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Starting to be upset about Laravel Backpack

2020.11.26 21:38 Carbone_ Starting to be upset about Laravel Backpack

Starting to be upset about Laravel Backpack
I use Laravel Backpack since many years now, but recently it started to upset me. I have the feeling they are moving in the wrong direction, and worst: in the opposite direction of web trends.

  • The migration from AdminLTE to CoreUI was - in my opinion - a very big mistake. AdminLTE is much more used than CoreUI, and the docs of CoreUI is just a mess. Only good point for CoreUI: they have some VueJS components, with limited features but it is a good starting point.
  • Still nothing planned to integrate a JS framework with CRUD table and fields easily. Everything is done through Blade templates, with some Jquery stuff when required.
  • Let's say that on a CRUD list of items, you need to implement a button to quickly toggle a field of the row, you need to do a custom button blade view, and write Jquery stuff to make an Ajax request, etc. This is very old school despite it is an extremely frequent need.
  • Worst, they considered the "JS ecosystem not enough mature & stable", which is a bit surprising (
  • The default Admin panel is just ugly. Everything is gray and purple, with the argument: "we should see the content first". It may be true in matter of usability, but I don't think that a default Backpack app is attractive. I lost **so much time** to customize it!

Gray everywhere... Even the logo ;)

  • In addition, this is not so easy to customize as we want. I am also a fan of the Quasar framework for instance, and you can very easily customize all colors and so many things through Saas variable.
  • Another stupid thing: they migrated from Font Awesome which is very well established to Line Awesome. I don't understand this choice. To be fair, they explain how to integrate Font Awesome and it's easy. At least, with the pro version, you can use dual-tone icons.
  • Doing conditional CRUD fields is still a challenge as there is no relevant JS framework.
  • The documentation was very good until recently. Now it starts to be bigger, and so sometimes it is not easy to find the right information. There is also this login popup opening each time you visit a page of the manual, which is **very very very annoying**. Stop doing this Backpack, manual pages are not intended to hook the user, even for a security purpose.

Sometimes, it is a challenge to know where to look for an information. I was searching the feature: \"Select field that depends on another field\". It could be in Create & Updates, it could be in API, Cheat Sheet, Crud API, or FAQ...
  • They start to implement "widgets", a bit like Nova I think. Strange choice. If you install Backpack, this is for their CRUD table, filters, and fields, not to make widgets on the Dashboard as this feature is already covered easily by the CoreUI or any Admin panel. You win some time for sure, but I think it would be better to focus on the current limitations of the CRUD aspects.
For my next projects, I will probably try to find an alternative, with a preference for client-side CRUD as it is much more user-friendly. However, before ending this long post, I need to be clear: I love Backpack and the great team behind, I have a lot of respect for the developers, and the form fields & filters are just incredible as it's just work out-of-the-box.
I am only doubtful about their strategy. Even for a MVP I start to feel the limit and to lose time on things that would be very easy to do with JS frameworks around there. At least, I guess there should be a full section in the manual on how to "integrate" Backpack features with Livewire, VueJS or Inertia.js.
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2020.11.26 19:48 MagicLamaFIN Daily Ops issues on XB1

For some reason since the update my Daily Ops has always been completed even if I have not done it! 3 times in a row now which means that I have no chance to get any rare drops. Kinda frustrating considering all the new plans aso. Anyone else have this issue?
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2020.11.26 19:41 onlysane1 A better way to generate a hexgrid

I am using the code below to generate a hexgrid for a game. However, the way I'm doing it now, I have to define each hex variable individually, which would require a lot of code for that 1000+ hexes a map might have.
Is there a better way to generate the object variables for the hexes themselves without having to program each one individually?

import pygame pygame.init() win = pygame.display.set_mode((900, 500)) pygame.display.set_caption("Mouse Drag Test") bg = pygame.image.load('pygame/bg.jpg') hex_sprite = pygame.image.load('boardgametest/hex.png') clock = pygame.time.Clock() hitboxes = True class hexagon(object): def __init__(self, x, y, width, height, sprite): self.x = x self.y = y self.width = width self.height = height self.sprite = sprite self.hitbox = (self.x, self.y, width, height) def draw(self, win): win.blit(self.sprite, (self.x, self.y)) if hitboxes == True: pygame.draw.rect(win, (255, 0, 0), self.hitbox, 2) class mouse_position(object): def __init__(self, x, y): self.x = x self.y = y def redraw_game_window(): win.blit(bg, (0, 0)) hex001.draw(win) hex002.draw(win) hex003.draw(win) hex004.draw(win) hex005.draw(win) hex006.draw(win) hex007.draw(win) hex008.draw(win) hex009.draw(win) hex010.draw(win) hex011.draw(win) hex012.draw(win) hex013.draw(win) hex014.draw(win) hex015.draw(win) hex016.draw(win) hex017.draw(win) hex018.draw(win) hex019.draw(win) hex020.draw(win) hex021.draw(win) hex022.draw(win) hex023.draw(win) hex024.draw(win) hex025.draw(win) hex026.draw(win) hex027.draw(win) hex028.draw(win) hex029.draw(win) pygame.display.update() #mainloop hex001 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex002 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex003 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex004 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex005 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex006 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex007 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex008 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex009 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex010 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex011 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex012 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex013 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex014 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex015 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex016 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex017 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex018 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex019 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex020 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex021 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex022 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex023 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex024 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex025 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex026 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex027 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex028 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex029 = hexagon(00, 00, 50, 50, hex_sprite) hex_list = [hex001, hex002, hex003, hex004, hex005, hex006, hex007, hex008, hex009, hex010, hex011, hex012, hex013, hex014, hex015, hex016, hex017, hex018, hex019, hex020, hex021, hex022, hex023, hex024, hex025, hex026, hex027, hex028, hex029] hex_column = 0 hex_row = 0 for i in hex_list: if not hex_column % 2 or hex_column == 0: i.x = hex_column * 75 i.y = hex_row * 100 if hex_column % 2: i.x = hex_column * 75 i.y = (hex_row * 100) + 50 hex_row += 1 if hex_row >= 4: hex_column += 1 hex_row = 0 for i in hex_list: i.hitbox = (i.x + 17, i.y + 17, 65, 65) run = True while run: clock.tick(27) for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type == pygame.QUIT: run = False redraw_game_window() pygame.quit 
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2020.11.26 19:13 cal_ness Fear is a Sliver

I have a debilitating fear of clusters. It’s called trypophobia.
Lotus pods. Egg sacks. Compound insect eyes. At the sight of clusters, I go inward to an extremely dark place.
A horror-obsessed friend of mine suggested, jokingly, that I look up some Lovecraft-related imagery. Tentacles covered in millions of eyes –– I didn’t talk to him for a month after that. He felt terrible, but his remorse didn’t get the image out of my head. It didn’t stop the anxiety attacks I started having either.
My current therapist said I should spend more time reflecting on what happened last year. I journaled for a while, but eventually, it felt too lonely. I started going to a self-help group for phobias that aren’t recognized by the mainstream medical community. But I felt too exposed. And to be honest, I got tired of listening to people talk about stuff like nomophobia (fear of not having your cell phone), heliophobia (fear of sunlight), and ablutophobia (fear of bathing).
I don’t mean to minimize anyone’s fears, but when combined, those three phobias sound like the basic affliction of being a cis-gendered, white, large adult son millennial. Most of the people in the group were. Kurts and Skylers and Tommys. Promising high school athletes who got fat and depressed and moved into their mom’s basements.
Not to engage in phobia superiority, but sitting in mom’s basement, doom scrolling on your phone, refusing to come up for air or basic hygiene? Trypophobia seems a little bit more substantive, especially given what it eventually led to in my life.
I’ve come to realize that fear is a sliver. It burrows underneath your skin. The more you think about it, the deeper it crawls. Fear, left untended, festers. And then eventually, your body either absorbs it or finds a way to shove it out. I’m not sure why some people get lucky, and others get stuck with their phobias forever.
My body absorbed my fear of clusters. Trypophobia is part of my DNA now.
Let’s go back to how all of this started. In the mid-2010s, a bunch of photoshopped images of body parts superimposed with lotus pods started circulating the Internet. The first one I saw was a cheek. It belonged to a beautiful model, but the photoshopped lotus pod made it look like there were holes in the side of her face, with little eyes staring out of the darkness. When I saw an image of a breast, the nipple superimposed with another lotus pod, I lost it. I’d never had an anxiety attack before, but I had one then. I shut myself in the closet until my boyfriend came over and finally got me to come out.
“It’s fake.” My boyfriend at the time, just trying to help. “Here, look at this.”
He pulled up photos of lotus pods on his phone, but it didn’t help. The ream of Google images was filled with pictures of honeycomb, egg sacks, insect eyes, some of the other things I mentioned. But all of it revolted me equally. The sliver dug deeper.
About six months later, I found out that my fear of clusters had a name. Trypophobia was a thing. Apparently Kendall Jenner has it. I went further down the Internet rabbit hole. I started calling in sick to work. I stopped working out, which was unlike me, given that I rowed for the varsity crew team in college. It got to the point where I was so debilitated by my fear of clusters that my boyfriend went to my parents. They drove to the city and staged an intervention. Everyone insisted that I see a therapist.
That was three therapists ago. I’ve been fired multiple times, which I didn’t even know was a thing until it happened. Apparently therapists are human after all. They can reach their wit’s end, too. Especially when listening to people talk about weird stuff like trypophobia.
Therapy didn’t help, even though I went regularly for six months. I still saw clusters everywhere I looked. The anxiety attacks continued, and they started happening more frequently.
Everything changed one morning when, getting out of the shower, I saw an oozing batch of clusters growing on my right knee.
“I’ll admit it,” said my boyfriend, visibly grossed out but doing his best to be strong for me. “There’s a rash. But hold on, I don’t think it’s as bad as you think.”
He pulled up an article on his phone.
“I think it’s just shingles. Anyone who's had chickenpox can get it.”
Chickenpox? You mean that sickness we get when we’re kids. The one where clusters of red bumps break out all over your body?
“It’s caused by stress,” he said. “We both know how stressed you’ve been.”
There was a long pause, me staring at the batch of eggs or eyes or bumps or whatever they were that had bubbled up on the skin around my right kneecap. Sure, shingles. Call it whatever you want. I couldn’t help feeling that the rash was staring up at me.
“You should go to the doctor,” my boyfriend said.
I could hear the strain in his voice. He wanted the craziness to end. I did too.
Several weeks later (navigating our messed-up healthcare system by first seeing a doctor, getting a referral to a dermatologist, then waiting around until they finally had an opening), I got in to see someone. I remember the conversation clearly. It’s seared into my mind.
“Shingles,” the dermatologist confirmed.
His name was Dr. Harman. The guy creeped me out, more of a pediatrician-type than a specialist. He talked to me like I was five. He had this flirty, dismissive way of interacting, couched in what felt like fake concern.
“Two hundred thousand cases a year, kiddo. It resolves itself in a few weeks, but that doesn’t make it any less painful. I had shingles during the first year of med school.”
Dr. Harman went to his computer and started typing.
“I’m going to prescribe a capsaicin patch,” he said. “You can get the cream over the counter, but the prescription-strength patch is very effective. Just leave it on until I see you again and you’ll be right as rain. We’ll take a look in three weeks. My nurse will schedule a follow up.”
He winked at me. I imagined him as a fly. A big compound eye made of thousands of little ones, all winking at the same time.
“It’ll feel kinda gunky, but don’t peek at it,” Dr. Harman said. “Pinkie promise? Let the patch work its magic.”
I ignored the pinkie promise, wanting to be as far away from Dr. Harman as I could get.
I was about to leave when he stopped me.
“You said you’ve also had anxiety attacks. Have you considered anti-anxiety medication? While you wait this out, I think you could benefit from a benzodiazepine. They’ll help when you have anxiety attacks. Benzos, as they’re called on the street, are extremely addictive. There can be side effects, too. But I would write a short-term prescription if you’re interested, just until our follow up. We’d start with a low dose, then gradually introduce more meds if it’s proving to be effective.”
I walked out of Dr. Harman’s office with the prescription for the capsaicin patch and another one for a three week supply of Klonopin. When I told my parents about the pills, they were worried at first. I had a distant cousin who’d gotten addicted to the stuff. I gave my parents permission to call Dr. Harman. He assured them that it was short-term, three weeks, just until the shingles cleared up and we had our follow up appointment. I’d never had an addictive personality, so we all agreed it was the best way forward.
True to my word, I didn’t lift up the patch. I didn’t “take a peek,” as Dr. Harman put it. The Klonopin helped too. I can’t deny that I felt a magnetic pull, at times, to look up pictures of clusters. But then I’d take an extra Klonopin and stop myself. The benzos really leveled me out, which both my boyfriend and I were grateful for.
When the check-in appointment arrived two weeks later, I wanted my boyfriend to come with me, but he had work. I went to Dr. Harman’s office alone. He lifted up the patch.
“Now isn’t this funny,” he said.
He patted my shoulder. I shuddered. Goosebumps. More clusters.
“This happens,” he said. “The treatment doesn’t work overnight.”
The shingles had gotten worse. They weren’t shingles anymore. My right knee was covered in tiny holes. It looked almost like it had been photoshopped with a lotus pod. Dr. Harman called in his nurse, who did her best to calm me down, averting her stare from my knee as she rubbed my back.
“I want you to see a specialist,” Dr. Harman said. “He’s extremely talented. There’s a psychosomatic element to this. I can’t help with that part.”
He prescribed extra strength capsaicin cream (I refused to put on another patch) and upped my dose of Klonopin.
That night, at home, my boyfriend broke up with me. Or at least, he put our relationship on pause.
“I can’t do this anymore,” he said. “I’m so sorry about what’s happening, but this is too much. It’s interfering with my work. It’s interfering with my happiness. I want to be there for you, but I have to take care of myself.”
Despite my pleas to be given a second chance, he left, promising to revisit things once I got the phobia and disgusting skin condition under control. My parents offered to come up and see me. They sort of insisted. But I said no. I needed to deal with this on my own.
The specialist recommended by Dr. Harman came to my apartment for a house call. He was friendly, calming. Unlike Dr. Harman, he put me at ease. He was middle-aged, maybe forty-five or fifty, and extremely handsome due in part to his personality. He reminded me of an older, better looking Seth Rogan. A bit chubby. Curly hair. Darker features than Seth Rogan, darker hair too. But he was the kind of person who puts you at ease as soon as they walk into the room.
His name was Dr. Miller. Craig Miller. He carried a black briefcase in, which was full of his medical tools.
“I like doing house calls,” he said. “This is not the kind of thing you should be coming into a stuffy clinic for. I’m an osteopath. I used to work at the same dermatology clinic as Dr. Harman, but I eventually decided the corporate lifestyle wasn’t for me.”
Dr. Miller showed me his medical license, even though I didn’t ask to see it. Then he started examining my knee.
“I’m so sorry,” he said. “That looks incredibly painful.”
He poked around a bit with a set of tweezers, gently, but it still hurt like hell.
“I hear that you have trypophobia as well.”
Dr. Miller was the first person to acknowledge that it was a real thing. Dr. Harman hadn’t. My therapist didn’t, and neither did my boyfriend or my parents.
“Yes,” I said. “It’s awful.”
Dr. Miller nodded.
“There is a psychosomatic element to this,” he said. “But I want you to ignore the word psycho in that term. You’re not crazy. You’re just stressed, which I think is completely understandable given the circumstances.”
He sat back in his chair, thinking for a second. Then he reached into his briefcase and pulled out a plastic package. The package was sealed, sterilized, unused. Inside was a set of tweezers like the ones he used to dig around the rash on my knee, what looked like a dental pick, and a small metal thing. It looked like a stamp with a smooth surface.
For the next half hour, Dr. Miller talked me through everything.
“It doesn’t make sense for you to come into the office three times a day, which is what it will take,” he said. “Think of it like digging out a sliver. To get rid of the toxins that are causing this, you have to be vigilant. Essentially, it’s a bunch of slivers, each of which is causing a mini infection.”
“Pick,” he said, digging in as gently as he could. “Loosen. Tweeze. Smooth. Pretty simple once you memorize it.”
He showed me again. I winced but stayed strong, knowing it would help.
“Needle. Tweezers. Stamp. Needle. Tweezers. Stamp.”
He put down the tools and picked up a tube of capsaicin cream, squirting some onto his pudgy index finger.
“Apply the capsaicin cream liberally.”
It stung like hell.
“Rinse and repeat five times,” he continued, “and complete the process three times a day. I want you to do it morning, noon, and night. Keep taking the Klonopin as well. As an osteopath, I’m not a huge fan of the stuff, but I think it’s vital in your case. I’m going to up your dose a bit. Until you get in to see Dr. Harman for your follow up next week, let’s double it.
My knee throbbed viciously, but for the first time in months, I had hope. After we finished the initial treatment, it felt better, as though we’d already excised some of the toxins.
Dr. Miller left. I decided to do one more regimen for good measure before bed.
I did the treatment, as prescribed, for a few days. It felt so good to be doing something proactive. The little holes started to disappear. My fear of clusters started disappearing too. The disgusting shingle-like infestation began spreading a bit from my knee, crawling into the area below my quadricep and toward the “fibular collateral ligament.” That’s just a fancy word I found. It’s that thick tendon on the backside of your knee.
I eventually amped up Dr. Miller’s regimen to keep it at bay: twice in the morning, twice in the afternoon, once around dinner time, and once right before bed. I kept taking the Klonopin as he prescribed, doubling the dose.
I spent a lot of time in bed because it hurt to walk. I didn’t realize how essential your knee is to the act of walking. When I called Dr. Miller to give him an update, he recommended that I order a cane. I got one on Amazon. It helped ease the pressure.
The day of my follow up dermatology appointment came a week later. I coated my knee in capsaicin cream, covered it in plastic wrap, and bound everything together with an Ace bandage.
My ex-boyfriend said he’d take the morning off work and come with me to the dermatologist. He was so happy my fear was going away. Plus, there was no way I was driving. The regimen had helped, but you need a lot more knee strength to press the gas and the break than you might think. My boyfriend gagged initially at the smell of the cream, but we kept the windows down as we drove to Dr. Harman’s office and had a pretty good talk about life.
Once we checked in at the clinic, I walked into the examination room, and my boyfriend helped me up onto the table.
“An Ace bandage, hmm?” asked Dr. Harman. “The patch was falling off?”
I told him I’d stopped wearing the patch like he recommended.
“Call me crazy,” said Dr. Harman, “but I remember asking you to promise not to take off the patch.”
I said we must have remembered it differently. But I assured Dr. Harman that the combination of extra strength capsaicin cream and the excision regimen had made things better, even though the area with the shingles had gotten a little messy as a result.
“Excision regimen?” asked Dr. Harman, looking thoroughly confused. “Well, anyhow, let’s take a look.”
When Dr. Harman unwrapped my knee, his nurse screamed. My ex-boyfriend gagged, then started vomiting in the corner of the examination room.
Good god,” said Dr. Harman, his face white as a sheet. “What have you done?”
I looked down at my knee and got hit with the worst stench I’ve ever smelled. The bone of my kneecap, swollen tendons, and everything else in the six-inch diameter surrounding where the shingles had been was a mangled mess of flesh. A dark blanket of gangrene had begun spreading across everything. The exposed veins pulsed, throbbing, almost black. They snaked up and down my leg, constricting the small amount of healthy flesh that was left.
“What the hell have you done?!” demanded Dr. Harman.
I told Dr. Harman about Dr. Miller’s regimen, about how I’d called him right after our check-in at two weeks, just like I’d been instructed to do.
“I’ve never heard of anyone named Dr. Miller,” said Dr. Harman, stumbling into the cabinets behind him. “And I haven’t seen you since our first appointment three weeks ago.”
The next few hours were chaotic. My ex-boyfriend stumbled out of the examination room, mute, his eyes glazed over. The doctors and nurses shot my knee full of various liquids, holding me down as I screamed in pain, then rushed me to the emergency room. The ER doctor insisted that we amputate. I screamed in protest. My parents came from out of town, bombing over the mountain pass as fast as their SUV would take them. The ER team continued treating my leg. They brought in a plastic surgeon. He suggested we amputate as well. I got a third opinion. Another specialist said that amputation was the only option, that it was a matter of life and death. I was still screaming when they covered my nose and mouth in a plastic mask and the anesthesia kicked in.
I woke up hours later with a tingling sensation in my right leg. But when I looked down, I saw that it was gone. All that remained was a stump that extended six inches below my pelvis. Blood had already leaked through the bandage.
The hardest part about all of this is the distance I feel from the rest of humankind nowadays. The support groups helped for a bit. I even made a few friends who I keep in touch with. But in college, I’d been an athlete. I’d always been active. Those days were gone. My existence had become sedentary within a few short weeks.
My parents paid for the most expensive, advanced prosthetic possible. It sort of feels like I’m walking, even though seventy-five percent of my right leg has been cut off. Since starting PT, I’ve graduated from a walker to a cane. The doctors have mixed opinions about when I’ll be able to walk again on my own without assistance.
For months, I insisted there had been a man named Dr. Craig Miller. I insisted that I’d come into Dr. Harman’s office at two weeks for a scheduled check-in, that Dr. Harman had been the one to recommend seeing Dr. Miller. He vehemently denied it. We all thought there’d be a malpractice suit for a month or so, but there just wasn’t enough evidence –– my word against his.
I told the authorities that Dr. Miller was a middle-aged, darker featured version of Seth Rogan. There was no record of any doctor named Craig Miller in the state. There was a doctor named Craig Miller on the east coast, but he was a geriatrician. There were a dozen others, as well, but none were osteopath dermatologists who did house calls. None that recommended treatment regimens like the one I’d done. Dr. Harman also insisted that I’d abused the Klonopin and that he had given me precise instructions about the amount to take, that he’d told me there can be adverse side effects if it's abused.
The capsaicin cream, rubbed into the raw wound, had caused the infection that made me lose my leg. A psychiatrist I was assigned to see was furious that I’d been prescribed Klonopin. They confirmed it had caused severe psychotic episodes, exacerbated by my underlying fear of clusters. Dr. Harman got a slap on the wrists and went back to his dermatology practice.
I still have a fear of clusters. Trypophobia is a part of my DNA. But with a lot of help from my therapist and my parents, it’s gotten better. “Better” doesn’t mean my leg grew back, but at least I’m not paralyzed by anxiety anymore.
I even started dating someone I met in the physical therapy clinic. He has a prosthetic leg as well. It makes our relationship more comfortable. We understand each other. We move at roughly the same speed. But my life is changed forever.
Trypophobia still isn’t recognized as a mental disorder by the mainstream medical community. It’s “an aversion,” something Kendall Jenner complained about one time on a talk show.
Most people write me off as a crazy person. The Internet has been vicious. But Dr. Craig Miller, that phantom figment of my imagination. He seemed so real. I’ve started to forgive myself, but it’s taken a lot of hard work.
I appreciate being able to tell my story here. Maybe if enough people come forward, my mental disorder will be formally recognized. No amount of topical cream and anti-anxiety meds can rid me of my fear of clusters. Once upon a time, it was a sliver. Now it’s a part of my physiology.
“Debilitate” is defined as follows: to make (someone) weak and infirm.
Debilitated by fear of clusters? Or debilitated due to self-induced amputation?
Take your pick.
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2020.11.26 18:37 FLkeys813 Traveler FAQs answered

With lots of first-time travelers posting to this sub with questions, I thought I’d put together information about what you should know before you get started. This is based on my personal experience, so your experience may vary and this isn’t a definitive way things are in the travel world. I’ve been a traveler for six years, worked with many companies/recruiters, lived in (almost) every time zone, and have learned a lot through experience. I hope this helps someone.
The basics:
As a traveler, you’re expected to have a minimum of 1-2 years of experience, depending on your specialty, the company you chose to travel with requirements, and the hospital’s requirements. . This is the most common question new potential travelers have.
If you are a current student or a new grad nurse and you’re considering traveling in the future, you need to pick a specialty now. School likes to tell you that you need 1-2 years of med/surg experience to be an effective nurse. This isn’t true. Sorry, it just isn’t. If you know you want to work in the ER, ICU, CCU, OR, do it! Network with staff and managers in the departments you’re interested in while you’re in clinicals and see if they offer new grads employment opportunities. Once you’re in a specialty, you can’t typically change that as a traveler. Example: you work med/surg as a perm staffer, but want to work in the ER, you’ll need to get that experience first because you’re expected to be an “expert” in your field as a traveler.
I see a lot of questions about certain hospitals and people wanting other people’s opinions based on their experience there. A great resource is There are rankings of travel companies and hospitals across the country! All are listed alphabetically and you can read about people’s experiences. Take it with a grain of salt though because sometimes people are just unhappy based on personal issues or personality conflicts while on the job. If a consistent complaint by multiple travelers is made about a specific department, chances are it’s a legitimate issue. Again, do with the information what you will, but it can sometimes be insightful. Now onto the good stuff...
Pay Packages:
Bottom line about pay packages: what is your take home weekly pay? Companies will break things down by stipend, taxable rate, non-taxable rate, meals and incidentals. As nice as it is to know the breakdown, what you should be concerned with is what should you expect to be the total dollar amount deposited into your bank account each week? That way, you can do tentative math to know the total take home for the month/length of your contract. You can decide on housing budgeting that way, too. Most companies know what the taxable dollar amount is, but most will not know the actual percentage of taxes you will pay. It can vary from 15% (super low end) to 25% for federal taxes. Always just do your math on the 25% rate for good measure and if it’s less than that, cool! Most companies also offer travel reimbursement between $500-$1000 depending on where the contract is.
If a recruiter tells you you’re making a low weekly rate because you are a first time traveler, find a different company. That isn’t a thing. That just means that the company doesn’t offer higher paying contracts because they’ve low-balled the hospital or accepted the hospital’s lowest offer of pay to the potential traveler. Hospitals have varying pay rates they’re willing to offer and the companies submitting travelers bid on the position(s). Example: hospital A says they need a traveler and are willing to pay between $30,000 - $50,000 for the contract. Company A says they’ll submit a traveler at the $30,000 billable rate in hopes of getting someone placed and collecting an easy commission. Company B may submit a traveler for the $40,000 rate, and Company C will submit a traveler for the $50,000 rate. Big companies like Aya, Travel Nurse Corps, Cross Country will usually bid the lower rate in hopes of placing a nurse. For the most part, bigger companies tend to pay less because they have a big applicant pool and hospitals will have to pay out less by staffing one of their travelers. Don’t sell yourself short is what I’m basically saying with that.
There are a lot of companies out there. Let’s start with that statement. This can be overwhelming when trying to get started because you don’t know if the company you’ve chosen is going to work in your best interest or not. There is nothing wrong with recruiters, however, you need to look out for yourself. Think of a recruiter as a car salesman. I don’t mean that in a negative connotation, simply, they work off commission. You do what’s best for you. If a contract won’t work for you, don’t take it. Don’t feel pressured into going somewhere you aren’t comfortable with. The right contract will come along and sometimes you just have to be patient. I didn’t get my first contract until six months after I first inquired. As a new traveler, it was hard to get my foot in the door, so to speak, so I took what I could get and it worked out perfectly. Anyway, here are some good companies that I can confidently recommend from experience:
COVID/Crisis Response Companies:
For rapid deployments, it is best to fill out profiles with these companies listed below ASAP before you start looking for jobs with them. It makes the process quicker and is more likely to land you an offer because you’ve done the paperwork in advance. The best advice I can give you is to follow these companies on FB and IG and turn notifications on. These jobs don’t last and fill up very quickly, so you may miss out if you aren’t quick enough with submitting.
Some companies, like Emerald, provide day one insurance coverage. Others do not, so you'll have to ask about that when you talk with the recruiter. Personally, we carry our own. We are members of Christian Health Ministries. It's a Healthcare sharing network, not insurance. You are considered a self-pay patient. They cover anything over $400. It does take a little bit of effort to fill out the itemized bill paperwork to submit to them, but it isn't bad to do and they pay your bill once you've negotiated for discounts with the hospital for being self-pay. You typically set up a payment plan (can be as low as $25/month, depending on the facility's rules) while CHM is reviewing your paperwork. My dad cut his arm nearly all the way off. His medical bills with the reattachment were almost $400,000. Got his bills reduced to $80,000. Submitted the paperwork with CHM. He set up a payment plan of $100/month and CHM paid off his bill within a few months of him submitting the paperwork. He paid a couple hundred dollars out of pocket on an $80,000 bill. They're amazing and beneficial for travelers as you can use it anywhere. We pay $150/month for unlimited coverage. We've had zero issues with them and it's far more cost effective than traditional insurance. Also, hospitals don't offer the kinds of discounts they do for being self-pay, FYI. So, if you have a $25,000 bill AFTER insurance has paid their part, you're on the hook for it. This isn't the case with CHM. If you're relatively healthy and don't use a ton of medical services, it's definitely worth looking into.
What to bring to a contract:
This depends on where you’re going and what you think will be beneficial to have. My boyfriend (also a traveler) and I invested in heavy duty totes from lowe's with a big handle and big wheels. We each have two. They fit into the back of our cars perfectly. I tend to designate one tote to clothing, which I vacuum seal to save space and shoes. The other is dedicated to toiletries, meal prep containers, any small kitchen items not available where will be housed, a few cleaning supplies (just Lysol spray and wipes, swifer duster, etc.), google home mini, laptop, etc. My boyfriend uses his totes similarly, except he brings his toys, like the xbox and oculus (haha). Our general rule of thumb is, if it doesn’t fit in the tote, it doesn’t go with. We also pack according to season, so we have our vacuum seal bags with spring/summer clothes and another for fall/winter clothes. You’ll typically end up wearing the same few outfits, so you don’t necessarily need to bring a ton of clothes. Plus, if you want to go shopping, you’ll have room in your tote to bring stuff back on the return trip home. As a first-timer, you’ll likely end up bringing more than you need and then learn from what you use and what you don’t what you can leave out or include on the next contract. We also make our opposite season items easily available to our parents so they can mail them to us, should we choose to extend into another season. I learned this the hard way on one contract and ended up having to basically buy another wardrobe. So, to summarize, if you think you’ll need it or can’t live without it, bring it with you.
Dollar Tree will be your buddy. You can pick up household and kitchen items for cheap. We usually will get things like a hamper if there isn't one, slotted spoons, spatulas, pot holders, etc. if these things aren't provided by the landlord. Then, just leave them for the next guests. That way, you don't have to lug around common items and it helps the next people out.
Making friends and having an enjoyable experience:
You need to have a certain personality to be a successful traveler. You need to assimilate into the environment, be adaptable, and be friendly...aside from being knowledgeable in your specialty. Don’t make waves wherever you go. Think of yourself as a guest at the hospital who is there to help the permanent staff. Be helpful when you can. Don’t get involved in departmental politics. You aren’t there long enough to get caught up in any drama, so stay in your lane, do your job, and go home. Sometimes hospitals are traveler friendly, other times not. Most of my experiences have been positive. Regardless, do your best and be a nice human and you’ll be fine. You can’t control what people think or how they feel toward you, so don’t take anything personally. Just be yourself and you’ll be fine. Try to befriend other travelers. This is the best tip I can offer because y’all are in the same boat. You can work as a team and have instant friends that way because you can relate to one another.
Go explore your new home! Seriously, look up all the cool area-specific things to do/see. Then, when you’ve done all of that look at the surrounding areas/states. You’ll get the most out of your experience by getting out of the house and taking advantage of all there is offered out there. Stay active. I know with COVID a lot has changed, but you can still go for a hike or a short day trip, etc. Just make the most of it!
I hope this has shed some light on the travel world. I am always around to answer questions or be a resource if needed. Feel free to message me privately anytime. Good luck and happy travels!
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2020.11.26 18:14 The_Writing_Witch_11 My brother invited me to go to a soda shop whose reviews were mostly 4 or 5 stars. (Draft)

My brother invited me to go to a soda shop whose reviews were mostly 4 or 5 stars. It's not worth any cent!
Have you ever gone to a soda shop or a coffee house so awful that you wanted to burn it to ashes for good? If anyone suggests going to a soda shop or anything which you find horrible and something wrong about but you can't explain why, for the devil's sake, stay home and be glued to your precious phone, laptop whatever!
My brother, Henry, went to some shady website, which I had no idea how he learnt about it (his dumb friends, I guessed), to read reviews of coffee houses, soda shops, bakeries and ice cream parlors whose innocent-sounding names I hadn't ever heard of. Maybe I will teach my air-headed brother and his friends a lesson tomorrow. What a nuisance they are!
If only Henry had listened to his own sister, had just farmed video games and had read 2020 presidential election's latest updates for the whole day, we wouldn't have to leave our home!
The website was 6xxxxxxx6xxxx6-somethingdesertsanddrinkstruereview com
Sorry guys, its nonsense web address was too long to remember. I recommend you not to test your courage on a food and drink review website looking better than most of the Dark Web. Or that creepy soda shop!
Henry got through a mountain load of reviews on there. Cozy Castle Coffee House, Purple Drinks shop, Sleepy Sweet Shop, Forever Flowers Café, … the long list continued. And the Golden Apple soda shop.
The photos of the Golden Apple soda shop reminded me of the designs of Korean coffee houses. Instagramable, ideal place for selfies. The trendy, minimalist interior, the snacks, sweets and drinks bathed in illuminating light. It seemed familiar. Have I seen it somewhere on Instagram?
The menu's sneak peek:
  • Fruit juices
  • Soft drinks
  • Donuts
  • Delightful magenta cream
  • Innocent cream
  • Sapphire cream
  • Nostalgia cream
  • Wishing cream
  • Rainbow extract cream
  • Princess cream
  • Golden Apple cream
  • Sparkling wine cream
  • Daydream ice cream
  • Fairy's matcha ice cream
  • Dreamy pink/ blue/ red/ yellow smoothies

  • Innocent smoothie
  • Lighting purple strawberry smoothie
  • Happy creamy orange smoothie
  • Golden Apple smoothie
  • Dreamy bubble tea
  • Sea foam bubble tea
  • Emerald matcha bubble tea
  • Mermaid bubble tea
  • Fairy bubble tea
  • Wishing bubble tea
  • Singing bubble tea
  • Neverland bubble tea
  • Creamy rainbow bubble tea
  • Golden Apple bubble tea
  • Rainbow extract milkshake
  • Rainbow essence milkshake
  • Blue bells milkshake
  • Unicorn milkshake
  • Milky milkshake
  • Wishing milkshake
  • Magic rose milkshake
  • Unknown forest cake
  • Illuminating forest cake
  • Cute mushroom cake
  • Mermaid's food sponge cake
  • Hearty sweet cake
  • Cozy castle cake
  • Golden Apple cake
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The menu looked delicious but I thought I should neither eat nor drink them. In hindsight, I should have rejected them. I should have tied Henry up in the first place. I borrowed Henry's phone to read reviews. Having read the negative reviews, I persuaded him not to go there. It was too late! He bookmarked that suspicious soda shop, booked buffet tickets and a table for two people and got the table number, 20. Pretty number, Henry. He screenshoted the digital tickets.
Three things off about that website. I couldn't access it on my phone exclusively used for the dark web (my guilty habit, I had three phones) and I thought I realized something from the ads displayed on its boring pastel minimalist webpages. I found the tiny letters on them. Combine them together, you would get: I SEE YOU
The last one was Golden Apple reviews. When reading them, my mind started to compare them with … something unrelated. Goodreads reviews. I meant YA novels reviews. They shared some similarities: flooded with positive reviews, shady or sketchy, and overhyped! Not to mention that I found negative reviews much more reliable, feeling like more people should read them and give the overrated somethings lots of one-star ratings.
Speaking of one-star reviews, they were written by not only humans but also the non-human ones. The menu overpriced, rules, food poisoning, … and a werewolf lost three fangs. Henry assured me that they were scam, fake or the reviewers just had found nothing in the shop fit their tastes or they hadn't been in the good mood since he had eaten at a couple of diners, restaurants, …. with worse reviews. But I couldn't help but feel more unsettled. I still felt like I had missed something … something about the shop's instagram-like images.
Henry logged out of the website and turned off his phone. He then did some stupid rituals I didn't understand. God! They clearly had something to do with that shady soda shop! Henry said we must be quiet when on our way to the soda shop. He would tell me about those rituals and how to go there after going home.
I couldn't bring myself to let my brother alone in that creepy place!
Henry drove us to the Golden Apple soda shop. The path to the soda shop wasn't something new to me. I had driven around there several times. I'm pretty sure about that. It was quieter than normal. No sound. It appeared to be darker albeit we drove in the afternoon.
Some changes in the background. Nothing in the first half path. During the other half path, the houses and the buildings disappeared. Only woods, no more no less. Uncomfortable. It shouldn't be like this! I want to go home. I couldn't tell Henry. We must be silent.
There we go. The Golden Apple soda shop. The pics didn't lie. The shop painted in creamy beige and white, the sleek dark burgundy-framed windows and doors. The centerpieces were the front sign and the hanging one on the right with the shop's signature hand-drawn golden apples.
Golden Apple
soda shop
And …
Welcome to
Golden Apple
soda shop
"Welcome to Golden Apple soda shop", greeted the waitress at the entrance. A normal waitress girl, nothing odd about her. We and the girl wore masks. Henry showed her the tickets screenshot. Twenty-two dollars for one person. I reluctantly entered the store with my brother. Feeling like being watched. It was neither a bar nor a nightclub but … to me, it was essentially worse. If I had known what things would have happened to me later, I would have forcefully taken my brother into his car and would have driven home instantly!! I regretted stepping foot into that place! It's still haunting me now.
The soda shop didn't forget to set up automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, just like many places. So was the mandatory social distancing. The metallic dispensers and a cutesy little board with golden apples, "Please wash your hands. Thanks.".

The waitress girl led us to our booked table. Two grayish beige sofas, a white table, a faux red poppy in a dusty light purple vase and two menus. I rested on the sofa, reading the menu, "Henry, they're a little pricey."
"Sis, I'll pay for the bill. Come on, it's just a normal quirky soda shop."
"Oh, thank you, Henry. Let me see … Well, jumbo size French fries, Magic rose milkshake, Rainbow extract and essence milkshakes. Weird … are they the same thing?"
"Of course not, Ada."
"Whatever. I hope they're not overpriced.", I opened my Samsung phone to take some pics. I looked like an ulzzang. Love red lip tints. Taking selfies was kinda comforting me, especially in somewhere many ones had no idea that it existed. It turned out to be valuable evidences.
Many customers in this obscure place resembling a chic coffee house. Some of them my age, taking photos, videos for Instagram likes … Girls enjoying the drinks and snacks, their faces made up in various styles: no-makeup makeup; Korean; Instagram girl; Euphoria-inspired; etc.. Why bubble tea everywhere? Gen Z nowadays. We're in the same age group yet I feel like I'm an old lady. I guessed this questionable soda shop and a fashionable coffee house or bubble tea house had no difference to them, as long as they were photogenic and social media-worthy.

A few girls glanced at me. I guessed I was new, they might just looked at my makeup and hairstyle. Something not right about the others but I couldn't spot it.
The werewolf review bugging me. I couldn't forget it. I saw no werewolf here. Weird. I searched everywhere but I couldn't find any rule. Why did some negative reviews complain about the store's rules?
It was 2:20 p.m.. I turned off my phone.
"I'll see the ice cream counter over there and you call the waitress."
"Ok. Have fun, Ada."
The elaborate ice cream counter displaying eye-catching juicy ice creams named outlandishly. The ice cream cup had two sizes: large and mini. The buffet offering inviting desserts, candies and soda fountains. Cloudy cotton candies! Strawberry ice cream and grape soda first, I'm thirsty to death.
Looked at the drinkware. Eye candy. So are the dollar store ones. No, thanks! They had vending machines. The weird soft drink cans and the ingredient boxes to make some ice creams, jellies, bubble teas, ...
Which ice cream should I get? So many choices. I tested all of them. Why the hell that blue-haired girl kept following me? I pretended to have selfies to photo her.
I tested all the ice creams. It was strangely difficult to scoop the frozen creams. Harder than the ice cubes. As if I was scooping rocks, not ice cream.
Obviously that annoying blue-haired girl stalked me. She ate the same ice creams I ate. Even the amount and the time order!
On my white tray were dainty cups of ice cream.
  • Delightful magenta cream - mix of berries and grape creams, white chocolate flakes and maple syrup.

  • Wishing cream - lychee and vanilla creams, double cream and honey, bathed in mango-flavored sugar. Glitter-like sparkling cream.

  • Princess cream - pink cream and syrup, white whipped cream, rose petals, star and crown-shaped cookies. All of them tasted like watermelon, orange, banana, avocado and peanut butter. Strange ...

  • Sapphire cream - shimmer blue cream and gem-like blue candies. Tasted nothing but cold.

  • Golden Apple cream - apple-shaped ice cream balls covered in grounded almond, gold candy flakes and sugar. When I was eating the ice cream, I noticed the background around me a little weird, as if there was golden dust shinning in the air. Everything was gold-tinted.

  • Rainbow extract cream - the name itself said everything. Colorful cream and syrups, tasting like fruits. I felt hungry like hell after eating some spoons of this rainbow cream the second time. I want to devour lots of French fries plates. I'm starving! I could swallow AnYthInG! So did the blue-haired girl. Her eyes and mouth were that of someone gravely starving.
"Me too. What about having some juicy desserts over there? I'll help you.", I tried to start a conversation with her in order to discreetly question her why she followed and imitated me. She fled from me, paid for the bill and left. Grrr! What was THAT for? She has stalked me and now she RUNS AWAY?!!!
I noticed a girl constantly eating that hunger-some ice cream! Three giant bowls in a row!! She didn't feel starving to death?!!!!!
I came back to my bubble tea-crazed brother and ate my food. Good grief! Ten mini bubble tea cups. As expected of a bubble tea hoarder like him!
  • Dreamy bubble tea
  • Sea foam bubble tea
  • Emerald matcha bubble tea
  • Mermaid bubble tea
  • Fairy bubble tea
  • Wishing bubble tea
  • Singing bubble tea
  • Neverland bubble tea
  • Creamy rainbow bubble tea
  • Golden Apple bubble tea
Henry, are you joking me? This is not Neverland or Oz! Why rainbow and golden apple everywhere!!! Oh come on! They weren't that good! Ughhh!! One of them should be Famine or Gluttony, not RAinbOw something!!!!
I took photos of the table.
A plate of Illuminating forest cake came to the table. Hold on! Didn't it make a werewolf lose a few fangs?!! What on earth were you THINKING, HENRY?!!!! When the waitress had gone, I blocked his hands to the cake.
"Don't eat it! This cake can take your teeth like that werewolf, Henry!"
"Cool down, Ada. That is a fake review. I ate a few pieces of them when you were eating ice creams. See, nothing happened to me."
Sign, "Alright, maybe I was worried too much. I'll take a takeout box for your cake. Besides, we should go home early. It will be dark, harder to drive your car, you know."
"It's still sunny outside. Look at my phone, 4:10 p.m.. Just let me finish my cake, Ada. Please. I—"
"No, Henry. I'll put it in a box. Your car had a mini cooler. The weather can be suddenly bad! I think enjoying your sweet cake while farming online games in a cozy living room sounds like a much better deal, Henry."
"Alright. Thanks Ada."
"I'm gonna box your cake later. We'll go home after finishing my fries and your bubble teas."
I ate French fries and drank the milkshakes, waiting for my second jumbo size French fries. Then we would drive home. The glass filled with gradient pink layers of milkshake, rose jam and rose-like whipped cream was Magic rose milkshake. Rainbow extract and essence milkshakes disturbed me. I regretted calling this rainbow stuff and my dollars. Yeah, curiosity killed the cat. Thank God they were takeout cups.
I took a box for the cake. I didn't think I could swap it with a harmless one.
A jumbo size French fries brought to our table. The fries not much different from their McDonald's counterparts. I was about to share some fries with Henry but he was busy finishing overpriced bubble tea cups.
Quietly gossiping were the other customers. Just heard a few words. They disturbed me … Guilty smoothie and Time Diamond cream. They weren't on the menu. A special treat can only be bought at 7:77 p.m., no online order. What the bloody hell was that special dish? Not 666? Delightful magenta cream and Wishing cream mustn't be eaten together in twelve hours! What the actual fck?!!! They're in my MY STOMACH!!!!!! It wasn't on that God-damned website!! The ice cream waitresses said NOTHING about it!!!! Were they counted as rules? I DIDN'T SEE THEM ANYWHERE!!! FCK!
I hAve to VOMIT thEm Up or dIg thEm OUT of my OWN STOMACH?!!!!!!
"Hey!!", Henry grabbed my right hand. My fingers in my mouth.
"You almost bite your fingers, Ada!"
"I thought that was my french fries! I … hallucinated in a soda shop? I wanna go home RIGHT NOW!"
We had paid nearly one hundred dollars, including the tickets. The light beige bill and dark gray print ink.
The sky gloomy dark. Checked my phone. 6:52 P.M.?! It was like two hours and thirty minutes in that creepy shop! We had been there for four hours!!! FOR FOUR HOURS!!!
Henry driving us home. Something watching us. My eyes checking car windows. Nothing, but it still made me uneasy. Exhausted and sleepy yet I dared not to close. My eyes dared not to blink. My eyes caught something. A rabbit? Too fast ...
Holding my phone. Should I text police about a suspicious soda shop with a shape-shifting map, a blue-haired girl that sneakily followed and imitated me, I ate hunger-some ice cream, might have food poisoning and almost bit my fingers? They would suspect me and think I was on high or something! What about giving them the rainbow milkshakes? Wait a second, they could also answer like that! Just write a draft of what happened in that haunted soda shop to post on Internet and call police later.
I continued to type the post at home, swallowing tons of fried chicken. My rainbow milkshakes in a plastic bag in a plastic box in our home cooler. Maybe I would give them to our neighbors. Yeah, I wasn't a good person. Wait, I forget about the police! I will 911 after having done my post.
Thank goodness my brother didn't write a review on that God-damn-it website. He enjoyed the cake that werewolf loathed, playing mobile games. I was about to end my post here.
Then I was nauseous, feeling like my stomach being a boiling cauldron, twisted painfully. I saved my file and rushed to the bathroom, vomiting up a gold key, which terrified me. A weird small gold key, stainless, heavier than my lipstick. That damned key was in my stomach for hours?!! Fck! Because I ate f*king rainbow things or the ice creams MEANT NOT TO EAT TOGETHER?!!!!!
I dialed 911. I put the key from the sink in a plastic bag, "HENRY! I VOMIT A KEY!", got down the living room, drank soda and handed him the bag.
"What?! Ada, what happened?"
"I felt sick and vomited it up. I called 911. I did not swallow a literal gold key! Because of that malicious soda shop!!!"
"Ada calm down! Everything will be alright.", he held the key bag, "I'm gonna get my gun and my knives. If no one comes here ten mins later, I will phone them again or drive you to a police office ok?"
"Thanks, Henry.", I drank a lot of soda. That vomit made me gravely thirsty and my stomach empty.
"Henry, I smell apple juice! It's just me or—"
"I smell it too … Ada … I don't know ... where it's … from ...", his voice started to be shaking. His hand tightly holding the gun ...
"Wear ... a mask, Henry?", I put a mask on my face and was about to give him one.
"No, thanks … GET OUT OF HERE!!", we ran to Henry's car.
"We don't buy ... anything apple … right … Henry?"
"Yes … Ada, we have closed the doors …", he opened his car.
"Why apple scent ... here? I don't get it! It's … heavier! … Henry"
"Me too …"
"I'm scared!"
"It's ok, Ada. I'm here."
"Henry … do you … see some—", I closed the car, looking at the cat windows.
"No … what you—", Henry put the gun in his car.
"Gold dust … Everything in my eyes has gold tint … maybe my own eyes … something sparkling!"
"I don't see anything … But something not right here … I don't know", he was driving out of our house as fast as possible.
"Ada, I … I'm so sorry … I shouldn't bring you with me ... I … I should have listened to you … Ada. I'm sorry ... "
"It's ok Henry— Aaaahhhh!". SOMETHING SHATTERED!!!
"Quiet! They can hear you, Ada!"
I dared not to look behind.
Quiet ...
The car on its way to the police office.
Had we been a few seconds late, we would have encountered that thing.
I wished I should have made Henry take me out of here after I had got that key.
No … We must have gone to the police station, not our house in the first place.
I hate apple scent.
(Part 2)My brother invited me to go to a soda shop whose reviews were mostly 4 or 5 stars. I want the police to rate it one star on his phone!
While we were on our way to the police station, they phoned us. At the interview room, we told them everything about what had happened. The review website. The secret Golden Apple soda shop and its menu. What we had done there ... The blue-haired girl and her pics I had taken. What I heard from other customers. The key from my stomach. I gave them the bag of the key.
My brother recounted the rituals related to the soda shop. Their reactions and mine were priceless. We wrote statements, answered questions, had saliva DNA and medical tests. They took our fingerprints. The medical test results said there was nothing wrong with our health. Although Henry had eaten pieces of that cake ... They got copies of videos recorded by the security camera from Henry's car and my selfies and photos from my phone. Thank goodness I had taken lots of photos that day though I wasn't selfie-addicted.
They said the cake Henry had eaten was harmless. Henry, you're lucky.
I asked them about the rainbow milkshakes, showed the pics and they said they hadn't found anything like that! Someone had stolen them! It's terrifying me. Fortunately I hadn't sipped any of them!
The police and the detectives told us what they had found at our house and revealed the photos of the crime scene.
Someone or something had shattered the warehouse's doors and had tampered with the warehouse! The warehouse showered with apple juice! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!!
Everything in the warehouse soaked with apple juice. There was a gilded creamy wooden case! Something in the photos unnerving me. No ant! They said there had been no ant, not a single one. It was clearly apple juice. A whole warehouse splashed with fruit juice should have attracted lots of … lots of ants!! Was it really apple? Did we smell something we mustn't? Even the officers said we did not inhale any toxin.
The photos of the locked wooden case. They said the case had been made fastidiously and its materials of high quality. Did I vomit ITS KEY?!!!! Something under the case. A photo. The detectives showed us that instant photo. It crept me out! A photo … of me and my brother eating croissants, Golden Apple cream, Illuminating forest cake and drinking coffee at that God-damned soda shop! An uncannily exact image of us in the store yesterday, except the foods and the drinks. OuR DOppElgÄngErS?!!
The instant photo could be photoshopped but why? The police and the detectives requested us to write down the names of the people who could possibly have done that to us. They asked about our friends and acquaintances. We didn't think the culprit was one of them. No one had known that we had gone to the very soda shop that day. I and they express doubts about Henry's friends. His friends knew that place.
The security camera of Henry's car didn't lie. I had seen it with my own two eyes. The detectives said what I had seen wasn't a rabbit ...
No footprint or other trace related to the intruder found at the crime scene, which was confusing the officers and the detectives.
Evidently the incident at our house was related to the Golden Apple soda shop, proving that the culprit(s) knew us very well! We and the police had no idea who had targeted us and their motives. The intrusion had been planned before. God forbid, what the hell was THAT THING? It's impossible to break the warehouse's doors, let alone SHATTERING THEM!! As if they had been ruined by a car or a tank!
The police and the detectives gave us phone numbers and email addresses. They would contact us if they found something. Henry's phone and laptop were kept for the investigation as he had visited that suspicious review website. They returned my phone so my phone was safe.
Henry's car following the police car escorting me to our cousin Eva's house. We would stay at our cousin's home for a few days. A police car guarding outside. Because his beloved devices were kept at the police station, Henry went to sleep early. We had said to Eva that our house needed to be fixed and didn't tell her about what actually had happened. I was about to format my whole post yet I found myself sleepy so I split it into two parts, posted the first part and left the other part tomorrow. Formatting is a devil!
When I drank coca cola in her kitchen this morning, there were two soft drink cans in her cooler. I remembered I had seen them somewhere but forgot. The police car had gone.
Her phone charging on a table. Well, she was busy making fruit jams. Curiously, I took a look at her Chrome tabs. Celebrities. Films. Cosmetics. Twitter. Instagram … It shaken me. She liked a photo of an Instagram girl in THAT NASTY SODA SHOP on Instagram!! Those canned drinks were in the pic! Judging from its interior and the stuff the girl bought, it was obviously the Golden Apple but the store name on the drinkware, the tableware and the labels, the signs in the pic were the Aurora Soda House! What the bloody hell is going on here?! Even the address was DIFFERENT!!! I knew that address was of a coffee house because I had gone there many times and I swear I last drank coffee in that coffee house LAST WEEK!! GOD DAMN IT!!!!
I stealthily checked Eva's phone. Still making fruit jams. Eva had saved many photos of that accursed soda shop, in different names, and had chatted with her online friends about its maps and menu. They had talked nothing about rules! She knew nothing about its rainbow stuff!
I told Henry to drive me to a diner since I didn't want to make phone calls in Eva's house after what I had found in her phone! I was heavily coughing in the car. A key in my mouth AGAIN! The same God-damn-it key from the day before!! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!!!
When eating in the diner, I phoned a police officer to inform him about the cans in Eva's kitchen, her phone, the second key and sent him the key photo. I had hidden it in my handbag. They insisted that we must go to their office then.
They took the second key. I had a saliva test again. They checked my health. Then they told us what they had concluded.
What they had said was unsettling me. There was no fingerprint of any US citizen or green card holder or foreign student matched with that of the blue-haired girl from the photos I had taken in the soda shop. They failed to identify her.
They had found a lot of photos of Golden Apple soda shop posted online, yet their were in different names albeit they were the same store!
  • Golden Apple soda shop
  • Aurora Soda House
  • Enchanted Garden drink shop
  • Golden Age Coffee House
  • Nostalgia soda shop
  • Illuminating Vintage drink house
  • Tree of Life Soda Shop
  • Life's Secret Soda House
The first key made of gold. Some DNA found within the key and it was MINE! That **** key had my DNA!!! Had it been MADE of gold and MY OWN DNA?!
The "apple juice" from the crime scene wasn't really apple juice. It was like apple-scented perfume! The culprit had used more than fifty ounces of apple water-something?
The gilded creamy wooden case was assumed empty and couldn't be broken.
The first key didn't fit the wooden case's keyhole. That doesn't make any sense! The same goes for the SECOND ONE?!!
Supposed neither of the keys belongs to that wooden case, which case were they for? Why two identical keys?! Why had they been in my STOMACH?!!! Was it a sickening joke?! Why did that **** soda shop TARGET ME?!!
Henry and I don't stay at Eva's house. I can't trust her even though she is one of our relatives. How she learned about that place? Have some of the people we know gone there? Not to mention Henry's friends … I can't trust anyone. Well, except my parents and my siblings.
No more colorful, rainbow drinks!
I dare not to go to any soda shop or coffee house after that incident. I don't know if I could go to a Starbucks. I don't trust the maps anymore!
The keys tormenting me. I'm horrified that I'll vomit a third key tomorrow!
I feel a little sick …
If any of you have seen the online images of Golden Apple soda shop and anything related or have gone there, call the mods (I have told them) and the police immediately!
Do not visit that review website or go to that place, no matter its names!
If your favorite soda shops, coffee houses, … have something not right ... or something else that shouldn't be at their addresses, flee as fast as possible!
If you smell apple scent in your home and you don't buy or have anything apple, run for your own life before that thing sees you!
All roads lead to Rome.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
A few things concerned me:
  • The story's plausibility
  • The police station part
  • Should I post it in two parts or a whole post?
  • Words choice and the dialogues
  • The formatting
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2020.11.26 17:56 ewitsethan Genlocke Leg 1: Pokemon Red: COMPLETED

Genlocke Leg 1: Pokemon Red: COMPLETED
First off, I thought it best if I do updates at the end of each leg instead of throughout, so this is my first post here.
Secondly, I'm playing a wedlocke, which means my pokemon fight in pairs. (Basically, I have three microteams of one male and one female that can only switch between each other, instead of one team of six.) All the other rules are standard nuzlocke rules. (In only Pokemon Red I disregard the gender rule because pokemon dont have genders.) In the post, I'll only cover encounters that became a member of the team as to save everyone's time.
To begin, I chose Squirtle, because I love the line, and named them Bubbles. I named a rattata Fury and paired the two together. As I progressed to Brock, I caught a pidgey, that I named Doodle, and a nidoran (male), that I named Monarch, who became my second pair. In the forest, I caught a weedle and named him Benson. I easily swept Brock with Bubbles and continued my journey.
I got zubat as my mt. moon encounter, named them Alice, and made them Benson's partner. I also bought the magikarp from the guy and counted it as my Route 3 encounter. I named them Psuedo and sent them to the PC. I chose the helix fossil (praise lord helix) and made it to Cerulean. I beat up Gary and the trainers in the areas surrounding the city, and caught an oddish, which I named Nightshade. Afterwards, I fought the gym trainers. In the second battle, though, Benson got crit by a goldeen and became our first death. I chose Pseudo as their replacement and fought Misty with Bubbles and Fury. Unfortunately, Misty's Starmie crit Fury, making them death number two. I replaced them with Nightshade the oddish and continued on with the journey.
I fought through the routes to Vermillion and caught a drowzee, which I named Morpheus, on Route 11. I stormed the SS Anne and beat Gary handily. I then made the silly mistake of giving Nightshade cut because I didn't know there was not a move deleter in gen 1. Afterwards, I made my way through the gym and easily beat Lt. Surge with my beefy boi Monarch.
Next up, I made the long trek to Lavender Town. On the way to Rock Tunnel I caught a voltorb and named them Master. In the cave I caught a geodude that I named Rushmore. On the other side of the tunnel, though, my favorite member, Monarch, got hit with a crit self destruct and died from full health. I decided to replace him with the freshly caught Rushmore. I then beat up the rocket grunts in the game corner and destroyed Giovanni with Bubbles and Nightshade, who I had evolved into a Vileplume upon reaching Celadon. We also got the eevee and named them Dunkin; on Route 17 we got a doduo and named them Ozzie. We then went back to the Pokemon Tower and beat up a bunch of possessed women's pokemon. Unfortunately, one of those gastly decided to para-confusion hax and were able to kill both Pseudo and Alice. I made a new pair containing Morpheus the drowzee and Dunkin the eevee, which I immediately evolved into Flareon. We finished ascending Pokemon Tower and then beat up Erika and her gym trainers.
On Route 12 we caught the static Snorlax and named them Pooh. On the other side of the region, we went down the cycling road and Dunkin got poisoned. I didn't have any antidotes because of the stupid bag item limit in Gen 1, and the pokemon center was so far away that they died to poison. I replaced them with Pooh the snorlax and continued onward. I cleared out Silph Co easily and then beat Koga with Morpheus and Pooh.
We immediately went back up to Saffron City and beat Sabrina and her gang of psychics. Unfortunately, though, we lost Rushmore and Doodle to Sabrina's Mr. Mime and Alakazam, respectively. I then added Master the voltorb and Ozzie the doduo to the team in their place.
After Sabrina, we left mainland Kanto for a bit and headed to Cinnabar Island. Blaine was extremely easy because I just used Bubbles. My little pal one shot each of his mons.
After flying back to Viridian, it was time to battle against Giovanni for the last time. I used Bubbles and Nightshade and completely destroyed the once-great Team Rocket leader.
With that victory, we had all 8 Kanto badges and we qualified to fight against the Pokemon league. On the way there, we beat up Gary again. We had some close calls in Victory Road, but we actually made it out without any other deaths! That means that our final team was: Bubbles the Blastoise and Nightshade the Vileplume; Morpheus the Hypno and Pooh the Snorlax; and Ozzie the Dodrio and Master the Electrode.
Against Lorelai, Master hit four Thunders without missing and Ozzie got in a Fly against the jynx. It was a total cleansweep.
For Bruno, we used Morpheus and Pooh. Morpheus one shot every single one of his fighting types with Psychic and Pooh destroyed his onix with Earthquake. It was a very easy battle.
Agatha was a bit more tricky, though. We used the same pair of Morpheus and Pooh because of the glitch in gen 1 that means that ghost types don't affect psychic types at all. Thanks to para-confusion hax (again, lmao) it was super close, but Morpheus and Pooh were able to beat her.
Lance was certainly tough and I was worried going into it. I knew my best bet was to use Master and hit Thunders against his flying types. For the dragonair I would use Ozzie's massive attack stat and STAB Fly them to death. The plan actually worked up until Dragonite. Unfortunately, Master couldn't live even one Hyper Beam from the powerful dragon, and my little ball-buddy died. On the switch in, though, Ozzie used Drill Peck while the thing was recharging and then hit it with a Fly to finish it off.
Against the champion, our rival Gary, Bubbles killed the first three mons and Nightshade came in to deal with the gyarados. Thanks to weird type match-ups in Gen 1, Mega Drain was considered not very effective and gyarados landed a hyper beam that killed them from full health. Bubbles came in, though, and beat the gyarados thanks to a bunch of full paralysis in a row. (I'm so glad I stun spored!!) Bubbles then landed a crit Mega Kick on the alakazam. Last was venusaur. Bubbles was sitting at 21 hp and I was certain that our starter was gonna die against the last mon in the last fight of this leg. Thankfully, though, the thing went for Solar Beam and Bubbles killed it with an Ice Beam.
The four surviving champs who will be joining me in Johto are: Bubbles the Blastoise, Morpheus the Hypno, Pooh the Snorlax, and Ozzie the Dodrio.
This run was crazy and I loved each of the mons I got to use so much. I am so proud of every single one of them, especially the survivors. I'm sad that Nightshade died in the final battle of the leg, but I know Bubbles II will fight to make them proud. Thanks so much for reading! :)
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2020.11.26 16:55 Patowsah Is it possible to speed up this script?

Hi guys,
I've written the following script to both input data from a UserForm into a worksheet as well as to pull data from the worksheet into the UserForm.
Sub TextBox1_KeyUp(ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, ByVal Shift As Integer) 'event activated when enter pressed Application.ScreenUpdating = False: Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual: Application.DisplayAlerts = False Dim ws2 As Worksheet: Set ws2 = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(2) Dim lastRowB As Long, lastRowC As Long, currUVN As Long, c As Range, currUVNstr As String lastRowB = ws2.Range("B" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row If KeyCode = KeyCodeConstants.vbKeyReturn Then 'entering textbox value into A1 and clearing textbox ws2.Range("A1").Value = TextBox1.Value Me.TextBox1.Value = "" lastRowB = ws2.Range("B" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row If lastRowB > 1 Then Me.Label1.Caption = ws2.Range("B" & lastRowB).Value 'updating UVN ref if necessary Me.ListBox1.Clear 'clearing textbox and adding curr UVN info lastRowC = ws2.Range("C" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row 'refreshing values before adding to lbox currUVNstr = Me.Label1.Caption Dim Loc As Range, Loc2 As Range, count As Long, group As Range Dim UsedRange As Range: Set UsedRange = ws2.Range("B2:B" & lastRowB) Dim MultiPreLoad As Variant 'counts instances of current UVN string to prevent crashing with loop MultiPreLoad = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Range("B2:B" & lastRowB), currUVNstr) If MultiPreLoad > 1 Then 'if there is a pre-existing set of scans for the current UVN, add them to scan history Set Loc = UsedRange.Find(What:=currUVNstr, SearchDirection:=xlNext) If Not Loc Is Nothing Then Do Until Loc Is Nothing Or count = MultiPreLoad 'forces the loop to end when the amount of loops = amount of instances Dim ValRow As Long, NextVal As Long count = count + 1 'counts loops ValRow = Loc.Offset(1, 1).Row 'top of scans for instance NextVal = Range("C" & ValRow).End(xlDown).Row 'bottom of scans for instance (stops at first blank) Set group = Range("C" & ValRow, "C" & NextVal) If Not group Is Nothing Then 'to prevent issues when blank at startup For Each c In group If c <> "" Then UserForm1.ListBox1.AddItem (c.Value) End If Next c End If Set Loc = UsedRange.FindNext(Loc) 'continues finding instances Loop End If Set Loc = Nothing End If If MultiPreLoad = 1 Then 'if only one (the current) set of scans exists for current UVN, they are added to scan history currUVN = ws2.Range("B2:B" & lastRowB).Find(What:=currUVNstr, SearchDirection:=xlPrevious, SearchOrder:=xlByRows).Row For Each c In ws2.Range("C" & currUVN + 1, "C" & lastRowC + 1) If c <> "" Then 'skip all blanks Me.ListBox1.AddItem (c.Value) End If Next c End If End If Application.ScreenUpdating = True: Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic: Application.DisplayAlerts = True End Sub 
It might be messy but at the minute it is getting the job done. My current issue is that UserForm_Initialize (which calls the same script from a module) and when MultiPreLoad > 1 (i.e. when a value in Column B is not unique) the script is very slow and will freeze for a few seconds. I'm wondering if there is anything glaringly obvious in the code that would be slowing this down and if there are any simple workarounds. If you need any more info or pics, let me know.
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2020.11.26 16:29 KritskiiArtem Big question about fall mountain!

Every single time I am playing fall mountain - I am in the back row. I am playing fall guys since first day in August and after first mid season update I have ONLY last row on a start of fall mountain! Please, upvote this post, because I want an answer from devs - WHY? Just tell me why?! It’s unfair!
I have more than 300 crowns and I played this final ~600 times(that’s my thoughts)
My psn - artemmike
I don’t ask to place me in the first row, just tell me why I am always in the last row!
submitted by KritskiiArtem to FallGuysGame [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 16:21 acover How to denormalize a database but maintain data consistency?

Currently, I have a two tables sample_votes and samples where
sample_votes ( sample_id UUID, user_id UUID, vote INT, PRIMARY KEY (sample_id, user_id))
samples (sample_id UUID PRIMARY KEY, other data)
Hypothetical problem: I'm querying sample results a lot, so I'd like to store the results of the sample in the samples table. This denormalizes the data, how should I update the values in two separate places to keep them consistent?
I've looked for best practices but I'm not sure what keywords to look for.
The solutions I've thought of:
  1. Whenever the application writes to sample_votes update samples as well. Add version to samples to avoid race conditions. PROBLEM: If the application updates sample_votes then errors samples will not be updated - ever.
  2. In addition to 1, periodically scan samples to update results. PROBLEM: seems ugly and every bit of denormalized data will need its own consistency scan, which is error prone.
  3. SQL trigger. PROBLEM: requires processing code to be in sql, but I need it to be dynamic.
  4. Task queue: for any update of denormalized data, add the task to a centralized task queue (rabbit mq?). A worker marks the task as complete once all the values have been updated. PROBLEMS: seems good, but the task queue might blow up.
Side question: when updating rows, should I increment versions or just use a timestamp to avoid race conditions?
Thanks for reading!
Edit: 5. Transactions: succeed or fail based on updating all - I think this works the best
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2020.11.26 15:47 jphw 2020-2021 Season Championship Score Predictor Thread (Round 14+15).

Will catch up on table updates at the weekend.
Full Points Table
EFL Cup Group Stage Knockout - Quarter Final
Only those remaining in EFL Cup will now be counted.
Predict scores in 6 given Games per round (Except on 1st, last days of season)
Reminders will be given out to all players until they either request them to stop or miss 4 weeks in a row. (Continuing from last season).
You can include the fixture in your predictions up to 10mins after kick-off as long as no goal has been scored. Threads will be up (hopefully) the weekend prior to games.
Even if you haven't played yet you can still join in and predict the rest. Even if you miss a game in the current round you can predict the remaining games.
Scoring Points
3 Points for correctly guessing the score. - Say 3-1 score is 3-1.
1 Point for correctly guessing the winner. - Say 3-1 score is 2-0.
0 Points for incorrect winner. - Say 3-1 score is 0-2.
-2 Points for reverse score. - Say 3-1 score is 1-3.
Play-Offs Points (x2 if correctly guessed 1 Finalist x4 if both)
Round 14
Reading - Bristol City
Birmingham - Millwall
Huddersfield - Middlesbrough
Norwich - Coventy
Watford - Preston
Nottm Forest - Swansea
Round 15
Cardiff - Huddersfield
Derby - Coventry
Rotherham - Brentford
Blackburn - Millwall
Luton - Norwich
Wycombe - Stoke
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2020.11.26 15:22 cat2be Task preview

🧪 Professor’s Experiment - Task Preview
We will tell you the tasks as we get them here, this post will be updated as we have the rest.
Please save this post so you can check back later for updates.
  1. Spacious barn: increase your barn size temporarily by up to 20%
  2. Generous Customer: get up to 20% more coins in heli orders and plane crates
  3. Speedy Construction: town and zoo expansions, buildings take less time to complete
  4. Air bonus: get 2 extra reward chests if you fill the top 2 rows yourself - or request help first before filling the rest of the row
  5. New perk: something about changing production queue. We can provide explanation later but it seems we can change the order of our factory production queues if we want to make something else first
🔴 UPDATE: there WAS high voltage (2x verne points) when we first checked the calendar file but it was gone the next time we checked it.
We don’t know if it will still happen for all or some or none. But the dates when we saw it originally were 12/3/2020 and 12/12/2020
🔴Bonus Vault is here again for Gold Pass players
🔴 Week 1 Tasks:
1) Make products using butter
2) Fill zoo orders
3) Play House of Luck
4) Harvest Crops
5) Fill co-op requests
6) Collect glass
🔴 Week 2 Tasks:
1) Fill crates of trains, planes, and zoo
2) Send Transport (trains, planes, and helicopters)
3) Send gifts
4) Make products using syrup
5) Collect bricks
6) Feed animals
🔴 Week 3 Tasks:
1) Earn coins
2) Make products using cheese
3) Make products using cream
4) Barn upgrade (upgrade once for level 71 and up, upgrade twice for level 70 and below)
5) Feed animals
6) Send Transport (planes, trains, helicopters)
🔴 We have included the Production Task guide from last Verne so you can start prepping the ingredients for stuff you need to make with butter!
View in PDF here:
Check back for more updates!
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2020.11.26 14:54 Zoofule Is this possible with a python web scraper?

I have no prior python knowledge, and my only coding experience basically is currently learning C in my freshman year of college. I was looking into web scraping and everywhere I look says python is the best language for this. Before delving into my web scraping project I had a few questions.
I was wondering if it was possible for the python web scraper to output it's results to a libreoffice/google sheets spreadsheet? And if so, can it update data when prompted to recheck the desired websites?
My purpose for the web scraper is to scrape curseforge minecraft mod description pages to see what the most recent file uploaded is, when the mod was most recently updated and a few other bits of information. I currently have a google sheet that when given a mods url will give me all the data on the corresponding row. I'm looking to duplicate it's feature using python for better scraping speeds with larger mod lists.
Here is a link the post I made about the Google sheet variant of what I am looking for for reference
Sorry for any formatting issues, on mobile and just woke up.
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2020.11.26 13:03 Unforgiving-Oni Out of the loop

I have taken the last year off from destiny after getting seriously burnt out from the relentless grind. Managed to get a ps5 and decided to redownload and give beyond light a shot as stasis looked fun but enjoy the game way more casually. I have a few questions as I went completely cold turkey and have barely read anything since I left at the end of the season of undying. Apologies if this has all been asked a thousand times.
  1. Is the ps5 update still slated to be coming soon.
  2. I have a vault full of stuff which I'm assuming is all sunset now. What is safe to delete and what should I keep.
  3. Have bungie put a time line on when sunset content will be cycled back in and if old seals/triumphs will ever be available again. (I left after getting frustrated the braytech ospray wouldn't drop for wayfarer after the 20th run in a row).
  4. Are there any exotics (seasonal ones) I can no longer get or are they all in the tower vendor now I can only see weapons there and not armor.
I'm a little lost as a lot has changed since I played last. Any tips on getting caught back up are appreciated.
Thanks for any help.
submitted by Unforgiving-Oni to DestinyTheGame [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 11:01 bubbleshooter2021 Bubble Shooter Game Candy Pop Blast

Bubble Shooter Game Candy Pop Blast

Bubble Shooter Game Candy Pop Blast

Are you looking for a cool arcade game? 😎The New bubble shooter you aim to match 3 unique colour candies shoot and make them burst. Candy pop blast shooter game, exquisite picture quality, fun levels, no Wifi, free, the best time to pass the game! This is all about Fun, Challenge and Excitement🤩

Bubble Shooter Game
Get the Game🎮 NOW, beat levels and enjoy this addicting and relaxing Candy pop game!Bubble Shooter Candy popping game with Two hundred plus amazing level and fun challenges.Make combinations of 3 or more candy to make them blast. Collect all the Candies to level up.! Complete levels and collect stars!⭐ This fun puzzle bubble shooter game is easy just to pick up and play, perfect for the whole family to play and enjoy.
Ready to start the action?Play the free puzzle today and join the candy crushing fun! Start the adventure now, hit and blast the candy and discover the latest bubbles gameThis game is developed by Winsure according to user interest. We see lots of bubble shooter games which make the users fed up after playing them because of the same concept to blast the bubble so we bring new and latest version with candies. 👌We will try to entertain the user of bubble shooter game who will get a new concept of the candy-themed game in which he will match the unique and different candies to shoot out and clear the level. And we Mix up the two modes of bubble shooter game and candy crushPut your skill to test the new version of the game. Compete against friends and relative and see who can make the maximum score by google play leaderboard and playing retro games, get ready to move your passion to the next level.! Earn Coin while you play and use them to get the cool booster. Use your mind and puzzle-solving skill to Finish the level and clear the candies and make sure to collect special daily bonuses.
Play 3 Game Modes:
* Enjoy🧩 Puzzle Mode with over 200 awesome puzzle levelsClear the board and advance along with the map, find candies and win amazing rewards and enjoy fun new with new popping candies. New boosts, power-ups, daily rewards, and more!* Play the Levels Mode with over 200 levels!Match 3 Color candies or more to blast and win with fewer shots to get more stars.* Enjoy the Classic mode - Simple and Super Fun.In future as soon we will be updated 3 modes easy, medium and hard. It will keep you challenged for many hours!
How To play?✔️Aim and match the candy you want to shoot in the balls.✔️ Match 3 or more candies.✔️Diffuse candies to find cute gifts.🎁✔️Enjoy the Bubble Shooter - Simple and Super Fun.✔️Click on the props in the game, the use of props allows you to progress through the game quickly
Retro game, new featuresWe took the Modern Arcade game and added some new features that you’ll love.
FUN FEATURES:★ 200 + Exciting levels, with more, added all the time.★ New elements and great prizes.🎁★ Brand New Modern effects and sounds.★ Collect awesome daily rewards.★ Leaderboard, challenging achievements.★ Clear obstacles and beat the challenges.★ Colourblind mode – so everyone can enjoy fun matching games for free.★ Pop 7 Candies in a row to unlock the fireball.★ Drop 10+ Candies at once to get a bomb.💣★ Play anytime and anywhere.★ Stay in the loop: now you have the best option to send a direct message to support.
Bubble Shooter Game 🍬 Candy Pop Blast is completely free to play, but some optional in-game items will require some payment.
Follow us on our Facebook page
All rights of Bubble Shooter Game 🍬 Candy Pop Blast are owned by Winsure Solution
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2020.11.26 09:16 Padouch1038 My top lane experience

This has gotten even worse with the preseason update.
Team spams chat for me to pick a tank - I say ok I am gonna pick a tank, since I enjoy Maokai. -> I get 0 help top lane, and I cannot do anything against the oponent, since I die as fast as our ADC.
I dont pick a tank -> I get 0 help because I didnt pick a tank with my team saying "No you dont get help since you are trolling for not picking a tank, they are op"
What kind of mental instability is this? This was literally 6 games in a row yesterday. Tanks are not OP when you freeze the lane, and you know their jungler wont help them. Since there was a briliant idea to put 30% armor pen on basically a Frozen Mallet, you cannot even disengage from the fight.
submitted by Padouch1038 to leagueoflegends [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 09:09 jacebeleren33 Need advise how to automate an excel pulling new data from different file

Hello all, I need some advise on the best way or tool to automate as much as possible.
I have a excel file on a sharepoint with shipping information that is actually updated by each person of my team.
I need to automate it, pulling daily new shipping data from another excel extracted from my system. First I have to manipulate data to have the same columns/format of the original file and then append only the new data ( vlookup for shipping ID maybe ?) with the actual time/date on the first free row on the bottom of the file.
Which would be the best tool to do all of this ? VBA or power query ? What should I learn to automate it ?
Thanks 🙏🏻
submitted by jacebeleren33 to excel [link] [comments]

2020.11.26 06:52 DiamondNgXZ Interlude: A quantum game, Classical concepts in danger

Refer to: For the tables. It's too troublesome to retype the tables in reddit.

Before going onto experiment no. 3, Bell's inequality violation, we need to settle a number of basic concepts relevant in foundational research of quantum mechanics in order to fully appreciate the importance of that experiment. Historically, before Bell came out with his inequality, these foundational concepts had been largely ignored by physicists. That's because they thought that no experiments could ever probe these foundational issues and they are considered as philosophy work to interpret these rather than physics’ work. Today, we can distinguish many of the interpretations based on these fundamental properties, three of them will be briefly introduced here. They are locality, counterfactual definiteness and freedom. See the table below for seeing which properties that various interpretations have. Don’t spend too much time on the table, don’t worry, it’s not meant to be understood, we’ll understand these later on.
Refer to table at:
It is also the (faint) hope of some that as we know more about these fundamental properties and which ones does nature respect, we might be able to rule out some interpretations to finally arrive at the one true interpretation. Indeed, some work had been done to rule out interpretations which have a certain combination of these properties. And Bell's theorem was one of the first to do so. A bit of spoiler alert here, Bell's inequality violation means that nature is never simultaneously local (local dynamics in the table) and counterfactual definite. The more common name you might read is Bell's inequality ruled out local realism. As you can verify from the table above, there is no worthwhile interpretation which says yes to both locality and counterfactual definiteness. Unless you consider superdeterminism to be the true interpretation. I will explain what those are as you read on.

We had been talking about classical expectations of how the world should work versus quantum reality of how the world breaks classical expectations. In Bell's inequality, there are three main properties of how the world works are at play.

a. Locality (only nearby things affect each other at most at the speed of light),
b. Counterfactual definiteness, or realism (properties of objects exist before we measure them),
c. Freedom or free will, or no conspiracy or no superdeterminism (physical possibility of determining settings on measurement devices independently of the internal state of the physical system being measured. In other words, we are free to choose what to measure.)

If the world obeys all these three assumptions, then Bell's inequality cannot be violated. Yet experiments show that it is violated. Leading us to abandon one or more of these assumptions, depending on one's preference.
We can play a game using the classroom example below, based on Stern-Gerlach experiment to illustrate the parallels of the restriction rules to the three properties at play here.
Imagine if you are a teacher, you have a class of students and you tell them you are going to subject them to a test. The test is a collective fail or success test. The main goal is for the class to behave as the experimental results described. So the students are given time and the materials to study and strategise amongst themselves. Once they are ready, one by one the students come to you, and you will ask many questions of the students, then record their answer. Your question is limited to asking x or z, and the answer is limited to up or down (left and right being relabelled to up or down). That's in direct analogy to the freedom of measuring in the x or z-axis and the particles either go up or down.

If you don't like the question being x or z, you can replace it with any yes-no questions with no fixed answer. Eg. Question one is: blue or not? Question two is: red or not? The answers are yes or no. The question does not refer to any specific object being red or blue, but just as an example of questions with only two possible answer but no fixed answer. To preserve close analogy with the experiment, we shall continue to use x, z as questions, up, down as answers. So the "magic" is not in the questions or answers but in their pattern.

There is no limit to how many questions you can ask any of the students, and part of the student strategy has to take that into account. After the test is done for the whole class and you had recorded their answers, you do the quantum analysis to see if they would obey the rules we found the experiments obey.

If the overall statistics differ too much from the quantum expectations, the whole class fails. So the students get very serious in their strategic planning. They found that it's simple to win the game or pass the test if they do not have any preconditioned answers to the questions but to just follow the quantum rules, so they ask you if they can decide on the answers on the spot. You detected intrinsic randomness at play here and you come out with rules that the student can or cannot do to satisfy classical thinking requirements. But you do not wish to reveal the true reason you set the rules, so you used the common exam reasons for the rules.

You control which questions you ask without letting them know beforehand, you can decide on the spur of the moment too. That's pretty obvious too in the test setting, students who know what will come out in the exam can score perfectly. The students cannot change their strategy halfway through. That's being unsure of their knowledge. They also cannot decide on the spur of the moment which answers they will give. That's like guessing in the exams. And they cannot communicate with each other once the game started. That's cheating in exams.

Try planning the strategy like the students, if you cannot pass the test, try dropping some of the rules which forbid things. See what kind of rules need to be abandoned to reproduce nature's results.

Here's a sample strategy, call it strategy A to get you started. Students pair up into groups of two, in each group we assign a definite answer for each student, and every group has the same strategy.

Student 1: Every time I meet z, I answer up. If I meet x, I answer down. I ignore the order of questioning.

Student 2: Every time I meet z, I answer down. If I meet x, I answer up. I ignore the order of questioning.

It's fairly straightforward to work out that this strategy will fail. The main goal of this exercise is to let you to appreciate the thought experiments physicists have to think when thinking about how to interpret quantum physics, and to see how classical thinking cannot reproduce quantum results.

In the classroom, each student is allowed to have their own piece of instructions on how to behave when encountering measurement. As quantum measurement can only reveal the probability distribution function after measuring many particles, there might be a need to coordinate what strategy the others will be using. When they are discussing, that's the silver atoms still in the preparation device. As the device activates, one by one the students come out, simulating the silver atoms coming out one by one.

So you as the teacher can in principle choose to have the student go through measurement x or z by asking the questions x or z, and the decision can be made at the spur of the moment. The student coming to the test one by one is parallel to the particles being measured one by one. The questions are measuring devices and having a choice in what to ask allows for freedom and building meaningful results.

The student as they leave their classmates, they cannot communicate with their classmates anymore. You told them it's to avoid cheating in the test, but the real reason is that's the rule of locality. Actually technically it is called the rule of no-signalling. No signalling in quantum setting means no communication faster than light. Why is faster than light relevant here? In principle, the first measurement the first particle (student) encounters do not have to be within the same lab. If we imagine that we have advanced technology, we can allow the particle to travel to the next galaxy, millions of light-years away before doing the measurement. So to communicate with the rest of the teammates back on Earth would require faster than light communication.

Another rule is, they cannot change their strategy. Having a strategy means that the properties of an object exist before we measure them. That's counterfactual definiteness. Counterfactual is what has not happened like the measurement has not happened, but the properties are definite. There is another common name for this called realism. That's because classical thinking insists upon the moon is there even if I am not watching it. That's pretty close to contextuality. And indeed it is, making the strategy fixed is non-contextuality. Objects answer does not change depending on the question you ask them. Certainly, the motion of a ball in free fall does not suddenly change depending on if I ask it what's the velocity or position that that point. And certainly, those properties exist before I even ask them. That's classical thinking. Having a strategy and not guessing it means you assume that the student must have the knowledge for the test instead of coming up with the answer on the spur. That's assuming that nature has definite properties even if you do not measure it.

Freedom is your own freedom to ask the questions. That is the experimental physicist freedom to choose which measurement to do first, in which order and to measure which beam. You told the students that if they know what questions will come out, they can cheat in the test. The same thing happens in nature. This is as if the universe is a conspiracy. It will somehow know what you as experimental physicist will choose and adjust so that the right silver atoms (or student) will go to the right experimental measurement at the right time to give the exact right answer so as to reproduce the experimental results. Therefore the alternative name of no conspiracy. In the test analogy, since there is no intrinsic randomness from the students having preset values, and the students already know what you will ask and their order of going for the test can be arranged to present the illusion of randomness to you.

A more scary thought is that if anything (including the universe) can know what you will choose, that means you have no real free will. No free will plus nature is deterministic, means there is nothing that is not fixed from the beginning of time. This is called superdeterminism.

Wait a minute, just now we said that nature can choose which atoms to present to you to keep up this conspiracy. Is that not a choice from nature, some sort of free will? Yet, there is no reason for the choice to be made in that instant, it can be fixed from the beginning, since everything can be predicted by nature, or nature already knows, so all possible conspiracy was already fixed back at the start. In that sense, nature also has no real choice. Super-determinism is pretty bad news for science as Anton Zeilinger has commented:

"We always implicitly assume the freedom of the experimentalist... This fundamental assumption is essential to doing science. If this were not true, then, I suggest, it would make no sense at all to ask nature questions in an experiment since then nature could determine what our questions are, and that could guide our questions such that we arrive at a false picture of nature."

You might ask for the difference between super determinism vs determinism. Determinism is more of due to cause and effect relationships in the physical equations. Technically for those who uphold the materialism/physicalism philosophy plus determinism, for them, how the mind works is fundamentally due to the physical laws of nature as well, so free will is an illusion. The philosophical technical term for this is hard determinism. Thus there is basically no difference between hard determinism and super determinism for them. For many who believe in true free will but also determinism like the Christians from the days of Newton to the discovery of quantum physics, for them, determinism does not extend to free will or domain of the soul. The technical philosophy term for this is compatibilism. So there is a difference between determinism of physical phenomenon and super determinism of everything. The Buddhist view on this issue will be discussed later on.
So to recap, the game/test is:

Students take turns to go to the teacher.
The teacher can ask each student as many questions as she likes, before testing the next student. The questions the teacher chooses can be freely chosen, not revealed to the students.
Each student must have a guide, or an answer ready for any possible sequence of questions that the teacher asks, for all possible number of questions asked.
Students once travelled to the teacher cannot communicate with the rest of the students on their interactions with the teacher.
The goal is to simulate the experimental results without using quantum physics, only using reasonable classical assumptions.

Now let us do the exercise in the first experiment above. Hopefully, by now you had some break in between reading from there to here and had some time to think and ruminate on the strategies. Here is a step by step tutorial for that for those who are clueless or too lazy to do the exercise or those who simply wished to be spoon feed. Just kidding, I think writing this would be my first time analysing the problem in this framework as well. This is instructive in seeing the underlying reasons for deriving the Bell's inequality, to later see it's a violation as something amazing that nature throw at us.
Say we use the sampling strategy above and analyse why the teacher would fail the class in that case. When the teacher asks z first then x later, half of the students will give up to z, down to x, another half will give the opposite results. Overall, it seems to be half split into z, half split into x. It only superficially recreate a random result. It also fulfils the first picture below. If the teacher asks those who go up at z, the question z again, the students will give their previous fixed answer to z, the same answer. But grouping the students who give up to question z then seeing that they all go down at question x does not comply with how nature behaves. They are supposed to be half of those who answered up at z to go up at x and another half to go down at x. That's referring to the middle picture below. This strategy cannot also recreate the third picture below.

So the students had thought of all of these consequences and quickly discarded the sample strategy their teacher provided to get them started. They think of partitioning the students more. Partition into four people per group, each group with strategy as follows:

Student 1: answer up at z, up at x.
Student 2: answer down at z, up at x.
Student 3: answer up at z, down at x.
Student 4: answer down at z, down at x.
Ordering of questions does not matter to them.

They can recreate the second picture now while preserving the first picture. Still, they fail in the third picture. Those who answer up at z will be students 1 and 3. So the teacher need only to ask student 1 the question z again. And the results will still only be up. All student 1 in all groups will give the same answer thus the teacher fails them.
Finally, the students get it. They partition themselves into groups of four again, with the same basic strategy as above, but here they have to take into account the ordering of questions.
If any questions ask z consecutively, keep answering the same answer as the previous z. Same case as with any consecutive question on x. If there is a switch of the question, say from z to x and back to z, then switch the original answer of z to the opposite of the original value. This holds even regardless of the number of x questions in between the two z questions. Each time there is a switch of questions, switch the answers back and forth. Same case for x, z, x questions.
Confident of their strategy, they rethink what would happen. As before, student 1 is asked z, x, then z again. This time, every student 1 in each group will give down to z. No one answers up. Still not recreating the third picture.
Then they preserve the same ordering rule but partitioned the students into groups of eight. Any leftovers (say 7 extra students) are welcomed to just fill the last group to however much leftover there is. Statistically, the leftovers do not matter as long as we have a lot of groups. If the classroom is not big enough, the students ask the classrooms next class and even the whole school and even neighbouring schools to make up the numbers.
Note: if you cannot follow this analysis, don’t worry, it’s not so important, it’s all my additional work, you might not encounter it in physics class. Just skim along for the theoretical payoff of which rules to break.
The strategy for the first few questions encountered is as in the table below.

Now the ordering rule reads, switch the latest answer of z to its opposite for subsequent switching of questions.

Now they think if the teacher asks only three questions maximum to each student, the teacher cannot detect any difference statistically from the quantum results. Unless another student points out, the teacher asks x, z, x.

Face-palming themselves after inviting so many students from neighbouring schools and yet still fail to come out with the winning strategy, the clever ones just try an update to groups of 16. This time, the x, z, x order are taken into account and the ordering rule also updates to the same for them, switch the latest answer of z or x to its opposite for subsequent switching of questions.

Now as the group grows bigger, the number of clever students also increases. Another clever one pointed out that the teacher can ask more than three questions per student. We will fail then. The original group who thought of the ordering rule said that the ordering rule should take care of it.
"Really?" challenged the clever student. They rethink about it.
Say the teacher ask z,x,z,x,z,x. Six questions in that order.
The following table shows the results that the teacher would collect. One of the students quick with Microsoft Excel made a quick table.

Let’s spend a moment reading this table. This is the expected outcome for one type of questioning the teacher may ask to one group of student. As we get many groups, the statistics can appear to still obey quantum rules, as long as the teacher only asks up to four questions.

Say the teacher is clever, she determined to only keep certain students which has the results of: down, up, up, up, for the first 4 questions, that is every student 9 in each group. On question 5, another z, all of the students answers down (opposite of the last z). this violates the quantum prediction already. Whereas in the quantum case, there would still be a split of ups and downs along z-axis from these groups of silver atoms.

At this point in the analysis, the students realise that they would need to continually double the size of the group to the maximum amount of questions the teacher can ask. We doubled from one student four times (two to the power of four) to get 16, and it can only fit the quantum case for up to four questions. Since the teacher told them that there is no limit to the number of questions that she can ask, they need an infinite amount of students to have an infinitely long strategy to win all the time.

Throwing their hands in the air, they cried foul to the teacher and explained their findings.

Now putting yourself back as the teacher, you look to see the analogy with the silver atoms. You ask yourself how many measurements of alternative switch do you need to do on the silver atoms to completely verify that there is no classical strategy like above to reproduce the experiment? A quick guide in the number of silver atoms there are in 108 g of silver, the weight of one mole of silver is the Avogadro's number, that is 6.02*1023. How many doubling of twos is that number? It's seventy nine. 279 would just be slightly bigger than Avogadro's number. So just do the alternate measurements eighty times, if you plan to use up all 108g of silver in the Stern-Gerlach experiment to completely verify that there is no way nature can conspire with such strategy.

Now I am not aware that any experimentalist had done this yet, but it's a good paper to write if you are one and happen to have all the equipment at hand! Of course, this will be very technically challenging as it entails measuring to about one or two atoms of silver at the last few stages of measurement. Not to mention all the losses that would occur at the process of heating the atoms to become a beam, controlling the beam to be one atom at a time, doing in in vacuum to avoid air pushing the silver atoms out of the path and so on.

Here’s a disclaimer. the weakness of this analysis includes: The students have rigid rules of grouping, like the same number of students to every group and their own rule that every group has the same strategy. They can relax these requirements and also find more clever ways of putting if-then statements to their answers, instead of just a simple switch to opposite. So this does by no means show that it’s impossible for the ensemble interpretation of quantum to be ruled out. However, there are other reasons to rule the ensemble interpretation as defunct. We shall go back and focus on the rule-breaking.

Suffice to say that theoretically speaking, we should abandon one of the rules which we had set up previously for the students to pass the test. To choose which rules to abandon and the subsequent strategy which the students are free to employ are part of the work of interpretation of quantum. Nature is not classical, but just how not classical it needs to be? In particular, which part of classical should nature abandon to behave like quantum? You might also read somewhere else that says the same thing in different words: Just how weird quantum needs to be? Which weirdness are you comfortable with? That's pretty much how people choose their interpretations.

So knowing that different students in the class will have different preferences for which weirdness they are comfortable with, you divided the class into three unequal groups. One is allowed to break locality, the second allowed to break counterfactual definiteness and the third allowed to break freedom. You explain a bit of what these concepts are and which rules the tie in to and let the students pick their own group. Technically this case is not the experiment studied by the Bell's inequality violation, so it's more of a tutorial case for you to get familiar with how physicists do fundamental quantum research.

Once the sorting is done, each group works out their solution to your test, taking full advantage of the one rule they can break. Let us visit them brainstorming one by one. Don't worry, the workings are much shorter than what we had done above.

Locality violation, or Non-locality.
This allows the student coming up to communicate with the rest of the classmates as he answers the questions. He can tell the rest what questions he received, but it's not useful as it's not guaranteed that the teacher will use the same ordering of questions on the next person. He can communicate how many questions he got in total, but it's again not useful as the teacher can always increase the number of questions for the next person. He can tell the classmates what he answered, but everyone already knows what he will answer to all possible combination of answers if the strategy is long enough. Overall, relaxing this rule does not help.

This is perhaps not so surprising as back in 1922 when the Stern-Gerlach experiment was performed, no one was concerned about locality violation from this experiment. We need a minimum of two particles and two measurements to possibly test for locality violation. That's what Bell's inequality violation experiment uses. It's called quantum entangled particles.

Counterfactual definiteness violation, or no fixed answers, or answers does not exist before we ask the questions.

This allows the student to go out with just a small list of instructions, like a computer programme, which can easily replicate quantum results. The instructions are as follows. Each student has only to remember two bits of information, or in colloquial terms, two things. That is there are two memory slots, each capable of storing one of two states. In computer language, it would be 0 or 1. We can relabel them to any two-valued labels like x or z, up or down.

When they go for the test both memory slots are empty. The teacher asks the question of either x or z. The student stored the questions ask in the first slot. The answer the student gives depends on a few factors.

If the first slot was empty beforehand and just got a new value, and the second slot is also empty, the answer is a random selection of 50% chance up or 50% chance down. Store the answer in the second slot memory.

If the first slot was not empty, compare the question to the first slot. If the question is the same, use the same answer in the second slot memory. This ensures that if the teacher asks z, z in a row, the second z will get the same answer as the first z.

If the question is different from the first slot, discard the second memory and do the random selection again and store the new value in the second slot memory. Also, update the first slot to the latest question.

Example. The student comes up, got the question x. He randomly selects up as the answer. The next question is x. He gives the same answer up. The next question is z, he forgets about question x, updates his first slot with z, selects random results, say down and also updates the second slot. The next question is x, he updates the first slot with x, select random results, say down and updates the second slot with the new answer. And so on.

That's all that is needed to replicate quantum results. The crucial freedom here is that the answers do not have to exist before the question is asked. And if no question is asked, eg. on consecutive questioning of z, z, there is no meaning to ask if the teacher had asked x instead of z as the second question, what would the answer be? Since x was not asked on the second question, it is counterfactual, and there is no definite answer to that question.

This way, each student can have a finite, small list of instructions on what to do for all questions, so the number of questions asks does not matter. The number of students required does not matter as the strategy does not depend on that. Well, as long as it's enough to do a statistical analysis. Students can pass the test with 100% certainty.

Contextuality is not really apparent here and is better tested via other means.

Freedom violation, or cheat mode enabled.

It's a bit tricky to detail how the students can win with this. It entails placing restrictions. So the students know beforehand that the teacher cannot possibly ask an infinite amount of questions. They already know the maximum amount of questions which the teacher will come out with. It's never infinity. And they can know which sets of questions the teacher will ask for the first student and the second one and so on. They can then arrange for the student who prepared their strategy just up to the maximum amount of questions the teacher will ask that student to.

Eg. if the teacher will ask 10 questions to the first student, the first student who goes out only needs to prepare until 10 possibilities. Normally, the students also do not know which x, z ordering of the questions will come out and the student has to prepare their answer for 2^10, or 1024 possible sets of questions. One set can read all 10 x, another can be x,z alternate, another can be z, x, x, z, x, x, z, x, z, x. Each question can have 2^10 possible answers too. Like all 10 ups, or up, up, down, down, up, down, up, up, up, up. So it's 1,048,576 possible answers.

We simplified the possibilities in the analysis before relaxing the rules by using for all question x, answer up etc. It selects a narrow range from all these possibilities, with the advantage that the student can have fixed answers up to infinite questions. Also, the quantum results already ruled out most of the possible answers. Like for consecutive x, x, we can only have either up, up or down, down, not up, down or down, up. That's half of the possible results gone with one of the quantum rules. We just have to replicate that by ruling out impossible results.

But now, we know exactly which of the 1024 sets of question ordering the teacher will ask, as this is a conspiracy. So we only need to prepare the first student for a minor selection of the 1024 possible answers left to give to be consistent with quantum results. We can also prepare all others to fit in with the first student to get quantum statistics overall, tricking the teacher.

There is just one tiny detail left to address. The teacher also selects the number of students. So what if the teacher asks more questions than there are enough students to answer to provide the quantum statistics for? Then it's the fault of the teacher for not allowing enough students to participate or asking too many questions. The teacher cannot conclude anything without enough data.
Wait, this last bit of information does seemingly destroy our reasoning that nature is not classical above. There is no point doing 80 measurements of alternative directions if we do not provide more than one mole of Silver atoms to get the statistics. Adding up more silver atoms allows for nature to cheat on us. Not adding means we do not have enough data to conclude that nature can be fundamentally classical.

The solution to this conundrum is to realise that to be paranoid about nature betraying us is actually assuming the conspiracy theory. Look at the word cheat on us in the previous paragraph. If nature is fair and classical, we should already get deviation from quantum results way before having to do 80 measurements in a row. Which is probably why no one bothered to do this experiment. If nature cheats on us anyway, there is no way we can ever know. That makes the last assumption, no freedom, or super-determinism fall into the category of unfalsifiable interpretation.

Now, satisfied with the results of our analysis, most people conclude that nature is counterfactual indeterminate as you can imagine superdeterminism is not popular with people. Historically, superdeterminism is not considered until Bell's inequality is shown to be violated. Thus, it would be interesting to explore how do some of the interpretations can still retain counterfactual definiteness. We will discuss their explanation of these experiments when we get to them.

So many people are quite comfortable to say quantum experiments tell us that nature does not exist until you observe them from throwing out counterfactual definiteness, or realism. Yet, this is deliberately excluding that interpretation which still retains realism. Strange, is it not, that even this seemingly fundamental part of what almost everyone thinks what quantum is, turns out to be not necessarily true.

Next up, we will talk more on Locality and Bell's inequality violation.
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2020.11.26 05:30 Gho5tnotes Matchmaking is still demoralizing, plus game crashes, & eternal Imperialism

Matchmaking is still demoralizing, plus game crashes, & eternal Imperialism

Bug: game keeps crashing in Fleet Battles. My friend & I on Steam were strangely crashing at the same time for what must have been 4 games in a row, & the last one I couldn't rejoin after while my two squad mates could.
Matchmaking felt briefly better for me Friday, but went right back to frustrating tonight. If my friend & I are in a group of more than 2, we get paired with ridiculous groups that just crush us. Hero 2-3s on the other team while our highest might be a Hotshot 3 (my friends & I are all stuck at Hotshot 1 with no hope of getting higher). Or sometimes we get paired with groups with people who don't reset their rank, which might be skewing their matchmaking, as well. Win rate is now 0.27 in Fleet.
It also seems like we're Imperials FAR more than NR. I wish there was a stat to check it to see if it's just my imagination.
I really want to love this game, as I've been hoping for a game like it for years (played BF2 strictly for starfighter battles). I've been trying to convince friends to play it with us, but to just have us squashed flat is not a great introduction to it, nor does it sustain interest (pretty sure one of my friends we brought in is not interested anymore).
I don't even know what to do at this point. I'm excited for the December update, but also aggravated at my overall experiences thus far.
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2020.11.26 05:29 Biggy_DX A conceptual idea of what a vendor upgrade system could look like for both the Vanguard and the Crucible

So I know a portion of us were upset that there wasn't a vendor refresh this expansion. Me in particular, I was hoping that there was a small chance we'd see some changes to how the vendors functioned. I really enjoyed the upgrade mechanics behind the Seraph Bunkers, and its subsequent iterations, so I wanted to conceptualize something similar for the Vanguard and Crucible.
I didn't do one for Gambit since I don't frequent it enough to really have a good idea for how it should work. I tried structuring the Upgrade Paths similar to how this system currently works in game. I also suck at numbers that make sense, so forgive me in not including anything tangible on that front. Finally, I'm kinda basing this off the assumption that each vendors respective tokens would be retired (or have some form of exchange) prior to such an update. Trust me, I've hoarded my fair share of those tokens.

Vanguard Vendor Upgrade Path

Vanguard Surplus I Team Synergy I Vanguard Investor I Diligence I Powered Engrams I Well-Earned Reward I Tempered Treasure I
Vanguard Surplus II Team Synergy II Vanguard Investor II Diligence II Powered Engrams II Well-Earned Reward II Tempered Treasure II
Vanguard Surplus III Team Synergy III Vanguard Investor III Diligence III Powered Engrams III Well-Earned Reward III Tempered Treasure III
The explanations for each upgrade would be as follows:

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Crucible Vendor Upgrade

Seasoned Warrior I Peak Performer I Crucible Investor I Fighters Tribute I Unstoppable I Bolstered Arsenal I Spoils of Warfare I
Seasoned Warrior II Peak Performance II Crucible Investor II Fighters Tribute II Unstoppable II Bolstered Arsenal II Spoils of Warfare II
Seasoned Warrior III Peak Performance III Crucible Investor III Fighters Tribute III Unstoppable III Bolstered Arsenal III Spoils of Warfare III

Tier 1

Tier 2
Tier 3
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2020.11.26 04:30 DobbsianSlack Homemade NPB Fantasy Baseball League ... year one in the books!

Homemade NPB Fantasy Baseball League ... year one in the books!
This season a good friend and I took it upon ourselves to create a homemade fantasy baseball league for NPB. It was a blast and I thought I'd share some observations about the process, and the ultimate results of the league, now that we have a year in the books.
We have both played fantasy baseball for MLB for a decade and were itching to do so for Japanese ball. Alas, searching far and wide online we were unable to locate any English-language fantasy baseball platforms for NPB, so we decided to make our own. It was definitely a fun experience that was also full of trial and error as we were pretty much NPB newbies. We went old school and effectively used the same process that the originators of fantasy baseball utilized decades ago. They would meet weekly and look up stat lines in USA today to track their team's progress, entering the data into spreadsheets and comparing how their custom teams were performing relative to each other. We basically did the same, though finding player performance stats throughout the season was easier thanks to the internet and Google Sheets helped with the cumulative calculations. Nowadays in the fantasy world, the American fantasy sports sites (Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, etc.) will take care of all the stat calculations for you. However, in this homemade league we did it all by hand. Same with searching up player backgrounds, injuries and team moves. Diving deep and learning about NPB was probably the most fun aspect of all of this!
For those who don't know how fantasy works, each manager drafts a teams of players from anywhere in the league and builds their own custom team. The players must fill position requirements on each manager's roster. (Each fantasy league has varying position requirements, including the use of "utility" players that can be from any position and a mix of SP, RP and pitchers that might be either.)
Once the teams are built, the real-world performances of the players are tracked and updated in the fantasy league. Your fantasy team is only as good as the real-life players are. Fantasy leagues may have daily or weekly roster moves, or they may be "draft and hold" which means you stick with the same team all year long, even if players go down due to injury, demotion, etc. We knew that a daily or weekly league would be untenable for this project, but wanted some roster flexibility based on injuries, player promotion, performance or simply missing players in the draft we should have known about as NPB newbies but missed. So we decided to hold two "add/drop" roster management sessions during the season, one at the end of July and one at the end of September. (Holding them at the end of the months allowed us to easily find the monthly stat totals for our players.)
We created a league constitution with various rules for drafting players, adding and dropping players from our rosters mid-season, position eligibility considerations, etc. If anyone is interested in creating their own NPB fantasy league here is our league constitution for reference ... feel free to steal whatever you want from it! (It will continue to evolve each year with rule updates based on lessons learned from the previous season.)
We drafted in late February expecting a March start. Of course as we all know the season was pushed back and the league didn't get rolling officially until June.

Overall scoring categories and team roster structure for our homemade fantasy league.
The competitive scoring categories for our league are:
Hitting - AVG, R, RBI, HR, SB, OBP
Pitching - IP, W, SV, ERA, WHIP, K/9 (SO9)
Our teams consisted of the following positions:
Hitting (10)
C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UTIL, UTIL
Pitching (8)
SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P, P
Bench (4)
Can be a mix of hitters and pitchers
\ No more than two foreign (non-Japanese players) may be on one fantasy team at a time*
Our main sources of player and stats info were the NPB official site (which posts cumulative stats for each player as the year progresses) and Yahoo Japan (which, very helpfully, posts more granular player stats broken down by game or month, along with season series performance vs. specific teams and even a player's performance in different stadiums). We had to work our way through Google's translation of the Yahoo Japan site ... it took a little while to figure out that "Yotsuka" means walks allowed for a pitcher and "Take care of" represents RBIs for a hitter, but we worked our way through it.
We also spent a lot of time following NPB hashtags on Twitter, surfing this sub-Reddit, reading the English-language NPB blogs (run by some of you!), reading Jim Allen's daily blog and religiously listening to Jim Allen and John Gibson's weekly Japan Baseball Weekly podcast. Big props as well to Trevor and Hanshin Tigers English News - his site had some posts about a homemade fantasy league that ran a few years ago that provided some key ideas and structure for creating our own league.
Here are the final results of the league this year!
Looks like I favored power in hitting while my opponent Luke favored speed and contact. Pitching swung heavily in my favor this year. IP is a scoring category to prevent teams from only loading up on RP and dominating four categories (SV, ERA, WHIP and K/9). Including IP as a stat requires managers to create balanced pitching rosters.
I cleaned up in many of the counting stats as the season progressed, but we kept it close in a few categories. The lead flipped back and forth earlier in the season. By Aug/Sept I had pulled away in several categories. I'm pretty much chalking it up to beginner's luck, though some deft pitching pickups mid-season really helped my team (I struggled in some stats early in the season).
Perhaps of most interest to everyone here is which players we had on our teams!
Here are the rosters for our two teams. Our teams are listed on separate tabs in the spreadsheet. Players in white rows were drafted pre-season and held all season - their stats are cumulative for the season. Players on green rows were added mid-season and their stats are broken down by month. (Yes, Sugano was somehow missed in the draft and added in the first roster add/drop session because we were NPB noobs and were literally drafting based only on Baseball Reference stat spreadsheets, not based on any actual on-the-ground knowledge of the players - that will change next year!) Dropped players (drafted and then released mid-season) and bench players can be found at the bottom of the rosters.
All in all it was a fascinating experience building up this league, we look forward to running it again in future years and learning even more about the ins and outs of NPB baseball. Thanks to the Reddit and Twitter NPB communities for helping school us this year!
(As an aside, we have each also adopted our own favorite NPB teams to root for ... Luke is officially a fan of the Yokohama DeNA BayStars and I proudly cheer for the Hirsoshima Carp!)
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2020.11.26 04:26 Stevenasaurus We Are Operators Episode 19: Loss and Gain

7:32 PM
Rhodes Island Vehicle Bay
“All Operators returning from Chernobog, please gather at Lot A,” the voice on the intercom of the vehicle bay said.
Jay stepped off the armoured truck that was part of the of the convoy to bring back the survivors to Rhodes Island. The vehicle bay was a stark contrast from the streets of Chernobog in every possible way and it felt good to be home. Instead of running for cover, the workers at the base simply went about their jobs, ignoring the calamity that had occurred not that far away. Instead of ruins and a state of disrepair, the vehicle bay was meticulously well-maintained with not a single thing out of place. Everything made sense.
It was almost disorienting to step on ground that wasn't constantly shaking or covered in cracks and rough bumps. The vehicle bay floor was smooth and covered in a coating that reflected the bright ceiling lights above. Jay regained his bearings and lead his squad over to Lot A of the vehicle bay where everyone that had returned was waiting.
“All captains, please come up and give me a report about your numbers,” Dobermann said while looking down at a clipboard.
The line of captains was short as the only operators that came up were Jay, Aero, Nearl, Melantha, Fang, Yato, and finally Dobermann who was making her report. Jay was the last one to step up to Dobermann and looked back at his squad, noting the definite lack of Labcoat and Alabaster. He also noticed Amiya was nowhere near the line as she was helping the Doctor get out of the truck they were in.
“How many of your team have returned?” Dobermann asked while readying her pen.
Considering that she was present for the events that lead to Labcoat getting cut off and was aware that Alabaster had run off on his own, it seemed a bit cold to hear such a question. Although, Jay quickly brushed aside his cynicism, knowing she was only doing her job.
“Four out of six of my team returned,” Jay struggled to say.
Dobermann wrote something down on her clipboard. “Thank you.”
Aero and Nearl were standing behind Dobermann and speaking to each other. Jay took the opportunity to join them so he could have an excuse to peek at the clipboard. From the quick glance Jay got, he could see Dobermann was making a report on the combat effectiveness of the squads that took part in the mission. Nearl and Aero's squads hadn't suffered a single casualty and were reported at a hundred percent while Jay's was declared to be operating at seventy percent.
Although, perhaps seventy percent was a blessing when squads like E3 and E2 were written off as wiped out while E0 and E1 were declared combat ineffective.
Aero noticed Jay approaching and turned to wave. “Hey, Jay. You doing okay?”
“Yeah,” Jay answered while nodding along.
“I can't do anything to help you, but I really am sorry about what happened,” Nearl said.
“How long will we be staying near Chernobog?” Jay asked.
Nearl crossed her arms and looked up at the ceiling. “I don't know. But there's still a few operators out there that are expected to return soon so we will wait for them.”
“Do you think those other operators could've found them?” Jay asked.
“I wouldn't expect them to,” Aero said with a solemn tone. “But I'm glad you're still holding on.”
Jay sighed. “How do you guys deal with it? I mean, I think this is really the first time I've ever lost someone. All my relatives are still alive and as far as I know the few friends I had back home in Columbia are doing fine.”
“You don't really. You either get numb to it or it just hurts as bad as the last time,” Aero said.
Nearl nodded with a frown. “If I knew things were going to end up like this, I would've immediately argued against bringing in reserves and recruits.”
“Who suggested that?” Jay asked.
“I'm not at liberty to say,” Nearl answered immediately. “But... so many operators were either already out on missions or weren't going to take part in the operation. We felt like we needed more manpower and that's when the new recruits and reserves were brought up. After your performances in our training sessions together and the lack of any concerning intel, I didn't object to you all taking part. I'm sorry...”
“How could you have known, Nearl? And I'm starting to think us recruits being there was the difference between some people making it back and nobody making it back,” Aero argued.
Jay didn't try to hide his contempt for Aero's argument. He turned around and walked away before either Aero or Nearl could see how upset he was. The only conceivable destination he could think of was with his squad who were standing together in a circle and talking to each other.
Jay made his way into a gap between Meeka and Eddron. “Hey guys.”
“Did they say anything about Alabaster or Labcoat?” Spark asked.
“Nothing yet,” Jay answered.
“I've seen Alabaster cut a man in half. He's strong. And if he went to go find Labcoat, I think he'd easily find her. They'll make it,” Eddron said.
“There's so many Reunion though. We've probably taken out hundreds of them and there's still thousands of them. Even with everyone by my side, I was still so scared I was gonna die. What do you think those two are gonna be thinking about by themselves?” Meeka argued.
Spark crossed her arms. “I don't even wanna think about it.”
“Rhodes Island will still be staying for a bit to make sure everyone's back. There's still hope,” Jay struggled to say.
“Attention all staff, please clear out Lot A for incoming transport,” the voice on the intercom said.
The vehicle bay alarm started to wail as the doors opened up to reveal two armoured trucks in the distance approaching Rhodes Island. All eyes turned to it as a ramp extended out to allow the truck to drive into the bay.
As soon as the truck came to a halt, the doors to one of the trucks opened and a woman with extremely long white hair and a massive sword on her back stepped out. Instead of reporting to anyone, she immediately began heading to the doors leading to the corridors of Rhodes Island.
“Skadi! Wait!” Dobermann called.
Skadi ignored the order and pushed her way through the doors. The next set of people to step out of the truck were a group of operators that were presumably Skadi's squad mates and helping out several young Ursus out of the truck.
The Ursus were all wearing what looked like school uniforms and not one of them said a word, only staring straight. They rarely blinked and only did so when their eyes became extremely strained. Jay wondered what happened to them and how they were taken out of Chernobog.
“Sorry, Dobermann!” a vanguard called. “Skadi charged in by herself and we did our best to keep up with her. But we did find these Ursus students locked up in a school. They look pretty rough and might need some medical attention. There's also some refugees we told to hide outside Chernobog. We'll need Logistics to send some people over to help them later.”
“I'm not sure Dr. Kal'tsit wanted this, but I'll speak to her about the refugees,” Dobermann said.
“Help the refugees! I'll tell her we need to help them,” Amiya called from where she was with the Doctor.
“Alright, I'll make sure Logistics is mobilized to assist the refugees,” Dobermann said.
As for the occupants of the other truck, they were a squad of Felines lead by Siege who Jay hadn't seen since the days he was still in Vanguard School. After all the Felines left the truck, they waited around the doors for someone else.
To Jay's shock, Alabaster came out of the truck while holding Labcoat's hand to help her out of the truck. Alabaster looked fine but Labcoat looked completely beaten up with bruises and swelling on her face while her left arm was in a sling made up of her pink labcoat.
“Alabaster! Labcoat!” Jay's squadmates called as they ran past him.
Jay was almost knocked over as Eddron bumped into him to get by. He immediately got a hold of himself and followed his companions over to the truck to greet the two. As he arrived, a third person who Jay had never seen before was getting out of the truck.
The person was a Vulpo girl with blonde hair that looked to be about Labcoat's age. She didn't wear a uniform and her clothes were practically the cheap stuff someone would find in a bargain bin. Her cheap clothes did nothing to hide the small originium shards on her neck which probably meant she was a Chernobog local that got caught up in things.
“Guys!” Labcoat called back.
“Holy shit! I knew you guys were still alive! I knew it! Meeka thought you guys were goners!” Eddron cheered.
Meeka looked down. “It's not that I thought you were goners... I just... I just thought it was better to not get my hopes up.”
“Labcoat. What the hell happened to you?” Spark asked while moving in for a hug before stopping herself.
Labcoat snickered. “Gramps and I got into a little fight with someone.”
“It's a long story that would be better suited over dinner at the cafeteria,” Alabaster said.
Jay couldn't help but smile as he arrived at the group. “Thank god you guys made it back. After all that's happened today, we all needed this.”
“Eddron, Jay,” Alabaster called. “I'm sorry I punched you both. I wasn't thinking straight.”
“Well, if it takes a punch to the gut to bring Labcoat back, I'll glady take another,” Jay joked.
“Aww... Thanks, Jay!” Labcoat said with a smile.
“Who's that?” Meeka asked while pointing at the blonde Vulpo girl.
Labcoat stepped over to be beside the girl. “This is Andrea. She helped me when I was by myself. I don't think I would've shaken off those Reunion guys if it wasn't for her.”
“Thank you so much for helping,” Jay said as he reached out to take Andrea's hand to shake it.
Andrea reluctantly accepted Jay's hand. “I did the right thing.”
Spark also came forward and took Andrea's other hand. She shook it with a smile on her face and a single tear rolling down her cheek.
“You helped bring our friends back. We owe you a lot,” Spark said.
Jay could see Andrea turning red as even Eddron and Meeka came forward to offer their gratitude. He couldn't help but smile even when nothing was happening. All his worries had gone away and things just felt much more different. The colours of the bay and the tension in his body had become much more lighter which made him stand up straight.
“Could everyone please come over here?” Amiya's voice called.
Every operator stopped what they were doing and began to gather around Amiya and the Doctor. Jay's smile began to dissipate as he remembered just how few operators returned from Chernobog. He should've been happy for his squad returning, but he knew as a Rhodes Island operator he also shared in the pains of those squads that weren't as fortunate as him.
When everyone was around Amiya, she began looking around at everyone, the move one would do during a speech.
“It was a hard mission and we saw horrible things out there. But I want to tell you all with all my heart that I'm thankful we succeeded and glad for everyone that made it back. To those that gave their lives so we could make it out, I hope we never forget the sacrifices they made,” Amiya said.
The Doctor raised their hand and took over the spot Amiya was in. “I still don't really understand everything that's going on, but I wanted to thank you all for your efforts. If so many people gave their lives to rescue me, then I want to do everything I can to live up to that.”
Eddron nudged Jay's elbow. “Think the Doctor's a dude or a chick?”
“I honestly don't care,” Jay whispered back.
Although... I don't think it'd hurt to know...
“Thank you, everyone. Dobermann is there anything you wanted everyone to do?” Amiya asked.
Dobermann nodded and stepped into the middle of the circle. “Everyone here needs to report to the medical staff to go through a checkup before we gather for a debriefing of the operation. After the debriefing, you're free to do whatever you wish.”
7:58 PM
Reunion fighters passed by hooting and hollering as a great victory had been announced throughout the entire city. They waved banners and held up their scarves carrying the emblems of Reunion as high as they could.
Brenda couldn't join in on the celebration. All she could do was stare at her phone and watch Andrea's location. She had stopped recently which meant she was probably finally where the Rhodes Island traitors had taken her. She was too far for Brenda to do anything, and even if she did, she was probably now well-guarded so nothing could interrupt their indoctrination process.
She was sitting on the curb of a sidewalk next to a burnt out car. With what had happened, she wasn't in the mood to run around or cheer and Kevin had left her side not long after she found out Andrea was with Rhodes Island, although, she did tell him to leave her alone. Now she wanted his company, or at least anyone's company.
“Hey,” Kevin's voice called.
Brenda looked up and to her left to see Kevin staring down at her while holding up a can of orange soda between them. “Kevin?”
“Who else? I got you something to drink. Had to get in a bit of a scrap for it but nothing my trusty pocket sand didn't take care of,” Kevin said while presenting the can to Brenda.
Brenda reluctantly took the can. “I thought I told you to leave me alone.”
“Goddamn,” Kevin exclaimed. “Here I go doing a nice thing and you still want me to leave. Alright fine then.”
“No... Sorry... please stay,” Brenda said.
Kevin laughed. “I can read you like a book, Brenda. I knew you wanted me to stay. No hard feelings. Drink up.”
Brenda pulled on the tab to open the can and took a sip. The orange soda was room temperature and most of its fizz was gone. Still, it was a good treat to have and holding the orange can up to her face was a good contrast from all the grey around her.
“You think I'm an idiot, don't you?” Brenda asked.
“Of course,” Kevin said with a chuckle. “You're a freaking idiot. But what's me calling you that gonna do to bring back Andrea?”
“I don't know,” Brenda answered, slightly crushing the can.
“Exactly, nothing's gonna happen when I call you an idiot. You some kind of sadist that likes getting put down or something?” Kevin joked.
“Kevin... please,” Brenda said softly.
Kevin sighed and sat down next to Brenda. “I guess you're not in the mood for jokes. I thought it'd make you feel better.”
“My sister's with the people that killed lots of our comrades and trick our fellow infected into fighting for them. I'm not in the mood to laugh,” Brenda said.
“Times like this are exactly why I like being stupid and ignorant from time to time. Every time you close your eyes, every time you walk around, every time you breathe you're thinking about her right?” Kevin asked.
Brenda nodded. “Yeah.”
“Then for just a moment... embrace the stupidity. Do something dumb. You're always so damn proud of yourself so making a little mistake's gonna take your mind off the bigger picture, even for a second,” Kevin said.
“Does that really work?” Brenda asked.
“Not for everybody, but it's how I stumbled my way through all the shit's that gone on today. Go on, do something dumb,” Kevin answered.
Brenda looked down at the road for a moment while she thought about what to do. Her thoughts all went back to her can of orange soda and she took another sip to help get her mind going. She paused for a moment before hovering the can over Kevin's legs and pouring some of the soda onto his pants.
“What the fuck are you doing?!” Kevin yelled while standing up and looking down at his pants.
Brenda sipped what was left of her soda. “Something stupid?”
Kevin froze for a moment before he started wheezing with laughter. He sat back down and continued with his laughter.
“So? Did you feel a bit better?” Kevin asked.
“A little, but now I'm back to thinking about her,” Brenda said while crushing the empty can with her hands and tossing it aside.
“But that one second you stopped thinking about her, how'd it feel?” Kevin asked.
Brenda looked away from Kevin but smiled. “It felt good. Like I was a kid again.”
“Don't do something stupid to get yourself killed, but every now and then, just forget about how perfect everything has to be,” Kevin said.
Brenda nodded and looked at Kevin, still smiling. “Thanks for the soda, Kevin. And... thanks for this.”
“I've known you and Andrea long enough to know being stupid would work on you. Come on, why don't we go around asking people for help with this whole Andrea situation?” Kevin asked while standing up and offering his hand.
Brenda took Kevin's hand and stood up. “What can a small group of comrades do?”
“No idea, but we're gonna need all the help we can get,” Kevin answered.
“That Dmitri guy said he'd help us. Let's go look for him. Do you know where he went off to?” Brenda asked.
“I dunno,” Kevin said. “I think he's with Mephisto's group so we can ask around his people. First, you mind helping me find a pair of pants that isn't on a dead guy right now?”
8:12 PM
Jay stared at the ceiling with crossed arms as he waited for his turn for a medical examination. From what the others who already went through it told him, it was simply a check for any injuries and an update on the Originium content in their bodies considering everyone's proximity to the Catastrophe.
Even after settling back down in Rhodes Island, it still felt weird for everything to be so calm. Jay could close his eyes and not worry about a hidden Reunion crossbowman hiding somewhere and the walls around him weren't threatening to crumble from the pressure of giant Originium rocks that had crashed from the sky.
Such peace made him wonder if he should've taken a more mundane job on Rhodes Island instead of being an operator. He had heard so many cool things about the job and on his way to his interview saw so many operators that gave him the impression that he'd be joining an elite organization capable of many feats. It was kind of ironic for him to have not been suckered in by the recruitment commercials for the Columbian Armed Forces only to fall for the allure of Rhodes Island.
Although, the expectations he created for himself were still true in a way considering those same operators survived the destruction of an entire city. And with the comrades he fought alongside who now relied on him, he couldn't exactly quit now, even if he wanted to.
The waiting room of the infirmary slowly emptied as more and more operators came and went for their checkups. It was almost Jay's turn as he saw Lukewarm—who was heading in for his checkup when Jay arrived at the infirmary—leaving.
“Hey, Jay,” Spark called.
Jay looked to his right to see Spark coming into the waiting room and sitting down in one of the recently vacated seats.
“You done your checkup?” Jay asked.
Spark nodded. “Yeah, I went somewhere to grab something but came back. Do you know how to make a phone call to someone off the base?”
“No, it would've been in that orientation package I didn't read and threw away right?” Jay answered.
“Oh gosh,” Spark exclaimed with a giggle. “The packages that you guys didn't read which screwed you all when I trapped you in that room. That's some ancient history. Anyways, I grabbed this for you, here.”
Spark held out a sheet of paper that looked to be some sort of form. Jay took the sheet and looked it over and saw that it was a disclosure form of some sort.
“When you want to make a call off base, you have to declare it and fill out this form. Then they'll do a background check on the people you wanna call and confirm the number you're calling belongs to them. I guess they can't stop you from just making the call, but if one day for some reason they wanna look at your records and see you didn't declare a call, that Lupo girl in the red's gonna pay you a visit,” Spark explained.
“Wow, that's a lot of work for a phone call,” Jay said as he looked at all the details he needed to fill out.
“Don't worry, you're only calling your parents, right? They've done background checks on all our parents already so they should let you make the call pretty quick,” Spark said.
Jay looked up from the from and at Spark. “Jeez, even though we talked about that today, it still feels like ages ago. But thanks for this, Spark. That's really cool of you.”
“I try my best,” Spark said with a laugh.
She's so awesome...
“Operator Jay,” a nurse called.
“Thanks a lot, Spark. I'll call them after the debriefing and dinner,” Jay said as he stood up.
Spark saluted Jay while having the cutest smile he had ever seen. “Good luck.”
Jay followed the nurse out of the waiting room and through the corridor of curtains where operators were being treated or checked up on. He looked at any open curtain he could find and eventually locked eyes with Labcoat who was sitting in a bed.
8:24 PM
Labcoat waved at Jay as he passed by on the way to his checkup. It was the most exciting thing that happened since she was put on the bed and waiting for someone to come see her.
The infirmary was exactly how she remembered it was before leaving for Chernobog. The same beeps, footsteps, and voices were like beautiful music that helped her calm to an almost euphoric state even if she still felt bouts of pain.
Aside from the comforts of familiarity, she definitely appreciated the actual care that was provided to her as opposed to what she had to make-do with in Chernobog. Her arm was now in a proper sling while her labcoat was draped over a chair that was on the right side of her bed. Instead of Alabaster's shield, she rested on a cloud of fluff that she almost didn't want to leave. The only thing she didn't enjoy was the bag of ice that was on her nose which had almost made her face feel numb.
“Gelly,” Andrea's voice called.
Labcoat looked up to see outside her enclave and spotted Andrea looking around. She didn't have to call her as soon they both saw each other and Andrea stepped in and took a seat in the chair next to the bed.
“How'd your checkup go?” Labcoat asked, her voice sounding different because of the bag of ice on her nose.
“They gave me a little bracelet that they put around my ankle. They also said I should get a snack or small meal to eat,” Andrea answered.
Labcoat nodded. “Good to hear nothing's really wrong with you, other than Oripathy of course. You're gonna love the food here, it's really good and the store's got a lot of snacks and groceries you can buy. Although lately we're not allowed to have as many snacks.”
“Any amount of snacks is okay for me,” Andrea said with a smile.
“So, are they letting you stay here?” Labcoat asked.
“Yeah, but I don't have any money so I don't know how I'll be able to pay for the treatment, or even the food,” Andrea said.
Labcoat smiled. “They'll give you a few days to decide how you want to contribute to the base then. As for the food, it'll be my treat tonight. I don't know what they're serving, but it's gonna be good, I know it.”
“You'd pay for me?” Andrea asked, her face turning a little red.
“You saved my life, Andrea, paying for a meal's the least I could do,” Labcoat said.
Andrea smiled and nodded. “Okay! I'm really looking forward to it!”
The two smiled at each other before they were interrupted by Agatha the Intern coming in with a clipboard. She looked around the enclave for a bit, her drooped down Cautus ears flopping around in the air whenever she turned her head suddenly.
“Hey, Gelly,” Agatha called. “Other than your left arm and nose, nothing else seems to be broken or fractured so those other injuries should easily heal on their own. Dr. Coren's currently looking at your nose right now to see if it needs realignment so he can refer you to Dr. Gelain. For now, just take the next few weeks to rest and don't overexert your body, alright?”
“Okay,” Laboat said.
“Who's this?” Agatha asked, looking at Andrea.
Labcoat nodded. “This is Andrea, she helped me out in Chernobog.”
“Andrea? Dr. Coren and I got assigned to her, what a lovely coincidence,” Agatha said with a smile.
“You're my doctor?” Andrea asked.
“I'm an intern, Dr. Coren is your doctor, but for small things like giving you your medicine, I can easily do that,” Agatha greeted.
“I never thought I'd get help for my infection,” Andrea said with a tone of relief.
“It's not a cure but we'll do everything we can,” Agatha said. “Now, Gelly, I wanted to talk to you about what we've been working on. Did you get angry out there?”
Labcoat nodded. “I did.”
“Gelly, we've made so much progress...” Agatha said.
Andrea raised her hand. “Wait! She only did it to protect someone!”
Agatha sighed. “I guess that's fine... but if you saw her protect someone, that also means you saw what happens when she gets angry, right?”
“I did,” Andrea said.
“I got angry at the guy that did this to me so I think it's fair, don't ya think?” Labcoat argued.
“I totally agree, but considering how much that anger scared the people of your town into ostracizing you, I think we still need to get it under control,” Agatha said.
“Okay...” Labcoat said softly.
“I'll go see what Dr. Coren has to say about your nose,” Agatha said as she took her clipboard and left.
“Ostracized?” Andrea asked.
Labcoat snickered. “I don't know what the heck that word means, I guess I kinda do since she was talking about my life before Rhodes Island.”
“Your anger... it's what made people hate you?” Andrea asked.
Labcoat sighed. “We were a small town that didn't really know about anything. Then one day I came home with some scratches that eventually became the black rocks. All my friends didn't want to be near me and my family did what they could. The only reason they let me stay for so long was because my mom was the town doctor.”
“And you left?” Andrea asked.
“They kept making new rules for me to follow that everyone else didn't have to. I did my best to keep up and it felt like jail, but every time I whined about it, they'd show me newspapers of how the infected were being killed in the streets of some far away place and telling me that I should be lucky to be allowed to live with them. As if it was okay to treat me like that because I wasn't being dragged out of my home to be killed. I always had to be smiling, because if I got angry at all, they'd start whispering about me. It gets to you eventually,” Labcoat explained.
“What made you leave?”
Labcoat's eyes began to burn slightly and she could feel a cold tear run down her cheek. “I heard my mom and dad talking one day, they were talking about me and wondering how long it could keep going. My mom had no idea what to do, even though she was the only doctor I ever knew. I did the stupid thing and ran away after stealing as much money as I could. By the time I realized that they still would've tried to help me, I had no idea where I was and wandered until I heard about a place called Rhodes Island.”
Andrea looked down. “So you came here for treatment too?”
“I didn't care about that at first,” Labcoat said, choking on her words. “My mom was the whole reason I wanted to be a doctor growing up. She was my hero. Hearing her wonder if she should keep me scared me. When I heard Rhodes Island also trained doctors and medics, I knew I had to join up. Because I thought my hero failed me, and I don't want that to happen to other people.”
Andrea took Labcoat's right hand and smiled. “You've been through so much and yet you still want to help people. I think you're really great and I'm glad I came here, Gelly.”
Labcoat smiled. “I'm glad you're here too.”
10:21 PM
Dormitories, Level D, Room 35
Jay stared at the virtual keypad on his phone. He had the approval of the base and the checkers confirmed his parents still had the same phone number they had the last time he called them. It was that same feeling he had when he took his first steps into Rhodes Island, when he reluctantly took up the captain's position, and when he marched through every street in Chernobog.
He finally put in the final number and the screen turned to show he was calling his mom. Jay closed the door of his bedroom and sat on the bed to wait as the dialing noise continued to blare out at a consistent interval.
“Hello?” Jay's mom greeted.
“Mom,” Jay said.
Jay's mom gasped. “Jay?! You changed phones? I was worried sick about you when I heard your number wasn't in service anymore!”
“I'm okay, Mom,” Jay said with a smile.
“This is a change of pace, usually I'm the one that calls you,” Jay's mom said.
Jay nodded. “I guess I had to be the one to do it this time.”
“So did you move? Why did you change numbers?” Jay's mom asked.
“I kinda did. Got a new job too,” Jay said.
Jay's mom gasped. “A new job? Really? Your dad's in the garage. I'll bring him in and put you on speaker. Honey! Jay's calling!”
There was a bit of shuffling around on the other end. After some more shuffling and some chatter between his parents, the line eventually calmed down.
“Jay! You should've told us you were changing numbers! How were we going to call you to check up on you?” Jay's dad asked.
“Heh,” Jay snickered and laid down on the bed. “Hey, Dad.”
“Jay got a new job,” Jay's mom said.
“Really now? Who you working for?” Jay's dad asked.
I don't know how much I should tell them.
“A pharmaceutical company if you can believe it,” Jay answered.
“Woah! Did you stock some shelves so good that some CEO passing by made you a doctor or something?” Jay's dad joked.
Jay laughed. “Nah, Dad. I'm not a doctor, but I do help people and the pay's pretty good too. I definitely feel like I'm doing more than I was at my last job.”
“That's great to hear, Jay. How about we celebrate? Come on down next Columbia day; you missed the last one,” Jay's dad suggested.
Jay sighed. “Sorry, Dad. I don't think I'll be able to make it again.”
“Lots of work at the office?” Jay's mom asked.
“That's one way of putting it,” Jay joked.
“Well, do your best. Okay, Jay? A job that's enjoyed comes by once in a lifetime,” Jay's mom said.
Jay adjusted his head on his pillow.“Yeah, I don't think I'll ever have a job like this again that's for sure.”
“So is that the only reason you called? To tell us you changed numbers and got a new job?” Jay's dad asked.
“Something else happened at work,” Jay started. “I thought I lost some good people and it made me feel horrible. And it started to make me wonder how I'd feel if I lost you guys. I know I haven't called in awhile, but I still love you guys, you know that right?”
Jay could feel his grip tightening on his phone and his eyes watering. He could also hear someone on the other end sniffling.
“We love you too, son,” Jay's dad said, choking on his words.
“Oh come on, honey,” Jay's mom said with a laugh. “You know, Jay? You got your softer side from your dad.”
“Yeah, I know. It's not like I forgot about everything when I moved out,” Jay said, laughing along with his mom.
“You'll be thanking me for that softer side when you meet the right girl. It's how I won your mom's heart after all,” Jay's dad said.
“So... have you met anyone since you last called?” Jay's mom called.
Jay paused and then grinned. “Yeah.”
“What's her name?” Jay's mom asked.
Jay opened his mouth to speak and then stopped, realizing he never actually got Spark's name. He knew Labcoat's name because of Agatha while Eddron and Meeka used their own names for their codenames.
Jay awkwardly laughed. “You know what? After all this time, I've never actually gotten her name.”
“What? Jay don't tell me you're...” Jay's dad said with an accusatory tone.
“I'm not doing anything weird!” Jay said abruptly. “We're actually really good friends. In fact, she helped me work up the courage to call you guys.”
“And you still don't know her name? That really doesn't make any sense. Why don't you just ask for her name?” Jay's mom asked.
Jay sighed. “If you had any idea about what I do it'd make a lot more sense, trust me.”
“Okay, if you say so,” Jay's mom said.
“I guess that's really all that's new in my life now. I'm glad I called; I'll try to make this a regular thing,” Jay said.
“Well thanks for calling, Jay. We're both really glad to hear from you,” Jay's dad said.
“We love you, Jay,” Jay's mom said.
Jay wiped his eyes. “Love you guys too. Night.”
“Good night,” both of Jay's parents said in unison.
Jay tapped his screen to end the call and put his phone down. He sighed and rolled to his side and stared at the wall. Now that the call was over, he felt so much better, not just because he got it over with, but also he was able to get a few things off his chest. His impression of their relationship was always of a bitter resentment after he moved out on his own even though they called to check up on him from time to time. He was glad that wasn't the case and felt stupid that he thought that way for so long, perhaps that was why he didn't call them for awhile.
His gratitude belonged to Spark as she was the one who pushed him to make the call. He wondered if he would've done it at all if they didn't have their little conversation back in Chernobog or her handing him the call declaration form.
Aside from being so thankful to Spark, Jay also began to wonder what her name was.
11:27 PM
Dormitories, Level D, Room 35
Jay flipped through the channels of the television, not knowing what he wanted to watch. Rhodes Island Public Access was showing reruns due to the fact many of the showrunners on the channel had taken part in the Chernobog operation while the news wasn't interesting either as there was nothing he didn't already know about considering they were all talking about Chernobog.
There was a knock on the door which was odd considering the time.
“Who's that?” Eddron called from his bedroom.
Jay stood up and headed for the door. “Don't know. Alabaster you have any idea?”
Alabaster came out of his bedroom. “I don't know either.”
Jay shrugged and opened the door. His heart sank immediately when he was greeted by two familiar faces: Projekt Red and Scavenger.
Jay gasped. “Holy shit you guys work fast. But... I filled out the form and got approved and everything!”
“Relax, Jay, we're not here for you,” Scavenger said with a mischievous grin. “Although I'm glad you acknowledge that we're pretty damn good at our jobs.”
“I had a front row seat to that... But if you're not here for me, who are you here for?” Jay asked.
“Operator Alabaster, Dr. Kal'tsit would like to speak to you in her office,” Scavenger said while pushing past Jay into his dorm.
“What? Why Alabaster?” Eddron demanded as he came out of his bedroom.
“Relax,” Scavenger said while holding up a hand. “There's gonna be no need for that whole gather up a mob and threaten to knock our doors down. Dr. Kal'tsit only wants to speak to him.”
“You can do that with us, but if you dare get near Dr. Kal'tsit without permission, I will hunt you,” Red threatened.
Jay stepped as far away as he could from Red. “Duly noted. But Alabaster's not in any trouble, right?”
“All I know is Dr. Kal'tsit wants to speak to him privately. So either you let him come with us or I'm gonna have to bring out the zip ties,” Scavenger warned.
Jay paused and turned to Alabaster who gave him an assuring smile and nod.
“It's okay, Jay. I will comply. I think I know what this is about. If I'm right, you'll have nothing to worry about,” Alabaster said.
Eddron crossed his arms. “You sure, man?”
“Don't get involved, lest you end up incurring the red one's wrath,” Alabaster answered.
“Okay, Alabaster. But we got your back,” Jay said.
“Thank you, Jay. But I am serious when I tell you there's no need to worry,” Alabaster said.
Jay and Eddron watched Scavenger and Red lead Alabaster out of the dorm. After he was gone, the two looked at each other.
“I know he said not to worry, but I can't help but worry, you feel me?” Eddron asked.
Jay nodded. “Yeah... I mean, we almost lost him today.”
“I hope what he said was true,” Eddron said.
11:49 PM
Dr. Kal'tsit's Office
Alabaster followed Red and Scavenger to the end of the corridor where someone was standing guard. He was a tall man, a Lung by the looks of him with tall green horns that were at a forty-five degree angle from his head with a crossbow on his back. His jade green tail swished from side to side as he nodded his head at Scavenger and Red with crossed arms.
“You guys here to relieve me?” the Lung asked.
“Nope, keep waiting, Chu,” Scavenger said with a laugh.
“Come on, gals, I've been here for hours,” the Lung whined.
Scavenger ignored the Lung and opened the door to Dr. Kal'tsit's office. “Go on in.”
Alabaster took a deep breath and entered the office.
It was a large space that was much bigger than his dorm. Lining the walls were plenty of bookshelves that were filled with books of all colours, sizes, and topics. In the centre of the room was a desk that had two other desk on the flanks to form a large enclave for the chair Dr. Kal'tsit was sitting in. The desk itself was covered in documents, papers, and electronic devices while still being organized in some fashion so that everything could be easily accessed. Aside from the chair that Alabaster was going to sit on, there was also a couch along with a small coffee table where an empty vase was placed.
Dr. Kal'tsit wasn't the only one in the office. There were several others in the office, packing things into suitcases and lockboxes while Dr. Kal'tsit did some work on her computer.
“Antosha, sit down,” Dr. Kal'tsit commanded without looking up from her computer.
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