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  1. What is a gluten-free diet and why it isn't for everyone
  2. Is obesity genetic? About 43% of people are predisposed, making it harder to lose weight
  3. What is gout? How to know if you have it and recommended treatment
  4. The Mediterranean diet could help you age better by improving gut bacteria, lowering inflammation, and boosting brain function
  5. Popular 'metabolism drops' have been recalled after teens used them in a viral weight loss challenge on TikTok
  6. I ate like a toddler for a week, and it transformed my relationship with breakfast
  7. JoJo said her record label set her a 500-calorie a day diet as a teenager
  8. 'Speed keto' combines intermittent fasting and the keto diet. It boosts weight loss, but experts say it's a bad idea.
  9. What is a good diet for gout that will reduce your risk of painful flare-ups
  10. Oatmeal, apples, and cheese could help protect you from a stroke, but too many eggs may have the opposite effect
  11. There's evidence that exercise after consuming olive oil could trigger changes linked to longevity
  12. Kelly Ripa still swears by the alkaline diet after 5 years, but experts say there's no evidence it works
  13. The keto diet may help people with diabetes control their blood-sugar levels
  14. Eating a big breakfast may be linked to burning more calories during the day
  15. The original paleo diet included seafood with 22 times the safe limit of toxic metals, study finds
  16. The Atkins diet is low-carb, but it's not the best way to lose weight
  17. There's even more evidence that taking supplements is a waste of money — and could be harmful to your health
  18. Demi Lovato said she developed an exercise addiction while she was trying to recover from an eating disorder
  19. A flight attendant says his keto diet caused a false positive on the breathalyzer test that cost him his job
  20. Why vegans and meat-eaters can't stop trolling each other
  21. Following a western-style diet high in sugar, fat, and fried foods for as little as a week can lead to overeating and impaired brain function, study says
  22. Joe Rogan said the all-meat 'carnivore' diet gave him more energy — and explosive diarrhea
  23. The US government is testing the keto diet to treat veterans' diabetes. Critics say it could have long-term health risks.
  24. What to eat when intermittent fasting for health and hunger pains
  25. What is the BRAT diet? Why doctors no longer recommend it
  26. The 5/20 rule is the nutrition principle you've never heard of but need to know
  27. Coffee drinkers have stronger bones than people who don't sip a daily brew, according to a new study
  28. What is the whole30 diet? Why experts call it the 'antithesis' of a healthy diet
  29. The science behind all the wellness swag in the Oscar's 2020 gift bag, from hydrogen water to vitamins for breast pain
  30. Keto may increase the risk of injury by weakening bones, study finds
  31. Wellness influencers are promoting not drinking any water at all, and health experts say it's 'ridiculous'
  32. Can you drink coffee while intermittent fasting? Yes, and other drinks you can have while fasting
  33. What is the difference between the keto diet and the Atkins diet? A comparison guide
  34. Janelle Monáe said she got mercury poisoning from a pescatarian diet: 'I started to feel my mortality'
  35. Kylie Jenner said her daughter Stormi is allergic to nuts, a year after the 2-year-old was hospitalized with an allergy
  36. Kim Kardashian West's kids eat a 'mostly' vegan diet, except for 6-year-old North, who likes fish
  37. What is a vegan diet? A guide for getting enough nutrients
  38. A low-sulfur diet could help you live longer, and eating less meat could be the key
  39. How to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy, effective way
  40. Is weight loss possible with PCOS? Foods to avoid and proven to help
  41. What is the GOLO diet? Why experts question its weight-loss claims
  42. I tried Jennifer Aniston's morning routine of fasting, meditation, and celery juices for a week, and I never want to do it again
  43. Eating just 2 servings of red meat or poultry a week could raise your risk of heart disease
  44. What is the alkaline diet and why it is pseudoscience
  45. Do probiotics help you lose weight? There's no scientific proof they can
  46. What probiotic should you take when on antibiotics or have GI issues
  47. What is a low FODMAP diet and how it can help with gastrointestinal discomfort
  48. How to cut sugar out of your diet and how long sugar cravings last
  49. How to get protein as a vegan from fresh, whole foods
  50. Trainer Bob Harper says 'The Biggest Loser' reboot has more 'off-scale victories' because a heart attack changed his perspective
  51. A former 'Biggest Loser' contestant became an obesity doctor. She says TV can never fully capture the process of losing weight.
  52. Gwyneth Paltrow's Netflix show takes us behind the scenes at Goop. There's plenty of fodder for her critics.
  53. How to lower blood pressure with a heart-healthy diet and exercise
  54. What causes high blood pressure and how to know if you have hypertension
  55. Gwyneth Paltrow claims she shaved 1.7 years off her biological clock by changing her diet
  56. A psychologist offers ways to change bad diet habits
  57. What is an anti-inflammatory diet and its benefits for heart health
  58. What is the keto diet and how it helps your body burn fat through ketosis
  59. 12 of the best breakfasts for the DASH diet, one of the healthiest ways to eat
  60. Carrie Underwood's trainer makes her sing on the treadmill so she doesn't get winded on stage
  61. 'Intuitive eating' is on the rise, and experts say it's because people are fed up with diet culture
  62. What foods lower blood pressure and make up the DASH diet
  63. The DASH diet is more than half carbs, and experts say it's one of the healthiest ways to eat
  64. What is resistant starch and why it's healthier than simple starch
  65. Forget Dry January — drinking alcohol in moderation may be linked to a longer lifespan
  66. The Military Diet is a low-calorie weight-loss plan that involves eating bun-less hot dogs and vanilla ice cream
  67. What the different types of carbs are and how they can affect your health
  68. I followed the Mediterranean diet for a week, and I get why it's so popular
  69. Does intermittent fasting work? Research doesn't have a definite answer for its long-term effects
  70. 'The Biggest Loser' is coming back. Here's what you need to know about the controversial weight-loss show.
  71. Khloe Kardashian promoted Flat Tummy shakes again, and influencers are warning they promote risky dieting habits
  72. The Dubrow diet is a weight loss plan built around intermittent fasting, and dietitians have concerns
  73. Studies have found that the DASH diet can lower blood pressure, and dietitians say it's one of the healthiest ways to eat
  74. Adele's beach vacation photos have gone viral, but some say complimenting her smaller body is fat-phobic
  75. Nutrition experts react to the keto diet's new ranking as one of the worst diets of 2020
  76. An app for intermittent fasting is getting roasted by critics who say it promotes body shaming and eating disorders
  77. 19 celebrities you had no idea were vegan
  78. 14 ways to save time and money on the Mediterranean diet, according to nutritionists
  79. Kate Hudson said she put on 10 pounds over the holidays but is feeling motivated to lose the weight
  80. The keto diet is the worst diet for healthy eating, according to new rankings
  81. There's a Mediterranean version of the keto diet that restricts red meat and trades butter for olive oil
  82. The Mediterranean diet is named the best diet for 2020, and keto remains one of the worst
  83. 10 diet myths overturned in the past decade, from 'fat makes you fat' to 'supplements are harmless'
  84. Why the Mediterranean diet is touted as one of the best by dietitians
  85. Carnivores are claiming the Impossible Burger has enough estrogen to make men grow breasts. Here's the truth.
  86. What is carb cycling and why some athletes use it
  87. 14 foods you can eat as much of as you want and not gain weight
  88. Intermittent fasting may help slow aging and diseases like cancer and diabetes — even if you don't lose weight
  89. 7 easy changes to make in 2020 instead of hard-to-keep new year's resolutions
  90. Why the Noom diet is proven to help people lose weight
  91. 12 health revelations, innovations, and movements that changed how we live in the 2010s
  92. A doctor is warning vegans not to believe internet rumors that vitamin B12 is unnecessary
  93. Eating chili peppers 4 times a week could cut your risk of deadly diseases, even if the rest of your diet is unhealthy
  94. Eating 2 apples a day may lower cholesterol, helping ward off heart attacks and strokes
  95. A high-carb, high-sugar diet may be damaging your sleep
  96. Alaska Airlines and Air Canada serve the healthiest in-flight meals according to a new food study
  97. Google revealed the top trending diet searches of 2019, and it included plans from celebrities like J. Lo and Adele
  98. People eat less when food labels show how much exercise is needed to burn it off, but that could have dangerous consequences
  99. Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas said eating 3 types of foods helped lead her to victory
  100. A formerly vegan influencer followed the meat-only carnivore diet for 30 days and her fans are not happy
  101. 7 foods that the world's longest-living people swear by, from wine to nuts
  102. You can eat banana peels, but that doesn't mean you should
  103. A 'miracle drug' used for diabetes prevention could also be a key to weight loss maintenance
  104. A 9-year-old challenged Trump to go vegan for 30 days, saying 'veganism is a gift'
  105. The 9 most dangerous health myths debunked in 2019, from drinking bleach to vaping
  106. Grueling gym routines, restrictive diets, and no dating: K-pop stars tell us about the dark side of their industry
  107. Meghan Markle's trainer reveals 6 tips for avoiding holiday weight gain
  108. Doctors found hundreds of tapeworms in a man's brain a month after he ate a pork hot pot he 'felt unsure about'
  109. A vegan ran across the country eating 8,000 calories a day in smoothies, cold pasta, and coconut milk ice cream
  110. Black Panther star Angela Bassett's diet includes sweet potato brownies and bison
  111. 2 bodybuilders went vegan for a month and found the biggest downside was the gas
  112. If you hate Brussels sprouts and kale, you may have a 'supertaster' gene that makes you sensitive to bitter foods
  113. 3 'health' products that are a waste of money, according to dietitians
  114. Only children are more likely to be overweight or obese than kids with siblings
  115. We asked 17 dietitians what foods they'd take to a desert island, and chocolate was the clear favorite
  116. What vegan athletes like UFC fighter Nate Diaz eat for protein, from lentils to oats
  117. The keto diet is becoming more popular for kids, but nutritionists warn it can be 'incredibly risky' for them
  118. Raw vegan diets eliminate animal products and anything that's been cooked. These 10 meals illustrate what's left.
  119. 11 vegan foods a nutritionist buys, from faux sausage to chocolate
  120. A vegan diet can boost erections, according to a new Netflix documentary. Here's the reality.
  121. Elon Musk should send people to Mars on a keto diet to save money, according to a doctor who studies ketosis
  122. The science behind Adele's 'sirtfood' diet and 24 other bizarre celebrity weight-loss plans
  123. 'Bro science' debunked: You don't need to pound protein right after a workout to maximize muscle gains
  124. Eating lots of trans fats like packaged donuts and margarine could make you 75% more likely to get Alzheimer's
  125. Here's how much sugar is in your favorite fall-themed drinks from Dunkin' and Starbucks, ranked
  126. 7 'Italian' foods Americans eat that you typically won't find in Italy
  127. A vegan said he got sick after Domino's served him pizza with real ham. Here's what really happens when vegans eat meat.
  128. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon say they fast for 16 hours every day and never eat in the morning
  129. Venus Williams fights off colds with vitamin C, oil of oregano, and so much garlic her family complains
  130. Exercising before breakfast could double your ability to burn fat
  131. Venus Williams said her raw vegan diet was unsustainable, so she now eats potatoes and lentils too
  132. Some doctors say women should avoid cheese due to its link to breast cancer
  133. LIDL is selling a spoon that promises to cut your sugar consumption by 20%
  134. How going vegan can affect your body and brain
  135. 3 dietitians debunk 18 weight loss myths, from cutting carbs to fad diets
  136. Joaquin Phoenix said his 52-pound weight loss for 'Joker' made him 'go mad' and may have given him a disorder
  137. A vegan said she was 'poisoned for life' after accidentally eating meat. Here's the reality of what happens when you stop being vegan.
  138. A 25-year-old may go blind after eating nothing but pizza, pasta, fries, and chicken nuggets for 22 years
  139. Fermented drinks like kombucha and kefir can actually contain as much alcohol as half a beer
  140. Will Smith says he fasted for 10 days and no longer needed a blood-pressure medication he'd been taking for a decade
  141. A health guru who made millions on an anti-sugar platform is sparking controversy over whether she eats chocolate every day
  142. Jessica Simpson lost 100 pounds by walking 14,000 steps a day, prioritizing sleep, and not doing anything 'too painful'
  143. 24 photos that show the shocking amount of sugar in popular Halloween candies
  144. Nutritionist Pixie Turner used to be so obsessed with 'clean eating' she ate a plate of vegetables alone on her birthday. Now she's an advocate for debunking the wellness myths she fell for on social media.
  145. Instagram will restrict weight-loss and detox posts, but nutritionists say it’s only one step in protecting teens from body image issues
  146. We compared 13 veggie burgers and Burger King's Impossible Burger was the only one that stood out
  147. People are protesting the Weight Watchers 'healthy eating' app for kids, citing toxic diet culture and experiences with disordered eating
  148. A personal trainer advocated fat-shaming because she thinks it 'encourages people to lose weight,' but health and fitness experts disagree
  149. 11 of the top protein powder brands, and how much sugar and protein they actually contain
  150. 44 foods you can get at your favorite chain restaurants that are under 500 calories
  151. There's a keto diet for vegetarians that shuns meat and carbs. These 7 meals illustrate what foods are left.
  152. A nutritionist claims vegan diets can stunt brain development, but other health experts say plant-based eating is perfectly healthy
  153. Teens who eat lots of fast food and avoid fruits and vegetables may be more likely to have depression
  154. A teenager went blind after eating nothing but fries, white bread, chips, and processed meats
  155. 4 surprising condiments that don't have any sugar
  156. Photos show the surprising amount of sugar in 14 of America's favorite condiments
  157. I eat and review fast food for work, and here's how I take care of my body
  158. Gennady Golovkin's preparation for next fight involves a nutritionist and new diet
  159. A 19-month-old had thinning bones and no teeth after her parents fed her a vegan diet of fruit, rice milk, potatoes, and tofu
  160. Phil Mickelson looks a lot different after losing a ton of weight that started with a 'hard reset' and a 6-day fast
  161. A personal trainer who used to work 14-hour days while raising a toddler reveals 2 tricks for eating healthy with no free time
  162. A 'Revenge Body' trainer doesn't think revenge is the best way to lose weight. She says your relationship with food plays a bigger role.
  163. A controversial study suggests drinking fluoridated water during pregnancy is linked to lower childhood IQs
  164. Weight Watchers made a 'healthy eating' app for kids. Experts say it could saddle them with serious body image issues.
  165. I’ve tried dozens of protein bars, and none of them compare to these mouthwatering wafer treats
  166. 7 signs your bloating could be a serious health problem
  167. 5 of the biggest drawbacks of the Whole30 diet
  168. Here's what happens to your body when you cut out dairy
  169. Brazil's president wants people to 'eat a little less' so they poop every other day, but that's not how the human body works
  170. Beyonce's pre-Coachella diet cut out all carbs, sugar, dairy, meat, and fish. The star's dieting history has included veganism and the Master Cleanse.
  171. Drinking coffee or caffeinated tea before bed may not keep you awake — even if you have insomnia
  172. Steve Jobs had an extreme diet that included fasting for days and eating the same vegetables over and over again — here's what Apple's visionary cofounder liked to eat
  173. Marianne Williamson wrote a weight-loss book in 2010, and it recommends sage-cleansing your kitchen and praying yourself thin
  174. Jillian Michaels thinks the keto diet is a horrible idea. She recommends a more 'common sense' eating style instead.
  175. Beyoncé gave fans an intimate look into her pre-Coachella weight-loss journey with a new video documenting her plant-based diet and intense rehearsals
  176. There's more evidence that intermittent fasting could help you lose weight without eating any less
  177. Eating fish 3 times a week could significantly reduce your risk of bowel cancer
  178. A single apple could harbor as much as 100 million bacteria, but it's probably a good thing
  179. 7 signs you have high blood sugar even if you don't have diabetes
  180. Animation shows how much food Tour de France cyclists can eat when they burn 6,071 calories per day
  181. I've lost more than 120 pounds — here are the 6 things that helped
  182. Keto supplements like MCT oil and BHB claim to help dieters achieve ketosis and reach nutrition goals. Experts reveal what works, and what to avoid.
  183. 10 scary things that happen to your body when you eat too much sugar
  184. Vitamin D, iron, and 12 other supplements that new research finds are useless for heart health and longevity
  185. The British Army is reportedly swapping full English breakfasts for avocado toast and smoothies, but it might not be the best diet for hungry troops
  186. There's even more evidence that vitamin D supplements are probably a waste of your money, especially if you're taking them to protect your heart
  187. 8 foods to avoid if you want to reduce your chances of cancer, diabetes, and early death
  188. I lost 5 pounds in 30 days trying the trendy Whole30 diet. Here’s why I still wouldn’t recommend it.
  189. 10 cocktails that cut down on calories
  190. There's now evidence that junk food like pizza and chips could reduce your sperm count, but eating fish and veggies may improve it
  191. I ate like Ariana Grande for a week — and I am baffled by how she does it
  192. Drinking coffee could stimulate 'brown fat' and help you burn more calories
  193. I ate like Meghan Markle for 10 days and could easily keep it up forever
  194. Kourtney Kardashian's lifestyle website Poosh suggests fruit can give you cellulite, but an expert says fruit actually makes your skin look firmer
  195. Nicole Kidman says she follows an '80-20' healthy diet — here's what that means
  196. Dermatologists debunk 7 myths about how diet affects skin
  197. How to tell if you're getting enough protein
  198. Egg yolks, avocado, and 9 other high-calorie foods that can help with weight loss
  199. 10 dangers of a low-fiber diet, from constipation to colon cancer
  200. There's even more evidence that eating too much red meat shortens your lifespan
  201. Over 100 bubble tea balls got stuck in a teen’s digestive tract and made her constipated for nearly a week. Here’s how that’s possible.
  202. Kids and teens are experiencing such severe side effects from weight loss and sexual function pills, they're ending up in the hospital
  203. If you choose white meat over dark for health reasons, new research suggests you're making a mistake
  204. I ate only 'flat stomach' foods for a week — and I felt tired and sluggish.
  205. 5 of the best things to buy at Trader Joe's, according to a vegan
  206. A graphic comparing a bottle of soda to 6 donuts is going viral and it's making people want to eat more pastries
  207. People are claiming you can 'eat your sunscreen,' but health experts suggest that's dangerous advice
  208. Here's the truth about whether you should drink coffee and tea while pregnant
  209. Researchers have found the 2 diet mistakes most linked to new cancer cases. Here's what to avoid.
  210. We tried a fermentation-tracking device and highly recommend it to find out which foods are making you bloated
  211. Everything 'Queer Eye' star Antoni Porowski eats in a day, from protein-packed smoothies to 'naughty' blocks of cheese
  212. Low-fat diets could lower the risk of dying of breast cancer. That may be bad news for keto fans.
  213. The explosive YouTube war between James Charles and Tati Westbrook is all because of vitamin supplements. Health experts say they can be a scam.
  214. There's evidence that drinking at least 2 cups of coffee daily could help you live longer
  215. Here's what Miss USA Cheslie Kryst eats in a day
  216. A man gave his vegan girlfriend acne by secretly replacing her soy coffee creamer with a dairy one
  217. Jillian Michaels warns people to avoid the keto diet: 'Why would anyone think this is a good idea?'
  218. Jack Dorsey drinks a concoction called 'salt juice' every morning, but there’s no proof it does anything beneficial for most people
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2016.01.05 06:25 GreatestOfAllTime96 All the movies I watched in 2015

Movies of 2015
I did this in 2014 and no one cared so I'm doing one again because I hate myself. If you don't want to read the whole thing, here's my top 10 for the year:
Top 10 released in 2015:
  1. The Hateful Eight
  2. The Revenant
  3. It Follows
  4. Me, and Earl, and the Dying Girl
  5. Sicario
  6. The End of the Tour
  7. Mistress America
  8. Brooklyn
  9. Trumbo
  10. Diary of a Teenage Girl
And now, the bulk of the post, split into multiple sections because of character limits.
This is a list of all the movies I watched in 2015 in chronological order. Paired with each movie is a rating and some thoughts. I started doing this in 2014 for fun and now it’s something I plan to do for every year in the foreseeable future. In 2014 I watched 92 movies and this year I watched 124. For 2016 I hope to reach around 150 and my goal is to watch more old films since I rarely go back further than the 70s. If you end up reading this then you can read the whole thing or just scroll down to find movies you’ve heard of (or the highest rated ones). The quality of writing in this is pretty bad because I’m not spending too much time on each film but rather just doing a quick overview. Also I’m doing very little revising after I just vomit the words onto the page. The longer I write, the more fatigued I get too so see if you can pick out the ones I wrote when I was tired. Excuses, excuses. Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll possibly/probably be doing more of these in the near future.
tl;dr: There’s a top 10 of the year at the top and bottom if you just want some quick recommendations.
Movies marked with an asterisk were seen in the theater.
  1. The Babadook: 6/10 – This Australian horror film was praised for being a return to form for the horror genre and caused quite the buzz online among film forums. I liked it when I first saw it but on subsequent watches I didn’t enjoy it as much and actually found it pretty average. But with some terrifying moments and a very tense atmosphere, it’s still worth seeing if you’re a fan of horror.
  2. Paranormal Activity 5: 3.5/10 – Yet another mediocre installment of the Paranormal Activity series. The first PA was a masterpiece of low-budget modern horror and revolutionized the genre in the same way Blair Witch did. Unfortunately, the rest of the series was no such masterpiece. If I were to rate them I would go: 1, 3, 2, 5, 4. PA4 was TERRIBLE. I don’t recommend unless you’re bored at a sleepover or something.
  3. Nightcrawler: 7/10 – This was getting a lot of buzz in late 2014 and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Screener copy meant for the academy awards. This was one of the sleeper hits of 2014 and it really showcased Jake Gyllenhaal as a great actor. If you enjoyed Taxi Driver, American Psycho, and Drive (2011) then you’ll probably like this one. A true recommendation.
  4. American Sniper: 6/10 – Clint Eastwood’s newest movie, this one got a lot of flak for being an “American Propaganda” film. I, however, didn’t feel like it was propaganda. A lot of people criticized it for its negative portrayal of Middle Eastern people but those people probably don’t know anyone in the military. Coming from a Navy town, the negative sentiment towards Middle Easterns is how a lot of people in the military think and not just Eastwood trying to be anti-Muslim. I felt it was actually an anti-war film since it basically has the theme of “war follows you home” what with the PTSD experienced by Chris Kyle.
  5. Birdman: 9/10 – I loved this movie. I LOVED this movie. Michael Keaton killed it and Alejandro Iñárritu showed off his directing chops with this theatrical surrealist film. If you haven’t seen this yet then do yourself a favor and watch it. The Academy isn’t great but at least they got this one right with Best Picture. Watch it.
  6. The Road to El Dorado: 7/10 – One of my favorite animated movies and one I have a deep nostalgia for. This was one of those traditional animation films from the late 90s/early 2000s alongside Disney’s Atlantis that didn’t do well in the box office but would go on to become a sort of cult classic.
  7. Whiplash: 8/10 – After starring in the mediocre Divergent movies Miles Teller received his breakout role as Andrew Neiman in Whiplash. The real star of this movie, however, is J.K. Simmons who puts in an award-winning, powerhouse performance. If you haven’t seen this movie yet then you’re missing out. It also contains one of the greatest climax scenes in film history that will make you jump out of your seat with excitement (maybe that’s just me).
  8. Inherent Vice*: 8/10 – Paul Thomas Anderson is one of those directors whose films guarantee a good time. Other directors like this include Wes Anderson, the Coen Brothers and Quentin Tarantino. Inherent Vice is no exception. Adapted from the Thomas Pynchon novel of the same name, this movie takes place in 1970 Southern California. It really captures the end of the hippy era and a time when the future was relatively complicated and uncertain. It’s a somewhat neo-noir film like The Big Lebowski where there are many intersecting motivations and character arcs that influence you to try and piece together the story. If you’re a fan of Paul Thomas Anderson (and you should be since he’s one of the best directors working today) then I would tell you to drop whatever you’re doing and watch this right now. You won’t regret it (although you might want to watch it twice since it is IMMENSELY confusing the first time).
  9. There Will Be Blood: 10/10 – Another Paul Thomas Anderson movie and arguably one of the greatest films of all time. This is what I consider a perfect movie. Daniel Day Lewis puts forth a legendary performance and secures his place as one of the best actors of all time. This is pretty much required viewing at this point.
  10. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: 7.5/10 – I watch this a few times a year and I think it’s my favorite Wes Anderson movie (although Grand Budapest is pretty great too). Bill Murray plays Steve Zissou, a Jacques Cousteau-esque character who is washed up after the death of his friend and partner Esteban. He vows to find the shark that ate him and kill it. This gets a definite recommendation from me as it is one of the most accessible Wes Anderson films.
  11. The Mist: 6/10 – Adapted from a Steven King novel, this is truly a terrifying movie about a town enveloped by a mist that contains weird, murderous, otherworldly creatures. The CGI is a bit dated but the story is legitimately scary. Funny story actually, my mom took me to see this when I was like 11 and she apologized to me after it was over because of how disturbing it was.
  12. Project Almanac*: 2/10 – This movie sucked.
  13. Punch-Drunk Love: 7/10 – This Paul Thomas Anderson movie is probably one of his worst, which means it’s still pretty good. Adam Sandler gives a surprisingly great performance in this simple love story between a plunger salesman and a pretty girl. I need to watch this a second time.
  14. The Master: 9/10 – Paul Thomas Anderson you magnificent bastard. This movie starring Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman (RIP) is a sort of criticism of Scientology that crosses over into the realm of surrealism. The Master is truly a mind-fuck and a masterpiece of a film in every sense. Might take a couple watches to “get it.”
  15. Wild: 6/10 – Reese Witherspoon stars in this adaptation of the novel of the same name by Cheryl Strayed about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. It was pretty okay and it gave me some serious wanderlust.
  16. The Big Lebowski: 9/10 – One of my favorite movies, Jeff Bridges stars in this late 90s Coen Brothers movie about a chill Dude who gets thrust into a plot far bigger and more complicated than himself. With a supporting cast of John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Julianne Moore, this film is a tried and true classic.
  17. Foxcatcher*: 5/10 – This movie received a ton of praise and the only reason I can think of is Steve Carell’s performance. It’s true that Carell was almost unrecognizable in this but the plot was so slow and meandering that it was an absolute chore to get through. I don’t recommend this one.
  18. Boyhood: 6/10 – DID YOU KNOW THAT IT TOOK 12 YEARS TO MAKE??? Of all the overrated movies, this is one of them. I can’t fucking believe that this got a nomination for best picture. With a bland “story” where nothing happens and an awful performance from everyone but Ethan Hawke, Boyhood is a true disappointment. Although it was a feat to make this over 12 years, it’s nothing more than a gimmick to me. The best thing about this was Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire on the soundtrack.
  19. My Dinner with Andre: 9/10 – Wallace Shawn (INCONCEIVABLE) and Andre Gregory (famous theatre director) haven’t seen each other in five years and agree to sit down for a meal together. The result is literally two hours of them having a conversation. It is a movie devoid of all clichés and it is heartwarming as it is charming. I would definitely recommend this to fans of theatre since that’s how it resonated the most with me.
  20. Cinderella (2014)*: 5/10 – Another needless live-action reboot of a fairytale. The costumes were really good at least.
  21. The Imitation Game: 6.5/10 – Blueberry Cucumberbelt gave a great performance as Alan Turing but this was still pretty Oscar-baity. I enjoyed it though.
  22. Annie Hall: 10/10 – One of my favorite movies of all time, Woody Allen’s Annie Hall is regarded as one of his best alongside Manhattan and Hannah and Her Sisters. I don’t even know how to describe this film other than charming and overall just a masterpiece of cinema. Watch it if you haven’t.
  23. The Grand Budapest Hotel: 9/10 – Wes Anderson’s most Wes Anderson-y film to date. Probably his best. Of course I’m going to recommend it.
  24. Chef: 7/10 – An all around feel good movie. There was no real conflict in this at all, which surprisingly wasn’t a bad thing. Don’t watch this movie while hungry or you will die.
  25. Insurgent*: 4/10 – Stop adapting shitty young adult dystopian novels into movies please. This shit is cliché as hell.
  26. The Captive: 4/10 – A movie with Ryan Reynolds that I didn’t want to watch. My expectations were correct and this movie was not very good at all.
  27. World’s Greatest Dad: 6/10 – Robin Williams plays a dad whose son accidentally kills himself. Williams forges a suicide note to spare his son the embarrassment but the lie spins out of control. A pretty okay movie. RIP Robin Williams.
  28. Get Hard*: 5/10 – Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Meh. I laughed a few times.
  29. It’s Such a Beautiful Day: 7/10 – This is an animated film by Don Hertzfeldt who you may know as the creator of Rejected ( This movie is on netflix and it’s pretty surreal and depressing. I recommend it if you’re having a good day and want to get all sad and introspective before crying yourself to sleep.
  30. Kingsman: The Secret Service: 7.5/10 – A real surprise this year. A pretty good R-rated spy movie with Samuel L. Jackson and some British people. One scene in particular stands out as truly great (if you’ve seen it you know which one).
  31. The Great Mouse Detective: 7/10 – An old Disney classic about Basil of Baker Street (aka Sherlock Holmes: mouse edition). A classic.
  32. Forgetting Sarah Marshall: 8/10 – One of the best comedies of all time in my opinion. It’s the perfect movie for after a break up or just when you’re feeling a bit down (or any other time really). Jason Segel and Mila Kunis kill it while Paul Rudd offers up some seriously quotable lines like, “When life gives you lemons, just say fuck it and bail.”
  33. Get Him to the Greek: 7.5/10 – One of those comedies you can watch over and over again. There are some seriously great moments in this movie like TJ Miller dealing drugs to Jonah Hill, the Vegas party, and the Today show bit. Russel Brand is especially great.
  34. A Serious Man: 8/10 – The Coen brothers are true geniuses and this film is no exception. Mirroring the story of Job from the Bible, this film follows a Jewish man as a series of terrible things happen to him. Highly recommended.
  35. The Last of the Unjust: 7/10 – At over three and a half hours, this Holocaust documentary is a spiritual sequel to Shoah, the ten hour documentary by the same director (Claude Lanzmann). A very important documentary but a very difficult one to get through.
  36. Avengers: Age of Ultron*: 6/10 –Joss Wedon is good at writing snappy, humorous dialogue but when there’s supposed to be a real threat like Ultron, all that does is kill any possible tension. Marvel movies are usually great but this was the weakest in a while.
  37. It Follows*: 8/10 – This was a real surprise. I had heard great things about this movie but finally seeing it was on another level of fucking amazing. The soundtrack is killer, the premise is great, and it’s a completely solid horror movie. If you enjoy horror then do not miss this movie.
  38. Ex Machina*: 8/10 – I knew nothing about this going in and I preferred it that way. Basically Oscar Isaac and Domnhall Gleeson (both rising stars) lead this amazing science fiction/drama film about AI and robotics. One of the best of the year.
  39. Wet Hot American Summer: 7.5/10 – I can’t believe I didn’t see this movie until now. Paul Rudd, Jon Benjamin, Bradley Cooper, Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, Janeane Garofalo, Amy Poehler, and Elizabeth Banks also star in this movie.
  40. Clouds of Sils Maria*: 6/10 – A real indie film. Kristen Stewart really showcases her acting ability here with a believable and honest performance. Chloe Grace Moretz also kills it. Recommended if you’re a hipster fuck who likes art house movies like me.
  41. Knocked Up: 7/10 - Can’t believe I didn’t see this until now. Great movie. Everyone knows this.
  42. Mad Max: Fury Road*: 8/10 – When I first watched this I didn’t really like it. It had so much online buzz as this huge movie that could be the best of the year. I guess my expectations were too high but I was really disappointed. On subsequent watches, however, I realized why the movie was so praised. The art direction of the film is amazing, the sound design is spectacular, and the camerawork is seriously impressive. When you’re watching it just think about how they got each shot. It will blow your mind.
  43. Ouija: 3/10 – This movie is ass.
  44. Jurassic Park: 9/10 – It’s Jurassic Park you know it’s good.
  45. Poltergeist (2015)*: 3/10 – This movie was awful and the original definitely didn’t need to be remade. Sam Rockwell was the only redeeming quality of this movie but even he couldn’t save it.
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