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Dating with depression as a man

2020.10.30 07:25 marshalkc Dating with depression as a man

I've had depression for better part of my adult life. Because of this I have felt my dating has suffered quite allot. First off just getting out to try to meet new people is usually as enjoyable as pulling teeth. Even if I do manage to get out i don't want to talk to anyone. Even if I do manage to hold a conversation long enough with someone to get there number, they lose interest rather quickly or bolt as soon as I start telling them about my mental health struggles. The few wemon I have dated have been relatively short relationships, less than six months, and all cite my depression as a big factor in leaving. Too some degree, I understand why they leave. I'm bringing them down and why be with someone if they only make you sad. I don't mean to it just happens. I guess my question is how do you date with depression because I'm sure not doing it fucking right.
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2020.10.10 00:37 mr-lolypop Do girls these days actualy show up for their dates?

I've never done a reddit post before but here goes.
I'm a 26 year old guy and I can't believe this is the new dating standard.
So my dating life has always been pretty active. I used to jump from one longterm relationship into the other just like it was second nature!
I met my last girlfriend in college and we stook together for a good 2,5 years. I believe it ended because it was realy bad timing. We parted ways as friends and it took me a 1,5 years to get over it all.
Eventualy I decided to start dating again. Now talking to girls comes fairly natural to me. I talk to them the same whay I would want to be talked to; with some respect and charm and maybe a bit mischievous 2.
In no time I've set up my first date, a nice and cozy cocktail bar with the option of some tappas. I always think this approach is a great idea for a first date, because if it turns out to be nothing you can just have a few drinks and leave. If it's cozy and fun you can order some snacks and continue the conversation. If after that you're realy hitting it of you could go for diner.
Always say the same line but it works because it's so genuine. "I don't want to interupt this conversation but I'm getting quite hungry, would you mind moving this to a fancy restaurant just up street?"
And BAM the second date right then and there!
I've been dating for almost a year now and to be honest, or something changed or dating actualy sucks!! Almost every date I had with girls I asked out always ends in the same way.
They just don't show up!! Everything is fine in the beginning, we talk, I get her number, we text a bit all pritty casual. We plan a date. Days go by and all is fine... untill the day of the date, sometimes even a few minuts before the date actual about to happen. It mostly goes something like this;
"Hey, i'm sick would you mind reschedualing?" "Hey, i'm not feeling well would you mind we move this to another time?" "Something came up and I can't make it" "A friend realy needs my help and I don't want to abandom her, I'm sorry" "I'm sorry it looks like a double planned the date and I actualy have a birthday party to go to"
Your thinking right, a bunce of excuse. But hey I rather be naĆÆve and give them the benefit of the doubt so I always say the same sentence (this part is so sad, but it happened to me sooooo many times!)
"Hey no worries, contact me when you find a better time and we'll reschedual"
But as expected they never call again...
What bothers me is; do we realy live in a time where it is okey to just leave a guy hanging on a first date? Is it because I'm a guy that I just have to swollow it or? I believe not showing up for a date and lying about, is just childish to me! xD
Somewhere down the line I might even understand that wemon want to be polite or something and they think declining the offer is rude so they say yes. But I'm pritty sure canceling the date on the day of the date with some bullshit excuse.. that actualy hurts! I'd rather hear a flat out NO than going through this every time!
I might be an agnostic dude, but if there is something I praise more than anything than it is wemon. Wemon freaking rock!! If I had a god it would be wemon. But as of late I'm starting to lose faith
Like to know what you guys think.
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2020.09.21 00:47 IWant2DoBetter Office Life Can Be Confusing At Times

Before covid, I was working in an office where people seemed to be very tight knit. Everyone seemed intertwined with everyone else (at least that is what I have noticed). One woman would come in and tell all of the other wemon and men on the floor how her date went. I would overhear and think, "why are you telling your co-workers about this?" I know they see the people they speak to as both co-workers AND friends, I just find it so odd is all. Why do you mix the two, friends and work. I mean what if you guys have a falling out, now you have to deal with that drama at the place you get paid. The amount of personal information they share with one another about their personal life blows my mind.
I come to work, clock in, say hello when spoken to and then just start working. People at work seem to find it off putting that I do not really talk, I do not see why. I do my job and go home. That's why I go to work, to collect my check and go. Why is that hard to grasp? I do not really want work people to bleed into parts of my personal life, that was never how I operated. Only time I really talk is when I have a work related question or when I am telling my higher ups I am taking my break.
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2020.09.03 18:32 CompleteLetterhead9 Mypart

I guess if anyone has a spouse that is still with their Trans significant other, I'm looking for advice. Im a straight woman and we dated for 6 years and been married for 7. We've been madly in love ever since the day I acsidenly bloodied his nose at fenceing practice in college. He's my everything. We dont have kids (never want any realy) but we have 4 fur babies. He says he still loves me, so I guess that makes her a lesbian, and I love this person madly still. I'm not sexualy attracted to wemon but I love this person to the depths of my soul. He was my first everything. My first date, first kiss, andmy first romantic partner.
I know he is a she and I dont feel betrayed or anything. But now, I dont know what our future is going to look like. I know I gained a wife but it feel like the man I feel in love with died. I dont want to leave her but can I still find her attractive? Are these normal thoughts? Is it ok to still stay with her? What if she compleats her transition and I'm no longer sexually attracted to her but still in love with her? Will my best friend still be here at the end? Will she be the same person? I have no one else I can talk to because she's not ready to come out yet for a year or two and I have no friends that could give advice on this anyway so any help would be great.
We went and got her her first dresses, one of my old bras and spanks, and i gave her some of my makup to practice with. I showed her how to walk in heels a little, but my feet are way smaller than hers so we couldnt do that long. She said I was like her mom teaching her how to shave her legs and that was not what I wanted to hear. Everyone thinks she's my son when she's only 2 years younger than me. She's going to make a better and hotter girl than I ever could be. I've seen a few studies say that with HRT that she could end up not being attracted to girls, like a 33% chance. Dose anyone know if that's true or fake? I'm still doing my research on it.
Any help from spouses of transgenders would be very appreciated. Thank you for your time and please parden my dyslexia. It flairs up when I get emotional but I cant have her spell check for me. I dont want her to know I'm haveing these thoughts.
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2020.07.06 04:38 pullyourselfout I (36m) divorced, single father of 3 kids, am trying to deal with insecurities and could use some positive advice.

I was married for 10 years. Now divorced and seperated for 2. I'm a primary parent and have 3 kids. I've been dating for the last year and a half, I've been threw a handful of wemon since my seperation. Ive been with My current girl for the last 3 months. It's the longest relationship I've had since marriage and things seem too good. When I'm away from her and I'm working I get extremly insecure, like I want to tear apart on the inside. I dont want to push her away and mention it to her because she initially complained that guys always get insecure with her. I feel like shes cheating, and I hate even writing it because I feel like this is all on me.... I really dont believe she is, but my ex was unfaithful, I've learned alot about women and relationships over the years, I've read the rational male, I'm a regular scout on the purplepill debate. I feel like it's my issue to deal with, and I'm just lost for figuring out how. Some people might say leave her, but she hasnt really given me a reason to feel like this. Its messed because I'm happy when I'm alone, but I dont want to be alone, I want to make this relationship work, and so does she, but I'm not willing to come off as a nagging bf either. I feel like I need to deal with this on my own What I'm looking for is advice. Preferably from the older crowd.
What I want is to finally have a healthy relationship where we both feel secure in it. To be able to open up together and communicate without feeling judged. To help each other work towards goals and better versions of ourselfs. To use sex as a medium to increase our bond for each other to help us grow.
Are boundries something that would help.. and if you think so maybe you could help me figure out what kind.
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2020.06.28 06:32 NowISeeClearly4 Long Story + Hello

I was not even aware that this sub existed until recently.
I have been looking at some of the posts and I like it here. Reading these reminded me of a story I want to share with you from middle school. I was not aware I was ugly until one day I figured it out. Before that point, I was blissfully ignorant about my looks. I was ignorant about a lot of things actually.
One thing was the competition between wemon about who is prettier. Well not completely ignorant to that fact. Its....this part is hard to really explain. I knew that it was a thing in friend groups of mine which consisted of two girls. I'll call one Veronica and the other Maggie. I'd hear them talk about how guys were obviously attracted to them and did not think much of it, mindless chatter. I think later in the year, one got a boyfriend and the other hung out with a male upper class man. Both girls would take pictures together and compliment one another, things like that.
None of this in particular bothered me until I saw this guy I really really liked. I will call him Stephen. Stephen was very attractive and rather quiet (at least when I saw him), wore glasses AND had a mustache. I kept my mouth shut about my little crush until I knew more about him. I would watch how he behaved around others and often wondered what he was thinking about. Every now and then, I'd muster up the courage to say hello. Yes, a whole greeting like a boss šŸ˜…. All I was really able to really find out was that he dated a girl named Shannon.
I messed up one day though when I asked a "friend" about him. To this day I do not remember the question but she did ask me if I liked him. I couldn't really contain a smile so she knew. I told her not to tell anyone, I No I TOLD her that this was to stay between us. The next day I come to school and am met with questions from other students murmering about how me which was odd since...I only talk to a handful of people: Veroncia, Maggie and this "friend" and of those three only one knew. That bitch, she told. I was out for blood and she actively tried to avoid me. When she finally had nowhere to hide I did ask her why, to which she gave a high pitched, "I'm sorry". She was, sorry sack of shit. So now my whole grade knew that I liked Stephen. I...wanted to die. Others thought it was hilarious.
In history class I was talking with Veronica and I told her what everyone else already knew. How I liked Steven and kind of hoped he liked me too. She laughed at me and I was not sure as to why. I never laughed at her when she talked about people she was interested in or her problems.
Later in that history class we were assigned together, our names picked out of a glass bowl. People in the class snickered. I was nervous and excited. I didnt know how to carry myself or what to say. I started talking about the project and he stops me with. "Hey I have a question". I stopped to look at him with wide and expecting eyes. "Yes?" Trying not to sound too eager. His next words....
 "Do you know if Veroncia is single?" 
I felt like a boa constrictor was wrapped around my heart. I clenched my teeth and tried to keep the same facial expression I had before but I probably failed. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "ask her yourself".
I remember going home, locking myself in my room, blasting music thinking about took place. Putting all of the pieces together. "What does she have that I dont?". Beautiful big bright brown eyes, long straight dirty blonde hair, a big butt, big breasts, clear skin. She was all around beautiful. Even with braces she made all the guys swoon. Same with Maggie, shapely, big eyes that were blue and a big butt. Me I was thin and in no way shapely, pitch black colored eyes compared to them.
Why? Why didnt I know, why didn't I realize this long before? The stories about boys they traded, I had nothing to add to the conversation. I thought, if I tried harder on my appearance, something would get better. It would have to, right? I started with my hair. I took my cornrows down and was left with a braid out. I looked in the mirror and liked my hair. I went to school with my head held high.
I forget which class I was in but I had a guy tell me that he liked me hair, to which I smiled and said, "thank you". His smile dropped and told me, "just your hair though". I never saw anything wrong with my smile, no yellow teeth, just gaps I did not think much of. I remember seeing Veronica and Maggie the day I had my hair down. comment, no compliment, no nothing. Buisness as usual. I even told them about what happened with Stephen and I.
It was in these moments that I was truly aware of beauty, the hierarchy of wemon and most importantly where I stood.
I know this took place in middle school and we are taught through media that this point in our lived are supposed to be rough, that it gets better. But it's been years since those moments and the outside world has confirmed that physically I am the bottom of the barrel.
Never got a boyfriend, never even got asked out. In a group of wemon, there is still an unspoken rating system. The least attractive one is apparently the most approachable. Approached for what you ask, well to be the messenger to the goddesses of the group of course. That's right, I'm the Hermes of all the groups I briefly inhabit. Other than that I must be death and am to be avoided at all costs. And the least attractive one also gets the least amount of attention from her female peers. No compliments from your "friends"? Unfortunately this is so.
Anyway, it's cool to know that I'm not going crazy. That what I face is real. Nice to meet you all
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2020.06.20 15:24 trking1944 My gf(22) wants an open relationship.

Hello I'm m(20) and my gf(22) wants an open relationship. Now before anything else let me make it clear. She dose not want one so she can go and havw relations with other men, she wants me to go and have relations with other wemon....witch caught me off garud. I love that woman and I'll do anything for her but I'm not sure how she wants me to have a relationship with other wemon, I'm not the best looking guy. Shes a 10 I'm a 4 I'm just lucky to have her but now this came up and now I guess I'm in my first open relationship
TL;DR my gf wants me to date other wemon and I'm not sure how I should even try something like that.
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2020.05.20 13:26 rdrgz3 28(m) feeling hopeless

I need advice, in my 28 years I've only been on 2 dates with 2 different wemon, and had an upsetting one night stand when I was 26 with a girl I really wanted to be with but got ghosted the next morning and haven't heard or seen her since. Ever since then I considered it a pitty shag, and felt like a sad worthless p.o.s. I've had girls hit me up and I'd hate to call myself shallow but I don't find them physically attractive, they may have a cool personality but what's the point if I'm not attracted right? I don't want to waste their time. Saying that it's not like im only after dime pieces, I just want someone that takes care of themselves, and has a pretty smile. Am I asking for too much? Seriously wanting to know. I really want a family one day, but idk how to talk to wemon. I was raised to believe its weird to be friends with girls unless you intended on dating them, and I know that's a bad mentality to have, but because of that I never had the practice normal ppl get in their teens and early 20s. I'm terrified of dying alone, but not enough to "use" the first person that says hi to me.
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2020.05.18 08:09 throwaway_ysh I'm completly Ace but I have a boyfriend, how do I tell him I want to end things gently?

Right more explanation is needed. Mobile so please excuse formatting.
I'm Ace like fully, aromantic and asexual. I grew up believing that wemon needed to have a relationship or we were not normal. So when I was 17 I met my current boyfriend last year, we got along, same likes and dislikes started dating (first relationship, probably only) but as the year went on I found I didnt like anything we were doing, I didnt like kissing, or hugging or hell even talking about relationships.
I didnt know this immediately I only started researchingI what ACE was a few months ago and relished that I was Ace about a week or so ago.
So now that I know what the problem is how do I tell him. Please help. Hes a great person and I dont want to hurt him, I just cant lie anymore he deserves the truth, but i dont know how to tell him with out just slapping him in the face with me being ACE.
If you need more details please ask, I'm really bad a writing my thoughts so I've prouble missed things that could help
Right edited.
I'm going to need to do this online because of the coronavirus, I've always hated people who broke jo online, and I feel like the better idea is to wait until we can speak face to face, but them I feel like I'm just leading him on at that point. Because who know how long this will go on.
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2020.04.15 16:58 lifeisaliebutthatfin Where the fuck is dean

Okay people are you read the rest I'm going to let you know right now that whether I was preceiving like correctly or not if you touch a hair on this f****** person's head I will f****** kill you. I don't care how old are young he was. Unless he was underage in which case I should go to prison. But he said he was 17 when I was 16 so I think that's his fault. And he is the person who asked for my age in gym class. And I'm pretty sure I told him the truth. If not it's because I've been lied to my whole life.
His full are initials DES. He was born Nov 20 1992 adopted from from Russia on may 20 but he met his parents a few years before they adopted him to keep the ...? Price down? He also had a chance to be adopted buy a family in England. He had his head bread box hit on his head while he was still in Russia. He was also so cold slept with this hand between his thighs. He saw a kid get beat the fuck up because he pressed all the elevator buttons. When he came over to America the fist thing he was given was a chocolate bar. His parents druged him for the fight home because he was acting neurotic and scared. Once he got to America he landed in Texas. His parents took him to speech therapy and taught him how to play chess which was the first board game he learned. He backed his parents to adopt another brother which they did. He was teased at school because of his accent. He use to flip girls skirts up . He got a bad injury at Chuck-E-Cheese when he was running on the hardwood floors with socks on and slide and bashed head on the table. When he lived in library his first girl friend was ran over while she was riding a bike on a hill. He was always flipping wemon skirts up as a kid and was strangely close with his baby sitter who let him brush her hat and us her but as a pillow.... The more I think about that the more I think it wierd. He secretly bought a N64 with his own money and I think was scolded for it I think. He moved to Cleveland and started developing behavioral issues. His parents were slightly abusive to him. When he was swimming on vacation he was almost pulled into the undertow. he and parents had an argument in the car on the way back. Where he hoped out of the car and ran into the woods. When his mother can to look for him he bashed her head in with a log then his father tried to run him over. He went to juvie after that. He went to an alternative school after he got out where he movies to Cleveland and lived in the country on some farm land. when he tried shrooms on time he played around in a sewig pond witch chasing purple ducks. in 6th grade in school he got caught with a by officer phillip. The friend group he hung out with was NG,RO,Nick something, frank, Charles something, so far Mexican dude that once said if she's darker then me it ain't gonna be and probably a few others that I don't know about. He was taught how to drive by a State trooper uncle. His favorite food was Chinese. He graduated in 2011. He started welding school soon after he got kicked out of the dorms because he was drunk, he got in a car accident in the winter of 2012 and got a black Concord I think. When he was going to rehab he stayed at my Grandma's place for a bit. After that he went to a group home in the oaks. He was a 1900 in chess. He had several medals from tournaments. In his first tournament his mother cheer for him. His favorite video game with Star Fox 64 .His fist job was at a blueberry patch, his second was a dishwasher at an elderly home, is third was at Walmart this was at holmes he lost it when i moved in and sold weed did a little meth bashed someone on the back of the head with a bottle so someone caught his car on fire, is 4th was a UPS package handler. He went back to the dishwasher thing at one point, then he worked in construction and clay comma, then the final job I know about was him being a car wash or a dealership somewhere in Kansas. It was next to Ikea I don't f****** know. When he was working at Walmart he was living Martin City. He lost the job but still need to keep his apartment so he invited me over. Where I pan handled blue some guys and did clinical trials for cash. He got arrested and I knew I wasn't going to be able to afford the apartment so I had to let it go. I'm really not good at this adult s***. Then he moved back in with his parents and started the dishwasher job again. Then he found an apartment in Belton, then near boardwalk, then in the unicorn apartments. He stayed in his car outside my parent's house in between those apartments. He had a welding degree but never can make use of it. he used to pick me up at the church closest to my house because my father didn't like him. it was kind of a roundish church that I made fun of because it could have a pentagram perfectly painted on the basement floor. I left out all the stuff that we did together most of it at least because just in case it wasn't real. But I still do the guy and I want to know if he's okay. He killed himself in June 10th 2017 in Salem North Dakota. Where is this guy soul so I can go there.
I'll probably places stories of what we did together here. Just in case they are dead I don't want to forget. Well if he's alive I'm probably going get my ass kicked. They would be pist. Lol buzz buzz deanoreno.
Well let's start writing the figment of my imagination.
It all started when he noticed I carried a biology book around. We had the class before and last period together witch was hystory. I was once making a boat out of Legos and he made comments about how it kept breaking apart. After that we started playing chess together in hystory. One of his friends invited me over to their table so I did. The fist time he told me he loved me was and accident. Then they switch it up and told everybody that he loves Kevin. When the kid were playing kickball we were swinging on the swings and talking about life. Kevin once got us so we could go take leaves at the other school. I didn't know he would feel embarrassed about it or not so I didn't sit with them that day. At the end of that year he wrote his number in my yearbook and gave me his email. I was stupid about emails and I thought you had to use the same website so I made the x-tank account and his was saint.pete. we talked online and I joined icc for him over the summer. The fist song he sent me went "I miss you I want to see you again" and that's all I remember. After that summer he asked me my age at gym class. We started staying at the school for lunch so we could play chess during it. We were playing a fighter game during the end of the class before lunch. That had Ninja gaiden in it. One time he mentioned prom but didn't really ask. He asked. I said yes but told him that it was weird that he asked and we never went out before. He said that play chess counted. I reluctantly agreed. He asked me to a movie for our fist date. I copied him and wore a jean vest. We went to see behind enemy lines and ate Chinese buffet. I never paid attention to what he wore except the black vest. I think it was the second where he took me to meat his family. I road on his parents tractor and we took a walk in the woods. Told me to watch out for raddle snakes and showed me his parents fruit trees. We laid on the grass and made out. They had chicken pot pie for dinner and when where were on the way out I pointed out the stars. Not on the same day but I'm going to just get it out of the way here..... He showed me his gauntlet which he would fill up with his blood and drink out of it. We also played Ʊ64 his favorite game was his starfox game. We also got into other shenanigans but I've been told that was wrong for some reason. We were running to his room when he told me how fucking loud my steps were went to easter diner with us played a roman killing game that when you scream into the mic you gain more power i alsmo pass out. not because of the game mosly because i wasnt eating.
. šŸ‘† Sliding glass door. Living room
. . .
. Kitchen . . Basement d
. . . Shadow box
........ ........................... ...................... . .......................
. .
. Dinning room . .
. šŸ‘ˆ Laundry room door .
.................................................... ......................... born saint peter berg russia
hit his head on a bread box
saw some kid get the shit kicked out of him because he pressed all the buttons on the elevator
was so cold he slept with his hand between his thighs
parents waited to adopt him at 6 because it ...was...cheaper???
he was acting crazy so they drudged him for the fight
the first thing they got him was a chocolate bar
father taught him how to play chess
........................................................................................................ Lee summit
played soccor
girfriend got hit by a car on a hill while riding her bike
was made fun of by other kids because of his russain accent
got speech therapist
his therapist was doctor dugan
Cleveland. Paul mall
baby sitter got into a car crash whith him and his brother in it
brother flip his car
Blueberry patch, Foxwood springs dishwasher
got something i forgot the name of it but he had to take a cloirien bath
whet to saint lukes hospital for blood test
when we were lying in bed he told me he was going to get me a tummy tuck lol he said i had to keep in shape lol
when i od on caffien pills he came over with his mothers toffie and lyed on the couch with me he came over early in the moring and hung out with me before welding school he ushaly came though the windo but i let him into the front. then he came over after welding school.
we were watching mulan and he grabed my arm and started twististing itbecause i elbowed him in the face whille i was sleeping
playing yosie story on the couch while my grandmother was watching kids
came over befor welding school we drank coffie that i ordered online it was a snowy day but he decided to go to school anyways got in a car accident .................................................................
Belton gmas house
he came over when things were getting dice with his parents
we put a bed in the laundy room
we watch geren logan on sy fi
he use to rub his fingers between my gums and lips
he once gave me some ritalen pills i took five and zoned out on the couch
The oaks kcmo. Marlboro blacks menthol
Vocational rehab
worked with josh and brandon
........................................ ...................................
Homeless kcmo black and miled
Stayed at his crews place?
there were 4 black dudes they were passing joints around we went to the bedroom and fucked while i listen to avenge seven fold- scream
Holmes. blue camles
Walmart stocker
.................. .............................................
Foxwood springs dishwasher
the corn dog
.................... ................ .....................................
Foxwood springs dishwasher UPS package handler
Homeless sleeping in car next to my house
Stacks Clay coma construction worker
Unicorn apartments.
Car wash ................................. .........................................
Wills cemetery Section g
parents told me it was a family cemitary in Columbia mo
befind enemy lines belton cimia wore a jean vest ate ate a chinnies buffet
coroline in the living room said that it was taken from thearors for being to graphic
suppertupers in the basment said we sould have danced at prom
splice ate sushi after
repo man said the end would hurt a lot more then that but i though it was sexy how they were making out cutting into there bodies so they could scan their prostedic organs
some muppet movie with brandon and shyana
ancorman 2
death race
fast and the fourouse 7
he went to see the gozzilla remake
manchester by the sea
................? i miss you i want to see you again i ........ song about how a goth boy was dating this preppy girl and her parents wouldny let her see him she kills herself and then he kills himself along with her family
....................wierd al
....................barbie girl perody
...................doll house
.................... toms dinner dna uk
.......................going to go far kid the off spings
......................i cant feel my face when im with you
........................take me to church
......................................................................................................... now where is hailey
born april 6 1993
born in kcmo
lived with gma
traped under laundry basket
lived in a duplex and a hill yellow flowers marking the tail i rope swing on a hill and down that hill a swing set neibors with zena
watching soap opras lying on the couch with mother
being stung buy a bee near the rope swing
ran betwwen back and forth between father and mother when they were fighting
mother kidnaped my brothers and i and went to texas
a drawing of a car, a bedazeld temp tatto, a jelwrey box
playing with geckos
brother chased by cows
playing legend of zelda
mother caught bothers smoking made them eat cigarettes
though underwear out the window and hit eyebrowl on an ash tray
mother going out to buy ceareal and getting in a car accedent
goes to mothers funiral
goes back to the rope swing house
has a zombie dream about mother huged and said goodbye
visit gma house and they way you see gold glowing coins on the streeps
looking out the window
used oversised shirts as nightgouns
a cat named coco
walking to school with dad
zena watched us had bunny and a perot
got pokemon yellow when had chicken pox
painting pokemon pictures
cook your own spam night
the moon is made out of cheeze
if i got cole for chrismas i would use it as chalk
drawing black tornatos on the wall with charcole
dad bought gmas house
ridin bikes with the mexacan neibor
purple bike that says flower power
black berries grew down the hill
things that happend at some point ......................................................................................................
that grapics tablet i gave to shikina i didnt give her the pen i still have it. i could not find it. but the story of how i got it i just got out of doing a clinical tril we went to micro center and i picked it up then we drove around looking for wifi hotspots then went to eat at a greek resterant
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2020.01.31 00:33 CBT_with_a_hairbrush I'm currently accepting Girlfriend applications

My little sister just broke up with me, so now I'm free for some luckly lady to take home. But be warned, if you wish to be the pussy to my humongous cock you'll have to meet some requitements.
  2. If you're over 20 get out, I don't want any cogars
  3. You must be a mind free of the gogerments propaganda, I will not tollerate round earthers!
  4. No masc names! If you're a girl you should have a fem name! No Dans, Maxs, or Alexs.
  5. Must be thick! I'm not into anemic chicks, I want someone who can chrsuh a water mellon between her thighs.
  6. No Canadian's
  7. You must only wear skirts! Pants are for men!
  8. No bisexuals! If you want to be converted to men hit me up but I won't tolerate freaks who think they can like men and wemon.
  9. Mus be able to cook at least 5 meals a day
  10. No working wemon! You're job is serving me
  11. No kids! I don't want a slut
  12. Must be willing to use drugs to achieve clarity.
  13. No addics
  14. Must be into BSDM and BCT
  15. Must be protective, I don't want a wimp!
  16. No vegans or vegetarians
  17. No jealousy! Of I sleep with someone else it's your fault don't be a bitch about it.
  18. Must be a virgin, I don't want any STDs!
  19. Must be good at sex, I don't want someone who's gonna dissapoint me.
  20. Must vote Trump!
  21. Must believe in the one and only God
  22. No uppity chicks, you are inferior don't pretend you have moral high ground
If you meet all of this requirements it means you are worthy of the privilege to date me. If you are interested (and how could you not be) mesage me and I'll send you the 30 page application.
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2019.12.21 23:05 oberweiss_ My(23f) boyfriend (26m) watches porn that resembles girls he knows. What should I do?

I started dating this person about six months ago. It started out really nice, we have a special kind of bond together. Had mutual feelings of falling deep in love at this park about a month after seeing each other. Like some deep ass soul mate shit. He had a cute picture of the two of us as his phone background till got a new phone a couple days ago. Decided to drive cross country to live together. However it has not been a walk in the park. We lived out of a hatchback for a while, and had to use his phone for an internet connection tether. Had to reset it when he was sleeping so I helped myself to his phone, noticing he had giphycat open. He had a clip of his ex girlfriend sucking his dick as the most recent one at the top. And after a few gifs of me/us(we have a porn account together), are some of his ex on a camsite they had used together. AND probably hundreds that he made from porn on the internet. When confronted he explained it was at the top because he was going to delete it and that he hates her(yeah ok). He also watches porn every single day multiple times a Day. Says he has to shit and we'll stop at a gas station and he will be in there for 40+ minutes sometimes. I'll look at his pornhub and see that he is online. He can do that all he wants to but when the span of time between us having sex is 2+ weeks (even though our sex life is f****** LIT) there is clearly an issue. We just got a truck trailer and after getting everything set up I was so excited to have sex that night, but he kept saying he' doesn't feel good'. I went to my car to go the store, saw him grab a bag of sex toys(including a flesh light) and go inside his friends house we were camping outside of. He's always pushing me to go to the store, or out by myself. It makes me annoyed because I know exactly why. Like can I just suck your dick please??? And I know I give AMAZING head. He's not the only one to have told me that. He doesn't want me to feel trapped if I wanted to have sex with other people(which I have told him I have no desire to, I am a generally independent person and I'm sexually satisfied with him) when we were arguing one day he said he wouldn't break up with me if I had sex with someone else. He asked what I would do and I said I would leave him. It eventually MIGHT be something I would be okay with. I get suspicious as if there is some backwards double standard he's trying to implement; like he wants to have sex with other people. Well I went on his phone because I got suspicious (he's on his phone so much its not even funny, and I have my reasons from what I found last time) and just scrolled who he'd been talking to on FB. There were a couple of chicks (one lives locally the other from our original home city) that hes been talking to recently. I know hes had sex with the girl from back home, to which he denies. The other chick is a blonde older(10+ years senior?) woman. I don't know if they had a sex or not, but he started talking to her in a parking lot because they had the same car and ended up eating together before we had met this year. reached out to that lady again about a week ago. He watches porn and alot of the chicks resemble me. But hes rececltly started watching porn with blonde chicks and older wemon. He hates it when I try to confront him about the issues I'm having with our sex life and his problem with it. He thinks he is always right, and if I start crying when we're arguing he flat out doesn't awknoledge it. When I bring it up he refrains from having sex with me even more and it makes me feel like I'm losing my mind. It's just confusing/frustraiting to me, I am trying to keep an emotional distance in case it doesn't work out. If I wanted to take a break from being intimate I know it would be fine and all if we still lived together because we're productive The disagreements we have are just so stressful and it's SO hard to figure out what to do. Please help.
TL;DR Love each other, but boyfriend watches porn that resembles girls he talks to + barely having sex anymore
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2019.09.25 23:16 _noxx WAMEN ARE SCARED OF MY BRAIN

That's disgusting. Seriously it's like wemon have forgotten modesty and decency. Now they just choose their mates by the size of their member. What happened to wemon choosing their partners based on PERSONALITY and INTELLIGENCE? Not just that the wamon who don't date douches are scared to talk to peepal like me because their scared of my intelligence.
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2019.09.16 21:28 Karma_lagann I'm been pan for 5 years

I've been for 5 years and hardly anybody knows (except for people I date). I've kept it a secret to my classmates and alot of other people for a long time. I want people to know me as myself and not define me by my sexuality.
I've dated a couple guys and a few wemon over the years and it just a normal relationship. It's not as glorious or anything.
I want to find someone I love, move out, become stable (financially) and then tell my family. But it doesn't matter, it's what I am Soo wooopty doooo
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just a rant, i am a guy ok, and i stright up don't give a fuck what i say i don't beat around the bush not my styel, and if i like something i will say it
i saw some amazing pictures, and i really like them and wanted one, telling my friend my thoughts while i was just criticing some lingerie , some of them loook like a pain, some look great, and some just well boring.
employ come up to my friend say is that man bothering you,. i was pissed, like, that fucking rude, i was think , you fucking hypocite, you work at that store, women by this shit to please men, and when a man speaks his mind about what they like, you get bashed, fuck off cunts, if a man want to buy woman stuff, leave him alone, fuck, let them buy that shit,, fuck i bet 100$ if you actually encouraged me to shop at victories secret not women, you be selling shit like hot cakes,
you see some men with like 100s of that shit, lols. cus lets be honest, some of that shit, is realy unrelistect to wear all day. my logic is
man buys collects, and starilizes and cleans it, let the wemon he date borrow it lols. just makes sense,
cus if i was a woman, i pic realistic comfy shit, for my self, if its something to please someone else, then i be kinda wasteing my money
thus the cloting is like sex toys for men really not wemon, lols so way let weman buy that stuff,
i think if i had a wife, i would chose her clothing and she choice mine lols. this way, we both like what we see yet picking comfy not unrealistic, idk my just ranting, like a daff morron lols


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2019.07.18 20:36 Matti06 Something Wicked This Way Comes

Couple Conversations with Misery
Misery: Today we're going to try and get 2 friends into a relationship, we're going to be talking to...
turns the camera and zooms in to Matti and Brier just talking about Movies for some reason
Misery: Those two... As we all know they've been best friends for 6 years and now we see how they really feel...
Misery: Matti, I got some questions
Matti: Sure, I'm cool with tha- Wait is that on?
Misery: Its an interview, so what do you think of Brier?
Matti: Oh she's Great, definitely a cool person to hang with and she makes amazing pizza rolls...
Misery: I meant Romance wise
Matti instantly gets a confused look on his face
cuts to Brier
Brier: What do I think? Uh.... Hmm, well He Did save my life a few times, His Glasses make him look cute with or without them, and his hair is surprisingly soft
Misery: And how is your relationship Romance wise?
Brier: Relationship?
cuts to Matti
Matti: well once when we were kids she let me use her shampoo and conditioner, and it did wonders for me, all the shampoo and conditioner I use are all for Wemon now because it's softer
Misery: What does that have to do with how you feel towards her
Matti: Well nothing but since then I knew what makes her hair so clean.
Misery: When you two were younger did you show any forms of affection?
it cuts to Brier
Brier: Well, when we were kids he gave me a flower, I still have it, look holds up a necklace with a tiny jar of ashes with a flower painted on it
Misery: Oh... what happened to it?
Brier: It wilted so I turned it into ashes
Misery: So in conclusion, would you ever go out with your friend?
cuts to Matti
Matti: Well... I just don't wanna make things awkward...
cuts to Brier
Brier: Well I'd have to think long and hard about it
both say while the screen is split Matti: I just wanna keep it professional Brier: I just wanna keep it professional
Misery: And there you have it, thanks for watching, join me next time where I talk to our next subjects. pins photos of Ruby and Skull Boy to the wall
Something Wicked This Way Comes Title by myjabberwalking on Reddit Written by Matti A.
the scene starts off with the camera zooming in on the Manor
Women: I can't, the thought of losing you is too unbearable
Man: We must... for the sake of our love... for the sake of the future...
*the man and women kiss and the screen reads "The End"
most of the characters groan
Len: Ok, that was by far the worst movie EVER!
Iris: It was VERY Terrible
Skull Boy: Pretty bad...
Ruby: they didn't remember that they have people still chasing them
Frank: Exactly!
Misery: Right?
Matti and Brier Walk in
Matti: Hey what's goin' on?
Iris: just Watching this awful romance movie....
Matti: Ugh, Romance movies I don't like them unless their animated
Brier: All live action love movies are always so corny and lame
Matti: Totally...
Frank: Really makes you think about who OUR first kisses were
(All together)
Ruby: Skull Boy
Skull Boy: Ruby
Iris: Len
Misery: Frank
Frank: Misery
Len: Iris
Brier: Wow... you guys are lucky, I haven't kissed anyone yet
Matti: Yeah, Me neither
Iris: kiss each other then
both at the same time Matti: Nah, We're Good Brier: Nah, We're Good
Boo Boo floats in holding a bunch of mail
Boo Boo: Hey, when's the last time you guys checked the mail?
Ruby: Skull Boy, I thought it was your turn to check the mail,
Skull Boy: it was definitely Matti's turn
Matti: My bad guys, I got so caught up with the laundry I forgot all about mail duty
Iris: Wait, HE'S doing the laundry?!
Matti: Relax, I know what I'm doing this time
Boo Boo: gives a letter to Ruby Letter for You... gives a letter to Iris Letter for you... gives a box to Matti Package for you... gives a magazine to Frank and Len Magazine for you two... gives a box to Misery And you get this...
Missry: Ooh, maybe it's my 11th first aid kit complete with Allergy medication
Matti: I'll be this is the part I needed to finish my newest gadget
Ruby: opens an envelope and Reads Dear Reader, you are invited to a Valentine's Day dance, you may bring as many friends as you wish. food, beverages, and music will be supplied. We hope to see you there And there an address here Says it's from someone named... Jessica...
Brier: Ugh... I know that name
Ruby: Wait who's Jessica?
Brier: Jessica Jenkins is the most annoying girl in the academy
Misery: In Gloomsville
Matti: In the world!
Skull Boy: You sure do know a lot of people
Matti: Nah they're all just a bunch of coincidences,
Brier: still just take the most annoying person you know, and just toss them out the window because she's so much worse
Iris: Is she hot?
Matti: ...No Iris... she's not hot
Ruby: I kinda don't wanna go now and yet I still do
Doom Kitty: violin sounds sign language
Ruby: Throw our own dance? But we just had the "criticise bad movies" party a few minutes ago
Matti: We SHOULD throw our own dance, does it say that we have to be act formal?
Ruby: looks at the paper So far no, however, no shirt, no shoes, no dance.
Matti: I'm sold
Brier: tackles him and starts trying to take off his shoes I will NOT let you go to that dumb party!!
Matti: AH! Get off me! pulls away and gets up with a missing shoe And why shouldn't I go?
Brier: She doesn't like finger quotes "Smart People"
Skull Boy: Oh so she hates nerds
Iris: I know, that is so lame.
Misery: I agree
Skull Boy: Hold on, When's this dance Spacifically?
Ruby: looks like... tonight at 7 And it's only... looks at the clock and it says 4:20 Yeah we got time.
Frank: You guys can go without us,
Len: Yeah, Me and Frank are gonna hit the streets and win over ladies with our charming good looks
Frank: Ever hear of the shoulder touch?
Skull Boy: No...?
Len: watch this walks up to Brier and puts hand on her shoulder Hey... says in a coolish tone
Brier: sarcastic Yeah, Real charming stuff you guys
Frank: Great, it's decided. We'll see you guys later, we're gonna go practice until 7:00
Len: Peace They walk out the door
Boo Boo: whispers to Matti Don't try it....
Matti: whispers I'm gonna try it...
Boo Boo: Unbelievable
-The scene fades to Ruby combing her hair-
Ruby: humming
Brier: walks in Seriously, you don't have to go to that dance.
Ruby: Oh come on Brier, it's just a party, besides how bad could this "Jessica" be?
Brier: Worse... so much worse...
the scene then fades to them walking down the hallway
Brier: She's not like the "run of the mill" nice kinda girl like you are, she's dumb, her parties kinda suck, and she has this weird sister who for some reason always smells like soup
Iris: jumps up to them with her springs What kind?
Brier: Hard to say, I always put on perfume before I go anywhere
Ruby: inhales Mm... Mystical Velvet, I can see why it's so hard to tell now
Iris: So that's what that is, I couldn't identify what her perfume because I dunno what kind witches use
Ruby: Before I thought they'd something related to poison apples
something glows from Brier's pocket
Ruby: Hey what is That?
Brier: pulls out the charm caster's stone oh... it's just this old thing
Iris: You still have That? I thought other witches would have come here to find it by now
Brier: Or goblins... so I plan to destroy it in the nearest lava keep puts it back in her pocket
Ruby: isn't that kinda dangerous?
The scene cuts to them walking down the great hall's stairs
Brier: Yeah, But that's besides the point, you guys are risking a whole night going to a lame party rather then doing anything else
Misery: walks up to them Hey, we like a good party
Skull Boy: even when it's not being thrown by us,
Iris: yeah, it's all about having fun.
Ruby: Last call if you wanna come with us Brier, it could be fun.
Brier: Count me out. 30 minutes tops, that's how long you guys will last in her house before bailing.
Iris: I'm starting to think you hate other witches because they're annoying.
Brier: No, it's because they're rude
Matti: hangs upside down on a web by them Trust me, they are...
Skull Boy: Guess that leaves the 5 of us
Doom Kitty: violin sounds and sign language
Ruby: Oh, you'd rather stay here?
Doom Kitty: nods followed by violin sounds and more sign language
Brier: Yeah a few people there do have cat allergies...
Skull Boy: Whoa, You can understand her?
Brier: Witches are able to speak to all animals
Matti: And I'm pretty good at understanding sign language
Ruby: Well with that said we got the whole night planned ahead of us so, well see you guys
all at once as Ruby, Skull Boy, Iris, and Misery walk out
Iris: Later Misery: Bye Skull Boy: See ya Matti: te veo luego Brier: Yeah, see ya
silence for a second as Matti and Brier just stand there
Brier: We're throwing our own dance right?
Matti: Yep
The screen goes black
The scene starts with Frank and Len
Frank: Alright Len, Are you ready to find some cute dates.
Len: You know It!
Scaredy Bat: Um... excuse me, if you please? But remind us why we're here too?
Poe: I concur, I've never gotten an invitation to spend time with you gentlemen.
Frank: sigh Poe, you're our wing man you can give us advice on what to say and to make sure we don't do anything dumb
Scaredy Bat: And what about me?
Len: You're here to watch and learn, the things you're about to see may help you in the future. And to translate what Poe says from old advice, to modern advice
Frank: there's some over there points at a spirit and a girl who looks like a shadow Poe? Any advice so far?
Poe: Alright, so first you got to be gentlemen, be well behaved, have manners.
Frank and Len blink and look down at Scaredy
Scaredy: Be polite, don't be gross, and maybe complent them
Frank: Right.
they both walk forward
Poe: And don't do that shoulder touch thing you do, it won't work
Len: Noted!
Frank: Oh we're going it to prove them wrong
they both make it to the two girls
Spirit: gasps Oh my god Twila! It's R.I.P.!!
Twila: Who?
Scardey Bat: So far I'm learning nothing
Poe: Just keep observing
Frank: puts his hand on Spirit's shoulder ....Hey
Poe: never mind, dont pay anymore attention
Frank: So do you ladies want a full tour of our sound studios?
Spirit: YES!
Twila: I suppose,
Len: Then come with us and will show you were the Magic happens looks at Poe
Poe and Scardey just blink
Len: mouths the words Told ya so
Poe: Don't try it,
Scaredy Bat: wasn't going to anyway, wanna head home?
Poe: Yes, let's do so
Scardey jumps off the bench Poe flies up and they both leave
the scene cuts to Ruby and the gang walking up to the open gates
Ruby: Okay Guys, Brier Bet we'd be back at the house in 30 minutes tops. Let's see how long we last
Iris: I hope they have bubbles in the drinks
Misery: I hope they have disaster proof everything
Skull Boy: Only one way to find out
they all walks up to the house and Ruby rings the doorbell
Jessica: answers Hello come in, and like, leave your coats by the door
Skull Boy: But we're not wearing coats...
Jessica: What-ever! walks to the living room while on her phone
Skull Boy: Still think it could be worse?
Ruby: let's try and make it and even 40....
they all walk in and they see the party is just a bunch of people sitting in a living room
Iris: Wow....
Ruby: Okay...? Not what I was expecting
Misery: I like this party already
Skull Boy: Should we just go home?
Ruby: it's Okay, we can work with this
she sits on the a couch
Ruby: I've always wanted to attend a Chill and Layed back Party
a Mummy named Delilah looks at Ruby
Delilah: Jessica said the party won't start until there's at least 9 people here
Ruby: Oh, and who's that?
the camera points at an old lady
Delilah: Her Grandmother
the old lady waves at everyone else
Skull Boy: Why 9 people?
Mary: Ugh! She said she wants That Spider Guy from the papers to be her special 10th guest
Delilah: Kind of a long shot, no one in this room even knows who that guy is
all at once Ruby: Weeeeell Skull Boy: Weeeeell Iris: Weeeeell Misery: Weeeeell
Jessica: Okay Gang! The 9th guys should be here shortly and then we can all get this party started
Jessica goes and answers the door and a wizard enters
Jessica: Alexander! Hiiii!! Welcome to the party!
Alexander: I'm only here to see the special 10th guest enters
Jessica: While we wait who wants to hear stories?
no one raises their hand and a clock effect fades to the next scene
the scene shows us - Mary is asleep - Delilah doesn't even care and just writes in a Journal - Alexander left - The old lady's eyes are closed so much she looks dead - and Misery is the only one who's actually paying attention
Jessica: And she was like Muah! And He was like Muah! And I was like Ugh! Get a room! Now for the time now for the time I spent learning on what Bisexual means
Iris: whispers to them This Party's so boring
Ruby: Whispers Look on the bright side, at least we've made it this far
Skull Boy: whispers It's only been 10 minutes...
Ruby: shouts loudly I NEED TO USE YOUR TELEPHONE!!
Jessica: umm... okay sure landline's in the kitchen
the scene cuts to Ruby making a call then the screen splits between Matti hanging upside down
Matti: answers Hello, This is Matti
Ruby: Matti, you need to come to this party
Matti: What? Why?
Ruby: Jessica said the party won't start without your super cool alter ego
Matti hung up before she can finish the sentence
Ruby: Hello? Hello...?
she puts the phone back and it cuts to Matti and Brier setting up
Brier: Who was that?
Matti: Sabatage for another party
Brier: Cool
Matti continues shooting webs for decor and Brier keeps summoning docorations
Ruby walks back to the couch everyone's sitting at
Skull Boy: What'd you need the phone for?
Ruby: The Call Matti and ask if he can come
Misery: Is he coming?
Ruby: Well He just hung up the phone so probably not
Jessica keeps going on and on and the screen switches to what Frank and Len are doing
Len: And this is where the magic happens
Frank and Len open the doors of their garage
Frank: It's a bit of a mess but
Spirit: It's Amazing!
Twila: It's Tolerable but it could use some cleaning
Frank: This is where we write songs host band rehursels and
Len: and most importantly, where we sleep
Spirit: Wow, you guys really are a garage band!
Len: Yup, we usually do as much music as we can until we get gigs somewhere
Frank: closes the doors of the garage Now let us take you to the sound systems and recording booths
they all walk toward the manor
Twila: You guys don't live in the House?
Len: Nah, we usually live in our own space since the house can have it's share of pests
the open the door and the first thing they see is Matti Tangled in his own webs and Brier trying to get him out
Matti and Brier look at them
Len: Like him
Frank: You guys Okay?
Matti: Call for help
Len: we will after we show these girls our recording Both
Twila: Hey Matti Spirit: Hey Matti
Matti: Hey guys, alright we'll let you guys do your thing
Frank: Cool
the all walk away from them
Brier: You guys coming to our party later?
Frank: Yeah sure
Matti: nods Cool
they all walk away as Brier keeps trying to get Matti out
then the scene fades back to everyone In Jessica's house
Jessica: And that's when I realized that my hamster wasn't dead, he was just sleeping, but it was too late since we already burried him
Ruby: Wow that's-
Jessica: now can we take a moment to talk about Spider Guy? The only problem is why does he wear blue? Like of all the colors in the world why blue? I get that it suits him he's blue, he's tall, he's-
everyone looks at Mary gasping
Jessica: And You say thay because why?
Mary: I doubt if he wanted to go to a party he'd go somewhere better, which is exactly what I'm gonna do!
Mary gets up and walks out
Delilah: Mary, Come on.... Mary
she follows them
Iris: I agree, we all know him too well and if he were here he'd be somewhere else
Ruby tried signaling to tell her not to say anything
Jessica: Wait, you mean you like, Know Spider Guy?
Ruby: mutters Spider-Ma-
Misery: Yeah and since we're all friends with him we're keeping his identity a secret
Skull Boy: I think coming here was a bad choice. We could've done something other then listen to her talk about herself for this long
Jessica: You're right... Raise your hand if you think we should get rid of guy rights? raises hand
the camera turns to the from door where all the characters instantly run out
the scene fades to them walking
Ruby: Well that was..
Skull Boy: Bad?
Iris: Boring?
Misery: Disasterous?
Ruby: All of the above, and Whoever thought it'd be a good idea to have a Homophobe in this episode should be fired immediately
she looks at the camera
Ruby: We support all rights here on this channel
Skull Boy: Who are you talking to?
Ruby: No one!
Skull Boy: Oh Okay
they all walk up to the manor
Skull Boy: Well this was one boring night so far
Ruby: how long were we there for anyway?
she opens the door
Brier: 18 minutes
Ruby: WHAT?! Skull Boy: WHAT?! Iris: WHAT?! Misery: WHAT?!
Brier: Yeah me and Matti saw this coming so...
Matti: we threw our own Valentine's Day Dance
they all look around at the simple decorations and the DJ being Frank and Len
Frank: I never thought I'd be a killer DJ for a Valentine's Day party
Len: Yeah, and the best part, we didn't have to book a gig!
Ruby: Who are they? points at Twila and Spirit
Len: Our dates
Poe: I still cannot believe that shoulder touch thing worked
Scardey Bat: Who would have thought am I right?
Frank: speaks into the microphone Ladies and Gents, grab your companions and meet at the dance floor and dance all night!
Ruby: Come on Skull Boy! she grabs his hand and runs to the dance floor
the camera focuses on Iris and Misery
Iris: Well... tonight has been a real snore fest but maybe... we could I dunno....
Misery: Dance... like, together...?
Iris: Couldn't have said it better myself...
they both hold hands and walk out to the dance floor
then the camera focuses on Matti and Brier as they watch everyone dancing, even the secondary characters
Brier: Looks like everyone's having fun.
Matti: We know how to throw a party
they fist bump each other
Delilah: Um... excuse me?
the both turn around and the camera shifts to them talking to Delilah in front of the open door
Delilah: Um... is this party welcoming to all couples? My girlfriend and I wanted to go somewhere better then where we were
Matti: Well you've come to the right place the party's right down there acts gentlemen like and goes and uses hands to point her forward
Delilah: Thank You, Such nice manners she said walking forward
Brier: Wonder who her girlfriend is...
Mary: Hey Glasses!!
Matti: Oh no....
Mary grabs his chest then lifts him so they're face to face
Mary: You trying to be all gentlemen like over MY Girlfriend?!
Matti: Heh-hey! Mary, long time no see, I gotta say I never thought you were a lesbia-
Mary: a what?! is about to slap him
Matti: I'm in trouble...
Delilah: Mary, Please, He was just being nice, it's not like I like him or that he's against our relationship. Uh... Are You?
Matti: I support all rights 100%
Mary: drops him Don't try anything with my girlfriend alright?
Matti: Message Received...
Delilah: Come on, Lets go have some fun. grabs her by the arm and walks to the dance floor with her
Brier: You know her?
Matti: She used to pick on me back when I was in school...
Ruby: walks up to Matti Hey, Why aren't you guys joining the fun?
Brier: We thought we'd let you guys have the fun while we go watch a movie or something
Matti: We know the drill, if there's a mess after the party we have to be the one's who clean it.
Ruby: Okay, You guys have fun with your movie.
both at the same time Brier: Thanks Ruby Matti: Thanks Ruby then they both walk up the stairs
Len: Now it's time to slow it down for a minute, Ladies, Gents,... tonight's the night...
the music changes to a slow dance
Poe: Oh dear, this is my cue!
he pulls out a remote and pushes a button that drops down a disco ball with makes Pink lights go all over the place
then all the couples start Dancing then the camera shows all of them dancing in order
Boo Boo: The Shoulder Touch may not have worked, but I'm still glad you came anyway...
the girl shares no response
the string on the disco ball starts to break then the characters become silhouettes in a pink background
the string snaps and the disco ball shatters on Misery's head and the music stops
Misery: ....Ow
the screen goes black and a new scene starts with Matti and Brier cleaning
Brier: sigh What a night huh?
Matti: Tell me about it
Brier: it kinda surprised me how many other people showed up, it was amazing.
Matti: says under breath You're amazing....
Brier: Hmm?
everyone else peeks from the ledge in the great hall
Matti: What? Nothing!
Brier: Mm... nods Hey... Matti?
Matti: Yeah?
Brier: I didn't know how to tell this but...
Matti: blushes a little Yes...?
Ruby: whispers Please say you like him please say you like him
Brier: I kinda have to go to the nearest lava keep to destroy that stone I have and I leave tomorrow
everyone on the ledge silently groans
Matti: O-oh... well where's the nearest one?
Brier: About a 3 week trip, Why do you ask?
Matti: walks to the DJ booth and turns on a different slow dance music
Brier looks at him
Skull Boy: silently Guys look...
Matti: Before you do... don't you think since we started this party, we can end it by enjoying it ourselves?
Brier: Absolutely smiles
Matti then slowly holds her and Brier holds him and they both dance slowly
Everyone on the ledge: Aww....
Brier waves her wand making them all poor away so they can have their moment in peace
the camera zooms out on them as they dance and the screen goes black
mini episode starts
The Ultimate Arm Wrestle
Poe: 2 people enter! One comes out superior! Today in the finals we see the strongest people in Gloomsville Matti The Human Versus Mary The Werewolf...
Ruby: Okay, I want a good clean Arm Wrestle, No cheating, No bionics, no funny buisness Agreed?
the two grab each other's hands and prepare to arm wrestle
Matti: Agreed Mary: Agreed
Ruby: Ready... Go!
they both immediately show their struggle to pin down each other's arms
Mary: You're strong for a little guy....
Matti: that's some pretty big talk for someone with Zero tolerance...
Poe: Oh the smack talk, who will win this Battle? The Body Building Werewolf or The Super Powered Boy Keep watching to find out dear viewers
a short montage starts and in it we see - Matti almost winning but Mary gets back in the game - Vice Versa - The outside of the manor go from Night to day a few times - Ends on their hands still in the middle and everyone's bored
Brier: I can't take anymore of this.
Delilah: Yeah, this arm wrestle has gone on long enough
Brier: pushes their hands down so Matti wins
Mary: Wha- Hey! That's not fair! She interrupted the match
Matti: I agree!
Ruby: sigh I hearby declare this match a Tie
everyone who was bored either groans or sighs
Mary: Surely there's something we can beat each other in where one of us wins
Matti: perks up Maybe there is... Let's see who can win in rounds of war holds up a deck of cards
Mary: You're on!
they both Run off screen
Ruby: sighs then looks at the Camera Well, here we go again...
she smiles at the camera and the mini episode ends
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2019.05.30 00:12 mistakekin AITA For going against my friends wishes in hopes of helping him?

( Sorry for any misspellings in advance, I'm not the best writetyper)
My friend, who I'll adress as Billie to keep him from getting blasted has been dealing with a abusive and toxic ex for two years now. I've been there since day one, and have seen their relationship start and nose dive into oblivion. I know how his ex (Who I'll call Oliver again, for the same reasons ) and how he works, and he's always constantly harrasing him, making new accounts and stalking him online (for context, neither have met irl but do know eachother well online and have video chatted multipul times ). Billie gets really upset whenever Oliver does this and I mean upset. Crying and panic attacks and such, which in turn gets me really upset (I don't know why, it just does). He then always goes to message me asking for help, which in turn, I try to. But the catch is, he always tells me to not talk to Oliver about it. I always accepted this "rule" if you will and just helped him make his new accounts, and etc. However, last night, Oliver had done it again. So, I simply told him I was going to report him. Then that's when I relized the site we were talking on had no report system so I sat and thought for a moment, then aroun 10-11 am thats when i decided enough was enough and I politely asked Oliver to stop contacting Billie since he got really upset, which, oddlly enough he said yes. But of course, in the text he made Billie into the bad guy and made me out to be a toxic person because my ex (I'll refer to them as AB) told me he was trans and me, only liking girls, I told him that I respected his identity and broke it off with him because I saw him as a man now, not a woman, and I only date wemon. Eitherway thats besides the point, he then sent a message to Billie saying that he would stop talking to him which, you'd think be a good thing but Billie then messaged me saying the following:
I thought you said you wouldn't speak to him??
Please don't lie to me anymore and do things I said not to.
I asked you not to speak to him...
He's hurt now, and I impulsivly sent him what basically was "wow im a terrible friend, dont ever ask me for help since all i do is fuck up" in the wrong mental state.
Am I the asshole for doing this?
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2019.04.27 19:40 Bitsybaby My Christian Aunt and Grandma

As a disclaimer my mom's side of the family is Christian and whenever I go down to my grandmas house I stay with her and my aunt. My grandma and aunt are very nice to me and they don't hurt me but I disagree with one MAJOR Christian thing they view as correct.
Thou shall not date the same sex.
Now personally I am not gay, I am straight but I do have friends who are gay and my own cousin is bisexual so this entire thing causes problems as you could guess.
Me/I=Well who do you think it is?
Anyway to the story:
It started a few years ago (but I still remember most of it clearly) in the middle of the night (around 10 to 11). A had just gotten home from her job at Wal-Mart and I had come out to talk to her while my G was asleep in her chair. Everything is quiet at the moment as as A plays candy crush on her phone and my G wakes up turning to the news. But as the news is going on A says something (cutting me off from what I was saying to her) to G and I huff in annoyance (I hate being interrupted in the middle of a story) and I just start to tune out of what they are saying until I hear this from my A.
A: I saw these two men kissing in Wal-Mart.
I immediately start paying attention and my G does the same except she gets a disgusted look on her face.
G: Why any boy would want to date another boy is beyond me. Stuff like that is disgusting.
Now as my G says this I am not new to how my A and G can be about homosexuals and all that. But....I hate it when they are insulting two people behind their backs who they don't even know! Who does that!?
A: I know, it's a shame that the law allows things like this.
And as soon as I hear this I am done and say something when I should keep my bog mouth shut.
Me: Uh....isn't talking about people like this against the bible? I mean you don't even know these guys and they didn't do anything to you.
The entire room goes silent, even the dogs, as A and G stare at me in shock. And to my utter disbelief G tells me to go to my room with this mad look on her face. But, I'm too scared to do anything else as I obey her, my G or A didn't hurt me or anything but they didn't want to really see me for the rest of the night.
But, this is not over yet.
The next day this happens:
G: (Insert my name here) are you gay?
Me (horrified though I have nothing against homosexuals): No! I am not gay!
G: But the things you said last night implied just that.
Me: No they didn't! I was just saying that what you and A were doing was kinda being a bit hypocritical.
G: No, no, dear, you don't understand. Your too young. We were saying those things because we respect the lord saviors desires for men to be with wemon. God put is on earth to.....(blah, blah, blah, more Christian BS). Do you understand?
Me (not wanting to drag this out any longer then I have to): Yes, G, I understand.
G: I'm glad you do dear.
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2018.10.11 01:54 CapNKirkland Does it exist?

I see online websites or dating apps specifically made for men looking for BBWs (Big Beautiful Wemon)
But ive never seen the male equivalent anywhere. (places specifically for wemon looking for big boys)
Does it exist? And if so, where?
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2018.09.18 18:42 RoseSentinel Idk what to do so I need help

Do I have been talking to this girl I met at church we get along just fine she wants to date me I want to date her. Little did I know when we met I came in during the middle of her and her bf "break period" of course like a lot of guys do they realise they fucked up and run back to the first girl for reasons like they fucked up with girl 2 or they just know that girl 1 was special. She asked me what does it mean when a guy wants to get back together after a break(I've never said I want to have a break to a girl in my life) so I told her the most logical thing I thought. Of course they get back together I ask why did they break up in the first place she said because I kept constantly hurting his feelings with my dark sense of humor he couldn't handle the jokes I made like you can. I told her ill wait for her(I thought I could) she said no go find someone else I tried just can't my whole life I've only been able to date girls who were one year younger than me or get compliments and attention from those who are older than me considering that I'm abnormally tall I am for my age the older wemon didn't know until I told them my age. But getting or talking to girls my age no can't do it because they all want a guy who doesn't respect authority,sags their pants and is a wanna be thug who speaks broken English or what is called African American English. I've been told by a lot of girls my age I'm too nice, I speak to proper,I'm not "hood" enough. I told them I won't change myself. But anyway I've met this girls dad and mother and whole family they all like and respect me or at least they don't want to offend me in front of my face I asked her dad for a job in his new restaurant he said will think about what I could do. But she never told him about her boyfriend she said that her mom and dad know of him and spoke to him but never actually talked to him or realised that he was her boyfriend he couldn't do that in a year but I done it in 2 months honestly I don't know what to do. She said that I would laugh at the guy she choose over me I told her I won't because he apparently has something I don't she started saying how much of a great person I was and how she and any other girl should be lucky to even know me and during all of that I started up my Ps4 and played dark souls 3 then as soon as she said I want you to be my brother because I don't want to lose you I died I said fine if that's what you want. Now I know from my friends bullshit that whenever you steal or win over someone else's girl she will eventually cheat on you for another guy idk what to even do so if someone could give me advice that would be great.
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2018.08.17 03:51 nate-w How do you look at their body?

So me a heavy set guy and Iā€™m ofcourse I look at girls..all the time. However when I see a girl who has a nice curvy body with a flat stomach..big ass (thigh gap) I just think to myself ā€œdamn look at that thereā€ and I and just get very impressed by curvy big hipped thick wemon. When it comes to slim girls I think the same thing to a slightly smaller degree. However when it comes to heavy set women I just donā€™t think the same way ( I donā€™t have anything against heavy set women I have dated them ) but I said all this to ask the girls in this sub Reddit. Do you girls think the same way guys do when you see a guy who is lean and cut or muscular? Versus a guy who is very skinny and fragile or chubby and or fat? Iā€™m very curious because Iā€™ve heard women are a lot less judge mental than guys when it comes to that but I dunno.
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2016.12.31 23:28 911bodysnatchers322 Murder Inc pt 1/2

Crime Networks, Murder Networks and Satanism
The purpose of this post is to compile historical investigative leads from EIR as proof of state-sponsored crimes--widespread criminal drug and human trafficking, cultmaking (human experimentation), psychological / sexual child abuse, murder in the us government--as a supplemental to pizzagate investigations. The opinions herein are not necessarily shared by myself. Inclusion of reportage shouldn't be taken as tacit endorsement of validity.
Article Relevance Highlight/Quote
Satan's helpers: Nazi Doctors in America Extensive Article on MKULTRA, Mind Kontrol and Satanism in the CIA "By the 1970s, LSD was a fixed part of Western "youth culture" and the CIA was ready to move onto the formation of Satanic cults. This was run out of the CIA Office of Research and Development (ORD), but the CIA men introduced themselves as researchers from the Scientific Engineering Institute. Clairvoyants and astrologers were hired. In May of 1971 there were three astrologers on the payroll. Among other things their job was forecasting. At the same time, Operation Often was launched to go deeper into demonology. The CIA behaviorists hired Sybil Leek, a Houston sorceress, and they gave a grant to the University of South Carolina to establish a course in sorcery. Two hundred and fity students enrolled. The scientists of Operation Often studied carefully the results of classes devotĀ­ed to "fertility rites and initiation rites and raising the dead."
Satan's Army's Generals Expose Themselves in Recruitment Manual Book Review: Shawn Carlson and Gerald Larue, "Satanism in America: How the Devil Got Much More Than His Due" (1989) LaRouche exposes the engineers of the establishment shut-down by propagandizing "Satanic Panic" as a hoax, perpetrated by the LaRouche group. Larouche publishing responds to every one of their points. Having read these articles, do YOU think LaRouche is manufacturing all countless victims, pedo ring busts, arrests, police reports, out of thin air? Laughable.
Satanwatch: John Markham, devil's advocate :: More documentation on the ties between LaRouche's prosecutor and the Satan-worshipping Process Church LaRouche ties the prosecutor who jailed him for political reasons (suppression of politcial opposition) has clear ties to the Process Church of the Final Judgment, which produced Manson and Son-of-Sam. "The fact that the Justice Department cleared John Markham to become an Assistant U.S. Attorney despite his prolongued involvement with a satanic cult, is certainly extraordinary. It is a benchmark for the deterioration of a justice system which is becoming infamous for its protection of Satanists and pedophiles."
Cheney's 'Spoon-Benders' Pushing Nuclear Armageddon Discussion of US Military Intelligence waging permanent nonlinear psychotechnical warfare against the public "The paper was titled "From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory," and it presented a Nietzschean scheme for waging perpetual psychological warfare against friend and enemy populations alike, and even against the American people." /// "Mindwar should employ subliminal brainwashing technologies, and weapons that directly attack the targetted population's central nervous system and brain functioning: "There are some purely natural conditions under which minds may become more or less receptive to ideas, and MindWar should take full advantage of such phenomena as atmospheric electromagnetic activity, air ionization, and extremely low frequency waves," the paper concluded."
Wicca and the Atlanta Child Murders Superior Court Judge Robert Flournoy--a Marietta Kiwanis Club member--denied a woman's divorce and request to deny her convicted, pedophile, molester husband from retaining custody of her 3 children, whom he ritually sodomized and "stretched with balloons", along with the childrens grandmother, aunt and others. Judge made this decision after reviewing mountains of evidence from witness testimony, a police chief!, psychologists, a supportive pastor, and a 'long line of experts'. The woman defied the court, and denied her ex-husband visitation rights and was held in contempt-of-court. The pastor's house was burned during the court case. All evidence suggests the family were victims of gangstalking, though they simply called it cult 'terrorism' then. "Additionally, the child was used as a prostitute and was frequently filmed and photographed, while various perverted sex acts were performed on her. She said that in the beginning she liked it, because it made her feel important and she was told she was very special. She said that they told her that her part in the rituals was so important that other little girls had to act as stand-ins when Alicia couldn't come." // "Finally, 13 months after the children's allegations, Alan, his mother, and his great-aunt were indicted for cruelty to children and held on $50,000 bond each. Victoria and her family were told by the police to keep quiet and not discuss the cases with anyone. Even so, she and her family were subjected to incredible harassment." (see next quote) // "On several occasions, attempts were made to run them off the road. They received threatening phone calls. Pets were killed. Dead animals were crucified on their property. HideĀ­ous photos, some of Alicia, were sent to them. All incidents were reported to the police and the Fulton County Police Department, along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation"
Pedophiles Arrested in Britain: 'More Powerful than the Mafia' 150 boys as young as nine sodomized by 4 men, led to information that there is a larger, international, satanic conspiracy "Investigators in Trieste working on the Moncini case have recently been to the United States, attempting to accumulate more information on what they believe to be a "most exclusive ring of international pedophiles. Informed sources in Britain believe that the Delaney-Peters ring and the Moncini-linked networks are connected, and that both are part of an international pedophile conspirĀ­acy. U.S. law enforcement officials have in their possession tapes of Moncini attempting to procure a young girl, for Satanic-ritual abuse purposes. Experts on ritual abuse stress that pedophile rings, as horrifying as they are in and of them selves, are actually fronts for, or extensions of, hard-core Satanist cults, for whom the pedophiles provide young boys"
Probe of 'Son of Sam' Terror Cult Documents Satanic Underground Book Review of Maury Terry's The Ultimate Evil, An Investigation of America's Most Dangerous Satanic Cult (1987) -- Investigation into "Son of Sam" murders in NYC 1977 Queens District Attorney John Santucci to re-open his case, was a letter which Berkowitz arranged for police to find upon his arrest. Terry saw it in 1981:"This is a warning to all police agencies in the tri-state area: For your information, a satanic cult (devil worshippers and practitioners of witchcraft) that has been established for quite some time has been instructed by their high command (Satan) to begin to systematically kill and slaughter young girls or people of good health and clean blood. They plan to kill at least 100 young wemon [sic] and men, but mostly wemon [sic], as part of a satanic ritual which involves the shedding of the victim's blood . . . . Warning: the streets shall be run with blood. I, David Berkowitz, have been chosen since birth, to be one of the executioners for the cult. . . " // "Rev. Jim Jones in San Francisco. Jones had run the 1976 Democratic Party "Get Out The Vote" operation there" // A satanic murder cult in Atlanta was eventually identified in the murder of over 29 young black boys between 1979 and 1981" // These events involved cults spawned from the "New Age" counterculture's drug-running underground. In each case, investigations by EIR and others have shown that, behind the "lone killers" charged with responsibility in mass media accounts, there were organized satanic cults."
Narco-Satanism Invades America's Living Rooms A missing persons investigation of a Univ. of Texas student, along with a car chase and drug bust led officials to a burial site at Matamoros, a Mexican border town across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas. They found 13 bodies that were mutilated, with organs cut out and limbs amputated. In a nearby shack, the police found a reliquary, ritual items and an altar, for satanic rituals, belonging to a marijuana and cocaine trafficking gang/cult called "El Compania" (the company). "The members of the group in custody admitted that the human sacrifices had been conducted to "give them power, to protect them from the police and make them invulnerable to bullets." They practiced a form of Satanism which includes Santeria, a Cuban-based cult which incorporates animal sacrifice as part of its rituals" //"In spite of the preceding evidence that narco-satanism is not limited to "Latin cultures" but has been a feature of criminal activity in the United States, the media continue to focus on the Matamoros case as something as foreign to the United States as it is unbelievable. Fortunately, many law enforcement officials are beginning to wake up." // "These cults have evolved as part of the drug traffic world, too." // "For example, one leading official reported to Interpol, an Interpol report, that one murder in five in Western Europe is committed by Satanists" // "mutilated and skinned animals, including dogs, have been found. In Baytown, an abandoned house was found to have Satanic symbols on the walls and mutilated animal remains inside. In Pine Grove (east Texas), two 14-year-olds are in custody, charged with having killed the mother of one in a Satanic death pact." // "In Pharr, the Church of the Eternal Flame, believed to be a center of Satanic activity, burned down the night Mark Kilroy's body was found."
Satanists in High Places Exposed in Minnesota Important to note this was a Schiller Institute meeting where Larouche's associate Lewis duPont Smith attended of his own accord (import of this is that LaRouche later went to jail as a political prisoner for 'kidnapping him'--obviously a trumped up charge). Skip Humphrey a collaborator in the cover up of the Jordan child abuse case was also a cover-upper of the Franklin Pedophile Government Ring Coverup, as discussed by John DeCamp in "The Franklin Cover-Up:Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska" (1992). "They're involved in organizing pedophilia internationally, mostly based in Holland. Nambla was founded by David Thorstadt, of Minnesota" // "They now have an official position at the United Nations as a non-governmental organization, and there's some controversy over that. [NAMBLA is] a group that advoĀ­cates legalized sex between adults and children" // In the appendix, there is an interview with Paul Bonacci, one of the former child-victims of the prostitution pedophile ring that was uncovered in Nebraska, who is now one of John DeCamp's clients. Bonacci, in prison indepenĀ­dently testifies that he was brought to Jordan Minnesota to be sexually abused in the Valley Green Trailer Park, naming several of the same people that Kathleen Morris had charged, whom Humphrey had protected. He independently corroborated everything that Morris had said."
Satanic Subversion Of the U.S. Military --PDF "On Feb. 5, 1999, in U.S. District Court in Lincoln, Nebraska, an extraordinary hearing occurred in Paul A. Bonacci v. Lawrence E. King, a civil action in which the plaintiff charged that he had been ritualistically abused by the defendant, as part of a nationwide pedophile ring linked to powerful political figures in Washington and to elements of the U.S. military and intelligence establishment." Larry King to pay 1M in damages. "During the Feb. 5 hearing, Noreen Gosch stunned the court with sworn testimony linking U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (ret.) to the nationwide pedophile ring.... I will say, that was an offshoot of a government program. The MK-Ultra program was developed in the 1950s by the CIA... then there was a man by the name of Michael Aquino. He was in the military. He had top Pentagon clearances. He was a pedophile. He was a Satanist. He's founded the Temple of Set. And he was a close friend of Anton LaVey. The two of them were very active in ritualistic sexual abuse. And they deferred funding from this government program to use [in] this experimentation on children...They used these kids to sexually compromise politicians or anyone else they wish to have control of." /// Paul Bonacci, who was simultaneously a victim and a member of the nationwide pedophile crime syndicate, has subsequently identified Aquino as the man who ordered the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch
Satanic-Pagan Cults Launch War on West Freemason and member of Rotary Club and Propaganda Due charged in satanism, according to Italian Newspaper "On March 18, U.S. authorities arrested a top Trieste, Italy freemason, Alexandro Moncini, for involvement in satanic sacrifice and sex-abuse rituals involving children, Italy's La Repubblica newspaper revealed on March 29. U.S. authorities have tapes of Moncini speaking several times over the telephone to an individual named Anthony Crowley (of course), head of what La Repubblica calls "the pornography front" in the United States."
Satanists Escalate War against Western Civilization A memorandum was passed around through cults called "Beltane Conspiracy". Article also discusses teen suicide cults, subversion by gnostic groups into political and military office. "To the informed intelligence specialist, this charge might have been seen as a signal that 1988 would be a singular year for activation of satanist cults. And indeed, it was. Communications among satanist organizations early in the year deĀ­fined 1988 as a year for public "combat" against Christian belief. Along similar lines, "green" and "ecological" groups worldwide began to more explicitly embrace Roman-model "Great Mother" cultism."/// "In fact, the astrologers influencing the Reagans were creatures of the World War 11-era British "Occult Bureau," who, LaRouche stressed, had deep ties to the "overtly Satan-worshiping Theosophical Society of Annie Besant, Madame Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, and Astor-backed Rudolf Steiner." /// "OTO has at least 48 offices in the United States. One offshoot is centered around a certain Lt.-Col. Michael Aquino, and has managed to infiltrate the U.S. military and NATO. OTO is also under investigation in Britain..."
Cotton Club killers' Satanic links buried Roy Radin, financer of the film, "The Cotton Club.", was the victim of a murder-for-hire at age 33, with the motive being takeover of ownership of the Cotton Club film during renegotiation. He was shot multiple times and his body blown up with dynamitepossible wikipedia disinfo. Four people, including contract killer William Mentzner were charged with his murder. "On the surface it was a sordid tale of illegal narcotics money funding a big-time Hollywood movie project. Beneath the surface, the Cotton Club murder was a satanic ritualistic killing by a new occult Murder, Inc. taking revenge on one of its own. The "Friday the 13th" execution of Radin in a desolate canyon outside of Los Angeles was conducted in satanic ritualistic fashion: 13 bullets to the back of the head; a Bible left near the body, opened to a passage from the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 22, which reads in part, "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die." No mention of the ritualistic nature of the killing was made at trial. Totally missing as well from the Cotton Club trial was any reference to Roy Radin's known links to a New York and Long Island occult circle which had been purchasing cocaine from members of the "Son of Sam" cult of convicted mass murderer David Berkowitz. Sources familiar with the satanic demimonde believe that Radin was a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, an occult secret society founded by the infamous British satanist from the turn of the century Aleister Crowley. And, most glaringly missing, was the real profile of the convicted trigger-man William Malony Mentzer, who was identified by David Berkowitz as "Manson II."" // "Investigative writer Maury Terry, in his book The Ultimate Evil which profiles the Son of Sam murders, provided conclusive evidence that Mentzer had been deeply involved in satanic circles dating back to his late-1960s association with mass murderer Charles Manson and the Process Church of the Final Judgment. Mentzer was part of a nationwide occult killer squad that was responsible for the Son of Sam murders of the mid-1970s. According to Terry's account, Mentzer carried out at least one of the New York City "Sam" killings and may have also been responsible for an earlier occult murder on the campus Of Stanford University in California on behalf of the group." /// "Subsequent to the arrest of David Berkowitz and the murderers of a half-dozen other members of the killer cult, Mentzer helped found a nationwide satanic private club called Magick Island. At the time of the Radin murder, Mentzer was a trusted bodyguard for pornography publisher Larry Flynt. (of Hustler magazine)"
Robert Evans's Story: Coverup for Satanism Scathing book review of Robert Evans "pathetic and illiterate" autobiography that mentions Cotton Club murders "Near the end, in 1989, when Evans is out of money, out of Paramount, and out of friends, there are no guardian angels to bail him out of the potential murder-conspiracy charge in the killing of New York impressario [Roy] Radin, found victim of a satanic-style ritual murder in the desert outside of Los Angeles, just after Evans enlisted his support to bail out the funding for the movie "The Cotton Club.""
An Encounter with Evil, or: Why the Jesuits Are Responsible for the Murder of Your Grandmother This article is VERY interesting. It talks about Soviet Union as the "Third Rome" and a "New Reformation", the fascist, globalist, technocratic Concilium movement // Actually, thank GOD for the Jesuits in this case. They stopped Reagan's Star Wars / Beam Weapon program. In the right hands, anti-nuke beams are a good thing. Run by Security State Satanists (George HW Bush), it's a way to kill random people. "It has long been known to me that the Jesuit order has been the driving force behind the so-called right-to-die movement, from Karen Ann Quinlan to refusing treatment for Baby Doe. The very heart of the movement is at Jesuit-run Georgetown University, where the pseudo-discipline of bioethics was created as a justification for murder."
Satanism: When Is an ExposĆ© Just 'Damage Control'? Book Review of Kevin Marron's, "Ritual Abuse: Canada's Most Infamous Trial on Chlld Abuse" -- discusses public apathy and pedo agenda by comparing it to the drug abuse normalization and pedo normalization respectively. More importantly, it blows the whistle on a "sophisticated operation" of kidnapping american kids "into Canada for the rituals and filming" This book makes one wonder anew: how many court trials, and how many exposes in the media, dealing with these kind of cases serve the purpose of "damage control"? Exposes on the horrors of drug abuse in the 1960s and 1970s were often accompanied with the advice that one should resign oneself to the problem, leaving the reader helpless. Are we to see some future expose that proposes the leĀ­galization of pederasty in order to keep it out of the hands of criminals?" /// "The children would recount numerous stories of human sacrifices, sexual perversions, and cannibalism, involving a variety of sites and a multitude of people, including their parents."
The Lucis Trust: Satanism and the New World Order A "A powerful wing of the Anglo-American Establishment is currently under investigation by this news service for its role in promoting the cults of Satanism and Luciferianism, for spawning an entire subculture of drug-induced violence beĀ­lieved to be behind the recent pattern of hideous ritual murĀ­ders." Lucis Trust, originally Lucifer Trust is a gnostic, theosophist publishing company with a presence at the UN. 'As Dianne Core, a leading British expert in the battle against Satanism, put it recently,"We are in the middle of spiritual warfare, and the Satanic weapons are all pointed at the young."'
In Defense of Children Book Review of Billie Wright Dziech and Judge Charles R. Schudson's, "On Trial: America's Courts and Their Treatment of Sexually Abused Chlldren" (1989) "While the etiology of pedophiliac behavior and of Satanic ritual use of child victims is not identical, abuse of children tends to attach to other criminal activity, such as the sale of pornographic pictures taken during the incident. In some cases, this pornography may terminate in the death of the child. It is believed that both the Son of Sam killings and the Atlanta Child murders were the subject of "snuff' films."
Justice On Trial: The Case of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald Dr. Jeffrey Macdonald reported that his wife and 2 children were killed by a group of satanic killers, but because of sloppy police work the case went cold. It was reopened by DOJ, and due to obstruction of justice by the FBI, he was convicted instead "Likewise the evidence of 35 witnesses who could have substantiated evidence connecting the Satanic cult to the murder was withheld as heresay. Finally Helen Stoeckley requested immunity so that she could testify to what really occurred that night, but this request was rejected out of hand by the government, who claimed her testimony would be irrelevant." EIR concludes by saying the case deserves being reopened.
Elliott and the Nashville Agrarians: The Warlocks of the Southern Strategy "Southern Strategy", a globalization policy to unite partisan wall street factions under 'project democracy' is a movement run by confederate revivalists and kkk. (If I'm not mistaken, this is talking about Hillary Clinton's situation in 2016, though she's quick to point a finger at Trump as being 'nazi', need I remind you that she and Bill killed 60k hemo kids for money...and haiti...and isis...and now ...pizzagate) "On the role of freed slaves, William Yandell Elliottā€™s cousin, Frank Lawrence Owlsey, wrote in that manifesto, ā€œFor ten years the South, already ruined by the loss of nearly $2,000,000,000 invested in slaves . . . was turned over to the 3 millions of former slaves, some of whom could still remember the taste of human flesh and the bulk of them hardly three generations from cannibalism.ā€
The Extraditables' Record of Satanic Terror Narcoterrorists tied to murders rings and genocide During the first two weeks of April, more than 40 policemen were murdered by mafia hit-men and car bombings in Medellin.
'Catholic' Schools Plot Exposed: Who is Snuffing your Neighbor's Kittens Larouche, Pope John Paul II and others have been targetted by a Jesuitical network in the US Intelligence Community "This investigation...has uncovered a large chunk of the evidence exposing a fascist, anti-Semitic, anti-American network, which has been operating under the cover of the Catholic Church in the Arlington Diocese of [Arlington] Virginia[, in] an associated movement of private, nominally Catholic schools." Connection of ex-FBI convicted Russian spy to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. (Recall that Scalia was involved in some weird hunting freemason group that came to light with his death.)
Witnesses for the Prosecution LaRouche publishing was a target of the Cult Awaraness Network (CAN), The Antidefamation League (ADL), FBI, ATF, IRS, etc It was only due to an eleventh-hour communication by LaRouche to Reagan that a bloodbath was averted, as agents who took part in the raid subsequently admitted. Arrests were made, and the!press dutifully cranked out new, more vicious attacks in the tradition of "trial by press."
Who Protected the Bhagwan? A Question Still Unanswered Three Book Reviews on the Cult Leader Rashneesh / Osho. A cult's misguided leadership poisoned 750 noncultists in Oregon with salmonella through a restaurant's salad bar, in order to manipulate the local elections and get their cult leader Rashneesh elected as a political leader. This cult had a litany of crimes: murder, arson, wiretapping, prostitution, drug running, sexual perversion, and domestic biological terrorism. The people involved, including Osho, had ties to MKULTRA, though it's not mentioned in this article [citation needed]. "One sticky question in the Bhagwan's case, was who would take control of his estimated $350 million in U .S. assets, a question that seems to be still up in the air. The other unanswered question is why, in the midst of the much-ballyhooed Reagan War on Drugs, the cult's wellĀ­ documented drug trafficking has never been a law-enforceĀ­ment target!"
Fight To Roll Back Satanism Has Begun A bunch of nerds in Europe fight against heavy metal bands "On [Ozzy Osbourne's way home from that benefit concert, which took place in Moscow, he, in a totally drunken state, tried to murder his wife, and was arrested." fact check verified
Satanism and Witchcraft: A Concern for the Vatican Wide-sweeping article about an outbreak of Satanism in Turin Italy, commentary on the rapid outbreak of deranged activities, the rise of liberation theology (a heretical gnostic idea), high level people being behind all the cult activity and well-protected by corrupt political apparatuses. It discusses these books 'spurious' (not really) distinction between wicca and satanism. Wicca is harmless. (I 95% agree). Section on Carl Jung blames Jung for "liberation theology" by influencing Jesuit Karl Rahner and for influencing gnostic globalist policy by influencing the Dulles brothers. Very fascinating stuff. According to EIR, Jung's Bollingen Foundation collaborated with UN's Lucis (Lucifer) Trust, "One important such project involved a protracted effort to discredit the authority of the New Testament text, initially through an academic hoax, carried out at the University of California, known as the "Nag Hammadi texts." -_O_M_G - What an unlikely claim. This needs to be fact-checked in a big way. Reddit: you have a homework assignment. This link seems to support this idea, along with some interesting connections along this dimension
British Gov't Warned on Child-Abuse Cult Outcry for investigation of the OTO and Scorpio black-magic group for accusations of satanic ritual child abuse, drugging with hallucinogens and pornography "sodomized by dozens of men over periods of years; given hallucinatory drugs; told they would meet the devil; videoed in sex acts" // "Core said that the cult is strongest in the United States, not Britain"
The Big Names Behind the Death Cult "Black propaganda" around the Jim Jones "Suicide Cult" (it wasn't) that killed over 900 members was--according to EIR--a deployment by British Special Operations Executive (SOE), whose death-cult driven, Huxleyan pseudoreligious cultmaking activities were intended to wreck the american political system. "The satanists of London's oligarchy: The following report will provide the average citizen and the trained investigator with the evidence to identify the criminals behind the death cult "movement", from the immediate controllers all the way to the top. Many have familiar names--Ted Kennedy, California governor Jerry Brown, Joseph Califano, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski. A long list of private institutions and contaminated government agencies, acting as effective centers of SOE subversion in the US, put year of systematic, coordinated effort into Rev. Jones little cult, and now they are reaping the payoff. But the "mother" of this entire network is to be found in the Tavistock Institute in London, in the SOE, the most secretive branch of British Intelligence, an din the British monarchy's official "chivalric order", the Most Venerable Military and Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta). These oligarchists, sharing their devotion to the centuries-old cult of ISIS, and it's magical, feudalist outlook, have duplicated themselves in microcosm in the zombies of Rev. Jones nd other brainwashed kook groups."
How Brzezinski Is Linked to the Jones Cult. The connections of Brzezinski and Kissinger, Rand Corporation to Tavistock and British intelligence and cultmaking are pretty undeniable...they betray a fifth-column of us intelligence subverts and mkultra cultmakers. Trigger NSFW warning: there is a section that overuses the word 'faggotry', which really undermines the professionalism of this article, conflating homosexuality with satanic pedophilia--it's no wonder people characterized larouche as a kooky theorist. Then again, this was the 70s and John Travolta said much worse in a 2 sentences at the beginning of Saturday Night Fever--a major motion picture with wide distribution and popularity at that time. Also, it hates on democracy, quite a lot, in favor of republicanism, claiming in elitist language that people are basically stupid and not in control of their information or perceptions. Maybe true, but that's not their fault, and from what I've seen, our congresspeople are no shining gems of insight, either. The language gets ugly at one point. I don't like this article but it is important to read it, to be a well-rounded person. "In fact, the perceptions of individuals and small groups is determined by institutions, including those institutions which control the news media, and political parties. The notion that the isolable individual is the ultimate origin of perceptions and impulses is a delusion.
FBI Tries To Hush Up Corruption Charges Black FBI Agent Donald Rochon received 1M in court compensation after filing suit against 20 FBI agents and supervisors for discrimination, harassment, retaliation and death threats by other officers in Omaha Nebraska, as a direct result of his reassignment to investigate Satanic Ritual Abuse and after rescuing a man's daughter there. The agents had taped ape faces over his children's faces in a photo on his desk, mailed him a picture of a badly beaten black man, made racist remarks near him, derogatory remarks about civil rights leaders--stating martin luther king jr and jesse jackson were 'commies'. When Rochon transferred to Chicago, he submitted a complaint about the Omaha officers sexual deviant behavior of exposing themselves, urinating and defacating into cups, showing his stock of homosexual pornography--this last part was dismissed by US attorney general saying that it was the agents duty to collect pornography for investigating young male prostitutes and kidnapping victims. "The ringleader of the harassment clique in Omaha was also transferred to Chicago, and when he learned about Rochon's affidavit complaining: about sexual misconduct, the harassment against Rochon escalated to the point of death threats. Rochon received a "death and dismemberment" insurance policy. Pictures of black men with mutilated sexual organs were sent to his home. Seven years after Rochon first brought complaints to his supervisors, a special task force of the FBI has publicly admitted that it has uncovered enough evidence for possible criminal prosecution, but the FBI will not prosecute." // "The public should scrutinize the bizarre and perverted behavior of FBI agents assigned to solve child molestation and murder cases. What is the real coverup? Who has preĀ­vented a thorough-going investigation of these crimes?"
The Diary of 2000 Years of Evil - LaRouche Publications Book Review: Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln, The Messianic Legacy (1987) "The Messianic Legacy is offered as a clarion call for Evil, by the oligarchical orders that worship the Gnostic dissolution of Judeo-Christian civilization. One of the oligarchy's most powerful secret orders, the France-based Priory of Sion, ofĀ­fered the book's three authors-Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln-membership in its order, as a reward for authoring this deliberately lying, damnable book." A book that tried to push the Gnostic Globalist agenda. A book that apparently Dan Brown copied and made into fiction. Lol. It's important to note that we've discovered since then that Priory of Scion didn't exist, but the rosicrucians did, and so did knights of columbus--perhaps it's a conflation of these two real sects. /// "A mentally healthy reader might be tempted to laugh at the idea of grown men believing in Satan, in Gnosticism, and symbolic archetypes. It all sounds so childish. But this is the thought that governs the men who run the capitals of the world. Unless such men are stopped, the last laugh will be on the human race." --thanks LaRouche publishing for paleovalidating my independently-gotten, identical viewpoint.
The Economics of Satanism IMF and World Bank basically run by Gnostic Globalists and Cult of Death people "This, then, is the crew which I declares that it will ensure no political combination emerges in Ibero-America which can threaten the iron rul of the International Monetary Fund, the institution most responsible for transforming most of the economies in the region into mini-Hells."
Are You a Dupe of Satan? : The Encyclical from Hell /The British Royal Familyā€™s Plan To Return the World to the Stone Age" Encyclical: Pope Francis talks about mother earth and prometheus and pushes an overtly gnostic agenda. Which makes sense, since he's a Jesuit. // Family Plan: "His Royal Virus" Prince Philip, founder of the world wildlife fund (WWF) plans to use WWF to degrade the worlds' religions by injecting animist, pagan worship of "mother earth", and launch an attack on science, technology, population growth--basically the same old Malthusian, misanthropic technoneofeudalism, which LaRouche characterizes as 'Satanic', perhaps rightly so // Depopulation articles: The irish potato blight happened and many starved because of Crown policy of taking all their other productions and by coercion inhibited them from eating their livestock...history got it wrong. Also, the brits starved 60k Indians to death by policy, per their depopulation agenda. I guess they have so much money they don't really need us anymore. "Churchill, explaining why he defended the stockpiling of food within Britain, while millions died of starvation in Bengal, told his private secretary that ā€œthe Hindus were a foul race, protected by their mere pullulation from the doom that is their due.ā€ -- The entitlement of these aristocrats is truly enlightening. I mean that by, like, Lucifer's light.
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