjoon~! (๑・̑◡・̑๑)
libellendrache I started pyrography recently and branded the LY logo
Dizzyxxoo JK Fanart [OC]
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2020.09.11 18:52 trifletruffles Jasper Greenwood-his badly decomposed body was found next to his car in Vicksburg, Mississippi in June 1964-Closed Case under the Civil Rights Division Emmett Till Act

On June 29, 1964, the badly decomposed body of Jasper Greenwood was found next to his car on a “lover’s lane,” about 100 yards off of Main Street in Vicksburg, Mississippi. One of the Jasper's family members reported him missing to the Vicksburg Police Department on June 21, 1964. According to a June 30, 1964 article in the Vicksburg Evening Post, no weapon was found near the Jasper's body. Additionally, a purse containing about $61 was found in Jasper's car which likely ruled out the possibility that he was killed during a robbery. As a result of the body’s condition, a coroner’s inquest could not determine the cause of death.
1964 FBI Investigation:
The FBI first opened the matter on June 30, 1964 after receiving a complaint from [name redacted] of the Jackson, Mississippi, Council of Federal Organizations. [Name redacted] told the FBI that Jasper had been found dead in a field on Main Street by two children. According to [name redacted], Jasper had last been seen alive leaving Jasper Lounge (a business he managed) with two white men on June 21, 1964. [Name redacted] noted that Jasper was not active in the civil rights movement or voter registration drives. However, Jasper's [relationship redacted in the closing memorandum] at one time babysat for Medgar Evers’ family. Additionally, on June 30, 1964, [Name Redacted 2] of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) also contacted the FBI and relayed similar information.
On June 30, 1964, Vicksburg Police Department (VPD) Chief Murray Sills informed the FBI that Jasper had been reported missing to the VPD on June 21. Jasper’s body was found at about 3:10 p.m. on June 29 by two boys. Jasper was found lying next to his car; the car was parked on a “lover’s lane” about 100 yards east of Main Street in Vicksburg. Jasper's body was too severely decomposed to allow for an autopsy, and the coroner could not ascertain Jasper's cause of death.
According to Chief Sills, VPD investigators determined that Jasper had last been seen with a married African-American woman sometime between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. on June 21, 1964. Chief Sills did not identify the woman to the FBI, but presumably knew who she was since he stated that [name redacted] "had been developed as a logical suspect" because [name redacted] had reportedly previously threatened Jasper for dating the woman. Chief Sills stated that both the woman and [name redacted] had disappeared.
On July 4, 1964, Chief Sills contacted the FBI and stated that the VPD had arrested Flossie Lee Minor on July 3. According to Chief Sills, Flossie admitted that she had gone with Jasper to “lover’s lane for a tryst." At some point, Jasper fell to the ground unconscious. When Flossie was not able to resuscitate Jasper, she fled the area. Flossie said that Jasper had apparently died of a heart attack and denied that there had been any foul play.
The FBI was contacted on July 31, 1964, by Dick Corigan, a reporter for the Washington Post, who received information from [name redacted] saying that Jasper's body reportedly had what appeared to be a bullet wound in his chest.The FBI interviewed [name redacted] who was in Vicksburg at the end of June 1964, and heard about Jasper's death. [Name redacted] then visited the Jasper's [relationship redacted]. Jasper's [relationship redacted] told [name redacted] that Jasper had been missing for about a week and had reportedly died of a heart attack. [Relationship redacted] mentioned she had not been allowed to see Jasper's body because it was too decomposed. Jasper's family had not requested an autopsy and "was undecided as to its necessity." When questioned about Jasper's civil rights activities, [relationship redacted] provided no information other than to say that he was a registered voter.
[Name redacted] recalled that a [redacted employee of the funeral home] that prepared Jasper's body for burial arrived at the [relationship redacted]'s residence while [redacted name] was present. According to the redacted employee, while examining Jasper's body, he noticed a hole at the base of Jasper's throat that could have been a stab or bullet wound. When asked whether he had reported the information to the police, the redacted employee said that he thought investigators already had the information and wanted to “keep it quiet;” it was [redacted name]'s understanding that the police report indicated that Jasper died of a heart attack.
[Name redacted] told the FBI that he investigated the matter further and determined that Jasper was not a member of COFO or any related organization and had not been involved in any voter registration drives or other civil rights work. Similarly, Charles Evers, the NAACP’s Mississippi Field Director at the time, informed the FBI that Jasper was not active in voter registration drives or the civil rights movement.
The FBI interviewed the redacted employee of the funeral home [same individual discussed in preceding paragraph]. According to the employee, a coroner’s inquest had been conducted at the site where Jasper's body was found. The employee did not conduct an inquest or examine Jasper's body. He stated that Jasper's body was in terrible condition and had significantly decomposed. The employee did see a hole at the base of Jasper's throat but the hole was full of small worms and he did not think it had been caused by stabbing or a bullet. The employee recalled being questioned by a man he thought was a member of the Greenwood family [Name redacted/same individual discussed in preceding paragraph] when he went to speak with the family about funeral arrangements. According to the employee, when [Name redacted] asked him whether he thought the hole in Jasper's throat had been caused by a bullet, he told [Name redacted] that he had no reason to believe that the hole had been caused by anything other than “nature and the worms.”
2009 Review:
The FBI contacted various acquaintances and members of Jasper's family [all names redacted]. One family member stated Jasper's mother (now deceased) went to look for Jasper when he went missing. She and other family members searched as far as Jackson Road, which Jasper frequently used, but they did not find him. An acquaintance [name redacted] was interviewed by a Mississippi Attorney General’s Office (MAGO) investigator in March 2009. The acquaintance stated that, within hours of Jasper’s body being found, she was interviewed by a Warren County Sheriff’s Department (WCSD) deputy, at her place of employment, the Rockett Cab Company. The deputy told the acquaintance that she had been seen with Jasper that evening. She told the MAGO investigator that she worked the midnight shift at the cab company the entire weekend that Jasper went missing and she did not know why it was rumored that she had been with him at any time.
The FBI conducted an online search for Flossie Minor, who reportedly witnessed Jasper's death, and located a record for a Flossie E. Minor who died on April 2, 2005 in Liberty, Missouri. The FBI obtained a copy of Jasper's death record from James E. Jefferson, Jr., Funeral Director for the W.H. Jefferson Funeral Home. The record stated that Jasper died on June 21, 1964. Jasper's cause of death was listed as “undetermined” with “unknown” contributory causes. The FBI contacted the MAGO and the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, but neither of those agencies had any records relevant to the Jasper's death.
At the conclusion of the FBI's investigation, the Department of Justice concluded that this matter does not constitute a prosecutable violation of the federal criminal civil rights statutes as "neither the FBI’s 1964 nor its 2009 investigation uncovered sufficient evidence to contradict the reported results of the contemporaneous VPD investigation, i.e., that the victim died of a heart attack while in the company of an African-American woman." Accordingly, there is insufficient evidence that "a racially-motivated homicide occurred and, therefore, this matter lacks prosecutive merit and should be closed."
I came across the Department of Justice’s cold case initiative while reading an article discussing journalists’ efforts to install a billboard on an Arkansas highway aimed at solving the 1954 lynching of Isadore Banks. The Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice launched a website (linked above) to make information about the department’s investigation of cold cases from the Civil Rights Era more accessible to the public. Over the years, the Department “has assisted in prosecuting Edgar Ray Killen in 2005, making him the eighth defendant convicted for the 1964 murders of three civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi (the "Mississippi Burning" case); secured life sentences in 2003 against the perpetrators of the 1963 Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama; and secured a federal conviction and life sentence of James Ford Seale for the kidnapping and murder of two teenagers in Franklin County, Mississippi in 1964.” Congress recognized the importance of these federal efforts when it enacted the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act in 2008.
Unfortunately, in many cases “legal and evidentiary barriers prevent the Department from moving forward with prosecution." In each case that is not prosecutable, the Department of Justice wrote a closing memo explaining the investigative steps taken and the basis for their conclusion. To date, the Department of Justice has uploaded 115 closing memos. I hope to be able to post on all of the closed cases as I share in the belief with the Department of Justice that “these stories should be told [as] there is value in a public reckoning with the history of racial violence and the complicity of government officials.”
Other posts from the Department of Justice's Cold Case Initiative:
  1. Isadore Banks-unsolved murder in Marion, Arkansas-June 1954
  1. Willie Joe Sanford-unsolved murder in Hawkinsville, Georgia-March 1957
  1. Ann Thomas-unsolved murder in San Antonio, Texas-April 1969
  1. Thad Christian-murdered on August 30, 1965 in Central City, Alabama
  1. Silas Caston-killed on March 1, 1964 by a Hinds County Sheriff’s Office Deputy in Jackson, Mississippi
  1. Clifford "Clifton" Walker-unsolved murder in Woodville, Mississippi-February 1964
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2020.09.10 02:37 JaimieMcEvoy Quick Guide to Research in Alsace

I posted this in response to a question, and thought it deserved its own post.
If you have an interest in doing research for Alsace, I suggest sooner rather than later, as the two departments, Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin, are going to be combined into the European Collectivity of Alsace on 1 January 2020. It's possible that there might be disruption of the archives and their websites.
Quick Guide to Research – Department of Bas-Rhin, France
(Department of Haut-Rhin is below, but read through this section as well, as much of the same still applies).
In France, genealogical records are kept in the department archives.
Think of departments as something like a local state or province.
There are 96 departments in European France, plus five overseas departments.
Alsace is currently divided into two departments.
Bas-Rhin in the north (referring to the lower Rhine River).
Haut-Rhin in the south.
Note that on 1 January 2021, the two departments will be combined into the European Collectivity of Alsace. I don’t have any information on what will happen then with the two departmental archives and their websites.
Vital records and census records in France are kept in each departmental archive.
Sometimes a department archive will have other genealogical records, sometimes things like military, hospital, criminal, notarial or education records. These are typically not online, and you will have to inquire directly as to which records are available, and request copies.
The records in the archives are organized by commune, which can be a city, town or village. These records are recorded by the commune originally, so you will need to know your communes of interest.
The Archives départementales du Bas-Rhin has an excellent online website for genealogy:
To see the site in English, just right click on any web page to bring up a pop up menu, then select “Translate to English.”
On the front page you will see some links.
Registres paroissiaux et docoments d’état civil. Parish registers and state civil records.
This will take you to the Adeloch application. Simply enter the name of your commune to see which records are available: http://archives.bas-rhin.fregistres-paroissiaux-et-documents-d-etat-civil/
You will see boxes at the bottom for two types of records:
Registres parroissiaux (avant 1789). Parish registers (before 1789), Roman Catholic.
Tables décennales. Decade tables. These were indexes that were made every ten years, and you may wish to start with these, then go to the parish or civil registers.
Registres d’état civil. Civil registers.
The archives also holds the records for Lutheran churches and Jewish congregations.
Here is a table of the religious records held, alphabetically by commune:
You will see in each category what looks like little books.
It will start with the tables, think of them as indexes.
TD = Tables des décès = Tables of deaths.
TN = Tables des naissances = Tables of births.
TM = Tables des mariages = Tables of marriages.
Move along the timeline to get to the actual parish registers.
N = Registre des naissances = Register of births.
If you click on a record, conditions of use will pop up. Just click on the bottom, “Accepter” to accept.
PM = Registre de publication de mariages = Register of publication of marriages, what we call in English banns of marriage, or announcements made before the marriage.
M = Registre de marriage = Register of marriages, the actual marriage records.
D = Registre de décès = Register of deaths.
If a book is ghosted and says “En deficit” when you hover over it, it means the book is lost, destroyed, or does not exist.
A quick note about the French Republican Calendar. You will see things like “An X.” That means, “Year Ten.”
From late 1793 to 1805, (and for 18 days in Paris in 1871 during the Paris Commune revolt) France changed its calendar. Year 1 is the official first year of the Republic. Not only the years, but days, weeks and months were all changed. Officially taking over with Year One from the old calendar on 22 September 1792, the calendar was not actually adopted until 1793.
Republican Calendar had 12 months.
Each month divided into three weeks of ten days each, each week called a décade.
Five or six extra days, called complementery days, were simply added at the end of the year to match the solar year.
You can look up French Republican Calendar on Wikipedia to learn more, but this is all you need to know to understand the records. There is also a list of months, and what dates they roughly correspond to the common Gregorian calendar, as well as the names of the ten days of the week.
Weeks as we know them returned to use in 1802, and the months and years returned to the use of the Gregorian calendar at the end of 1805.
There is also a rough conversion table for the years in the Wikipedia article.
This will take you to the Ellenbach application. When you click, it opens a search page where you enter your commune of interest. It is here: http://archives.bas-rhin.frecensements-population/
These are not indexed, but most communes are small. You will have to read through a census to find your people.
If you ever actually go to the departmental archives, be aware that the staff only speak French, with perhaps a tiny bit of English. You would be best to make your inquiries from afar first to understand what records exist and get copies that way. I advise against sending a letter or email in English, as there may be no one who could read it on the other end. Google Translate is your friend if you can not write in French, just make one of the first sentences "Apologies that I can not write in French, this is translated using Google Translate." That will help the reader avoid confusion and understand if they see irregularities, and your effort will be appreciated.
But ultimately, you may wish to travel and see original documents. Sometimes that is allowed and sometimes not, so find out what originals you can view before visiting. I found the staff friendly and helpful, and proud of the online offerings they have created, but not necessarily realizing what other records might be of interest to a genealogist.
Please also note that facilities may be closed or restricted due to the pandemic. And if you only have two weeks of vacation, and have to quarantine for two weeks when you arrive in France…well, now is a more important time than ever to be an informed traveller.
Here is the Bas-Rhin departmental archives advice page for genealogists. Remember to right-click on the page and select, “Translate to English”: http://archives.bas-rhin.fgenealogiste/
Facebook group, Alsace and Lorraine Genealogy: https://www.facebook.com/groups/alsace.genealogy
The French Genealogy Blog, in my opinion the best blog about genealogy research in France. Here is the entry on The Peculiarities of Alsace for Genealogists:
Cercle Genealogique d’Alsace, Genealogical Circle of Alsace, a genealogy society.
Familles d’Alsace du Nord (FAN) Généalogie, a genealogy society.
German letters: http://fan-genealogie.org/index.php/allemand-francais-latin-gothique
FamilySearch Wiki for Bas-Rhin:
German Genealogical Word List: https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/German_Genealogical_Word_List
French Genealogical Word List:
List of communes of Bas-Rhin:
Note that the name of communes may have been spelled differently during the German period of 1871-1918, when commune names were changed by the German government. For example, Climbach became Klimbach. Search for a commune on French Wikipedia, and it will also show you the Germanized name from that period.
Finally, I will add that many communes have a history book. Contact their commune administrations to find out if they have one. Note that they will be in French.
French Wikipedia: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikip%C3%A9dia:Accueil_principal
Note that French Wikipedia is NOT just a translation of English Wikipedia, and will have longer entries on any topic to do with France.
Most communes will have an entry. You can then use the “Translate to English” to get a translation (which are not always perfect, but close).
Each commune has a coat of arms, which is usually depicted on its Wikipedia page.
Jaimie McEvoy
9 September 2020
ADDITION – Haut-Rhin Research
Have a read about Bas-Rhin, above, much of which also applies to Haut-Rhin.
List of communes of Haut-Rhin:
Department of Haut-Rhin archives:
Parish and civil registers: http://www.archives.haut-rhin.fsearch?preset=44&view=list
The departmental archives of Haut-Rhin does have parish and civil registers online, as per link above. The only France census online for Haut-Rhin is for 1866, the last census before the German annexation from 1871 to 1918. If you want to see other census records, you will have to inquire to the Haut-Rhin departmental archives directly, and sometimes a commune will have their own copy still and might be willing to have a look. If you ever contact a commune, note that there is sometimes zero capacity to deal with written English, so use Google Translate if you don't know the language.
FamilySearch Wiki for Haut-Rhin: https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Haut-Rhin,_France_Genealogy
FamilySearch catalogue for Haut-Rhin:
Jaimie McEvoy
9 September 2020
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2020.09.05 18:21 psychbutfashion Marketing tricks ONLINE stores use to make you buy more

Hello everyone! I have previously composed a few posts on impulse buying - personal and psychological reasons we do it and strategies marketers use to induce it. I mainly focused on live shopping though - this post is all about marketing tricks used by online stores. Some points somewhat overlap with offline shopping but some of the ways they are used differ online. Enjoy the read!
Just like offline, online store's design is important to create a pleasurable shopping experience. Arguably, it is more important online as the exit is just one click away. Navigation, layout and visual appeal are the most important.
Universally, neutral, muted pastel tones are used to create a relaxed vibe. Some bright colours and animations are utilised to draw attention to promotions, sales, and special items. The balance between neutral and loud is heavily considered so that we don't immediately click away when the website is annoying to look at (Zhou & Wang, 2009).
They create the feeling of added value which gets us to buy things we don't need just because we're getting a bargain. These include multiple discounts (e.g. 50% off everything plus a 10% off for students), a free gift with any purchase, buy one get one free, free shipping etc. (Rook & Fisher, 1995).
'Good deals' are even more common in online stores because the competition is fierce so the pressure to stand out is high.
Online, you'll regularly see ridiculously high (up to 90%) discounts. They appeal to our desire of added value but beware - some shops announce fake sales. Investigations showed that between 50% and 60% of Black Friday discounts were fraudulent in the UK (Wood, 2016; Kollewe, 2017).
FOMO is universally exploited by various sales sectors and appeals to the worry of missing out on a potentially useful item if we don't buy it immediately (e.g. 'ending soon', 'don't miss out', 'limited time only').
Online stores particularly use it when timing promotions and sales. Whenever you visit a website, the sale is always ending soon (Rook & Fisher, 1995). I found out from a comment on one of my previous posts that some websites use a countdown clock for sales but when you refresh the page, the clock resets.
Scarcity is a concept somewhat intertwined with FOMO - online shops will show you how many items are remaining in stock so you rush to buy if the stock is low. Another strategy is to show how many people are looking at an item at the same time you are. These not only induce FOMO but also the feeling that an item is desirable. It has been shown that we want things more if other people do too (Akram, Hui, Khan, Yan & Akram, 2018).
Online, they cannot strategically guide you through all sections in the store to show you as much stock as possible. Suggested item section is an online alternative. It works when you're in the shopping momentum - it's easier to make an additional purchase when you're already buying something (Dhar, Huber & Khan, 2007).
Additionally, this section is composed based on your personal cookies which targets your preferences and increases a chance that you'll end up buying something.
Studies show that we relate to people more when they look similar to us. Brands nowadays take it into account - you can see models of different ethnicities, ages, and body shapes in online catalogs. It increases the chance that more potential buyers identify with the models which increases sales (Malone & Fiske, 2013).
Reviews is a crucial part of online shopping and we tend to trust it because of two main reasons. First, it gives us information we don't have as we cannot touch the item or see it IRL. Second, it provides social proof - that someone like us (a.k.a another buyer) has tried it and can give an impartial opinion on the product (Lee & Shin, 2014).
Due to people trusting reviews, sellers often fake them. A website called Fakespot, which analyses online reviews, estimates that up to 1/3 of reviews on Amazon, Sephora & Walmart are fake (Kapner, 2019).
Email marketing is crucial for online stores to remind you of their existence so you visit not only when you need something. First, we have promotional mailing lists (pop ups to sign up as soon as you visit the site), where you'll find info about the latest promotions and sales. Second, if you abandon your shopping cart, you'll often receive a reminder email*.*
Promotional emails include 'good deals', slogans to induce FOMO, and the feeling of scarcity etc. but the main idea is to remind you to visit the store.
One of the main advantages of online shopping is convenience, and one-click checkout takes it to a whole new level. It makes buying fast & easy, to the point where we dissociate or mind from money and lose track of our spending (Bhattacharjee, Gilson & Yeon, 2016).
Influencer marketing is a mix of social proof (we don't fully see influencers as a part of the company even with disclosed partnerships), convenience (swipe ups, affiliate links), good deals (aff. links & discount codes), relatability (we relate to someone who posts their breakfast on instagram than to a glamorous celebrity in an ad campaign), and FOMO (often limited time for discount codes).
Studies show that influencer ads are highly effective in forming purchase intentions (Johansen & Guldvik, 2017).
Credit accounts is a new occurence (as far as I know) among high-street online fashion retailers. You can now buy things on credit & pay with installments or at a later date.
This seems to come at a very convenient time considering the situation in the world. However, being able to buy with the money you don't have can be dangerous. One of the reasons people impulse buy is when they're anxious and sad (Rick, Pereira & Burson, 2014) - even more common feelings at this time. Credit accounts offer temporary comfort but put people at risk for getting trapped into the vicious cycle of impulse buying.
What are your thoughts on credit accounts in stores?
I hope you enjoyed learning about online store marketing tricks. I regularly create content around fashion psychology (Psych But Fashion) - if you're interested, visit my profile where I have links to my social media accounts.
Thank you for reading,
Reference list:
Akram, U., Hui, P., Khan, M. K., Yan, C., & Akram, Z. (2018). Factors affecting online impulse buying: evidence from Chinese social commerce environment. Sustainability, 10(2, 352).
.Bhattacharjee, D., Gilson, K., & Yeon, H. (2016). Putting behavioral psychology to work to improve the customer experience. McKinsey Global Institute.
Dhar, R., Huber, J., & Khan, U. (2007). The shopping momentum effect. Journal of Marketing Research, 44(3, 370-378).
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Malone, C., & Fiske, S. T. (2013). The human brand: How we relate to people, products, and companies. John Wiley & Sons.
Rick, S. I., Pereira, B., & Burson, K. A. (2014). The benefits of retail therapy: Making purchase decisions reduces residual sadness. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 24(3, 373-380.
Rook, D. W., & Fisher, R. J. (1995). Normative influences on impulsive buying behavior. Journal of Consumer Research, 22(3, 305-313.
Wood, Z (2016). Black Friday warning as report finds only half of offers are the real deal. The Guardian.
Zhou, T., Lu, Y., & Wang, B. (2009). The relative importance of website design quality and service quality in determining consumers’ online repurchase behavior. Information Systems Management, 26(4, 327-337).
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2020.09.05 18:13 psychbutfashion Marketing tricks ONLINE stores use to make you buy more

Hello everyone! I have previously composed a few posts on impulse buying - personal and psychological reasons we do it and strategies marketers use to induce it. I mainly focused on live shopping though - this post is all about marketing tricks used by online stores. Some points somewhat overlap with offline shopping but some of the ways they are used differ online. Enjoy the read!
Just like offline, online store's design is important to create a pleasurable shopping experience. Arguably, it is more important online as the exit is just one click away. Navigation, layout and visual appeal are the most important.
Universally, neutral, muted pastel tones are used to create a relaxed vibe. Some bright colours and animations are utilised to draw attention to promotions, sales, and special items. The balance between neutral and loud is heavily considered so that we don't immediately click away when the website is annoying to look at (Zhou & Wang, 2009).
They create the feeling of added value which gets us to buy things we don't need just because we're getting a bargain. These include multiple discounts (e.g. 50% off everything plus a 10% off for students), a free gift with any purchase, buy one get one free, free shipping etc. (Rook & Fisher, 1995).
'Good deals' are even more common in online stores because the competition is fierce so the pressure to stand out is high.
Online, you'll regularly see ridiculously high (up to 90%) discounts. They appeal to our desire of added value but beware - some shops announce fake sales. Investigations showed that between 50% and 60% of Black Friday discounts were fraudulent in the UK (Wood, 2016; Kollewe, 2017).
FOMO is universally exploited by various sales sectors and appeals to the worry of missing out on a potentially useful item if we don't buy it immediately (e.g. 'ending soon', 'don't miss out', 'limited time only').
Online stores particularly use it when timing promotions and sales. Whenever you visit a website, the sale is always ending soon (Rook & Fisher, 1995). I found out from a comment on one of my previous posts that some websites use a countdown clock for sales but when you refresh the page, the clock resets.
Scarcity is a concept somewhat intertwined with FOMO - online shops will show you how many items are remaining in stock so you rush to buy if the stock is low. Another strategy is to show how many people are looking at an item at the same time you are. These not only induce FOMO but also the feeling that an item is desirable. It has been shown that we want things more if other people do too (Akram, Hui, Khan, Yan & Akram, 2018).
Online, they cannot strategically guide you through all sections in the store to show you as much stock as possible. Suggested item section is an online alternative. It works when you're in the shopping momentum - it's easier to make an additional purchase when you're already buying something (Dhar, Huber & Khan, 2007).
Additionally, this section is composed based on your personal cookies which targets your preferences and increases a chance that you'll end up buying something.
Studies show that we relate to people more when they look similar to us. Brands nowadays take it into account - you can see models of different ethnicities, ages, and body shapes in online catalogs. It increases the chance that more potential buyers identify with the models which increases sales (Malone & Fiske, 2013).
Reviews is a crucial part of online shopping and we tend to trust it because of two main reasons. First, it gives us information we don't have as we cannot touch the item or see it IRL. Second, it provides social proof - that someone like us (a.k.a another buyer) has tried it and can give an impartial opinion on the product (Lee & Shin, 2014).
Due to people trusting reviews, sellers often fake them. A website called Fakespot, which analyses online reviews, estimates that up to 1/3 of reviews on Amazon, Sephora & Walmart are fake (Kapner, 2019).
Email marketing is crucial for online stores to remind you of their existence so you visit not only when you need something. First, we have promotional mailing lists (pop ups to sign up as soon as you visit the site), where you'll find info about the latest promotions and sales. Second, if you abandon your shopping cart, you'll often receive a reminder email*.*
Promotional emails include 'good deals', slogans to induce FOMO, and the feeling of scarcity etc. but the main idea is to remind you to visit the store.
One of the main advantages of online shopping is convenience, and one-click checkout takes it to a whole new level. It makes buying fast & easy, to the point where we dissociate or mind from money and lose track of our spending (Bhattacharjee, Gilson & Yeon, 2016).
Influencer marketing is a mix of social proof (we don't fully see influencers as a part of the company even with disclosed partnerships), convenience (swipe ups, affiliate links), good deals (aff. links & discount codes), relatability (we relate to someone who posts their breakfast on instagram than to a glamorous celebrity in an ad campaign), and FOMO (often limited time for discount codes).
Studies show that influencer ads are highly effective in forming purchase intentions (Johansen & Guldvik, 2017).
Credit accounts is a new occurence (as far as I know) among high-street online fashion retailers. You can now buy things on credit & pay with installments or at a later date.
This seems to come at a very convenient time considering the situation in the world. However, being able to buy with the money you don't have can be dangerous. One of the reasons people impulse buy is when they're anxious and sad (Rick, Pereira & Burson, 2014) - even more common feelings at this time. Credit accounts offer temporary comfort but put people at risk for getting trapped into the vicious cycle of impulse buying.
What are your thoughts on credit accounts in stores?
I hope you enjoyed learning about online store marketing tricks. I regularly create content around fashion psychology (Psych But Fashion) - if you're interested, visit my profile where I have links to my social media accounts.
Thank you for reading,


Reference list:
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Wood, Z (2016). Black Friday warning as report finds only half of offers are the real deal. The Guardian.
Zhou, T., Lu, Y., & Wang, B. (2009). The relative importance of website design quality and service quality in determining consumers’ online repurchase behavior. Information Systems Management, 26(4, 327-337).
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2020.09.01 14:16 dsut22 A background to Wood Green MOB

A background to Wood Green MOB

Wood Green MOB

A background into Wood Green MOB (Money Over Bitches), formerly known as Wood Green PBP (Paper Before Pussy,) Hoodfellas and Mobstarz, Wood Green, North London.

Wood Green (With Sky City Housing Estate behind The Mall Wood Green)

Many drill fans will certainly have heard of the Wood Green MOB group in drill as it's very active in the road scene, the fact that North London is pretty much the hottest place for gang rivalry, and its intense rivalry with certain other North and East End of London areas like South Tottenham, Hornsey and Hoxton, I've seen many other pages with talk about Wood Green MOB like the music they produce and more so about who they beef and the points scored between rival gangs, but for people new to UK Drill (or who do not know some of the history of the Wood Green MOB gang) I trust you will find the background to Wood Green MOB, and its actual precursors intriguing. It took me a while to gather information on a group widely known as other neighbouring London groups. I may do more of these, I could do 6th based in Beckton and maybe Manor Park based in the Manor Park and Cage area.


Based around the London Borough of Haringey, located on numerous estates throughout Wood Green including Sky City, the Sandlings, Noel Park, Commerce Road and Acacia Road all within the N22 postal district. Some of their territory has expanded to the New Southgate area of N11. 22 is another name for the gang and they have mainly been seen in North London in Wood Green on the Commerce Road. They are a very active gang and have been around for over 40 years dating back to the 1970s where drug dealers from Wood Green would offer people drugs to make money, they are very very closely allies with fellow North London area Edmonton, they are also one of North London’s most well known and active gangs, stemming even well before the days of the Dem Africans and Shankstarz. Wood Green MOB also go by #WG, #Block 2, #22 #LampzWorld, #GSH, #MelloCity, #N22 , #MOB , #GreenGang , #DBlock/DBMG. Wood Green is known as Mob City by many gang members and by locals.

Mob City

The Wood Green area borders Bowes Park (N13 and N22), Hornsey (N8), Palmers Green (N13) and Duckett's Green (N15). Many of their rivals are based in and around these areas, in particular South Tottenham and Hornsey.
Born from the ashes of old-school North London gang called Wood Green Firm or more commonly known as Firm, Wood Green then saw rap groups form more commonly though in the 2000s under the Wood Green MOB label and it quickly became a well known stomping ground for many of North London's well know and rising road rap talents, most notably Smokey (who was one of the originals in the road rap scene) and Brucey. Working under the Wood Green MOB and Wood Green PBP banner through the early 2010s, the gang quickly found a creative style of music on tunes like "F*** a Family," gradually making their presence known into London's road rap scene. As the sounds of London's road rap shifted, so did the duo's: their 2010s song, You Can Get Touched, saw the group delve into U.K.-style road rap/trap, while in the latter 2010's songs like , Looking For Who, helped to establish the Wood Green's presence on the burgeoning drill scene. It was in the 2010's decade that gangs truly made their mark: working with producers from MKThePlug to M1OnTheBeat, Wood Green gradually built a following with their disses to rivals and creative synergy. Marking their songs with the tag #Wood Green, the gang founded their drill collective just as Wood Green MOB, an homage to the ''Mob City'' area, where gang members will have grown up and represent.
A number of past and current generations of gangs have existed in Haringey and other London boroughs that associate with the colour red and blue, some of which in the past had also self-identified themselves as Bloods and Crips. One of the first of these was the short lived Cripset from Dorset Road which claimed affiliation to the Rollin 80's Crips in Los Angeles. The gang was most active throughout the mid 2000's and were rivals to 031 Bloods, now know simply as 031 (O-Tray One) based in the Patmore and Hartington estates. This is seen as a massive influence on London from the famous American rival gangs Bloods and Crips.
Wood Green MOB themselves have never claimed Crips or Bloods like their rivals have and they have always affiliated with the colour green.
There are a number of other gangs in London which have been linked with the colour red. The Ida Bloodstarz from Ida Road and Tottenham have always used the colour red, whilst the former gang EvaStrap (now known as Reed Road) in the borough of Haringey in which they are located had asubset nicknamed 'Reed Road Cripz' and can still be seen using blue bandanas to this day, this is due to the ongoing American influence.
Some of PBP/MOB's rivalries have identified with colours themselves such as Original Farm Boys who used to be known as just Broadwater Farm/Tottenham Mandem, identify with the colour red and also Northumberland Park Killers/NPK who used to be a part of the Tottenham Mandem gang collective, identify with the colour purple .

Current beef and alliances

Wood Green Firm and the current Wood Green MOB gang have had some of the same rivalries between gangs but some of the rivalries were rid of and have now become extinct during the current generation of the Wood Green MOB gang. The current generation of the mass rivalry in Haringey has overtaken the old school rivalry that was between Wood Green and Archway Mandem and Busy Blocks.
Wood Green MOB allies: 3x3/N9 (N9), 900/9Double0/DA (Dem Africans), 6th/ACG(Anyone Can Go)/Hammerville (E6)), 37/OJB (SW11), Touch Paper Lane/TPL (N15 and N22), Arnos Grove (N11 and N14) and 4BP (NW4).
Wood Green MOB rivalries: 197/K9/Graveyard Family (N2, N3, and N12), N15/Ida Road/Tiverton Road (N15) Northumberland Park Killers/NPK/SinSquad (N17), Original Farm Boys/OFB (N17), Hornsey Grey Gang/8th/V8 (N8), Grahame Park (NW9), Albany Park/Skengfield (EN3), N19/Busy Blocks (N19) and Hoxton (N1).

Early to mid 1990's

During the early 1990’s a gang known as the Firm was active across the north of London, first being and restricted to Tottenham but extending to incorporate nearby parts of Haringey such as Edmonton and Wood Green. By 1996-97 the different districts began to identify with their local area with their younger generations and so the Edmonton Firm and Wood Green Firm were formulated and this type of local district affiliation still happens widespread today. The Wood Green Firm birthed around Gladstone Avenue in Noel Park and on the Sandlings estates, which are main bases of Wood Green MOB today. Many members were educated at St Dorothy’s, St Katherine’s and Broomfield Schools in north London, and later Southgate College. The Sandlings and Sky City estates were the main area of activity from the beginning and later Sandlings was nicknamed ''Shell Town'', largely because the shotgun was once a favoured weapon as was its shells ammunition.
Wood Green and North London as a whole always had much of a multi-generational phases of gangs, which would have had each generation taking on their own identity and name, in comparison to other London Boroughs such as the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Lambeth and Waltham Forest. Sky City Estate and the Sandlings, where the Wood Green MOB gang was formed, had long had music being produced during the time which they descended into gang violence in the 1990's and mid 2000s, previously being called the gang Hoodfellas and City of Gods. In reports of the late 1990s, Wood Green and many areas of North London as a whole was characterized as deprived in income, employment, health and crime.
Wood Green dominated over the nearby Hornsey area which is where Hornsey Mandem developed was created, the two were close in alliance until 2008. Wood Green remained close with other ‘Firm’ areas Edmonton until 2003-04 and Tottenham until 2005, however, these area relationships in north London were later broken down by second and third iteration members and now beef today.


The first generation Wood Green Firm began to call themselves ‘Junior Mafia’ or ‘Junior Mafia Woodz’ in the late 1990’s and going into the millennium. The second generations became known collectively as Wood Green MOB – Money Over Bitches. Within the MOB’s sprawling turf, covering large parts of the N22 post code (known as 22nd Side), sets developed that were geographically placed on various estates such as the Avenues (Noel Park), Acacia Road, Bracknell Close and Progress Way, Commerce Road, the Sandlings and Sky City estates.
Following the death of a young Tottenham boy in 1997, perpetrated by the Hackney Mandem, members of the Wood Green Firm were firmly backing the conflict that came to be generalised as ‘Hackney versus Tottenham’. At this point in time Wood Green and Tottenham were close allies, Edmonton were also their allies. Although the conflict mainly concerned those from Broadwater Farm and London Fields estates, Wood Green counted Hackney as a rival.
By 1998, a host of gang names begun to exist under the umbrella of Wood Green MOB over the last several years including Shell Town Soldiers, Junior Mafia Woodz, Mobstarz, Hoodfellas, North Bangers, PBP (Paper Before Pussy), City of Gods and Mobcity Young Gunners / GSR. The names loosely denote various age generations of the gang, Wood Green MOB or Mobstarz remains as the collective identity. Wood Green is also known amongst other things as Mobcity. A second, separate gang forms across Wood Green and Tottenham and known as SK or Shadow Kings. They are a predominantly African set and do not have a set turf due to their focus not being banging but trapping. They are associated with the MOB and although not affiliated with TMD, often worked for them.


A long-time defunct set called 1 Nation is formed after breaking away from the wider Shadow Kings


Shadow Kings starts a heavy rivalry with Tottenham. This would be the first ever Wood Green vs Tottenham rivalry. Numerous lives were lost during this rivalry.
By 2001-02, there had been multiple murders, along with countless shootings and drug offences, which saw many of the first generation members imprisoned for long sentences. At this point the second and third generations of Wood Green were known as ‘Junior Mafia’ and as ‘Wood Green MOB’. The equivalent generations of Edmonton went on to become known as the Shankstarz whilst over a dozen Tottenham estates began to adopt their own identity, for example NPK (from Northumberland Park).
Many of the teenagers involved in this generation were known to one another as friends, having attended the same schools and having played football together, and through family ties. Despite this, the areas began to challenge each others reputation and it wasn’t long before this escalated into violence.
In 2002, up to a dozen members of the Wood Green MOB – the Junior Mafia Woodz – were caught by police surveillance following a four-month robbery spree. The gang members, aged 12-19, were said by police to see themselves as untouchable, preying on innocent victims as a pack to steal cash and mobile phones often at knifepoint. Jermaine Campbell (later sentenced for the murder of Andre Linton in 2005), Craig Johnson and Ashley Gowdie, all then 16, were ordered to be detained for three years despite being young offenders because their crimes were deemed so serious.
Up to 1,300 hours of surveillance film showed scenes of robbery taking place. The gang were identifiable by their trademark clothing of t-shirts with Loony tunes characters. Robbery offences were said to have fallen by 33% in Wood Green shopping centre following the convictions. The youths were said to have been led on robbery offences by older members of the gang Shane Reid and Marcus Downie. 2003

The third generation become known as Wood Green MOB + WGM (Wood Green Mandem). Their turf expands to cover large parts of the N22 post code (known as 22nd Side).
In 2003, the Shankstarz were involved in the stabbing of two teenagers, one from Wood Green and one from Tottenham. This generation of Wood Green, and NPK from Tottenham, were now rivals with nearby Lower Edmonton (N9).


In 2004, Wood Green MOB were allies with a gang known as the Shadow Kings, a predominantly African gang whose members lived across Wood Green and Tottenham N17 areas. Shadow Kings, who were often present in Wood Green, began conflict with Tiverton from south Tottenham (who at the time had internal issues in Tottenham with Broadwater Farm). During the conflict Wood Green membership was torn between loyalties with Tottenham and the Shadow Kings. Those who sided with the Shadow Kings gained a new enemy in Tottenham. Wood Green-Tottenham beef begins.
The conflict with Edmonton was continued predominantly with NPK rather than Wood Green and resulted in numerous stabbings culminating with a series of convictions following a large outbreak of violent disorder on Hertford Road, Edmonton, in 2007. By this point in time Wood Green and Tottenham were no longer allies as a result of torn loyalties developing from disputes that occurred in 2005.


The fallout brought Tottenham back together, ending internal disputes that had not developed into anything too serious, and in 2005 the Wood Green MOB began serious conflict with Tottenham gangs, mainly Broadwater Farm, Ida Bloodstarz and Tiverton.
A growing number of shootings had been occurring between Tottenham and Wood Green in 2005. Furthermore, an 18-year-old and a 20-year-old male were gunned down in Tottenham and Wood Green the preceding years in murder cases that both remain unsolved.
Among the incidents in the run-up to the murder of Tottenham male, Andre Linton - an innocent victim of this feud, an 18-year-old was seriously wounded during a knife attack near Broadwater Farm whilst a 17-year-old was also injured in a drive-by shooting, also on the Farm. In the latter incident, local Member of Parliament David Lammy was there to attend to the shot boy. He later criticised police who refused to allow the ambulance to reach the victim after they had sealed the area off whilst carrying out a risk assessment. The victim, Charles Osei-Bonsu, suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder.
In April 2005, the press picked up on the growing rivalry between MOB and the Farm, calling it an armed turf-war. In the week that preceded the article there had been reports of a drive-by shooting and a gunfight on West Green Road where eight shell cases were discovered. This was followed by another gunfight on Clarendon Road and police were later called to attend North Middlesex Hospital where a young man with gunshot wounds to the leg had presented himself.
In May 2005, 22-year-old Andre Linton was killed by a single bullet after his car was surrounded by members of the Wood Green MOB on Buller Road, Wood Green. Jermaine 'Killa' Campbell, then 19, was later charged with the murder. Andre, who was a pupil at Greig City Academy and formerly of Northumberland Park School, was not a gang member. It is believed the trigger was something as arbitrary as a 'dirty look'. Police were called to six reports of firearms that evening, it followed three seperate shootings that had taken place on Turnpike Lane and Broadwater Farm.
In total, there had been twenty recorded incidents of violent disorder involving guns or knives in the eight weeks prior to the murder. In one attack, an innocent eight-year-old child was injured during a hit-and-run when a car being driven by a gang fleeing the scene mounted the pavement. The tit-for-tat rivalry continued between Broadwater Farm, joined sometimes by other Tottenham gangs including Tiverton and Ida, against the Wood Green MOB. In October 2006, Wood Green MOB's Jerome Vassell, 19, was left fighting for his life after being shot in the head outside a talent show at the West Indian Cultural Centre in Clarendon Road, Hornsey. Vassell , also known as JV or Warlord, was allowed to leave Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, however, he suffered severe brain damage that caused partial paralysis and communication problems. Green City alliance is formed between Wood Green, Edmonton Green, and Bounds Green. All three gangs begin wearing green bandanas.


Those gangsters who were involved in Shadow Kings had now joined Wood Green MOB after many Shadow King members face imprisonment and longer sentences.
At the time of Jerome Vassell’s death, Wood Green had teamed up with once brief enemies from Edmonton who were now known as the Shankstarz. The link became popularised as the Green City alliance (Wood Green to Edmonton Green), with both gangs increasingly associating with the colour green and wearing of green clothing including bandanas. Wood Green were also linked with the Meridian Mandem (Meridian Crew and Bloodline music crew) and Palmers Green, referred to locally as P-Town. This generation of Wood Green also became allies to the London Fields Boys, another gang who the Wood Green olders once shared an extreme hatred of alongside their older Tottenham allies.
In 2008, long-term allies Hornsey and Wood Green began to fall into conflict with one another. A series of incidents contributed to the build up of the rivalry including a stabbing on Commerce Road estate in Wood Green, the victim was associated with Wood Green younger set ‘City of Gods’. A number of tit-for-tat incidents followed with robberies of Wood Green youngers by Hornsey, and attacks carried out by Warlordz and LMD sets.
Wood Green responded with similar violations against the Hornsey Grey Gang and it escalated throughout the rest of 2008. In one incident in September 2008, up to forty rivals fought a pitched battle on Lymington Avenue, Wood Green, during which a 17-year-old boy suffered serious stab wounds and was described as lucky to be alive. He was stabbed in the legs, back and face as the youths fought with sticks and bottles. Some of those involved were caught on CCTV in nearby Gladstone Road although their faces were concealed with bandanas. By the end of 2008 Hornsey Grey Gang had developed an alliance with Wood Green’s rivals from Tottenham including NPK.
Since 2008 a new wave of younger members have made headlines for minor offences typically associated with the early stages of gang evolvement. The Sky City and Sandlings estates continue to be a preferred hangout by aspiring gang members. The Sky City estate, which sits above Wood Green shopping mall, often makes local headlines for gang activity. In an unusual outcome in 2010, Haringey Council blocked plans for a dispersal zone on the estate, largely because the confines of the estate are not a public place (dispersal prevent loitering in public places).
With the relocation of a number of older members to Palmers Green the new younger sets have been left to run amok continuing age old rivalries with nearby gangs. Stabbings incidents have occurred frequently with young members in their early to mid teens. A 15-year-old boy was stabbed in Wood Green High Road on the day of the Royal Wedding, April 29th, after being chased through the town centre. He was stabbed repeatedly by a group of youths in broad daylight in what police believe was an attempted murder. The following month a teenager was knocked off his bike by a car on Darwin Road, Noel Park, before the occupants got out and stabbed him.


In 2010 Michael Gaynor received an ASBO banning him from Wood Green for five years. The order also prevents him from associating with thirteen other members of the gang; from being in a group of three or more in a public place; from uploading pictures or footage that features green bandanas; and from featuring in any music video of audio material that is uploaded onto the internet and incites violence towards rival gangs.
Despite having had gang affiliations in Wood Green since his early youth G Money (Michael Gaynor) is one of the biggest names on the underground rap/road music scene. He was interviewed for MTV’s the Wrap Up in 2010 where he spoke about his early influences and the release of early Wood Green mixtape ‘Mobstarz Most Hated Vol 1’.
Michael Gaynor was one of two leading figures in the Wood Green MOB to receive recent ASBOs. Fellow member Rowan Lopez was banned from entering Wood Green from 2011 until 2013. It was an extension of an earlier ASBO he was granted in 2009. Like Gaynor, he has been prohibited from posting videos online showing him inciting people to violence and promoting gang activity and identity. Both males had long histories of offending going back to their teens including robbery and weapon offences. Another leading figure of the current olders was arrested and charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs and sentenced to two years in 2011.
Another member of the Wood Green MOB, Terrence Abalola also known as Ghost, 18, was sentenced to four years in 2010. It came after a teenager arranged for his 15-year-old cousin to be beaten, robbed and sprayed with tear gas during a house robbery. Abalola led two other teens, all in masks, into the cousins home in Stoke Newington where they attacked the boy. They screamed at him ‘where’s your stuff’, at which point he recognised one of the voice having shared a McDonald’s meal with one of them in Wood Green just two days earlier. The three robbers fled with the boy’s TV, Xbox games console, laptop computer, mobile phone, £300 cash and his mothers iPod Touch.
The younger generational iterations of the gang begin to go by the various sets: Mobstarz City of Gods Hoodfellas North Bangers
Paper Before Pussy
They all collectively rep Wood Green and share in the same allies and and enemies.

2011 - present

After this the gangs in London started to drop the usage of Crips and Bloods into the gang names and began to use gang names that are more modern and still in usage as of the present day and that includes all Haringey based gang.
The current day allies of Wood Green continue to be the Shankstarz from Edmonton, who today are now known as 3x3, P-Town (Palmers Green), Arnos Grove, London Fields Boys formerly who have now cut ties with Wood Green MOB and have no ties to the current faction known as Zero Tolerance and the remaining former members of the now defunct Shadow Kings. There have been some links with Dem Africans (shared link with Shadow Kings) and Young Dem Africans, however the picture is less clear because the latter have historic roots in Tottenham, and Dem Africans have since become #900. Despite this, a senior member of the Wood Green MOB accompanied a handful of Young Dem African members to West Green Road, Tottenham, in September 2009 where they were fired at by a prominent member of the Ida Bloodstarz with a sub machine gun. All fled from the gunfire and escaped without serious injury. Another link, although less relevant owing to distance, is with MPR (Make Paper Regardless) who are from west London (Shepherd's Bush and South Acton). The association with MPR was built by members who were serving custodial sentences in a London prison.
Rappers/Drillers in the drill era from Wood Green MOB like Lampz and Jigga J took a foothold in the drill and gang life scene. Lampz aka Kelvin Odunuyi was a very well known gang member and was deeply hated by his enemies because pressurised Tottenham and Hoxton heavily. In 2018, at the Hollywood Wood Green cinema, a motorcycle that came down from Lordship Lane (the road that leads from Wood Green into the N17 postal district) drove towards the entrance of the cinema and one of the two on the motorcycle fired shots through the window and circled back to deliver a final fatal shot to the head of Odunuyi. Many saw it as a revenge attack for Odunuyi's alleged involvement in the death of Kobi Nelson, a former NPK member who reformed as an anti-crime campaigner, Jigga J was involved and sentenced to life for the death of Nelson.
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2020.08.31 19:51 CipherOps Delightful Privacy

Delightful Privacy delightful

This is a collection of software, operating systems, and other miscellaneous tools to help the average user fight for their privacy and security online.

Operating Systems


Fedora uses Security-Enhanced Linux by default, which implements a variety of security policies, including mandatory access controls, which Fedora adopted early on. Fedora provides a hardening wrapper, and does hardening for all of its packages by using compiler features such as position-independent executable (PIE). Wikipedia


Pop!_OS provides full out-of-the-box support for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. It is regarded as an easy distribution to set-up for gaming, mainly due to its built-in GPU support. Pop!_OS provides default disk encryption, streamlined window and workspace management, keyboard shortcuts for navigation as well as built in power management profiles. The latest releases also have packages that allow for easy setup for TensorFlow and CUDA. Wikipedia


Debian is one of the oldest operating systems based on the Linux kernel. The project is coordinated over the Internet by a team of volunteers guided by the Debian Project Leader and three foundational documents: the Debian Social Contract, the Debian Constitution, and the Debian Free Software Guidelines. New distributions are updated continually, and the next candidate is released after a time-based freeze. Wikipedia

openSUSE Tumbleweed - Rolling Release!

Any user who wishes to have the newest packages that include, but are not limited to, the Linux Kernel, SAMBA, git, desktops, office applications and many other packages, will want Tumbleweed. openSUSE

For enhanced security

Qubes OS

Qubes OS is a security-focused desktop operating system that aims to provide security through isolation. Virtualization is performed by Xen, and user environments can be based on Fedora, Debian, Whonix, and Microsoft Windows, among other operating systems. Wikipedia


Tails, or The Amnesic Incognito Live System, is a security-focused Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity. All its incoming and outgoing connections are forced to go through Tor, and any non-anonymous connections are blocked. Wikipedia).*


Whonix is a Debian GNU/Linux–based security-focused Linux distribution. It aims to provide privacy, security and anonymity on the internet. The operating system consists of two virtual machines, a "Workstation" and a Tor "Gateway", running Debian GNU/Linux. All communications are forced through the Tor network to accomplish this. Wikipedia

Web Browsers

For Desktop

Firefox Needs manual tweaking to be more secure! Use ghacks

Firefox, is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. Wikipedia Recommended addons: uBlock Origin Https Everywhere Privacy Badger Privacy Possum Decentraleyes NoScript CanvasBlocker


Tor is free and open-source software for enabling anonymous communication. The name derived from the acronym for the original software project name "The Onion Router". Tor directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer overlay network consisting of more than seven thousand relays to conceal a user's location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. Using Tor makes it more difficult to trace Internet activity to the user. Wikipedia


Without signing in to a Google Account, Chromium does pretty well in terms of security and privacy. However, Chromium still has some dependency on Google web services and binaries. In addition, Google designed Chromium to be easy and intuitive for users, which means they compromise on transparency and control of internal operations.
ungoogled-chromium addresses these issues in the following ways:

For mobile

Bromite Android Only

Bromite is a Chromium fork with ad blocking and privacy enhancements; take back your browser! Bromite

Firefox Focus Android - iOS

Firefox Focus is a free and open-source privacy-focused browser from Mozilla, available for Android and iOS. Wikipedia

Tor Browser for mobile Android - iOS

Tor protects your privacy on the internet by hiding the connection between your Internet address and the services you use. We believe Tor is reasonably secure, but please ensure you read the instructions and configure it properly. GitHub



Tutanota is an end-to-end encrypted email software and freemium hosted secure email service. Wikipedia


There are many ears listening on the Internet, which is why all our services require mandatory SSL/TLS-encrypted data transmission. For additional security, we also use enhanced (green) security certificates ("EV") by the independent SwissSign trust service provider from Switzerland (Check the padlock symbol in your web browser's URL field). But this is just the beginning – there is so much more that we do. Mailbox


Disroot is a decentralized cloud-based service that allows you to store your files and communicate with one another. Established by a privacy-focused organization of volunteers, if we look at Disroot as an email provider specifically, it stands out thanks to its emphasis on security with a completly free open-source approach. ProPrivacy


ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service founded in 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland by scientists who met at the CERN research facility. ProtonMail uses client-side encryption to protect email content and user data before they are sent to ProtonMail servers, unlike other common email providers such as Gmail and Outlook.com. The service can be accessed through a webmail client, the Tor network, or dedicated iOS and Android apps. Wikipedia

Search Engine


searx is a free metasearch engine, available under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3, with the aim of protecting the privacy of its users. To this end, searx does not share users' IP addresses or search history with the search engines from which it gathers results. Tracking cookies served by the search engines are blocked, preventing user-profiling-based results modification. By default, searx queries are submitted via HTTP POST, to prevent users' query keywords from appearing in webserver logs. Wikipedia - Find public instances of searx here searx.space


Startpage is a web search engine that highlights privacy as its distinguishing feature. Previously, it was known as the metasearch engine Ixquick, At that time, Startpage was a variant service. Both sites were merged in 2016. Wikipedia


YaCy is a free distributed search engine, built on principles of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Its core is a computer program written in Java distributed on several hundred computers, as of September 2006, so-called YaCy-peers. Each YaCy-peer independently crawls through the Internet, analyzes and indexes found web pages, and stores indexing results in a common database (so called index) which is shared with other YaCy-peers using principles of P2P networks. It is a free search engine that everyone can use to build a search portal for their intranet and to help search the public internet clearly. Wikipedia


If you need anonymity and privacy online use Tor instead, if you are looking to bypass a geo-restriction, don't trust public WiFi, or are looking to Torrent, a VPN will help you.


Mullvad is an open-source commercial virtual private network (VPN) service based in Sweden. Launched in March 2009, Mullvad operates using the WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols. Mullvad accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for subscriptions in addition to conventional payment methods.
No email address or other identifying information is requested during Mullvad's registration process. Rather, a unique 16-digit account number is anonymously generated for each new user. This account number is henceforth used to log in to the Mullvad service.
The TechRadar review notes that "The end result of all this is you don't have to worry about how Mullvad handles court requests to access your usage data, because, well, there isn't any." Wikipedia


ProtonVPN utilizes OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) and the IKEv2 protocol, with AES-256 encryption. The company has a strict no-logging policy for user connection data, and also prevents DNS and Web-RTC leaks from exposing users' true IP addresses. ProtonVPN also includes Tor access support and a kill switch to shut off Internet access in the event of a lost VPN connection.
In January 2020, ProtonVPN became the first VPN provider to release its source code on all platforms and conduct an independent security audit. ProtonVPN is the only VPN to do so, even though experts say this is a crucial factor in deciding whether to trust a VPN service. Wikipedia

For information about alternatives to software and services.

If you are looking for alternatives to proprietary services like Discord and Facebook, or an open-source alternative to Photoshop, check out our list about Awesome-Alternatives

Mirrors are kept up to date, this post may lag behind as we add stuff in.

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