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Problems with RDR2 and R* games in general

2020.10.23 06:38 MAD_DOG86 Problems with RDR2 and R* games in general

I'm going to start by copying a comment by u/Enriador that was posted on a thread that got locked (talking about how shooting enemies in limbs does not cripple them or have any noticeable effect)
">It's strange that R* had it in 1 but not in 2
I just finished my first playthrough of RDR1 in years. The amount of stuff they cut or dumbed down makes for a hefty list. Seriously, look at that:
All of this probably, being cynical, to make Red Dead Online run better and/or have exclusive Online content (like bounty hunting) that you can't find in Story Mode."
I have to say, RDR2 did seem like a lot less fun than RDR1. And I have actually noticed this in GTA 4 and 5. In R*'s attempts to make their games more serious and realistic they've made them a lot less fun. u/Enriador already listed a lot of stuff that was changed from RDR1, such as the animal skinning and fast travel. I don't believe I need to go into detail about how tedious skinning was. First time I saw it I was blown away by how realistic it was, but by the 10th time I was already sick of it.
On the topic of regression in games, GTA:SA had so much more that was removed from the later games, such as weapon proficiency enabling dual wielding, learning new fighting styles, being able to get fat or skinny or muscular, increasing swimming ability, dating, gang fights over territory (admittedly fits better with the setting of SA than it would with the other games but it could have been retooled to fit the other games).
An unrelated problem i had with RDR2 was actually in how unrealistic an aspect was. I could never get the point of the bandana and disguise system. If NPS saw you commit a crime, and then later saw you wearing the same clothes, they would get suspicious, which sounds interesting in principle, but it was pointless and your disguise would get blown the second you were seen by a sheriff.
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2020.10.18 11:06 i_play_U13_tt CivCity Roleplay public and fits any age group

Civ city is a new and fresh roleplay server on FiveM with great staff and community since it's new we will come out with new updates regularly on the discord you can come up with suggestions on what cars and guns and othere modded stuff this server is also public no whitelisting unless you want to become a cop and ems so if you want to test out a new server please come by
-you can sell drugs
and lots more
-we have modded cars/you can also come with car suggestions
-a crafting table where you can craft guns and stuff
-bait for fishermen
-police and investigations tools
and like i said with jobs lots more
  1. No disrespect tolerated. – Swearing on the server is permitted but doing so excessively or in a manner that shows disrespect is not. – Any use of sexist, homophobic or racist terms (in or out of character) is not permitted.
  2. No cheating or exploiting. – Use of client-side trainers and/or mod menus is strictly prohibited. Server-side trainers may be available to different organizations or individuals. Players are also NOT allowed receive money or objects spawned in by another player who is doing so illegitimately. – Players can not use server bugs or game mechanics to exploit for personal gain. Players MUST report bugs immediately upon discovery.
  3. No server disruption. – Server disruption is, by definition, doing something that causes disorder in the server. This includes but is not limited to: mic spamming, chat spamming and trolling.
  4. No arguing with, impersonating or pestering staff in-server. The staff has the final say. – Players may not identify themselves as staff, put “[ADMIN]”, etc in front of their name or change their name color for the purpose to fool people into believing they are a staff member. In addition, players may also not falsely claim themselves as a FiveM dev or moderator nor an admin. – Our admins work hard to keep the server happy but also come on the server to enjoy their time. Please give staff time to get back to you and do not bug them. If they do not acknowledge, they may be busy with a situation and can not reply. For server bugs, compensation issues, etc., players should consult the Discord or Forums. – Staff members have final say in all matters. If you have an issue with a decision made by a staff member, do not argue with them or other players/staff. Please take it to our Discord.
  5. You MUST be whitelisted to be a cop, medic or firefighter.. – Players must have applied, been accepted and whitelisted in order to be emergency personnel on the GTA server. Non-whitelisted players may not steal or utilize emergency vehicles or equipment without permission by a staff member. Tow trucks drivers are NOT allowed to tow emergency vehicles without permission of the emergency personnel responsible for the vehicle. – Non-whitelisted players are also not allowed to impersonate or roleplay any emergency personnel without permission from a staff member. This includes cops, firefighters, paramedics, special agents, and/or military members.
  6. No metagaming, powergaming, random deathmatch, cop baiting, or revenge killing. – Metagaming is defined as using out of character information for in character use. – Powergaming is defined as roleplaying on someone’s behalf or doing something without giving a person a chance to react. – Random/Vehicle Deathmatch is “killing” someone without any roleplay or prior contact. – Cop baiting is purposely doing something in front of the cops in order to get their attention. – Revenge Killing is killing someone after you “die” even though you should’ve forgotten who killed you (NLR states you forget the last 15 minutes leading up to your death). – You can find more in-depth definitions of MG, PG, RDM/VDM, cop baiting, and revenge killing here.
  7. You MUST roleplay. Don’t do things you can’t in real life. – When playing on the server, it is best if you do things in a manner that would be seen as realistic. Unrealistic behavior is considered FailRP and will result in staff action. These behaviors may include but aren’t limited to: pulling a large gun out of nowhere, crashing into a large object and continuously going (even if your car isn’t totaled by the in-game damage system), or ramping off a bridge, hill, or ramp and then continuing to drive. – Realistically, people like to speed, however, players should not be speeding through the city at 100+ mph or continuously driving recklessly. Doing so will be considered unrealistic, therefore will be FailRP.
  8. New life rule is in effect if you respawn yourself. – Abuse of the /respawn command during an active RP scenario, to evade jail time, or any other type of abuse is not allowed. – On all law enforcement scenes where you are downed, you have to be picked up and you will go to the hospital and then jail or just jail. After you are out of jail, you can then decide on whether or not to kill your character off. – Players can not be forced to kill off their characters. This is a form of powergaming. – If you are downed, and respawn or are picked up, you can not remember the last 15 minutes including but not limited to: individuals you interacted with, vehicles you saw, how you were killed, and who killed you.
  9. Only whitelisted pilots are permitted to be in aircraft. – Whitelisted pilots are permitted to fly the aircraft that are assigned to them. No other players (besides public safety pilots) should be in aircraft at any time. This means that hijacking aircraft or otherwise obtaining access to an aircraft is not permitted. – In addition, players should not spawn or drive any tanks, military jets, or armed helicopters in the server. This rule also applies to any vehicles with large guns on them. – Special exceptions may be made for roleplay situations but should be approved by the Leadership team prior to doing so.
  10. No jail evading or combat logging. – Jail evading is when a player either attempts to respawn, disconnect, or otherwise cheat the system while in jail in order to prevent from fully serving jail time. Doing so is against the rules and will result in staff action. – Combat logging is purposely disconnecting or respawning to avoid death or even arrest in any situation. This breaks roleplay and is also against server rules and will result in staff action.
  11. No out of character arguing over voice or chat. – If there is an issue on a situation whether it be something a civilian, cop, or staff member has done, arguing should not occur on the server. Players should consult our forums (whether it be putting in a Dropbox post, a player report, or messaging a leadership member) or our Discord is where you can talk to a supervisor or higher ranking staff member, depending on circumstances.
  12. Do not abuse the phone system. – The phone system in game is designed to communicate to other players . It is not a helpline for server issues nor is it a place to send inappropriate messages. – Sending requests for server help, sending messages that contain material that violates server rules, or spamming the phone will not be tolerated.
  13. If you do not value your life and lose, you must surrender your belongings. You have a choice of valuing your life or not, whether it be as an individual or as a group. However, if you chose not to value your life and you lose the battle that occurs, you are forced to surrender your items via the robbing feature only (X) while downed on the ground. Only in situations of not valuing your life are you forced to give up your items after death, although it is recommended you roleplay and give the items up if the other party wishes to roleplay such. Non-public safety F6 search menus can not be utilized to seize items after someone fails to value their lives.
  14. Once clearing a scene you may no longer re-inject yourself into that RP scenario. Once clearing a scene you may no longer re-inject yourself into that RP scenario. Players who re-inject themselves into an active roleplay scene, with few words or roleplay, may be subject to a RDM infraction if/when a player is downed or killed. If you choose to flee the scene you are expected to continue to remain at large.
  15. No string robbing players or camping locations to rob numerous players. No string robbing players or camping certain locations to rob numerous players. If you decide to rob a player or group of players in one location, you must wait at least 15 minuts before robbing another player or group of players. Going around and robbing every player you see does not benefit the roleplay on the server and if anything, diminishes it. Robbing a player should be well thought out and should be fairly uncommon. String robbing players will not be tolerated. In addition, sitting at a location and robbing every player who shows up is also not allowed. This means you can not sit at the garage, the job center, etc and just rob everyone who shows up. Robbing in a very public location is unrealistic and ruins the experience on the server. Be smart about who and where you rob.This also with banks Dont String rob Stores/banks/gas stations etc
  16. No Vehicles Allowed Inside Buildings No vehicles of any type are allowed in buildings of any type. This means you can not drive them in the buildings or shove them in the doors to prevent entry.
discord and ip
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2020.10.14 14:03 cityguy244 What's not to like?

Spoiler warning: some of youbare new so if you haven't reached chapter 4 read no further.
actually I'm asking, what is it you don't like about this game? Now don't get me wrong I love this game and i will argue against anyone who feels this game isn't great. Honestly though no game is perfect and very game has gameplay flaws. I know threads like these have been done before but it's the usual complaints that i dont find problematic such as: walking slow in the camp or game is too realistic or not realistic, clunky controls, button holding etc the things that bother me are: Mission replay. I don't like that mission replay only serves to achieve gold medals and whatever choices you've done differently has no effect on the story also you don't keep whatever items you find, even worse is that doing replays erase your challenges.
Optional missions and I mean companion activities because these are easily missed. To play it safe its best to do them as doon as you see them. I started my play through from the beggining because of this. In chapter 4 I missed lenny's stage coach robbery .als o I just completed the guilded cage mission and horseman apacolyoses mission and no other companion activity spawned except micha's stage coach robbery. The thing is not only do these missions give you more to do They also give you a closer look at your gang members. In lenny's mission we learned he can be a reckless. In much as robbery we learn how he feels about the game etc. Why would rockstar do this? Why couldnt they be permanent map spawns? What's the point of them being temporary?
Elixers- I particularly dislike these because they feel like a cheat and make the game easier than it should be me. The ginseng and valerium provides too much if a stat boost and your stats rise enough with just playing the game itself. It feels like gta v how fast you gain a stamina boost in this game by just sprinting short distances. Elixers sre unnecessary.
The shooting mechanics game play. Authur so slow and heavy you have to solely rely on cover to survive. He barely strsfes side to side. I wish this game had revamped shooting mechanics like online does. Even worse is John feels exactly the same. I thought there would be a difference between the two in that author is more if a tank being that he is the big tough guy and John would be fast and nimble like he was in red dead 1
Last if all I dislike the honor system. I'm doing a second low honor gameplay for a different experience and some missions and activities give too much honor especially in online mode. You pay gold bars to lower your honor but clean and feed your horse a few times and you're a good guy again. Honor should be hard to earn being that like in the real world it takes a stronger man not yo fight or walk away. Or sometimes it's harder to do the right thing. Low honor should be a lot easier to achieve. You shouldn't have to massacre a whole town to lower your honor. At the same time high honor should be do easy because respect is hard earn.
That's it for now. What does this game do thst you all dislike?
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2020.09.26 22:08 comandantul Weird issue with games at all

I would like to find a game for myself.
Since childhood, I have been interested in games. Well, I'm interested, I don't necessarily play them. You know, when I was 8, I was sitting and playing with different emulators, watching gameplays from different retro consoles that I have never seen in real life. I was discovering the history of the video game industry. I do it all the time. Even have hacked PS Classic. And playing games? Apart from exceptions such as World Of Tanks Blitz, in which I will get 100 hours soon, the games bore me. You know, whether it's Civilization or some FPS, I can't even go through the tutorial. I'm bored of it. If I start playing something, I can't get involved. I am impressed with people who can sit for hours in some game, while for me an hour or two is max. Anyway, to sit so much at a game, I really must like it. I haven't completed many games in my life. GTA V nad IV, Max Payne 3 - that's all. I often give up games when they get a little more demanding. Since I was a child, the biggest fun for me was to play for fun, you know, I started GTA Vice City on cheats, without complete any missons or downloaded save 100% and do a massacre.
What can you advise me?
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2020.09.26 10:15 ooooNIXoooo The 6% armor regen DZ landmark farmer build

2 piece Golan Gear - 1%
1 piece Bellstone - 1%
1 piece Emperors Guard knees - 1%
1 piece Memento exotic - 3% at full stacks for 5 minutes
1 piece of your choice - typically will be Sokolov for 10% buff to Lady Death
Your choice how to run the cores. 6 blues works just fine with Lady Death and firewall shield. No problem at all clearing landmarks. 3 blue 3 red is ideal IMHO. Attributes should either be crit chance and crit damage, or go with max armor regen on 6 rolls and 3/3 chance/damage for the others.
Enter DZ, clear normal landmark solo, collect all trophies and proc 3% armor regen from Memento for the next 5 minutes. If you didn’t get 30 stacks, move to the next normal or hard landmark. Congrats. You’re now at 6% armor regen. Now with 2 million armor and Unbreakable chest, you are as unkillable as you could possible be for 5 minutes. If you have a teammate run Tardigrade, and another dedicated FI healer, it’s basically god mode.
Remember the first week or two after Foundry Bulwark was released and the DZ was shit show of tanks running around with 5% regen armor? Yeah, this is going to be just as bad or worse.
The only good thing is you can’t run the Intimidate/Adrenaline Rush combo with this build.
Thoughts from any others that have already used this build? After trying it, I’m not really excited about using it again because of its high cheese level. Wasn’t really “fun”. Kinda felt like entering a cheat code in GTA.
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2020.09.12 20:17 0Cain0 Stop blaming other people because you can't play the game

I've seen several posts in this and other various rdr subs complaining about tonics and ability cards. Now just to start out I totally get why people have a problem with them in the actual pvp game modes I also never understood why rockstar let you take all of you tonics and weapons into matches like the bow and target one, it's stupid and should be changed.
But in free roam and free roam activities I say it is 100% free game if not solely for the fact that tonics are handed out like candy if you are actually playing the game. Every single base I clear out, every moonshine checkpoint, every random murder spree I decide to go has me walking away with at least one tonic of any type so they're not hard to fucking come by. If someone is using tonics use them back it is a feature of the game IT IS NOT CHEATING. Ability cards while a little different because of their price still hold some of the same principles. Every person in the game has access to them, not necessarily hard to come by it's the price that's more of the problem. I totally get that people can craft some broken builds but just like every other fucking game if you use just a little strategy you might actually kill the dude attacking you. A dude is using a build that makes it so he can tank shots from all kinds of weapons use explosive rounds, ain't got those use a bow, ain't got that use Melee. Dudes got a build that makes it so he basically never runs out of dead eye, again use Melee or keep baiting him until he decides to stop using it. If you're just sitting there using no tonics and no ability cards just blindlessly charging at the dude attacking you of course you are gonna get turned into paste. I know it can be annoying to have some asshat greifer and his buddies slamming 7 tonics in the middle of the fight but it's part of the game and I feel like most people in red dead arent absolute dickheads stooping to this low of a level. Maybe they should add a system that only allows tonics to be used every 5 mins or making it so you can only take a certain amount within a game hour but I'm not a developer and I don't think they are going to change it. In short stop blaming the game for sucking when you don't utilize all of the features there are plenty of other reasons to be upset about the state of red dead.
Sorry if this post went on a little long or I rambled a bit I just wanted to see how you guys felt about it. I'm definitely open to some healthy debate on the matter. I should probably also mention that I'm not trying to say this is good system or the only one they could use just saying that it's the one that's in the game and until (or if) they change it you're just going to have to get used to that fact.
Edit: Also as another point I'd like to make gta also has healing items. You can hold an entire cooler full of healing items and hold a stack of what is it like 8 body armor vests but I have rarely seen people complain about that much and I get that technically they are very different games but fundamentally rdr is just cowboy gta right down to how they lay out missions. I mean maybe the problem really is just that they took to much of their model for gta slapped some cowboy paint on the mechanics and called it a day but yet again we get to the question of how should they go about making that better?
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2020.07.07 08:36 XFerginatorX Top Remaining Requested Features And Content Wishlist For Halo MCC

I'm not sure where you can go to input resquest for content/features and other additions you want for MCC that 343i can look at and see sbout adding, as I can't post to the Waypoint forums. But I took a list of what the community has been asking for, looking at common discussion and WP forum requests and compiling it. Some are in patch notes from 343 saying they will look into, others they have been widely asked for and haven't been commented on by 343 so though I'd make a list to have it all written down somewhere. I divided into 3 sections (what 343 says they would work on or look at, what hasn't been commented on by 343 but is highly requested or was content in the Original games, and content and features that are requested but most likely are never is going to be made by 343 because it just out of scope but potential for modded content).
I'm curious if there is anything I have left out that you also wish to see. Also sorry if there are any duplicates, I tried double checking but might of missed some. Let me know so I can edit. Also let me know if some of these have already been addressed as they might be out of date.
Features mentioned by 343i that would come in the future or would be looked into but haven’t heard any update on
>Custom Game Browser (Custom games and possibly open forge, though that is always full of griefing) >File Share Search Browser (Improving the File Share Feature by adding a browser like other Halo games since Halo 3 had that Halo MCC lacks. I remember a 343 dev talking about looking into addressing this issue so there is a browser for Halo MCC that you can use and search on both halo waypoint and also on the game itself for game types and maps but haven't heard much since in almost a year about that being planned.)
>Additional Mod Support/Steam Workshop (Be able to add user generated content, modify Halo Music to play blow me away in anniversary version, etc)
>Steam Account Linking (Link progression from Steam to Xbox live and also be able to look up a players GT easier from steam to xbox live and vice versa)
>Importing Community-made Custom Edition Vista Community Maps/Game Variants (There was mention by 343i that they were looking for ways to import content like maps and gametypes from Custom Edition & Vista. It makes sense since Halo CE and Halo 2 are the PC versions in MCC that are the same ones pulled from Custom Edition and Vista. Sean, one of the 343i devs reported he has successfully imported a Custom Edition make but the pipeline process was very rough and modders have reported doing the same but also reported that it takes a lot of work. Would be cool if they added some of the most popular Halo Custom Edition and Halo 2 Vista popular maps and gametypes to MM playlists, like action sack, and custom games) [Reference]
>Add New Content (New Skins, Armor or Visor Colors, or Armors) [Ref Jun 2019 MCC Update]
>Progression System Improvements
>Improve Unlocks (it was stated that they would update the game so you can choose your unlocked out of order in the same tier level instead of in order)
>Improvements to Challenges (Make challenges in all modes like campaign, MM, FF, SO, Custom Games, Forge, even Theater)
>Improved Challenge Hub (Add a tab to view the challenge hub in-game view start menu for things like campaign missions and multiplayer matches to be visible to view pinned challenges. Also be able to pin 5 or more challenges at a time to view)
>Increased XP in Ranked Playlists (To increase population in ranked since it is less populated and give players that want to speed through MCC progression faster can get through it faster by playing ranked. Give a boost of maybe 3 times XP as a bonus)
>Earnable XP in Offline & Private/Custom Modes (like FF/SO/Custom Games/Forge/TheateCampaign)
>Full Cross-Platform Play between Xbox & PC (not just matchmaking but also custom games/forge/theatecampaign/firefight/SO/etc)
-Opt-in/out Feature (Opt-in/out PvP/PvE matchmaking/custom games/forge option for PC/Xbox cross platform and choose if you want to play with players using KB+M players or Controller input) [If you really want to restrict your search time, then you know what you are in for. Longer search time but more equal line ups]
>In-Game FPS Cap/Adjustments (Lock frame rate for improved visual experience. ability to lower frame rate to 30fps for OG Super bounces. But require 60 in order to play matchmaking so can't be used in ranked playlists)
>VFR Improvements to Reach & H2A
>Idle System Improvements
>Additional Accessibility Support
>Input Based Matchmaking
>Regional Server Selection
>Text Chat Improvements
>Better Reporting System
>Double Key Binding for all games
>Split Screen on PC
>Bringing PC Features to Console (PC Features and settings, like slides, offsets, HUD Customization)
>KB+M setup for MCC on Xbox (Apparently one doesn't exist some say but I have heard people on Xbox playing with a KnM setup so not sure if this was addressed already)
>PC Enhancement Settings (FOV Sliders, Weapon Offset/View Model Adjustment & HUD Customization)
>HDR Support on PC (HDSDR Calibration Settings)
>UI/UX Improvements (Navigation, Main Menu, Title Screen Video, Rosters, Customization, Button States/Highlight States)
>Better Invite Notification
>In-Game Audio Slider for background music (for streaming, currently only affects main menu music)
>Additional Video Settings/Options
>Xbox Play Anywhere ("exploring ways to make sure that we show our appreciation and recognition for the support we’ve had from the amazing fans on MCC and we’ll have more to announce as we get closer to launch." -Bonnie Ross) Make it so anyone that had the game purchased and played the game on Xbox prior to Mar 12 2019, before the announcement of MCC coming to PC with Halo Reach, either make the game free on the Windows Store or make it so they don't have to do the seasons to unlock the armor because they showed their dedication.
>Bugs/Glitches/Issues/Fixes (Before MCC Can Be Called Complete, all game breaking bugs are addressed. Not necessarily minor ones that aren't intrusive but ones that game breaking bugs that hinders matchmaking and original gameplay experiences. Until all major game breaking bugs are fixed then it can truly be considered finished in a great state) [Example below]
-LNOS Mission on Legendary is far harder than it ever was in Legacy Reach (Enemies are far more accurate and mow you down easily. Reported by multiple people experiencing the same issue)
-Reach Co-op Campaign Bugged Beyond All Repair (Reported to be unplayable by most players bringing this up)
-Missing Forge Items (The New Forge items added in are not accessible to Xbox plays and only in PC)
-Sword cancelling needs to be added (to have the OG Experience)
-Skull effects when picking up skulls don’t work in in Halo 2 (due to now skulls can just be selected in the menus)
-Vehicle Destruction Trolling (Friendly teammates can destroy team occupied vehicles when FF is turned off. In OG it was either FF is off and you can’t damage team occupied vehicles or turn Friendly Fire on so teammates intentionally destroying teammate vehicles are punished. Happens often on reach)
-Betrayal Trolling (Ability to still Melee betrayal when Friendly Fire is turned off. Happens with back melees somehow can still damage you even when FF is off and happens often on Reach)
-Entering Vehicle Glitch (Players getting stuck trying to get into vehicle. experienced this several times in the warthog turret and wraith in Halo Reach) []
-OG Reach Vehicle Glitch (bug where vehicles get glitched, flung and fly off the map. it was mentioned a while back it wasn't being looked into because it was a legacy bug but it is mentioned often by fans wanting this addressed. Either fix the bug or remove the maps from playlist that this happens often on) -Audio Effects (In middle of matches right to shoot or hear sounds of players shooting not working allowing for enemies to sneak up on you because you couldn’t hear them shooting. Been a known issue in CE) -Hit Detection Registration (Legacy Games, especially Halo 3 have terrible Hit Registration. 343i has explained this has to do with a mix of hit-scanning, higher tick rates, latency and legacy bug issues and 343i looking to see how to address it. But currently some players, even myself, have decided to avoid Halo 3 Matchmaking because the Sniper rifle has been reduced to BR Range Effectiveness, BR went from Magnum Range Effectiveness, Magnum went to basically Shotgun Range Effectiveness, and shotgun became useless as energy swords wins far more often now then in legacy days. It’s so random in consistency that some days I’m snipping like I’m an MLG PRO and other days I’m shooting like a scrub who has never played. The reticule is lined up on head, RRR active, and yet still shot misses and watching other players that are doing montages and noticing they have to aim off past RRR to get hits which isn’t something you see in legacy Halo 3 montages and that is very annoying and sometimes down right unbearable to play) -Halo CE FPS Spread due to Unlocked Frame Rate (The higher the frame rate, the more spread when shooting)
Features/Content That Have Been Highly Requested or was in the original games >LAN Splitscreen (Both Xbox and PC)
>Party Up Feature (After matchmaking team up. Currently you have to back out and regroup and even the invite is not popped up so players don’t notice it)
>Visible ping indicators on players (so we know who are the laggers)
>Player Population Counter (This feature really does need to return, also would be also neat is by setting your parameters like whether you opted in or out of cross play or only play with KBM+M or Controller players see what the population is and your estimated search times because of it. This why players now if you restrict your search, you know how long you can expect your wait to be and how few players there are. Knowing the difference that the pickier you are with higher requirements, the less players there are and the longer your search time will be)
>JIP Option (Option in matchmaking composer for social to join in progress to find matches faster. This is something you'd check when you start your search so you know what you are getting yourself into but also you can see how fast your search time will be sped up. So it’s a risk you can choose to take to get into matches quicker)
>343i and/or Community Favorites Feature (With the Improved Feature to have a File Share Search Browser in MCC as previously stated. It would also be nice to have a 343i favorites, like Bungie favorites, where there is a menu that lists the top favorite maps, game types, films, and screenshots. Preferably I like Halo 5’s Waypoint style more were it shows off the most popular based on the community thus the developers don’t need to keep updating but even a section of community favorites and 343 favorites would be nice instead of just a gamertag you have to look for that is kind of archaic in design)
>Better Matchmaking Lobby Notification Sounds (Replace the soft subtle MCC single beep with the loud distinct firm three beep tone notification from OG Halo 3 when a full lobby has been found and match is about to start or that the post-lobby is about to start the search again.
>Firefight/Spartan Ops Matchmaking (ODST & Reach FF and Halo 4 SO)
>Solo & Private CO-OP FF/SO (for ODST, Reach and Halo 4 [Custom options as well]) >Campaign Matchmaking (All 6 halo games)
>More Skulls in Campaign (Add all skulls to all campaigns, mainly Bandana/Acrophobia in all campaigns) >Legacy Customization Content (Nameplates, emblems, armors, visors, skins, stances, etc from Halo Reach, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 4) >New Customization Content (Nameplates, emblems, armors, visors, skins, stances, etc for Halo Reach, Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 2A, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 4)
>Halo Reach Armor Effect on Elites (Currently doesn’t show in-game even if you have unlocked)
>Add Zombies to Classic Halo CE/Halo 2 (This was a gametype Project Cartographer, H2VO, did where it plays like halo 3 infection where humans are on red team and when killed by zombies the red players are forced team changed on the zombie team, in this case green team. Weapons and gadgets and other traits are altered like only being able to use sword vs humans can only use weapons besides the sword like how the original honor rules of OG Zombies were in Halo 2. In Halo CE mods made it so the infected carried held skulls to melee with. The only down side of gametype, just like infection in Halo 3, was that in custom game a player can quit and rejoin if they get infected and comeback as humans but Halo 3 party leaders fixed that by just simply making it switched to closed lobbies if someone is going to do that and make it require invites to join. Luckily, if this is also added to social matchmaking and not just custom games, you can’t rejoin a match you quit out of even if you have JIP unless you have someone specifically add you back but invites aren't JIP and just hold you in queue until match has been completed before you can join your friend. But if the devs added Zombies gametype for both custom games and matchmaking then you can have 5 or 6 games now with infection and with matchmaking giving players more variety. The only game that wouldn’t have this is ODST because it only has campaign and firefight and was never built for a PvP MM) >Add Campaign Weapons & Vehicles to Multiplayer & Forge (Wieldable/Driveable) -Halo Reach (Target Locator, Mac Cannon, Space Banshee, Space Phantom) -Halo CE (Energy Sword, Spirit, Pelican, Long Sword) -Halo 2C (Blue Sentinel Beam, Shadow, Heretic Banshee, Phantom, Pelican, Seraph, Scarab) -Halo 2A (Blue Sentinel Beam, Shadow, Phantom, Pelican, Seraph, Scarab) -Halo 3 (Troop Transport Warthog, Phantom, Pelican, Scarab, Long Sword) -Halo 3 ODST (Troop Transport Warthog, Anti-Aircraft Wraith, Phantom, Pelican, Olifant, Scarab) -Halo 4 (Forward Observer Module, Mac Cannon, Lich, Mammoth, Broadsword)
>Halo 2 Anniversary Missing Content (Missing Spectre & Brute Shot Projectile in MultiplayeForge, currently using Spnkr Rockets and can replace it with H2A Campaign projectile)
>H2A Multiplayer Infected Elites (for H2A Infection mode, they can either make one based off the H2A MP Elites or just use the H2A Campaign infected elite model. Possibly modders will add it in as the placeholder model exists but no actual infected combat for elite exists, just a naked Halo 4 elite model) -Instant Action/Cycled Custom Game Playlist (host chooses custom games to play in an endless cycle so you don’t have to change each time a game finishes, it will start the next custom game. Maybe even a vote option where players in the match can choose to end the current game and also choose next custom game to play next, like Halo Online had)
>Full Armor Customization (Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, & Halo 4 -Halo 2 Anniversary Armor Customization (Helmet, Chest, Legs, Arms) -Halo 3 Armor Customization (Helmet, Chest, Arms) -Halo 4 Armor Customization (Helmet, Chest, Legs, Shoulders, Forearms)
>Halo 3 ODST: Firefight and skins (Rookie, Dare, Buck, Dutch, Romeo, Mickey, Sergeant Johnson)
>Missing & Broken Halo 4 Legacy Content and Features (There are many Missing content and Broken features in Halo 4 343 said they would look to address [ &]) -Broken Halo 4 Features (Select Next Loadout and Modify Loadouts [mid-game from Pause Menu option], Forge Trait Zone Properties) -Missing Halo 4 Loadout Content (Tactical Packages [Fast Track - gives more XP in Halo 4 games for MCC] & [Resistor]) and Support Upgrades [Survivor & Recharge]) -Missing Halo 4 Armor Permutations (Mark V, Prefect, ODST, Ricochet [\_permutations\_(Halo\_4)\])
-Missing Halo 4 Armor Skins - Consisting of armor and camos for helmets, chests, shoulders, forearms, legs (Air Assault VERG, Air Assault VISN, Aviator BOND, CIO WEB, CIO RUIN, CIO RUSH, Commando FRCT, Contoured, Contoured SHRD, Defender CTRL, Defender CLMN, Enforcer TRBL, Enforcer TRCR, Engineer EDGE, EOD SHDW, EVA BRCH, Gungnir PULS, GV-09 Locking, GV-09 Locking FRST, Hazop FRST, Infiltrator TRAC, Infiltrator PYTN, Inner-plated, Inner-plated WEB, Inner-plated TOXC, LG-50 Bulk, LG-50 Bulk PULS, LG-50 Bulk CLMN, Oceanic CRCT, Oceanic SLID, Operator SRFC, Orbital AEON, Orbital SWFT, Outer-plated, Outer-plated RPTR, Outer-plated BYNT, Outer-plated CRCT, Outer-plated TOXC, Over-locking, Over-locking WEB, Pathfinder CORE, Pioneer ADPT, Protector DRFT, Raider DSTT, Ranger STRK, Recon SURG, Recruit PRME, Recruit TIGR, RG-63 Counter, RG-63 Counter PRME, RG-63 Counter FRST, Ricochet HMTM, Rogue FCUS, Scout APEX, Scout TOXC, Soldier ZNTH, Stalker CRSH, Tracker ADRT, Twin-plated, Twin-plated AEON, Twin-plated SWFT, Vanguard CNVG, Venator RPTR, Venator BYNT, Venator RFCT, War Master PRML, Warrior MTRX, Wetwork SHRD, XG-89 Narrow, XG-89 Narrow RPTR, XG-89 Narrow BYNT, XV-27 Shifting, XV-27 Shifting PULS, XV-27 Shifting CRCT, XV-27 Shifting SLID [\_permutations\_(Halo\_4)#Armor\])
-Missing Halo 4 Weapon Skins (Champions Bundle skins & Figure exclusive skins [\_skins\_(Halo\_4)#Champions\_Bundle\_skins &\_skins\_(Halo\_4)#Figure\_exclusive\_skins\])
-Missing Halo 4 Visors (Recruit, Solar, Frost, Midnight, Cyan, Blindside, Sunspot, Verdant, Legendary, Wetwork, Operator, Pioneer, Pathfinder, Engineer, Stalker, Rogue, Tracker [\_permutations\_(Halo\_4)#Visors\])
-Missing Halo 4 Stances (Recruit, Heroic, Assassin, Last Stand, Breach, Stand, Believe, Assault, Seasoned, Menace, Loyalty, Lookout, Confident, Drawn, Flank, Grandstand, Determined [\_4\])
>Earnable XP in Forge and Custom Games, Including Firefight (Get like a max of 6,000XP for 10 minutes a custom game match) >Add Missing Multiplayer Game Modes -Improved Punishing System [Not like reporting system] (Team Killing/Idling/Suiciding/Cheating and other negative behavior (Automated Reputation Tracking System that tracks betrayals, suicides, quits, long idles, macro movements, players xbox live reputation - Even if the player is not kicked from match for things like betrayals, they keep track of it of a pattern of behavior and if they constantly have bad rep, average betrayals often in matches or hurts teammates multiple times in a match [obviously there are accidents and 1 time is an accident but for those that try to a work around it by hurting teammates close to death for an enemy to finish them off or scare the teammate or to hurt the teammate after they were injured by an enemy and assisted in helping the enemy get the kill by finishing your teammate off this will be recorded behavior], even records you picked up a power weapon after a betrayal or get into a powerful vehicle, 5 to 10 seconds after the betrayal, which suggests possible intentional [including always being 1 betrayal from being kicked, also destroyed teammate occupied vehicles, but excludes game modes where betrayals are expected like grifball], often suicides in matches, idles a lot [always edging the idle time before being kicked from match for afk/afc], noticing macro-like behavior but can’t be conclusive but happens often, tracks quit history [either they intentionally did it or disconnects], and also factors in xbox live reputation. If a player has high marks in 2 or more categories it will affect the player score where they only will get lined up with people in the same range. So if you have a reputation of TKing that is high and also quitting often, you will only be able to line up with players with the same behaviors of TK problems and quitting. The way to improve your reputation is through gameplay being cautious of behavior. If you can no longer find matches because of your behavior, you will get your levels improve after each month [xbox rep improves on its own after 6 months reports after that are removed]. Holding players more accountable for their behaviors matchmaking to not ruin the experience for others)
>Matchmaking Composer Expanded (Customize your social experience by going further and selecting maps, not just halo games, and gametype variants, like 1-Flag or 2 Flag CTF. Customize the Social playlist the way you want it)
>Halo Reach VS FF/Customizable Firefight
>Missing Custom Game Features/In-game Party Leader Controls (Force Team Change, Changing Teams, Host Boot Ability/In-game and Looby Boot/Kick Player, Force Even Teams at start and join in players, Change Custom Game Privacy Option/Settings [Open/Invite/Friends/Close])
>Halo CEA: Missing Scanned Library Items Menu (A connect feature back on the original HCEA game but a lot of people wanting this would settle for just having it in the Library Feature added to the Extras Menu. Possibly add other items from other campaigns as well for those that love to read up on Halo lore.)
>Voice Masking (Was in Halo 2, muffled players voices, add to all games as an option) >Voice Proximity (Was in Halo 2, could hear nearby players, add to all games as an option) >Widescreen Mode (Screen split vertical, instead of horizontally in Splitscreen)
>Handicap settings ([None, Minor, Moderate, Severe] designed to balance playing field for players with different skill levels, add to all games as an option)
>Muting players in Lobby (Currently can't see who is talking and unable to know who to mute that is trying to be a DJ)
>Missing Emblem on Armor
>Halo Game Bridge Feature [Integrating Halo MCC/Halo 5/Halo Infinite] (Putting Halo 5 I don’t see ever happening and 343i I believe already said it will not happen. But it would be nice to expand that Halo 5 link in Halo MCC menu and instead it integrates Halo MCC, Halo 5 and Halo Infinite with a bridged connection feature that transitions you to each game with ease if you have the game installed, whether on PC or Xbox. And you can also take parties with you if all the players have the game installed, if not it will tell you who doesn’t have the game, like old school with the gamertag blinking. This makes it so you can remove those players, or encourage them to download the game, and not have to make everyone in the party quit and rejoin in the other halo games which would be a hassle. This also hints at adding Halo 5 to PC and not the Halo 5 Forge but instead turn that game into a full fledged proper PC with all features and modes and make the game free on Xbox and PC, as at this point Halo 5 gets it’s money from microtransactions anyways at this point as no one new is buying the game anymore but MS will still be able to get further MTX in Halo 5 from the PC crowd, and with cross-platform play having an opt-in feature will join halo 5 players on both xbox and pc and increase population count as custom games in halo 5 forge is dead because there is no cross-play and also help PVP and PVE matchmaking as well. Also fix all the KB+M features that are currently present on Halo 5 Forge and have it fully working. It would be weird to have Halo 5 be the only Halo game not on PC. Hell, they can even do the same with MCC and add to both the Halo App/Windows Store and to Steam to allow for modding. I would expect this would be a lot easier than adding the entire Halo 5 game into MCC and making the game far too large and unstable that 343i already said when adding Halo Reach and having to re-add everything back it would be way too much work to import Halo 5 into the MCC. This way on PC or Xbox you can play all 3 games quickly and jump around in campaigns, matchmaking, custom games and so on. Giving the Halo community and new plays a full Halo experience. It would even be revolutionary as no other games really seems to do this and would be innovative and Halo would be setting a standard feature trend that other game developers don’t do for their games that would encourage them to do so for game series like CoD, Battlefield, GTA and so on.
Features most likely are not going to happen but fans still really want to see (potential Modder content)
>New Armors, Nameplates, Emblems (Halo Reach, Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 4) >CE/H2C Forge & Theater (This is something I have seen mentioned a few times but I highly doubt this will ever get added. But funny enough there was Halo 2 forge that did exist in Vista but I believe it was created by a mod so chances are maybe some modders bight create such an ability in the future but otherwise I don’t see this happening)
>Add PVP to ODST (Use ODST Firefight Maps to play PVP)
>Full MCC Anniversary (Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Halo 4 given Anniversary treatment, not remaster of some minor graphical and sound improvements to original but the CEA and H2A treatment. Highly doubt this will happen but maybe modders with raytracing might make it possible in the future)
>Fix Halo CE Graphical difference from PC vs Xbox []
>Complete All Halo 2 Anniversary Maps (people forge the maps or modders could make them as well or make anniversary graphics on classic maps with Multiplayer graphics like Generalkidd’s video [Halo CEA and Halo 2A])
>CE to CEA Multiplayer Texture Swap (Halo CE Swap Multiplayer textures with the Anniversary Graphics, Halo2A swap weapon skins in Multiplayer with their Campaign versions and sound/projectiles. Can add to the User Skins Enable option or another option below for CE/H2A) >Kinect Features (Voice Commands, 3D Mode)
>Halo 3/Halo Reach/Halo 4 Remastered (ray tracing, some modding already does the trick)
>Playable Elites on CE Multiplayer (Option to turn off visual is user skin and not useable in competitive playlists) >Legacy Nameplates and Emblems to Halo MCC -Legacy Reach Nameplates (Default, Septagon, DMR, Bungie, Marathon, Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Assault Rifle, Spartan Helmet, HALO, Star) -Legacy Reach Emblems -Legacy Halo 2 Nameplates (Default,, staff, Bungie, Stars - Vista, Bungie and Stars - Vista)
-Legacy Halo 2 Emblems
-Legacy Halo 3 Nameplates (Default, Seventh Column, Bungie, Pro)
-Legacy Cross Gen Emblems (Infected Ver. 1)
>Halo MCC Missing Nameplates (7 cut nameplates,, &\_Cut\_Nameplates.jpg) >Add Cut Customization Content -Cut Halo Reach Armor (PRESERVE-class Mjolnir & CONDEMNED-class Mjolnir [\_Mjolnir &\_Mjolnir\] GRD was one of them hinted that GameCheat13 found in MCC but no word on it since []) -Cut Halo 2/Halo 3 Arbiter Armor [Arbiter Skin\_permutations\_(Halo\_3)\] -Cut Halo 4 Armor (Hayabusa[ &])
-Cut Halo 4 Weapon Skins (Blast (BLS) & Concrete (CTE) []) >Add Legacy Deleted/Cut Content (Overall Cut/Altered Weapons, Vehicles, Creatures, Maps, Gametypes []) -Halo Reach Deleted/Cut Content (Sabre Slayer) -Halo CE Deleted/Cut Content (Gravity Rifle, Gravity Wrench, Machete, Shielded Carrier Forms, Engineers, Sharquoi) -Halo 2C Deleted/Cut Content (Kestrel, Warthog Variants, Flood Juggernauts, Covenant Ship (Mission), Forerunner Tank (Mission), Cut E3 Demo New Mombasa Mission) -Halo 3 Deleted/Cut Content (Playable Brutes, Guardian Forest (Mission)) -Halo 3 ODST Deleted/Cut Content (Elite Plasma Rifle) -Halo 4 Deleted/Cut Content (Revenant, Stasis Rifle, Hornet) >Forgeable Firefight (Be able to forge maps and add enemy spawns and play with friends) >Halo 4 Season 2 Spartan Ops (something originally supposed to happen in Halo 4 but never came to be) >Add Halo Online Content (Maps, Weapons, Weapon Skins, Vehicles Skins, Armor Abilities, Powerups, etc) >Add Halo 5 Armors to Halo 4 (Backwards Importing)
>Independent Legacy Competitive Ranks (H2C, H3, HR, H4. H2A and HCE would just use MCC's design. Could possibly just show up in profile as Halo an Image so if you get a 50 in Halo 2 Classic, it will show that image in your profile the legacy 50 rank symbol)
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2020.07.04 22:59 numbwithnocore Challenge isn't fun, stop shoving stakes into your fucking games

I will never understand this bizarre trend of playing video games with the most restrictions, limitations, and weaknesses over games where you have infinite power. I just don't get it. Are you masochists? Do you enjoy pain? Why would you play a game where you can die in 3 shots if you stop to take a second to relax and get your bearings? Being deprived of power isn't fun. Being weak isn't fun. I don't want to feel like i'm "progressing" because that necessitates grinding, and grinding isn't fun.
You know what IS fun? Spawning the entire game map as a car in gta online and flying around phasing Los Santos through itself. Spawning in an indestructible behemoth-sized planet killer with 900 one-shot-KO cannons mounted on the front, and then firing them ALL at the single surviving lunar colony. Spawning in debug/dev only assets to elicit a giggle and then having your friend try to possess one of the debug rag dolls to make janky wonky collision detection go ape shit.
Modding is fun. Godmode is fun. Cheats, unlimited ammo, etc are all fun. Playing through the game "normally" is a fucking slog. Fuck you for supporting this shit, and fuck you for not demanding a 2020 sandbox called The Holodeck where Space Engineers, PULSAR Lost Colony, Star Trek Bridge Commander's Quick Battle mode, minecraft's creative mode, EF2's shooting mechanics, Anthem's javelins, Fallout 4's external frame-like tank-like iron man-esque power armor, and all the visual fidelity of Unreal Engine 4 are combined into the ultimate no-loading-screens controllable universe sandbox. THIS is what the world needs, not another shitty pew pew pew army man Call Of Duty title where you have 5 minutes to complete an objective or you've gotta do the whole match over again.
Edit: I've discovered Skyrim Together. It's everything I could've ever wanted. It checks ALL the boxes. Server connections that don't care about your mods, access to the console, ALL dev commands, and OP weapons all in a (mostly) synchronized multi-player drop in/drop out environment. I CAN LITERALLY FLY THE TARDIS TO MEET SOMEONE AND THEN CHOOSE TO FIGHT EXCLUSIVELY IN GODMODE I LOVE THIS.
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2020.07.04 05:39 PrimateOfGod What cheat codes do you want in GTA 6?

GTA 5 cheats are lame. There are so few of them and you can hardly do anything with them
I want the jet pack back, I want to be able to spawn tanks and sports cars and motorcycles and airplanes even and ANYTHING like you could in San Andreas, I want a full health/armor code, I want weapon cheats (does GTA 5 have that even?)
The thing about GTA SA that made it so fun wasn't the realism, it was making your car fly and jumping out from the sky and fall to the ground with only a tad bit of health left then regenerate it all, summon infinite ammo and blast people with a full range of weaponry without any worry about cops because you have the No Cops cheat on.
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2020.05.18 05:08 gorillawilla [USA][H] Huge Collection - $5 Games - Deals - PS4, PS2, PS1, PSP, GC, & Wrestling DVDs [W] PayPal

Edit: List Updated, strike through on the items no longer available. I'm open to offers.
What's up GameSale! I'm getting rid of my entire collection of PS2, PS1, PSP Games and Pro Wrestling DVDs. Every item is $5 unless its noted. Bundle deals for each $5 item - 2 for $8 - 3 for $12. Please add $3 for shipping. I'm open to all deals just let me know in the comments. If there is an item you are interested I am sure we can work something out.
Greatest Hits Label
Black Label
Loose PS2 Games
PSP Loose
PS4- Red Dead Redemption II (sealed) $30
NGC - Lego Star Wars II

Wrestling DVDs - $5 each

DVDs - $5 each, unless noted
  1. Borat
  2. Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai
  3. Dracula - Dead and Loving It
  4. Robin Hood - Men in Tights
  5. The Proposition
  6. PIE 3.14
  7. Lost Highway
  8. Boyz N the Hood
  9. Menace II Society
  10. Die Hard
  11. Up in Smoke
  12. V for Vendetta
  13. Raging Bull
  14. Taxi Driver
  15. Constantine
  16. Apocalypse Now - The Complete Dossier
  17. Dr. Strangelove - Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  18. Pulp Fiction - Collector’s Edition
  19. True Romance - Unrated Director’s Cut
  20. Akira
  21. Batman Begins
  22. All The President’s Men
  23. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
  24. Enter the Dragon
  25. Dawn of the Dead $20
  26. Sin City - Recut, Extended, Unrated
  27. Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection (5 movies)
  28. Caligula - The Imperial Edition $10
  29. The Evil Dead - Ultimate Edition $10
  30. Watchmen - The Ultimate Cut, The Complete Story $10
  31. Darkwing Duck vol. 2
  32. The Year without a Santa Claus deluxe edition
  33. Surf’s Up
  34. Darkwing Duck vol. 1
  35. Unico - In the Island of Magic
  36. Home Alone 2
  37. Home Alone
  38. Bee Movie
  39. The Mighty Ducks/D2
  40. Animaniacs vol. 2
  41. Curb Your Enthusiasm - $20 shipped for the lot or $5 each
  42. SSN 1 (wear and tear on back of dvd case)
  43. SSN 2
  44. SSN 3
  45. SSN 4
  46. SSN 5 (dvds do not slide out smoothly)
  47. SSN 6 (dvds do not slide out smoothly)
  48. The Tick - The Entire Series! Live Action.
  49. The Tick vs. Season One
  50. EXO Squad
  51. Mr. Show - $12 shipped fot the lot or $5 each
  52. SSN 1 & 2
  53. SSN 3
  54. SSN 4
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2020.04.29 09:37 paarthurnaxisbae I don't enjoy Skyrim with Mods and i don't know why.

I've played over 900 hours of Vanilla Skyrim (500 SE; 200 LE; 200 Switch) and i never installed a single Mod not even SkyUI or whatsoever. Every time i run Skyrim with Mods installed, i kinda feel weird, almost like im cheating on the game. Until now, i brought myself to at least install SkyUI and USP cause "that wont hurt so much".
I really don't enjoy Mods and i don't even know why. I play Minecraft; GMod; GTA, JC3; Witcher 3 with hundreds of Mods, even games like World Of Tanks as crazy as it sounds, i even play that with mods.
I would consider me as a Modder, cause i mod the f out of Games and sometime even write some myself.
Not the same with Skyrim. Mods completely ruin the game for me. Im kind of used to those "old" graphics, i have a High-End Computer so it could run this game oN 4K wItH 16K tExTuReS and so on.
I don't know if its nostalgia or just my brain going nuts every time i start this game. Same with Fallout 4.
tl;dr: I don't enjoy Skyrim with Mods and i don't know why.
Thanks for Reading, I guess... I really wonder if someone else thinks or feels that way.
Have a Good Day,
A Skyrim Fan
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2020.04.07 13:32 AquastreamSwimSchool How to cheat in GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas cheat codes are fundamental for any eventual criminal who needs to jump directly to the activity, giving you the capacity to do everything from producing tanks and weapons to changing the climate.
Now GTA San Andreas is accessible on a scope of stages, so beneath you'll discover our rundown of all GTA San Andreas undermines PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox and portable - in addition to a clarification of how to enter cheats in San Andreas - so you can unleash destruction in Los Santos any place you're playing.
Spare before you enter them - this is an undeniable one, however, ensure you generally spare before entering cheats, just in the event that something turns out badly and you cause excessively much ruin.
A ton of cheats can't be deactivated - while reemerging most "mode"- style cheats (ones that switch something on or off, as a moderate movement for example) will raise a "Cheat Deactivated" warning, we regularly found when testing them out this didn't do anything and the cheat stayed dynamic until we quit the game or reloaded a spare. This is another motivation to spare your game first!
A portion of the underneath cheats are untested - we've tried each and everyone in the PC segment to affirm that they work, yet haven't had the option to go through the entirety of their reassure reciprocals. We've cross-referenced them from a couple of sources to significantly increase check, yet do simply take those with a slight touch of salt.
for more indfo:
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2020.03.27 07:00 yankees032778 How to spawn a tank

Due to quarantine, I downloaded GTA IV on my X Box One. Is it possible to spawn a tank? The phone number cheat (272-555-8265) does not work for me
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2020.01.20 10:43 poptartgod97 This is pretty long, but need to finally put this into words.

This is the story of me and my ex gf, the one who nearly broke me, or already has and I just don’t know it yet.
We met in January of 2018. She knew my boss at work from another job and became a supervisor where I work. We got along fine, didn’t talk much to each other outside of work conversation. We were also both in a relationship, mine of about 2 months and hers, well, I’ll get to that. As time passed we started to talk more and more, and before I knew it i was starting to develop feelings for her. She was both a supervisor and swim instructor (i lifeguarded at a Lifetime fitness pool) and watching her interact with kids was really something to watch. She was so sweet with them and they seemed to want to learn from her and me being a former swimmer it really touched my heart. Around late March, early April she broke things off with her bf. I wouldn’t find that out until later but it made sense because April was the time where things really got going between us.
We already had each other’s numbers due to work, but we found ourselves carrying on the conversation more and more with every text. May saw the decline between me and my gf at the time. It had nothing to do with my soon to be work gf, they were issues in my relationship separate from her. And at the end of May, things were done. And now, work gf. The moment i broke the news that i was now single, she was very interested. I downloaded tinder shortly after my breakup, mostly for some entertainment with a small hint of potential love. I soon found I wouldn’t need it. As a matter of fact, my relationship with my work gf stemmed from Bumble. I found her profile, sent her a screenshot teasing her a bit, and the next thing I know i have a date planned with her after work the next Saturday. I kissed her on the first date, and then a little more on the second date, and after the third, that kiss sent sparks flying that we both felt with immense potency. That night I snuck out of the house for the first time ever, to join her for a night in which, I rounded bases. It was great, we were both selfless which made it all the more enjoyable. The morning after at work was awkward, but the good awkward. The awkward where you both know what you both did and any amount of eye contact will cause laughter and sly looks. She went on vacation for a week and i dreaded her absence. I was head over heels for this girl and she was for me, and i knew i had to seal the deal and make things official. There was only one problem…she was still living with her bf, who was the father of her child.
On july 4th, i finally made things official by asking her to be my girlfriend, solidifying our love affair. Our summer love was one for the movies. We could hardly be separated. We spent nearly every night together having sex, late night conversations, and cuddling as we slept until it was time for me to go home before my parents were aware of my absence. Work was certainly a more pleasant experience with her there, and things were just really great. I took on the role of being a potential step father better than i expected. I always dreamt of being a loving husband, not so much a dad, or a step dad. But I loved my gf, so I learned to love her daughter. Things were great. Of course, things weren’t perfect due to her situation. The bf she broke up with in March was her baby daddy. They shared an apartment together and the relationship was abusive and toxic, so she moved back in with her mother. The dad, to put it simply, despised me. He threatened me over text to come to my work and beat me up (never did) he got ahold of my snapchat through her phone, he tried direct messaging me on instagram, twitter, along with his buddies who were just as charming as him, and he continually harassed me in any way he could. I didn’t mind tho, my now gf wasn’t much of a help, but that was essentially the strategy: just ignore him. And it kinda worked, dude was all talk so he ended up not being worth caring about. My gf and I continued to be happy together, and went on our first vacation together to kings island. She eventually met my parents, and it went amazingly. She was so beautiful that day. I’ll never forget that, for better or worse. August 17th would be the last day i stay home until i move two states over my junior year of college. We made quite the effort to cram as much time together as possible within the winding weeks until my departure. It was a sad day, but we were optimistic. I ended up visiting her two weeks in, and a couple weeks after that, she visited me. We facetimed constantly, texted, snapchatted, constant communication. Pretty typical of two young people in love i guess. We enjoyed it tho. Things were great. Our relationship continued to be on the rise…until it wasn’t.
It all happened so sudden. With one text everything changed. She told me she was having discharge, and eventually found out she had an STD. Given our summer romance, there was verrrrrrrry little chance i also did not have one. Breaking news: I did not. $100 down the toilet to find out i didn’t have one. But she did. This complicated things. When she first got pregnant, she found out she had another STD from her baby daddy, and got treated obviously for the baby. To this day, i don’t know how to fully navigate the situation in my mind, and i certainly had no idea at the moment. Two possible scenarios: 1. she confessed she had sex with her toxic piece of shit baby daddy after giving birth, but only once, so perhaps she contracted another STD because of his piece of shit, promiscuous behavior. And it somehow remained dormant throughout 9 months. Through our sexual exploits that were frequent. Or. 2. She cheated on me. Either with the baby daddy or someone else. Seems the obvious answer but like i said we talked constantly, and she was a single mother in school. How she found the time to cheat, i don’t know. But it’s possible. We managed to get past the ordeal, as i chose to believe her when she adamantly stood by her stance that she didn’t cheat, despite my friends thinking otherwise. I rejoined a fraternity i was a part of my freshman year. October was scheduled to have a semi-formal and i had an easy date to it. Until she couldn’t go. So i asked her if i could take a friend from work, and she accepted. Until she magically forgot. And she confessed that she could go after all after working things out, but now she was furious with me. Not only that, but the relationship itself was in trouble as she had serious concern that i was cheating. The irony. After some tears and fearful pleas for forgiveness, we found a resolution. She wasn’t totally wrong, sad to say. Granted, i did absolutely nothing physical that would remotely count as cheating, i’d be hard pressed to say i even flirted with her, if only a little. But i did have a small crush, and i found her attractive. Again, ironic my relationship began after a love that died and with my relationship slowly dying, potential love was on the horizon again. But unfortunately, this is not a romance novel, this is a tragedy. I broke the news to her that i wouldn’t be taking her, and since we haven’t spoken. Fair to say i’ve burned that bridge and i deserve it. So, now everything was lined up for me to go to semi-formal with the love of my life. And to my surprise we had a lovely time together, but to every positive there’s for sure a negative (pretty cynical eh?) She was also a part of greek life, much to my encouragement earlier in the school year. She found herself in an executive position and in doing so, got to travel to Columbus, Ohio for a leadership retreat. On Saturday. And semi-formal. Was Friday. Night. For context i guess i should say we both lived in Indiana, she went to school in state and i went to school in Iowa. Anyway, the only way this would work out is if i drive to her, go to formal, and then drive her back. And so i did. We agreed on splitting up the driving. Breaking news: that did not happen. The drive to my school and her school is a smooth 360 miles. Going one way. Alright, i’m about to do this in one breath: INHALE So i drive to her thursday night at around 6, get there around 11-11:30 (keeping in mind time zone change) ,we don’t leave until 12, she drives 133 miles to the dot, and then i take over. We get to my dorm at 4:15am, i don’t sleep because i work at 5:30, i don’t sleep getting back from work thanks to her, we go to formal, have a splendid time, we leave around 11:30pm, and i drive the whole way back to drop her off at around 5 for her to get into a mini van with sorority sisters in which she continues her slumber from our car ride, i high tail it back to school to get back at around 11:30, nearly crashing my car from extreme exhaustion, only to walk directly to work at noon, until 4. exhale I’m the type of person who will go above and beyond for the people i love no matter the cost to myself. Mentally, physically, or financially. At this point i was broke. My credit card maxed out, tanking my credit score that has somewhat recovered today. Paycheck to paycheck i’m maintaining. Just barely. I’m trying to save up to buy her Ariana Grande concert tickets for her birthday in March. Meanwhile, we’re arguing everyday. Literally not a day goes by without an argument. Big or small. Distance has only exacerbated the underlying issues at hand. My friend suggested i have a tough conversation about the relationship, only to have her twist my perception that my friend is wrong, and everything else is fine. But it makes things worse. Every plea to rectify things between causes more uproar as she feels nothing is wrong, and whatever is wrong will just go away. We start to bring out the toxic tendencies in each other. Bitterness, jealousy, hateful comments, the usual. She visits me in November, with a gift. It’s a record player. With tons of records of musical artists we both love to listen to together. It was the best present i ever got. Despite the record player being a cheap Crosley. Could this be the turning point in saving this relationship? Haha no. The weekend she visits ends with a rather bitter end. A huge argument leads me to telling her to go home early, which she attempts, but again we find a resolution. Can’t remember what it was about. None were important enough to remember. Makes it hurt a little more. She eventually leaves by force of time, on relatively good terms. We talk on the phone on the drive back, as she doubts if this relationship will last with the distance. I signed a lease with good friends for an apartment without consulting her in early October. This implies more of time we’re in a distance relationship. This causes her doubt. I reject it. Like i have every day of the relationship i vow to trudge this relationship through the mud as long as i need to before we can live the life we used to always talk about. Marriage, a family, the usual. We don’t talk about that much anymore at this point. Just arguing. She even ignores me on my birthday because i choose to be with my friends rather than facetime her. It happens. Thanksgiving break comes and i come home for the week. Almost like a perfectly conducted play we argue right on cue on my first day back. Less late night conversations and more going right to sleep, because i guess we’re only happy in our dreams at this point. Black Friday shopping causes quite the rift. I tag along shopping for her and her daughter like a good boyfriend, but like a not so good boyfriend i am rather disgruntled as the shopping drags on. The breaking point of her frustration with me comes when i accidentally run into her with the shopping cart. She storms off. She calls me to take her home while she waits in the car, she wants to break up. I do something i’m not proud of. I refuse to take her home. I lock the car doors and take her phone as she threatens to call her mom. I’m scared and desperate, but i’m despicable all at once at this moment. I eventually take her home, with the most silent car ride of our relationship. Hours later, she doesn’t want to break up anymore. We kiss and makeup. Things couldn’t be worse. Until, they became worse.
I leave for the final weeks of school. I ignore the impending winter storm that is to come so i can spend an extra day with her. Big mistake. I end up caught in an absolute white hell as i drive a quaint 7-12mph through the midwest to get to school with a friend. We dig out the car about 5 times. The road looks like the grass. We’re at the border of Iowa. We’re stuck again. We have to be towed. I plunge further into financial distress. She calls me. She’s mad i didn’t tell her of my situation, and then worries for me. She says she loves me, and tells me to text her when i make it back safely. I tell her i’ll be okay and i make her go to sleep. The final stretch to school looks like an apocalyptic aftermath. Cars on the side of the road everywhere. We don’t stop. 14-15 hours later, we’re back. It’s 5am and i text her i made it back safely. I sleep through every class, wasn’t planning to go anyway. Didn’t go much anyway. The semester ends, and i come home. My grades are terrible. I’m kicked out of school. I skipped class and failed to study due to my devotion of time to my gf. It affected everything else. My family is disappointed, my friends hate me, and my mental health is slipping. I have my first ever of many mental breakdowns by November. Helplessly crying, failing to breathe, anxiety through the roof. At least I still have her. That’s the only thing i have. I get another job while home, i’ll be there a while now. But, there’s a bright side. The distance relationship is no more and now we can finally try to rekindle what the summer was. Things start off fairly nicely. I bought tickets for us to go to a hockey game on new years in the summer, and i surprise her with the Ariana Grande tickets, except she already knew. Still, she was happy, which made me happy. We stay in a hotel over new years, we argue of course, but things turn out okay. It quickly dissolves. More constant arguing. Only this time, the roles have reversed. See, when i was in school i tried to become multi faceted, joining the fraternity, hanging with friends, taking school seriously, all while striking a nice balance between all of them, including my gf. But she felt she didn’t get a big enough piece of the pie that is me, so everything else dwindled. But now, she’s involved in everything, and i have nothing to do. I soon find to be begging her for the attention, but unlike me she does not acquiesce. She uses her daughter as one of the many reasons why she doesn’t have time for me. She’s trying to be a nurse on top of it all. Go figure. At this point, things are bleak. The relationship is suspended in a realm of bitterness and disappointment, but not enough bend to break it. Now, here might be the climax. I drive to her house in the middle of the night like i always do, except this drive was different. I felt numb. Thoughts of being dead crowded my conscious mind. The path to her house once off the highway is simple. Go past 2 stoplights, turn left on the third. Turn right on the next street. And then keep going all the way until i eventually turn left, her neighborhood right there. On the final road before her neighborhood, it’s a long road with telephone poles strung along the side of the road. This night, I remember something odd. While playing GTA 5 i finally ask why i’m able to run into metal light poles and stoplights, but not the wooden poles. My friends tell me that metal poles are often hallow. Wooden ones are not. You’ll go right through the metal poles, but the wooden poles will stop you in your tracks. Perfect. At the same time, i’m enveloped in the knowledge that the girl who i have deemed the love of my life, the one who i have been willing to become a step father for, makes me miserable. Absolutely miserable. Everything she once loved about me she only found hatred for. I truly want to die because the reality of living any further is just more misery. My foot continues to press on the gas. I’m going to run into a wooden pole and end it all. And i look forward to it. The thought of me being dead brings me peace, knowing it’ll deliver me from this painful i have chosen to live. I have decided my purpose in life is to love deep and put love at the height of my priorities. And with that conviction causing me so much pain, life is meaningless. I’m about to jerk the steering wheel, my muscles twitching, almost begging to constrict. 70 mph should kill me. Without a doubt. But i don’t do it. I stop myself from drifting slowly to the wooden poles, setting up for me to quickly slam into death, and I brake hard, and then i stop. Idk why i stopped. I didn’t think of her, i didn’t think of my family, i only thought of death. So why did i stop. Who knows. Divine intervention? If so, then it also got me into this mess so, good riddance. I stare blankly. I don’t cry, i’m not angry, i’m just numb. After a couple minutes i continue driving normally. I tell her what i almost did, she cries. I don’t. We hold each other close. I fail to tell her why. Maybe never will. Things continue to get worse for us. My attempted suicide a mere calendar event that has simply passed. Back to reality. The arguing is a little better, but how much is better from absolute shit. The end of February comes, and she finally sits me down to declare that she wants to take a break. We both cry hard, but she feels it’s necessary. She admits she has been doubting the relationship for the past 4 months. Ignored it all the way. Didn’t tell me. The next day, i download tinder. Perhaps shitty of me, but i’ve lost my sanity at this point. Besides, she changes her mind the next day and wants me back. Only problem is her friend found me on tinder, and that causes complications. We miraculously move past it, and finally she decides to get to the bottom of what’s been plaguing us. Something i had desperately trying to do all along. But it’s a moment of pleasure. Finally, things can be on track. I visited my best friend from home to celebrate his birthday. I tell him all of what has transpired in my relationship. Over the weekend, I’m convinced that i no longer need her. Or want her. I get home and i break things off. The weeks prior involve more messiness. She threatens self harm, i go to her, i give in. But then she moves on, and then i’m forced to move on all over again. It takes a while, Spring, then summer, fall, and now in the winter of 2020, i’m doing okay.
I’m at peace with myself and the situation. I’ve figured out that my 110% devotion of myself to love and who i love is okay, so long as that person doesn’t take advantage of me. It’s who i am and who i’m meant to be. I’m a different person than i was before the relationship, but i’m starting to see maybe i’m better more than i’m worse. I guess we’ll see.
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2020.01.07 12:48 BSGBramley 2019 in Review

Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a while so thought I would write an overview on each game I have played this year. It has been a busy year for me with many family health issues, so I’m sorry if any of these were released more recent than the 6-month mark, but the majority weren’t.
Horizon Zero Dawn
This game has a unique premise that I loved, with robots taking over the world pushing humans back to the stone ages. The subtle hints of the past (Pictures of the 'Bracelets' you find are clearly watches) was fun to find. and fighting the huge metal creatures was always fun and unique. I would advise cranking the difficulty up, as on the lower difficulties at the end you can kill most things with a single arrow, which defeats a large part of the fun. However, if like me and you don’t have much time to game it’s a way of getting through the story which is well worth playing through. Facial animations are a little bad and wooden though 8/10
Links Awakening (Switch)
This game on the Gameboy was the first ever Zelda game I finished and as a kid I remember it being tough. Replaying it as an adult, it’s easy- Meaning I finished the story in about 15 hours. The graphics are pretty, and I had a lot of fun with this game, however I would wait for the price to drop to at least £20 to be fully worth it. 7/10
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
The Spyro games were my favourite as a child and I fell in love with the purple dragon all over again in this trilogy. £30 for 3 games on release was a very fair asking price for saying its three games in one and completing every game to max % is a fun task, with still some challenging side missions. The graphics are pretty, and although a few review sites mentioned some glitches, I didn’t come across any. 8/10
Crash Team Racing
I didn't realise quite how many remakes I had played this year! However, I never played the original CRT, and more wanted a more challenging Mario Kart, which I grew bored with long ago. I love that CTR has a small story and collectables, and the drifting mechanics and better customization options make this the best kart racing game out there. I also love that the developers keep releasing new karts and characters in the grand prix 9/10
Sea of Thieves
Sea of thieves had a rocky start. Me and my SO always found it a fun game, however the lack of things to do made the game grow a little stale. However, the devs have added a free campaign now (The Tall Tales) and much more to do, making every outing and exciting adventure. I still wouldn’t recommend playing this solo and for long stretches it can get a little stale, however it’s something we return to every few months. 7/10
Psyconaughts is a great game, bringing out the best in the now mostly dead platform genre. When it was released its graphics were amazing, and while it looks blocky its art style resonates and makes it still look beautiful. It looks like Tim Burton made a 90's Nickelodeon cartoon. The story is just as zany as one too. I hope the upcoming seconds game does this justice as this is one of the greats. 8/10
Luigi’s Mansion 3
I have always loved Luigi’s Mansion 2, and this one better in every way. The graphics have been improved, the new moves you get with the poltergust work well and the boss fights have been improved tenfold. I love that they added split screen coop so my SO and I can play together (and did for most of the campaign) 9/10
Dark Souls Remaster.
I'm not going to go into this one too much, as everybody knows what Dark Souls is for better or for worse. Dark Souls 1 is my favourite game of all time, and I got the remaster for £8- The perfect excuse to replay it. I was capturing footages for my lore channel, so followed a 'Cheat Sheet' this time to make sure I didn’t miss anything. 10/10
Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin
Playing the remaster rekindled (no pun intended) my joy for the series, so I finally picked up the SotFS edition, and decided to make my own cheat sheet as this version was lacking one, and I still didn't want to miss anything for the footage. When the original Dark Souls first came out, I never really got into it, but I had a lot more fun than I remember. And this was my first foray into the DLC’s, and they are brilliant. If you want to Get Dark Souls 2, make sure you get this edition. The hit boxes are tighter and fairer. The DLC's are amazing. Still the weakest of the Souls Borne titles but still amazing. 8/10
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
Sekiro was a day one release for me. It’s very rare I trust a developer these days to pre order a game, but I do trust From Software and they delivered. Sekiro is a beautiful game that makes sword fighting an art. It’s harder than the rest of the Souls Borne games as you cannot grind for levels or summon help. However, that made the victory that much more satisfying. I think the only thing it lacked was the dark grim atmosphere and tone that the previous from software titles have. 9/10
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Star Wars Battlefront 2 came out in 2017 and was a disappointment. However, Star Wars is a Christmas Tradition for my family, so I redownloaded it. And this game is gotten good. I'm never really into online shooters, however this kept me hooked for a whole month. Which is about 28 days longer than other online shooters. The graphics are still beautiful, and the maps interesting. My main issues are there needs to be more split screen modes and the single player story is lacking depth. 6/10 I also finished Fallen Order for the same reasons 7/10 great but needs more than ponchos
Read Dead Redemption 2
RDR2 was a beautiful slow-paced journey across the wild west. The story was as amazing as the graphics. I haven’t played the online mode, and probably never will. And the biggest flaw with the game is the sheer length, meaning I probably won't have time to replay it. However, I’m happy I got the opportunity to finish it one. The slow pace will put some people off. If you want a punchier fast story, then stick to GTA which seems a lot quicker. However, for me RDR2 was near perfect. 9/10
Remnant from the Ashes
So, this is probably going to be the weirdest review on here. I saw this game a while before it came out and really wanted it but forgot all about it. Saw it on sale a few weeks after launch and bought it on a whim. Reviews weren’t great, and the game has a lot of issues. However, this game is probably my personal Game of the Year as I honestly had a blast regardless of any issue. The way of getting weapons and armour was unique, meaning many things didn’t appear online for a while. Me and my friend and work talked about what we had found in a way I hadn’t spoken about a game since school. The main drawback of the game is that the final boss is long, dull and introduces a new mechanic which is never explained at any point, and it was released needing a bit more content. However, I hope they add it and the game continues to grow. Graphicly etc the game is probably a 6/10. However, I give it an 8/10
World War Z
If you liked Left 4 Dead, you will like this game. Its the same but 3rd person, and with updated graphics. I think the only thing it lacks is 'special' infected. It has them, but they lack the presence that L4D's did. Some of you will still be able to remember the roar and the music that accompanied the Tank, whereas WWZ lacks that. It is also missing offline split screen mode. However, a great online shooter. 7/10
Blood and Truth
People seemed to love Blood and Truth however this is going to be my first 'bad' review this year (I have been lucky this year) I thought it was fairly meh. The graphics were okay for VR but compared to non-VR games it’s bad. However, we all know graphics aren’t everything. However, the story is okay, and the shooting is fun but with nothing to break it up, so at the end of its 5-hour campaign I was happy it was coming to an end. And interesting VR experience but buy Superhot VR instead. 5/10
Beat Saber
Now this is the greatest VR game I have played. It’s a rhythm game at heart, with slick presentation and a satisfying lightsabre slicing mechanic. Honestly, it’s my favourite music game (I don’t like them usual) 10/10
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
BotW was a fan favourite and got 10/10 from reviewers all over. However, I am one of the weird ones who hated this game. It's pretty but far too shallow for me. There’s a lot to explore, but nothing worth exploring, except for weapons that will break in ten mins anyway. I got 3/4 of the way though when I was ill and desperately wanted to like this game, but just didn’t 4/10
Anno 1800
The latest Anno plays like every other Anno, with slicker visuals. They have removed the ground combat and added multiple maps, which is cool. I love this series and playing with my SO. 8/10
So, I finally sat down and finished Skyrim and honestly. It was dull. Skyrim needs to be played with a Bow and Arrow to be fun, magic is shallow and melee combat is mashing a button. It’s boring and if any other RPG was bad unless you played in a specific way then it would be panned. But because its elder scrolls people forgave it. 4/10 was Massively disappointing
A Way Out
This was the greatest split screen game I have ever player. My SO and I had a blast, however I don't think we would ever play it again. It’s also short. 7/10
Sims 4
I finally 'beat' the Sims 4. By beat I mean, I really wanted to solve the StrangerVille mystery and I did. I’m not much of a Sims player as I like story driven games, not making my own story. However, Strangerville gives you that story. It gave me the time to 'make' a character I wanted and was the first thing that got me into the Sims and wanting to play more. It was good. 7/10
Concreate Genie
This was a beautiful game, with a heart-warming story, however after you have painted the town red (pun very much intended) and seen the story I would never touch it again.
Another remake and I loved it enough to play it to 100% completion. Combat is a little floaty, but the atmosphere is brilliant and the story fun. The new visuals look beautiful. 8/10
Fallout 4
Fallout 4 is dull, and I really didn’t like it. In fact, I put it down very quickly. It is no longer an RPG, but a shooter- with bad shooting mechanics. Overall, it’s the same issues I had with Skyrim. However, with my lack of time I have started to drop games I am not really liking. 4/10
Now the next few games I am still playing, so keep that in mind
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
I had the itch for a Pokémon game, however I get bored of Pokémon very quickly. So, I decided to give the new Digimon game a try in its place and I’m glad I did. Each Digimon has its own animation, the digivolving mechanics are fun. There are a much smaller mount making 'catching them all' feel much more achievable and the story is much more adult. My main problem with the game is that the digiworld is dull, with each place being the same shade of blue or white. I want it to akin to the old TV shows where there is a whole world and biomes to explore. I'm only a quarter of the way through the game, so this may change, and I hope it does. 7/10
The Forest
This is the first game on the list that I have played a large part of but haven’t finished (Yet.) Me and me SO are playing this through together and it’s our favourite survival game to date. The graphics are nice, and it’s an actual out of early access. Meaning bugs are less of a problem that say Ark or 7 Days to Die. The map is a lot smaller, but the devs have packed it with more things in a shorter space. The story is interesting, the game is genuinely creepy. But the real star of the show is the enemy AI, who will adapt to you presence naturally. You can avoid them and even tame them. 7/10
The combat is a little clunky, as are the graphics HOWEVER the game is damn good. I love how the exp system works, where you only really get a decent exp system if you kill an innocent person. Then all their quests fail. There is no way around it, and I love it. I am only on chapter two, so maybe more flaws and positives will become apparent but so far 7/10
Dragon Quest 11
I picked this up on switch. I have played ages have barely scratched the surface. However, the graphics are lovely, the story is charming’s and interesting if not a little daft. So far, I am really liking it. 7/10
Borderlands 3
Another great Borderlands game to play with my SO. I really like the new character classes and skills; however, the antagonist isn’t as good as handsome jack (yet) 9/10
Anyway, I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year
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2019.12.30 20:21 PetethePoet I beat 30 games in 2019. 16 were new and 14 I played in the past. I ranked and wrote a brief review for each game.

2019 was the year I knocked a lot of games off my backlog. Some were newer titles, others I have wanted to play for years, even decades, but didn't get around to them. I also replayed a handful of games that were left installed on a hard drive from my old system. All of these games were beaten on PC. Some of the reviews may contain spoilers.
I tracked my playtime using a final scorecard (Resident Evil / Metal Gear), a final save timestamp, or using a stopwatch for games that did not track accurately. Depending on the game, I take an hour or more off for being afk. There were times when I left a game running or alt-tabbed to do something else.
TLDR at the bottom if you want to see my top 5 for 2019.
1.) Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition (first completion) - Beaten on 1/09/19 in 87 hours.
I started DOS at the tail end of December 2018; It was actually my fourth attempt at the game and I nearly quit again. Without spoiling too much, the opening main quest involves a back and forth murdemystery which is extremely tedious and uninteresting. The whole direction of this first act is very poor, with your party spending a good 8-10 hours in and around the town of Cyseal. While you investigate characters for the quest, you will also be stealing anything of value so you can buy spells and potions. Your party members need to be at their best early on because those first few battles are going to be brutally hard. Thankfully things pickup toward the end of the act 1 with the first real boss, who is a lot of fun and a good challenge. The next 3 acts are far more engaging storywise and there are more tricky battles to come. While DOS2 is the better game, this one holds it's own and actually did some things better. I recommend Divinity: Original Sin to CRPG fans, but if your new to the series it's better to start with second game. In summary, the first act is a real slog, but push through and you will definitely enjoy yourself. 7/10
2.) Pillars of Eternity (first completion) - Beaten on 2/13/19 in 69 hours 30 minutes.
Fantastic game that has pretty much everything I wanted from a modern isometric CRPG. I will never not love the 2.5D isometric graphics; The art style is beautiful and the pre-rendered backgrounds are very detailed. The combat is RTwP like the Infinity Engine games, but it plays so much better. The party AI is actually useful and your characters don't get stuck or stand around like idiots due to bad pathfinding. You can also slow or speed up combat with a press of a hotkey. I love this feature since it lets me micro-manage a tough fight in slow-mo, real-time, without having to pause as much or not at all. Min/maxing is not important like the old DnD games. Forget researching a class build for hours before you even start the game. Pillars is far more accessible, but the classes are diverse enough and the challenge is still there. I enjoyed the unlockable stronghold which acts as a home base of sorts. At first I thought would be a tedious gold sink, but it mixed things up with some fun quests, bounties, and an awesome dungeon below. The game's story was good... albeit a bit generic in it's direction. The mysterious villain was decent and the narrative was mostly engaging, but learning the main character's background and the god's aspect did nothing for me. The companions and their quests were definitely a weak point of this game. I only found two of them somewhat interesting; The others in my party were pretty run-of-the-mill. CRPG's like Pillars will always be compared to the Baldur's Gate series which set the bar very high with it's writing and characters. Overall a great game with fun combat, challenging boss fights, a decent story, good music, and replay value. 8/10 I also played the two DLC. They are solid additions that integrated well with the base game. I beat them in 11.5 hours and 7.5 hours respectively.
3) Resident Evil REmake (first completion) - Beaten on 3/27/19 in 14 hours 43 minutes 31 seconds.
Why did I put this game off for two decades? I could have played the original; I had a PS1 on launch. My friend's had a Gamecube, but I passed on that on opportunity. As a huge horror fan and I can say this is one of the best in the genre and one of the best games of all time period. I wrote a full review for this game, so I'll spare you another wall of text. In short, the game nails the atmosphere with wonderful music and sound design, great level design, fun puzzles, an engaging story, good characters, graphics that hold up very well, and it's challenging throughout. REmake is my benchmark for the rest of the series. 9.5/10
4.) Resident Evil 4 HD (first completion) - Beaten on 4/30/19 in 14 hours 11 minutes 30 seconds.
Going into Resident Evil 4, I knew of it's reputation. While it's more action-orientated and accessible than the first 3 games, many fans consider it the peak of the series. I also found it at the top or in the top 3 of many worst-best lists ranking the series. I personally take reviews and ratings with a grain of salt, but after being super impressed by the REmake I had high expectations. I definitely enjoyed RE4, but it had flaws, and I found there were parts where they developers could have done better. I'll keep this short since I am going to write a full review at some point. The good: boss fights, story / characters, humor, upgradeable weapons and inventory, the castle level, and escorting Ashley was actually fun. The bad: game stability, lack of creative puzzles, the FOV and tank controls, bullet sponge enemies, and quick time events. The stability was a HUGE problem and had me close to quitting many times. I have never had a game crash at so many points. I tried many, many fixes, but after Chapter 1 is was totally random. I lost over 2 hours of progress at one point due not being able to save in the current area and then the game crashed at the next loading screen/door. RE4 is the most unstable game I have ever played PERIOD! I remember crashing 10 times on the same door in Chapter 1... Gripes aside, this was a good game, but not on the same level as REmake. I personally prefer survival horror over action games with minor horror elements. 7.5/10
5.) Tyranny (first completion) - Beaten on 5/17/19 in 28 hours 34 minutes 53 seconds.
Awesome premise for a game, but it's so short... You are probably thinking "what..? 28 hours is short?" Well for a CRPG, yes it's short. Plus I did everything I could before wrapping up the final quest. I'm sure you could beat the game in half the time without rushing. The story starts great and the amount of dialogue choices your character has is better than a lot of CRPGs. The problem is your choices are not impactful in the later acts of the game and the overall ending, regardless of choice, is very underwhelming. Some problems with this game include very few boss fights (if you can call them that), forgettable companions, swearing that comes off as tacky, and uninteresting loot. Also for a game with so much choice, you can't attack neutral NPC's or kill your companions..? I'd like to see a sequel, but I don't think it's ever going to happen. 6.5/10
6.) Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition (first co-op completion) - Beaten on 2/14/19 in 55 hours 56 minutes.
I'll keep this short. The game is not fun cooperative due to the combat. With chaotic battles or boss fights, you have to constantly pause to asses whats going on. Well when you pause, it obviously pauses for your partner too. With so much going on in a fight you will both want to pause, make your move, un-pause, and pause to reposition, etc. The whole thing is messy and makes the game a chore to play together. You can't blame the developers as the game wasn't designed around co-op. The multiplayer was more of an afterthought. If the combat had slow-mo like PoE and two player dialogue interaction like DOS, it could have been great. 2/10 (score is only based on co-op)
7.) Divinity: Original Sin 2 (first completion. also co-op.) - Beaten on 5/03/19 in 67 hours.
Excellent game and one of the best cooperative experiences out there. Better than the first game in pretty much every way. Tighter pacing, more classes/races, the freedom to experiment, more engaging story, memorable quests and companions, QOL improvements, and great dialogue/humor. This game has got a lot of praise (and rightfully so), so instead I will list my gripes with the game, which are pretty minor: The final act is by far the weakest and felt rushed. The quests weren't very interesting, it was extremely short, and only had 1 really good, but optional boss fight. The final battle was a good challenge, but two characters from earlier in the game shouldn't have been there based on my choices. I definitely believe Larian could have come up with something better for this section. Also the final villain could have been a more fitting character considering the story... I also thought the first game did 3 things way better: Crafting (mostly useless in DOS2), CC vs ArmoMagic system, and the freedom to backtrack. Highly recommend this game for a single player or co-op experience. It's got a lot of replay value and I look forward to playing it again in the future. 9/10
8.) Resident Evil 2 REmake (first completion) - Beaten on 5/07/19 in 9 hours 37 minutes 01 seconds.
Never played the original, but after watching and reading comparisons of the two, Capcom outdid themselves. Awesome gameplay, great atmosphere and setting, gorgeous graphics, well optimized, dug the characters, solid puzzles, dismemberment on enemies, and NO loading screens. I played as Leon and it was a blast! The whole game was really spooky, but the parking garage and lab were particularly memorable. Lickers are definitely the scariest enemy I have encountered in the series and Mr. X is a close second. On my first encounter with Mr. X I pumped a whole clip of ammo into him only to realize he can't die... That added a whole new element of fear to the game. Resident Evil 2 was shorter than REmake and RE4, but it didn't feel rushed. The pacing was good and I enjoyed the story. I loved the third person camera view and movement in this game; It played really well. IMO this is what RE4 should have used, though I get why they went with the narrow FOV and tank controls for that game. This is definitely the second best game in the series for me thus far. REmake beats RE2 for it's overall creepier setting, better puzzles, the music, and strict item rationing. Highly recommend this game for a first timer wanting to play the series or anyone who loves survival horror games. 9/10
9.) Dead Island (first completion) - Beaten on 5/23/19 in 13 hours 26 minutes 03 seconds.
First time playing this was co-op. We only played around 5 hours and got bored. I returned to it 4 years later to knock it off my backlog. What I liked: the atmosphere and unique setting, dismemberment, and the cool meele weapons and mods. What I disliked: terrible boss fight(s), forgettable story, stereotypical characters, fetch quests galore, bad controls, no weapon hotkeys, and dated graphics with ugly texture pop-in. I have read that Dying Light fixes nearly all the flaws of this game; I plan to play it in the future for it's co-op play. In short, Dead Island has some replay value with co-op and different class/character builds, but I don't see myself ever playing it again due to it's repetitive nature. 5.5/10
10.) Left 4 Dead 2 (first completion) - Beaten on 5/30/19 in 4 hours 30 minutes.
Not really a story-driven game, but it does have a short campaign that I wanted to play. I did the main campaign and the two bonus ones with a mix of real players and AI. Playing with the AI, the game is not fun and far too easy. With real players it has it's moments... but unless your on a higher difficulty, all you really do is spray and pray then get ammo when you need it. There's a lot of weapon variety, but I had more fun with melee weapons due to the dismemberment. Decent multiplayer game, but the campaign is forgettable, and no level really stood out to me. Probably won't ever play it again. 7/10 (for co-op play)
11.) F.E.A.R. (replayed) - Beaten on 06/05/19 in 5 hours 46 minutes over the course of two days.
Played and beat it on release. The gameplay and graphics really hold up for a 14 year old game. The combat is super satisfying with or without reflex mode. A lot of variety in the weapons with my personal favorites being: the particle gun which melts the skin of enemies. It can one shot all but the strongest. Then there is the nail gun that pins enemies to to the wall. Atmosphere is great, though not as scary as I remember. There was one jump scare where a body came flying through a window. I shot it up pretty good. Overall good mix of fps action and psychological horror elements. Music is great, but the game could have had better ambient sounds. The AI in this game is legendary, specifically designed around each level. Prepare to get flanked, pinned with suppressing fire, and grenaded out of cover! With all the buildup in the story, the final level was disappointing. When you finally encounter Paxton face to face, you just shoot him in the head to proceed; No challenge. Once you destroy the reactor and it goes into meltdown, you proceed to make your escape, while running and gunning enemy spirits. I was surprised how short this game was. I explored every level and found all but one health booster and I beat it under the supposed 8 hour average. 8/10 I also beat the two expansions for the game: Extraction Point - Beaten on 06/06/19 in 3 hours 53 minutes and Perseus Mandate - Beaten on 06/07/19 in 4 hours 4 minutes. The former is scarier than the base game and more difficult. Sadly the last level was underwhelming. Perseus Mandate was way more action-y than the first two games and also very short. One complaint about the previous two games I had was resolved: A final boss! The final battle and escape were actually pretty fun. 8/10 8/10 6/10
12.) Medieval II: Total War (replayed) - Beaten on 06/12/19 in 7 hours.
For a 14 year old game of this style, it still holds up. Then again, Rome 1 still holds up very well. I return to this game every few years because the medieval period is my second favorite historical period in the series. This last playthrough I chose England and played a very aggressive campaign with no diplomatic relations. I reinforced my kingdom early on, then beelined it to France, wiped them out, and moved into Spain. I have always felt the earlier games in the series move a lot faster, regardless of your playstyle and even difficulty. Medieval II does some things better than the newer games in the series: you can switch out forces while sieging, you can recruit forces without a general, and the ability to trade regions (BRING THIS BACK!). Where it shows it's age: awful controls, a dated UI, no world map, no research, grouping units is clunky, no auto replenishment, can't see the explored enemy settlements without toggling fog of war cheat, reinforcing troops are AI controlled, and most factions just have different skinned units. So while the new games have brought QOL improvements and other big changes for the better, Medieval II still plays well despite it's age. The game also has a thriving mod community and an active multiplayer community. 7/10
13.) Cuphead (first completion) - Beaten on 06/15/19 in 20 hours 43 minutes over the course of 4 days.
What a charming game. Love the 30s cartoon art style and the jazzy soundtrack compliments it so well. This is both one of the most frustrating and satisfying games I have ever played! Learning the intricacies of a boss and each stage, then finally defeating them feels so good! Filled with confidence you go to the next boss thinking you got the game figured out only to be crushed within the first few seconds. There were so many times I wanted to give up, whether I was close or not, but I always had this addictive urge to do try again. The boss fights aren't very long, maybe 2 minutes tops, but attempt after attempt adds up quickly and I found myself spending over an hour on some of the bosses. Plus, some of the stages are so intense it feels way longer because you are trying to survive! I love how each boss has multiple phases and they don't always use the exact same attack pattern per attempt. If you die and go again you won't know exactly whats coming. I'm proud to say I never used a guide or lowered the difficulty from normal to beat a boss. It was all blood, sweat, and tears! Highly recommend this game! I will be playing it again in the future for the co-op experience. 10/10
14.) Bioshock (replayed) - Beaten on 6/21/19 in 13 hours 50 minutes over the course of 3 days.
I'm not going to make any friends with this review. I consider Bioshock to be one of the most overrated games of all time. It's always been considered a spiritual successor to System Shock 2 which I find baffling. Why? Because it has 'shock' in the name? Because Ken Levine was involved? With Bioshock they tossed aside all the good stuff from System Shock 2: the unsettling atmosphere, the survival horror element, the awesome level design, the rpg elements, and the challenge... I love the setting of Rapture, but the level design is atrocious. It's an insipid corridor shooter. Your typical console action game with bullet sponge enemies. The gunplay sucks, the plasmids are uninteresting, and all enemies but the Big Daddy are boring. A lot of people praise the story and while it isn't bad, it's far from the best. Unless your not paying attention I don't see how the twist could surprise you. Also the real villain is a total wimp for a final boss. 5.5/10
15.) Bioshock 2 (replayed) - Beaten on 6/26/19 in 10 hours 33 minutes over the course of 3 days.
Better than the first game in every way but story. In this one you play as a Big Daddy and the combat is so much better because of it. It's more streamlined with a weapon in one hand and a plasmid in the other. Using the Big Daddy's drill is super satisfying and does great damage. Story, while technically worse, I found more engaging. Gameplay-wise, good QOL improvements like gene tonics in one slot as opposed to 3 categories. Switching ammo is now instant. Also new and more challenging enemies, though by late game you destroy everything with an upgraded drill. Plasmid combos are more fun too. Level design is better and the areas seem more colorful and interesting to explore. Weak points of this game are no final boss and the respawning enemies. I also played the DLC: Minerva's Den - Beaten on 6/28/19 in 3 hours 30 minutes. Best story out of the first two games, quite sad actually. The DLC was a good length for what it was, but the levels weren't very interesting. 7/10 and 6.5/10
16.) Bioshock Infinite (replayed) - Beaten on 07/10/19 in 14 hours 30 minutes over the course of 6 days.
I didn't enjoy this when it came out, but I beat it anyway. Upon replay, I consider it the best of the series. The combat is fluid and you have more weapons at your disposal, though the shotgun and volley gun feel particularly weak. The vigor's (plasmids) are more interesting and fun to use, but I do miss chaining combos while wielding my drill as Big Daddy. Story is far better and more engaging than the previous two games. Booker, Elizabeth, and Comstock are memorable and better written than anyone else in the series. Elizabeth is also a useful companion! Graphics are gorgeous, though a bit too much bloom. Also some NPC faces are copypasted. No real final boss, but the last level has challenging parts. The game can be beaten in about 10 hours. It's just on my second playthrough I upped the difficulty to hard and went for every achievement and explored every area. I recommend this one as an entry into the series. I have yet to play the DLC. 8/10
17.) Max Payne 3 (replayed) - Beaten on 07/13/19 in 11 hours 50 minutes over the course of 3 days.
In terms of gameplay, best of the series by far. The gunplay is sooooo satisfying with or without bullet time. Maybe even better than F.E.A.R. Bullets feel impactful when they hit a target and you can see the pain on their face. Clearing a room with one or no bullets left in the chamber just as bullet time expires is intense! I still think the first game's story is the most emotional and gripping. The story in this one is decent and the character progression is logical; Max is burnt out, down in the dumps, and grumpy. However, it doesn't really fit with the events following last two games. What I miss from the first two games is the graphic novel / comic book presentation to tell the story opposed to the cutscenes in Max Payne 3. Also you can't skip said cutscenes which sucks when you just want to get to a mission. Graphics still look great. It's using the same engine as GTA V which holds up. The game is not that long, it's just I played it on a harder difficulty and went for achievements this time around. 8.5/10
18.) Tomb Raider 2013 (replayed) - Beaten on 7/21/19 in 18 hours over the course of 5 days.
My opinion hasn't changed since my first playthrough: Simply it's a good reboot to the series. Gameplay is solid with good weapon variety and interesting skill trees. I love the open level design and the ability to backtrack at anytime. The story and characters were good, but nothing special. Graphics are excellent, but a day/night cycle could have added a lot of immersion. The challenges were fun, but the tombs were disappointing. They were all too similar and the puzzles were simplistic. No final boss was another disappointment. This time I went for and completed 100% of the achievements, so I have no reason to return to this game in the future. I tried the multiplayer but it was uninteresting. Felt tacked on. Might try the other new games in the series one day. 7.5/10
19.) Sleeping Dogs (replayed) - Beaten on 7/26/19 in 15 hours 57 minutes over the course of 5 days.
I enjoyed this a lot on release, but playing it again it's just a good game. Comparing it to GTA V it falls flat in a few ways. One, for an open world game it lacks the freedom of exploration. If there's no path or road leading somewhere you want to go, you can't get there, because you can't jump or fly. You also can't swim underwater. There are no planes, helicopters, or options to upgradeable vehicles which is a bummer. You can't buy guns or other weapons (although that seems realistic for the setting and for your character who is an undercover cop). While the atmosphere of Hong Kong is very good, it's a lot less interesting to explore than California because of the problems listed above as well as less world events. The arcade mechanic of being able to press a button to smash into cars is fun at first, but it makes escaping the cops easier than it already is. One thing I really dislike is you can never catch up to a character while chasing them until a trigger. You can be right on their tail, but then they significantly speed up. Also a feature I miss from GTA V is the ability to hail a cab by whistling or using the phone to call them. I wish Sleeping Dogs had that feature to aid in fast travel. The story isn't bad, but the characters aren't memorable and I found the ending predictable. I also found the game too easy overall. Where the game excels is the awesome hand to hand combat, the parkour, and the bullet time. Getting into a big fight, doing a chain combo and coming out unscathed feels good! If your looking for an open world action game like GTA, but with something different, then check this one out. 7/10
20.) Amnesia: The Dark Descent (replayed) - Beaten on 8/05/19 in 8 hours 20 minutes over the course of 3 days.
Still one of the best horror games of all time. The atmosphere is just so good. Frictional nailed the sound design, level design, setting, and the music. To top it all off is the brilliant insanity mechanic which is affected by enemies and light sources. In this game you have no means of defending yourself, so you really have to be on your toes. I enjoyed the story, which is told through notes and diaries, but also occasional flashbacks. I don't know if I can say it's engaging because I was terrified and more focused on surviving! Also the voice acting is excellent. Puzzles were quite enjoyable. The graphics are a bit dated but they don't detract from the experience. I also played the DLC: Amnesia: Justine - Beaten on 08/06/19 in 2 hours. After you figure out the level out you can do it in 30 minutes or less. It's very short but was a blast. Scary too! 9/10 and 7.5/10
21.) XCOM: Enemy Unknown (first completion) - Beaten on 8/26/19 in 36 hours.
Had it on my wish list since 2012 and finally got it. Very cool game that combines the turn base combat of Divinity Original Sin with the squad customization of a game like Rainbow Six. You have a home base which you can upgrade, expand, and customize. It supplies you with quests, recruits, and upgrades for your characters. Resource and character management are important aspects of XCOM. Never rely on one squad or character, because if a soldier is injured, they are out of the next few missions. If a soldier is not stabilized or bleeds out in battle, they are dead for good. Maps are always randomized and enemy positions are changed, even when replaying a failed mission. Love the challenging levels, the cover system, base building, class variety, and the destructible environments. With the latter, it really gives you so many ways to approach a mission. XCOM has a lot of replay value with different squad compositions, the Enemy Within expansion, and mods. Only thing I was disappointed in was the last level, which I expected to be more interesting and more of a challenge. I definitely could have beat this game in 25 hours but I was going for some achievements. 8.5/10
22). Fallout 2 (replayed) - Beaten on 09/17/19 in 47 hours 56 minutes over the course of 2 weeks.
Overall better than Fallout 1, though that one wins for it's story and great villain. If you have never played Fallout before 3, this will be very hard to get into, due to the lack of direction, slow combat, and horrible UI. Fallout 2 game will not hold your hand when it comes to questing. The quest log really doesn't tell much, so you need to get as much info out of an NPC as possible and then you are on your own. There are no quest markers, no quest compass, or highlighted quest NPC's. As for the combat, it is turn-based like DOS, but more simplistic and VERY slow. Even increasing the combat speed in settings the turns take forever. If the speed turns you off, get a mod which increases it in and outside of combat. Now what makes this game so amazing is the freedom of choice. You can drop your intelligence and play as moron, you can play as junkie, a supersledge-wielding madman (my character), a pacifist, a 'lucky' gambler, a hacker, and more! There are many ways to approach a quest objective; You can trick or use NPC's, talk your way into / out of a situation, shoot your way in / out, use stealth, etc. You can kill every NPC in the game, providing you are strong or smart enough. You can also piss them off so they will never talk to you again... so be careful! The writing in this game is brilliant, with quirky humor and loads of pop culture references. Even with the majority of dialogue being text-based, it's still hilarious to read out loud. Regardless of the game's age, the atmosphere is superb. From the soundtrack, to the world design, and isometric art style. It nails the post apocalyptic vibe and doesn't go overboard with the 1950s retro theme like the Bethesda games. Black Isle really put a lot of work into this game and the attention to detail is incredible, down to very little things. The combat of Fallout 2 is really my only complaint and the reason for the low rating. I adore everything else this game has to offer. 7.5/10
23.) Icewind Dale 2 (first completion) - Beaten on 10/10/19 in 57 hours 19 minutes over the course of 3 weeks.
I enjoyed this game the most Chapters 1-4, then it fell off. Icewind Dale has never been about the story, that said the first game's plot was actually pretty compelling and the twist at the end was very good. This one was just ok. It starts off with a goblin army attacking Targos, one of the Ten Towns, and your band of merc's is hired to defend it. You later learn the leaders of this army (among others), are Isair and Madae, two half-breed outcasts who are pissed they never fit in. When diplomatic relations fail (their food was poisoned), they gather an army of freaks and outcasts to take control of the Ten-Towns and enslave everyone. I have to give the developers credit for putting getting this game together in 10 months. It's a bit bloated and copypasted towards the end, but it's not a total mess like some rushed games. There were a couple of tough battles, but IWD 1 was more challenging overall. This is the only Infinity Engine game to use the 3rd edition rules. They translate better than 2nd edition, but it's still not perfect. Too many boring spells, most skills are useless, and there are only a select number of good feats that you should pick. At least there is no THAC0, rolling for stats, or melee characters having to spec for weapons (besides bastard swords which are exotic?). There is no Enhanced Edition for the game, so I used a couple of QOL tweaks, the widescreen mod, and UI fix to improve it. Downsides of this game are the horrible pathfinding, ugly and uninteresting loot, party AI is broken, loading screens, and no autoloot like the other EE Infinity Engine games. I'd only recommend this game if you enjoyed IWD 1 or just want more from the Infinity Engine. A lot of players will get turned off by Chapter 5 aka The Dragon's Eye 2.0 which is the worst part of the game. Chapter 6 is pretty weak too until the final battle. 7/10
24.) Metal Gear Solid (replayed) - Beaten on 10/18/19 in 14 hours 29 minutes over the course of 5-6 days.
One of the most iconic games out there; Pioneering the third person stealth system and the story driven action game. It's got a legendary main character, a compelling story, and a great supporting cast. Pretty cutscene heavy, but I always enjoyed that aspect. There are also some classic codec calls in this one. Ending was great + the twist after the credits. Unfortunately the gameplay has aged rather poorly and that brings down my score. The aiming is absolutely atrocious. It's a combination of tank controls with poor camera angles and the joystick + auto aim when you get close. Also, while the game helped pioneer the stealth genre, the levels are more linear than I remember. You don't have that many options to approach an objective/area. As long as you are not in a guard's FOV on the radar, they can't see you... So hiding crawling into vents or using a box to sneak is unnecessary. Finally the backtracking in this game is really bad. Most of the boss fights held up, though Psycho Mantis is not as good on PC as PS1. Graphics are dated but the snowy setting and synth-driven score really set the mood. 7/10
25.) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (replayed) - Beaten on 10/25/19 in 11 hours 03 minutes over the course of 1 day.
BRILLIANT game! It's been at least 16 years since my last playthrough and it holds up incredibly well. The gameplay and graphics are still great, but the story and execution are on another level. A contender for the best written story in a video game; It's so ahead of it's time and nothing is as it seems... All the major characters are playing each other. The dialogue and delivery by the cast is very memorable and the voice acting is superb. It feels more like an interactive film than a game. I remember when MGS2 came out nobody liked Raiden, including myself. He's a newbie with no field experience, but he boasts about his VR combat training... He's whiny, ordinary, and clueless. He's definitely not the badass that is Solid Snake! However, the farther you get into the game, you learn his history and you begin to feel for him when things go wrong. When Raiden learns his two closest allies, the Colonel, and his girlfriend Rose have been deceiving him, you too feel like you have been played! The Colonel, who you thought was aiding Raiden, is actually part of the GW AI. It's end goal was to take full control of the human consciousness and mold humans into a perfect species. The infiltration of The Big Shell was a simulation modeled after Shadow Moses with Raiden at the center of it... The perfect experiment. GENIUS! Poor Raiden thought he was making the right decisions, but he was a pawn the entire time. I won't go as far to say as MGS2 predicted the future, but it definitely highlights themes relevant today and the future ahead: mass censorship, cybersecurity threats, data profiling, social engineering, AI, camera-equipped drones, social media and the flow of news and information. In my eyes this is the perfect game. 10/10
26.) Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (first completion) - Beaten on 11/14/19 in 8 hours 51 minutes 17 seconds.
Got it for free on Steam. Surprised how good this game is; Definitely one of the best platformers of the decade. Difficulty curve is just right, good enemy variety, and fun boss fights. Quite a few tricky puzzles halfway through the game which I really enjoyed. Cheesy story but I liked it, though I got the bad ending. Great art style and fitting music. Has replay value and split-screen co-op play. 8.5/10
27.) Endless Space (first completion) - Beaten on 11/22/19 in 28 hours.
Got it for free on Steam. Thought it might be like Civilization 5 in space; A nice, relaxing casual game to play after work. It was totally the opposite of Civ 5 on normal difficulty. AI cheats like crazy. Whether they mass ships to attack you or they go for a resource victory, they are always so far ahead. You really need to be on the top of your game from the start. The game punishes you hard for over-expanding early, but if you don't get a minimum amount of planets in a 1v1 game, the AI will smoke you. The tutorial does a poor job of preparing you for your first campaign and what to expect. Everything is just so convoluted and unintuitive with too many UI sub-menus to navigate. Tech tree is massive and there's no clear indicator on what path you should take. Way too many choices, most uninteresting. You have to research parts of the tech tree just to trade and open borders... I found the combat random and the card feature gimmicky and annoying. What I liked were the graphics and the music, specifically the more ambient tracks. I respect deep gameplay and I enjoy a challenge, but there is too much micro-managing for my taste. There is also no campaign. 6/10
28.) Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (replayed) - Beaten on 11/28/19 in 5 hours 28 minutes.
Own this on CD but I also got it for free on Steam. Still the best RTS / 4X hybrid game. Star Wars: Empire At War + Homeworld + Endless Space = SOASE. Like Endless Space, this game is micro intensive, but the combat is real time, with the ability to pause, which I prefer. Making a few mistakes early on won't cost you the game, but you do need to be on your toes when playing versus a Normal AI on smaller maps. I will say you really have to know your ships when it comes to attacking, defending, or conquering a planet. This isn't like Starcraft where you can mass one unit and zerg the AI. Prioritizing research and managing resources are very important. The overall gameplay is fun with massive space battles, the ability to conquer an entire galaxy, unique races, and a challenging AI. The graphics still hold up for an 11 year old game and the ship models look great. Sins still has an active multiplayer community and a large modding community. The only thing that really disappointed me about this game is the lack of a campaign. 7/10
29.) Halo Reach (first completion. also co-op.) - Beaten on 12/10/19 in 6 hours in one day.
This was a blast to play co-op! The levels are semi-open world in the sense that the path to most objectives are linear, but the levels are big enough that you can plan your attack and sneak up on enemies if you wish. The space level, jet pack level, and vertibird levels were really well designed. Graphics hold up for a 10 year old game. Textures were crisp, good lighting, and nice animations. View distances are very good and the backdrops of the levels look super cool. Solid gameplay, though the lack of any final boss is a huge con. We definitely could have upped the difficulty and added some skulls, because the game was too easy. The game's weak points including a generic story, characters, and a very short campaign. I'd definitely play this again co-op with more people, but I would never touch the game if it were single player only. 8/10 (for co-op play)
30). Prey (first completion) - Beaten on 12/18/19 in 29 hours 19 minutes.
Forget Bioshock, Prey is the real successor to System Shock 2. It does so many things right: Open world in the sense that you can go to any part of the ship from the get-go. There are many ways to approach an objective or area. It's got an engrossing atmosphere and a compelling story; A bit philosophical and it made me question some of my decisions. It's got replay value with different class builds and multiple endings. The BEST space walking I have seen in a game! Floating around in silence, gliding into an airlock, or observing the station from afar is so immersive. Good variety of enemies all with unique abilities. Stealth system was also good. I liked most of the characters, but no one stood out on my first play. Maybe I'll appreciate them more with in future playthrough. I also have to give the devs credit for the controller support. I am 99% a KBM user, but I tried the controller for a while and plays great with it. Navigating menus, interacting, and combat felt fluid and intuitive. You can switch to a mouse while playing and the transition is seamless. I really don't have a lot of complaints about this game. It's just when comparing it to System Shock 2, that game is on another level. Prey has labeled as a survival horror, but it's not like System Shock 2 or Resident Evil which keep the tension and terror throughout the whole game. Prey has a lot of 'safe' areas and human encounters. Also resource management is only really important early on and by mid-game you will be overflowing with loot. Highly recommend this one! 9/10
Top 5:
  1. Cuphead 10/10
  2. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 10/10
  3. Resident Evil REmake 9.5/10
  4. Resident Evil 2 REmake 9/10
  5. Prey 9/10
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2019.12.17 09:39 Belich Funny to see people complaining about people asking to bring back 5.0. BFV is not BFV anymore, how do you think people should react?

BFV was promised to be the opposite of BF1. It had to be less casual and it was. It made you: - learn patterns of your weapon; - be aware of your surroundings instead of being a pizza hunter; - the attrition system and the lack of ammo had to emphasize smarter use of a weapon and make cooperation more important; - more complex tank gameplay could gave a lot of room to learn and improve and so on...
I personally think TTK was too fast even before 5.2, but it was compensated with the increased recoil, the absence of auto snap on consoles, the increased freedom of movement and the lack of pizzas above enemies' heads (which actually emphasized the importance of the scouts class with his flares and binoculars). In other words, the game appreciated skill, your willingness to learn the mechanics. Yet it still was arcadey and fun, a perfect mix of two.
The game had a strong (not perfect in terms of balance) core which could keep players playing and around which DICE should have built their live service. Though it was extremely buggy and there was a lack of maps, its gameplay design partially saved it. I can not imagine BF1 survive if it had the same problems as its gameplay became boring very fast.
Until recently everything was fine, but since 5.2 it is clear the game is the opposite of what it was. In fact, it is even more casual than BF1: - recoil is extremely reduced; - tank vs tank gameplay is dumbed down; - lots of guns are weak af on mid/long range when there are many maps with long open fields. We have the conflict of designs; - auto snap for consoles is returned and it is much worse than it was in BF1. Man if they are so thirsty for newcomers and do not give a damn about the community, they could go further and implement GTA V aim assist. Because "our data tells us". GetGoodGuy found out it works even on long distances with sniper rifles, unlike BF1, and it auto aims on an enemy player way easier; - attrition system is finally killed with increased (again) ammo. Snipers now can chill like in BF1 with their 40 bullets and auto snap assist and do nothing more. They could do it before of course, but back then they had to be more precise with their aim and move at least sometimes to get ammo; - auto spotting and arrows instead of circles on a map;
You can say DICE improved it with 5.2.2. Yes, the actually removed the most annoying stuff in the auto spotting department.
But I think they made TTK even worse. They have not fixed the most important part - range effectiveness of many weapons is small which means lots of players will be ineffective in a lot of situations due to BFV map design. We have sniper superiority here.
We have now mostly 4 bullets to kill instead of 5/6, but before it was compensated with the recoil control, the absence of auto snap on consoles. Now players do not have to deal with it. We basically have lazer guns with auto aim (rapidly press L2/LT, the game will aim for you). It nullifies skill, it is not rewarding and it is very lethal. The worst scenario possible.
It spits in the face of players who learned their guns, tried to improve their skill and supported this game, went through the disaster of chapter 4 and the lack of maps. The gameplay now has no depth at all, and cosidering the lack of maps unlike in previous titles, I do not understand what DICE wants.
And on top of that, we still have tons of bugs as well as quite big problems like: - no anti cheat; - no team balance; - not authentic skins for brits and german soldiers;
I think people have their right to complain and bash DICE and EA as long as they want, because the devs and the publisher do not care about their customers. Players now have something else but not the game they bought.
p.s. sorry if there are any mistakes, not a native speaker
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2019.11.16 09:29 king_bardock Team GTA Vs US Military Force.

Team GTA= Tommy Vercetti, Trevor Philips, Carl Johnson, Nico Bellic, Michael De Santa.
Team GTA is allowed for Weapon,Health, Armor Based Cheats.
US Solider have MiniGun and Steyr Aug
No Tanks, Jets, Helicopters for Both Sides.
How much Solders they can Take?
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2019.09.25 00:14 dope_danny Games you love with little to no replay value for you

So i loved Sekiro when it came out. It was deeply flawed in a few ways but compared to DS3 feeling like a kind of soulless -pun not intended- cash in for bamco it felt like a breath of fresh air. I wanted to know more about the Infested, the Monks, way more supernatural stuff but i enjoyed the combat and beat it twice with a bit of save scumming to get the platinum trophy and that was that.
Lately however i've been into the tabletop miniatures game Bushido which is basically Sekiro Meets Onimusha with a handful of figures on a 2x2 board and it gave me a hankering to revisit Ashina. I loaded it up and spent a little while fighting enemies that, once you have learned the parry system properly, pose no threat at all and then remembered only prayer bead enemies really count as long as you get the xp for Mikiri counter so i bought the firecrackers and was running past everything and as at the top of Ashina castle in under an hour. I realised the boss fights were still neat but personally -no dick waving here i know people got real heated over this game for some reason- i already found this the easiest fromsoft game for me and now i knew every bosses tricks there was just nothing new waiting for me so i closed the game.
Now theres plenty of games i will retry like Bloodborne or FFV or something and i'll go 'okay for shits and giggles i'm going to try this playstyle' and thats perfectly fine and while in this case 'okay lets try just monk moves' is an option the game clearly wasn't designed or balanced for it and i've seen people like lobos do it and just have a bad time. It made me think of MGSV and how i finished the game pretty unsatisfied with the story and wanted more fun but had checked everything off so tried to make a self enforced subsistence run and learnt pretty early on it was one of those games where its not designed for players to do more outside the scope of what the devs intended other than a freeroam effervescent fuckaround like cheating in rocket launchers and tanks in gta vice city or something. Its one of my own personal mind goblins in general however that if you have to try and make your own fun thats fine, but on some level its admitting that the game itself is lacking. On PC of course this leads into the wonderful world of mods but for console games in particular this is something of a longterm dust gathering sentence.
I still love the game. The music, the characters, the locations were all great. Personally i considered the reveal of the Fountainhead Palace to be as stunning as reaching Anor londo for the first time. I wanted more of this game i loved but revisited it to find over half a year later it was so strict in its structure that i found i just didn't have anything left to get out of it. Maybe in a couple of years it will feel more fresh but its a weird thing where i can beat Silent Hill like 15 times and still love it but at best the difference is i might run into a enemy encounter in a different way whereas i feel like i, dodgy as the term feels, mastered this game in a way i rarely do so have nothing to get out of it anymore.
Do you have a game like this that springs to mind? do you feel the feel i am feeling deeply here?
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2019.09.21 13:53 throwaway15841825 Why did only I get banned?

So my friends bugged me for weeks so I finally got myself the same hacks/cheats/exploits/mods like they do.
I dropped myself loads of money and started buying everything in the game (was a very fun time). After ~14 days I got banned. I was expecting it so thats not my problem. That my characters got reset is also fine since I knew what could happen.
Well the problem is: Both of my friends didnt get banned... It has been over 2 months and while I can finally play again, they are still hacking.
Of course I wont report them! That would be a dick move. But still... I dont understand why they arent banned with their 2.5 billion GTA$ accounts and lvls over 6000!
We ALWAYS played together, not a single time we played alone or anything like that. That would make owning all the cars pretty useless. I also always tried hiding my hacks... It's not like I flew around the city in a tank and killed everyone by shooting cars at them, thats literally what they did.
So how the FUCK can it be that ONLY I got banned?
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2019.09.01 18:42 EnglebertFinklgruber A goal of this group is to present Hello Games with a list of reasonable changes to the Survival and Permadeath game modes. This list represents a work in progress towards that end.

No Man’s Sky Survival Ideas
  1. Progression
    1. Make game difficulty progress as you travel toward the center of the galaxy.
    2. Tier the spawn rates of class assigned items, such as multi-tools, ships, freighters and upgrades, upwards as you move towards the center. I.e: outer ring of the galaxy spawns 95% C class, 4% B class, 1% A class, 0% S class. Next ring in 89%C class, 8% B class, 2% A class, 1% S class etc etc.
      1. Modify spawn of classed items, based on extremeness of planet. x% improved chance of better class on extreme weather planet. (x+1%) on extreme weather planet with storms.
    3. Make frequency of encountering extreme condition planets scale upwards towards the center of the galaxy.
    4. Make beginning tutorial phase ordered as follows: basic shelter, learning to ride creatures, basic exocraft, use exocraft to find star ship on the other side of the planet. Then use the ship to acquire first frigate. Then frigate missions/farming to earn first Freighter.
    5. Reduce supplies and increase the price of survival resources at galactic trade terminals as you near the center.
    6. Add a unique item at the center of each galaxy.
  2. Starships
    1. Limit starship warps to a 250 hundred light years maximum.
      1. Rely on frigates and freighters for longer warps.
    2. Make fuel tanks for starships like exocraft.
      1. Have launch thrusters use a portion of regular fuel supply
      2. suicide option for running out of fuel in space
      3. Running out of fuel in atmosphere results in crash (akin to starting sequence).
    3. Hull damage needs to be manually repaired rather than auto repaired on landing pads`
    4. Dramatically raise the penalty for flying into the ground
      1. Chance to damage ship tech with contact
      2. Major contact (like lawndarting into the ground) should result in a crash akin to the current opening of the game.
    5. Dramatically raise the minimum airspeed of ships in atmosphere.
      1. Make shuttles able to hover, haulers capable of slow flight and fighters requiring fast minimum airspeed.
    6. Remove the ability to reverse in space for fighters and exoctics.
    7. Remove collision avoidance with asteroids.
    8. Make flight characteristics of opponents ships more closely resemble the actual ships. I.e. a pirate hauler shouldn’t be able to out turn a player in a fighter and vise versa.
    9. Limit ship summon to distance of resource teleporter
    10. Do away with summoning any ship from the freighter. (it’s being used as a storage cheat)
    11. In combat have damage to ship technology possible after shields are down. (phase beam offline, missiles offline) etc.
  3. Frigates
    1. Make frigates your first ship larger than a freighter in story/tutorial arc.
    2. Make frigate landing pad able to hold exocraft.
    3. Give player ability to beam down to planet in excoraft stored on frigate landing pad.
    4. Give player, in exocraft, ability to beam up to frigate landing pad if directly below frigate on planet.
    5. Give frigates rudimentary ability to navigate between planets into low orbit.
    6. Give frigates ability to maneuver around planet in low orbit. (doesn’t have to be actual stick control. Could be a sphere representation of the planet with markers of player items such as exocraft, starships and beacons.)
    7. Have frigates use frigate fuel for this maneuvering.
    8. Make frigates able to do what freighters do, but on a smaller scale.
    9. Make frigate warping distances in between starship and freighter
    10. Maintain frigate missions, but make operations room to run them from planetary bases as well as freighters.
    11. In system summoning of frigates costs frigate fuel.
  4. Freighters
    1. Give players rudimentary point and shoot ability to navigate freighters between planets into low orbit. Basically pulse drive between planets.
    2. Make bay in freighter accept exocraft on landing pads.
    3. Be able to beam down to the planet in a stored exocraft from freighter.
    4. Be able to beam up to freighter if in exocraft directly underneath freighter
    5. Summoning a freighter from another system requires the appropriate amount of warp fuel.
    6. Summoning a freighter in current system requires freighter fuel.
    7. If you duck into a freighter to avoid pirates, pirates attack freighter reducing supplies in storage until they are defeated.
      1. Make mechanic for defending freighter from inside. I.e manning turbo cannons.
    8. Remove free freighter from survival.
    9. Require being on the freighter to access freighter storage.
    10. Get rid of base storage containers on freighters. What’s the point of slots ?
  5. ExoCraft
    1. Limit player to one of each kind of exocraft.
    2. Make exocraft able to be stored on frigate and freighter landing pads.
    3. Make it possible to beam exocraft between fleet landing pads. For instance, if the player is running landing pads in the freighter, be able to beam exocraft to a frigate.
    4. Make mission paths in galactic map for finding misplaced exocraft.
    5. Have hull damage akin to starships.
      1. Have damage affect handling
      2. Have exo break down if too damaged. (flat tire on the side of the road)
    6. Contact with trap plants effects hull rather than player character. Make it substantial in survival.
    7. Plowing through assets, or bad jump landings does minor damage to hull.
    8. If attacking sentinels in exocraft, have them immediately call in appropriate reinforcements.
    9. Get rid of exocraft call stations and make landing pads in freighter and frigates accept exocraft
    10. Be able to “beam” down from freighter and frigates in exocraft. but only if freighter is in atmosphere. (this would allow you to explore 100% water worlds with nautilus. You currently cannot land on them.)
    11. Make exocraft light mounted to the weapons cluster.
    12. Remove local call of exocraft if you get stuck. You should have to dig out in survival.
  6. Sentinels
    1. Do away with GTA style wanted level
    2. Have set amount of sentinel assets per zone.
    3. If sentinels are defeated for that zone, full day and night cycle before they respawn.
    4. More and varied planetary threat levels from sentinels
    5. Some sentinels are passive, but tolerate no multi-tool use.
    6. Sentinels are passive, but do not have a blue question mark investigative phase. Become aggressive immediately, but at different escalation levels.
    7. Have sentinels that patrol in larger formations. 3 flyers together. Flyer and a quad. Quad and a Bi-ped. Etc
  7. Resources
    1. Remove standard red, yellow and blue resources plants.
    2. Make survival resources come from secondary resource yields from minerals, flora and fauna (yes hunting to survive)
    3. Add upgrades to multi-tool for better secondary resource yields
    4. Scale survival resource yields based on hostility of planet. Severely reduce resource yields on “paradise” planets. Dramatically raise them on planets with extreme weather and hostile sentinels.
  8. Items of monetary value.
    1. Bury, hide in caves, or underwater any item of monetary value. This includes crashed ships and multi-tools. Make exploring the main way you find better ships and multi-tools.
    2. Severely reduce spawn of items on paradise planets, scale the spawn rates of valuable items upwards with the hostility of the planet.
  9. Tech
    1. Tech add ons.
    2. Make things like grenade launchers and bolt casters random loot drops from sentinels rather than crafting.

  1. Multi Tools
    1. Put better multi-tools and multi-tool upgrades in green footlockers and hide them as per previous rules for item spawn.
    2. Still sell multi-tools in shops, but limit them to C class with the only real upgrades being number of slots.
    3. Do away with the suit flashlight and add rail mounted tactical light to the multi-tool
    4. Make storage locker for 3 multi-tools to encourage specialized multi-tools.

  1. Visoscanner
    1. Make the visoscanner it’s own tech item with it’s own class and upgrade slots
    2. Remove the ability for the scanner to find buried objects.
    3. Repurpose the scanner to find secondary resources.
  2. Refiners
    1. Remove duplication recipes.
  3. Jet pack
    1. Remove infinite jetpack on wall face.
    2. Add suicide option for stuck players.
  4. Suit
    1. Make fully maxed out slots less generous. You shouldn’t be able to carry more in your backpack than an average ship.
    2. Reduce overall slots, but make tech movable and storable to compensate.
    3. Add a locker on the freighter and in bases to store unused tech rather than destroying it to craft it again. (see turning these items into loot drops rather than crafting).
  5. Teleporters
    1. Make teleporter location memory 5 slots, but make it controllable by player.
    2. Teleportation should cost units or resources.
    3. Add risk of being teleported to a random planet.
  6. Planet Hazards
    1. Add random events to storms light being struck by lightning. Being out in a storm should have enough risk that taking shelter periodically seems prudent. Perhaps fungal hail on toxic planets.
    2. Add pitch black planets to the mix. Perhaps extreme cloud cover.
      1. Add excessive hostile fauna to the extreme planet list.
    3. Have quads and bipeds as the default patrol assets on certain planets.
    4. Ships flying by, make them occasionally pirates who strafe you when you’re on foot.
    5. Constantly add new flora hazard assets to the game without warning anyone in the patch notes.
    6. Make the flora hazards in survival more pack more of a punch.
    7. Return to having multiple and varied drains on hazard protection. Cold planets that double cold at night. Hot planets that aren;t hot at night. Toxic planets that are both toxic and cold at night. Planets that are toxic and hot. Etc.
  7. Pirates
    1. Make size of pirate encounters scale with proximity to center of galaxy rather than how much is in your cargo hold.
    2. Make pirate attacks more organic by having them originate from assets already in the system.
    3. Ships flying by on trade routes could have a chance of being pirates.
    4. Ships flying in atmosphere could also be pirates.
    5. Pirate freighters that pirate ships scramble from. Bonus points for destroying the pirate freighter.
    6. Instead of having a pirate countdown clock, have pirate detection tech which illuminates pirates as red assets on the dashboard holo display.
    7. Return to having random in atmosphere pirate battles in high conflict level systems.
  8. Base parts
    1. Make base parts require maintenance in survival
    2. Make differentiation of base part materials have effect on different biomes. Such as, metal parts degrade faster on fungal planets. Glass parts offer no protection on hot planets. Wood parts offer no protection from radiation. Etc.
  9. Item Location Hint Mechanisms
    1. Remove all hint mechanisms from survival mode. Distress signals, observatories, signal booster, etc. Or turn them into actual challenges. Like the lock picking mini games in Elder scrolls, but harder. Much harder.
    2. Or have location hints come as longitude and latitude coordinates
  10. Make some form of respawn mechanism for falling through terrain.
  11. Make items which need repair, require trade items rather than raw material.
  12. Make some form of quick twitch lockpicking mini game for locked doors and crates.
  13. As it stands we blow up the door as fast as we can then run inside to duck the wanted level. It would be more satisfying to defeat a set amount of sentinels (without wanted level escalation) and then pick the lock.
  14. Have sentinel levels scale to value of items they are gaurding.
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2019.08.26 13:01 Eoussama [Review] Revisiting GTA III after over a decade

Until a while ago, I thought I knew the GTA games like I knew the back of my hand. Turned out I thought wrong. I was finally getting a proper gaming computer where I can play all the latest games no problem, and GTA V was one of them. You can say that it's already a pretty old game for 2019 but it wouldn't hurt to be updated with all major AAA games would it. As long as it's not an EA title, it's going to be alright. Because you know the same way I do, EA bad, hail Geraldo, upvotes to the left.
It would have been way too appropriate to start the binge-play from the very first release, GTA I and then GTA II, but Steam doesn't allow for buy those two games nowadays for some reason, I know, a shame. So the safest start was GTA III, probably the most underplayed game from my part in the franchise.
I remember the first time when I got to play this revolutionary game on a cybercafe way back in the day when I could only count in the three digits and be proud of it. Way too young to play a game that matures, but people from my generation all grew up the same.
Playing a game from the early '20s in 2019 seems a bit of a downgrade, talking graphically, vocally, functionally, but not gameplay-wise surprisingly, but there was still a lot to be picky about. I played the steam version lately, the same version that had some weird patch that broke some stuff off which was really annoying, I was okay with it, I didn't really notice anything at first until I started to watch a few gameplays of the game on Youtube and noticed how different everything was, talking about the color palette. The game was extremely dark, and I thought GTA IV was a dark (atmospherically) game. Not every vehicle had their proper colors in display, everything was in a darkened shade of itself making it hard to see anything without having to raise the brightness a few levels or maybe to the max. And don't even get me started on the broken vehicle handling where as soon as you trying to drive backward, the vehicle down speeds a sick turtle as if it was pulling mountains worth of mass slowing you down and making it almost impossible to drive back without losing your nerves. But the biggest annoyance or I was the inappropriate UI scaling, the aspect ratio looked like having a stroke, and the map's marker is so tiny that a needle couldn't possibly poke them. Luckily, there was a community patch I installed which fixes all of these annoyances and made it a far greater experience to have, the UI scaled properly, the vehicles and the overall atmosphere got back their nature vibrant colors, and the vehicle handling got a lot better. But the problem lies in the fact that you have to look for problems and solve something that the game should have had solved from the get-go, given the fact that it's a paid game and from a pretty big-name game developer. Rockstar, please fix.
I did not want to alter the game too much or else I would miss on playing the vanilla game, but oh boy was the absence of a grand scale map annoying. Sadly enough, yes, there was no way to see the game's map, at least, not one that I know of.
Given the nit-picking, GTA III is a solid open-world that gives you all the opportunities a maniac would want to break havoc and start an all-out war with the state's authorities. It's always fun to blow up speeding FBI cars while driving an obese world war 1 looking tank, all guns maxed out and a sheet of cheats by your side. Rival gangs would always initiate the shooting, which is fun and challenging, almost daring you to step into their territories. But what is there to be scared of? Claude is a badass silent character, and weirdly enough, he takes part in a Scarface-Esque storyline with a lot of openly-talked characters, he never has to say anything, maybe he has already seen everything. The storyline isn't anything overly complicated of thoughts provoking, but it doesn't make it any less bombastic, most of the missions involve driving all sorts of vehicles the most with some aspect of shooting, the latter is a bit stiff, coming from the modern take of shooters, it does feel out of place, we're talking about a game that has no cover system, no button that enables crouching and no level grinding weapon system that advances the more you play. There is a relatively small collection of weapons in the game, not a lot of praise here, however, the gore is not trying to be any less subtle, I don't see this in modern games, but the sight of shooting people in precise body joins can sever their limbs, heads or blow them up altogether, crazy how the technology was all there from way back.
I appreciate the spacious game map, it spans two major cities with a respectable size, and two small/medium islands in the sides, all being opened to you to visit as you progress through the game's mission. I like how the map has a very low learning curve to memorize, very easy to navigate and just after a few hours of playing.
I feel like reviewing any of the GTA games, it's always worth having a separate paragraph to talking about the phenomenal hilarious radio stations that come with the games, some times, I would just launch the game, enter a car and scroll through the collection of radio stations and just listen to them at my leisure time, and to be honest, the radio stations alone deserve the full price of the game. A lot of land-marking songs from the '80s, hilarious radio show talks that never get old, it's all a good time.
For what was a game I just had to grind through to fill the hungry completionist nature that would agonize me if I hadn't gone through the first games before advancing to the more modern ones, I had a blast playing this classic. It's always nice to visit the older generation of games, after all, old doesn't mean bad, there are older games that hold more value than a game that will be released in 20 years from now could ever have. Between the driving, the story, the police chases and of course, the cheat codes, GTA III holds decently even nowadays.
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